Grace Dalton


Grace DaltonHerbert DaltonGeorge DaltonAnnie EvansEliza Ann ThompsonEdrick ThompsonAlice AllinsonJames TaylorJohn Taylor


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Herbert Dalton  Eliza Ann Thompson

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 James Taylor  John Taylor


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
James TaylorHusband
Brothers & Sisters
Gordon DaltonBrother
Leslie DaltonBrother
John TaylorSon
Eliza Ann ThompsonMother
Herbert DaltonFather
Geoffrey TaylorGrandson
Helen TaylorGranddaughter
Alice AllinsonGrandmother1865Apr to Jun 1932Sheffield
Annie EvansGrandmother
Edrick ThompsonGrandfather
George DaltonGrandfather
Great grandparents
Eliza AmmGreat grandmother1844Sheffield
Alfred AllinsonGreat grandfather1838
Fanny (Frances) HollinsGreat grandmother1830Worksop
Robert EvansGreat grandfatherAbt 18301860
James ThompsonGreat grandfatherAbt 1825Aughton, Yorkshire
Maria ShawGreat grandmother1825Worksop
Richard DaltonGreat grandfather1814Totley1882
Sarah BennettGreat grandmother28th May 1821Bramhall, Cheshire, United KingdomJun 1891Sheffield
Second great grandparents
GertrudeSecond great grandmother1797Worksop, Notts
Elizabeth CowenSecond great grandmother1787Stockport or ChesterMar 1865Sheffield
John HollinsSecond great grandfather1786Worksop, Notts
James DaltonSecond great grandfather1785Dronfield
Ann DarbySecond great grandmother
Edward BennettSecond great grandfather
Esther ExleySecond great grandmother
Third great grandparents
Barbara BarkerThird great grandmother1756Dronfield
Benjamin HollinsThird great grandfather
ElizabethThird great grandmother
Godfrey DaltonThird great grandfather17th Oct 1743Dronfield14 Jun 1820Dronfield
Fourth great grandparents
John BarkerFourth great grandfather1721Dronfield
Elizabeth ParkerFourth great grandmother
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Jennifer WrightDaughter-in-law
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
May StreetsSister-in-law
Valerie Beryl PrettySister-in-law
Nephews & Nieces
Alison Jill DaltonNiece
Andrew DaltonNephew
Janet Mary DaltonNiece
Keith DaltonNephew
Neil DaltonNephew
Robert DaltonNephew
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Poppy DaltonGrandniece
Joshua Max DaltonGrandnephew
Ben DaltonGrandnephew
Alexander Charles DaltonGrandnephew
Christopher DaltonGrandnephew
Daniel DaltonGrandnephew
Holly Rebecca DaltonGrandniece
Lawrence DaltonGrandnephew
Matthew DaltonGrandnephew
Matthew James DaltonGrandnephew
Neil BrownGrandnephew
Paul BrownGrandnephew
Rebecca Louise DaltonGrandniece
Thomas Neil DaltonGrandnephew
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Alexander Philip MiltonGreat grandnephew
Emily Rebecca MiltonGreat grandniece
Joseph Neil MiltonGreat grandnephew
Joshua Stanley DaltonGreat grandnephew
Oscar Gordon DaltonGreat grandnephew
Uncles & Aunts
John ThompsonUncle1904
Alice Maud ThompsonAunt1899
Edrick ThompsonUncle1896
Alfred ThompsonUncle1893
Frederick DaltonUncle1889
Richard DaltonUncleFeb 1871187228 Gell Street
Fanny DaltonAunt
George DaltonUncle
Harry DaltonUncle
Nellie DaltonAunt
Robert DaltonUncle
Unknown DaltonUncle
Great uncles & Great aunts
Hannah Elizabeth ThompsonGreat aunt190124th July 1901
Anne E AllinsonGreat aunt1880Sheffield
Polly AllinsonGreat aunt1878Sheffield19th Feb 1879
Eliza Ann AllinsonGreat aunt18731875
Florence AllinsonGreat aunt1873Sheffield
Elizabeth AllinsonGreat aunt1872
Albert ThompsonGreat uncleAbt 1868Sheffield
Lily ThompsonGreat aunt1867Sheffield
John AllinsonGreat uncle1863Sheffield
Jane E. ThompsonGreat aunt1862Sheffield
Albert DaltonGreat uncle1861Sheffield
Betsy EvansGreat aunt1858Sheffield
James ThompsonGreat uncle1857Sheffield
Emerson DaltonGreat uncle1856Sheffield
George Derry EvansGreat uncle1856Sheffield
Polly EvansGreat aunt1854Sheffield
Betty ThompsonGreat aunt1853Sheffield
John ThompsonGreat uncle1850Sheffield
John DaltonGreat uncleAbt 1843Chester (Hazel Grove in Stockport?)
Alice AllinsonGreat aunt
Barbara Ann DaltonGreat aunt
Great great (uncles & aunts)
James BennettGreat great uncle1832Chester
3xGreat (uncles & aunts)
Joseph Dalton3xGreat uncle1783
Henry Dalton3xGreat uncle1782
Godfrey Dalton3xGreat uncle1778
Thomas Dalton3xGreat uncle1777
John Dalton3xGreat uncle1775
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Everet MorrisonUncle-in-law1883
Horace FoxUncle-in-law1877Sheffield
Alice May EadesAunt-in-law
Clara J HawnAunt-in-law
Florence BroomheadAunt-in-law
Jack BamforthUncle-in-law
(Great uncles & Great aunts)-in-law
MaryGreat aunt-in-law1878Rotherham
Ann SGreat aunt-in-law1860
Mary A MasonGreat aunt-in-law1860Sheffield
Evelina Christian McGovorneGreat aunt-in-law1856Dundalk Ireland1915
Sarah RhodesGreat aunt-in-lawAbt 1843Sheffield
Alice ThompsonFirst cousin (f)
Brian ThompsonFirst cousin (m)
Connie BamforthFirst cousin (f)
Jack FoxFirst cousin (m)
John ThompsonFirst cousin (m)
Pearl ThompsonFirst cousin (f)
Rita DaltonFirst cousin (f)
Ronnie BamforthFirst cousin (m)
Ruth DaltonFirst cousin (f)
Tom MorrisonFirst cousin (m)
Vera BamforthFirst cousin (f)
1st cousins once removed up
Ada Thompson1st cousin once removed up (f)1901
Florrie Thompson1st cousin once removed up (f)1895
Walter Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)1893Sheffield
William E. Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)1890Sheffield
Ethel Mary Dalton1st cousin once removed up (f)1888Sheffield
Beatrice Dalton1st cousin once removed up (f)1883Sheffield
Robert W Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)1881Sheffield
George F Thompson1st cousin once removed up (m)1880Sheffield
Lilly Dalton1st cousin once removed up (f)Abt 1880Sheffield
Phillis Dalton1st cousin once removed up (f)1877Sheffield
Edwin Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)Abt 1875Sheffield
Harry Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)Abt 1872Sheffield
Ada Dalton1st cousin once removed up (f)Abt 1869Sheffield
Albert Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)
Arthur Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)
George Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)
James Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)
Joseph Frederick Dalton1st cousin once removed up (m)
1st cousins once removed
Mary Gregory1st cousin once removed (f)
Rosalie Green1st cousin once removed (f)
Susan Gregory1st cousin once removed (f)

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