Annie Evans


Annie EvansRobert EvansFanny (Frances) HollinsJohn HollinsGertrudeGeorge DaltonRichard DaltonJames DaltonAnn DarbySarah BennettEdward BennettElizabeth CowenRobert DaltonUnknown DaltonFanny DaltonHarry DaltonGeorge DaltonNellie DaltonHerbert DaltonRichard DaltonFrederick Dalton


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Robert Evans Abt 1830  Fanny (Frances) Hollins 1830

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 George Dalton  Robert Dalton
 Unknown Dalton
 Fanny Dalton
 Harry Dalton
 George Dalton
 Nellie Dalton
 Herbert Dalton
 Richard Dalton
 Frederick Dalton


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
George DaltonHusband
Brothers & Sisters
Betsy EvansSister1858Sheffield
George Derry EvansBrother1856Sheffield
Polly EvansSister1854Sheffield
Frederick DaltonSon1889
Richard DaltonSonFeb 1871187228 Gell Street
Fanny DaltonDaughter
George DaltonSon
Harry DaltonSon
Herbert DaltonSon
Nellie DaltonDaughter
Robert DaltonSon
Unknown DaltonSon
Fanny (Frances) HollinsMother1830Worksop
Robert EvansFatherAbt 18301860
Gordon DaltonGrandson
Grace DaltonGranddaughter
Jack FoxGrandson
Leslie DaltonGrandson
Rita DaltonGranddaughter
Ruth DaltonGranddaughter
Tom MorrisonGrandson
Great grandchildren
Alison Jill DaltonGreat granddaughter
Andrew DaltonGreat grandson
Janet Mary DaltonGreat granddaughter
John TaylorGreat grandson
Keith DaltonGreat grandson
Mary GregoryGreat granddaughter
Neil DaltonGreat grandson
Robert DaltonGreat grandson
Susan GregoryGreat granddaughter
Second grandchildren
Poppy DaltonSecond granddaughter
Joshua Max DaltonSecond grandson
Ben DaltonSecond grandson
Alexander Charles DaltonSecond grandson
Christopher DaltonSecond grandson
Daniel DaltonSecond grandson
Geoffrey TaylorSecond grandson
Helen TaylorSecond granddaughter
Holly Rebecca DaltonSecond granddaughter
Lawrence DaltonSecond grandson
Matthew DaltonSecond grandson
Matthew James DaltonSecond grandson
Neil BrownSecond grandson
Paul BrownSecond grandson
Rebecca Louise DaltonSecond granddaughter
Thomas Neil DaltonSecond grandson
Third grandchildren
Alexander Philip MiltonThird grandson
Emily Rebecca MiltonThird granddaughter
Joseph Neil MiltonThird grandson
Joshua Stanley DaltonThird grandson
Oscar Gordon DaltonThird grandson
GertrudeGrandmother1797Worksop, Notts
John HollinsGrandfather1786Worksop, Notts
Great grandparents
Benjamin HollinsGreat grandfather
ElizabethGreat grandmother
Richard DaltonFather-in-law1814Totley1882
Sarah BennettMother-in-law28th May 1821Bramhall, Cheshire, United KingdomJun 1891Sheffield
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Everet MorrisonSon-in-law1883
Horace FoxSon-in-law1877Sheffield
Alice May EadesDaughter-in-law
Clara J HawnDaughter-in-law
Eliza Ann ThompsonDaughter-in-law
Florence BroomheadDaughter-in-law
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Albert DaltonBrother-in-law1861Sheffield
Emerson DaltonBrother-in-law1856Sheffield
John DaltonBrother-in-lawAbt 1843Chester (Hazel Grove in Stockport?)
Barbara Ann DaltonSister-in-law
Nephews & Nieces
Walter DaltonNephew-in-law1893Sheffield
William E. DaltonNephew-in-law1890Sheffield
Ethel Mary DaltonNiece-in-law1888Sheffield
Beatrice DaltonNiece-in-law1883Sheffield
Robert W DaltonNephew-in-law1881Sheffield
Lilly DaltonNiece-in-lawAbt 1880Sheffield
Phillis DaltonNiece-in-law1877Sheffield
Edwin DaltonNephew-in-lawAbt 1875Sheffield
Harry DaltonNephew-in-lawAbt 1872Sheffield
Ada DaltonNiece-in-lawAbt 1869Sheffield
Albert DaltonNephew-in-law
Arthur DaltonNephew-in-law
George DaltonNephew-in-law
James DaltonNephew-in-law
Joseph Frederick DaltonNephew-in-law
James TaylorGrandson-in-law
John GregoryGrandson-in-law
May StreetsGranddaughter-in-law
Valerie Beryl PrettyGranddaughter-in-law

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