Alice Allinson


Alice AllinsonAlfred AllinsonEsther ExleyEliza Amm


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Alfred Allinson 1838  Eliza Amm 1844

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Anne E AllinsonSister1880Sheffield
Polly AllinsonSister1878Sheffield19th Feb 1879
Eliza Ann AllinsonSister18731875
Florence AllinsonSister1873Sheffield
Elizabeth AllinsonSister1872
Alice AllinsonSister1865Apr to Jun 1932Sheffield
John AllinsonBrother1863Sheffield
Eliza AmmMother1844Sheffield
Alfred AllinsonFather1838
Esther ExleyGrandmother
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Edrick ThompsonBrother-in-law
Nephews & Nieces
John ThompsonNephew1904
Alice Maud ThompsonNiece1899
Edrick ThompsonNephew1896
Alfred ThompsonNephew1893
Eliza Ann ThompsonNiece
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Alice ThompsonGrandniece
Brian ThompsonGrandnephew
Connie BamforthGrandniece
Gordon DaltonGrandnephew
Grace DaltonGrandniece
John ThompsonGrandnephew
Leslie DaltonGrandnephew
Pearl ThompsonGrandniece
Ronnie BamforthGrandnephew
Vera BamforthGrandniece
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Alison Jill DaltonGreat grandniece
Andrew DaltonGreat grandnephew
Janet Mary DaltonGreat grandniece
John TaylorGreat grandnephew
Keith DaltonGreat grandnephew
Neil DaltonGreat grandnephew
Robert DaltonGreat grandnephew
Rosalie GreenGreat grandniece
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Poppy DaltonSecond grandniece
Joshua Max DaltonSecond grandnephew
Ben DaltonSecond grandnephew
Alexander Charles DaltonSecond grandnephew
Christopher DaltonSecond grandnephew
Daniel DaltonSecond grandnephew
Geoffrey TaylorSecond grandnephew
Helen TaylorSecond grandniece
Holly Rebecca DaltonSecond grandniece
Lawrence DaltonSecond grandnephew
Matthew DaltonSecond grandnephew
Matthew James DaltonSecond grandnephew
Neil BrownSecond grandnephew
Paul BrownSecond grandnephew
Rebecca Louise DaltonSecond grandniece
Thomas Neil DaltonSecond grandnephew
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Alexander Philip MiltonThird grandnephew
Emily Rebecca MiltonThird grandniece
Joseph Neil MiltonThird grandnephew
Joshua Stanley DaltonThird grandnephew
Oscar Gordon DaltonThird grandnephew

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