Vital Statistics for Daltons of Washington, D. C. are not readily available. Entries in the 1880 Censuses of the U. S. show that over forty of those enumerated were born in D. C. between 1826 and 1880. The parents of many were also born in DC.  This file of 270 surnames can be searched by clicking on the section links, or the "Find on this page..." button below.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.



CENSUS INDEX  1830-1870







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16 Mar 1837, William Dalton and Emily Croggon
26 Oct 1839, Mrs. D. Dalton and James Pillings
4 Aug 1842, John Dalton and Susan Wyers
6 May 1846, Mary Dalton and Terrence Farran

CENSUS INDEX  1830-1870    Top


James Dalton
William Dalton

Washington City
Joseph Dalton, Ward 1


Washington City
William Dalton


Washington City
William Dalton


Washington City
William Dalton, Ward 4, page 255
William Dalton,  Ward 4, page 155
William Dalton, Ward 7, page 124


Washington City
David L. Dalton, Ward 3
Ellen Dolton, Ward 2
James M. Dalton, Ward 6
John Dalton, Ward 7
Peter Dalton, Ward 2
Thomas Dalton, Ward 5


Washington City
Ann E Dalton, Ward 2
Alice Dalton, Ward 4
Darius Dalton, Ward 6
Frank Dalton, Ward 2
Fred Dalton, Ward 4
George Dalton Ward 3
James Dalton, Jr., Ward 4
James P Dalton, Ward 2
John Dalton, Ward 3
Mary Dalton, Ward 3
Thomas Dalton, Ward 3
Susan Dolton, Ward 1


Section I  Daltons who were enumerated in Washington DC

M. E. Dalton, fem., servant, 20, b. DC, parents b. DC; enumerated in household of F. A. Ellis, clerk, treasury dept.

Washington City
B. M. Dalton, widow, 50, b. IRE, servant in household of W. P. Tisdell

Catherine Dalton, widow, 46, b. VA, parents b. VA; five children b. DC - Edward, sailor, 26; Henry 13; Nora 9; Charles 6; and Daisey 4.

Ellen Dalton, widow, 58, b. IRE;  mother in law of John E. Gorman, clerk in war dept; 38, b. MA. fa b. IRE, mo. b. ENG;  wife Alice, 28, b. NJ, parents b. IRE; dau Allie Gorman, 2 b. DC.

Frank Dalton, clerk. A. G. )., single, 45, b. SCOT; enumerated in household of Martin F. Reess, plumber

Hattie F. Dalton, 16, b. DC, fa. b. MA, mo. b. MD;  gr dau of James A Conner, 64, b. VA and wife Margaret H. Conner, 58, b. MD, parents b. MD.  also enumerated Mary C. Conner, div., 38, b. MD, fa. b. VA, mo. b. MD.

James Dalton, shoemaker, widower, 73, b. IRE; enumerated with other seniors under Nora Black.

John Dalton, soldier USA, 40, b. IRE.

John Dalton, cart driver, 39, b. IRE; wife Honora, 32, b. IRE; five children - Mary 10, b. IRE;  Kate 6, Maggie 7, William 4, and Nellie 1, born DC.

Josephine Dalton, pupil, 11, b. DC, parents unknown; and Agnes Dalton, pupil, b. DC parents b. unknown;  enumerated under Mary A. Rooney

Kate Dalton, 20, b. DC, parents b. NY; servant in household of George O'Hare, grocer.

Licurgus Dalton, supt., sen, 35 b. KY, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. KY; wife Louise, 32, b. IN, parents b. KY;  three children b. IN - Georgiana 8;  Richard 6;  Louise 11 mos;  sister in law, Ella Culbertson, single, b. IN, parents b. KY; servant Mary Truehart, mu, 20 b. VA.

Marion Dalton, (fem), widow, 29, b. MD, parents b. MD; other Olive Gardner, dressmaker, 28, b. CAN.

Michael Dalton, plasterer, 25, b. DC, parents b. IRE; enumerated in household of Sarah Ballanger, widow, 59, b. DC, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. ENG.

Michael Dalton, stone mason, 34, b. IRE; wife Annie 34, b. IRE;  four children b. DC - William 8; Edward 6; John 3; and Michael 6 mos.

Nellie Dalton, domestic, 19, b. IRE; enumerated under Beatrice Duffy ( probably hotel)

Norah Dalton, 18, b. IRE, servant in hotel and enumerated under Joseph G. Moore

Olive R. Dalton, widow, 75, b. ME, parents b. ME; enumerated in household of Thomas A. Curtis

Robert Dalton, printer, b. ENG; wife Eliza 40, b. ENG; seven children - Fannie 19, Amelia 17, and Lida 16, b. NY;  Lizzie 9, Robert 6, Theodore 4, and Hattie 1, all b. DC.

Susan Dalton, widow, 50, b. DC, parents b. VA; enumerated at boarding house of Emily Hutchins

Theodore Dalton, plate printer, 31, b. NY, parents b. ENG; and William Dalton, 38, b. NY, parents b. ENG also plate printer;  enumerated in household of Augusta Asmusen

Thomas W. Dalton, clerk, 33, b. NY, parents b. NY; wife Carrie K. 33, b. DC, parents b. DC;  Thomas was son in law of Mary A. Sessford, widow, 60, b. DC, fa. b. FRA and mo. b. MD; dau Annie Sessford 28, b. DC, parents b. DC.

W. L. Dalton, shoe merchant, 40, b. DC, parents b. DC; wife Olivia A, 31, b. DC, parents b. DC; five children b. DC - Emily 10; Fannie 8; Burns 6; Leila 3; Viloet 1; and servant Maria Teyer, B, 10, b. MD.

Enumeration District 3
John Dalton, driver, 15, b. DC, parents b. IRE; enmerated under David Barry, dairyman.

Section II  Daltons born in Washington, District of Columia and enumerated elsewhere in the following states.


Knox County
Galesburg, Ward 3
Joseph Dalton, carriage painter, 54, b. DC, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. MD;  wife Margaret, 48, b. PA, parents b. PA;  step son Claire Brisbine, blacksmith, 21, b. IL, fa b. OH, mo. b. PA; Edwin Dalton, son, 11, b. IL; dau Mary Dalton, 9, b. IA.



Randolph County
John Dalton, machinist, 38, b. IRE; wife Katie, 35, b. IRE; six children - Mary 14, b. DC; five born MO -Katie 10; Nellie 8; Thomas 6; Alice 4; John 2.

Mary Dalton, 14, b. DC, b. IRE, gr dau of Ellen Horan, widow, 68, b. IRE; son R. P. Horan, 37, b. IRE; son John Horan, 23, b. VA and son James Horan, 22, b. VA.



Cattaraugus County
Emma Dalton, widow, 26, b. NY, parents b. NY; dau Mamie 3, b. DC and Maud 1, b. NY. (fa. b. DC).



Butler County
George W. Dalton, carriage painter, 48, b. DC, fa. b. MA, mo. b. DC; wife Sarah 47, b. OH, fa. b. OH, mo. b. PA;  son Joseph, rr lab., 25, b. OH.

Hamilton County
James Dalton, note broker, 51, b. DC; wife Larrett, ret., 51, b. OH, fa. b. OH, mo. b. NJ;  dau Carrie Clifford, widow, ret., 30 b. OH; dau Belle Dalton, 20, b. OH;  gr son Mears Clifford, 11, b. OH, fa b. KY; gr dau Mable Clifford, 9, b. OH, fa. b. KY. other Lizzie Weddell, 26, b. GER, servant.



Philadelphia County
James M. Dalton, machinist, 45, b. MD, parents b. IRE;  wife Mary J. 45, b. MD, parents b. IRE; son James A. B. Dalton, 14, b. DC; son William D. Dalton, 10, b. DC; son John B. Dalton, 7, b. DC.



Falls County
Precinct 1
John Kinard, merchant, 28 b. MS; wife Virginia 22, b. TX, fa. b. TN, mo. b. DC;  Sam Dalton, father in law, 64, b. TN, fa. b. VA; Phoebe Dalton, mother in law, 45, b. DC, fa. b. VA, mo. b. PA;  bro in law, Lund Dalton, clerk, 21, b. TX; bro in law, John Dalton, working on farm, 14, b. TX.


Washington, District of Columbia  1890-91
Abraham L. Dalton, lab., 112 Congress, NE, 1890-91
Amelia Dalton, clerk, 504 B SE, 1891
Burns W. Dalton, clerk, 937 RI Ave NW, 1891
Frank P. Dalton, clerk 1102 4th NW, 1890

George T. Dalton, Jas. Graham & Co.,113 PA Ave NW, 1891
Hattie F. Dalton, cashier, 507 RI ave. NW, 1890-91
Henry A. Dalton, dentist, 440 Q NW, 1891
John H. Dalton, foreman, 221 Carroll Ave. SW, 1891
Kate C. Dalton, clerk, 221 Canal SW, 1890-91

Lycurgus Dalton,  postmaster, 240 N. Capitol, 1890-91
Lyda Dalton, teacher, 504B SE, 1890-91
Marion W. Dalton, wid of Thomas F. Dalton, 1010 H NW, 1890-91
Michael Dalton, plasterer, 1403 3rd, NW, 1890
Olive R. Dalton, wid. George Dalton, 109 G NW, 1890

Robert Dalton, Bur Engr. & Print, 504 B SE, 1890-91
Robert Dalton, Jr., clerk, 504 B  SE, 1901
Thomas J. Dalton, saloon, 109 G NW, 1890-91
Thomas W. Dalton, pension off., clerk, 427 Mass Ave. NW, 1890-91
Thomas W. Dalton is also listed in 1890 DC Veterans Schedule, Lincoln Post 3
William N. Dalton, 937 RI NW, 1890, also Dalton and Strickland, fine shoes, 939 PA Ave NW 1890

1920 CENSUS INDEX    Top

District of Columbia, Washington County. Washington Township
Annie Dalton, 39, b. IRE
Arthur G. Dalton, 36, b. IRE
Esther Dalton, 26, b. CT
Francis J. Dalton, 43, b. MI

George A. Dalton, 67, b. DC
Gertrude Dalton, 39, b. ENG
Harry R. Dalton, b. MA
Helen Dalton, 19, b. NJ
James Dalton, 28, b. CT

James F. Dalton, 39, b. IRE
James T. Dalton, 35, b. DC
Jane Dalton, 71, M, b. NC
Jessie Dalton, 27, b. VT
John E. Dalton, 24, b. IL

Katherine C. Dalton, 41, b. MO
Marcellus W. Dalton, C, 25, b. NC
Margaret Dalton, 72, b. DC
Mary Dalton, 24, b. IA
Mary Dalton, 75, b. IN

Mildred S. Dalton, 10, b. DC
Pleasie S. Dalton, 30, b. IL
Mary V. Dalton, 57, b. DC
Ras Dalton, 25, b. VT
S. Amelia Dalton, 54, b. NY

Sam S. Dalton, 45, b. TN
Thomas B. Dalton, 25, b. DC
Thomas H. Dalton, 41, b. IRE
William Dalton, 52, b. VA
William E. Dalton, 62, b. NY

Zelda Dalton, 44, b. DC
Emma Delton, M, 22, b. NC


Section I Daltons whose SS# was issued in the District of Columbia and whose last residence was the District of Columbia.

Place of Issue and Last Residence - District of Columbia
Arleaser C. Dalton, 2 Dec 1911 - 22 Jul 2000
Catherine Dalton, 19 Aug 1904-Mar 1983
Florence O. Dalton, 25 Jul 1898-Oct 1993
Frances Dalton, 25 Nov 1897-Jun 1977
George Dolton, 5 Apr 1899-Sep 1968

James Dalton, 18 Aug 1885 0 Jan 1965
Lawrence Dalton, 3 Jan 1896-Nov1972
Letha Dalton, 7 Aug 1911-Mar 1986
Marcellus Dalton, 23 Mar 1894-Aug 1972
Mildred S. Dalton, 29 May 1908-24 Jan 2001
Roy Dalton, 24 Jan 1900-May 1965

Ruby Dalton, 24 Nov 1882 - Jun 1973
Serafino Dalton, 13 Jun 1891-Dec1968
Thomas Dalton 5 Aug 1880-Nov 1964
Thomas Dalton, 3 Dec 1894-Jan 1965
William Dalton, 9 May 1892-Dec 1865
Wilma Dalton, 14 Feb 1916-Mar 1982

Section II Daltons whose SS# was issued out of State and whose last residence was Washington, DC.  Organized by State of Issue    Top

Margaret K. Dalton, 2 Jul 1923-18 Oct 2000

John Dalton, 26 Jul 1924-Mar 1979

Mattied M. Dalton, 26 Jan 1926- 25 Jul 1997

William L. Dalton, 21 Apr 1909-23 Oct 1998

New York
Claire Dalton, 17 Mar 1909-Feb 1975
Molle R. Dalton, 14 May 1892-15 Nov 1985

North Carolina
David P. Dalton, 28 Nov 1945- 14 Aug 2001
Harry L. Dalton, 26 Jun 1917-7 Jan 1994
Walter Dalton, 11 Jul 1908- Dec 1980

Donnie W. Dalton, 30 Jul 1955-15 Dec 1996
Jewel Dalton, 25 Sep 1902- May 1966
Marc S. Dalton, 28 Jul 1954- 27 Dec 1989

Floyd Dalton, 7 Apr 1920-Apr 1985

Roy L. Dalton, 5 Feb 1920-16 Mar 1995

Charles Dalton, 3 May 1906- May 1987
Ryland Dalton,1 Dec 1920-Aug 1970

West Virginia
David Dalton, 1 Nov 1924-31 Jan 1994
Katherine E. Dalton, 17 May 1915-15 Jun 2001
Willie Dalton, 11 Jul 1917-Aug 1977
Walton Dalton, 8 Apr 1920-1974

Frederick H. Dalton, 6 Jun 1920- 25 Feb 2001

Section III Daltons whose Social Security # was issued in the District District of Columbia and whose last residence was not specified and may be determined by using the SS# to contact the SS Office in DC.

Most likely last residence was D. C.

Albert J. Dalton, 9 Nov 1905-Mar 1992
Harry Dalton, 31 Mar 1910-Mar 1978
James R. Dalton, 1 Jun 1949-24 Feb 1996
Leslie Dalton, 25 Mar 1924-Feb 1982
Reba Dalton, 21 Sep 1925-May 1981

Reginald W. Dalton, 6 Jun 1918-Nov 1990
Russell Dalton, 28 May 1950-Aug 1986
Vivian Dalton, 11 Oct 1921-Nov 1984
Walter Dalton, 29 Jul 1940-Feb 1971
Warren Dalton, 13 Aug 1924-Aug 1971

Section IV Daltons whose Social Security # was issued in District of Columbia and whose last residence was elsewhere.

Organized by State of last residence.

Mobile County
Pierce Dalton, 12 Jul 1903-Jul 1986, Mobile

Monroe County
James Dalton, 17 Jul 1918- May 1979, Islamorada

Volusia County
Mary L. Dalton, 12 Oct 1931- 17 Mar 2001, Deland

Montgomery County
Blance Dalton, 12 Oct 1905-Apr 1980, Potomac
Dorothy Dalton, 11 Aug 1907-19 Apr 1998, Rockville
James F. Dalton, 31 Jul 1912- 5 Nov 1987, Silver Spring
James F. Dalton, 6 Dec 1915- 20 Dec 1993, Silver Spring
Irene M. Dalton, 23 Aug 1907-4 Nov 1988, Chevy Chase
Miles Dalton, 17 Jan 1897-Oct 1984, Rockville

Prince Georges County
Albert Dalton, 13 Aug 1912- Dec 1985, Laurel
Charlie E. Dalton, 24 Nov 1919-1 Oct 1999, Riverdale
Edna Dalton, 7 Oct 1912- Dec 1982, Hyattsville
Ellen O. Dalton, 17 Feb 1908- Mar 1990, Laurel

Luke S. Dalton, 20 Jul 1924- 29 Dec 1998, Oxon Hill
Marie Dalton, 21 Oct 1924-Aug 1983, Capitol Heights
Martha Dalton, 7 Dec 1923-10 Jun 1995, Hyattsville
Patrick Dalton, 17 Mar 1904- Jun 1973, Greenbelt

Worcester County
Arthur L. Dalton, 10 Feb 1918-8 Feb 2000, Ocean City

Daltons whose last residence was MD but city not specified.
Paul Dalton, 22 Feb 1899-Jan 1980, zip 20027
Thomas Dalton, 6 Nov 1932-Oct 1969, zip 20021

Stanly Dalton, 25 Mar 1883-May 1963, county not specified.

New Jersey
Bergen County
Harriett Dalton, 27 Aug 1884- Oct 1967, Midland Park

New York
Washington County
Mildred S. Dolton, 6 Feb 1910-26 Oct 1999, Greenwich

North Carolina
Durham County
G. F. Dalton, 31 Aug 1913-15 Apr 1996, Durham

Guilford County
Harry L. Dalton, 22 Sep 1945-26 Dec 1999, Greensboro

Iredell County
Elizabeth J. Dalton, 11 Aug 1909-30 Jul 2001, Statesville
Mary E. Dalton, 30 Apr 1926-13 Apr 1993, Troutman

Rockingham County
John Dalton, 9 May 1909- Sep 1980, Madison

Wake County
Bernice K. Dalton, 13 Nov 1927- 1 May 1990. Raleigh

South Carolina
Oconee County
Stanley C. Dalton, 10 Oct 1925-25 Jul 1995, Salem

Dyer County
Gordon C. Dalton, 6 Sep 1920- 21 May 2001, Dyersburg

Chittenden County
Jessie Dalton, 5 Aug 1892-Sep 1975, Burlington
Rosa Dalton, 21 Apr 1894 - Dec 1982, Burlington

Alexandria County
Allen M. Dalton, 26 Jan 1917-Aug 1990, Alexandria
Dorothy Dalton, 14 Jul 1984-Jan 1971, Alexandria

Arlington County
William M. Dalton, 14 Mar 1902- 30 Dec 1989, Arlington

Charlotte County
James F. Dalton, 21 May 1874-15 Oct 1969, Keysville

Fairfax County
Floyd Dalton, 12 Nov 1909-29 Nov 1998, Alexandria

Floyd County
Kermit Dalton, 15 May 1908-Apr 1979- Indian Valley

Hanover County
James Dalton, 31 Aug 1902-Jul 1971, Rockville

Mecklenburg County
Anna Mae Dalton, 19 May 1921-7 Jun 2002, South Hill

Pulaski County
Atha Dalton, 11 Apr 1901-Jan 1981, Draper


War of 1812
Damiel Dalton, First Regiment, private, Washington D. C. Militia

United States

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