This file contains 200 entries of Daltons and their relatives who resided in or were born in Vermont.  The early censuses show that very few Daltons lived in this state but Dalton presence increased considerably both after the Irish famine and after restrictive legislation was enacted in New Hampshire.  If you have data to add to the file it will be greatly appreciated. Use the Edit'Find function of your browser to scan the contents. It is the onus of the user to Verify the data.







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County Map of Vermont:


Civil Registrations and IGI

Addison County

15 Feb 1710, Mitchel Dalton

9 Nov 1890 Alice Dalton
1 Nov 1881 Jane Ann Dalton dau of Davis and Elnora Rivers Dalton
5 Aug 1892 Jessie Dalton dau of Davids and Elnora Rivers Dalton

Bennington County

Dorset Township
1 Mar 1865 Catherine Dalton dau of Thomas and Ellen Dalton

Woodbury Township
19 Aug 1761, Olive Dalton dau of Samuel and Joanna Dalton

Orange County

Newbery Township
4 Oct 1866 Edward W. Dalton son of James and Joana Dalton

11 May 1845 Laura Emaline Dalton

Rutland County

10 Sep 1865 Mary Dalton dau of Richard and Catherine Dalton
23 Aug 1866 Mary Dalton dau of Patrick and Bridget Dalton, Rutland Township
15 Feb 1868, Michael Dalton son of Patrick and Bridget Connaughton Dalton, Rutland Township

Washington County

30 Aug 1851 Melvin C. Dalton son of Thomas B. and Harriet Hood Smith (Dalton)

Windham County

30 Jul 1870 Stella Pomeroy Dalton, dau of James and Mary Wheeler Dalton

Windsor County

8 Nov 1864 Samuel Rush Dalton dau of Isaac and Laura Abbot Dalton

Stockbridge Township
18 Apr 1862, C. E. Dalton son of John S. Dalton
8 Aug 1866 Hattie Mary Dalton, dau of Isaac and Laura Ann Abbot Dalton
25 Mary 1868 Hannah J. Dalton, dau of John S. and Mary E. Dalton
14 Sep 1869, Nettie Etta Dalton dau of Isaac and Laura Ann Abbot Dalton


Addison County

28 Jul 1879, Davis Dalton and Elnora Rivers

Orange County

12 Oct 1862Laura Emaline Dalton and Henry Woodward Washington County

5 Apr 1904, Sadie W. Dalton and Estes Hatch
18 Mar 1911, James Michael Dalton and Mary Sophia Ryan

Windsor County

24 Oct 1863 Isaac Dalton and Laura Ann Abbott



Chittenden County
Louis Dalton, Burlingtom
Richard Dalton, Charlotte


Windham County
W. Dalton, Dummerston


Addison county
Adeline Dalton, Bridport

Caledonia County
Mickael Dalton, Ryegate

Orleans County
Elias C. Dalton, Brownington
Sarah Dalton, Brownington

Rutland County

Thomas Dalton, Benson

Windham County

Margaret Dalton, Westminster
Roxanna Dalton, Grafton

Windsor County

Ira Dalton, Woodstock

1880 CENSUS OF THE US    Top

This census is rather short and no attempt was made to separate those born in Vermont from those who were born out of state or country.  The presence of Dalton emigrants Ireland and from NH. account for the increased  Dalton population in this state.
Those Daltons who were born in Vermont and who were eumerated elsewhere in the country are
listed separately at the end of this compilation.

Addison County

Mary Dalton, single servant age 35, b. VT, parents born Ireland

Davis Dalton, age 33 b. VT, parents b. Ireland; wife Elnora age 21, b. VT, father b. Canada, mother b. VT; dau Mary E. 8 mos. b. VT.

Bennington County

Edward Dalton, age 22, b. VT, parents B. Ireland; wife Margaret 21 b. VT, parents b. VT.

Thomas Dalton, age 55, b. VT, parents b. Ireland, wife Ellen age 44 b. VT, parents b. Ireland; five children b. VT; James 19, Kate 18, John 17, Mary 15, Ellen 9.

George Dalton, age 45 b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland; wife Catherine age 44, b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland., dau Mary age 8 b. VT.

Annie Dalton, age 5 b. living the household of Ellery Witherall; both parents b. Ireland.

John Dalton, age 19 b. VT living in the household of Almin Smith; parents b. Ireland

Caledonia Countyy

E. D. Dalton age 46 b. VT, parents b. VT; wife age 39 b. VT; father b. VT., mother b. NH. Sons b. VT - JosephV. age 12 and Edwin H. age 5.

St. Johnsbury
Flavias Dalton, age 40 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Maryetta age 38 b. VT, father b. VT., mother b. NH.  Son Fred B. age 10 b. VT.

Essex County

Caleb S. Dalton age 37 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Ella age 24 b. VT, parents b. NH. Children b. VT - Maude E. age 7 and Harold 10 mo.

Orange County

Asro Dalton laborer age 17 and Lillie Dalton age 11 both b. VT. Parents listed as born VT. Enumerated as nephew and niece of Frances Graves schoolteacher.

James Dalton, age 39 b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland, wife Joanna B. age 36 b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland. Four children b. VT - James T. age 12, Frank H. age 10, Charles age 9, and John age 5.

Sanford F. Dalton, age 53, b. VT. father b. NY, mother b. CT. same residence Maggie McConnell age 30 b. VT, parents b. Ireland.

Rutland County

John Dalton, age 47, b. VT, parents b. VT, wife Diantha age 42, b. VT, parents b. VT. Dau Lillia age 14, b. VT.

Richard Dalton, age 50, b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland; wife Catherine age 45, b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland.  Oldest son, James age 23 b. Wisconsin. Next four children b, VT - Maggie 13, Willie 7, John 6, and Richard 4.  Also enumerated was Mary Doyle, mother widow, age 82 b. Ireland.

Bridget A. Dalton, houseworker, age 16 b. NY, parents b. Ireland; in household of Charles Weatherly.

Thomas Dalton, age 30 b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland; wife Anna age 23, b. NY, parents b. Ireland. Two children b. VT - Catherine age 2 and Edmund 6 mos.

Patrick Dalton, age 35, b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland; wife Bridget 35 b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland.

Windham County

James Dalton, age 52 b. MA, parents b. MA; wife Mary E. age 35 b. VT, father b. MA, mother b. VT. One child, Stella P. age 9 b. VT.

Windsor County

Laura A. Dalton, mar age 54 b. VT., father b. ME and mother b. VT.

John Dalton age 61 b. VT, both parents b. VT.; wife Harriete A. age 56, b. VT and both parents b. VT. Three children b. VT. George A. age 25, Charles S. age 22 and Hattie E. age 17.

Ellen E. Dalton age 10 b. VT, father b. NH and mother b. VT. Enumerated in the household of Lucy Bennet.

Hattie Dalton age 13, b. VT, father b. NH, mother b. VT. Enumerated in the residence of Eph. Twitchell (Note  it is possible that Ellen and Hattie are related).

Mary E. Dalton, widow age 41, b. VT. She is listed as the daughter of James Noyes Dole  b. NH b. VT. and Sarepta Dole. Two children Carrie E. Dalton  age 18 and Hannah J. b. VT. e.
(Could there be a connection to the two children Hattie and Ellen?)

Daltons born in Vermont and enumerated in other states in the 1880 Census.

L. A. Dalton, age 52 born VT. Husband J. R. Dalton age 50 b. AL. Enumerated Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County

Melvin C. Dalton age 28 b. VT and parents were born VT.; wife Threshia age 23 b. MA and parents b. Germany.  Two children Maynard K. age 2 and Melvin C. 8 mos. b. MA. Enumerated in Boston, Suffolk County

Betsey P. Dalton widow, age 62, b. VT, father b. CT, mother b. RI. Son Charles age 30 b. MA, father b. NH, mother b. VT.  Enumerated in Lowell, Middlesex County

James Dalton, age 71 b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland; wife Margaret age 45 b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland. Two children b. VT - Mary J. age 21 and William 19.  Four children b. MN - Charles 13,
James 11, and Rosetta 7, and Grace age 4. Enumerated Cottage Grove, Washington County.

William Dalton, age 21 b. VT, parents b. Ireland. Enumerted in Hector, Renville County.

Robert Dalton, engineer, age 32, b. VT, parents b. VT. Enumerated in Carson City, Ormsby County

New York
N. Dalton, spirits merchant, age 51, b. VT, parents b. Canada.  Wife K. Dalton age 43, b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland. Seven children b, NY - J., son age 23, R. dau age 20, K. dau age 14, L. dau age 15, A. dau age 10, E. dau age 7, A. dau age 4.  Enumerated in Brooklyn, Kings County

Mary Dalton, servant, age 21, b. VT, parents b. Ireland. Enumerated in Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer County.

David Dalton, barber, widower, MU age 49, b. VT, parents b. VT.  Enumerated in Troy, Rensselaer County.

Lewis Dalton age 57, b. VT, parents b. Canada; wife May age 33 b. VT., parents b. VT. Three sons b. NY - Wallace age 12, Lindsay age 6 and Leslie age 6.  Enumerated in Whitehall, Washington County.

Leonard Dalton, age 26, b. VT., parents b. Canada.  Enumerated in Whitehall, Washington County.

Thomas Dalton, age 82 (1798) b. VA, parents b. VA; wife Priscilla age 66 b. VT, parents b. VT.  Two daughters b. OH - Mary age 30 and Ruth age 25.  Enumerated in Windsor, Lawrence Co.

Peter  Dalton age 56, b. Ireland; wife Elizabeth age 40 b. VT. Eight children born WI - Ann Jane 23, Ida 20, Ellen 20, Ellen 16, Sarah 14, Charles 12, Elizabeth 10, Daniel 7, Henry 4, Kate 1. Enumerated in Wyocena, Columbia County.


Daltons whose SS# was issued in Vermont and whose last residence was Vermont

George Dalton, b. 7 May 1896, d. Dec 1966, North Bennington, Bennington Co.
Thomas Dalton, b. 10 Jan 1904, d. Mar 1970, West Pawlet, Rutland Co.
James Dalton, b. 15 Nov 1922, Websterville, Washington Co.
Theodore Dalton, b. 17 Oct 1921, d. Jan 1982, Barre, Washington Co.
Margaret Dalton, b. 12 Oct 1903, North Bennington, Bennington Co.
Louise Dalton, b. 3 Sep 1898, d. Jan 1987, North Bennington, Bennington Co.

Lois Dalton, b. 30 Oct 1910, d. Feb 1975, Randolph, Orange Co.
Allan Dalton, b. 15 Sep 1931, d.11 Nov 1996, North Bennington, Bennington Co.
Alice Z. Dalton b. 9 Nov 1890, d. 15 Dec 1988, Bristol, Addison Co.
Jane Dalton, b. 1 Nov 1881, d. Sep 1985, Bristol, Addison Co.
Fredercik Dalton, b. 23 Aug 1898, d. May 1974, Bennington, Bennington Co.
Evelyn M. Dalton, b. 18 Mar 1907, d. 4 Jun 1992, Bristol, Addison Co.

Daltons whose SS# was issued in Vermont and whose last residence was out of state.

Harold Dalton, b. 25 Aug 1897, d. d. Apr 1976, Woodsville, Grafton Co., NH
Dorothy M. Dalton, b. 30Jan 1903, d. 12 Sep 1998, Salem, Essex Co., MA
Mary Dalton, b. 22 Aug 1901, d. Jun 1986, Cambridge, Washington Co., NY
Sally M. Dalton, b. 6 Mar 1932, d. 15 May 1998, Port Charlotte, Charlotte County, FL
John M. Dalton, b. 20 May 1929, d. 15 Mar 2001, Port Charlotte, Charlotte County, FL.
Larry F. Dalton, b. 30 Nov 1938, d. 15 Apr 1996, Shawnee Mission, Johnson Co., KS

Daltons whose SS# was issued in Vermont and whose last residence was not listed.

Charles Dalton b. 8 Nov 1923, d. Nov 1971
William M. Dalton, b.16 May 1902, d. 2 May 1990
Don Dalton, b. 6 Oct 1948, d. Feb 1978
John Dalton, b. 20 Feb 1896, d. Feb 1963
David Dalton, b. 16 Dec 1948, d. May 1980

United States

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