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The following miscellaneous abstracts were extracted by Michael Cayley, DGS Archivist.  There are over 100 references to Daltons in this file.

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Albany Banner (Kentucky), January 7 1892

C.D. DALTON has just returned from the South, where he has been with some mules. He reports the market low.


Avon News (New York State), September 10 1913

Mr. Wm. DALTON underwent a very serious operation last Thursday at the HAHNEMANN Hospital Rochester for the removal of a tumor. He is doing as well as can be expected


Caldwell Press (Ohio), April 2 1891
DIED: Anna DALTON, of Macksburgh, the guest of Miss Laura MASON


Daly City Record (California), December 19 1913


W.J. Morgan to Dalton Investment Co., portion blocks 12, 11, 14, 8, 13 and 15, Wave Crest


Daly City Record (California), January 30 1914


Dalton Invest Co to E. Greenbaum Lots 2, 3, blk 12, lots 14, 15, 33, 34, blk 17, Wave Crest Am. Lots 8, 9, blk 30 Wave Crest

Dalton Invest Co to J.R. Moulthrop Lots 39, 40, 41 blk 15, Wave Crest


Daly City Record, February 6 1914


Dalton Investment Co to A.S. Holmes Portion blks 13, 9, 2, Wave Crest


Daly City Record (California), February 13 1914


Dalton Investment Co to R.C. Schaffter. Portion blks 9, 11, 22, Wave Crest

Dalton Invest Co. to Mer Trust Co of San Francisco, Por blks 18, 13, 22, Wave Crest


Daly City Record (California), February 20 1914

Dalton Invest Co to A.W. Porter Lots 23, 24, 25, 30 blk 22, Wave Crest

Daly City Record (California), March 13 1914

United Contracting and Realty Co. to W.H. Dalton, Lot 5, blk 5, Nash Tract


Daly City Record (California), March 20 1914


Dalton Investment Co. to D.K. Smith Lots 10, 12, 13, 14 blk 28, Wave Crest

Dalton Investment Co. to Lina P. Baruth. Portion blk 8, 13, 14, 25, 31 Wave Crest


Daly City Record (California), June 20 1913

Graduation Exercises

Graduate of the Jefferson School District: COLMA

Arthur Dalton


Davenport Times (Iowa), March 10 1900


Dalton, John J, wife M Belle, supt Dav. Woolen Mills Co r 1251 e Front


Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester, New York), April 24 1894

Funeral of A. H. WHEELER; bearer A. J. DALTON: employed by the firm Curtis & Wheeler; Albert DALTON


Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)
April 27 1920

Geneva, April 26 -. The accident occurred about four miles east of Geneva when the two cars met, one a truck loaded with steel and driven by Roy E. OTIS, of Canandaigua, enroute to Syracuse, and the car owned and driven by Lamber DALTON, of Waterloo, coming towards Geneva.

Democratic Standard (Eureka, California), August 9 1879

BORN - July 31st, at the residence of Mat. WALSH, three miles from Ferndale, to the wife of James DALTON, a daughter.


Dunklin County Citizen (Missouri), June 22 1900

At the election held two weeks ago, the following officers of the Malden Masonic lodge were chosen: --Dr. Geo. Dalton, etc.


Dunklin County Citizen (Missouri), July 13 1900

Miss Emma Gardner delightfully entertained a few of her friends Friday evening of last week in honor of Miss Lillian Hyde Those present were: Miss Zetta Dalton, etc.


Foster Beacon (Missouri), April 16 1897

Official Directory – Bates County Officers; Probate Judge W. M. Dalton, etc.


Iowa State Register, May 19 1875

BASEBALL - The Match game yesterday afternoon resulted in a victory for the ‘Soda Water’ Nine by a score of 44 to 30. The runs and outs were as follows:
STRYCH NINE - DALTON, lf … 1 Out … 5 Runs. Etc.

Mason City Banner Times (Illinois), March 19 1925
September 6 - Death of Clar Dalton aged 43 years.


Mt. Pleasant Weekly News (Iowa), January 5 1898



John F DALTON, Oct 24 [1897], Mt Pleasant (Hospital), age 48 years.


New Era (Alturas, California), October 1902
Election officers: The following is a list of the election officers which were selected last week by the Board of Supervisors, to preside over the coming election on November 4th:--
Tule Lake:--clerks, Peter Bond and C. Diedricksen; ballot clerks, R. L. Dalton and J. A. Bond; judges H. L. Jones and John Dailey.


New Era (Alturas, California), December 11 1907

W. C. Dalton, J. P. Harter and Mr. Murphy are here from their homes near Tule Lake country this week as witnesses before the grand jury


New Era (Alturas, California), January 8 1908
William C. Dalton, etc.


New Era (Alturas, California), March 11 1908

Dalton Sharp, of Cedarville, was in town today on his way home from a visit to Fresno.


New Era (Alturas, California), January 13 1909
Grand Jurors For 1909 .

W. C. Dalton, etc.


New Era (Alturas, California), February 3 1909

Real Estate Transfers:

Tule Lake Land and Live Stock Co., to J. C. Frank and W. C. Dalton, their land in the northern part of Modoc County.


New Era (Alturas, California)

May 12 1909
Meeting of Stockmen  - committee

F. W. Caldwell, Wm. Dalton, A. F. Spicer, R. E. Leventon, and C. E. Crowder
RESOLUTION: To extend present boundaries of Modoc National Forest.
Signed, C. E. Crowder, W. C. Dalton, A. F. Spicer, R. E. Leventon, and F. W. Caldwell, Committee.


New Era (Alturas, California), October 6 1909
Will Dalton, manager of the Tule Lake Land & Live Stock Company, was doing business in Alturas last Monday. He says everything out that way is looking all O.K.


New Era (Alturas, California), May 18 1910
Wm. Dalton, manager of the Tule Lake Land and Live Stock Co., was transacting business in Alturas for a few days last week.

New Era (Alturas, California). October 26 1910
Election Officers

Tule Lake Precinct-Polling place, Harter Rach; Inspectors, Peter Blonde and David B. Johnson; Judges, James Lehman and C. M. Duncan; Clerks, W. C. Dalton and J. F. Baker; Ballot clerks, J. W. Rucker and C. D. Brown.


New York Tribune , October 1918
WASHINGTON, Oct. 3, -- Loss of naval patrol boat Tampa, formerly the Coast Guard cutter Miami, with all on-board - 118 men - was announced to--day by the Navy Department.

The vessel was sunk on the night of September 26 in the Bristol Channel, off the coast of England, and Vice Admiral Sims’s report indicated that she was torpedoed while escorting a convoy.
The list from Admiral Sims was as follows:
Carl L. Dalton, Gastonia, N.C, etc


Prospect Monitor (Ohio), January 17 1902
Mr. and Mrs. James Dalton of Rush Creek spend several days with their daughter Mrs. Sa-- Adams.


Rochester Daily Union and Advertiser (New York), June 15 1900

Mrs. Anna O'GRADY died yesterday at the family residence, No. 161 South avenue, aged 61 years. Deceased is survived by two sons, James and William O'GRADY, and one daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth DALTON.


Rochester Republican (New York), January 11 1848



In this city, on the 31st of Dec., by the Rev. Doct. CHURCH, Mr. John DALTON to Miss Harriet U. MOORE.


Russian River Flag (Healdsburg, California), April 22, 1869
One Jack DALTON, for an assault on John GAFNEY and sundry other deviltries was tried and sentenced to 75 days in County jail.


Russian River Flag (Healdsburg, California), June 1, 1871

In Petaluma, May 20, Annie DALTON, 21y 3m.


Russian River Flag (Healdsburg, California), August 10, 1871
Married Petaluma Aug. 8, 1871, J.H. FISHBURN to Miss Jennie DALTON.


Russian River Flag (healdsburg, California), June 9, 1881
W.H. DALTON, an old and respected resident, died on Sunday, May 29th.


Sacramento Bee (California), November 15 1870

Chas. Reade, Mrs. Edwards, Richard Grant White, Anthony Trollope, Justin McCarthy, Parke Godwin, Dr. J.C. Dalton, Dr. Draper, and all the Leading Writers of the Day. The Galaxy Has determined, regardless of expense, to maintain its present position as THE LEADING American Literary magazine.


Sacramento Bee (California). January 8 1874


In this city, Jan. 5, wife of Dennis DALTON, of a son.

Sacramento Bee (California), April 30 1877

In Los Angeles, April 25, R.H. DALTON to Carrie A. HEREFORD.


Sacramento Bee (California), March 7 1904
Last Saturday evening the Robert Emmet Club of this city celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Robert Emmet, the Irish patriot. The following program was rendered: Introductory remarks J.P. DALTON;, etc


Sacramento Bee (California), May 13 1909
Mr. and Mrs. Peter DALTON, of Reno, Nev., were among the arrivals here Wednesday.


Sacramento Bee (California)
February 25 1919


DE SALES - In Marysville, Yuba County, February 24, 1919, Sister Frances DE SALES, known to the world as Catherine DALTON, daughter of Mrs. Jane DALTON of San Francisco; a native of Iowa, aged 54 years

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), February 25 -
Sister Frances de SALES, member of the local community of the College of Notre Dame, in which institution she was teacher in the commercial department, died last night. Deceased is survived by her mother, Mrs. Jane DALTON of San Francisco, and two sisters.

Sacramento Bee (California), March 6 1920
Last Friday afternoon several women gathered at the home of Mrs. Howard GARRISON with their sewing bags. Those enjoying the occasion were Mesdames F. RUPLEY, F. GECKSTRUM, A. JONES, F. SMITH, S. LEE, W. PARSONS, Miss Iva DALTON and the hostess.


Sacramento Daily Record-Union (California), September 24 1894
Articles of Incorporation
The following articles of incorporation have been filed in the office of the Secretary of State:
Electric Power Company. Principal place of business, Los Angeles. Capital stock, $100,000. Directors: E.C. SEYMOUR, Peter KEHL, W.E. VAN SLYKE, San Bernardino; M.L. GRAFF, H.W. LATHAM, Los Angeles.
J.B. PAINTER Company. Principal place of business, Belmont, San Mateo County. Capital stock, $50,000. Directors: Jerome B. PAINTER, John A. RUSSELL, San Francisco; A. DALTON, Harrison, Dr. E.A. YOUVEEN, Alameda; J.P. LE COUNT, Sausalito; F.R. KING, Belmont; E.B. DE GOLIA, Oakland.

Sacramento Daily Union (California), March 26 1868
The following arrests were made yesterday: ...William DALTON, by officer FISHER, for being drunk and unable to take care of himself.


Sacramento Daily Union (California), January 1 1873

April 30 1872: D. Dalton to Mrs. C.F. Mahone


Sacramento Evening Bee (California), December 28 1904

Eccentric Man Dies Without Revealing Where He Buried His Gold

SUISUN (Solano Co.), December 28

Yesterday W.S. PEDRICK filed in the Superior Court a petition for the probate of the will of David DALTON. Dalton died recently on his farm near Dixon, in this county, where he had been a resident for many years.
A few hours before his death he was prevailed on to make a will, but he refused to divulge the place of his hidden wealth, saying he would do so "in the morning." He died during the night. His neighbors believe there are several thousand dollars hidden somewhere on his farm.
He had 320 acres of land which he had highly improved, some farm implements and stock. The value of the estate is placed at $20,000. The will bequeaths $400, in addition to the wages due her, to his present housekeeper, Mrs. Mary Emma BERRY; $400 to Oscar C. SCHULZE, of Dixon, to invest and keep up his lot in the Dixon Cemetery, and the remainder of his property to a former housekeeper, Miss Sarah WALKER, now in England.
In the will deceased refers to her as "my faithful friend, Miss Sarah Walker, who faithfully served me a long while." She is said to be a comely woman, about 34 years of age.
In his petition Mr. Pedrick says that he knows of no heirs of deceased and he believes there are none.
Hearing on the probate of the will has been set for January 9th.


Sacramento Evening Bee (California), February 7 1905
SHASTA (Shasta Co.), February 7 - As Frank DALTON was driving a six-horse team yesterday along the road to Redding a large dead tree buy the road-side fell, quarterng across the highway, striking one of the wheel horses and felling it to the ground. The others took fright and Dalton fell from his seat in front of the prostrate wheeler. The runaway team dragged the tree forward so that it held both animal and driver pinioned to the ground. The others struggling to run broke a singletree and prevented further damage.
George LARISON, who was following along the road with a four-horse team, rescued Dalton from his perilous predicament. (Rest of article cut off)


Sacramento Evening Bee (California), June 15 1905
Power Given The Court In Drawing Grand Juries
Dennis DALTON, Cosumnes, etc.


Sacramento Union (California), September 30 1910
Mrs. Harry Dalton, Well Known in Marysville, Dies in San Francisco
MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), Sept. 29 - A message was received in Marysville this morning of the death of Mrs. Harry DALTON at 11 a.m. at her home in San Francisco. She was a former resident of this city and 60 years of age. The funeral will take place in San Francisco Saturday. The interment will be made in Holy Cross cemetery.


Sacramento Union (California), September 10 1916

Klamath Committee Will Urge Building of Modoc Northern
KLAMATH FALLS (Ore.), Sept 9 - To confer with President William SPROULE of the Southern Pacific company and urge the immediate completion of the Modoc Northern railway from Klamath Falls, 35 miles southeast of Malin, the Klamath Commercial club appointed a committee of R.A. JOHNSON, president of the Klamath Manufacturing company of Klamath Falls, and William DALTON and Frank ADAMS, prominent stockmen of Malin and Merrill.


Sacramento Union (California), January 2 1920
Mrs. Percy D. PRATT, formerly of this city, but now making her home in San Francisco, has been greeting old friends during a visit in town as the guest of Mrs. E. F. DALTON.


Sacramento Union (California), November 23 1921


MAHONE - In Slough House, Sacramento county, Cal.., November 21, 1921, Robert H. Mahone, son of the late John R. T. and Catherine Mahone, half-brother of Edward F. DALTON of Sacramento and William SHELDON of Slough House, uncle of Mrs. Mabel WESTERBERG of Sacramento, Mrs. E.V. McGLYNN of San Francisco, Mrs. T.D. HALL and Melvin C. VAUGHN of Sacramento; a native of California, aged 68 years, 5 months and 9 days. Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at 2 p.m. today (Wednesday) from the home of Miller & Skelton, 140 K street. Interment I.O.O.F. Lawn Cemetery.


Salinas Weekly Index (California), March 5 1891
The Alila Train Robbers -- An officer passed north on Tuesday’s train with Cole DALTON, arrested on the Estrella, about 12 miles from Paso Robles, as one of the Alila train robbers. His brother, Gre-s [Grets?] DALTON, was taken up last week, having been arrested as an accessory after the fact, he being in Fresno on the night of the robbery. It is stated that the DALTON’s are cousins of the notorious YOUNGER brother. After the attempted robbery of the train at Alila, it is reported that the robbers were traced to Cholame, where all track of them was lost. They were provided with nippers with which they cut the wire fences when they found it necessary to go through fields in making their escape. Alila is east of the southern end of Tulare lake, and about 75 miles from Cholame by road through the Paledonia pass. The officers claim to have evidence that will convict.


Salinas Weekly Index (California), April 2 1891
The Train Robbers -- Grattan DALTON and William DALTON, an account of whose arrest and transportation to Tulare county was published not long ago, have been indicted by the grand jury of Tulare county on 2 charges of murder and robbery, and it is fair to presume that the jury had sufficient evidence to find true bills against them. The range of these noted outlaws, who are said to be cousins of the YOUNGER brothers, has been along the borders of this county, and some account of their depredations and the history of their capture cannot fail to be of local interest.
June 27, 1889, the Pixley robbery occurred about 8pm. The robbers, a large and a small man, stopped the train just as it had moved out from the station, making the train men march through the car with them. They got about $500 and 15 or 20 watches, and killed a United States Marshal who was on the train, and a boy 16 years old. On Feb. 22nd, 2 men, believed to be the same, stopped the train near Goshen, got about $6000 from the express car, and murdered an unfortunate tramp who was riding the brake bars. On the 6th of last February 2 men, not believed to be the same as perpetrated the former robberies, appeared at Alila and marched the engineer and fireman, as in former instances, up to the express car, but, instead of opening the door, the messenger opened fire for about 25 minutes. Unfortunately the fireman was killed, it is generally supposed by a shot from the messenger’s rifle. The robbers were beaten off, rode to the westward, and a hot pursuit followed. They were tracked as far as Cholame, where they vanished utterly.
Sheriff O’NEAL of San Luis Obispo county and Will SMITH, a Wells-Fargo detective, went to work on the case. Starting with the assumption that since the robbers took refuge in the neighborhood of Cholame, and probably started from there, they first scoured all the passes of the mountains to find out who had traveled them eastward during the week or so prior to the robbery. They presently learned of a party of 3 horsemen who closely answered the required description. They secured a minute description of them, found out who they were, tracked them from point to point, up to the very telegraph post to which the horses of 2 of them were tied at the time of the robbery, and finally landed 2 of the number within the clutches of the law.
Goshen is a station on the Southern Pacific, where the branch road to Visalia leaves the main line. Pixley is 27 miles south of Goshen, and Alila 6 miles south of Pixley. These places are all of them not far from Cholame by a road leading through Templar Polonia pass. It is believed that the officers have the right parties, and that hemp in this instance will not be cheated of robbing the State of 2 desperate and dangerous outlaws.


Salinas Weekly Index (California), April 16 1891

The Whole Gang Arrested -- The arrest of the entire band of the Alila train robbers was completed on the 8th inst by the arrest of Robert and Emmet DALTON. This robbery occurred on Feb. 6th, and officers and detectives have been on their trail ever since. On March 2nd the 2 men last arrested purchased horses in San Luis Obispo. Their trail was soon struck, and the pursuit was so lively that they were obliged to take to the mountains. The description of themselves and horses was sent to all parts of the State. On March 8th they sold their horses at Ludlow, a station on the Atlantic & Pacific about 100 miles east of Mojave. One day last week the agent at Indio was somewhat taken by surprise upon beholding Bob and Emmet DALTON, the 2 men wanted, climbing into a refrigerator car of an out-going train. Not being armed the agent did not care about tackling the men single handed, but immediately telegraphed the conductor at the next station. The conductor upon receiving the message said nothing, but when his train stopped at a water tank he very quietly secured the door, and then telegraphed to the Sheriff at Yuma to be on hand with sufficient force of men to capture the outlaws.


Salinas Weekly Index (California), April 30 1891

The DALTON brothers will be tried in the Superior Court of Tulare on May 18th on the Alila train robbery charge. Attorney [illeg -- might be AHREN] of Bakersfield, and LARKINS of Visalia, will defend them.


Salinas Weekly Index (California), October 22 1891

One of the DALTONS -- Will DALTON, who has been under arrest at Visalia as an accessory to the Alila train robbery, and who was recently acquitted, passed through Salinas Tuesday on his way to his home in Cholame, east of Paso Robles. He is under indictment for burglary and is out on bail. He left the train as it stopped here to greet 2 or 3 acquaintances on the platform, and stood talking until the train had got under pretty good motion, and then swung himself on to the rear steps with all the ease of an old railroader. In appearance DALTON is a well dressed and rather good-looking man, apparently above the average in intelligence. He is said to be a good political manipulator and a successful sporting man.


San Benito Advance (California), May 1876

Unclaimed letters: DALTON, Martin


San Benito Advance (California), June 1876
Unclaimed letters: DALTON, Martin


San Benito Advance (California). August 16, 1877

The following named persons were admitted citizenship:



Sausalito News (California), January 15 1932

Miss Mildred BEARDSLEY has returned from a week’s stay in Santa Rosa with her friend, Mrs. Jack DALTON. Mrs. DALTON returned with Miss BEARDSLEY to visit her relatives, Mr. and Mrs. George WOODWARD of this Valley.


Sonoma County Journal (California), December 3, 1858
Married at Petaluma, 25th ult., W.H. DALTON to Mrs. Mary J. STEWART


Stockton Daily Independent (California), October 18, 1871
MARRIED -- at Grass Valley, Oct. 15th, by Rev. Father DALTON; J.W. BRADY and Miss Lizzie McBREEN, both of Stockton.


Surprise Valley Record (California), January 18, 1928
A young man named Dalton was frozen to death near Malin Monday. It seems that he and several others were out in an auto and the machine stopped, evidently frozen up and young Dalton and another man left on foot to find help and after going a short distance the young man stated that he would build a fire. His companions went on, returning shortly found Dalton was dead. Sheriff Sharp and Coroner Frank Kerr went out to investigate the cause of death. (8:1)


Surprise Valley Record (California), September 2, 1931
W. E. Dalton, former postmaster and merchant of Gerlach, passed away at his home in Reno on August 30th. He leaves his wife and sons and many friends to mourn his passing. He was aged 64 years. (1:1)


The Alamogordo News (New Mexico), November 18 1909
Miss Alice Dalton
Last Thursday AT 7 o'clock, Miss Alice Dalton died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Alfred Cooley, after several weeks illness. Deceased was from Boston and came to Alamogordo several weeks ago to spend the winter at her sister's. Although not feeling well when she arrived, it did not seem anything was serious until typhoid developed when conditions continually grew worse and death finally resulted. The remains were shipped on the 13th to her home in the east, and were accompanied by a brother and Mrs. Cooley.


The Athens Weekly Review (Texas), January 18, 1901

B. B. Dalton has built a new room to his home


The Idaho Post, January 8 1914
After long illness and suffering Mrs. Martha C. Abeling passed to her heavenly reward at the home of her son-in-law, M.P. Dalton, Mullan, Idaho, Tuesday evening, December 16, 1913. The immediate cause of her death was inflammation of the heart. The funeral services, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Goudge, were held from the Dalton residence on Thursday, December 18, interment being made in the Odd Fellows cemetery of Mullan.

Mrs. Abeling was born in Torrington, Conn., April 15, 1856, and was therefore aged fifty-seven years, eight months and one day. Of her immediate relatives there were present at the funeral her daughters, Mrs. M.P. Dalton of Mullan, and Mrs. R.B. Gilbert of Wenatchee, Wash., and two sons, C.H. Abeling of Mullan, and H.V. Abeling of Burke, Idaho. There are also two brothers and a sister, Messrs. Herman and Ed. Hoffman, and Mrs. Andrew Finn, all of Torrington, Conn.

The Illinoian, May 19, 1838
Mr. Rude, who was confined in jail in Knox County for the murder of Dr. Dalton recently made his escape from jail.


The Medford Mercury (Massachusetts), May 15 1925
Funeral Services with military honors were held Sunday afternoon at St. Clement's Church, South Medford, for patrolman Alexander M. Higgins, Jr. .... Rev. Fr. Augustine C. Dalton, assistant at St. Clement's church, officiated.


The Owego Record (New York), March 26 1891
Tom DALTON was arrested Wednesday night for drunkenness and had a hearing Thursday morning. He was sent  to Onondaga penitentiary for six months.


The Sacramento Union (California), September 20 1911

PACIFIC GROVE. Sept 19 - The fifty-ninth annual session of the California conference of the Methodist Episcopal church came to a close here today, after a cabinet session that lasted until late in the afternoon. At the close of the cabinet meeting Bishop Edwin H. HUGHES of San Francisco read the appointments. The appointments follow:


The Tacoma Daily News (Washington), June 4 1910
The Ladies' Aid society will meet with Mrs. J. DALTON, Wednesday, June 15. All are welcome.


The Washington Post, February 15 1890
Died: DALTON-At her residence, No. 427 Massachusetts avenue northwest, at 6:15 a.m., on February 14, 1890, Carrie K., wife of Thomas W. Dalton, and daughter of Mary A. and the late John Sessford. Funeral Monday morning, from her residence, at 9:30 a.m., thence to St. Aloysius Church, where a solemn mass of requiem will be said at 10 a.m. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend.

His Remains Deposited in Rock Creek Cemetery Yesterday. The following named gentlemen acted as pallbearers: Hon. Phil. B. Thompson, J.C. McGinn, Lieut. Lucien Young, U.S.N.; A.C. Floyd, Maj. William N. Dalton, John E. Buckingham, F.E. Storm, and William W. Burnett.


The Washington Post, June 19 1880
Yesterday was the closing day in the second grade schools throughout the District. As on the preceding day, the closing exercises consisted of recitations and music by the scholars, the parents of the children being generally present. The awards yesterday were as follows:
Second Division. SCHOOL NUMBER TWO-Sallie Dalton, teacher.....

SCHOOL NUMBER TWO-Sallie Dalton, teacher. Certificates were awarded to ....M. Lenora Dalton


The Washington Post, January 12 1890
Mr. W.C. Whittemore and Capt. C.E. Dalton, a committee representing the Yale Alumni Association of Washington, have invited Judge Brewer, of the Supreme Court, and Secretary Noble, of the Cabinet, to attend a banquet of the association at the Arlington Hotel on the evening of the 28th instant. Judge Brewer and Secretary Noble are both graduates from Yale. Mr. Chauncey Depew, of New York, and Hon. Wayne McVeagh, of Philadelphia, are also expected to be present.


The Washington Post, January 17 1890

Licensed to Marry.


The Washington Post, January 28 1899
Victor A. Baunstein and Georgia Dalton


The Washington Post, July 1 1904
Another List of Promotions, Transfers, and Appointments.
S. A. Dalton, from $650 to $700 per annum


Washington Post, April 6 1910
Dog Show - dogs exhibited

Bull terriers: ....Mrs. W. E. DALTON, 2


The Weekly Capital (Olympia, Washington), July 1 1898
A Complete Roster up To-Date and the Regiments


DALTON, A. J., Co. I, 111th N. Y. vol. infantry


Washington Standard (Olympia, Washington), September 7 1917

Richard Hagen WILSON
Robert Raymond DALTON (Olympia)
Albert Napoleon DWYER
Lester TWOHY
Stephen C. MAYES
Jay Andrew RUSSELL


Wichita Daily Times (Texas), July 6 1913
Mrs. W. L. Dalton and daughters, Misses Dorothy and Marjorie, will leave Saturday for a two months' visit with relatives in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.

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