The Dalton and variant population in Somerset was small and by 1881 Daltons had virtually disappeared from Bath.  This file consists of over 200 surnames and may be searched by clicking on a box in the Contents section.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.

(In this file are the Grant Daltons of Cucklington.  See Journal Index, Vol. 27, 1997 (12 pages) for the first of two major articles by Lucy J. Slater on this family.  The second article, Grant Daltons of Brodsworth Hall by the late Dr. Lucy Slater is printed in Vol 29, 1999, (14 pages).  View the Index of these articles here.








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Bath Abbey
23 Dec 1630, Robert Doulton son of Robert Doulton
6 Oct 1635, Jahell Doulton dau of William and Elinor Doulton
4 Dec 1636, Elizabeth Doulton dau of Robert and Elinor Doulton
15 Mar 1640, Anne Doulton dau of Robert and Elinor Doulton
26 Dec 1641, Joane Doulton dau of Robert and Elinor Doulton
8 Jun 1663, Anne Dolton dau of John and Elizabeth Dolton
15 Feb 1684, Ann Douton dau of John and Ann Dolton
18 Apr 1686, Mary Doulton dau of Richard and Ann Doulton
26 Dec 1687, Desema Dollton dau of John and Ann Dollton
23 Jan 1688, John Doulton son of John Doulton
6 Mar 1690, Elizabeth Doulton dau of John and Ann Doulton
19 Nov 1691, Jemima Dolton dau of John and Ann Dolton
24 Jun 1694, Mary Dollton dau of John and Ann Dollton
18 Aug 1721, Susana Doulton dau of William Doulton
19 Sep 1721, Richard Dalton son of Richard Dalton
13 Jan 1723, Richard Dolton son of Richard Dolton
27 Jun 1727, James Doulton son of Richard Doulton

Bath, Roman Catholic
25 Mar 1799, Richard Charles Dalton son of Peter and Rosalia Dalton
18 Aug 1800, Lucy Dalton dau of William and Julia Dalton

Bath, Saint James
27 Jun 1798, Mary Mulock Dalton dau of William and Martha Dalton

Bath, Saint Michael
13 Sep 1607, Richard Dolton son of Willm. Dolton
30 Jul 1629, Mary Dolton dau of Robert Dolton
4 Jun 1663, Mary Doulton dau of Isaac and Deborah Doulton
6 Jan 1665, William Doulton son of Isaac and Deborah Doulton
6 Oct 1688, John Doulton son of John Doulton
11 Feb 1728, Robert Doulton son fo Robert Doulton

Certificates may be ordered from Public Record Office, note Vol and Page
Mar 1847, Carlone Louisa Dalton, Vol. 11, p.73
Jun 1859, Thomas Dalton, V. 5c, p. 799
Dec 1861, William Henry Dalton, V.5c, p. 694
Mar 1682, Edward Henry Christopher Dalton, V. 5c, p. 804

Dec 1860, Eleanor Maria Dalton, V. 5c, p. 520
Jun 1864, Henry Randel Dalton, V5c, p. 589

Mary 1849, Fem. Dalton, V. 10, p. 295

Jun 1873, John Foster G. Dalton, V. 5c, p. 526
Sep 1893, Sybil Constance Dalton, V. 5c, p. 431


Bath Abbey
4 Mar 1745, Elizabeth Dalton and William Burgess

Bath, Abbey St. John
21 Apr 1685, Richard Doulton and Anne Parrish

Bath, Abbey St. Peter and Paul
25 May 1656, John Dolton and Elizabeth Collins
Dec 1656, Elinor Dolton and Francis Belshar

East Pennard
28 Jan 1610, Thomas Dalton and Margaret Fytz
28 May 1611, John Dalton and Ealse/Elsie Southay

25 Jan 1577, Margaret Dalton and John Chappel

6 Jan 1757, William Dolton and Ann Martin

Stocklinch Ottersay
30 Jul 1570, Johnes Dalton and Margaret Gow

19 Apr 1682, Martha Dolton and John Martaine

West Bradley
Feb 1636, Priscilla Dalton and John Withers

Certificates may be ordered from Public Record Office, note Vol. and page

Sep 1844, Elizabeth Dalton,, V. 11, p. 20
Sep 1880, James Dalton, V. 5. c, p. 951
May 1884, Frederick Witton Dalton, V. 5c, p. 939
Jun 1886, Elizabeth Dalton, V. 5c, p. 1060
Jun 1886, Lizzie Dalton, V. 5c, p. 1060
Jun 1888, William Dalton, V. 5c, p. 1166.

Jun 1875, Sarah Ann Dalton, V. 5 c, p. 1126
Sep 1878, Richard Dalton, V. 5c, p. 1012
Sep 1884, Mary Ann Dalton, V. 5c, p. 1090

Sep 1850, Elizabeth Dalton, V. 8, p. 201

Mar 1870, Elizabeth Pheaby Dalton, V. 5c, p. 760


Certificates may be ordered from  Public Record Office, note Vol and Page

Mar 1858, William Dalton, 5c, 561
Dec 1864, John William Dalton, 5c, 485
Dec 1892, William Dalton, age 72, 5c, 376

Jun 1850, Caroline Dalton, 11, 63
Dec 1845, Charles Dalton, 11, 41
Sep 1857, Charles William Dalton, 5c, 426
Jun 1893, Thomas Daulton, age 84, 5c, 447

Jun 1857, Ann Dalton, 5c, 36(5)
Mar 1868, Clara Minnie dalton, age 1, 5c, 372

Mar 1859, Sarah Dalton, 5b, 331
Mar 1892, Eleanor Presgrave Dalton, age 73, 5 b, 39

Jun 1871, Elizabeth Dalton, age 73, 5c, 249
Dec 1893, Anna Dolton, 5c, 253
Sep 1897, James Dolton, age 194, 5c, 192

Dec 1844, Ellen Jemima D'Alton, 10, 362
Dec 1844, Ellen Janice D'Alton, 10, 362

Jun 1871, Agnes Grant Dalton, age 11, 5c, 353
Mar 1892, Gladys Amy G. Dalton, infant, 5c, 387
Mar 1898, Colin Grant Dalton, age 39, 5c, 351


Part I  Daltons who were eunmerated in Somerset

Margaret Dalton, div. income, widow, 56, b. London, Mdsx;  dau Mary A. 23, b. Helston, Cornwall; serv. Priscilla Hazelwood, 14, b. Maidstone, Kent.

Thomas E. Dalton, widower, 72, b. London St. Giles, coachsmith, enumerated under John Dyer.

Shanks house
D. P. Grant Dalton, magistrate and land owner, 69, b. London, Mdsx;  wife Alice, 50, b. Paris, FR;
dau Hellen 21; son John F. 7;  10 servants

John J. Dalton, Baptist Minister, 60 mar., b. Salford, Lancs;  step dau Emma Hardwick, music teacher, 24, b. London, Mdsx;  dau Sophia R., 11; b. Holloway Middlesex. one serv

Jane Dolton, 17, b. Farleigh Wallop, servant in household of Henry Whitley.

Taunton St. Mary
Mary Ellen Dalton, scholar, 15, b. Gloster; boarder in Convent St. Josephs School

Anne Dalton, dom serv., un, 29, b. IRE; household of Sarah Jacob

James Dalton, woolen lab., mar., 78, b. Collumpton, Devon;  four Davey daus all b. Wellington -Hannah M. 15; Atonetta 12; Beatrice H. 8; and Lily J. 4.

Weston Super Mare
Martha Dalton, divd. income, widow, 78, b. Enfield; niece Elizabeth M. Temple, widow, 46, b. London; great niece Annie C. Temple, 17, b. Bengal Koosttee

George J. Dolton, wood turner, 27, b. Plymouth, Devon; wife Elizabeth 26, b. Shepton Matlett, Somerset; son Frederick G. J., 2, b. Yeovil

Section II   Daltons who were born in Somerset and enumerated elsewhere in the 1881 Census
James Dalton, railway clerk, 16, b. Nailsen, Somerset; boarder in household of William Gilbert

Bristol St. James & St. Paul Out
Rosaline M. Dalton, 13, b. Bedminster, Somerset, scholar at The New Orphan Houses, Ashley Down

Lucy Dalton, serv. Dom., widow, 64, b. Bath Gaston, Somerset; enumerated in household of Maria Buck

Mary Dalton, dom serv., un, 41, b. Bristol, Somerset; serv. in household of Emily Millar

London, Middlesex
Chas. F. Dalton, club Sec., 37. b. Guildford, Surrey;  wife Amelia, 42, b. Compton, Somerset; five children - John W. F., 12, b. Marleybone;  Rob. E. F., 10, b. St. Johns Wood;  Henry C. F. 9 and Alfred E. F. 4, b. Notting Hill, Mdsx;  Margaret F.,1, b. Hammersmith; three servants.

Samuel Dalton, coachman, 61, b. Cashalton, Surrey;  wife, Hannah, 57, b. Yarmouth, Norfolk;  dau Maria, 21, dressmaker, b. Frome, Somerset.

Samuel Dalton, gardener, 29, b. Louth, Lincoln;  wife Harriet, 30, b. Wells, Somerset; two nieces b. London, London, Mdsx - Ellen Will 7;  and Mabel Willa 3.

Kingston on Thames
Ronald D. Doulton, potter, 28, b. East Sheen, Surrey;  wife Agnes M. 27, b. Bridgewater, Somerset;  three children - Ronald J. 2, b. Clapham, Surrey;  Ormose M. 1,  and Alan F. 2 mos., b. Surbiton, Surrey. cousin Jane E. Buckland, un, 32, b. Buckingham. three servants.

Thomas M. Dalton, 50, b. Swansea Glamorgan;  wife Emily, 45, b. Bath, Somerset; dau Ada Mary 17, b. Cardiff; Emily Sofia, 13, b. Llandieff?, Glamorgan; Bertha Spencer 12, b. Llandieff;  Thomas Lawn 10, b. Llandieff; four servants.

Glamorgan, Landaff
George Dalton, lab., 56, b. Colompton, Devon;  Wife Maria, b. Cardiff;  fa in law, William Roberts, tailor, 77, b. Lisayne, Glamorgan;  step sister, Hannah Dalton, mar., 68, b. Wellington, Somerset.

St. Woollos
John Dolton, shipwright, 38, b. Northfleet, Kent;  wife Harriett J., 37, b. Frome, Somerset;  six children b. Newport, Monmouth - E. J. Charles 12;  Eame A. W. 11;  Fred A. 9;  Arthur H. 4;  Walter H. 2; Grace 2 mos.; one servant.

Seymour Grant Dalton, scholar, 16, b. Cucklington, Somerset, boarder Marlborough College

Bramley in Bramley
James Dalton, constable, 25, b. Firby, York; wife Charlotte, 26, b. Weston, Somerset

Joseph Dalton, woolen mill wkr., 47, b. Thurlstone, York;  wife Maria, 48, b. Bath, Somerset; two sons, b. Musbrough, York - Frederick railway clerk, 21;  William 18, warehouseman.


Combe Monckton
Ada J. Dalton, 26, b. Bristol, serv. in household of Thomas Freeman

(Shanks House)
Alice, G. Dalton, 60, widow, b. France;  dau Helen G., 22, b. Cucklington

Long Ashton
Thomas Dalton, 81, b. Longacre, London inmate in  workhouse or infirmary.

Charles Dalton, 26 b. Newport, Monmouthshire; and Percy Dalton, female, 25, b. Cardiff, Glamorgan - both visitors in the household of George Rumsey

Rockwell Green
James Dolton, 87, b. Cullompton, Devon;  wife Hannah, 79, b. Wellington, Somerset

Herbert Edward Dalton, 13, b. Cardiff, boarder at Independent College, Taunton

Walcot (Civil Parish)
Hannah Dolton, 27, b. Burghclere, serv. in household of Ernest Rooke.

Rosalyne Dalton, 23, serv., b. Bristol, in home of Thomas Banks

Edith S. Dalton, 30, b. Peckham, Surrey, visitor in household of Ann  ?.
Sarah A. Dalton, 69, b. London, London, visitor in home of Ann ?

Hannah Dalton, Head, 45, un.,  b. Stockwell Surrey;  sister Margaret Eliza Dalton, 37, un, b. Stockwell, Surrey

Colin Grant Dalton, 33, clerk in Holy Orders, b. Parkstone, Dorset;  wife Amy Ellen 35, b. Bowden, Cheshire;  son Leslie, 2, b. Norwwod, Surrey;  son Harold, 1, b. Wincanton


West Bradley
Thomas Dalton Churchwarden (1637)?


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