By 1881, there were only 2 Dalton families consisting of 6 members remaining in Shropshire.
This may have been partly the result of redistricting that occurred in July 1837. Shropshire born Daltons were enumerated in several adjoining counties or shires some of which included parts of the original Shropshire. Including their family members, they numbered 83 in 1881. All are listed in this file of 155 surnames. Burials were contributed by Michael Cayley, DGS Archivist. Contributions of birth, marriage or burial records are welcome. It is the onus of the user to verify the data.






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Astley Abbotts
12 Mar 1610, John Dalton son of Thomas Dalton

26 Dec 1824, John Dulton son of Thomas and Elizabeth Dulton

27 Jul 1772, Sarah Dolton dau of John and Sarah Dolton

Bridgnorth, Saint Leonards
22 Nov 1711, Margaret Dalton dau of Edward and Mary Dalton
31 Mar 1833, John Dulton son of Frances Dulton
29 Oct 1834, Henry Robert Samuel Dalton son of Henry and Sophia Charlotte Dalton

Church Aston
25 Oct 1840, William Dalton son of William and Phoebe Dalton

16 Sep 1810, Catharine Doulton, dau of Edw. and Anne Doulton

1  May 1757, John Dalton son of Allen and Anne Dalton

31 Jul 1845, Henry Dulton/Clay son of John Dulton and Anne Clay.

17 Feb 1867, Emma Dalton dau of Martha Dalton

28 Jan 1559, Lewis Dalton
7 May 1599, Richard Dalton son of John Dalton
9 Feb 1560, John Dalton
20 Mar 1870, William Henry Dolton son of John and Charlotte Dolton
1 Sep 1802, Elizabeth Dalton dau of John and Ann Dalton
4 Feb 1873, Matilda Dalton dau of John and Charlotte Dalton

Shrewsbury, St. Mary, R. C.
18 Aug 1728, Mary Dolton dau of Richard and Mary Dolton
3 May 1800, Elizabethae Dalton, dau of Thomae and Rachel Dalton

29 May 1850, Edward Hodge Baker Doulton, son of William and Margaret Doulton

6 Apr 1828, James Dulton son of Elizth. Dulton


28 Nov 1717, Elizabeth Dulton and John Butler

Childs Ercall
20 Sep 1647, Elizabeth Dolton and Richard Burges

11 Aug 1613, James Dolton and Mary Bevan

28 Dec 1702, Elizabeth Dulton and Richard Roberts

Shrewsbury, St. Chad
28 Jul 1810, Edward Dalton and Catharine Harris

21 Feb 1627, Hugh Dalton and Alice Hawkes


St Milburga burials
23 Mar 1816 Mary DALTON?, 77
15 Oct 1828 Sarah DULTON?, 83

St Michael burials
6 Feb 1823 Ann DALTON, infant

Editor's Note
In the Free BMD web site, there is a collection of records of births, marriages and deaths attributed to Shropshire.  They begin in 1834 and are mainly located in districts that are now  included under Worcestershire and Staffordshire.  Enter the Key Words: Free BMD to view the records.


Section I. There were only two Dalton entries in the Census.

James Roger Dulton, land agt., 50, b. Holywell, Flint Wales; wife Mary Ellen, 37. b. Lancaster, Liverpool; dau Christie 7 and Nina Annie 6, b. Clun.

(Whittington) English Frankton
Emma Dalton, serv., 14, b. Hordley, Shropshire; enumerated at farm of John Hughes

Section II. Daltons who were born in Shropshire and enumerated elsewhere.

Wisbech St. Peter
William R. Dalton, iron merch., 31, b. Peterboro; wife Fanny 26, b. Kingsland, Middlesex; son William J. 8, b. Stamford, Lincoln; son Walter H. 6, b. Wellington, Shropshire; three children b. Wisbech - Ethel M. 4, Harry 3, and Ernest 3 mos.

Isaac Dalton, farmer, 70, b. Appleton, Cheshire; wife Mary 60, b. Shropshire; step dau Elizabeth Hughes 21, b. Picton, Cheshire; step son John Hughes 19, b. Picton.

Broughton in Salford
William Dalton, printer, 30, b. Cheetham, Lancashire; wife Emma 31, b. Berrington, Shropshire; visitor, mar., Henry Brazier 29, b. Atcham, Shropshire; Edith and Brazier, 4., b. Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Chorlton On Medlock
William Dalton porter, 24, b. IRE; wife Mary A., charwoman, 19, b. Bromfield, Shropshire.

Ralph Dulton, ret. farmer, 56, b. Cheshire; wife Elizabeth 52, b. Shropshire.

James Dulton, sexton, 40, b. Whitchurch, Shropshire; wife Mary 37 b. Manchester, Lancs; five children b. Rusholme, Lancs. - Robert 7, Tom Fennah 6, Ann Rebecca 5, Jane 2, and Florence 3 mos.

Alice Dalton, lodger, mar., 32, b. Oswestry, Shropshire, enumerated in household of Henry Russell.

Toxteth Park
Sarah Jane Dalton, nurse, 27, b. West Bromwich, Shropshire; enumerated at Royal Southern Hospital.

London, St. Pancras
Henry Dalton, solicitor, 32, b. Bridgeworth, Shropshire; lodger at home of William J. Wright.

London, Hackney
John Dulton, Sgt., Militia, 38, b. Whitchurch, Shropshire; wife Louisa 22, b. St. Pancras, Middlesex; son Augustus  2, b. Haggerston, Middlesex; dau Amelia 1, b. Hackney.

Benjn Dalton, lab., 29, b. Stourport, Worcester; wife Hannah 28, b. Claverley, Shropshire; dau Alice M. 7, b. Swindon, Stafford; Benjamin 4, b. Kingswinford, Stafford and Florence L. 1, b. Kinver.

Thomas Dalton, lock keeper, 65, b. Wolverhampton, Stafford; wife Rebecca, 51, b. Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire; five chiildren b. Kinver - Samuel 15, Edward 13, David 11, Alice 9, Ellen 5; gr son James Dalton, 7, b. Swindon, Stafford.

Stoke Upon Trent
Joseph Dalton, draper, 53, b. Coventry, Warwick; wife Mary, 53, b. Madeley, Shropshire; six children b. Coventry - Henry 24, printer, Joseph, potter 23, Mary 18,  Frederick 18, George 14, and Ellen 11.

Joseph Dalton, clock maker, 27, b. Whitchurch, Shropshire; wife Mary A. 22, b. Wem, Shropshire; son Humphrey J. 4, b. Madeley Market, Shropshire; Annie 2, b. Croydon; Emma 3 mos. b. Wem and sister in law Agnes Ravenscroft 15, b. Wem, Shropshire.

Harriet Dalton, dressmaker, widow, 45, b. Beckbury, Shropshire; three children b. Birmingham - Samuel, bricklayer, 22, Susannah 20, and Alfred 21, helper.

Kidderminster Borough
John Dolton, coach worker, mar., 44, b.Bristol,  Gloucester; (no wife listed); son John, coach worker 20, b. Witney, Oxford; three children b. Bristol, Gloucester - Louisa, carpet wkr., 18, Lily, carpet wkr., 16, and William 14; two children b. Ludlow, Shropshire - Charlotte 11 and Matilda 8.

Henery Dalton, painter, 28 b. Birmingham, Warwick; wife Deborah 28, b. Bromfield, Shropshire; dau Lillian 7 mos. b. Birmingham.

Wortley in Bramley
William Dalton, iron worker, 43, b. Chelmarsh, Shropshire; wife Mary 33, b. Chelmarsh; two children b. Quatford, Shropshire - Bertha 9 and William 6.

St. Mary Bishophill Snr.
Gabriel Dalton, rr wkr., 37, b. Askham Richmond, York; wife Elizabeth 36, b. Duddleston, Shropshire; dau Violet 8, b. York, York.


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