We are indebted to DGS member, Mike Dalton of Portland, Oregon for the contents of this file. Mike has gone the extra mile to extract Daltons from obscure sources, to weave them together and make connections easy to identify. Early Birth records are sparse but wherever possible Mike has included birth dates, places and parents within the death records. Daltons migrated to Oregon from many States, Canada, Scotland, Ireland and England and the records read like mini bios.

There are approximately 475 surname entries in this file. You can click on one of the section links, the "Find on this page..." button, or by using the Edit/Find function of your browser. To make searching easier, all states and countries are printed by their accepted abbreviations, eg. LA. IL, MA, CAN, ENG, IRE, SCOT.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.

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County Map of Oregon:



Coos County, Empire Precinct, page 45
James Dalton, 48, b. IRE, laborer with others

Douglas County, Roseburg Precinct, page 146
William Dalton, 27, b. CAN; servant with others.

Multnomah County, City of Portland, page 480
James Stuart, 35, book maker, b. SCOT; wife Kate 32, b. ENG; three children b. OR - Edwin 5, Emily 3, and Kate 8 mos.  Edwin and Emily are Kate's children from her first marriage to Edwin Dalton of England. They assumed the Stuart name when Kate married.


Multnomah County, City of Portland
Edward Dalton, 36, b. ENG, farmer; wife Eliza 32, b. ENG; Julia 13 and Helen 6 b. ENG; Maria 4, b. OR.  (page 161)

Frank Dalton, bookkeeper, 30, b. KY; wife Martha 29, b. IL Carrie 9 and Lalla 3, both born OR. (page 207)
Carrie is Martha’s daughter from a previous marriage.

William Dalton, painter, 34, b. ENG; wife Edna 35, b. ENG; Herbert 9, Florence 7, and Carry 3, b. OR.(page 135)

James Stewart, 50, b. SCOT; nat., teamster; wife Catherine 45, b. ENG; five children b. OR - Emily 14, Edwin A. 13, Catharine 10, John J. 9, and J. Bruce 5.  (Emily and Edwin are Catherine's two children from her first marrige to Edwin Dalton who died in 1857) (page 253).

Henry Winkleman, 33, b. Hanover, GER; wife Mary H. 29, b. ENG; dau Mary A. 9. b. ENG; sons Kenny 3  and Robert 1, b. Washington, Terr. Mary H. Winkleman's maiden name is Dalton.  The Baptisms for two of their children are recorded at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Portland - Johanna Ellen b. 24 Sep 1870 and Robert b. 4 Apr 1869. The Robert Winkleman family is enumerated in the 1880 Census of CA.(page268).


Multnomah County
Page 321; 251 Alder St.
Mary Cardwell, widow, b. VA; daughters born Illinois: Arlena Murray 44, divorced; Martha Dalton 40, widowed; granddaughters born Oregon: Lallah Dalton 12, Lillie Johnson 22; sons born Illinois: William 38, Charles 27. Martha is widow of Frank.

Page 223; 14 Fourth St.
Richard S. Dalton, 24, laborer, b. IRE, lodger at Frecoma Rooming House.

Page 397; 211 11th St.
Robert H. Dalton, 34, printer, b. MS, parents b. MS; wife Carrie 21, b.CA, father b. AL., mother b. OH.

East Portland, 7th St., Ed. 101, sheet 10.
William Dalton, 44, painter, b. ENG; wife Edna C. 45, b. ENG; four children b. OR - Herbert C. 19, Florence 15, Caroline 13, William 5.

East Portland
James Stewart, 63, b. SCOT; wife Catherine 55, b. ENG; three children b. OR - Edwin 24, Emily 26, and J. Franklin 19. (Edwin and Emily are children of Catherine and first husband Edwin Dalton. James Stewart assumed legal guardianship in Nov 1860. Upon marriage, they resumed the name of their biological father, EdwinDalton. Their uncle was William Dalton, painter of Multnomah County)

Fulton Precinct, Portland, page 209
Thomas Dalton, 31, b. LA, parents b. NY; boarder at res. of Ed. Harold

Western Precinct, Portland, page 214
Edward Dalton, 40, b. ENG; wife Elisa 38, b. ENG; dau Ella 15, b. ENG; dau Maria 13, b. OR.

Wasco County
Edmon Dallton, 27, lab., b. IRE; enumerated at res. of James Murry

District 124
William Dalton, sheep herder, age 31, b. ENG, enumerated with James Wilson.

1900 Census Soundex
Baker County
Baker City
James W. Dalton,  38, b. Feb 1862, OR; wife Sarah E. 27 b. Apr 1863, OR; four children b. OR - Pearl 12 b, Jul 1887, Warren J. 9  b. Mar 1891, Herbert W. 4 b. May 1896, and Sarah E. 2  b.Feb 1898.

North Powder Precinct
Curtis R. Dalton, 27, b. Dec 1872, TN; wife Elizabeth 24,b. May 1876, TN.

James Dalton, 37, b., Mar 1683, TN; wife Cora E. 39, b. Feb 1861, MI; son Wiley J. 7, b. Feb 1893, OR.

Clackamas County
West Oregon Precinct
Edward J. Dalton, 51, b. Oct 1848, ENG, nat,; wife Hattie M. 52, b. Jul 1847, NY; three children b. NY - Helen S. 24, b. Dec 1875; Bessie J. 20, b. May 1880; Edna M. 15, b. Jun 1885.

Clatsop County
Astoria, 40 9th St.
Joseph Dalton, 38, b. Mar 1862, KY; Sarah, wife, 39, b. Nov 1860, PA; dau Pearl 15, b. Feb 1885, MO; Joseph W. 10, b. May 1890, NY; Carell, son, 6, b. Dec 1893, MT; Herbert 4, b. Dec 1895, OR.

Grant County
Union Precinct
James L. Dalton, 62, b. Jan 1838, VA; wife Nancy E. 44, b. Dec 1855, OR; son Frank E. 5, b. Jun 1894, OR.

Harney County
Alvord Precinct
David Dalton, 39, b. Jun 1860, CA; boarder with Rufus J. Coply.

James M. Dalton, 38, b. Oct 1861, MO; wife Martha 33, b. Mar 1867, OR; five children b. OR - Merle 14, b. Mar 1886; Harry 10, b. Nov 1889; Custer 9, b. Dec 1890; Reiley (dau) 8, b. 1893; Helene 4, b. Mar 1896.

Lane County
Heceta Precinct
Patrick Dalton, 51, b. Aug 1849, IRE; nat., living alone.

Multnomah County
Bridal Veil, Precinct 71
Herbert C. Dalton, 39, b. 1861, OR, living alone. (Herbert's widowed mother, Edna C. Dalton, is in the 1900 Census of Portland).

Portland, Precinct 4
Edna C. Dalton, widow, 65, b. Dec 1834, ENG;  dau Florence D. Jeffrey, 37, b. Mar 1863, OR; son in law George Jeffrey, b. Jan 1862, ENG; gr dau Elizabeth Jeffrey 4, b. Sep 1895, OR; dau Caroline G. Miller, 33, b. Feb 1867, OR; Charles E. Miller, 40, b. Feb 1860, WI.
Note: Edna Dalton is the widow of William Dalton who died in 1893 and he was the brother of Edwin Dalton. Their parents were Absalom and Amelia Dalton, of Coventry England.

Portland, Precinct 9, 391 Burnside St./22 - 24, N. Ninth St.
Edward Dalton, son, 43, b. OCT 1856, OR; Catherine Stewart, mother,74, b. Dec 1835, ENG
The following is the family of Emily A. Dalton, dau of Catherine Stewart above. They are located  in Vol. 10, ED 46 page 7-10 with the above entry.
James Dowling, 59 b. May 1851, OR; wife Emily A. 55, b. Apr 1855. OR;   five children b. OR - Grace E. 23, b. Nov 1876; Edwin S. 21,b. Oct 1878; James A. 18, b. Oct 1881; Florence G. 12, b. May 1888; Orme F. 8, b. Mar 1892; mother Julia Dowling, widow, 70, b. Feb 1820, IRE;
Also enumerated was Catherine Stewart's step son, Fred. B. Stewart and Family.
Fred B. Stewart, 35, b. 1865, OR; wife Inga 30, b. Oct 1869, OR; son Bruce 10, b. Oct 1889, OR.

Portland, Precinct 15, 434 Yamhill St.
Mary Lambert, 86, b. Oct 1813,  ENG; gr son, George J. Dalton, 30, b. NY, Jan 1870. (Mary Lambert is a widow with 3 living children. She came to the US about 1860).

Portland, Precinct 13, 451 Alder St.
Mrs. G. H. Cardinell, div.,48, b. Mar 1852, IL; Mrs. A. M. Murray, widow, sister, 65, b. Dec 1834, IL; Mrs. M. A. Dalton, widow, sister, 61, b. Feb 1839, IL;  (Mrs. Dalton is in the 1880 Census of Portland with her sister, Arlene Murray. She ( Martha) and husband Frank are in the 1870 Census of Portland).

Portland, Precinct 23, 354 14th St.
Naylor Dalton, 59, b. Mar 1841, IL; wife Mary 54, b. Dec 1845, OH; four children b. IL - William 28, b. Mar 1872; Alcin 25, b. Mar 1875; Annie 20, b. Apr 1879; Ernest 16, b. Nov 1883, IL; mother in law Nancy D. Brooks, 76, b. Jun 1824, NJ.  (Ed. note. Naylor Dalton is a descendent of a Cambridge, England line of Daltons who settled in IL.)

Portland, Precinct 48, 597 Rodney Ave.
William B. Dalton, 49, b. Jun 1854, CAN, nat.; wife, Minnie 36, b. Mar 1864, CAN; son William G. 14, b. Jan 1886, OR; and Edgar L. 8, b. Jan 1892, OR.

Portland Precinct 41, 49 E. 7th St.
William L. Dalton, 25, b. Sep 1874, OR; wife Myrtle E. 20, b. Mar 1880, WI; (William is with his parents William and Edna Dalton in the 1880 Census of East Portland).

Portland, Precinct 9, 214 Madison
William R. Dalton, 38, b. Aug 1861, CA; lodger with Earl Grauman.

Polk County
Monmouth, North Monmouth Precinct
Mary Irene Dalton, 35, b. Aug 1864, OR; four children b. OR - Adam (dau) 17, b. Nov 1882; William E. 15, b. Nov 1884; Crosby B. 13, b. Dec 1886; Walter L. b. Aug 1889.

Independence, South Independence Precinct
Erastus V. Dalton, 36, b. May 1864, MO; wife Eugenia J. 32, b. Apr 1868, MO; dau Lucile 9, b. Sep 1890, OR; Maurice W. 7, b. Feb 1893, OR.

Union County
North Powder Precinct
Grant Dalton, 33, b. Apr. 1867, TN; wife Allie, 26,b. Sep 1873, UT; dau Elsie 6, b. Feb 1894, OR; mother in law, June Wilson 64 b. Aug 1835, SCOT.

Leander A. Dalton, 42, b. Nov 1852, TN; wife Martha A. 36, b. Sep 1863, TN; six children, five b. TN - Rufus F. 16, b. Aug 1883; Hattie C. 14, Aug 1885; James Lee, 12. b. Sep 1887; William D. 8, b. Jul 1891; John Henry 6, b. Aug 1894;  Rubert G. 4 mos. b. Dec 1899, OR.

Extractions of Married Dalton Children in 1900 Census of Oregon
Multnomah County
Portland, Precinct 19, 223 Madison St.
George Zellers, 47, b. Feb 1853, PA; wife Mary N. (Dalton), 34, b. Feb 1866, OR; Cousin May B. 47, b. Jun 1852, PA.  (Mary N. (Dalton) is in the 1880 Census with her parents Edward and Eliza Dalton.)

Portland, Precinct 24, 500 Montgomery St.
Marion Wilcox, 45, b. Sep 1854, OR; wife Mary (Dalton) 33, b. Mar 1867, OR; sons Artie D. 10, b. Oct 1889, OR and Chester M. 8, b. Jun 1891, OR. (Edward Dalton and Elizabeth Murray were witnesses to the marriage of Marion and Mary in 1880).

Portland, Precinct 17/18/, 628 Salmon St.
Thomas E. Warren, 35, b. Nov 1864, PA; wife Lola (Dalton) 30 b. July 1869, OR; dau Jeanette 6, b. Jul 1891, OR. (Lola is the dau of Frank and Martha Barnhardt Dalton in the 1870 Census of Multnomah County).


Multnomah County
Portland, Precinct 13, 451 Alder St.
C. H. Cardwell, divorced, age 48, born Mar., 1852, IL; Mrs. A. M. Murray, divorced, sister, age 65, born Dec., 1834, IL; Mrs. M. A. Dalton, widow, sister, age 61, born Feb., 1849, IL. All three are in 1880 Census of Portland at same residence; parents: father born TN and mother born VA.


Baker County

10 Apr 1898, christening, Carol Dalton/McColpin dau of Joseph Dalton/McColpin

Baker, St. Stephens
10 Apr 1898, christening, Joseph Warren Dalton
10 Apr 1898, christening, Pearl Elizabeth Dalton

Harney County

28 Nov 1888, Henry E. Dalton

Multnomah County

24 Feb 1921, Amy Alice Dalton dau of Joseph Edgeley and Audrey May Baxter Dalton


Clackamas County

Oregon City
29 Jul 1908, Edna Mae Daulton and Mortimer Dillon Latourette

Harney County

26 May 1909, Henry E. Dalton and Byrd Gladys King

Klamath County

Nov 4 1900, William Carson Dalton and Kate Lee Lytle
Apr 1925, William Carson Dalton and Elizabeth A. Sullivan

Marion County

Oct 1 1915, William Maurice Dalton to Grace Spring

Multnomah County

Principals and Witnesses

Dec 17 1858: Mrs. Catherine Dalton and James Stewart
Jul 24 1866: Frank Dalton of Lewiston, Western Territory, Idaho and Martha A. nee Cardwell Barnhardt; witnessed by Mrs. Cardwell and Byron Cardwell.
Dec 29 1875: Emilie Dalton and James Dowling
Mar 12 1876: Julia Dalton and Jonas Carlson
Feb 12, 1878: Mrs. Martha A. Dalton is witness to marriage of J. Collins Epperley and Carrie E. Barnhardt (Martha’s daughter from her first marriage).
Dec 24 1879: William Dalton witness to marriage of Harley Holmes and Annie Charles.
Oct 4 1880: Richard Dalton witness to marriage of Maurice Harriet and Ellen Galvin.
Mar 1 1881: William Dalton witness to marriage of Alfred Roelfs and Mrs. Mary Jackson.
Jun 4 1881: Richard S. Dalton and Mary M. Whittle
Sep 1 1884: William Dalton and Minnie Bellingham
Jan 22 1885: Mary Dalton and George Zellers.
Nov 27 1888: Maria Dalton to Marion Wilcox; witnessed by Edward Dalton.
Jun 25, 1890: Lalla Rook Dalton and Warren E. Thomas; witnessed by Mrs. M. A. Dalton and Byron P. Cardwell. Lalla is daughter of Frank David Dalton and Martha Angeline Cardwell. Byron P. Cardwell is Martha’s brother.
Oct 6 1892: Caroline E. Dalton and Charles E. Miller
Nov 29 1894: Florence Dalton and George Jeffrey
Apr 27 1896: Edward Dalton and Lucy A. Cook
Nov 22 1898: C. C. Dalton and Harriet Brady
Mar 1 1902: Thomas A. Dalton and Eliza Sawyer.

Polk County

c. 1885,  a Dalton and Mary Irene Staats, father Isaac Staats

Yamhill County

Dec 23, 1894, Ruth Dalton and J. L. Hayes

Oregon Marriage Index - 1906-1920

Baker County
Frank Dalton, m. 8 Mar 1908
Wylie Dalton, n. 18 Dec 1912

Benton County
Walter Dalton, 17 Apr 1917

Crook County
Frank Dalton, m. 8 Jul 1912

Harney County
Henry Dalton, spouse Estel., m. 26 May 1909

Klamath County
Robert Dalton, spouse Lee, m. 24 Nov 1909

Lane County
Dickinson Dalton,  m. 12 Feb 1919

Multnomah County
Louis Dalton, spouse Stania, m. 5 Jun 1907
Nancy Dalton, m. 4 July 1909
William Dalton, m. 19 Sep 1907
P. Dalton, m. 14 Jul 1913

Albert Dalton, m. 11 Feb 1918
Alma Dalton, spouse Adelia, m. 1916
Edgar Dalton, m. 1916
Elizabeth Dalton, m. 6 Nov 1920
Pearl Dalton, m., 8 Jun 1918

Union County
Chris Dalton, m. 30 Apr 1919
Curtis Dalton, m., 4 Jan 1920
James Dalton, m. 15 May 1916
Lizzie Dalton, m. 4 Jan 1920



August 6, 1782, William Dalton, age 30 died intestate in Oregon City of an accidental death.  He has no relatives living in Oregon. Personal property was valued at $220. 00 and included $100.00 in gold coin. There was a receipt for a registered letter, #1325.  The probate estate file (Oregon State Archives) includes this receipt and receipts presented to settle the estate.  He was given a Catholic burial from St. John the Apostle Church in Oregon City and buried in the pioneer Mountain View Cemetery. The Church record states that he was from County Limerick, Ireland

The registered letter receipt  #1325 was dated April 19, 1871; San Francisco postmark to post office of Mary Dalton.  Also itemized was a letter addressed to John Dalton of Ballycahane Parish, County Limerick; and a bank draft via Bank of California sent to Bank of Ireland in the amount of 12 pounds sterling on April 17, 1871.


July 21, 1857, Edwin Dalton, last at First Street, Portland; age 51 years, born Coventry England, 1826; parents Absalom and Amelia Dalton; husband of Catherine Sadler of England; buried at Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland.

April 3, 1881, Thomas Dalton drowned at upper Cascades; born St. Johns, New Brunswick, CAN; buried at pioneer St. Mary Cemetery.

April 11, 1882, Richard S. Dalton, last at NW Portland; died age 26 of typhoid; husband of Mary Whittle; b. Ireland; buried at Pioneer St. Mary Cemetery.  Cemetery closed in 1939 and moved to Mount Calvary Cemetery, Portland.

May 10, 1888, infant daughter of W. B. Dalton, buried at Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland.

April 26, 1893, William Dalton, last at 455 E. Pine St., d. at age 58 year, 11 mos.; born in Coventry, England, March 1835; parents Absalom and Amelia Dalton; husband of Edna Linnett of England; buried at Riverview Cemetery, Portland.

September 30, 1897, Ida Dalton last at Ilwaco, Washington; the wife of C. C. Dalton; d. at age 37 years. She was born in California and buried at Vallejo, CA

September 6, 1902, Pearl Elizabeth Dalton last at 228 Weidler St; d. at age of 17 years and had been in Portland 2 months; born in Missouri , Feb 15, 1885 to Joseph W. Dalton (born PA) and Sarah E. Dalton (b. KY); buried at Lone Fir Cemetery.

January 31, 1902, William H. Dalton last at County Jail; d at age of 21 years; hanged with a codefendant for murder; interred in a county cemetery through the authority of the County Poor Farm. He may have been born in MO

May 6 1903, Martha Anne Dalton, last at 689 E. Alder St., Portland; died at age of 40 years; born in MS to J. M. Sperrill (b. MS) and S. J. Sperill (b. A); buried at Lone Fir Cemetery

November 8, 1903, Thomas J. (John J.) Dalton, cigar maker, last at Front and Madison; d. at age 32 years; b. Indianapolis, IN; parents living in Cleveland, OH; buried at Mount Cavalry Cemetery, Portland.

OREGON DEATHS: 1903-1941    Top

Andrew Dalton, last at Eugene, OR; b. OH c. 1858, d. Jul 18, 1923, age 65, widowed, cremated: parents Samuel and Mary Dalton, both b. OH.

Arthur Dalton, last at Jones Apts., Olney, Clatsop Co., OR; b. Jul 6, 1895 at Chinook, WA, d. Oct 20, 1932, at 37 years of age; husband of Minnie Dalton. parents J. E. Dalton, b. CA and Christine Tanger, b. Oysterville, WA; burial Greenwood Cemetery, Astoria, WA.

Barbara Dalton, last at St. Helens, Columbia County, OR; b. Mar 4 1880 in MI, d. Oct 29 1934 at 54 years of age; wife of Frank Dalton; burial Lutheran Cemetery, St. Helens, OR.

Cora E. Dalton, last at North Powder, Baker County, OR; b. Feb 24, 1861 in MI, d. Apr 21 1904 at age 43, wife of James Dalton; parents  ? Mitchell and Cora E. Mitchell b. MI.

Edna C. Dalton, last at 455 E. Oak, Portland, Multnomah County, OR; b. Dec 2, 1834, in ENG; d. Jan 15, 1926, age 91. In city 65 years, widow of William Dalton; informant son William L. Dalton; burial Riverview Cemetery, Portland, OR.

Edwin M. Dalton, last at 452 E. 45th St. South, Portland, Multnomah County; OR; b. Oct 12, 1856 in Portland, d. Jan 15, 1931, at age 74; single, parents Edward Dalton and Catherine Sadler, both b. ENG; burial Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, OR.

Eugenia C. Dalton, last at 400 Mill St., Dallas, Polk County, OR; b. Apr 13, 1969 at Chariton County, MO, d. Feb 3, 1914, age 45; wife of Erastius V. Dalton; parents Robert Hurt b. Chariton Co., MO and Phoebe A. Day b. ?; buried with family in IOOF Cemetery Dallas, OR.
    Erastius V. Dalton - husband: May 1868 - 1962
    Lucille Dalton, dau, 1890-1909
    Mabel Dalton, dau, 1882-1947
    Maurice Dalton, son, Feb 12 1893 - Aug 1976.

Florence Jessica Dalton, last at Cove, Union County, OR; b. Aug 26 1914 at Cove, OR, d. May 4, 1915, 8 mos., dau of Jes. Dalton, b. VA and Margaret Couestock, b. NE; burial at Cove Cemetery, OR.

Frank E. Dalton, last at 6229 93rd St., Portland, Multnomah County, OR; b. Jun 21 1894 at Sycamore Sta. Portland, OR; d. Jan 16 1921, at age 26 years; parents James L. Dalton, b. VA and Nancy Emma Carter, b. OR.  The 1910 and 1920 Census show that Frank Dalton is living with his divorced mother, Emma Carter and living at the above address. Burial at pioneer Mutnomah Cemetery of Portland, OR.
The family of James F., Nancy E., and Frank E. Dalton are in abbrviated census of the 67th Precinct of Mutnomah Co. in 1895. This family is also in the 1900 Census of Grant Co.

Gail Laverne Dalton (male), last at High St., Newport, Lincoln Co., OR; b. Apr 27 1915 at Portland, OR and d. Jun 7 1935 at age 20 years; parents Walter and Betty Wilkin; informant Ceci Wilkins of Newport; buried at Newport.

George R. Dalton, last at Multnomah Poor Farm, Troutdale, Multnomah Co., OR; b. Feb 15 1861 in IL and d. Jul 29 1938 at age 77 years; at   farm 1 year , 9 mos., cremated.

Isiah Price Dalton, last at Multnomah Poor Farm, Troutdale, Multnomah Co., OR; b. Jun 13 1875 at Edwardsville, IL and d. Sep 27 1939 at age 64, single; parents Calem Dalton, b. VA and Margaret Goforth b. IL; disposition: removal to Western State College at Portland, OR.

James M. Dalton, last at Burns, Harney County, OR, 50 years; b. Oct 27 1861 at MO, d. Nov 28 1937 at age 76, widower of Martha Dalton; burial Burns, OR; informant: Chester Dalton, Burns, OR.

John Dalton, last at 1916 NW 19th Ave., Portland, Multnomah Co., OR, 61 yrs; b. c. 1851 Nova Scotia, CAN and d. Apr 8 1936 at age 84, single, occupation carpenter; father b. IRE; funeral expenses paid by Carpenters Union; informant: James B. Shea of 310 NW 17th Ave., Portland, OR;  Dalton survived by a nephew Samuel Kennedy of Woodfibre, British Columbia, CAN; buried at Mt. Cavalry Cemeter, Portland, OR via Hennesssey FH.

John M. Dalton, last at SE 32nd and Harrison, Milwaukie, Clackamas Co., OR; b. circa 865 USA, no record of birth or parents; SSN-543-12-4953; d. Jul 14 1941 at age 76; in city 3 mos., in state 15 years; burial Milwaukie Pioneer Cemetery via Moreland Funeral Home; informant J. Earl Jones.

Katie Lee Dalton, last at Malin Co., OR; b. Feb 22 1874 at Snelling, CA and d. Mar 27 1922 at age 48; parents William Litle (Lytle) b. CA and Mary Jackson b. VA; wife of William Carson Dalton; burial Klamath Falls, OR.

Lee A. Dalton, last at north Powder, Union Co., OR 33 years; b. Nov 16 1857 at Morristown, TN d. Nov 11 1930 age 72; parents Thomas Dalton and Jennie Lawhanner, both b. TN; widower of Martha Dalton (1928); informant: Will Dalton; burial North Powder Cemetery.

Leo Dalton lived at Portland, OR for five years and last at Oregon State Hospital in Salem, Marion Co., OR; b. circa 1880 at Boston, MA and d. Apr 28 1921 at age 41, single, cremated; parents John and Mary Dalton, both b. IRE.

Martha A. Dalton last at 300 Twenty Fourth St. North, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR; b. Feb. 21, 1838 in Illinois to William L. Cardwell and Mary H. Bidale; widow of Frank Dalton; informant: M. P. Cardwell.; burial at Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland.

Martha Elizabeth Dalton last at Burns, Harney Co., OR for 44 yrs.; b. Mar 18 1867 at Polk County, OR and d Aug 28 1930 at age 63; wife of James M. Dalton; parents Henry Flickinger b. Germantown, PA and Martha Rayburn, b. MO; burial at Burns, OR; informant Charles Dalton of Burns, OR.

Mary Jane Dalton last at 476 N. Main St., Weed, CA; died at Ashland, Jackson, Co., OR; b. Dec 16 1904 at Ponoka, Alberta, CAN and d. Jun 3 1923 at age 18, single; burial Ashland, OR; informant J. H. Dalton of Weed, CA.

May Dalton last at 2246 Broadway, Baker, Baker Co., OR; b. Dec 18 1890 at Clarksville, IA and d. Jun 3 1926 at age 35; parents Truman Summer and Mirtie Nelson, both of IA; wife of C. C. Dalton; burial Baker, OR.

Patrick Dalton, last at Eastside St., North Bend, Coos Co., OR; b. circa 1849-1851 in IRE; parents Unknown; occupation, farmer; d. May 28 1931 at age 80. He is in the 1900 Census of Lane County, living alone. He emigrated to the US in 1862 and was naturalized. Burial in Aleghany Cemetery, Marshfield, Coos Co., OR (estate).

Raymond Dalton, last at 113 2nd Ave., Lents, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR; b. Jun 2 1906 at Latourelle Falls, Multnomah Co., OR d. May 7 1908 at age 11 mos.; parents Thomas A. Dalton, b. Trenton, NJ and Eliza Sawyer b. MO; burial Multnomah Cemetery, Portland, OR.

Raymond E. Dalton last at Terrebonne, Deschutes Co., OR; b. Jan 4 1919 at Walla Walla, WA, d. May 9 1920 at age 1 yr. 3 mos; parents William Joseph Dalton of Dallas TX and Mam. C. Swalsgard of Minneapolis, MN; Buried at Walla Walla, WA.

Sarah Ann Dalton last at Canby, Clackamas Co., OR 20 years; b. Jan 17 1847 at NC, d. Jan 30 1937 at age 90, widow; parents unknown; burial Aurora Cemetery at Aurora, OR; informant M. Francis Nelson of Canby, OR.

William Dalton, last at St. Helens, Columbia Co., OR 4 yrs; b. Dec 31 1890 in AR and d. Sep 15 1928 age 37, divorced; parents William R. Dalton and ? Sikes both born AR; informant Frank Dalton of St. Helens, OR; burial at Warren, OR.

William J. Dalton last at 1520 N. Benton St., Portland, Multonomah Co., OR; b. Jan 17 1886 at Portland and d. Nov 23 1935 at age 49, single; parents William B. Dalton and Minnie Bellingham both b. at St. Johns, NB, CAN; burial Riverview Cemetery, Portland, OR; informant Edgar Dalton (brother) of Tacoma, WA.

William L. Dalton last at 43 E. 8th St., Portland, Multnomah Co., OR; b. Sep 19 1874 at Portland; d. Jun 3 1926 at age 35; parents William Dalton and Edna Clifford Lennett both of ENG; burial Riverview Cemetery, Portland, OR.


Edwin Dalton, d. Jul 27, 1857 at age 27 of painter's colic. He was from Coventry, England. Survived by hs wife Catherine; two children Emily and Edwin; brother William of Portland and his father Absalom. He married Caherine Sadler also of Coventry who was the dau of John and Maria Sadler on May 14 1854. The ceremony was performed by JNC Orvis Waterman and witnessed by Thomas J. Holmes. They were married in Portland shortly after arrival in Portland after five months at sea./

Absalom Dalton, formerly of Portland OR, d. on Mar. 6, 1865 in Birmingham, ENG. Absalom was the husband of of Amelia Jackson. Absalom was b. May 12, 1793 to Robert and Ann Dalton of Antsy, Warwickshire, England. He married Amelia Jackson at St. Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire on Jan 25 1830 and came to Oregon with his son, William in 1857. He returned to England with William in late 1859.

William Dalton, b. Apr 26 1893 and was survived by his wife Edna and four children. William came to Oregon from England with his father Absalom in 1857 and returned there in 1859. He married Edna Clifford Linnett on Jan 10 1860 at St. John's Southmark by Rev. Francis Cruse. She was the dau of James Linnett of Thorpe, Surrey. William and Edna arrived in Oregon in May 1860.

Thomas J. Dalton, d. Nov 8 1903, age 32 of heart failure. He was born in Indianapolis, IN and parents were living in Cleveland, OH. Thomas was a cigar maker and roomer at Front and Madison. He is buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Portland.

William Dalton, d. Aug 13, 1912, age 57 years. He was born in New Brunswick, CAN. He was last at 480 Lexington Ave and was the husband of Minnie and father of W. J. and E. L. Dalton. He was a Roman Catholic and internment was in Riverview Cemetery, Portland.

Martha A. Dalton, d. Sept. 9, 1913, age 74. Martha was born in Carlinville, Illinois to Mr. & Mrs. William Cardwell and came to Oregon in 1852. Martha was survived by her daughter Mrs. Warren E. (Lalla) Thomas and granddaughter Jeanette Thomas. Internment was at Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland in Cardwell Family plot.

Dorothy Dalton Pryor d. May 4, 1915, age 34, wife of John Aaron Pryor. Both were born in TN. Last res. 5724 84th Ave. SE. Internment at Mount Scott Cemetery, Portland.


Allie Dalton, b. Sep 11 1872 at Twilla, UT d. Sep 25 1954 at La Grande, OR; Wife of Grant Dalton and parents were James and Jennie McGavin Wilson. Buried at Baker, Ore.

Charles E. Dalton, b. Nov 18 1881 at Morristown, TN and d. Feb 22 at La Grande, OR.  Husband of Lura Bell (d. 1957)  and son of Lee A snd Martha C. Spoon Dalton. Buried at Cove, OR.

Curtis R. Dalton, b. Dec 1872 in TN and d. 1946 at  North Powder, OR; husband of Lizzie (d. 1957).

Frank Dalton, 83 years buried at North Powder, OR.

Emmie Dalton, 1890-1925, buried Old North Powder Cemetery.

James Dalton, b. Mar 23 1864 at Morristown, TN,d. Apr 13, 1932, auto accident. Son of Thomas Dalton and Jeanette Lawhanner. Wife Rose died in same accident at Teleocaset, OR

Dalton, b. Nov 6, 1857  at Morristown TN and died at North Powder Nov 11 1930. Husband of Martha (d.1928) and son of Thomas Dalton and Jeanette Lawhanner. Buried at North Powder.

Lizzie Dallton (Elizabeth W.) b. May 1876 in TN d. 1957, buried at North Powder; wife of Curtis R. (d. 1946).

Lura Bell Dalton, b. Aug 18 1883 at Joplin, MO d. Jan 19 1957 at La Grande, OR; wife of Charles (d. 1958) and dau of Giles Head. Buried at North Powder.

Martha Carolyn Dalton, b. Sep 16 1861 at Morristown, TN d. Oct 31 1928 at North Powder. Wife of Lee A. (d. 1930) and dau of James Spoon. Buried at North Powder.

Rose Dalton, b. Sep 15, 1976 in CA and died in auto accident on Apr 13 1932. Husband James died in same accident; dau of George Spring (b. MI) and Lucinda Bagley, b. CA.

Rufus Frank Dalton, b. Aug 5 1883 at Morristown, TN and d. Jul 22 1960 at North Powder. Husband of Pearl in 1908 and dau of Lee A. Dalton and Martha Spoon. Buried at North Powder.











Dalton, Alta Marian

469 Salmon

14 years






Almira Apartments

Dalton, Mrs. Edna C.

455 E. Oak

54 years






Husband & wife naturalized May 25, 1896, Circuit Ct.

Dalton, Mrs. Minnie

480 Lexington

30 years






Naturalized Jan. 14, 1908, Mult.Co. Circuit Court.

Dalton, Minnie

382 Benton

30 years






Reregistered after move.

Dalton, Edgar L.

480 Lexington

22 years

Saw Filer






Dalton, Wm. J.

480 Lexington

28 years







Dalton, William J.

382 Benton

28 years






Reregistered after move.

Dalton, W. B.

480 Lexington

33 years







Dalton, John

48 E. Washington

22 years






Naturalized Dec. 7, 1891, Mult. Co., Circuit Court.

Dalton, Edwin M.

391 Burnside

57 years







Dalton, G. L.

168 S. 13th

10 years



Lax, Cal.




Dalton, Leo J.

US Hotel -Salmon

16 months







Dalton, Martha A.

300 N. 24th

61 years

Music Teacher





Oregon Women's Suffrage Amendment - 1912 Activist.

Dalton, Myrtle

1200 E. 18th N.

7 years







Dalton, Nettie Emeline

175 14th St.

2 years







Dalton, T. R.

Clifford Hotel - Grand

5 years







Dalton, William L.

1426 Alameda

40 years

P. O. Clerk







Multnomah County

Edna C. Dalton, precinct 162, 455 E. Oak St., Democrat, widow, b. ENG. Husband William Dalton, naturalized on May 25, 1896, in Portland. Card dated Mar 9, 1936.

George Henry Dalton, 2823 NE 47th  Ave., Democrat, b. Croydon, ENG on Jun 29, 1876, parents Charles and Sophie Dalton. He married Louisa Clark on Dec 26. 1889 in England. He emigrated in 1916 and was naturalized Jun 16, 1932 at U. S. District Court, Portland. Card dated Oct. 9, 1940.
(He was survived by a sister, Florence Emily Brownett who was born in Croydon on June 4 1880 and died in Portland, OR at age 100 on April 18, 1981. The family of Charles and Sophie Dalton is should be in the 1881 Census of England).

James Patrick Dalton, 121 NW 4th Ave., Democrat, b. Newfoundland, CAN; parents William and Alice Dalton. Naturalized Sep 15, 1938 in U. S. District Court in Portland. Card dated April 11, 1944.

John Dalton, 1916 NW 19th Ave., Republican, b. Nova Scotia, CAN; parents Samuel and Mary Dalton. Naturalized on Jun 10 1915 in Circuit Court, Portland. Card dated Apr 11, 1938.

Louisa Elsie Dalton, 3416 NE 62nd Ave., Democrat, b. ENG; parents George Henry Dalton and Louisa Clark. Naturalized on Oct 26, 1941 at US District Court at Portland. Card dated Oct 26, 1941.

Minnie Dalton, 1520 Benton Ave, Republican, b. CAN, wife of William B. Dalton. Naturalized Feb 11 1911 at Circuit Court, Portland. Card dated Mar 21, 1916.



Dalton's Addition: NorthSide of E. Stark on E. 24th.
East Portland
William Dalton, merchant, at SE 8th between I. and J.


Miss M. A. Dalton, music teacher, boards at 251 Alder
T. Dalton, waiter, Claredon, res same
R. Dalton, laborer, boards Nicolai House
R. H. Dalton, printer, res. 125 A., NW cor. 6th Ave.


Edward Dalton, longshoreman, rooms at 28 D. St.
Edward M. Dalton, laborer at Molson Cordage Co., res. at 19 D & B Sts.
Joseph A. Dalton, clerk at Goldsmith & Loewenberg, res. 391 6th Ave.
Miss Lalla R. Dalton, boards at 251 Alder
Martha A. Dalton (widow of Frank David Dalton) boards at 251 Alder.
Mary Dalton, (widow of Richard Dalton) res. at McAdam Rd. near Meade St.
R. Hunter Dalton, bookkeeper, res. 113  N. 13th St.
Walter Dalton, laborer, boards at St. Lawrence Hotel
William B. Dalton, laborer, rooms at 356 N. 16th Ave.

East Portland
Herbert C. Dalton, clerk, boards at William Daltons
William Dalton, hardware at SE 4th Ave. near J. St., res. at co. of J & 8th

Secret and Benevolent Orders, Independent Order of Chosen Friends, Willamette Council No 1.
Mrs. Carrie Dalton vice counsel
R. H. Dalton, financier
(The two were husband and wife).


Annie Dalton, domestic, 82 17 N. Ave.
Edna C. Dalton, cook at Watson Bros., res. 531 1/2 Morrison St.
Edwin M. Dalton, operator at F. Cordage Co., boards at 391 Burnside St.
Emily S. Dalton, widow of James, dressmaker, res. 363 2nd. Ave
Miss E Burrows Dalton, stenographer, res. 363 2nd Ave.
Herbert C. Dalton, Dalton and Miller, boards at 455 E. Oak St.
James F. Dalton engineer at J. B. Martin Co., res. 355 18th N. Ave.
Louis S. Dalton, clerk at JJ Delivery, board at 228 Madison Ave.
Martha A. Dalton, widow of Frank, music teacher, boards at 451 Alder.
William B. Dalton, millhand at W. Lumber Co., res. at 597 Rodney St.
William L. Dalton, boards at 455 E. Oak St.
Dalton and Miller, Herbert C. Dalton and Charles E. Miller, sells boots and shoes, bus. at 29 Morrison St.


Andrew Dalton, Douglas County, 1/15/1897/ Roseburg Land Office, 160 acres
Chester L. Dalton, Harney County, 4/3/1913, Burns Land Office, 40 acres
Frank N. Dalton, Henry P. Dalton, Julia A. Dalton and George W. Ray, patentees; Josephine
County, 4/10/1918, Roseburg Land Office, 160 acres, Mineral Patent Placer.
Frank N. Dalton, Henry P. Dalton, Julia A. Dalton and George W. Ray, 4/10/1918, Josephine County, 4/10/1918, Roseburg Land Office, 43.5 acres, Mineral Patent Placer.
James Dalton, Union County, 12/14/1911/Lagrande Land Office, 37 acres.
James Dalton, Union County, 10/22/1890/ Lagrande Land Office, 40 acres
James Dalton, Union County, 7/20/1892, Lagrande Land Office 160 acres.
James Dalton, Baker County, 10/3/1904/ Lagrande Land Office, 80 acres.
Katie L. Dalton, Klamath County, 10/22/1904/Lakeview Land Office, 161 acres.
Lee A. Dalton, Union County, 12/31/1904, Lagrande Land Office, 160 acres.
Marie Dalton, Klamath County, 10/22/1904, Lakeview Land Office, 159 acres.
Michael Dalton, Klamath County, 8/12/1902, Lakeview Land Office, 161 acres.
Minnie Dalton, Douglas County, 6/14/1909/ Roseburg Land Office, 80 acres.
Patrick Dalton, Lane County, 2/14/1910, Roseburg land Office, 160 acres.
Robert Calvin Dalton, Klamath County, 10/10/1913, Lakeview Land Office, 159 acres.
Robert L. Dalton, Klamath County, 6/14/1909, Roseburg Land Office, 160 acres.
William B. Dalton, Klamath County, 10/22/1904. Lakeview County, 80 acres.
William C. Dalton, 4/26/1906. Lakeview County, 160 acres.


Who's Who in Oregon

William Maurice Dalton, merchant and civic leader, b. Feb 12, 1893 at Independence, OR; married Grace Spong on Oct 1, 1915 in Marion or Polk County; childre William Maurice and Robert Spong; resided at 400 Mill St., Dallas, OR in 1929.

Wasco County Sun, Nov 10 1892: One of the Dalton Gang, a John or Martin Mook was recently killed at Coffeyville, KS. He previously resided in Douglans County, OR where he was a defendent in a horse theft case.

William Carson Dalton, Klamath County rancher, b. Jan 9 1874 at Hartsville, TN was th son of J. R. Dalton and Agnes Ball. In 1893 he was a Surveyor in Merced, CA and appears in the 1900 Census of Modoc, CA;  Nov 14, 1900 he married Kate Lee Lytle of Snelling, Merced Co., CA. Their children - Lytle Carr (1901-1928) and Paul Jackson  (d. 1922). Katie d. at age 48 in Malin, OR. He married Elizabeth E. Sullivan of Minden, NE in Apr 1925. Their children: Betty Lou and William C., Jr.

Dalton's Additions to the City of Portland

This is a dedicated plat of approximately 70 acres of land within the present City of Portland at a location NW of SE 24th Ave. and SE Stark Street. It was a prortion of the Timothy Sullivan Donation Land Claim of 1852 and so named in the 1875 Polk's City Directory of Portland. It was purchased by William and Edna Dalton of East Portland before 1874. William died in 1893 and the property went ot his widow, Edna Dalton.
In 1896, the land was surveyed and platted for residential development and a map was approved on Oct 1, 1896 by County Judge H. H. Northrup.  South of this locale is the pioneer Lone Fir Cemetery that was established in 1848.  The plat was bounded on the NE by the pioneer St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, also estableished about 1848. In 1939, the cemetery, et al was removed to Mount Calvary Cemetery in West Portland so that the present Central Catholic high School could be built.

North Powder News, Jun 8 1918

Cleve Mercer made a trip to La Grande the forepart of the week, intending to enlist in the army, but was informed that he must await the coming draft, and expects, therefore, to be sent to Camp Lewis on the 23rd together with Wm. Dalton, Ernest Simonis, Goldman Anthony, Harry Lindley, Chas. Smith and Wibur Robinson.


Polk County, Dallas Cemetery
Eugenia Dalton, 1864-1914; Lucille 1890-1909; Mabel 1882-1947; E. V. 1864-1962.

Marion County, Aurora Community Cemetery
Sarah A. Dalton, 1847-1937; mother; same stone - Marian F. Nelson 1875 -1954.

Klamath County, Linkville Cemetery
Elizabeth E. Dalton, 1888- 4/12/1976; Katie Lee, 1874-1922
Paul J. 1904-5/26/1955; William C. 1874 - 5/5/1958.
George Dalton Ray, 1865-9/21/1937.

Military Records

Soldiers who served in the Oregon Volunteer, Civil War Period; these enlistees were used to police the Indian Tribes in OR, WA and ID. The records are primarily of payroll bonds on index cards for final payment upon discharge.
George W. Dalton, private, enlisted Nov 27 1861 - Nov 27 1864, with Company A., 1st Cavalry

Henry James Dalton, private, enlisted Nov 27 1861, promoted to corporal Jul 27 1863, discharged Nov 27 1864, with Company A. 1st Cavalry.

United States

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