Dalton residents of Oklahoma remained relatively low even in the 20th Century.  The Social Security Index shows that the out-migration of Daltons equaled the in-migration so the population remained fairly static.  The first Census data available is for 1920 and the total number of surname entries is approximately 450 entries. 

Before Oklahoma became a State in 1909, it was defined as Oklahoma Territory in 1890. Before 1890, it was a set aside for displaced Indian Nations from circa 1832 and became known as Indian Territory. It became the home of “The Five Civilized Tribes” – Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole and later the home of various resettled Western Tribes. Oklahoma records concerning settlers with Dalton ancestry were rather sparse prior to 1890.  Many Native Americans were assimilated into our European based culture and adapted surnames. There is a degree of mixed ancestry, not easily found in existing records. With the influx of settlers through homesteading, beginning in 1887 and oil booms, beginning in 1901, there was better record-keeping. Later moving to and from Oklahoma is reflected in the Social Security Death Index, state vital records and the US Census.

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County Map of Oklahoma:


Beckham County

5 Aug 1899, Eula May Dalton dau of Tinville Washington and Martha Palestine Dalton
24 Jun 1905, Mattie Ardella Dalton dau of Tinville Washington and Martha Palestine Dalton
30 Jan 1915, Loy Washington Dalton son of James Luther and Sarah Geroma Holman Dalton
15 Sep 1917, Sylvia Lavene Dalton dau of James Luther and Sara Geroma Holman Dalton
25 Aug 1919, Holman Ray Dalton son of James Luther and Sarah Geroma Holman Dalton
26 Jun 1927, J. L. Dalton son of James Luther Sarah Geroma Holman Dalton

Bryan County

16 Mar 1896, Minnie Lee Dalton dau of Ambrose Barney and Sallie Belle Hedgecock Dalton

Cleveland County

5 Mar 1896, Harvey Lee Dalton son of Francis Marion and Molly/Mary McBride Dalton
1 Mar 1922, Gerald Hubert Dalton son of Harvey Lee and Anna Boujka Auwen Dalton

Greer County

17 Jun 1911, Jewell Desmond Daulton dau of James Robert and Nettie Florence Weldon Daulton

Kingfisher County

9 Aug 1906, Cecil Dolton son of William and Mary Viola Blair Dolton
7 May 1894, Cora May Dolton dau of William and Mary Emma Todd Dolton
14 Jul 1924, Rosehal Irene Dolton dau of Malleck/Halleck Edward and Rosetta Margaret Kornbaum Dalton
25 Jul 1893, Robert Benjamin Dalton son of Edward Benjamin and Edna Mae Marton Dalton

Marshall County

2 Mar 1882, Una Mae Dalton dau of Willias and Mary E. Glidwell Dalton

McClain County

18 Aug 1918, Aaron Lee Dalton son of Harvey Lee and Anna Boukja Auwen Dalton

Okmulgee County

26 Dec 1924, Muriel Marie Dalton dau of Roy and Muriel Ardelle Dalton

Pottawatomie County

Keokuk Falls
4 Jun 1894, James Luther Dalton son of Tinville Washington and Martha Palestine Dalton

Rogers County

9 Aug 1912, Alma Pearl Dalton dau of Charles William and Bessie Lemons Dalton

Tulsa County

9 Oct 1909, Aplie Mildred Dalton dau of Charles William and Bessie Lemons Dalton


Beckham County

25 Dec 1892, Tinville Washington Dalton and Martha Palestine
15 Dec 1895, F. Milindy Dalton, 18, and N. J. Rowell, 28.
14 Dec 1913, James Luther Dalton and Sarah Geroma Holman

Cherokee County

25 Nov 1904, Emma Line Dalton and Charles Benjamin Wyant

Choctaw County

18 Jun 1906, Vera Elizabeth Dalton and Turner Pharis

Cleveland County

28 Jul 1917, Harvey Lee Dalton and Anna Boujka Auwen

Garfield County

17 Sep 1881, William Dolton and Mary Emma Todd

Muscogee County

10 May 1887, Dennis Dalton, 53, and Narcissa Kates, 40, prev. mar.
16 Dec 1895, Sarah Dalton, 21, and D. H. Rowell, 26.
14 Sep 1897, Nancy O. Dalton, 17, and Richard Samers, 26.
30 Jan 1898, Luch Dalton, 22, and Joseph Harris 24.

Oklahoma County

Oklahoma City
11 Mar 1918, Malleck/Halleck Edward Dolton and Rosetta Margaret Kornbaum

Roger Mills
Elk Coty
23 Apr 1902, Una Mae Dalton and Hollis Samuel Penn

Rogers County

4 Apr 1910, Nora Estelle Dalton and Jess Louis Rice
31 Dec 1907, Lillie Grace Dalton and Jacob Curtis Harbough

Tillman County

21 May 1931, Mary Francis Dalton and Andrew Joseph Mumford

Tulsa County

1902, Rosa Geneva Dalton and Malt--E. Long

1920 CENSUS INDEX    Top

Check the original Census for omissions.

Beckham County

Drury E. Dalton, 51, b. MS, W
Ethel Dalton, 22, b. TX, W
Edward Dalton, 16, b. OK, W
Lee H. Dalton, 38, b. AR, W
Luther J. Dalton, 25, b. OK, W
Wash T Dalton, 52, b. TX, W

Blaine County

Cedar Valley
Louis P. Dalton, 25, b. KY. W
George Dalton, 79, b. TN, C

Bryan County

James Dalton, 59, b. KY, W
Zack Dalton, 29, b. OK, W
Hanne Dalton, 44, MS, b. W
Florence Dalton, 46, b. AR, W
Asbery Dalton, 35, b. AR, w

Canadian County

Frank Dalton, 55, b. KS, W
Thomas Jame E. Dalton, 70, b. IL, W
Walter S. Dalton, 27, b. KS, W
Hallie Dalton, 64, b. KY, W

Carter County

Mary Dalton, 22, b. Texas, W

Choctaw County

W. B. Dalton, 30 b. TX, W

Coal County

Robert E. Dalton, 38, b. TN, W
Ambers B. Dalton, 47, b. AR, W

Comanche County

Emmett Dalton, 24, b. TX, W
Enoch, 28, b. TX, W
Fred Dalton 2, b. OK, W
Jerrel Dalton, 10, b. OK, W
Roy Dalton, 12, b. OK, W
Christine Dalton, 19, b. KY, W
Roy Dalton 11, b. OK, W
Wm. Dalton 76, b. TN, W
Henry Daulton, 40, b. TN, W
J. Mont Dalton, 25, b. OK, W

Cotton County

Keece Dalton, 4 b. MS, W
Nonson B. Dalton, 37, b. MS, W

Craig County

B. F. Dalton, 41, b. TN, W
David Dalton, 52, b. MO, W

Creek County

Lacy Dalton, 74, b. MS, W
Lamb Dalton, 30, b. MO, W
Clarence G. Dalton, 34, b. NE, W
Harold Dalton, 23, b. AR, W
Charles Dalton, 38, b.MS, W

Custer County

Augusta M. Dolton, 50, b. IA, W

Delaware County

Township 2
Will Dalton, 58, b. IN, W

Garfield County

North Enid
Harold Dalton, 11, b. VA, W

Grady County

Fred Dalton, 25, b. OK, W
Marvin V. Dalton, 36, b. TN, W
Tom Dalton, 52, b. GA, M

Greer County

Charles W. Dalton, 35, b. NC, W
Jesse D. Dalton, 31, b. NC, W
Sam. B. Dulton, 51, b. AL, W

Haskell County

John R. Dalton, 74, b. TN, W

Hughes County

A. T. Daulton, 65, b. TN, W

Jackson County

Andrew Daulton, 55, b. MS. W

Ben C. Dalton, 24, b. MS, W

Kay County

John E. Dalton, 58, b. IN, W

Kingfisher County

Wm. Dalton 58, b. MO, W
Charles B. Dalton, 67, b. MO, W

Kiowa County

William J. Dalton, 57, b. TX, W

Latimer County

Frank Dalton, 48, b. VA, M

Le Flore County

William Dalton, 50, b. AR, W
Shady Point
Tollino  A. Dalton, 76, b. MS, W

Logan County

Alva A. Dalton, 30, b. KS, W
Darrell Dalton, 14, b. MO, W

Love County

Wiley O. Dalton, 31, b. AR, W

Marshall County

Bedford F. Dalton, 32, b. TN, W

McClain County

Gless A. Dalton, 31, b. NE, W
Harvy L., 22, b. OK, W

McCurtain County

Joe Dalton, 40, b . LA, M

McIntosh County

Levi Dalton, 45, b. AR, W

Murray County
Isaac F. Dalton, 60, b. TN, W

Muskogee  County

Floyd Dalton, 27 b. MO, W

Nowata County

Mary G. Dalton, 24, b. IN, W

Okfuskee County

Ralph M. Dalton, 29, b. NE, W

Oklahoma County

Nora Dalton, 35, b. IL, W
Oklahoma City
Henry E. Daulton, 55, b. MO, W
James Dalton, 2, b. OK, C
James Dalton, 37, b. KY, W
Alonzoe L. 55, b. TN, W
Charles Dalton, 22, b. MS, W

Willie Dalton, 46, b. TX, C
Samuel Dalton, 29, b. Il, W
George M. K. Dalton, 55, b. OH, W
J. A. Dalton, 22, b. MO, W
Mable Dalton, 33, b. TX, C
Will Dalton, 39, b. TX, C

Okmulgee County

John H. Dalton, 24, b. MS, W
R. N. Dalton, 47, b. MS, W
Lee Dulton, 25, b. AR, W

Osage County

Stocke Axe
Guy Dalton, 29, b. OK, W
H. C. Dalton, 22, b. OK, w
H. G. Dalton, 21, b. TN, W
Willa Dalton, 19, b. TN, W

Ottawa County

A. J. Dalton, 37, AR, W
Benjamen Dalton, 26, b. OK, W
Alta Dalton, 27, MO, W
Charley Dalton, 4, b. MO, W

Payne County

J. I. Dalton, 47, b. unk., W
Jonas Dalton, 55, b. AL, C
William J. Dalton, 50, b. MO, w

Pittsburg County

Fannie Dalton 78, b. TN, w
John A. Dalton, 38, b. OH, W
Wallace Dalton, 40, b. TN, W
State Penitentiary
Clyde Dalton, 29, b. MO, W

Pontotoc County

Edward Dalton, 62, b. IRE, W

Pottawatomie County

Ada Dalton, 42v, b. MO, W
Marion Dalton, 24, b. OK, W
Mary R. Dalton, 7, b. TX, W

Rogers County

C. W. Daulton, 38, b. MO, W

Tulsa County

Broken Arrow
Charles E. Dalton, 52, b. IL, W
Wm. T. Dalton, 62, b. IL, W
Elmer M. Dalton, 30, b. MO, W
Ruth M. Dalton, 19, b. IL, W
Lynn Lane
Ralph Dalton, 22, b. OH, W
Sam. F. Dalton, 21, b. MO, w
Clavin Dalton, 8, MO, W
Floy Dalton, 36, b. TX, W
Cecil J. Dalton, 21, b. TX, W
Edgar Dalton, 48, b. MO, W
Fred H. Dalton, 27, b. AR, W
Samule S. Dalton, 59, b. NJ, W
Ruth Dalton, 14, b. MO, W
John Dalton, 27, b. MO, W
Oscar Dalton, 35, b. GA, W
Sam Dalton, 35, b. TX, C

Washington County

James Dalton, 53, b. PA, W
Geo. W. Dalton, 54, b. IA, W
Bell Dalton, 13, b. OK, W
Belle E. Dalton, 13, b. OK
North Burns
Isiah Dalton, 53, b. KY, W

Woodward County

James A, Dalton, 50, b. AR, W


SECTION I  Daltons whose SS# was issued in OK and whose last residence was OK

Organized by County of Last Residence.

Atoka County

Retta L. Dalton, 26 May 1905-5 Sep 1999

Beckham County

Cora Dalton, 17 Jan 1892-Oct 1987
Lee Dalton, 31 May 1881-Jan 1966
Elk City
Orba Dalton, 16 Jan 1895-Jul 1966

Bryan County

Zack H. Dalton, 1 Dec 1891-15 Nov 1967

Caddo County

Roy Dalton, 7 Jul 1905-Dec 1986

Canadian County

Elza Dalton, 25 Feb 1904-Jul 1981
Daisy Dolton, 18 Jul 1909-Feb 1994

Carter County

Bedford Dalton, 26 Aug 1884-Jul 1975

Choctaw County

Wilie Dalton, 6 Mar 1894-Feb 1973

Cleveland County
Carl R. Dalton, 3 May 1911-25 Dec 1995
Glen F. Dalton, 24 Nov 1888-Jul 1977

Comanche County

James Dalton, 26 Nov 1880-Feb 1970
Joseph Dalton, 6 Jan 1894-Jan 1976
Clara Daulton, 22 Feb 1902-Nov 1984
Dora Daulton, 8 Jul 1889-Jun 1978
Glen F. Dalton, 1 Sep 1913- 23 May 1999
Jesse Dalton, 11 Jan 1901-Aug 1969
Lucille Dalton, 25 Jul 1909-May 1986

Nora Dalton, 20 Nov 1900-Jan 1981
Rubye Dalton, 27 Nov 1900-Aug 1984
Tommie Dalton, 23 Aug 1892-Dec 1980
Walter S. Dalton, Nov 1892-14 Jan 1975

Custer County

Edward Dalton, 26 Dec 1903-Dec 1978

Delaware County

Robert A. Dalton, 14 Mar 1892-15 Oct 1969

Garfield County

Austy Dalton, 29 Aug 1907-Dec 1978
Gussie Dalton, 24 Sep 1904-Feb 1971
Theron Dolton, 5 Oct 1909-Aug 1987
Troy Dalton, 5 May 1897 -Aug 1971

Grady County

Laura A. Dalton, 12 Jul 1978-Jan 1967

Grant County

Lois Dalton, 6 Oct 1895-Jan 1979, last benefit Deer Creek

Gregg County

Billie Dalton, 5 Jan 1931-Mar 1978, last benefit

Haskell County

Glorene A. Dalton, 22 Feb 1909-7 Feb 1996

Hughes County

Pearl E. Dolton, 24 May 1902-21 Jun 1997
Ralph Dalton, 31 Aug 1890-Oct 1973

Jefferson County

Florence Dalton, 13 Dec 1879-15 Sep 1966

Kay County


Ada Dalton, 1 Mar 1892-Sep 1974

Le Flore County

James F. Dalton, Feb 1926-13 Jul 1988

Logan County

Louisa H. Dolton, 1 Jun 1909-23 Jul 1994

Marshall County

Wilma Dalton, 13 Jun 1911-Feb 1984

Muskogee County

Andrew Dalton, 1 Dec 1895-Jan 1969\
Carrie Dalton, 27 Apr 1927-Nov 1976, last benefit
Fannie Dalton, 1 Jan 1905-Jun 1973
R. V. Dalton, 14 May 1916-53b 1996

Oklahoma County

Carter Dalton, 12 Feb 1901-Jun 1969
Dora S. Dalton, 24 Jan 1904-11 Jan 1991
Inez M. Dalton, 24 Oct 1914-20 Oct 1998
Oklahoma City
Carl Dalton, 6 Jul 1903-Mar 1972
Catherine Dalton, 31 Dec 1907-Jan 1976
Glenna M. Dalton, 6 Aug 1904-Jan 1994
John Dalton, 27 Jul 1905-Apr 1980
Irene Dalton, 21 Jul 1922-Jan 1978, last benefit
Madge Dalton, 3 Oct 1902-Aug 1970
Marguerite C. Daulton, 4 Aug 1893-5 Mar 1992
Monte L. Dalton, 26 Feb 1952-18 Jul 1989
Ola Dalton, 24 Sep 1902-Jul 1978
Randy Dalton, 8 Mar 19480Jul 1980, last benefit
Rosa Dalton, 2 Apr 1906-28 Oct 1995
W. Dalton, 21 Sep 1910-Jun 1976

Okmulgee County

Avis Dalton, 21 Feb 1919-Aug 1992
Charles F. Dalton, 8 Jan 1908-2 Nov 1991

Osage County

Bertha Dalton, 11 Apr 1904-Oct 1969
Zella M. Dalton, 20 Oct 1906-18 Mat 1999

Ottawa County

F. Dalton, 18 May 1906-Jun 1987

Pawnee County

Ada L. Dalton, 25 Mar 1898-28 Sep 1992
Elmer Dalton, 20 May 1889-Jul 1978
Henry Daulton, 15 Sep 1895-Dec 1874

Payne County

Mary Dalton, 25 May 1935-Jul 1979, last benefit

Pittsburg County

Terence Dalton, 8 Jan 1958-Jan 1979
Givie Dalton, 29 Apr 1900-Sep 1982

Pottawatomie County

Ernest Dalton, 11 Jan 1891-Mar 1876
Vera L. Dalton, 17 Apr 1910-20 Nov 2000

Rogers County

Doris M. Daulton, 12 Feb 1949-13 Jul 1993

Sequoyah County

Henry W. Dalton, 18 Sep 1930-31 Oct 1996

Stephens County

Delbert W. Daulton, 15 Aug 1918-21 Dec 2000
Ruth C. Dalton, 8 Jan 1916-22 Aug 2000

Tillman County

Buddy Dalton, 24 Nov 1920-16 Jun 1993
Fred Dalton, 12 Jun 1894-Jun 1978

Tulsa County

Broken Arrow
Carl Dalton, 13 Jun 1894-Aug 1970
Edwina Dalton, 3 Jan 1899-Oct 1980, last benefit
Ernest V. Dalton, 7 Aug 1918-May 2002
Virgie E. Dalton, 31 Jan 1901-Sep 1993
Sand Springs
Laura Dalton, 23 Dec 1902-Dec 1975
A. J. Daulton, 15 Oct 1921-26 Mar 1988
Bessie L. Dalton, 3 Dec 1900-4 Jan 1999
Clarence Dalton, 25 Sep 1884-Aug 1966
Darrell Dalton, 24 Nov 1898-Jun 1973
Delphia Dalton, 11 Mar 1901-Dec 1972
Dorothy G. Dalton, 6 Jan 1942-15 Jan 2000
Edith Dalton, 25 Apr 1889-Oct 1974
Frank Dalton, 19 Feb1891-Jul 1966
Hazel I Dalton, 27 Dec 1933-6 Jan 2003
Ida Daulton, 18 Jul 1895-Jan 1979
Jay D. Dalton, 31 Oct 1938-14 Apr 2002
John W. Dalton, 28 Jul 1932-10 Oct 2000
K. A. Dalton, 3 Nov 1910-24 Dec 1996
Linda Dalton, 10 May 1948-Jul 1980
Marion Dalton, 21 Feb 1920-Dec 1986
Marvin P. Dalton, 9 May 1906-28 Nov 1987
Mary Dalton, 16 Jul 1895-Jun 1895
Mary Dalton, 16 May 1897-Sep 1987
Mildred V. Dalton, 13 Nov 1910-Mar 1994
Ralph Dalton, 7 Feb 1896-Nov 1974
Robert Dalton, 10 Apr 1927-July 1977, last benefit
Robert Dalton, 22 Jul 1896-Nov 1975
Stella Dalton, 5 Sep 1906-34 Feb 2002
Vera Dalton, 7 Sep 1907-Dec 1987
Watson C. Dalton, 17 Nov 1909-11 Dec 1988

Wagoner County

Patti Dalton, 29 Jun 1948-Dec 1984, last benefit

Washington County

Evelyn Dalton, 23 Jun 1907-Apr 1985
Orville C. Dalton, 19 Apr 1898-2 Sep 1988
R. E. Dalton, 25 Dec 1924-15 Sep 1992

Washita County

Burns Flat
David W. Dalton, 6 Sep 1958-27 Feb 1993

Section II  Daltons whose SS# was issued in OK and last residence was not specified.  Generally the last residence was Oklahoma.

Aaron Dalton, 19 Aug 1918-May 1972
Carl Dalton, 15 Nov 1915-Feb 1966
Cecil Dalton, 16 Aug 1898-May 1964
Clifford Dolton, 19 May 1894-Jun 1958
Charley Dalton, 19 Apr 1906-23 Jan 1991
Delbert O. Dalton, 7 Jan 1918-29 Oct 1990
Enoch Daulton, 14 Jan 1902-Oct 1963
Erdean Dalton, 22 Apr 1921-Sep 1970
Ernest Dalton, 6 Apr 1893-Nov 1860
Gerald Dalton, Mar 1922-Sep 1976
Glen Dalton, 12 Sep 1904-Mar 1956
Henrietta Dalton, 22 Sep 1931-17 Sep 1991
Henry Dalton, 1 Jul 1898-Sep 1966
James L. Dalton, 30 Aug 1979-14 Aug 1996
Jean Dalton, 12 Feb 1924- Aug 1978
John Daulton, 29 Dec 1890-Aug 1965
R. K. Dalton, 16 Jul 1968- Aug 1988
Robert J. Dalton, 9 Apr 1936- Sep 1999
Rodney Y. Dalton, 10 Jan 1957-25 Mar 1996
Russell Dalton, 10 Oct 1917-Nov 1969
Sam Dalton, 8 Nov 1892-Jun 1949
Samuel Dalton, 1 Dec 1890-Nov 1964
Wanda Dalton, 11 Oct 1936-19 Apr 1996
Yun H. Dalton, 10 Feb 1971-May 1996
Zelma F. Dalton, 4 Mar 1908-25 Oct 1989

Section III Dalton whose SS# was issued out of state and whose last residence was Oklahoma.

Organized by State of Issue and last residence in Oklahoma

Archie Dalton, 7 Jul 1926-7 Mar 1998, Tulsa County, Tulsa
Clyde Dalton, 9 Jul 1912- NOv 1979, l. r. Tulsa Coounty, Tulsa
Dewey Dalton, 2 May 1921-14 Jul 1990, Tulsa County, Tulsa
Damon Daulton, 16 Nov 1932- Nov 1983, Tulsa County, Broken Arrow
Earl Dalton, 2 Nov 1897-Nov 1971, Tulsa County, Tulsa

Eddie Dalton, 19 Apr 1933- Jul 1980, Osage County Tulsa
Emmit Dalton, 23 Mar 1913- Mar 1972, Tulsa County Tulsa
Kenneth T. Dalton, 7 Sep 1930-18 Apr 2003, Tulsa County Tulsa
Myrtle Dalton, 2 Mar 1901-6 Sep 1996, Le Flore County, Pocola
Sallie Dalton, 11 Oct 1902-Sep 1986, Tulsa County Tulsa

Delene S. Dalton, 1 Nov 1908-12 Nov 1999, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City

Mattie L. Dalton, 29 May 1914-Oct 1993, Tulsa County, Tulsa

Della Dalton, 20 Apr 1927-Dec 1985, Muscogee County, Warner
Dianna M. Daulton, 30 Oct 1975-6 Sep  1995, Cleveland County, Oklahoma City
James Dalton, 24 Nov 1921-Jan 1985, Muscogee County, Warner
Walter Dalton, 15 Jan 1894-Apr 1981, Oklahoma County, Edmond

Blanche Dalton, 14 Aug 1882- Aug 1984, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City
C. R. Dalton, 6 Aug 1922-3 Jan 2000, Washington County, Bartlesville
Jewel F. Dalton, 23 Mar 1923-18 Nov 2001, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City
Myrtle Dalton, 29 Aug 1906-Mar 1985, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City
Wilma J. Dalton, 26 Nov 1929-15 Nov 1995, Canadian County, Reno

Herbert R. Daulton, 19 Sep 1912-15 Nov 1992, Cleveland County, Oklahoma City
Ray Dalton, 23 Aug 1901- Mar 1982, Jackson County, Altus

L. F. Dalton, 1 Feb 1944-15 Mar 1990, Pottawatomie County, Shawnee

Eugenia M. Dalton, 21 Oct 1893-27 Dec 1994, Tulsa County Tulsa
George Dalton, 25 Oct 1913-Mar 1986, Comanche County, Lawton
Joseph Dalton, 30 Mar 1914-Oct 1986, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City
Pauline O. Dalton, 15 May 1928-11 Nov 2002, Tulsa County, Sand Springs
Rachael Dalton, 12 Sep 1895-Sep 1972, Choctaw  County, Sawyer
Troy M. Dalton, 23 Mar 1969-20 Jun 1999, Tulsa County,Tulsa

Ila Dalton, 8 Jul 1925-17 Feb 1996, Comanche County, Lawton

Traci Dalton, 18 Aug 1960- 2 May 1996, Tulsa County, Tulsa

Bertha Dalton, 2 Mar 1903-Jun 1980, Pottawatomie County, Shawnee
Emma Dalton, 29 Aug 1899, Apr 1872, Grady County, Chickasha
Rodney J. Dalton, 10 Nov 1917-10 Dec 2001, Tulsa County, Tulsa
William Dalton, 3 Oct 1905-Aug 1983, Pottawatomie County, Shawnee

Henry Dalton, 13 Jun 1903-Jan 1971, Carter County, Ardmore

Myrtle Dalton, 24 Dec 1899-Mar 1976, Comanche County, Lawton

A. M. Dalton, 19 Jan 1924-3 Dec 1991, Adair County, Stilwell
Ella Dalton, 23 Jan 1905-Dec 1980, Tulsa County, Jenks
Goldia O. Dalton, 2 Dec 1914-15 Jan 1997, Payne County, Stillwater
H. Ray Dalton, 25 Aug 1919-1 Sep 1988, Stephens County, Marlow
Hershell D. Dalton, 19 Jul 1928- 26 Oct 1993, Canadian County, Mustang
Hoke Dalton, 25 Feb 1907-May 1977, Atoka County, Atoka
Irvin Dalton, 30 Jul 1905-Feb 1984, Tulsa County, Glenpool
James R. Dalton, 28 Aug 1917-15 Jul 2000, Bryant County, Durant
John M. Dalton, 18 Apr 1912-1 Nov 1988, Muscogee County, Muscogee
Paul A. Dalton, 8 Jun 1918- 13 Oct 1997, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City

Ethel A. Dalton, 20 Jan 1929-31 Jul 1999, Tulsa County, Tulsa

Don E. Dalton, 21 Sep 1947-27 Jun 2002, Stephens County, Comanche
Karen J. Dalton, 27 Aug 1944-17 Apr 1998, Jefferson County, Waurika

Section IV  Daltons whose Social Security # was issued in Oklahoma and whose last residence was out of State.

Organized by State and County of Last Residence.

Maricopa County, Tempe
Beatrice J. Dalton, 2 Nov 1917-19 Oct 1999
Yuma County, Yuma
Robert L. Dalton, 7 Jun 1906-9 Oct 1991

Sebastian County, Fort Smith
Charles Dalton, 23 Dec 1880-Aug 1967

Alameda County, Oakland
Eldridge Dalton, 16 Mar 1912-Jan 1982
Los Angeles County
Thomas Dolton, 23 Apr 1899-Feb 1982, Culver city
William Dalton, 20 Sep 1894-Feb 1966, North Hollywood
Orange County
Marea G. Dalton, 15 Sep 1926-13 Feb 1989, Westminster
Sacramento County
Thomas Dalton, 18 Feb 1895-Dec 1972, Sacramento
Santa Barbara County
Donald D. Dalton, 11 Jan 1939-13 Mar 1999, Santa Maria
Stanislaus County
Daniel Dalton, 12 Sep 1906- 23 Oct 1987, Hughson
Hazel W. Dalton, 3 Apr 1911-Jul 1993, Modesto
Marion Dalton, 12 Aug 1914-Jul 1986, Modesto
Tulare County
Morris F. Dalton, 10 Jan 1916-6 Jan 1988, Farmersville
Location not specified
Ray Dalton, 26 Jan 1931-Dec 1986, zip 95705

Location not specified
John Dalton, 9 Oct 1908-Nov 1982, zip 32650

Richmond County
Richard Dolton, 1 Aug 1929-Mar 1985, Augusta

Canyon County
Beatrice Dalton, 12 Sep 1912-Jul 1986, Melba

Macoupin County
Omer Dalton, 21 Feb 1917-Jan 1977, Carlinville
Stark County
Wesley A. Dalton, 7 May 1932-Jun 2002, Toulon

Saline County
E. Curtis Dalton, 24 Oct 1920-8 Feb 1996, Salina
Shawnee County
William Dalton, 15 Oct 1902-Jan 1970, Topeka
Stevens County
John Daulton, 30 Mar 1942-Feb 1985, Moscow

Terrebonne County
Jerry C. Dalton, 3 Mar 1937-5 Aug 2002, Houma

Lissie Dalton 23 Jul 1926-Feb 1985, last benefit Jackson

Essex County
Fred Dolton, 3 Sep 1885-Aug 1965, Marblehead

Jackson County
Alma L. Dalton, 15 Jan 1915-9 Jul 2000, Kansas City
Lawrence County
Clarence Dalton, 2 Mar 1912- Apr 1986, Pierce City
Saint Louis County
Garland R. Dalton, 25 Aug 1941- 8 Jun 1999, Saint Louis

San Juan County
Loyce E. Dalton, 26 Jul 1910-6 Oct 1999, Bloomfield

Ulster County
Karen J. Dalton, 19 Jul 1937-19 Mar 1993, Hurley

Linn County
Ed Dalton, 3 Mar 1894-Mar 1976, Sweet Home

Davidson County
Florence Dalton, 28 Aug 1892-Jun 1986, Nashville
Lake County
Lillie Dalton, 29 Dec 1896-Jul1876, Tiptonville

Collin County
Steve W. Dalton, 15 Aug 1947-8 Jun 1993, Frisco
Dallas County
Burton Dolton, 18 Dec 1912-Sep 1980, Dallas
Gray County
Cecil W. Dalton, 22 Oct 1915-13 Oct 2002, Pampa
Grayson County
Susie A. Daulton, 25 Oct 1901-23 Feb 1994, Whitesboro
Hardeman County
Susie Daulton, 26 Mar 1890- Nov 1980, Quanah
Harris County
Grace L. Dalton, 31 Jul 1903- 20 Jun 1998, Houston
Helen Dalton, 1 Dec 1896-Sep 1985, Houston
Jack P. Dalton, 26 Mar 1917-30 Jun 1997, Houston
Noel Dalton, 20 Jul 1907- Feb 1977, Houston
Hutchinson County
Ray Dalton, 15 Dec 1902-8 Mar 1996, Fritch
Mills County
Lawrence E. Dalton, 10 Jan 1923-29 Aug 1995, Goldthwaite
Stephens County
Frank C. Dalton, 1 Jul 1920- 27 Feb 2003, Breckenridge
Wheeler County
Eliza Dalton, 26 Oct 1894-May 1986, Mobeetie
Wichita County
Joe Dalton, 23 Apr 1921-2 Oct 2002, Wichita Falls

Clallam County
Mary L. Daulton, 30 May 1912-Aug 2002, Port Angeles
King County
Dave Dalton, 4 Jan 1891-sep 1964, Seattle
Location Not Specified
Henry Dalton, 14 Sep 1876-Apr 1964


Marriages in Chocktaw Indian Territory - US Court – Second Judicial Division

Dalton, A.J., age 25 to Johnson, Stella, age 18 at Tamaha – Oct. 19, 1902
Dalton, D.E., age 21 to Looney, Mary, age 18 at Cade – Aug. 4, 1907
Dalton, George B. to Wassan, Mary J. at Atoka – Sept. 6, 1874
Dalton, John L., age 27 to Hall, Artie, age 21 at Red Oak – Jan 27, 1897
Dalton, W. H., age 30 to Linet, Ophra F., age 15 at McAlester – June 4, 1905
Dalton, William, age 25 to Maxey, Martha, age 18 at South McAlester – Sept 12, 1894
Dalton, Kate, age 19 of Red Oak to Mullins, William of Hartshorne – Apr. 12, 1899
Dalton, Nora, age 18 to Reeves, John R., age 21 at Albany – Aug. 9, 1901
Dalton, Rachel, age 17 to Stovall, George Alfred, age 21 at Leander – Nov. 9, 1890
Dalton, Sarah Mrs., age 33 to Young, John L., age 34 at Thurman – July 3, 1895

Marriages in Chickasaw Indian Territory – okgenweb.org

Dalton, Andrew, age 21 to Shaw, Ida, age 18 at Conway – Nov. 30, 1901
Dalton, Charles, age 21 to Corbett, Jessie, age 19 at Colbert – July 3, 1898
Dalton, Lewis C., age 24 to Datter, Mamie, age 24 at Chickasaw – Apr. 9, 1907
Dalton, R., age 18 to Gillespy, F. A., age 14 at Conway – Jan. 15, 1906
Dalton, Saford, age 21 to Scott, Emma, age 19 at Mountain View – July 18, 1899

Marriages in Haskell County – okgenweb.org

Dalton, Bedford F., age 23 of Stigler to Wilson, Eva of McCurtain – July 26, 1908
Dalton, Agness Pauline to Callaway, Ira, age 23 at Stigler- Nov. 4, 1908

Oklahoma – Dawes Enrollment Cards for the Five Civilized Tribes – 1898 to 1914

   --- From familysearch.org – NARA microfilm M1301; images are on fold3.com
Narcissa Dalton – Cherokee - Case 110, Roll 285
     Testimony provided by Narcissa Dalton on Apr. 4, 1901: was married to a Thomas Cates (not an Indian) and had six children named Cates by him. She is currently living in the Tahlequah District with her six children and husband Dennis Dalton, to whom she has been married for three years. All of the named are Cherokee Freedmen. At one time there were more than 10,000 African Americans living in Cherokee Nation of 100,000 and were perceived as slaves.
Jessie Dalton – Choctaw – Case R686, Roll 66
    Testimony provided by Jessie Dalton on June 21, 1900: married to Charles Dalton, a white man, on July 2, 1898 near Colbert. They have one daughter Bessie Dalton, who is about one year old and is 1/32 Choctaw.  Jessie is age 18 and 1/16 Choctaw. Her father was Jim Corbett, a white man, and her mother was 1/8 Choctaw.
Malinda Dalton – Choctaw – Case MCR543, Roll 91
      Testimony provided by Malinda Dalton on Aug. 3, 1900: age 29 and living at Dent, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma Territory for the last 8 years with her husband Albert Dalton and their three children William, Eva and Effie. Before that they had lived in Indian Territory. Before that Malinda had lived in Texas and was born in Alabama. Malinda was 1/8 Mississippi Choctaw by her father Marion Alexander Williams and her three children would then be 1/16 Choctaw.

1890 Territorial Census of Oklahoma June, 1890 – ancestry.com

Kingfisher County – District 14
Family 181: Charles B. Dalton age 38, b. Missouri – head
Family 182: Adiline L. Dalton age 55, b. Missouri- also known as Adeline Lee Younger
                    Children born Missouri: Leana 16, Nancy 14, Simon 12.                
Cleveland County – Township 7
Eline L. Dalton, age 30, b. Missouri – head
Margaret Dalton, age 25, b. Tennessee – wife
Frank Dalton, age 3, b. Arkansas - son

1900 Federal Census of Oklahoma Territory - heritagequestonline.com

Blaine County, Watonga Township
Dalton, George, head, age 60, widowed, born May, 1840, born TN, TN/ TN
              Henry 14, Harrison 9; sons born ARK, both parents born TN
 Green, Harriet, mother, age 77 widowed, born TN, TN/ TN
    Note: all household members are listed as black.
Cleveland County
Norman Township – Families 4 and 5
Dalton, D. C., head, age 71, born Sept., 1828, born VA, VA/ VA
             Susannah, wife, age 72, born VA; married 46 years, 3 of 5 children living
Dalton, F. M., head, age 39, born Apr., 1861, born VA, VA/ VA
             M. C., wife, age 28, born PA; married 11 years, 5 of 5 children living
             G. A. son age 11, R. M., son age 9, Ollie dau, age 7, all born NEB
             Earnest 5, Harvey 3, both born Oklahoma
Norman Township - Oklahoma Sanitarium
Dalton, John, insane inmate, age 35, born Virginia
Greer County, Altus Township
Melton, James, head, age 25, born Sept., 1874; born TX, ALA/ ALA
             May P., wife, age 18, born Texas, married 2 years
             Annie, daughter, age 10 months, born Oklahoma
Dalton, Tom, cousin, age 35, born Mar., 1865, born TX, TX/ TX
Indian Reservation, part of Osage Indian Reservation
Dalton, John, servant in Frank Clark household, age 30, single, born Mar., 1870, born Indiana; both parents born Indiana
Kay County
Newark Township
Dalton, John F., head, single, age 39, born Feb., 1861, born Indiana, IRE/ IRE
Second Ward, Ponca City, 87 Grand Ave.
Dalton, John, head, single, age 47, born July, 1852, born MI, MD/ MD
Tonkawa Township
Dalton, Albert, servant in John Burke household, white, birthplace and age unknown
Kingfisher County, Cimarron Township
Dalton, Adaline L., head, age 64, widow; born MO, KY/ ILL, 7 of 15 children living
            Charles B., age 48, born Feb., 1952, born MO, KY/ MO
            Leona R., age 25. born July, 1874, born MO, KY/ MO
Logan County, Iron Mound Township
Dalton, Patrick, widower, age 51, born IRL, IRL/ IRL
Oklahoma County
Third Ward Oklahoma City
Dalton, Charles B., boarder at hotel; minister; born June, 1869, born OH, ENG/ ENG
Britton Township
Dalton, Joseph H., head, age 59, born Sept., 1842, born ILL, KY/ IND
             Nancy E., wife, age 53.born Missouri, married 37 years, 6 of 9 children living
             Joseph, son, age 17, born Mar., 1883, born MO, ILL/ MO
Spring Creek Township
Dalton, Frank, head, age 36, born Feb., 1864, born Kansas, MO/ MO
             Ida, wife, age 33, born ILL, married 9 years, 4 of 4 children living
             William E. 8, Nancy J. 4, Thomas T.; all born Missouri
Payne County
Clear Creek Township
Dalton, William H., head, age 59, born Aug., 1841, born NY, Iowa/ Ireland
              Amelia, wife, age 40, born Iowa; married 15 years, 8 children born
Second Ward Stillwater
Dalton, William T., head, age 42, born Nov., 1857, born ILL, ILL/ ILL
             Minnie B., wife, age 40, born ILL; married 16 years, 5 of 6 children living
             Clarence E. 15, Leta M. 13, Bertha M. 9; all born Nebraska
             William E. 6 and Ralph 3, both born Oklahoma
Pottawatomie County
Dent Township – Families 135 and 136
Dalton, Albert, head, age 34, born Jan., 1866, born ARK, ARK/ARK
             Sarah M., wife, age 28, born ALA; married 10 years, 3 of 5 children living
             William M. 5, Eva Florence 3, Effie six months – all born Oklahoma
Dalton, William, head, age 60, born Jan., 1840, born ARK, VA/ NEB
              Mary Ann, wife, age 55, born ARK; married 36 years, 10 of 12 children living
              George 20 and Andrew J. 17, both born ARK;
              Idella 15 and Rosa 14, both born Texas
Avery, Emery, brother in-law, age 24, born ARK; married 6 years, 4 of 4 children living
            Emily, wife, age 24, born Mar., 1876, born ARK, ARK/ARK
            Jessie 6, Norma 5, Allie 3, Zena – all born Oklahoma            
Washita County
Cloud Chief Township
Dalton, Saford, head, age 19, born Sept., 1881; born VA, VA/ VA
             Emma, wife, age 20, born ILL
             Leoneby, son, age 3 months; born Oklahoma
Elk Township
Dalton, Willis, head, age 55, born Jan., 1845, born ARK, TN/ TN
             Mary S., wife, age 41, born Ind. Terr.; married 20 years, 2 of 3 children living
            Ana M. 19 and Etha S.; both daughters born Indian Territory
Union Township
Dalton, J. H. C., head, age 58, born Apr., 1847, born VA, VA / VA
             Martha, wife, age 53, born VA; married 34 years, 6 of 8 children living
Woods County, Fritzlen Township
Dalton, Robert, head, age 44, born Feb., 1856, born ILL, TN/ TN
             Rosa E., wife, age 34, born Missouri; married 15 years, 8 of 8 children living
             Olive M. 13, Amelia 11, Carla 10 all born Kansas; Walter 9, Ruby 7 both born      
             New Mexico; Julian 5 born Oklahoma

1900 Federal Census of Indian Territory – heritagequestonline.com

Cherokee Nation
Township 17N, Range 20E
Dalton, Dennis, age 55, black, head, b. Mar., 1945, born GA, both parents born GA
             Narcissa, age 43, black, wife, b. Ind. Terr. married 3 years. Narcissa had six children named Cates, ages 8 to 18, from her previous marriage to a Thomas Cates of ARK that were born in Ind. Terr., in this census. All Cates were listed as black.
Township 24N, Range 15E – Talala Village
Harris, Joseph, head, age 26, 1/ 2 Cherokee, born Indian Territory
            Tessie, wife, b. June, 1875, white, born ARK, PA/ ARK, married 8 years.
            James A., son, b. Dec., 1898, 1/ 4 Cherokee, born Indian Territory
Dalton, Mary J. C., age 14, sister in-law, b. Feb., 1886, white, born ARK, PA/ARK
Chickasaw Nation
Township 2N, Range 5E
Cook, James, head, age 28, born Texas
           Rebecca, wife, age 26 b. TN married 4 years; 3 of 3 children living
            Mont. A., son, age 2, b. Ind. Terr.;
Carter, Nora S., age 7 and Orville A., age 6: two step children born Ind. Terr.
Dalton, Jane, age 76, grandmother, widowed, born TN, parents born NC
Township 3N, Range 5E
Dalton, Temhill, head, age 34, born May, 1866; born ARK, MO/ ARK
             Martha P., wife, age 23, born TX, marr. 7 years; 2 of 3 children living
             Born Ind. Terr.: Luther 2, Eula May 1
Dalton, William, head, age 28, born Sept., 1872; born TX, MO/ ARK
             Edmund, father, age 66, born Aug., 1834; born MO, VA/ KY
             Priscilla, mother, age 60, born Feb., 1840; born ARK, VA/ KY
             Lee, brother, age 19, born May, 1881; born ARK, MO/ ARK
Township 4N, Range 6E
Dalton, Edd, age 30, boarder, born Texas, father born Texas
Township 4N, Range 8E
Dalton, Andrew, age 18, boarder in Thomas Kerr house, born Texas
Township 8S, Range 7E
Dalton, Ambrose, age 26, head, b. Nov., 1873; b. ARK, f. born Miss, m. born ARK
             Sallie, wife, age 22, b. GA; married 6 years; 2 of 6 children living b. Ind. Terr.:
             Minnie L. 4, Allie 2
Township 8S, Range 8E
Dalton, Charles P., age 21, head, b. June. 1877; born ARK, France/ TN
            Jessie A., age 18, wife, b. Ind. Terr., both parents born TN; marr. 2 years
            Bessie M. b. June, 1899, age 11 months, born Indian Territory
Note: Jessie A. Dalton is 1/16 Choctaw
Long, Isaac N., head, age 30, 7/8 Chickasaw, born Ind. Terr.
           Emma, wife, age 40, 7/8 Chickasaw, b. TN; marr. 7 years; 4 of 7 children living Dalton, Thomas, stepson, b. May, 1884; b. ARK; f. b. France, m.  b. TN
Dalton, Asberry, stepson, b. Feb., 1886; b. ARK; f. b. France, m.  b. TN
Dalton, Marion, stepson, b. May, 1888; b. ARK; f. b. France, m. b. TN
Choctaw Nation
Red Oak
Dalton, Carson L., age 59, head, b. Oct., 1841; b. TN, TN/ TN            
             Sarah E., age 57, wife, b. Miss.; married 37 years; 7 of 7 children living
             Norman, age 15, son, born Apr., 1885; born ARK, TN/ Miss.
Dalton, John, age 33, head, b. Oct., 1867; b. ARK, TN/ Miss.
             Artie E., age 24, wife, b. ARK; married 3 years
Township 5S, Range 12E
Dalton, James W., age 38, head, b. Feb., 1861; b. KY, TN/ TN
             Ellen C., wife, age 42, b. TX, married 19 years, 3 of 4 children living
             David E. 14 and Fannie 12, both born Texas
Township 6N, Range 24E
Dalton, John J, age 33, head, b. Aug., 1867; born VA
             Anna J., age 25, wife, b. KY, married 7 years, 2 of 2 children living
             William M. 5, b KY; Marvel 3, b. Ind. Terr.
Township 7N, Range 14E
Dalton, Valentine J., age 32, boarder, b. June, 1868; born ILL, ENG/ ILL
Township 8N, Range 25E
Dalton, Charles, age 43, head, b. Oct., 1857; born VA, ENG/ VA
             Rebecca, age 41, wife, born Alabama; married 22 years
             James W. 21 and Leana 17, both born ARK
Creek Nation
Township 11
Dalton, Carrie, age 33, housekeeper in Beddoe household, age 33 widowed with four of six children living; born TN, TN/ TN
Children: Etta 13, Nora 11, Maggie 9, Willie 6 birthplace???
Township 17N, Range 18E, Wagoner
Dalton, Amanda, age 56, black, widowed with 4 of 10 children living; born June, 1842, born ARK, TN/ TN
Ottawa Nation
Township 28N, Range 23 E, Miami
Dalton, Doc, age 24, head, single, born May, 1876, born Missouri
Dalton, George A., age 62, widowed, born Feb., 1838, b. KY, VA/ KY

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