North Dakota, part of the Dakota Territory, gained statehood in 1889. Prior to that time settlers had flocked into the Red River Valley area that borders Minnesota. They were known as the "bonanza farms" and wheat was a primary crop on farms that averaged 750 acres.  Cattle was also a major industry. In the 1885 Census below, the Daltons were located  in the counties and towns that are part of the Valley.

South Dakota also gained statehood in 1889. In the 1885 Census below the Dalton presence as miners is noticeable. However large farming operations, crop and livestock, were  major industries in  South Dakota.

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County Map of North Dakota:

County map of South Dakota:


Please Note:  Although the two censuses that follow are designated as Dakota Territory Censuses they are in reality the 1880 Federal Census of the State of South Dakota.and the 1885 Census of the State of North Dakota.

1880 Federal Census    Top

In the 1880 Census, there is not a single Dalton who was born in the Territory and in total just 12 Daltons were enumerated

Billings, Dakota Territory

John Dalton, teamster R. R., b. 1837, widow, b. Ireland and both parents born Ireland

Fort Sully, Sully D. T.

Alick Dalton, b. 1852, NY, Musician, Co I, 11th Inf. U. S. Army, single, b. NY, parents born NY

Central City, Lawrence, D. T.

Harry Dalton, miner, single, b. 1848 Ireland, both parents born Ireland

Terraville, Lawrence D. T.

Alvin Dalton, miner, mar. b. 1849 in Wisconson, both parents born in Canada
Belle Dalton, wife b. 1857 in Minnesota, father born England, mother born Scotland
Frank Dalton, son b. 1775 in Colorado

Township 106 Moody D. T.

Thomas Dalton, R. R. contractor, mar, b. 1824 in Ireland, both parents born in Ireland
Hellen Dalton, wife, b. 1832 in Canada, parents born Ireland
John Dalton, son, b. 1858 in Wisonsin, R. R. worker
Thomas G. Dalton, nephew, mar., b. 1850 in Wisconsin, parents born Ireland

Rapid Valley, Pennington, D. T.

Thomas Dalton, farmer, single,b. 1854, Ireland, both parents Ireland

Pennington D. T.

William Dalton, quartz miner, single, b. 1845 in Ohio, father born England, mother b. NY

1885 Census of Dakota Territory    Top

This was a special census funded in part by the the Federal Government and in part by the Territory.  It is not a complete Census. In  three Counties 12 Daltons were enumerated. There appears to be a family of six members that have been formatted into a single cluster. Additional information may be obtained from the Institute of Regional Studies.

Hiram Dalton, farmer, age 32, b. Kentucky, enumerated in Grafton, Walsh Co.
Jane Dalton, age 34, b. Kentucky, Grafton, Walsh Co.
Knox Dalton, age 16, b. Kentucky, Grafton, Walsh Co.
Keatty Dalton, age 13, b. Kentucky, Grafton, Walsh Co.
Anne Dalton, age 11, b. Kentucky, Grafton, Walsh Co.
Laura Dalton, age 5, b. Kentucky, Grafton, Walsh Co.
George Dalton, age 23, b. England , Grafton, Walsh Co.
J. Dalton, age 25, b. Canada, Walhalla, Pembina Co.
John Dalton, age 24, clerk, b. Canada, Neche Pembina Co.
J. W. Dalton, age 25, laborer, born US, Morton County
John P. Dalton, age 25, Troop D, 7th Cav. Sgt. b. Massachusetts, Morton Co.
Thomas Dalton, age 36, farmer, b. England, Morton Co.


Land Records

Stark County, 1914 Plat Map giving Township number, Range and Section
Robert Dalton,  137N,  98W, Section 9
James T. Dalton, 13 Feb 1905, 140 acres, doc. 5858
John W. Dalton, 30 Dec 1904, 160 acres, doc 6382
Patrick Dalton, 11 Apr 1907, 160 acres, doc. 3032

Naturalization Records

State Archives and Historical Research Library
John D. Dalton, Canada, Nat, Feb 25 1885, County Pembina, Vol. D-5, p. 405
Michael Dalton, Ireland, Nat. Mar 15m 1905, Ward County, Vol. D-7, p. 319

Social Security Death Index    Top

There were only 4 Daltons listed in the SSDI from North Dakota.

Kathryn Dalton, b. 17 Jul 1926, d. 30 Apr 1999, Russelville, Cole Co., MO
Kevin Dalton, b. 22 Dec 1923, d. Sep 1986, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co. MN
Mabel Dalton, b. 30 Jun 1904, d. 12 Nov 1995, Jamestown, Stutsman Co., ID
Mary Dalton, b. 9 May 1888, d. Jan 1974, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN


Births    Top

Records for Births, Marriages and Deaths may be ordered on line from the South Dakota Dept. of Health

James Fillingham Dalton, b. 10/29/1893, Minnehaha Co., parents: Sarah Jane Davis and Alfred Edgar Dalton
Margaret Blanch Dalton, b. 6/20/1895, Minnehaha Co., parents Sarah Jane Davis and Alfred Edgar Dalton
James Nugent Dalton, b. 5/16/1899, Walworth County, parents Teresa Widdowson and Orseamus W. Dalton
John Leon Dalton, b. 6/13/1899, Walworth County, parents Matilda Thronson and John Henry Dalton
Eva Mae Dalton, b. 1/21/1900, Hutchinson Co., parents  Cora Hammond and John L. Dalton

Land Patents    Top

Source: Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records

Thomas J. Dalton, 7/4/1876, 140 acres, Montana State Office
Thomas Dalton, 10/10/1882, 160 acres, Montana State Office
John T. Dalton, 4/10/1884, 160 acres, Montana State Office
Elizabeth Dalton, 5/1/1888, 160 acres Montana State Office
Richard Dalton, 3/2/1889, 160 acres Montana State Office
Thomas J. Dalton, 12/19/1889, 180 acres Montana State Office
William Dalton, 8/26/1889/ 80 acres, Montana State Office
Samuel Dalton, 10/03/1889 160 acres, Montana State Office
Silas Dalton, 1/23/1890, 160 acres, Montana State Office
John H. Dalton, 8/4/1891, 160 acres, Montana State Office
Samuel Dalton, 7/19/1895, 160 acre, Montana State Office
Orseamus W. Dalton, 10/4/1898, 160 acres, Montana State Office
Jess Dalton, 5/ 16/1912, 160 acres, Lemmon Land Office
Jesse Dalton, 2/19/1914, 80 acres, Lemmon Land Office
Jesse Dalton, 9/16/1914, 120 acres, Belle Fourche Land Office.  This parcel was purchased with four other patentees; Nelson Hamlin, Edwin Stinson, William Gray and James Hollis
Thomas Dalton, 8/14/1917, 81 acres, Rapid City Land Office
Jesse Dalton, 2/6/1936, 40 acres, Belle Fourche Land Office

Social Security Death Index    Top

The following Daltons were issued their SS# in SD and last residence was SD.

Francis Dalton, b. 9 Nov 1888, d. SD
Hilbert Dalton, b. 21 Jul 1910, d. 22 Sep 1988, Highmore, Hyde Co.
John Dalton, b. 11 Sep 1918, d. 8 Oct 2000, Watertown, Codington Co.
Michael Dalton, b. 2 Jul 1884, d. Apr 1968, Watertwon, Codington Co.
Roger Dalton, b. 10 Sep 1937, d. 19 Jul 2000, Pierre, Highes Co.
Ruth Dalton, b. 8 Aug 1913, d. 25 Jul 1999, Highmore, Hyde Co.
Sam Dalton, b. 3 Nov 1884, d. Feb 1970, Highmore, Hyde Co.

The following Daltons were issued their SS# in SD and last residence was out of state.

Alice Dalton, b. 30 Aug 1927, d. 1978, Denver CO.
Charles Dalton, b. 25 Apr 1923, d. 14 Jun 2000, Oregon, Ogle Co., IL
Dorothy Dalton, b. 28 Jan 1917, d. May 1983, Mesa Maricopa Co., AZ
Ellsworth Dalton, b. 9 Jun 1922, d. Nov 1984, Missoula, MT
Eunice Dalton, b. 14 Aug 1916, d. 2 Oct 1997, Yakima, WA
Gailard Dalton, b. 10 Jan 1936, d. 27 Feb 1996, Eldridge, Scot Co., IA
Glenn Dalton, b. 26 Dec 1908, d. Aug 1979, Ventura, CA
Howard Dalton, b. 4 Jun 1927, d. 1981, Littleton, Arapahoe Co., CO
John Dalton, b. 22 Apr 1919, d. 6 Dec 1992, Caldwell, Canyon Co., ID
Margaret Dalton, b. 5 Jul 1929, d. 26 Dec 2000, Littleton, Arapahoe, Co., CO
Norah Dalton, b. 18 May 1906, d. dec 1979, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Pearl Dalton, b. 5 Jan 1895, d. Jan 1979, Missoula, MT
Ray Dalton, b. 17 Mar 1921, d. 29 Sep 1994, Sheridan, WY
Ruth Dalton, b. 1 Feb 1908, d. 4 Feb 1995, Delano, Wright Co., MN
The following Daltons were issued their SS# in SD but last residence is unknown.
Cecil Dalton, b. 21 Sep 1932, d. Mar 1979
Derrick Dalton, b. 8 Jul 1963, d. 18 Apr 2001
Edna Dalton, b. 1 Jun 1911, d. 12 nov 1990
John Dalton, b. 8 Apr 1907, d. 4 Apr 1990
Robert Dalton, b. unknown, d. Jun 1958

Black Hills National Cemetery, Sturgis, Meade Co., SD    Top

U. S. Dept Veteran Affairs
Ray Dalton, b. 3/17/1921, d. 9/29.1944, U. S. Army Sgt., Residence Sheridan, WY, plot GO 5556. Bur. 10/4/1944
Roy Dalton, b. 12/12/1841, d. 1/15/1978, Pvt. U S Army. Plot E 1956/ Bur 1/19/1978

Hot Springs National Cemetery, Hot Springs, Fall River, Co., SD    Top

U. S. Dept Veterans Affairs
William Dalton, b. 8/27/1888, d. 4/12/1956. PFC 107 Guard Co. ASC, Plot 13 9 R4

United States

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