This file contains Christenings, Marriages and Burials from Parish Registers of Northumberland. Also included are Northumberland  extractions of Daltons from the 1881 Census of the UK and extractions of those Daltons who were born in Northumberland and who migrated to other counties, primarily to Durham as indicated by the Census data. There are 450 surname entries in this file and as with all files, it is not complete. We will accept any contributions of data to add to this or to any other file in the DALTON DATA BANK. Please use the section links, the "Find on this page...", or the Edit/Find function of your browser to browse the entries.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.






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St. Cuthbert
5 Jul 1726, John Dalton
3 Oct 1738, Thomas Dalton
5 Nov 1742, Thomas Dalton
24 May 1753, John Dalton
29 Jun 1754, Thomas Dolton
7 Dec 1758, Robert Dalton
13 Mar 1762 John Dalton


25 Jun 1753, Robert Richley married Elizabeth Dalton


St. Andrew
Dec 1733, Robert Dalton
9 Jul 1755, Rowland Dalton


Joseph Dalton b. 23 Feb 1878, c. 12 Mar 1878, recorded in Wesleyan; son of Annie and John George Dalton
14 Aug 1775 John Stephenson married Dorothy Dalton
Burial Index
St Andrew17 Apr 1668 John Dalton, St. Andrew
26 Jun 1772, Ann Dalton
12 Dec 1787, Ann Dalton


16 May 1701 Thomas Hodgson married Margaret Dalton


15 Aug 1654 John Barker married Catherine Dalton
15 Dec 1872, Ann Dalton, 76, St. Bartholomew
10 Nov 1852, Margaret Dalton, 61, St. Bartholomew


8 Nov 1823 Ralph Dalton married Catharine Oliver


All Saints Parish Registers
11 Aug 1779 c,  John Rennoldson Dalton, son of John Dalton
26 Dec 1780 c, Joseph Dalton son of John Dalton
Nov 1781 c. Joseph Dalton, son of Richard Dalton
Nov 1781 c. Richard Dalton, son of Richard Dalton
26 Jun 1782 c. Mary Dalton dau of John Dalton
9 Aug 1786 c. Ralph Dalton son of John Dalton
9 Sep 1787 c. Margaret Dalton dau of Thomas Dalton
10 Sep 1788 c. John Dalton, son of John Dalton
19 May 1790 c. Mary Dalton dau of John Dalton
2 Feb 1794 c. Henry Dalton son of Sarah and Richard Dalton
16 Mar 1799c, b. 7 Jul 1799, Ann Dalton dau if Henry and Ann Linsley Dalton
20 Jun 1810 c, 22 Oct 1810 b., Joseph Dalton son of Joseph and Elizabeth Baines Dalton
20 May 1816 c, Richard Dalton son  of Henry and Jane Dalton
12 Apr 1839 c, Thomas Dalton son of Charles and Sarah Dalton
23 Apr 1839 c, Henry Dalton son of Richard and Jane Dalton
9 Jun 1840 c, Isaac Dalton son of Charles and Sarah Dalton
19 Oct 1841 c, Richard Dalton son of Richard and Jane Dalton
1 Dec 1849 c, John Dalton son of Henry and Sarah Dalton
16 Sep 1864 b, 23 Jul 1865 c, Margaret Pickering Dalton dau of John Weston  and Elizabeth Dalton
23 Dec 1872 b, 13 Jan 1873 c, Margaret Dalton dau of Richard and Ann Dalton

13 Oct 1751 Anne Dalton married John Davidson
28 Jul 1753 Thomas Dalton married Anne Hewitson (previously married)
30 Dec 1778 John Dalton married Mary Hall
12 Feb 1788 Elisabeth Dalton married Hugh Watson
31 Aug 1790 Ann Dalton married Thomas Seucket
3 Dec 1804 Isabella Dalton married Thomas Underwood
20 May 1810 Mary Dalton married Robert Thompson
24 Mar 1811 Barbara Dalton  married William Halliman
12 Oct 1817 Hannah Dalton married Edward Cornwell Mower
30 Aug 1828 John Dalton married Drusilla Ryin
18 Sep 1828 Margaret Dalton married Thomas Thornton

Newcastle St Andrew
16 Jan 1599/1600 John Dalton married Sara Rowlinge
13 Nov 1603 Robert Dalton married Margrat Anderson
4 Oct 1722 Robert Dalton married Ann Langlands
31 Dec 1726 Byarley Dalton married Isabel Dawson
19 Aug 1736 Frederick Dalton married Margaret Row

Burial Index
13 Nov 1600, Katheren Dalton
2 Oct 1640, Robarte Daltone, child.
23 Mar 1642, Ayles Dalton

Saint Nicholas
5 May 1688 c, Joseph Dalton son of Roger and Barbara Dalton
13 Jun 1689 c, Thomas Dalton son of Roger and Barbara Dalton
22 Jan 1690 c, Henry Dalton son of Roger and Barbara Dalton
3 Mar 1691 c, Jane Dalton dau of Roger and Barbara Dalton
19 Sep 1693 c, Roger Dalton son of Roger Dalton
16 Apr 1696 c, Mary Dalton dau of Roger and Barbara Dalton
7 Oct 1697 c, Nathanell Dalton son of Roger and Barbara Dalton
30 Oct 1701 c, Bierly Dalton son of Roger and Barbara Dalton
22 May 1700 c, John Dalton son of Roger and Barbara Dalton
30 Dec 1703 c, William Dalton son of Roger and Barbara Dalton
26 Jun 1705 c, Barbara Dalton dau of Roger and Barbara Dalton
2 Jun 1718 c, Ann Dalton dau of Richard and Mary Dalton
8 May 1720 c, Ralph Dalton  son of Richard and Mary Dalton
28 Apr 1722 c, William Dalton son son of Henry and Jane Dalton
6 May 1723 c, Sarah Dalton dau of Richard and Mary Dalton
4 Jul 1723 c, Roger Dalton son of Henry and Jane Dalton
13 Oct 1725 c, Henry Dalton son of Henry and Jane Dalton
17 Dec 1727 c, Richard Dalton son of Richard and Mary Dalton
17 Jan 1731 c, Margaret Dalton dau of Henry and Dorothy Dalton
4 Sep 1734 c, Dorothy Dalton dau of Henry and Dorothy Dalton
16 Nov 1736 c, Catherine Dalton dau of Henry and Dorothy Dalton
10 Jun 1740 c, Henry Dalton son of Henry and Dorothy Dalton
9 Aug 1798 b, 10 Sep 1798 c, Catharine Dolton son of Richard Dolton whose parents were Richard Dolton and Mary Brown Curry.
8 Aug 1874 b, 27 Sep 1874 c, Robert Dalton son of John and Ann Dalton
31 Aug 1858 b, 14 Nov 1858 c, Mary Dalton dau of John and Jane Dalton
31 Aug 1858 b, 2 Oct 1858 c, John Dalton son of John and Jane Dalton
16 Jun 1855 b, 15 Jul 1855 c, Jane Dalton dau of John and Jane Dalton

6 Jun 1762 John Dalton married Dorothy Cooper
20 Sep 1764 Dorothy Dalton married Robert Jackson
22 Sep 1764 Catherine Dalton married Thomas Wilkinson
31 May 1862 John Dalton married Ann Musgrove, fathers John Dalton and William Musgrove
25 Nov 1863 Bridget Dalton married James Sloan, fathers James Sloan and Patrick Dalton
12 Mar  1866 Thomas Dalton 24, and Mary Ellen Henderson 20, fathers Thomas Dalton and John Henderson
26 Nov 1866 Robert Dalton married June Forster, fathers William Dalton and William Forster
7 Jun 1885 Thomas Henderson Dalton 19 married Margaret Johnston 19, fathers Thomas Dalton and James Johnston
16 Apr 1892 John George Dalton 38 married Catherine Lockwell 30, fathers Thomas Dalton and George Lockwell
17 Nov 1892 Elizabeth Dalton 34 married Luke Hope 44 ( both previously married) fathers John Hope and Thomas Lawson
25 Dec 1893 William Dalton 23  married Janet Thompson Hutchinson 20, fathers Henry Dalton and Thomas Hutchinson
20 Nov 1897 Richard Dalton 22 married Isabella Reed Tullin 21, fathers Richard Dalton and Thomas Tullin


9 Aug 1726 Thomas Dalton married Anne Thompson


8 Aug 1874 b, 27 Sep 1874 c, Robert Dalton son of John and Ann Dalton
31 Aug 1858 b, 14 Nov 1858 c, Mary Dalton dau of John and Jane Dalton, Christ Church
31 Aug 1858 b, 2 Oct 1858 c, John Dalton son of John and Jane Dalton, Christ Church
16 Jun 1855 b, 15 Jul 1855 c, Jane Dalton dau of John and Jane Dalton

Burial Index
27 Aug 1666, Eliz Dalton Christchurch
29 Jun 1693, Anthony Dalton, Christchurch

MARRIAGE INDEX 1837-1870    Top

Joseph Dalton  and Sarah Lawson St. Andrew 1838
Joseph Dalton  and Isabella Blakey St. John the Baptsit 1840
Charles Dalton and Jane Marr, Cathedral of St. Nicholas  1843
Ricard Dalton and   Elizabeth Eltringham, St. John the Baptsit 1845
Sarah A. Dalton and Richard G. Moor, All Saints 1847
Matthew Dalton  and Ann McGuire  Register Office 1848
Jane Dalton/Lovell and John Emmerson  St. John the Baptist  1848
Patrick Dalton and Celia Clyne Register Office  1852
Bridget Daltons and Peter J. Collins  Register Office  1852
William Dalton and Mary Melville Unknown) 1854
Elixabeth Dalton and George Veitch, St. John the Baptist  1855
Mary Dalton and John Wilson Register Office  1857
Mary Dalton and John Harrison Register Office  1858
John P. Dalton and Maria Mathison./Mathwin  St. Andrew  1858
Joseph Dalton   Elizabeth Wrightson    Cathedral of St. Nicholas 1860
William Dalton  Sara Hunter  Cathedral of St. Nicholas  1860
Emma Dalton and Robert Bond, St. Andrew 1861
Margaret Dalton and Robert Hall, Cathedral of St. Nicholas 1861
Mary E. A. Dalton and Gerald J. Barry Register Office 1862
Grace Dalton/Sowerby and William Clayton  St. John the Baptist 1862
John Dalton and Ann Musgrove, Cathedral of St. Nicholas 1862
John P. Dalton and Jane Wilkinson, Registrar Office 1863
Bridget Dalton and James Sloan, Cathedral of St. Nicholas 1863
Jane Dalton and James Johnston, Register Office 1863
James Dalton and Elizabeth Bainbridge/Young, Jesmond Parish Clayton Memorial 1863
George Dalton and Sarah A. Bruce, St. Andrew 1866
Robert Dalton and Jane Forster, Cathedral of St. Nicholas 1866
Thomas Dalton and Mary Henderson, Cathedral of St. Nicholas 1866
William H. Dalton and Ann Archer, St. John the Baptist 1968
George Dalton and Jane Pearson/Renwick, Unknown 1868
Catherine Dalton and William Lowson, Christ Church, Shieldfield 1869



James Dalton 31, b. Morpeth; wife Jane and four children b. Alnwick; Jane 8, Margaret 6, William 3, David 1.
Jane Dalton age 74 b. London, Middlesex


Patrick Dalton boarder pedlar age 55, b. Ireland and four other Daltons b. Morpeth boarders -Thomas 22, Jacob 19, Michael 14, and George 10.

Berwick Upon Tweed

Patrick Dalton 51 servant b. Ireland; wife Esther 43 b. Lillington, Sussex


John Walton Dalton age 37, b. Carishill?, Durham, wife Elizabeth 36 b. Gateshead Durham;  Dau Margaret 16, b. Newcastle, William B. H. 13 b. Gateshead, George H. 8, b. Newcastle, John W. 7 b. Gateshead, Mary T. 3, Newcastle, Lizzie M. 1 mo. b. Newcastle.
Isabella Dalton widow age 34, b. Low Dell, Durham; dau Mary Jane 14, b. Tow Law Durham and Lucy dau 10 b. Newcastle On Tyne.


Patrick Dalton age 60, b. Longford, Clondish, Ire; Catherine Dalton 56 b. Mayo Westport; also Thomas Howley 60 b. Mayo
Ann Dalton age 55, b. Northumerland, housekeeper for Thomas Wailes.
Sarah Dalton, widow 38, b. Newcastle; son George 15 b. Gateshead, Durham, dau Elizabeth 13, b. Gateshead, William 11 b. Newcastle.
Joseph Dalton, 32 b. Stanhope, Durham, wife Elizabeth 31, b. Stanhope.


Mary Dalton, servant 21 b. Faugh, Cumberland, in household of Joseph Robb


Robert Dalton 13, coal miner b. Longbenton in household of Stephen Dinning.
Tom John Dalton, age 36 ship worker b. Newcastle, wife Eleanor 37 b. Gateshead Durham;  son Edmund 6 b. Byker, dau Eleanor 3, b. Walker, dau Dorothy 1 b. Walker; mother in law Eleanor Christies 66, b. Sunderland, Durham
Wm. Dalton  age 49 ship worker, b. Leeds, wife Mary 51 b. Newcastle; son Francis 24 b. Newcastle and dau Sophia 17 b. Newcastle.

Newcastle On Tyne All Saints

Richard Dalton engine fitter, age 40 b. Newcastle, wife Ann 46, b. Newcastle; dau Mary 18, b. Leeds, Jane 17 b. Leeds, Ann 15 b. Leeds, Isabella 12, b. Newcastle, Ellen 11, b. Newcastle, Richard 5, b. Newcastle
Elizabeth Dalton, widow 39 b. Weardale, Durham
Joseph Dalton Messman to Police 44 b. Weardale, Durham, wife Ann 44 b. Weardale, dau Annie 20 b. Weardale.

Newcastle On Tyne St. Andrew

Mary Ann Dalton seamstress 35, b. Felling, Durham
Kate Dalton vocalist mar 30 b. Sheffield, York enumerated Victoria Music Hall
Elizabeth Doulton, mar age 32 b. North Shields, dau of Elizabeth Cunningham age 55 b. Newcastle On Tyne; also listed son James William Cunningham 17 b. Newcastle On Tyne and grandson Wilson May, 11 b. North Shields.


John Dalton age 24, b. Tipperary boarder in household of Julia Watson
Mary Ann Dalton servant 31 b. City of York, in household of Lawrence Wm. Adamson


Elizabeth Dalton, 38 b. Jersey, US visitor in the home of Richard and Mary Boulton


Frederick J. Dalton horse dealer 26 b. Blaydon, Durham boarder at Black Bull Inn
Thomas Dalton, currier 58 b. York, York; wife Alice 35 b. Newby Wisk, York; son Jospeh D. 16 b. Newcastle and Henry 8 mos. b. Newcastle
Thomas Dalton, stone mason, 39 b. Sunderland Durham; Mary E. wife 33 b. Chester Le St., Durham; Thomas H. 14 b. Chester Le St and Elizabeth 12 b. Chester Le St; Henry 8 b. Newcastle, Jane D. 5 b. Newcastle; Mary E. dau 4 mo. b. Newcastle; Thomas W. age 21, nephew, b. West Hartlepool, Durham
William Dalton, currier 35 b. York, York; wife Ann 31 b. Lowick, four children b. Newcastle On Tyne - Thomas 11, Robert 9, Frederick and Florence 3 mos.



Stoke Damerel
James Dolton 31, b. Birmingham, wife Mary b. b. Devonport; daus Florence 7 and Margaret 5 B. Newcastle On Tyne; Ethel 4, b. Gateshead Durham Frances 1 b. Devonport, Devon


Annie Dalton servant 26, b. Corley Hill, Northhumberland in house household of Atkin

David Dalton, schoolmaster 33 b. Heathery Clough, Durham; wife Annie 29 b. Bambro, Northumberland; mother Margaet 74 b. St. Johns Chapel, Durham; dau Margaret J. 1 mo b.Edmondbyers; visitor Isabella Lawson 24 b. Bambro.

Evenwood Gate
John Dalton age 53 b. Newcastle On Tyne, wife Elizabeth 62 b. West Auckland Durham; granddaughter Elizabeth Robinson 20 b. West Auckland.


Elizabeth Mary Dalton, servant age 19 b. Alnwick, Northumberland
Thomas Dalton, 31 b. Carlisle, Cumberland, wife Isabella 26 b. Carlisle; Hannah 7 b. Carlisle; Henry 5 b. Newcastle; Joseph 3 and Thomas 9 mo. b. Gateshead
Thomas Dalton age 27 b. Hartlepool, Durhan; wife Jane 28 b. Allenmouth, Northumberland; son George H. b. Allenmouth and son William 3 b. Bedlington
William James Dalton age 44 b. Monkwearmouth, Durham, wife Sarah 48 b. Ponteland Northumberland; son Thompson Golding Dalton 9 b. Newcastle; daur Mary Eizabeth 7, and son Christian 5, both b. Corbridge, Northumberland

Hedworth Monkton & Jarrow
Robert Dalton, age 48, b. Warwick Bridge, Cumberland. wife Jane 47 b. Tynewouth, Northumberland.

Oliver Dalton 30 b. Heworth; wife Elizabeth 28 and four children b. St. Anthonys, Northumberland - John 7, Catherine 4, Mary Ann 2, and Oliver Thomas 11 mos.

Hunwick and Helmington
John Dalton coal miner 35, b. Stanhope, wife Sarah 37 b. Allendale, Northumberland; son Thomas James 13, b. Alston Cumberland; Isabella 8, b. Stanhope, John 4 b. Crook, Durham, Mary Hannah 2 b. Hunwick

Joseph Dalton 67 b. Middleton, Durham and wife Sarah 69 b. Farnom Hill, Northumberland.; grandchildren Mary H. Featherstone 14 and Andrew W. D. Featherstone 5, b. Victoria Australia.

Jessee Dalton lead miner age 36, b. Stanhope; wife Susannah 37 b. Hexam, Northumberland; Thomas age 15 b. Hexham;  five more children born Stanhope - Geo. William 13, John Graham 10, Jos. Ritson 9, Victor 7, Jessee 4, and David A. 1.

Jane Dalton, widow age 43 b. Gosforth, Northumberland; son John P 10 b. Stella Durham bro James Wilkinson 49 b. Gosforth.

David Dalton coal miner 38 b. Scotland; wife Jane Ann 25 b. Whitmeny, Northumberland; son William 6 b. Tanfield

Joseph B. Dalton 34 b. No. Shields, Northumberland as was entire family; Mary J. 30, Elizabeth 9, Joseph J. 6, and John J. 3.


William R. Dalton  68 b. Bures St. Mary, Suffolk; Maria 38 b. North Shields Northumberland;  Winifred 11 and Reginald 9 both born at H. M. Dockyard, Pembroke, Wales.


James Dalton tailor 32 b. Haltwistle, Northumberland; wife Mary Ann 38 b. Lorton, Cumberland; dau Bertha 9  and Alfred 7, b. Chorlton on Medlock, Lancashire; James 5 b. Ardwick, Lancashire; Archibald 2 b. Levenshulme, Lancashire; dau Marion  9 mos. b. Gorton, Lancashire

Ellen Dalton 34, cotton weaver, b. Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland in home of Thomas and Hannah Marshall.


Manthorpe Cum Little Gonerby
James Dalton visitor musician 30 b. Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland


Wm. Dalton, lodger Hawker 29, b. Morpeth, Northumberland


Mathew Dalton 55, b. Ire; wife Ann 36 b. Ire; sons John 27, Thomas 19, and William 14 b. Middlesbro, York; dau Ann Clorens Dalton widow 31 b. Newcastle, Northumberland; son Joseph 16 b. Gateshead, Durham; dau Mary 3  and son Matthew 2 born South Bank York.

Jane Dalton boarder, scholar 14 b. Stella, Northumberland
Amy Dalton boarder scholar 15 b. Stella, Northumberland
Both enumerated at Storrs Hall School

Jas. Dalton fireman marine 38 b. Newcastle, Northumberland; wife Cath. Dalton 32 b. Ire.; five children b. Middlesbrough - Margaret 12, Jas. 12, Mary A. 9, Edith 8, Bernard 3.

Wath in Ripon & Norton Conyers
Alice Dalton visitor 18, b. Newcastle, Northumberland in the home of Thomas Claxton.

Bernard Dalton 43 b. Armagh, Ire; wife Ellen J. 44 b. Antrim, Ire.; dau Ellen 22 b. Haworth, Durham; Oliver 18 b. Jarrow, Northumberland; Thomas 16 and Joseph 14 b. Middlesbrough; Bernard 9 and Margaret 7 b. Port Clarence, Durham and Hugh 5 b. Easslend, Durham

York St. Mary Bishophill Sr.
Elizabeth Dalton 67, b. Newcastle, Northumberland; sister Ann Eltringham 54 b. Cresswell, Northumberland


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