According to the 1881 Census, Northamptonshire Daltons were a mere 40 in number with out-migration of Northants born Daltons exceeding the in-migration of Daltons born in other counties/shires. This dwindling population of Daltons accounts for the small number of births, marriages and burials of record. Our appreciation is extended to DGS Archivist, Michael Cayley, for Burial Records.

There is a total of 230 surname entries in this file and any additional parish records or extractions from other censuses are most welcome.  Please use the section links, the "Find on this page..." button below, or the Edit/Find function of your browser to search. It is the onus of the user to verify the data.






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(C. = Christening)


29 Dec 1783, C.Ann Dalton dau of John and Grace Dalton

28 Sep 1785, John Dalton son of John and Grace Dalton

30 Jan 1791, C.Grace Dalton, dau of John and Grace Dalton


23 Jul 1812, Mary Ann Dalton dau of John and Ann Dalton (Sheaf Street Independent)

Great Oakley

12 Jul 1622, C.Anthony Dolton

12 Dec 1624, Elizabeth Dolton dau of Arthur Dolton

15 Jul 1632, C.Elen Dalton dau of Anthony Dalton


4 Nov 1676, John Dolton son of John and Bridget Dolton (All Saints and Saint Peter)

Stamford Baron

15 Nov 1799, Wm. Dalton son of Rich. and Elizh. Dalton (St. Martins)

Jun 1804, John Dalton son of Richard and Elizabeth Dalton

11 May 1806, C.Sarah Dalton dau of Richard and Elizabeth Dalton (St. Martins)

8 May 1808, Elizabeth Dalton dau of Richard and Elizabeth Dalton (St. Martins)

21 Feb 1810, Edward Dalton son of Rich. and Elizh. Dalton (St. Martins)

19 Jan 1812, James Dalton son of Richard and Elizabeth Dalton (St. Martins)

3 Feb 1816, Thomas Dalton son of Richard and Elizabeth Dalton

Weedon Lois

1 Nov 1586, C. Elizabetha Dolton dau of Gulielmi Dolton



19 May 1832, William Dalton and Ann Sisson


8 Sep 1735, John Dolton and Ann Blackwell


9 Oct 1712, Henry Dalton and Rachel Hurley

10 May 1714, Mary Dalton and Thomas Gibbes

Canons Ashby

2 Feb 1718, John Dalton and Elizabeth Newman


10 Jan 1712, Esther Dolton and John Goodman


3 May 1652, Thomas Dalton and Mary Rog---.


28 Jan 1811, Anne Dalton and Jonathan Tooby


24 Jan 1561, Alice Dalton and Roger Cooper

3 Nov 1561, William Dalton and Joane Hewit


26 Apr 1733, Elizabeth Dolton and Edward Capell


28 Nov 1560, Alice Dalton and Nicholas Tarry

Great Oakley

21 Nov 1614, Jane Daulton and Thomas Bruse

Greens Norton

4 Feb 1664, Henry Dalton and Mary Harris


9 Oct 1750, Sarah Dalton and George Hall

Kings Sutton

3 Sep 1621, Willielmus Dolton and Elizabetha Sworder


13 Jan 1784, John Dalton and Mary Bodfish

Northampton, All Saints

5 Oct 1740, William Dalton and Elizabeth Pain

Northampton, St. Giles

24 Apr 1746, John Dalton and Mary Billing

26 Nov 1751, Robert Dalton and Margaret Smith

Northampton, St. Sepulchres

3 Oct 1692, John Dalton and Alice Plane

19 Dec 1702, Alice Dolton and Henry Adkins


11 Jun 1730, Joseph Dulton and Elizabeth Hunt


l5 Oct 1571, William Dolton and Katherine Eyres


24 Aug 1841, Dinah Dalton and William Todd

Stamford Baron

18 Nov 1712, John Doulton and Mary Budle (Saint Martin)

Weedon Lois

27 Nov 1585, Jonne Dolton and Henry Bull

27 Nov 1585, William Dolten and Maria Bull


1 Jul 1646, Elizabeth Dalton and Thomas Watts

1 Jul 1646 Elizabeth Dallton and Thomas Yates



St Peter with St James burials

5 Jul 1849 James DOLTON, 70


All Saints burials

24 Jun 1679 Elizabeth DALTON

14 Mar 1710 George DALTON


All Saints burials

30 Mar 1932 Sylvia DALTON, 76


St John the Baptist burials

11 Jul 1834 William DALTON, 9


St Martin burials

2 Feb 1819 Thomas DALTON, 3

28 Sep 1823 Edward DALTON, 13

28 Dec 1826 Richard DALTON, 48

19 May 1830 Sarah DALTON, 24



St Nicholas burials

9 Nov 1834 Ann Leete DALTON, 11 weeks

16 Nov 1834 Mary Leete DALTON, 1

21 Dec 1834 Daniel DALTON, 39



St Mary the Virgin burials

27 May 1841 Eliza DALTON, 22 mths



Section I. Daltons enumerated in Northants


Robert S. Dalton, head malster, 48, b. Pilsgate, Northants; Wife Sarah J. 48, b. Barnack, Northants; Serv. Mary E. Leaton, 20 b.Wittering, Northants



Richard Dalton, Rector of Kelmarsh, 66 b, Brighton, Sussex; wife Beatrice A., 55, b. Kirtlington, Oxford;  Dau Arrabella G. 24 and son Richard C.,18, b. Bircham Newton, Norfolk; dau Margaret B. 15, b. Kelmarsh; cousin Annie E. Wilkinson, 40, b. Eaton Town, Bedford and several servants.


Kings Sutton

William Dalton, ret. farmer, 69, b. Long Hitchington, Warwick; several servants.



Mary Jane Dalton,, mar, charwoman, b. Bourne, Lincoln; dau Mary Ann 10, b. Northampton, Northants


Northampton Priory St. Andrew

John Dalton, fact. foreman, 40, b. Eyden, Northants; wife Ann. M. 37, b. St. Sepulchre, Northants;

eight children - Martha C. 17, b. Dallington, Northants; Thomas D. 15, b. St. Andrews, Northants;

four children b, St. Sepulchre - Arthur 13, John G. 11, Elizabeth A. 8, Harry 6; two children b. St. Andrews - Mirrilla 2 and Infant Dalton 1 mo.


Northampton St. Sepulchre

Thomas M. Dalton, shoemaker, 66, b. Daventry, Northants; wife Mary 162, b. North Newington, Oxford.



James Hair, M. D., U. of  Glasgow, widower, 42, b. Scotland; dau Helen Hair 12, b. Bures St. Mary, Suffolk; sister in law Ruth M. Dalton, un, 48, b. Bures St., Mary Suffolk; two servants.

 William Foulds, fruituer, 29 b. Leicester; wife Emma 28, b. Peterborough; two children, Emma 4 and William Foulds 1, b. Peterborough; mother Elizabeth Dalton, widow, 60 b. Peterborough.

 Thomas Perkins, watch maker, 78, b. Fleckney, Leicester; wife Elizabeth 68 b. Peterborough, Northants; dau Laura Dalton, mar., 40, b. Peterborough; dau Frances M. Perkins un. 39, b. Peterborough and son Joseph F. Perkins, 29. b. Peterborough.



Robert Dalton, rr worker, un., 39, b. Church Lawford, Warwick; lodger in the household of Levi Bryan.



Agnes Dalton, scholar 18 and Mary A. Dalton 17, boarders at West Street Westfield House.Both b. Stamford, Lincoln.

Section II -1881 Census of the UK. Daltons born in Northamptonshire and living elsewhere.

Wisbech St. Peter
Hannah Dalton, widow, ret. farmer, 56, b. Lakes End, Norfolk; son Alfred 21, harness maker, b. Tips End, Norfolk; son Frederic, printer wkr., 19 b. Kettering, Northants.


Sarah Dalton, housekeeper, widow, 62, b. Peterborough, Northants; at a school where Sarah Edwards was school mistress.


Thomas Dalton, iron wkr., 30, b. Northampton, Northants; wife Mary cotton weaver, 30 b. Droylsden; dau Emily T. A. 8, b. Droylsden.

Harriet Dalton, serv., 21, b. Northampton, Northants; in household of Benjamin Dyson, cotton dealer.

James B. Dalton, engine tenter, 44, b. Crowlands, Lincoln; wife Matilda 40, b. Great Linton, Northants; six children - three b. Gt. Linton - Annie 19, Daniel H. and Susannah 14 - all textile mill workers; Jane 9, Luke 4 and Matilda 2, b. Rochdale, Lancs.


Fillingham, The Manor
Thomas B. Dalton, farmer, 37, b. Fillingham; wife Anna 37, b. Isham Northants: four children b. Scawby, Lincoln - Amy 11, Cora 8, Dora 7, and Esther 5; several servants.

Henry Dalton, swine dealer, 59, b. Moulton Chapel, Lincoln; wife Elizabeth, 45, b. Peterboro, Northants; son in law John Reedman 22, mar., joiner, b. Spalding; dau in law Elizabeth A. Reedman, age 10 b. Spalding.
Mary Ann Dolton, charwoman, widow, 39, b. Burgh, Lincoln; John James 16, rr clerk, b. Holbeach, Lincoln; Harry 13, b. Spalding; Susan 7 b. Peterborough, Northants; and Emily 10 b. Spalding.

Stamford St. Michael
Henry Dalton, cattle dealer, 41, b. Pilsgate, Northants; wife, Kitty 42, b. Uppingham, Rutland;  five children b.. Stamford - William H. 18, Betsy A. 16, Thomas R. 15, Charles 13, Edward 11; sister Harriet Dalton, 35, b. Pilsgate; Jane Southwell - sister in law, annuitant, un. 46 b. Uppingham; Alice E. Southwell 4, niece in law, annuitant's dau b. Uppingham; two servants.


J. S. Dalton, grocer 43, b. Pilsgate, Northants; wife Sarah 33, b. Islington, Middlesex; seven children -five b. Islington - Edward 13, Lizzie 11, Emily 9, Rose 7, Martha 5;  Agnes 3 and John R. 11 mos., b. Stoke Newington, Middlesex.

London, Bethnal Green
Geo Dalton, boot wkr., 39 b. Northanpton; wife May 42, b. Northampton; son Thomas 16, b. Northampton.

London, St. Andrew Holborn
Francis Dalton, chemist, 33, b. Felsgate, Northants; wife Sarah E. 22, b. Fleet, Lincoln.


Jane Dolton, serv., 23, b. Brackley, Northants; in household of Thomas Griffin.


John Dolton, rr worker, 54, b. Brackley, Northants; wife Hannah 50, b. Turweston, Buckingham; four children -William 27 and John 21, furnacemen, b. Brackley; Edward, iron worker, 18, b.Turweston; Mark 14, coal miner, b. Brackley.


Emma J. Dalton, housemaid, 18, b. Stamford, Northants; in household of Thomas Cook.

Charlotte Dalton, weaver, widow, age 73, visitor at household of William Farrant.


Mary Dalton, lodging house, widow, 60 b. Buckley, Northants; son in law, James B. Castell, prov. seller, 33, b. London Chelsea; dau Mary H. Castell dressmaker, 33 b. London St. Georges.


Frederick Dalton, bricklayer, 47, b. Malvern, Worcester; wife Mary 54, b. Northamton, Northants; seven children - Charles 19 and Frederick 17, b. Gloucester; James 16 and Mary 16, b. Birmingham; Henry 13, Thomas 12 and Theresa 9, b. Birmingham


George Dalton, upholsterer, 52, b. Middleton, York; wife Hannah 47, b. Rothwell, Northants; nine children b. Bradford - Elizebeth 21, grocer; Cathren Henrietta 20, and Mary Hinch 16, book binders; John 14, apprentice; George William 11, Henry 10, Emily Jane 8, Thomas Edward 6 and Beatrice Ellenor 2.

John Dalton, iron wkr., 39, b. IRE; wife Martha 32, b. Weedon, Northants; six children: three b. Hunslet, York - Joseph A. 13, James H. 8 and Henry 6; three b. Holbeck - Mary J. 10, Ethel 3, and Lena 10 mos.


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