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The file of New Hampshire Daltons is quite extensive and contains about 800 surnames. In the absence of Birth and Marriage data, your editor has extracted genealogies from the histories of several NH towns and linked them together wherever possible. This data includes births, marriages, deaths, places of residence and other pertinent information of use to the researcher. It covers a period of 300 years - from the mid 1600's to the mid 1900's.

Originally the data was assembled by your editor as background material for a series of articles on the Hampton, NH Daltons that were published in the Dalton Genealogical Society Journals and on the DGS Home page. Our appreciation is extended to DGS member Bernard W. Dodd of Concord, NH for locating and sending copies of the histories. We are also grateful to Robert Dalton of Malagia, CA and Judy Olson for their contributions.

Because of the limited availability of primary source material for this file, please be sure to verify the data. The data is easily searchable using the section links, the "Find on this page..." button or the Edit/Find function of your browser.

For further information on Hampton, N. H. Daltons, visit the Lane Library site: http://www.hampton.lib.nh.us 


Marriage Index - State Records

Census Indexes - 1776-1850

1880- Census Extractions

City Directories

Town Registers - Census 1908

Social Security Death Index

Early Civil Records

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County Map of New Hampshire:


4 May 1769, Hannah Dalton and Samuel Murey

25 Jan 1780, Comfort Dalton and Tristram Sanborn

6 Dec 1790, Dorothy Dalton and Parker Clement

23 Nov 1786, Sarah Dalton and Ekekiel Sanborn

27 Oct 1793, Esther Dalton and Simon Brown

 3 Mar 1794, Molley Dalton and Nathaniel Smith

10 Jun 1798, Betsey Dalton and Jonathan Sanborn

29 Nov 1814, Hannah Dalton and John Stewart

13 Nov 1817, Nancy Dalton and Samuel P. Collins

4 Feb 1819, Polly Dalton and William Morrill

 27 Oct 1842, Mary M. Dalton and James Flanders

6 Nov 1845, Hannah S. Dalton and Reubin Sanborn

31 Dec 1846, Sarah A. Dalton and Genjamin D. Cilley

7 Jun 1849, Mary R. Dalton and Justin Cilley

23 Jan 1867, Clara L. Dalton 17 and Alonzo M. Stevens 23

23 Jan 1867, Clara L. Dalton, 17, b. North Hampton and Alonzo Stevens, 29. b. Hampton, NH. Wife's parents Michael and Elizabeth S. Dalton; husband's parents David and Sarah A. Stevens.

21 Apr 1875, Flora E. Dalton, b. Laconia, NH and Z. Taylor Crockett, age 24, b. Meredith, NH.

Wife's parents Joseph and Ann Dalton; husband's parents William and Nancy Crockett.

1 Jan 1879, Mary J. Dalton, 32 b. Northfield, Merrimac Co., N. H. and Frank D. Hill, 26 b. Sanbornton, Belknap Co., NH; parents John and Narcissa Dalton; Aron and Elizabeth Hill.

 30 Jul 1884, Rose Dalton, 22, b. Canada and Peter J. Cook, 25, b. Canada. Husband's parents - John Cook and Thirsa Stevens.

25 Nov 1886, Mary F. Dalton, 29 b. Liverpool, England and Frank E. Burpee, 31 b. Peterborough, Hillsboro Co., NH. Wife's parents, Thomas and Elizabeth Dalton; husband's parents Abbott Burpee and Ann Lawrence.

6 Aug 1892, Nellie A. Dalton, 23, b. Deerfield, NH and George S. Wilbur  29, b. New London, CT. Wife's father John Dalton; husband's parents John C. and Eliza Wilbur

 5 Apr 1894, Mary Dalton, 26 b. Rutland Vt. and Stephen Hogan 16, b. Ireland. Wife's parents Patrick Dalton and Bridget Cornington; husband's parents John Hogan and Johanna Loughlin

18 Oct 1894, Almeda A. Dalton (Mrs.) age 51 b. Meredith, NH and John D. Smith age 50, b. Moultonboro, NH. Wifes' parents, William Lewis and Hannah J. Pickering; husband's parents, Eliphalet P. Smith and Mary J. Leavitt.

16 Dec 1896, Nellie W. Dalton age 26, b. New Hampton, NH and Charles O. Hopkins, 23, b. Dorchester (NH?). Wife's parents Warren W. Dalton and Ellen A. Brown; usband's parents, Elbridge S. Hopkins and Malaina A. Muzzey


CENSUS INDEXES - 1776 to 1850    Top

Please note that there was much redistricting and often times the name of the town remained the same but new counties were formed or the borders of  counties changed.


Rockingham County
Josiah Dalton, North Hampton
Mikel Dalton, Rye
Moses Dalton, Epping
Timothy Dalton, North Hampton 


Rockingham County
Hannah Dalton
John Dalton
John Dalton, Chester
Josiah Dalton, North Hampton
Michael Dalton
Michael Dalton

Grafton County
William Dalton 


Rockingham County
Michael Dalton


Rockingham County
Benjamin Dalton, Rye
Ebenezer Dalton, North Hampton
Fresham Dalton, North Hampton
James Dalton, Deerfield
John Dalton, Chester
Lemuel Dalton, Northfield
Michael Dalton, Deerfield
Moses Dalton, Nottingham
Samuel Dalton

Hillsborough County
Isaac Dalton, Warner (his birth will be in the Mass. records. A son, John Evans Dalton, b. 27 May 1901 in Warner was graduated from Dartmouth College Medical School in 1831. He was a physician, practiced in Ohio and died in LaCrosse, WI on 6 May 1888)
Samuel Dalton, Warner


Rockingham County
Ebenezer M. Dalton, North Hampton
James Dalton, Deerfield
Michael Dalton, Deerfield
Michael Dalton, Jr. Deerfield
Tristram Dalton, North Hampton 

Strafford County
John Dalton, New Hampton


Coos County
Caleb L. Dalton, Stewartstown

Merrimack County
Absalom Dalton, Northfield
Isaac Dalton, Warner

Strafford County
Joseph L. Dalton, Sanbornton
Samuel Dalton, Gilmanton


Coos County
Caleb S. Dalton, Stewartstown

Hillsborough County
Farley Dalton, Temple

Merrimack County
Judith Dalton, Warner
Samuel Dalton, Sutton

Rockingham County
Benjamin Dalton, Rye
Ebenezer Dalton, North Hampton
Joseph Dalton, Rye
Michael Dalton, Rye
Michale Dalton, North Hampton
Rufus Dalton, North Hampton
Tristram Dalton, North Hampton

Strafford County
Absalom Dalton, Sanbornton
Elbridge Dalton, Jr., Effingham
John Dalton, Sanbornton
Joshua L. Dalton, Gilmanton
Satura Dalton, Sanbornton
Tiimothy Dalton, New Hampton
William H. Dalton, Gilmanton 


Coos County
Caleb S. Dalton, Stewartstown

Hillsborough County
Farley Dalton, Temple

Merrimack County
Judith Dalton, Warner
Samuel Dalton, Sutton

Rockingham County
Benjamin Dalton, Rye
Ebenezer Dalton, North Hampton
Joseph Dalton, Rye
Michael Dalton, Rye
Michael Dalton, North Hampton
Rufus Dalton, North Hampton
Tristram Dalton, North Hampton

Strafford County
Absalom Dalton, Sanbornton
Elbridge Dalton, Jr., Effingham
Satura Dalton, Sanbornton
Timothy Dalton, New Hampton
William H. Dalton, Gilmanton


Belknap County
Absalom Dalton, Gilmanton
Joshua L. Dalton, Gilmanton
Samuel W. Dalton, New Hampton
Timothy Dalton, New Hampton
William Dalton, Gilmanton

George Dalton, Sandwich

Cheshire County
Bridget Dalton, Keene
James Dalton, Swanzey
James Dalton, Winchester

Coos County
Caleb S. Dalton, Colebrook
Flavius Dalton, Stewartstown
Florentious Dalton, Dixville
Lucitta Dalton, Colebrook

Grafton County
Dolly Dalton, Dorchester
Isaac Dalton, Hanover

Merrimack County
Judith Dalton, Warner
Joseph B. Dalton 7- farmer and wife Abigail both b. NH, Allentown

Rockingham County
Daniel Dalton, Newton
Daniel Dalton, Rye
Elbridge G. Dalton, Exeter
Hanah Dalton, Deerfield
James Dalton, Deerfield
Joseph Dalton, Brentwood
Jospeh B. Dalton, Rye
Michael Dalton, North Hampton
Michael Dalton, Deerfield
Rachel Dalton, Kingston
Tristram Dalton, North Hampton

Strafford County
Benjamin Dalton, Somersworth


Belknap County
Mahala S. Dalton, New Hampton
Mary J. Dalton, Northfield 


Belknap County

Wilmer C. Dalton, age 10, student b. NH; parents b. NH; enumerated in the household of George and Pluma Dal
Ella M. Dalton, mar. cotton mill worker, age 30, b. NH, parents b. NH; enumerated in hoousehold of Charles and Nannie A. Clough
Joshua L. Dalton, farmer age 71, b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Mary L. Dalton age 68 b. NH, parents b. NH

Joseph Dalton, hosiery mill worker, age 48 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Hannah age 39 b. NH, parents b. NH

Annie E. Dalton, shouse keeper, div., age 36 b. NH, parents b. NH; enumerated in household of John C. Pickering
Charlotte Dalton, single age 49, b. NH, parents b. NH; enumerated in Allmshouse, Rufus Clark agent

New Hampton
Elen A. Dalton, housekeeper, widow age 34, b. NH, parents b. NH; sons  Edwin 14, Frank B. 12 and dauNellie W. age 9. b. NH;  Mary Dalton, single, age 81 b. NH, parents b. NH

Frank P. Dalton, farmer age 24, b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Mary A. age 20 b. NH, parents b. NH; Georgia M. Dalton, house servant, single age 28, b. NH, parents b. NH

Henry Q. Dalton age 50 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Sarah S. 56 b. NH, parents b. NH


Cheshire County

Richard C. Dalton, pottery worker, single age 56, b. England, parents b. England; enumerated in household of James H. Drugg

Grafton County|
Charles Dalton, farmer, age 39, b. NH; parents b. NH. Wife Hariet age 43, b. NH, parents b. NH; mother Lucy Ingalls widow age 77 b. NH, parents b. NH; gmother, widow, Terasha Ladd age 85 b. Maine, parents b. Maine

Thomas Dalton, age 21, laborer, b. Canada, parents b. Canada; enumerated with Sam and Julia Cutting
Mary Dalton, age 23 b. Canada, parents b. Ireland; enumerated in household of Sarah Jackman

Samuel W. Dalton, farmer, age 67 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Mahala S. Dalton, 65 b. NH, parents b. NH; son John M. V. B. Dalton, farmer, single age 36, b. NH
Albion B. Dalton, farmer, age 34, b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Emily age 32, b. NH, parents b. NH; daus - Carrie M. 7, b. NH; Anna A. 2, b. NH and Cora A. 10 mos. b. NH

Hillsborough County


Oeland Dalton, single, watchman, age 20 b. NH, parents b. NH; enumerated in household of Josep and Rebecca Smith
Furgus Dalton,cotton mill worker, age 38 b. England; wife Kate 32 b. RI, parents b. Ireland; Thomas 9, b. RI; Mary E. 7, b. RI; George A. 5, b. NH, Annie 3, b. NH, Gertrude 8 mos. b. NH

Michael Dalton, pauper, single age 55, b. Ireland eunumerated with other paupers under Charles Stiles


Merrimack County

Joseph B. Dalton, framer, age 70 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Abagail age 64 b. NH, parents b. NH

Ebin S. Dalton, farmer, age 58 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Betsey R. Dalton age 52, b. NH, parents b. NH; son Charles R. age 23, b. Maine; son George T. age 19 b. Maine; dau Susan R. 17 b. Maine; dau May E. 10 b. NH


Rockingham County

John J. Dalton, farm lab. age 27, b. NH, parents b. NH; wide Ida A. age 18, b. NH, parents b. NH; dau Clara B. age 4 mos. b. NH
Rose Dalton, servant, age 19 b. NH, parents b. NH; enumerated in household of Jacob and Sarah Prescott

George Dalten or Palton, shoe worker, widow age 63 b. NH, parents b. NH; listed as father in law of Augustin Brown and Hellen Brown

Benjamin T. Dalton age 55, farmer, b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Elizabeth age 47 b. NH, parents b. NH; son Henry F. 15, b. MA.

Mary A. Dalton single age 16, shoe worker, single niece b. Maine; parents b. New Brunswick. also a listing for Anna L. Barker, dau age 10 b. NH (obvious incomplete listings)

Joanna Dalton, mar., age 50 b. Ireland; son Jeremiah farm lab. 21, b. NH; dau Mary shoe worker, 29 b. MA; dau Annie 18 factory worker, b. MA  John 13 b. NH; Catherine 10, b. NH

North Hampton
Rufus Dalton, age 72 b. NH. parents b. NH; wife Maria, 66 b. NH, parents b. NH
Eben L. Dalton, farmer, widow, age 42 b. Maine; parents b. Maine; son George age 19, b. NH; dau in law Emma P. age 17, b. NH. (Eben -son of Morris Cotton Dalton)

Samuel B. Dalton, farmer, age 61 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Sarah A. Dalton, age 58 b. NH, parents b. NH; dau Rose M. so b. NH, dau Ida M. Bragg mar age 23 b. NH; grandson Claraines W. Bragg, age 2 b. NH, dau Nellie A. Dalton age 11 b. NH

D. Woodbury Dalton, farmer, age 31, b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Isabelle E. age 24, b. NH, parents b. NH
Daniel Dalton, farmer 64, b. N. H. parents b. NH; wife Emily A. 46 b. NH, parents b. NH
Moses Dalton, single, farmer, age 63 b. NH, parents b. NH

Chares (Charles) Dalton, single, blacksmith age 19, b. Maine, parents b. Maine enumerated at the boarding house of Mariah Pinkham


Daltons who were born in NH and were enumerated in other states


York County


Morris C. Dalton age 74, b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Sally B. b. Maine, father b. MA, mother b. ME; son Morris B. F. Dalton, grocer, age 40 b. ME; dau in law Annie L. 34 b. ME; parents b. ME; grandson Eddie W. age 8 b. ME; gdau Linnie G. 5 b. ME; gdau Lala O. 11 mos. b. ME



Abigail Dalton, widow age 95 b. NH; dau Ann Chamberlain widow age 70 b. Maine; grandson John D. Chamberlain single age 42 b. Maine.



Barnstable County


William Dalton glass blower, age 33, b. MA, parents b. Ireland; wife Mry A. 27 b. NH, parents b. Ireland; dau Mary L. age 12 b. MA

Essex County

Hamilton, William Dalton, woolen worker, age 28 b. NH, parents b. NH; in boarding house of Angus M. Davis



Edward Dalton, woolen mill worker, age 46 b. Ireland; wife Margaret 35, b. Ireland; son Richard 16. b. MA; son Edward 13, b. MA; Mary E. 12, b. MA; Lizzie age 9 b. NH.


West Newbury

H. W. Dalton, clergyman, age 61, b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Louisa age 57 b. MA; dau Cora 21 b. MA; son Frank P. 19 b. MA


Middlesex County


M. A. Dalton, police officer, 37 b. MA, parents b. Ireland; wife Carrie L. 36 b. NH; dau Lizzie 15, b. MA; son Harry E. 14, b. MA



Catherine E. Dalton dau mar. age 24, b. MA, parents b. England; son in law Edward Dalton, r.r. conductor, age 27 b. NH, parents b. Ireland, enumerated in household of Michael and Catherine McDonald.



Caledonia County

Flavias J. Dalton, age 40 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Maryetta 38 b. VT; son Fred B. 10 b. VT


Caleb S. Dalton, store clerk; age 37 b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Ella 24, b. VT; dau Maude E. 7 b. VT; son Harold 10 mos. b. VT




Richard C. Dalton, potter, 1881-1884

M. Dalton, R. R. watchman, res. Bellows Falls, 1887-1888



Fergus Dalton, mill second hand, res. 85 Mast St., 1890-1893

Thomas Dalton, laborer, grocer, res. 141 East Spruce, 1890 -1893

Thomas F. Dalton, machinist, bds. 85 Mast St, 1890-1893

Thomas J. Dalton, brewer, res. River Rd, Bakeresville, 1890 -1893

William H. Dalton, brewer, bds. River Rd South, Bakersville, 1890-1893

Fred Dalton, painter, bds. 352 Pine, 1891



Robert Dalton, draughtsman, 1888-1890


Hollis NH, History of

Rev. Mr. H. W. Dalton, pastor of Hollis Baptist Church for two years, from 1854. (May be located above in the 1880 Census of West Newbury, MA).



New Hampton

Frank B. Dalton, farmer, Ashland and Harriet A. (Merrill) housewife  Ashland Postal Rte


Frank P Dalton, farmer of Laconia; Mary A. Hill Dalton, Roscoe H. Dalton, farmer and Ethel G. Dalton, waitress, Laconia Rte 1


Sarah Gilman Dalton,Laconia, Laconia Rte 1


Ella Ingalls Dalton, mill operator, Main Rte.



SECTION I Daltons whose SS# was issed in NH and who died in a known NH County

Belknap County of Last Residence

Roscoe Dalton, b. 6 May 1886, d. May 1972, Laconia

Bessie Dalton, b. 21 May 1893, d. Aug 1977, Laconia, last benefit, Laconia

Bernard Dalton, b. 30 Mar 1898, d. Jun 1969, Laconia

Bernice M. Dalton, b. 20 Jul 1911, d. 1996, Laconia

Harold  H. Dalton, b. 31 Jul 1915, d. 27 Aug 1988, Laconia


Coos County of Last Residence

Lois M. Dalton, b. 26 May 1902, d. 27 Jun 1995, West Stewartstown


Cheshire County of Last Residence

Harold T. Dalton, b. 23 May 1904, d. 2 Oct 1988, Keene

Hal. N. Dalton, b. 26 Apr 1924, d. 26 Jan 2001, Rindge

Barbara R. Dalton b. 6 Dec 1931, d. Aug 9 2000, Gilsum


Grafton County of Last Residence

Florence Dalton, b. 10 Oct 1879, d. Jun 1970, Lebanon

Florence H. Dalton, b. 14 Jul 1911, d. Jan 1992, Lebanon


Hillsborough County of Last Residence

Mary Dalton, b. 17 Sep 1914, d. 1978, Manchester

Margaret Dalton, b. 2 May 1894, d. Mar 1977, Manchester, last benefit Manchester

Martha N. Dalton, b. 18 Oct 1930, d. 25 Sep 1966, Manchester

Cecilia Dalton, b. 21 May 1917, d. 9 Feb 1977, Bedford

John Dalton, b. 27 Nov 1892, d. Jan 1972, Manchester

Joseph Dalton, b. 13 Feb 1900, d. Jan 1984, Manchester

William Dalton, b. 23 Nov 1897, d. Nov 1967, Manchester


Merrimack County of Last Residence

Edward B. Dalton, b. 7 Dec 1904, d. 22 Jan 1993, Hooksett

John Dalton, b. 15 Jul 1906, d. Jul 1974, Concord


Rockingham County   of Last Residence

Millard Dalton, b. 26 Feb 1891, d. May 1966, Hampton

Grace Dalton, b. 25 Mar 1904, d. 1970, Hampton

Fred Dalton, b.8 Jul 1903, d. Mar 1985, Hampton

Harrison W. Dalton, b. 22 Oct 1909, d. 21 Mar 1994, North Hampton

Harry Dalton, b. 2 Oct 1906, d. 1969, Derry

Eunice B. Dalton, b. 4 Jun 1909, d. 7 Sep 2000, North Hampton

Alice A. Dalton, b. 30 Jan 1910, v. 8 Sep 1998, Hampton

Harry Dalton, b. 14 Sep 1905, d. Sep 1908, Exeter, last benefit, Newnarket

Robert Dalton, b. 13 Jan 1942, d. 13 Mar 1999, Londonderry


SECTION II Daltons whose SS# was issued in NH and who died in NH, place unlisted

Frederick Dalton, b. 23 Oct 1908, d. 24 Jul 1991

Blanche A. Dalton, b. 19 Feb 1920, d. Jul 1990

Raymond Dalton, b. 13 Dec 1917, d. Aug 1977

Alvin S. Dalton, b. 25 Jun 1915, d. 26 Jan 1990

Albert Dalton, b. 4 Dec 1891, d. Jan 1959

Violet P Dalton, b. 20 Dec 1909, d. 29 Jul 1996

Raymond Dalton, b. 10 Oct 1941, d. Sep 1981, last benefit Laconia


SECTION III Daltons whose SS# was issued in NH and died out of state


Elizabeth F. Dalton, b. 5 Aug 1945, d. 11 Nov 1996, Litchfield County, Watertown



Lawrence Dalton, b. Feb 25 1912, d. Nov 2001, Pinellas County, Clearwater

Harry J. Dalton, b. 5 Nov 1930, d. 25 Mar 1991, Seminole County, Longwood

Donald Dalton, b. 30 Jul 1933, d. Sep 1976, Seminole County, Casselberry



John Dalton, b. 18 Mar 1925, d. Jun 1986, York County, Biddeford Pool

Ruth E. Dalton, b. 2 Aug 1900, d. 16 Sep 1992, York County, Kennebunk



Jane B. Dalton, b. 8 Oct 1904, d. 17 Sep 1993, Hamilton County, Cincinnati


Rhode Island

Joan C. Dalton, b. 11 Mar 1935, d. 28 Nov 2001, Kent County, Warwick



Charles Dalton, b. 11 Sep 1940, d. Nov 1984, Lampasas County, Lampasas, last benefit, Lampasas



John Dalton, b. 23 Oct 1908, d. Dec 1983, Randoph County, Orange

David Dalton, b. 23 Sep 1899, d. Nov 1984, Orleans County, Derby



Stanley L. Dalton, b. 5 Jun 1908, d. 4 Oct 1996, King County, Auburn


SECTION IV Daltons who died in NH and whose SS# was issued in other states

Connecticut - State of SS isue

Ethel Dalton, b. 2 Dec 1911, d. Sep 1972, Hillsborough Co., Peterborough, NH



Alexander Dalton, b. 9 Jan 1902, d. Nov 1981, Carrol Co., Wolfeboro, NH

Daniel S. Dalton, b. 24 Oct 1957, d. 15 May 200, Hillsborough, Manchester, NH

Justine Dalton, b. 7 Jun 1900, d. April 1976, Carroll Co., Wolfeboro, NH


Maine - State of SS issue

Gladys Dalton, b. 16 Sep 1903, d. Dec 1979, last res. Cheshire, Co., Troy, NH; last benefit MA, Essex County, Lynn


Massachusetts - State of SS issue

Marshall Dalton, b. 7 Jan 1893, d. Mar 1976, Hillsborough, Co., Peterborough, NH

Julia H. Dalton, b. 20 Aug 1921, d. 21 Apr 1998, Belknap Co., Sanbornton, NH

Muriel S. Dalton, b. 226 Nov 1930, d. 6 Apr 1993, Hillsborough Co., Manchester, NH

Robert Dalton, b. 16 Jan 1917, d. Jul 1978, Hillsborough Co., Hudson, NH (last benefit same place)

Thomas Dalton, b. 5 Nov 1902, d. Oct 1965, Hillsborough Co., Manchester, NH


Albert Dalton, b. 23 Jul 1903, d. Jun 1966, Cheshire, Co., Troy, NH

Marion Dalton, b. 19 Nov 1900, d. May 1972, Belknap, Co., Laconia, NH

Fabiola Dalton, b. 4 Jun 1905, d. 19 Dec 1992, Rockingham Co., Raymond, NH

James R. Dalton, b. 27 Nov 1925, d.22 Dec 1999, Strafford, Co., Somersworth, NH

Florence Dalton, b. 3 Jul 1926, d. 29 Oct 1994, Rockingham Co., Northwood, NH

Eva Dalton, b. 2 Sep 1902, d. Aug 1987, Strafford Co., Somersworth, NH


New Jersey - State of SS issue

Ruth Dalton, b. 8 Aug 1802, d. Dec 1986, Strafford Co., Durham


New York

James Dalton, b. 25 Nov 1894, d. Dec 1967, Belknap Co., Laconia


Pennsylvania - State of SS issue

Frances D. Dalton, b. 10 Dec 1924, d. Jan 1996, Rockingham Co., Hampton, NH

John Dalton b. 7 Jun 1923, d. Jun 1987, Carroll Co., Wolfeboro, NH


Texas-State of SS issue

Justine Dalton, b. 7 Jun 1900, d. April 1976, Carroll Co., Wolfeboro, NH


Vermont- State of SS issue

Harold Dalton, b. 25 Aug 1897, d. Apr. 1976, last res., Grafton Co. Woodsville, NH (also place of last benefit)

Early Civil Records    Top


General Court
Philemon Dalton was made Freeman at the General Court on Mar 3, 1635/6
Rev Timothy Dalton was made a Freeman at the General Court in 1636/37

Town Officers
Source: Joseph Dow's History of the Town of Hampton, Vol. 1

Town Clerk
Samuel Dalton, (son of Philemon); 1653-1681

Representative to the General Court of Massachusetts
Samuel Dalton, 1662; 1664-6, 2 ses.; 1669-1671, 3 ses; 1673-6, 4 ses.; 1678-9, 2 ses.

Philemon Dalton, 1644
Samuel Dalton, 1653, 1658, 1662, 1665, 1668, 1672, 1674-75, 1676-7, 1678-9
Philemon Dalton,  (Deacon, son of Samuel)1694, 1705

Dalton Family Genealogy

From Joseph Dow's History of Hampton, NH, The History of Rye NH 1905, Hampton Vital Records and Genealogy, and other town histories. There may be a few duplications but the family lines are fairly complete for over 300 years - from the mid 1600's to the mid 1900's.

1. Rev. Timothy Dalton, b. England d. in Hampton,in 1661; widow Ruth d. 1666; son Timothy d. c.1652

2. Philemon Dalton, b. England, c 1590, brother of Timothy, arrived Apr 1635; wife Hannah/Dorothy b. England c. 1600; son Samuel b. England c. 1629. Philemon d. June 4 1662.

3. Samuel Dalton (son of Philemon  #2 above), m. Mehitable Palmer, dau of Henry Palmer of Haverhill, MA. He died Aug 22 1681; widow mar. 2nd  Rev Zachariah Symmes of Bradford, MA Children:

4. Hannah Dalton b. Jan 11, 1655, single d. Sep 12, 1674

5. Samuel Dalton, b. Sep 19 1656; m. Nov 23 1683 Dorothy Swan of Haverhill, MA

6. Mehitabel Dalton, b. Nov 3 1658; m. Thomas Philbrick

7. Elizabeth Dalton, b. Feb 11 1661

8. Timothy Dalton, b. Jan 25, 1663; d. in Boston Oct 24 1681

9. Philemon Dalton, b. Dec 15, 1664 m. Abigail Gove; d. Apr 4 1721

10. John Dalton b. Dec 23 1666

11. Caleb Dalton, b. Apr 29 1668, d. Aug 29 1675

12. Abiah Dalton a twin b. Jun 3 1670

13. Second twin Dalton, d. immediately

14. Joseph Dalton, b. May 2 1672, d. Apr 2, 1678

15. Abigail Dalton, b. Nov 21 1673; m. Richard Hall Apr 24 1699

16. Mary Dalton, b. Oct 31, 1675; m. Joseph Clement

17. Dorothy Dalton, b. Dec 6 1677; m. Ebenezer Stiles Jul 23 1701

18. Philemon Dalton, (son of  Samuel #3 above) Deacon, m. Abigail Gove dau of Edward Gove on Sep 25, 1690; occupied the family homestead and later moved to Rand's Hill. Children:

19. Hannah Dalton christened Jun 27 1697; m. John Sargeant, Sr. on 6 Mar 1717/1718

20. Timothy Dalton, c. Jun 27 1698; m. Sarah Mason on 2 Feb 1720/21

21. Samuel Dalton, c. Jul 22 1694; m. Mary Leavitt on 28 Apr 1720; d. Dec 26 1755.

22. Philemon Dalton, b. Aug 16 1697; m. Bethia Bridges of Andover, MA on Jul 15 1720;  Children:   dau Hannah Dalton, b. Oct 1 1721; widow Bethia remarried Sep 24 1725 to Samuel Morse.

23. Abigail Dalton, b. Sep 2, 1699; m. Benjamin Carlton on Feb 23 1721

24. John Dalton, b. Feb 10 1702; d. Dec 17 1717

25. Sarah Dalton, b. Apr 19 1704; m. Joseph Towle; d. Jul 1779; eight children - Joseph Towle II, Amos Towle, Jonathan Towle, Dorothy (Dolly) Towle, Sarah Towle, Abigail Towle, Mary Towle, Nathaniel Towle and Jethroe Towle

26. Jeremiah Dalton, b. May 25, 1707; d. Dec 17 1707

27. Michael Dalton, b. Feb 25 1714, merchant, Captain. Appearing in the NH Gazette of Mar 9 1770, it states that Michael Dalton age 61 d. in Newbury, MA on Mar 1 1770.  If so there is a discrepancy in the birth dates; m. Mary Little of Newbury

28. Mehetabel, b. Sep 25, 1713; m. Bejamin Prescott son of Jonathan Prescott on Oct 16 1728

29. There is a question as to whether a Mary Dalton married Edward French.

30. Timothy Dalton (son of  Deacon Philemon #18 above), m. Sarah Mason, dau of Robert Mason on Feb 21 1721 and settled in North Hill in the current Eben H. Dalton home.   Children:

31. Philemon Dalton, b. Jan 4 1722; d. May 4 1722

32. John Dalton, b. Mar 2 1723

33. Sarah Dalton, b. Dec 24, 1724; m. Samuel Prescott, son of Samuel and gr. son of James Prescott.

34. Abigail Dalton, b. Nov 9 1726

35. Maria Dalton, christened Jun 8 1729

35. Mehetabel Dalton, b. Aug 30 1730; married James Batchelder; d. Dec 22, 1819

36. Hannah Dalton, b. Sep 13, 1734

37. Timothy Dalton, b. May 26 1737; m. Elizabeth Marden; d. at Fort Ticonderoga, NY

38. Josiah Dalton, b. May 15 1740

39. Michael Dalton, b. Nov 12 1743

40. Samuel Dalton, (son of Philemon #18 above). m. Mary Leavitt Apr 28 1720 dau of Moses Leavitt. Children:

41. Mary Dalton, b. Feb 22, 1721; d. May 1721

42. Benjamin Dalton, b. May 9 1722; m. Mary May, dau of Captain Minowell May of Litle Harbor, Children: Michael Dalton, b. Nov 15 1753; Mary Dalton christened June 6 1756 and m. Jeremiah Brown; Sarah Dalton, christened Aug 18 1764, m. Foss  See also 48 below.

43. Anna Dalton, b. Nov 2 1723; d. young

44. Samuel Dalton, b. Apr 5 1726; m. Sarah Scott

45. Mary Dalton, b. Jul 2, 1728; d. Jun 30 1769, single

46. Philemon Dalton, b. Jan 23, 1731

47. Anna Dalton, b. Nov 2 1733

48. Moses Dalton, b. Jun 5 1736

49. Jeremiah Dalton b. Dec 21 1738

50. Elizabeth Dalton, b. Apr. 1 1745


41. Timothy Dalton (son of Timothy #30 above). mar. Elizabeth Marden on Dec 29 1763 in Rye, NH; lived in the North Hampton homestead.   Children:

41 A. Michael Dalton, b. Aug 4 1764; (son of #14 Timothy) m. Molly Palmer May 29 1786, dau of Joseph Palmer. Removed to Deerfield. (this may be the connection for the Littleton, NH Daltons).

Michael's children: Mary Dalton, single; James Dalton m. Betsey Rand; Joseph Dalton  became a doctor; (see below #41B) Michael Dalton mar. Martha Wiggin; Elizabeth Dalton m. John Bartlett; Hannah m. Reuben Sanborn; Lucetta Dalton m. Ward C. Sturtevant of Center Harbor.

41B. Dr. Joseph Dalton, son of Michael Dalton ( 41A above), and grandson of Timothy (see 41 above), mar. Mary Dow Parsons. Lived at Brentwood, d. Dec 15 1856: Children: Mary Dalton m. James Thing and lived at Roxbury, MA; Charles Dalton m. Maria Prestwick and lived at Bloomington, IL; Martha Dalton m. Albert G. Webster lived in Chicago, IL; Joseph Dalton, b. June 1 1835, m. Lydia Glimper, d. April 3 1886

42. Mary Dalton, b. Jul 1 1766 (dau of Timothy #41); m. in Hampton by Rev. Mr. Thayer, Nov 29 1791 to John Johnson of Wakefield

43. Ebenezer Marden Dalton, b. Oct 3, 1768 (son of Timothy #41 above); m. May 22 1796 to Love Hobbs dau of Thomas Hobbs; lived on homestead; son Rufus Dalton was the father of Eben  Harrison Dalton who currently owns the homestead. (Eben Dalton b. Aug 31 1842, m. Francelia Warner and had three children :  1)Charles C. Dalton, b. 1873 son of Eben H. Dalton m. Jul 4, 1894 Jennie Weare of Seabrook, NH (b. Jan 18, 1873 - d. Jan 24 1946, dau of John and Ruth J. (Felch) Weare. Charles died Sep1 1952.

(There were three children of Charles and Jennie Dalton; a) Annie M. Dalton, b. Jan 20 1897 in North Hampton; m. Oct 29 1917 Martin J.   age 33 of North Hampton. This couple had three children; Martin Clarence Dalton b. June 18 1918 in Exeter, NH, d. Sep 3 1926; John Dalton   b. Oct 4 1919 in North Hampton and Annie Mildred Dalton, b. June 9 1903. b) Fred Greenway Dalton, b. Jun 9 1903 (son of Charles C.) b. Jun 9 1903, m. Alice White of Hampton. He d. Mar 31 1985. Three of their children may be still living - Kelvin, Glendon, Janice E.

2) Samuel R. Dalton,  son of Eben H. Dalton, b. 1868 in No. Hampton. married Catherine Philbrick. Samuel died May 11 1909. Samuel and Catherine had one child: Millard Everett Dalton, b. 1890/1 in North Hampton; m. 1st Oct 6 1917 at Hampton Falls NH to Leslie Belle Davis; m. 2nd Grace C. Rock, b. 1904? dau of Benjamin J. and Edith L. (Marston) Rock.   Millard   Dalton d. May 4 1966 age 75 and Grace d. Feb 26 1979).   3) Eva M. Dalton, b. 1872 d. Mar 1940, m. -----Taylor .

44. John Dalton, b. May 23, 1770 (son of Timothy #41)

45. Esther Dalton, b. Jul 29 1772 (dau of Timothy #41)

46. Tristram Dalton, b. Feb 10 1774; (son of Timothy #41) m. 1st Nov 14 1798, Dorothy Brown of North Hampton who d. Feb 14, 1802; Tristram married 2nd Mrs. Huldah Webber Cotton on Oct 7 1804. She was the widow of Morris Cotton of North Hampton. Lived at Little River. Tristram d. Apr. 3 1886. Children: Benjamin B. Dalton, b. Jan 14, 1800; drowned Aug 23 1824 at Newburyport, MA; Children by second wife: Morris Cotton Dalton, mar Jan 13, 1827 Ursula Leavitt, dau of Eben Leavitt. They removed to Acton, ME  

Their children were , a). Ebenezer/Eben Leavitt Dalton b. Feb 10 1836, mar. (aka, Mary A).Elvina Cotton  ( b. 1839, d. Apr 5 1880) Eben d. Jun 7 1924.  They   had one child, George E. Dalton b. Oct 24, 1860   who married Emma Perkins Jenness on Jan 5 1879 (b. 1861 - d. Oct 14 1940) George d. Apr 24, 1949 (North Hampton records) George and   Emma had two children:  Maude Dalton. b. Jun 3 1882, m -------Moulton, d. Jan 29 1946 and   Rienzi L. Dalton, b. Jan 16 1886, d. Jul 24, 1937. b). Morris Benjamin Dalton mar. Lydia Ann Bracket; c)Tristram S. Dalton m. Jennie ? and lived at Boston and d). Sally W. Dalton mar. John Hubbard.

Lydia Dalton, dau of Tristram (46 above) b. Feb 6, 1813, m. 1st Oliver Brown on Jul 19 1835; m. 2nd Dec 22 1846, Ebenezer C. Fogg.

47. Timothy Dalton, b. 1776; (son of   #41  Timothy) m Nancy Nudd of North Hampton, Dec 2 1804 (Rev Mr, Pidgin officiating).

48. Benjamin Dalton (son of Samuel #40 above), m. Mary May and lived on homestead on Rand's Hill.  Children:

49. Michael Dalton, b.. Nov 13, 1753; m. Mercy Philbrick of Rye and settled there.  He served as a fifer in Capt. Parson's company at Newcastle,   died Oct 6 1846, age 93 and is buried in Rye Center Cemetery; Mercy d. Nov 19 1846 age 84 and is buried in the same cemetery. Children: a).Benjamin B.Dalton, (son of Michael #49)   b. 1780; mar Sarah Garland, Dec 3 1805. She d. in 1884 age 62. He d. Sept 10 1861. (Their Children: Mary Dalton b. 1806, d. Feb 20 1829; Mercy Dalton, b. 1808 d. Feb 28 1829; Elizabeth Dalton b. Jun 1813, m. Oliver Berry Mar 5 1839; Moses Dalton, b. Oct 20 1815, single d. Dec 14 1889;   Anna Leavitt Dalton, b. Sep 7, 1818, m. 1st William S. Garland and m. 2nd Jan 2 1876, Gardner T. Locke, div, d. 1902.)

b)Abigail Dalton ( dau of Michael #49) b. Apr 15, 1782 and m. Moses Shaw on Feb 12, 1799; d. Mar 1 1869 and lived at Hampton

c) Daniel Philbrick Dalton  b. 1785 (son of Michael # 49), mar. Patty Brown on Oct 2 1809, d. Sep 13, 1842, Patty d. Jul 8 1854; (Their children were 1) Joseph Brown Dalton b. 1809, m. 1st Hannah Brown on Mar 14 1833, d. Oct 9 1850; m. 2nd Abigail Brown;  Children by 1st wife: Emily B Dalton b. May 1835; m. David Jenesse Mar 1854; and Daniel Curtis Dalton b. 1840 and d. Apr 26 1848.   Child by 2nd wife - Curtis E. Dalton, b. Oct 9 1850, mar. 1871)

[There is a Curtis F. Dalton who married Mary Quint and had one child, Robert S. Dalton, b. 1930 at Gardner, MA; m. Aug 16 1952, Claire A. Duffy. He may be from this line but connection unclear].

2). The second child of Daniel Philbrick Dalton was Michael Dalton, b. 1812 and mar Apr 28 1839 to Elizabeth Scammon.  Their children were: Viana b. Jul 1840, m. Emmons B. Philbrick, d. Nov 4 1869.   Other children of Michael were:Abby Dalton (no date), Mary W. Dalton, m. William Harvey Garland on Nov 12, 1867, and Clara Dalton, mar. 1867 to Alonzo Stephens.

3).The third child of Daniel Philbrick Dalton was Daniel Dalton, b. July 2 1814, m. 1st Martha Brown on July 4 1842, d. 1866; m. 2nd widow Eliza (Bean) Parsons; m 3rd Emily Shapley who d. Mar 24 1898. Daniel d. July 14 1888. Children by 1st wife Martha Brown were: Eliza A. Dalton b. Jan 1844, d. Oct 8 1865; Daniel Woodbury Dalton, b. May 21 1849, m. Mar 19 1877 Belle O. Lane, divorced.)

d) Mary (Polly) Dalton b. 1792,   (dau of Michael #49) m Alexander Brown on Sep 2, 1813.(In NH records note an Elick Brown -may be short for Alexander).

50. Mary Dalton (dau of Michael #49) christened Jun 6 1756; m. Jeremiah Brown

51. Sarah Dalton (dau of Michael #49), christened Aug 19 1764; m. ? Foss of Rye, NH

52. Samuel Dalton (son of Samuel #44 above), m. Sarah Scott on Nov 17 1757;   lived in Hampton, North Hampton and finally Parsonfield, ME. Children:

53. Olive Dalton, christened at Hampton, Jan 1 1758

54. Mary Dalton, d. at North Hampton Jun 30 1769

55. Sarah Dalton, christened at North Hampton, Nov 16 1766

56. Philemon  Dalton, twin, christened Apr 16 1769, d. Feb 8 1770

57. Samuel Dalton, twin, christened Apr. 16 1769, d. Jul 8 1771

58. Samuel Dalton, christened Aug 7 1771; m. Mary Bennett of York; merchant in Parsonfield (eight children)

59. Benjamin Dalton, b. Aug 24 1780, m. Abigail Cartland of Rochester, NH in 1806, d. 1856; four children.



Source: History of Hampton Falls, NH, Vol II

Rev. Timothy Dalton,  teacher and associate to Rev. Mr. Batchelder, Dover Church 1635

Samuel R. Dalton, suicide by shooting, May 1909

Millard E. Dalton, Selectman, 1917



Source: History of Littleton, NH, Genealogy, Vol. III

Napoleon Bertrand Dalton, son of Nathan, b. in Readfield, ME b. Feb 22 1837; m. 1st Nov 28, 1859, Susan Maria Palmer, dau of John Palmer, b. in Cornville ME on Nov 14 1839;   d. in Deering, ME on Jan  27 1885.   M. 2nd Dec 2 1886, Emma Louise Knapp, dau of James Knapp b. Lisbon on Nov 14, 1847. Dalton resided in Littleton since 1886, was a traveling salesman, a Republican and member of the I. O. O. F. Children:

1. Helen Maria Dalton, b. Waterville, ME, May 30 1861, b.. Howard Dalton., in Aug 1885. He was in mining and res, Denver, CO.

2. Melvin Palmer Dalton, b. Deering, ME on May 19 1864, m. 1890, Mary Haskell, in mining, res. Denver, CO

3. Charles Bertrand Dalton, b. Deering, ME, May 9 1868, m. 1899, Josephine Lamson, Was an electrician and res. Deering, ME.

4, Edward Tukey Dalton, b. Deering, ME Aug 9 1877



Source:History of Sanbornton, NH, Vol II, Genealogies, 1881. Supplemental data was extracted from the History of Canterbury, NH, also Gilmanton

The Dalton Family

1. Samuel Dalton, b. Jul 29, 1757, Londonderry, NH; m. c. 1793 Polly Merrick of Hampstead NH, b. Mar 16, 1778 and d. July 18, 1820 in Northfield. He married, 2d, Mrs. Rachel (Gile) Wadleigh, and d. Jan 1, 1837 in Upper Gilmanton   (A query states that Samuel had a sister, Mary b.2 Jun 1748 in Goffstown, NH and m. Bartholomew Stevens b. 1746 in Hampstead, NH on 27 April 1767 in Pembroke, Merrimack Co.  A Caleb was an original proprietor  At Goffstown and descended from Philemon). Submitted by Robert Dalton. This is also the ancestry of Kelly Pease.

See end of the Sanbornton section. Michael Dalton b. Londonderry may have been a brother to Samuel #1.

Children of Samuel Dalton #1 above: #2 though #13.

2. Joseph Merrick Dalton, b. Jan 3, 1794 d. 31 Aug 1864

3. Caleb Stevens Dalton, b. June 12, 1796, blacksmith in Stewartstown, m. Lucetta Chandler, d. April 1849, age 53. Children as follows;

4. Samuel Dalton, b. Feb 17, 1799; b. in Gilmanton and farmer in Gilmanton; m. Mary Ann Lyford; d. 1835; no children. She was dau of Dudley Lyford by his second wife Abigail Lyford, dau of Thomas and Ann James Lyford and also the sister of his first wife Ann.

5. Absalom Dalton, b. July 31, 1802 (1801) stone cutter, d. 11 Jun 1873, m.Harriet B. Aldrich

6. Mary Dalton, b. Jan 22, 1804, m. ----- Porter, tanner in Danvers, MA; d. about 1862

7. John Dalton, b. Aug 13 1806, in Northfield, NH; (see 29).

8. Joshua Little Dalton, b. April 1809; m. Mary Evans, res. in Belmont (1877) ; Children - John Evans, Freeman and Charles Dalton

9. Ransom Smith Dalton, b.Dec. 1, 1811, d. 1819   in Northfield

10. Elbridge Gerry Dalton, b. May 30, 1814 (see below)

11. William H. Harrison Dalton, b. Sep 21 1816, m. to Nancy Lougee Carr by Rev Peter Clark, April 18, 8140. Dau of Hazen and Sarah S. Dolloff Carr b. May 6 1820. He was a framer in Upper Gilmanton; d. Oct 27, 1870 (71), age 54, no children.

12.Sarah Ann Dalton, b. Nov 1826 (2nd wife of Benjamin   D. Cilley of Kingston, d. Jun 1859, age 33, (two children).

13 Lorenzo Dow Dalton, b. Feb 4, 1828, d. Oct 16, 1849, age 21

14. Joseph M. Dalton (3 above), stone cutter, m.. Statira Smith, dau of Benjamin Smith., Nov 1821; lived at the Bridge, d. Jul 3 1838 (age 44-46). Statira d. Aug 31 1864 Children as follows:

15. Mary Elizabeth Dalton, b. Nov 25 1822; m. Stephen Decatur Munsell of Boston, Aug 12, 1849 who d. Dec 8 1877.   Children - Ida Evelyn Munsell b. Apr 22, 1851 and Frederick Dexter Munsell b. Sep 20 1866, d. Dec 18 1866, age 3 mos.

16. Charlotte Haynes Dalton, b. May 12 1825, res in Laconia, single (1878)

17. Almira Durgin Dalton, b. Apr 29 1827; m. Edwin Humphrey of Booston Mar 29, 1854 who d. July 2 1863.    In 1881 Almira resided in Hingham, MA.   (Children: Mary Clark Humphrey b. Aug 28, 1855; Charles Dalton Humphrey b. Dec 5 1856, d. Sep 5 1957, age 9 Mos; Edwin Dalton, b. Mar 23 1859)

18. Amanda Malvina Dalton, b. Nov 9, 1829; m. Charles Elliott, M. D., a physician in NY on Jan 10 1869; who d. Aug 5 1872

19. Charles Otis Dalton, b. May 5, 1834 d. Jan 5 1838, age 3 yrs. 8 mos.

20. Charles Joseph Dalton, b. Sep 29 1836; m. Mary Ellen Armstrong, Aug 8 1871, d. Jun 14, 1874, age 38 at Chelsea, MA

21. Absalom Dalton ( 5 above), m to Harriet B. Aldrich, dau of Caleb Aldrich, by Rev. Liba Conant on Dec 11 1828, who died Jun 11, 1873 age 60. Absalom was a stone cutter, res.  in Northfield, then Sanbornton at the Smith Chapman Place for 15 years; then as a farmer in Northfield and last residence was in Belmont (1875-80). Children of Absalom:

22 Henry Quimby Dalton, b. Dec 20, 1829 (son of Absalom 21) in Northfield; m. Mrs. Sarah S. Gilman Weston dau of Moses Gilman, Dec 9 1850; a farmer, res on Deacon Benj. Philbrook plce, East Tilton; selectman of Tilton 1875-76; active member of Methodist Episcopal Church. (Children: May Hattie Dalton, b. April 14 1855 in Sanbornton; mar. Marcellus Wellington Bennett, Sep 12 1870 who was b. Jan 15, 1848 in Tunbridge, VT; he was a farmer in East Tilton with his father-in-law till 1876; then bought the Eben Sanborn farm, one mile west. Children: Harry Halford Bennett Dalton, b. Nov 22 1873 ; Marshal Frank Dalton b. Apr 5, 1876; Jean Leo Dalton, b. 30 April 1879)..

23. Ransom Smith Dalton, b. Oct 21, 1831, (son of Absalom $21); farmer in Northfield, single died in Sanbornton Dec 8 1879, age 48

24. Urana Morey Dalton, (dau of Absalom #21) b. Dec 18 1833; m. E. B. Calef

25. Samuel Dalton, b. Dec 28, 1836,(son of Absalom #21) d. Feb 15, 1837, age 2 mos.

26. Mary Adaline Dalton, b. Jun 13, 1840, (dau of Absalom #21) d. of scarlet fever, Mar 24 1846 in her 6th year.

27. Jacob Philbrook Dalton, b. July 10, 1843,     (son of Absalom #21) d. Jul 19 1844, age 1

28. George Washington Dalton, b. April 20 1847; (son of Absalom #21) lived on homestead in Northfield with his father; m. 1st Nellie Prescott of Belmont, Jul 24, 1879; m 2nd Mary Jane Stuart o Warren, May 1873 and d, Nov 3, 1873 age 26, no children.

29. John Dalton ( 7 above), lived in various parts of Sanbornton; first at the Bridge and lastly on the old Gilman place above Chapman's Corner. He was a stone cutter, shoemaker, farmer and a captain in the militia. He also served in the Civil War, 12th Regt., NH Vol, mustered   on 5 Sep 1862, discharged disabled Apr 1863 at Alexandria, VA.He m. Narcissa Jane Nudd of Northfield, Oct 16, 1832 who was b. Oct 9 1817 and in 1877 was residing with her children. John died on Dec 9 1865, at age 59.  

Children of John and Narcissa Dalton

30. Mary Jane Dalton, b. Nov 22 1846 in Canterbury; m. Frank D. Hill on 1 Jan 1879. Hill b. 21 Feb 1853 in Tilton, where they resided.

31. Georgia Neale Dalton, b. June 2, 1851 in Loudon; m/ 22 Sep 1882 John Warren Farrar b. 22 Jul 1855 in Belmont. They resided in Laconia. (They had one child Algia Josephine Farrar, b. 1 Jan 1886 in Belmont; m. 12 Jan 1903 to William Goss b. 14 Feb 1880 in Berlin. Their children: Lilliam Algia Goss b. 23 Apr 1904; and Ferne May Goss b. 14 May 1905 in Laconia.)

32. Franklin Pierce Dalton, b. Oct 7 1852 in Canterbury;   a farmer; mar. Mary A. Hill of Tilton, dau of Aaron Hill on Jun 18 1880 by Rev J. H. Yeoman. Mary Hill b. 28 Jan 1863. They resided in Sanbornton. (They had two children b. in Sanbornton; Roscoe Hill Dalton, b. 6 May 1886; and Ethel Georgia Dalton, b. 1 Aug 1888; m. Harry Sleeper of Laconia).

33. Elbridge Gerry Dalton (10 above), was a teacher in the academies at Eggingham, Kingston, Exeter (high school) and Chester, PA; had been a student at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH; and then student and professor in a medical school at Philadelphia, PA; a practising physician in Cincinnati, OH (1878). He mar. 1st, Fannie D. Gordon, dau of Samuel Gordon of New Hampton, NH on Aug 21 1839, who d. in Exeter, Feb 9 1856 in her 41st year; mar 2nd Sarah Elizabeth Ambler of Lanesboro, MA on Oct 18 1857 in Exeter who was b. May 30 1838 and d. Dec 11 1858, age 20; m 3rd, Eleanor B. Lyon, Aug 2 1861 who was b. April 18 1840 at Hastings, NY.  Children:

34. Francellus Gordon Dalton, b. Apr 11 1841 in New Hampton, NH d. Aug 30 1861 in Newark, NJ age 20.   He is listed in Dartmouth College Directory - non grad 1859.

35. Elleus Gardner Dalton, b. Mar 1 1845, a physician in Philadelphia; m. Sally Choen of Washington, D. C.   Children: Alice Gordon Dalton and Frank Batchelder Dalton

36. Ella Gertrude Dalton, b. Dec 5 1846; m. Edwin S. Batchelder, Dec 1 1868 who was agent for a crockery store in Boston in 1876; res in Reading, MA. Children: Nora Abbie Batchelder b. Aug 10, 1871 in Reading, MA.

37. Mary Lyon Dalton, b. Aug 1864 in Philadelphia from 3rd wife.

38. Elma Frances Dalton, b. Feb 7 1867

39. Henry Lyon Dalton, b. Jan 16 1870

40. Bertel Gerry Dalton, b. Mar 11 1872

41.Edna Kate Dalton, b. Jul 2 1875

Michael Dalton, (possible brother to Samuel Dalton, #1 above).

Michael Dalton, b. in Londonderry, NH before 1756. Executed a deed in Rockingham Co. in 1777. On April 28 1778. m. Hannah Alld in Merrimack, NH, dau of William Alld and Lettice Caldwell (Coldwall) Alld who had emigrated from MA to Merrimack, NH and then moved to Peterborough, NH. Hannah was b. 7 Feb 1755 in Merrimack.  Children: William Alld Dalton, baptized at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Newburyport, MA on Oct 13 1778. Parents were identified as Michael Stratford Dalton and Hannah Dalton of Chester, NH (50 miles from Newburyport).

William Alld Dalton m. Mary Jane Rediford on Nov 11 1811, and located in Wiscasset, ME. Previously a chairmaker in Bath, ME. In 1812 the couple were selling land in Lisbon and again in 1819, and by 1850 in Augusta ME. In the 1820 Census of Lisbon, ME this family consisted of four girls and three boys. 

The above information on Michael S. Dalton was submitted by Judy Olson, whose gggrandfather James Dalton, b. 1816 was one of the children. E-mail for Judy -woo@execpc.com


Editor's note.   The popular conception has been that Samuel Dalton and Michael Dalton, born in Londonderry were the sons of a John Dalton from Ireland.  Your editor offers another opinion. The links with the Newburyport and Hampton, NH Daltons may be more than coincidence. In the Hampton, NH section above, #32, there is a John Dalton, b. Mar 2 1723 and no other information available in the Hampton History.  Did he move to Londonderry? Was Capt. Michael Dalton, warden at St. Paul's the uncle of Michael S. Dalton?  It might be worth concentrating research efforts on this possibilty. If proven, then Philemon Dalton's son Samuel was the progenitor of the entire NH line of Daltons.

In addition to the above, the following Dalton entries were also noted in the History of Sanbornton, NH.

Anna Dalton, p 631. 1st wife of Col. Josiah Sanborn mar. Jan 22 1762. Anna was born Nov 5, 1734 and d. Jul 26, 1797 in her 63 year. Their children were:

John Sanborn b. Jan 2 1764, d. Sep 16 1777, age 13;

Josiah Sanborn b. Nov 2, 1765;

Ebenezer Sanborn b. Jan 16 1768 in Sanbornton;

Samuel Sanborn b. Apr 12 1770;

Christopher Sanborn, b. May 9 1772; m. Susan Mason of Tamworth; settled in Sanbornton, deacon of Bay Baptist Church; no children;

Joseph Warren Sanborn b. June 25 1774; m. Nancy Burley dau of David Burley on June 5 1799 in Crockett; lived near Turkey Bridge and d. Feb 26 1801 age 26.  One child - John Sanborn b. 1800 - remanded to Attica, NY at age 21.

Chase Taylor Sanborn, b. Nov 23 1776

Comfort Dalton, p. 637 mar. Tristram Sanborn, Jan 25 1780 who was b. Aug 31 1760. He d. Jan 29 1832 age 71 . Children:

Abiah Sanborn, b. 1782 in Epping NH; m. Josiah Sanborn of Alexandria (3rd wife) and d. Dec 1841 age 59. He was b. July 2 1772

Sally Sanborn, b. 1784 in Epping NH; m. Peter Blaisdell of Canaan

Tristram Sanborn, b. 1786 in Epping; m. Mary Jones; lived in Dorchester and d. Mar 14 1855, age 69. She d. Dec 15, 1847

Dorothy Sanborn, b. 1789 in Epping; m. Josiah Lary of Canaan

Mary Sanborn, b. 1793 In Dames Gore, Canaan, m. Josiah Sanborn, 2nd wife, Apr 19 1826 and d. April Apr 22 1829 age 36

Mehitabel Sanborn, b. 1798 in Dames Gore, Canaan; m. Sanborn Blaisdell of Rumney and d Sep 4, 1867 age 69. He d. Oct 2 1861.

Betsey Sanborn, b. Jan 29 1800, Dames Gore, Canaan; m. Isaac Sanborn

Joshua H. Sanborn b. 1802 Dames Gore, Canaan; m. Mary P. Sawyer who was b. June 10, 1806 and d. Jul 6 1867 age 61 res. in Dorchester.

Daniel Sanborn, b. Aug 26 1804, Dames Gore, Canaan

Harriet Dalton, p. 353 of Mount Vernon mar. Ira Hill, a merchant at the Bridge from 1847-1855 and later  hotel keeper. Dau Stella Hill b. c. 1844 d. at Sanbornton Bridge, Nov 10, 1852, age 8; another child d. Aug 1848.

 Lydia Dalton , p. 556 of North Hampton, NH m. Oliver (Philbrook?) July 19 1835 and d. May 20 1837 age 32. Oliver b. Sep 1804, school teacher and they had one child, died young. Mar 2nd Dolly Crank of Chicopee, MA and had four children.


Noted in the History of Canterbury

In the Foster Family genealogy section there appeared the folowing Dalton entry. Head of the large family was Abiel Foster who read law and, migrated with several family members to Columbus, OH and then to Solon, OH. Dau Eliza was a matron or teacher in a NH state institution. Elizabeth b.28 Feb 1806; mar.Dalton 27 Oct 1834. She died 26 Nov 1841. One child   Susannah Elizabeth Dalton b. 28 Oct 1841, died young.


Note: Although this data was from a History of Sanbornton, it traces the Daltons from Northfield, Laconia, Gilmanton and other northern New Hampshire towns.



(History of Walpole, NH, Vol II

Patrick Dalton, b. Ireland Mar 3, 1836; d. Jul 11, 1912; son of Michael Dalton mar. Bridget b. Ireland; d. Dec 12, 1891 age 49; dau of Patrick and Mary Conington

Mary Dalton, b. c 1867

Michael Dalton, b. Rutland Vt c. 1869 m. Bridget Mahoney b. Ireland.

Eleanor Dalton b. Walpole Jan 18, 1899

Harold Timothy Dalton, b. Walpole May 23 1904

Annie Dalton, b. c. 1872

Bridget Dalton, b. c. 1874

William Dalton, b. Rutland, VT Jan 12, 1878, d. Dec 29, 1901

Catherine Dalton, b. Feb 1882; m. William Sullivan

Sarah Dalton, b. North Walpole, May 25, 1884; d. Feb 25, 1961; m. 2nd Exner; m 3rd Wm. D. Jordan

United States

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