Nevada is the seventh largest state in size but has next to the smallest population. Our Daltons rushed in as prospectors after the discovery of the Comstock lode in Virginia City (1859), an area rich in gold and silver. They came from Ireland, England, Canada, Louisana and as far away as Vermont.

Fortunes were made and lost overnight as indicated by a Dalton obituary below. Our earliest recorded Dalton date is 1864 (marriage) but it is quite likely that Daltons were present several years prior.  The land grants below also indicate Dalton marriage into the Paiute Indian tribe. The data base is small and contains about 135 surname entries.We welcome any additional input from our readers. Please use the Edit/Find function of your browser, or one of these tools:

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County Map of Nevada:


Edmund Dalton and Mary Jane McKissick, license 3 Feb 1872, Washoe County
Peter Dalton and Johanna Ruhe, mar 14 Oct 1879 in Reno
Lars Stanley Dalton and Dorothy Thomas, mar 19 May 1864, Elko, Elko Co.
Source: Nevada State Journal


There were four Daltons rgistered to vote in 1866;
E. Dalton,
R. Dalton
and two Daltons unknown.


Storey County
Margaret Dalton, widow, Virginia City
Timothy Dalton, boarder at Mrs, Stryker's, Gold Hill


Churchill County
Thomas Dalton
William Dalton
Luella Dalton
Mrs. Elizabeth Dalton

Storey County
Joe Dalton, Virginia City

White Pine County
Eugene Dalton, also enumerated in 1875, Shermantown District


Churchill County
William Dalton,age 36, farmer, b. England; E. Dalton age 25, b. PA; four children b. NV- T. (m) age 12; L. (f) age 10, Wm. age 8 and F. (m) age 4

Eureka County
Thomas Dalton, age 31 b. Ireland

Lander County
W. Dalton, rancher, age 36, b. England; E. Dalton (f) age 36, b. England; T. H. (m) age 13, b. PA; L. (f) age 10 b. NV, W. (m) age 9 b. NV; and F. (4) b. NV

L. Dalton, miner age 27, b. NY

Washoe County
Peter Dalton, age 35, farmer b. Ireland; Margaret age 28, b. Ireland; Catherine age 60 b. Ireland.

Storey County
T. Dalton, age 36, miner b. Ireland; wife age 38, b. Ireland two children given names unknown, age 4 b. CA and age 3 b. NV  (This may be Timothy Dalton enumerated in the 1880 Census and wife Ann).


Daniel Dalton, 26 July 1879
A newspaper account of Daniel Dalton was printed in the Nevada, Humboldt County, Peoples Advocate.  It describes Dalton as being one of the "oldest prospectors" in Nevada. Dalton discovered the Richmond, Eureka Consolidated and other mines,  He made a fortune, sold his interests in the mines, spent his money and died alone in poverty at the Turner House .  (Thus far he has not been tied into the data that has been assembled).

1880 U. S.CENSUS    Top

Daltons born in Nevada and living in other states

In the 1880 Census of Nevada, there were three Daltons who were born in the State but who had moved and were in the Census of other states.
M. W. Dalton, age 25, b. NV was enumerated at Fort Steele, Carbon Co., Wyoming

Charles J. Dalton age 17 b. NV.  His parents John H. Dalton age 43 and mother Teresa A. Dalton age 37 were born in Louisiana.  The next child, William H. age 14 was born in UT; and the following 5 children were born in CA. They were John E. 13, Martin D. 11, Nellie A. 11, Fannie age 9 and Ida F. age 4.  This family was enumerated in Vallejo, Solano County, CA.

John L. Dalton age 13 was born in NV.  His father, Samuel Dalton  age 40 was born in TN; his mother, Rebecca age 36 was born in IN.  Daughter Carrie B  age 16 born in IA; and Charles F. age 2 born in CA.  This family was enumerated in San Joaquin, CA

Daltons Living in Nevada - 1880 Census

Churchill County
Fred Dalton (from separate Census Index)
Thomas Dalton (from separate Census Index)
William Dalton (from separate Census Index)

Eureka County
E. Dalton (from separate Census Index)

Lander County, Austin City
Thomas H. Dalton, store worker, age 17, born PA; parents born England

Ormsby County, Carson City
Robert Dalton, engineer,single age 32, born VT; parents b. Vermont

Prospect Mountain, Eureka
E. Dalton, hostler, mar age 26, born VT; father born PA; mother born MI

Storey County, Virginia City
Maggie Dalton, age 14 appears to be a student at a boarding school

James Dalton, blacksmith helper, single age 40, b. Ireland and parents born Ireland

Edward E. Dalton, miner, mar age 33, born Ireland and parents born Ireland; Lizzie, wife age 29 born Ireland, parents born Ireland; Edward C.. son age 3, b. CT

Storey County, Gold Hill
Timothy Dalton, mar. age 43, B. Ireland; Ann Dalton age 43, born Ireland; Julia A. Dalton  dau age 7 born NV

Washoe County, Truckee Meadows
Peter Dalton, farmer, age 40 born Ireland; parents born Ireland. Margaret, wife age 29, born Ireland; parents born Ireland.

Joanna Dalton, 52nd District (from separate Census Index).

White Pine County, Green Springs and Pinto Creek
Frank Dalton, horseler, b. age 23 VT, parents born PA

White Pine, Cherry Creek
William Dalton, miner, single age 42, born NY; parents born NY

1900  U.S. CENSUS INDEX    Top

Churchill County

Frank Dalton, Alpine Precinct
Jack Dalton, Stillwater Precinct
William Dalton, Alpine Precinct

Lander County

F. Dalton, Austin Township

Washoe County

Frank Dalton, 5th Ward, Reno
Peter Dalton, Browns Precinct
Wiiliam E. Dalton, Wadsworth Precinct

1910 U. S. CENSUS INDEX    Top

Churchill County

Fred A. Dalton, Stillwater Precinct (F. A. Dalton, Stillwater, car registrations to 1918)
Jack Dalton, Stillwater Precinct (Indian)
Sallie Dalton, New River Precinct (Indian)

Elko County

Guy A. Dalton, Montello Precinct

Lander County

Thomas H. Dalton, Austin Precinct 2

Lyon County

Thomas S. Dalton, Spragg Precinct

Washoe County

George R. Dalton, Washoe Precinct
Peter Dalton, Reno Precinct 6
W. E. Dalton, Salt Marsh Precinct
William T. Dalton*, Sparks Precinct
* This may have been W. T. Dalton who was mentioned in the Humboldt Register of 6 Mar 1876 as a petition signer for a John Sevenoaks.


The following entries were extracted from the local censuses.
Luella Dalton appears in the Census Indexes for Churchill County for the years 1870,1875, 1880 and 1882

Mrs. Elizabeth Dalton, Churchill County, enumerated in 1870 and 1875.
Elizabeth Dalton, Churchill County, enumerated in 1880 and 1882

Peter Dalton, 1882, 52nd District
Margaret Dalton, 1882, Washoe Co. Truckee Meadows
Maggie Dalton,  1882, Storey County, Virginia City
Lizzie Dalton, 1882, Storey County, Virginia City
Julia Dalton, 1882, Storey County, Gold Hill
James Dalton, 1882, Storey, County, Virginia City
Edward E. Dalton, 1882, Storey County, Virginia City
Edward C. Dalton, 1882 Storey County, Virginia City
Ann Dalton, 1882 Storey County, Gold Hill
Frank Dalton, 1882 Washoe, 52nd District
Frank Dalton, 1882 White Pine Co., Green Springs
Francis Dalton,  age 22, 1900 Washoe Co.


Paiute Indian Land Patents

Originally the Paiute/ Shoshone Indians owned large acreages on the reservations. As the popuation of Nevada increased, the Federal Government allocated lots of 10 acres and guarantted permanent water rights.
Ida Dalton, issue date 6/16/1910, 10 acres, Washington D. C. Land Office
Jack Dalton, issue date 6/16/1910, 10 acres, Washington D. C. Land Office
Mary Dalton, issue date 6/16/1910, 10 acres, Washington D. C. Land Office
Sally Dalton, issue date 6/16/1910, 10 acres, Washington D. C. Land Office

Other Land Patents

John H. Dalton, 3/23/1921, 80 acres, Homestead Reclamation 1902, Carson City L. O. Partner patentees were Drederick B. Crofut and Andrew Dibble.

John H. Dalton, heirs of, 11/4/1938,  80 acres, Homestead Reclamation 1902, Carson City, L. O.

Helen Dalton and Alonzo Binkley, 12/23/1932, 80 acres Homestead Reclamation 1902, Carson City L. O.

Neal R. Dalton, 8/28/1939, 633 acres, mineral reservations, Carson City L. O.

James E. Dalton and Margaret M. Dalton,  11/16/1956, 5 acres mineral reservations, Nevada L. O.

Willis Edna Dalton, 8/14/1958, 2.5 acres, mineral reservations, Nevada L. O.

Charles F. Dalton, 5/12/1960, 5 acres mineral reservations, Nevada L. O.


Daltons who received their Social Security # in Nevada and whose last residence was Nevada.

Bruce Dalton, b. 16 Dec 1902, d. May 1975, Reno, Washoe Co.
Clinton Dalton, b. 22 Apr 1901, d. Jun 19 81, Reno, Washoe Co.
Eunice Dalton, b. 2 Sep 1906,  d. Oct 1986, Reno, Washoe Co.. last benefit, Sparks, Washoe Co.
Fred Dalton, b. 11 Feb 1907, d. 29 Sep 1995, Reno Washoe, Co.
Mary Dalton, b. 17 Aug 1904, d. Dec 1986, Reno, Washoe Co.

Thelma Dalton, b. 17 Nov 1913, d. 31 Jul 1977, Reno, Washoe, Co.
Toney Dalton, b. 18 Jul 1901, d. Dec 1986, Reno, Washoe Co.
George Dalton, b. 16 Nov 1888, d. May 1970, Fallon, Churchill Co.
Emma Dalton, b. 1 Apr 1890, Paradise Valley, Humboldt Co.
Marjorie Dalton, b. 9 Jun 1936, d. 20 Jan 200, Ely, White Pine Co.

Daltons who received their SS# in Nevada and whose last residence was out of state.

Margarett Dalton, b. 12 Mar 1897, d. 1983, St. George, Washington Co., UT
Reed Dalton, b. 12 Dec 1913, d. Nov 1970, Kingman, Mohave Co., AZ
Robert Dalton, b. 21 Jan 1924, d. 6 Feb 1988, Rancho Cordova, Sacramento Co., CA
Freddie Dalton, Jr., b. 4 Aug 1980, d. May 1982, New Orleans, LA
Dean Dalton, b. 19 Jan 1919, d. 27 Jun 1997, Normal, McLean, IL

Daltons who received their SS# in Nevada and whose last residence is not listed.

Cecil Dalton, b. 23 Jul 1915, d. Feb 1975
Kalvin Dalton, b. 22 Feb 1899, d. 5 Mar 1991
R. Dalton, b. 26 Jul 1954, d. Jul 1992
Ronnie Dalton, b. 28 May, d. Jul 1987
Taylor Dalton, b. 5 Dec 1924, d. 16 Nov 1988


Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Emmett Dalton, b. 5/14/1925 d. 6/18/1990. U. S. Navy, F2C, bur. 8/3/1990

Draft Registrations 1917

Churchill County
Ira Cornelius Dalton b. 21 Nov 1876 (possibly in S. F. CA)
Clark County
Benjamin Harrison Dalton b. 6 Dec. 1889, Los Angeles, CA
Washoe County
Francis S. Dalton, b. 21 May 1881, Kintail, Ontario, Canada
White Pine County
C. E. Dalton, b. 16 Jun 1886, Fayetteville, AR.

United States

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