Montana was often called The Bonanza State because of its rich gold and silver mines. Our Daltons were miners in this wild west territory before statehood in 1889. Irish Daltons, who had worked in the copper mines of the Bere Peninsula in County Cork, also worked the copper mines of Montana. Daltons were concentrated in the southwest part of Montana, the principal mining area.

The first mention that there is of Daltons heading to Montana was in the Fiske Wagon train that left Minnesota in 1862. Eight years later in 1870, there was only a single Dalton enumerated in that Census. Either the pioneers perished along the way or moved on to Idaho. Ten years later, there were only six Daltons enumerated in the 1880 Census. In the entire Census of 1880 there was not a single Dalton who was born in Montana.

Early records of residents are scarce and several burials of Daltons are noted without a given name nor a date of death. Birth records begin in 1907 and marriage records in 1943. Children may obtain records of their parents but others must wait until thirty years after a birth or marriage event according to Montana law. Use the section links, the "Find on this page..." button below, or the Edit/Find function of your browser to locate a given name, date, etc. Please verify all data before using.



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County Map of Montana:


Helena Directory -1891

John Dalton, teamster

Anaconda City Directory - 1892 Deer Lodge County

Edward Dalton, smelterman
Etta Dalton, waitress
John J. Dalton, copper dipper
Mrs. Mary Dalton, apprentice
Patrick Dalton, foreman

1902 Directory Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana

Ann Dalton, widow of Timothy
Etta M. Dalton, clerk
John Dalton, miner
John H. Dalton, miner
Margaret Dalton, widow of Andrew
Mary J. Dalton, mangler
Thomas Dalton, miner


Matilda Desmond Dalton and Zebulon Bonaparte Thibadeau, m. 14 Apr 1864, Madicon, Virginia City
Mary Eunice Dalton and Charles Becker, m. 14 Apr 1907, Phillips, Zortman
Esther Mae Dalton and Joe Spencer Porter, m. 1 Apr 19e2, Deer Lodge Anaconda
Willard Eugene Dalton and Velta Anna Wadsworth, m. 2 Oct 1931, Gallatin, Bozeman



Earl J. Dalton, d. 17/07/1954
James Dalton, d. 5/ 11/ 1959
Raymond C. Dalton, d. 2/01/80

Fergus County

Robert E. Dalton, son of Lloyd Dalton, d. 20/12/1994

Flathead County

Jennifer S. Dalton, d. 17/03/1978
Thomas A. Dalton, Sr. son of Francis A. Dalton, d. 17/12/1998

Lewis and Clark County

Charles K. Dalton, d. 22/06/ 1986

Lincoln County

L. S. Dalton, d. 27/03/1972

McCone County

Millard Dalton, 18/06/1958

Mineral County

Geraldine Dalton, b. 2-4-1928, d. July 13, 1986, Seattle, WA

Missoula County

Louise Dalton, d. 24/07/1960
Mary E. Dalton, d. 18/10/1969
Charles Dalton, d. 15/12/1971
Ellsworth L. Dalton, d. 14/11/1984
Edna M. Dalton, d. age 94
George W. Dalton, Jr., d. 26/10/1990
Helen M. Dalton, d. 2/2/1996
Laurel S. Dalton, d. 11/9/1998

Sanders County

Fred A. Dalton, age 81

Silver Bow County

Dorothy F. Dalton, d. 2/10/195
Robert L. Dalton, d.25/10/1960

Valley County

Lloyd G. Dalton, d. 25/10/1961
Linda M. Dalton, d. 25/05/1965
Frederick E. Dalton, son of Roy Eugene Dalton, d. 24/05/1994

Yellowstone County

Mary R. Dalton, d. 10/02/1956
John Dalton, d. 25/12/1967
Russell L. Dalton, d. 22/12/1968
Dorothy Dalton, d. 20/02/1979
Herbert J. Dalton, d. 26/06/1982


Jack P. Chism, d. 7/01/1933, mother Betsie Dalton, Beaverhead County
Lynn G. Christopherson, d. 30/09/1933, mother Retta Dalton, Ravalli County
Jeanne G. Thompson, d. 2/11/1993, mother Nora Dalton, father Greenhut, Lake County
William E. McKinney, d. 29/05/1995. mother a Dalton, Lincoln County
Frank D. Peters, d. 12/7/1997 mother Evelyn Dalton Peters, Flathead County
Ruby E. Bratton, d. d. 04/10/1998. father Bert Christopherson, mother Retta Dalton., Lake County


Mountview Cemetery, Billings, Yellowstone County
Bert Dalton, Jan 27 1945
Kathryn Dalton, Apr 14 1978
William Dalton, Feb 22, 1951

New Highland Cemetery, Cascade County
Bruce Dalton, 1949
Henry Dalton, 1918
Mrs. Mary Dalton, 1949

Marriage - Monitor Newspaper
Gene T. Dalton, of Anaconda and Dorothy M. Tekle of Anaconda married 9/28/1957 in Boulder.


Daltons whose SS # was issued in Montana and died out of state according to last residence.

Charles Dalton, b. 21 Jul 1911, d. May 1984 in Pleasant Hill, Cass Co., MO
Edward Dalton, b. 26 Sep 1927 d. 28 Oct 1999 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV
Frances Dalton, b. 28 Jun 1909, d. Jul 1984 inGold Hill, Jackson Co., OR
Hazel Dalton, b. 23 May 1914, d. 10 Jun 1993 in Brewster, Okanogan Co., WA
Ila Dalton b. 8 Jul 1925, d. 17 Feb 1996 in Lawton, Comanche Co., OK
James Dalton, b. 19 Sep 1921, d. Mar 1970 in Laurel, Cedar Co., NE
James Dalton, b. 12 Nov 1911, d. 24 Apr 1992 in San Diego, San Diego Co., CA
Laurel Dalton, b. 18 Sep 1962, d. 11 Sep 1998 in Shelley, Bingham Co., ID
Lavana Dalton, b. 3 Jun 1901, d. Nov 1974 in Puyallup, Pierce Co., WA
Tarda Dalton, b. 14 Jul 1914, d. Oct 1982, in Ontario, Malheur Co. Canada
Tressa Dalton, b. 14 Sep 1912, d. Apr 1980 in Marysville, Snohomish Co., WA
William Dalton, b. 14 Mar 1951, d. 14 Jun 1951, VA

Daltons whose SS# was issued in Montana and whose last residence was Montana.

Charles Dalton, b. 11 Aug 1902, d. Jun 1986, Helena, Lewis and Clark Co.
Donna Dalton, b. 4 Jan 1904, d. Apr 1985, Stevensville, Ravalli Co.
Fred Dalton, b. 14 May 1906, d. 4 May 1988, Thompson Falls, Sanders, Co.
L. Dalton, b. 29 Oct 1894, d. Mar 1972, Libby, Lincoln Co.
Mary Dalton, b. 8 Dec 1893, d. Oct 1969, Anaconda, Deer Lodge Co.
Peter Dalton, b. 4 Dec. 1955, d 6 Dec 1992, Helena, Lewis and Clark Co.
Robert Dalton, b. 18 Aug 1930, d. 20 Dec. 1994, Lewiston, Fergus Co.

Daltons who were issued a SS# in Montana and whose last place of residence is unlisted.

Charles Dalton, b. 16 Jul 1936, d. 14 Oct 1993.
Lee Dalton, b. 11 Feb 1908, d. May 1965
Lloyd Dalton, b. 17 Mar 1904, d. Oct 1961
Luanne Dalton, b. 24 Apr 1971, d. 9 Feb 1998


P. Dalton, Missoula, Cedar Creek Mines


Thomas Dalton, b. 1840, Ire. enumerated in Custer
Allice Dalton, b. 1855, IA enumerated in Custer
John Dalton, b. 1849, CA, enumerated in Butte City, Deer Lodge Co.
Agnes Dalton, b. 1858, PA enumerated in Butte City, Deer Lodge Co.
J. Dalton, b. 1846, CT enumerated in Jefferson City, Boulder Co.
Charles E. Dalton, b. 1856, IL, Missouri River Valley, Meagher Co.



(from Minnesota to Montana)

Alvin Dalton
Clara Dalton
Margaret Dalton
Matilda Dalton
Orren Dalton
William P. Dalton
It is not known whether the above Daltons were living in Minnesota or were from other states and had joined the Wagon Train in Minnesota.


Blaine County
Francis Dalton, acquired four parcels of land amounting to 360 acres from 1909-1919
L. Swanson Dalton, acquired three parcels of land amounting to 180 acres between 1920-1984
Robert B. Dalton acquired seven parcels of land amounting to 640 acres between 1922-1937

Broadwater County
Charles E. Dalton acquired 16 acres of land on 2-21-1890

Choteau County
Edward E. Dalton acquired two parcels of land amounting to 340 acres on 4-27-1915

Custer County
Jennie Dalton acquired nine parcels of land ranging from 40 acres to 320 acres for a total of 1360 acres. The acquisitions took place beween 1920-1936. They were in Meridian Township.

Dawson County
John Dalton acquired 80 acres of land on 7-16-1914

Fallon County
Robert P. T. Dalton acquired 320 acres of land on 9-20-1921

Garfield County
Cecil J. Dalton acquired 320 acres on 12-7-1921
James Dalton acquired 320 acres on 10-15-1919

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