As early as 1797, trading routes crossed Missouri bringing in fur traders and pioneers.  French exploration and development of natural resources established industries. The French also founded the first private schools, built churches and left an important legacy.  Statehood occurred in 1821.  The wave of Dalton migrants from Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and surrounding states found work in the mines and in farming and the huge wave of Irish Dalton immigrants arrived to an established socio-religious environment.

The 1880 Census shows a relatively young population. Heads of households born in Missouri were in the minority. The earliest recorded birth in this file is 1806 and the earliest marriage is 1834. This file contains over 2200 surname entries and the out-migration of Daltons can be viewed in the 1880 Census, Section II.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.




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County Map of Missouri:


Several records were extracted from the Missouri Birth Index. The site is worth browsing and the information is constanly updated.   http://www.sos.state.mo.us/archives/
(C) = Christening

Barton County
18 May 1884, Edgar Dalton son of G, M,. and Carrie Bell Cox Dalton, Lamar
4 May 1893, John Dalton son of John France and Eliza Moran Dalton, Verdella

Benton County
14 Feb 1883, Dosha Myrtle Dalton dau of Thomas Hart and Sarah Melvina Caray Dalton
21 Oct 1897, Frazier Eugene Dalton son of John Franklin and Mary Isabelle Fox Dalton, Odessa

Bollinger County
16 Oct 1891, John Johnston Dalton son of Oliver H. and Mary E. Yount Dalton, Patton

Buchanan County
18 Jun 1860, Jane Carharina Dalton dau of Michel and Magreth Connal Dalton, (C)St. Joseph, Saint Josephs
1 Feb 1863, Richard Dalton son of Martin and Mary Dalton, St. Joseph, Saint Josephs
1 Jan 1865, Catharine Dalton dau of Martin and Mary Dalton , St Joseph, (C), Saint Josephs
9 Dec 1866, Edward Dalton son of Martin and Mary Cathan Dalton, St. Joseph, (C)Saint Josephs
28 Jun 1874, Johana Dalton dau of Martin and Mary Casson Dalton, St. Joseph, (C) St. Josephs
17 Jul 1879, Ellen Dalton dau of Martin and Mary Cason Dalton, St. Joseph, (C) Saint Patricks
7 Mar 1896, Nellie Dalton dau of Thomas and Sophia Bessie Antle Dalton, St. Joseph, (C), Saint

Butler County
21 Mar 1886, Zarah Myrtle Dalton dau of John Russell and Bellzarah Francis Furgason Dalton,. Poplar Bluff

Carter County
17 Apr 1887, Bertha Mae Dalton dau of Louis Franklin and Charlotte Anne Sheppard Dalton
24 Dec 1888, Romey Elijah Dalton son of Louis Franklin and Charlotta Anne Sheppard Dalton

Cass County
17 Jan 1884, Nettie Dalton dau of Robert M. Dalton and Rose Mahl Dalton, Pleasant Hill

Chariton County
12 Sep 1866, Frederick Andrew Dalton son of William and Amanda Agee Dalton,  Dalton TWP.

De Kalb
1 Mar 1860, Sarah Elizabeth Dalton dau of Richard Dalton
Jun 1860, William Dolton son of  Richmond and Priscilla Hahn Dolton

Dent County
10 May 1905, Earl Clair Dalton son of Moses Marcellus and Ella Margaret Mahurin Dalton, Sligo

Jackson County
3 Dec 1883, Gracie Dalton dau of Joseph Warren and Sarah/Sallie Elizabeth Kiehl, Kansas City (C), St. Marks
15 Dec 1885, Pearl Elizabeth Dalton dau of Joseph W. Dalton

Jasper County
29 Jan 1895, Catharin Dalton dau of Fred J. and Alice Dalton

Johnson County
21 Apr 1885, Grace Eads Dalton dau of Robert T. and Mary Eads Dalton, Warrensburg

Lafayette County
24 Mar 1854, John Franklin Dalton son of Addison Fazier and Rebecca Jane Rhodes Dalton, Odessa
8 Aug 1880/90, Lillie Grace Dalton dau of John Franklin and Mary Isabelle Fox Dalton, Odessa
23 Dec 1880, William Charles Dalton son of John Franklin and Mary Isabelle Fox Dalton, Odessa
16 Jan 1883, Nora Estelle Dalton dau of John Franklin and Mary Isabelle Fox, Dalton, Odessa
16 Aug 1884, Ernest John Dalton son of John Franklin and Mary Isabelle Fox, Odessa
2 Sep 1887, Edna May Dalton dau of John F. and Mary Fox Dalton, Odessa
11 Apr 1894, Martha Virginia Dalton dau of John Franklin and Mary Isabelle Fox Dalton, Odessa

Madison County
Jul 1867, John Henry Dalton son of Jeremiah and Nancy Hurt Dalton, St. Michael Twp.
14 Jul 1884, Mary Elizabeth Dalton dau of Joseph C. and Julia Ella Lapland Dalton, Mine La Motte
23 Jul 1884, Elizabeth Elvada Dalton dau of David Smith and Mary M. Underwood Dalton, Mine La Motte
7 Apr 1886, Clara Ettie Dalton dau of David and Mary Maria Underwood Dalton
5 Nov 1888, David Harrison Dalton son of David S. and Mary Mirah Underwood Dalton

Marion County
15 Jul 1806, Martha Dalton dau of Charlie and Mary Ellen Harris Dalton

Mc Donald
27 Aug 1897, Ruth Evangelin Dalton dau of William Henry and Amanda Elizabeth Magnusson Dalton, Anderson

Morgan County
14 Sep 1849, Thomas Hart Dalton son of John and Lucinda Langley Dalton

Newton County
4 Dec 1884, David L. Dalton son of Oliver P and Josie W. Butcher Dalton, Neosho

Perry County
3 Aug 1877, Simeon Augustus Dalton son of Enos and Nancy Caroline Singleton Dalton, Silver Lake
4 May 1879, Edward Dalton son of Enos and Nancy Caroline Singleton Dalton, Silver Lake
20 Jul 1885, James Madison Dalton son of Alexander and Nancy Caroline Singleton Dalton, Silver Lake
10 Mar ? , Mary Elizabeth Dalton dau of Enos and Nancy C. Singleton Dalton,  Perry Co.
29 Aug 1898, James Jefferson Dalton son of William Mc Henry and Martha Mc Dowell Dalton
14 Sep 1900, Jesse Dalton son of William Mc Henry and Martha Tresa Mc Dowell Dalton, Silver Lake
3 May 1902, Johnnie Dalton son of William Mc Henry and Tresa Mc Dowell, Silver Lake
Mar 1905, Maggie Dalton dau of William Mc Henry and Martha Tresa Mc Dowell Dalton, Silver Lake
8 Feb 1908, Charles Augustus Dalton son of William Mc Henry and Martha Teresa Mc Dowell Dalton,  Silver Lake

Reynolds County
20 Apr 1885, Troy Dalton son of Leander and Martha Bell Dalton

Ripley County
28 Oct 1829, Elijah Dalton son of David and Priscilla Dennis Dalton
15 Sep 1832, Susannah Dalton dau of David and Priscilla Dennis Dalton
22 Mar 1844, David Daniel Dalton son of David and Priscilla Dennis Dalton
21 Jan 1884, Roxie Dalton dau of Levi C. and Margaret C. Burley Dalton, Doniphan Twp.
27 Oct 1886, Cora Bell Dalton dau of Levi C. and Margaret C. Burley Dalton, Doniphan Twp.

St. Francois County
27 Aug 1895, Elmer Dalton son of John Henry and Maggie Luvina Womack Dalton
Feb 1898, Raymond Dalton son of John Henry and Maggie Luvina Womack Dalton
Jun 1903, Nettie Hazel Dalton dau of John Henry and Maggie Luvina Womack Dalton
7 Jul 1905, Gussie Mari Dalton dau of John Henry and Luvina Womack Dalton
25 Sep 1909, Forrest Shelton Dalton son of Simeon Augustus and Della Elvina Bequette Dalton, Cantwell
12 Sep 1910, Violet Dalton dau of Wm. and Teresa Mc Dowell Dalton, Desloge
1 Jan 1913, Paul Dalton son of Wm. Dalton and Martha Ramsey, Randolph Twp.

Vernon County
9 Nov 1900, John Montgomery Dalton son of Frederick Alfred and Ida Jane Dunlap Poage Dalton, Walker
25 Jun 1891, Lelia Marie Dalton dau of Frederick Andrew and Ida Jane Dunlap Poage Dalton, Nevada
16 Nov 1892, Sidna... Poage Dalton son of Frederick Andrew and Ida Jane Dunlap Poage Dalton
25 Mar 1897, Lenora Dalton dau of Frederick Andrew and Ida Jane Dunlap Poage Dalton, Nevada
10 May 1899, Samuel Frederick Dalton son of Frederick Andrew and Ida Jane Dunlap Poage Dalton
16 May 1908, Walter William Dalton son of Frederick Andrew and Ida Jane Dunlap Poage Dalton, Walker


Andrew County
16 Mar 1887, George Dalton and Ida Shewmaker
25 Sep 1887, M. Dalton and Rosa Moran
10 Dec 1890, Rosa E. Dalton and Edward T. Colburn

Bates County
31 Dec 1880, Francis F. Dalton and Alice N. Johnson
25 Apr 1889, Francis F. Dalton and Annie L. Branner

Benton County
10 Mar 1870, Robert Daulton and Mary Hooper
20 Sep 1892, Robert C. Dalton and Martha E. Lemon, Warsaw

Bollinger County
12 Nov 1866, Martha Dalton and Daniel Clubb

Buchanan County
2 Jun 1856, Catherine Dalton and Dennis Dee, St. Joseph Cathedral
25 Mar 1878, Edward F. Dolton and Lucy I Kenson
19 May 1885, Mary L. Dalton and John B. Mc Nally

Butler County
23 Nov 1879, John R. Dalton and Bell J. Ferguson
5 Jun 1884, Mary M. Dalton and T. Robbins
29 Jul 1885, Isom M. Dalton and Sarah Tomlin
16 Dec 1885, L. F. Dalton and Lottie Sheppard

Caldwell County
26 Oct 1882, Florance Dalton and Burritt Laughlin

Cape Girardeau County
14 Oct 1841, George W. Dolton and Rown W. Elliott
4 Jan 1858, Jonathan Dalton and Lorenor Harpe
14 Aug 1860, Alexander Dalton and Lucretia P. Crain
Oct 1866, William Dalton and Margeret Maryfield
2 Jan 1869, Alexander Dalton and Nancy E. Welker
24 Jul 1870, Jonathan Dalton and Margaret Welker

13 Jul 1871, Jasper N. Dalton and Mary J. Drum
15 Nov 1874, Johnathan Dalton and Lucinda Kaysinger
4 Mar 1884, Nancy A. Dalton and David M. Brown
28 Jan 1886, Bettie H. Dalton and William B. Crites
21 Dec 1897, John M. Dalton and Mahala Mayfield

Carter County
16 Dec 1885, Louis Franklin Dalton and Charlotta/Lottie Ann Sheppard

Cass County
25 Feb 1869, Abner Dalton and Balsora A. Bruce
22 Nov 1878, Edward Delton and Susie V. Barley

Chariton County
2 Jul 1839, Mary Dalton and Thomas A. Trent at home of Wm. Dalton
14 Mar 1843, Sarah Dalton and Jesse Hare
3 Jan 1844, Eliza Dalton and George Hare
28 Dec 1848, Wilimea Dalton and Harrison Ashby
20 Jul 1862, Mary Dalton and John T. Doxey
18 May 1871, Virginia A. Dalton and James N. Smith

Clark County
13 Jun 1850, John Dalton and Nancy Jones
29 Jul 1852, Mary Ann Dalton and Peter Huff
21 May 1854, Elizabeth Dalton and Sylvester Parsons
13 Feb 1868, Jonathan Dolton and Clary Singleton
12 Dec 1878, Alzira Dalton and Joseph Rain

Clay County
3 Dec 1872, James T. Dalton and M. F. Powell, officiated A. Matchett

Cooper County
13 May 1867, Peter Dalton and An... Foohey, Boonville, St. Peter and Paul
22 Apr 1882, M. E. Dalton and J. A. Mc Grath, Boonville

Dade County
14 Jan 1879, J. A. Dalton and Fannie Mc Bride

Dallas County
2 Dec 1877, Elizabeth Dalton and John Rains

Daviess County
12 Mar 1878, Thomas F. Dalton and Rebecca Galpin

De Kalb County
3 May 1846, Martha Dalton and Walter Burris
22 Sep 1850, Francis D. Dalton and Marria S. Barrow
12 Dec 1854, Richmond Dalton and Prudence Ann Norris
15 Apr 1856, Simeon Dalton and Frances M. Todd
14 Dec 1856, Thomas Dalton and Sarah Osborn

28 Dec 1857, Elisabeth Dalton and Greenbery Atteberry
1 Dec 1859, Joseph H. Dalton/Dolton and Sarah/Sally Isabella Thornton
29 Oct 1865, Margaret Dalton and William Thomas
23 Nov 1876, Mary Dalton and James Quick

19 Nov 1879, Sarah Elizabeth Dalton and John Francis Bowen
19 Feb 1882, Almeda A. Dalton and George Teagarden
5 Apr 1883, Frances M. Dalton and William P. Howell

Dent County
28 Nov 1869, Sarah Dalton and Peter H. Richia
21 Jan 1877, L. R. Dalton and Permelia Adams
8 Apr 1877, L. M. Dalton and John Bay

Dunklin County
8 Mar 1875, Tabitha C. Dalton and George W. Brown
16 Feb 1876, Thomas Dalton and Lucy C. Sites
12 Nov 1876, Nancy Dalton and Edward Thornton
14 Nov 1878, N. J. Dalton and J/G. M. Moss
18 Dec 1878, Albert Jackson Daulton and Matilda Emiline Whitaker
25 Sep 1884, Sarah E Dalton and James S. Chew
2 Oct 1890, W. R. Dalton and Mrs. Nancy M. Bray
1 Mar 1894, M. L. Dalton and Sarah J. Robinson

Franklin County
7 Aug 1866, James Dalton and Mahaley Beler
12 Feb 1884, George E. Dalton and Hattie Ely

Greene County
15 Jun 1845, Isaac Dalton and Polly Ann Johnson

Henry County
27 Nov 1853, Avery Dalton and Elizabeth Ann Dodson
5 Mar 1867, J. D. Daulton and N. S. Acre
12 Jan 1875, Avery Dalton and Margaret Greason
30 May 1878, Lucy Jane Dalton and Thomas Shepard
4 Aug 1878, Thomas Dolton and Emma Chapman

Holt County
22 Nov 1863, W. H. Dalton and Almira Hogan

Howard County
28 Jul 1839, James Dalton and Nancy Bradley

Jackson County
28 Mar 1844, Nancy B. Dalton and James M. Helms/Holms
12 Mar 1851, James L. Dalton and Adeline L. Younger
13 Feb 1853, Henry M. Dalton and Nancy M. E. Johnson
16 Apr 1854, Adeline Dalton and Joshua Corn
6 May 1856, Agnes Dalton and William Chism

10 Feb 1858, James L. Dalton and Elizabeth Smith
5 May 1859, William Dalton and Josephine Morris
29 Dec 1862, Serrilda M. Dalton and Allen B. Edwards
29 Nov 1865, James G. Dalton and Lucy Crump
28 Nov 1867, David G. Dalton and Georgia C. Hannen

15 Jun 1869, John Dalton and Ellen Shea, Kansas City, St. Patricks
8 Nov 1870, Mary Adline Dalton and James Thomas Hobbs
28 Nov 1870, Magie Dalton and J. W. Brassfield
9 Sep 1875, Ann Eliza Dalton and Joseph E. Bradin
24 Oct 1875, Henrietta Dalton and R. Harris

25 Mar 1877, Isabell Dalton and Eber Lorensa Brown
25 Feb 1878, J. Frank Dalton and Nancy E. Kesterson
6 Mar 1879, William Dalton and Mary Cook
2 Jul 1882, Joseph Warren Dalton/Mc Colpin and Sarah/Sallie Elizabeth Kiehl

19 Mar 1885, Davis R. Dalton and Katie Hilty
20 Oct 1885, Walter Dalton and Ida Hall
1 May 1890, John Dalton and Katie Fitzgerald, Kansas City, St. Patricks

Jasper County
8 May 1872, Keziah V. Dulton and Samuel Swick
6 Apr 1881, John T. Dalton and Elizabeth Rust
26 Mar 1883, V. J. Dalton and Martha Martha D. Moses

Jefferson County
18 Oct 1857, Thomas Dalton and Ellen Mullany
11 Oct 1858, Margaret Dalton and James Duff

Johnson County
17 Jun 1845, Mary R. Dalton and Abner Wood
5 Aug 1846, Benjamin F. Dalton and Martha Thaxton
27 Jul 1857, Mary Virginia Dalton and Thomas F. Norman
19 Feb 1858, John M. Dolton and Aregean Kinder
6 Apr 1860, Sarah E. Dalton and John H. Fox

29 Oct 1868, Wm. M. Dolton and Sarah A. Price
2 Jun 1869, R. T. Daulton and Amanda H. Jackson
13 Jan 1870, Amanda L. Dalton and Judson H. Tinker
25 Sep 1872, Mary F. Dalton and Charles W. Kincheloe
8 Mar 1877, Rebecca J. Dalton and William A. Long

4 Sep 1877, Margaret E. Dalton and William P. Wolfenbarger
14 Oct 1880, Laticia Dalton and Charlie T. Miler
18 Jun 1884, Robert F. Dalton and Mary E. Bailey

Knox County
31 Dec 1860, Frank M. Daulton and Annie Bitler
8 Feb 1866, Alexander Dalton and Martha Jane Trimble
5 Jan 1869, Talbot Dalton and Nancy Thompson
10 Dec 1878,  Francis Marion Dalton and Sarah Ann Lancaster
1 Nov 1883, Anna V. Dalton and Philip B. Linville

Laclede County
27 Jun 1875, Simon Dalton and Pearcy A. Phipps

Lafayette County
7 Nov 1878, John Franklin Dalton and Mary Isabell Fox
10 May 1883, Ellen Dalton and Joseph W. Hann, Lexington, Immaculate Conception
14 May 1900, William F. Dalton and Clara Martin

Linn County
14 Feb 1871, Mary Susie Daulton and George J. Crainer

Madison County
5 Jan 1854, Sarah Permela Dalton and James W. Young
9 Apr 1854, Jeremiah Dalton and Nancy Hart
16 Dec 1858, William Dalton and Amanda Jane Rice
16 Jul 1867, Elijah Dalton and Mildred Sebastian

17 Apr 1870, David Dalton and Mary M. Underwood
23 Mar 1873, Sarah A. Dalton and Benjamin J. J. Buxton
23 Oct 1875, Nancy Dalton and Joseph Crissup
16 Nov 1879, Amanda J. Dolton and James Cherrol

14 Mar 1880, William A. Dalton and Bell Johnson
29 Nov 1883, Elizabeth Daulton and Robert St. Gemme
13 Jan 1884, Jaseph Dalton and Julia Lapland
22 Nov 1894, John Henry Dalton and Maggie Luvina Womack, Mine La Motte

Marion County
27 Nov 1862, Charles Dalton and Mary E. Wadsworth
10 Jan 1862, John Daulton and Susan Haskins
24 Aug 1865, William F. Dalton and Mary E. Tuggle
11 Sep 1870, Mary Naonie Daulton and Joseph Hotchkiss
9 Sep 1874, Elizabeth Daulton and James Johnston

Mercer County
13 Nov 1862, Elizabeth Dalton and Francis Mc Guire Brittain

Mississippi County
28 Dec 1845, Enos Dalton and Polly Matthews
15 Oct 1848, Sarah Ann Dolton and Garner Davis
18 Nov 1850, James H. Dalton and Margaret A. Lee
27 Feb 1851, Enos Dalton and Judith Chapman
5 Apr 1853, Elizabeth Dalton and Thomas J. Hutson
8 Jan 1854, Eliza Jane Dolton and James M. Scott

2 Feb 1855, Louisianna Dalton and Joshua G. Davis
8 Apr 1856, Eliza Jane Dalton and James M. Scott
31 Jan 1858, Ann Dalton and Jacob Fleshman
23 Feb 1860, John Dalton and Mary Ann Dalton
19 Jun 1861, Henry Dalton and Lydia L. Meshue

10 Sep 1863, Henry Dalton and Nancy E. Lee
16 Nov 1864, Margaret Ann Dalton and George W. Hutson
19 Jun 1866, Elizabeth Dalton and John Henry Lee
27 Sep 1866, Thomas J. Dalton and Laura J. Grisby
14 Mar 1867, Thomas J. Dalton, Jr. and Mary W. Warren
4 Nov 1869, Thomas J. Dalton and Mary J. Chapman

16 Oct 1870, Nancy Dalton and Richard Rhodes
14 Mar 1871, Eliza Dalton and John Burton
28 Nov 1871, Elizabeth E. Dalton and Alen Campble
22 May 1872, Virgle Dalton and Elizabeth Hancock
21 Aug 1872, Mary Ann Dalton and Elijah Carter
25 Nov 1873, Rachel Dalton and Wallace Tyler

21 Sep 1875, William Dalton and Margret E. Lee
9 Apr 1876, Nancy E. Dolton and William H. N. Smelley
24 Nov 1878, Julia A. Dalton and Russ Montgomery Pollock
14 May 1880, Nancy Dalton and Benjamin Johnston
29 Jul 1881, Jennie Dalton and Anderson Crosnoe

3 Dec 1881, Margart Dalton and Thomas Mc Elmurry
9 Jan 1883, Andrew J. Dalton and Jane Smith
24 Mar 1883, Allice Dalton and Chas. P. Brewer
25 Jan 1885, Frank Dalton and Emma Johnson
24 Mar 1885, Mary J. Dalton and Humphreys C. W. Stanley

11 Feb 1889, Timothy D. Dalton and Lillie Holeman
13 Aug 1889, Laura Dalton and Charles H. Brown
8 Mar 1891, Verona Dalton and John F. Glass
1 Jun 1893, Mrs. Mary W. Dalton and John Burton
21 Feb 1894, Dollie Dalton and Charles S. Campbell

1 Apr 1896, T. D. Dalton and Mary E. Cordrey
25 Sep 1897, Ben Dalton and Bettie Cruse
6 Sep 1898, Rosa E. Dalton and H. H. Hill
23 Apr 1899, Elizabeth Dalton and Wm. Stephenson

Moniteau County
10 Nov 1857, James Dalton and Margaret Keily

Morgan County
16 Mar 1848, John Dalton and Lucinda Langley
31 May 1857, Mary Dalton and Enoch Tayler
8 Dec 1870, Mary Daulton and Thomas T. Cockbird
31 Mar 1876, Harriet Dalton and John Henry Wreden
24 Jul 1878, Thomas H. B. Dalton and Susan Andus
23 Apr 1883, Mary J. Dalton and Willis W. Gatewood

Newton County
17 Feb 1875, H. E. Dalton and S. A. Cravens
11 Dec 1881, R. W. Dalton and Eliza Ellen Mc Clary
27 Dec 1881, O. P. Dalton and Josie Butcher

Oregon County
20 Feb 1875-78(dates vary) John Dalton and July E. Grashan/Groshan
14 Nov 1878, Betty Dalton and J. A. Reynolds

Perry County
3 Mar 1864, John P. Dalton and Fanny Bess
27 May 1872, Josiah A. Dolton and Martha Jane Edens
10 Jun 1894, William Mc Henry Dalton and Martha Tresa Mc Dowell

Pettis County
20 Nov 1882, Mrs.Maud A. Dalton and George R. King

Pike County
23 Apr 1857, Thomas Dalton and Rebecca Roberts

Platte County
2 Mar 1860, E. S. Dalton and Sallie Herndon

Polk County
28 Aug 1868, Benjamin Dalton and Susan Hugle
28 Mar 1869, Margaret J. Dalton and James Hood
11 Jun 1871, Nancy Dolton and John Chandler

Ralls County
13 Jan 1837, Salina Daulton and Thomas Winter
21 Feb 1839, Louis M. Daulton and William Silvers
11 Oct 1849, William G. Dalton and Mary Jane Self
30 Oct 1850, John T. Daulton and Nancy J. Mc Millan
3 Jan 1855, James Wakeman Daulton and Mary E. Stevens

11 Mar 1855, George C. Daulton and Mary Elen Lewelen
12/20 Dec 1869, Richard Dalton and Mary Rebecca Biggs
26 Nov 1879, James W. Daulton and Ella G. Sanner
24 Dec 1882, Richard Dalton and Lucy W. Curd

Randolph County
30 Jul 1871, Joseph R. Dulton and Mary L. Ostrander

Ray County
17 Nov 1842, Thomas Dalton and Susan White
8 Dec 1882, Ellen Dalton and Joseph W. Hand
17 Oct 1893, Kate Dalton and James Boyd

Reynolds County
31 Aug 1876, Levi Dalton and Mary J. Bell

Ripley County
13 Dec 1846, Sarah Dalton and George W.  Matney
4 Jan 1849, David Dalton and Nancy Self
12 Jan 1855, James Dalton and Louisa Myatt
18 Nov 1855, William Dalton and Mary C. Myatt
Feb 1858, Luse Ann Dalton and William M. Cross

3 Mar 1859, Ruthy Dalton and James Parker
19 Sep 1869, Elijah Dalton and Marget Johnson
17 Nov 1872, Mahalah C. Dalton and James I. Chester
14 Sep 1873, David Dalton and Rachel E. Young
10 May 1877, John C. Dalton and Susan C. Poyner

St. Charles County
6 Jan 1851, Edward Dalton and Mary Gosling
9 Feb 1851, Ann Dalton and James Keough
2 Apr 1868, William R. Dalten and Kattie U. Walker

St. Francois County
23 Feb 1844, Lewis Dalton and Elizabeth Mc Kenzie
11 May 1853, Nancy C. Dalton and William Poston
7 Oct 1858, Margaret Dalton and George William
26 Feb 1862, Thomas Dalton and Emily Marks
4 Nov 1873, Martha Dalton and John Mills

21 Mar 1875, Eliza J. Dalton and Ira J. Doughty
2 Mar 1876, James H. Dalton and Missouri I. Welker
2 Oct 1883, William M. Dalton and Permelia Wiggins
27 Feb 1901, James Madison Dalton and Essie B. Breece,  Cantwell
25 Dec 1909, Mary E. Dalton and Jack J. Cash

St. Genevieve County
3 Mar 1850, Asehel M. Dalton and Harriet Aikens

St. Louis County, St. Louis
27 Nov 1848, John Dalton and Agnes Green
26 Sep 1852, Patrick Dalton and Catherine Mulehahy
30 Jan 1853, Martin Dalton and Catherine Clay; parents- John and Ellen Bulmer Dalton; John and Ellen Nary Clay.
30 Sep 1854, Elizabeth Dalton and John D. Stettler
20 May 1855, Bridget Dalton and Simon Lynch

20 May 1855, Martin Dalton and Mary Casin
30 May 1858, Martin Dalton and Ellen Butler
11 Jun 1860, Anne Dalton and John Mc Cormack
28 Dec 1861, Henry Dalton and Mary Ann Smith
30 Aug 1863, Oliver Dalton and Elisabeth Holdem

19 Feb 1867, Mary Dalton and Patrick Barrett, Saint Louis
23 Oct 1874, John Dalton and Maggie Dickerson
Nov 1879, Mary Dalton and James M. Doty
17 Jul 1882, Amelia Dalton and Henry Johnson
7 Feb 1883, Richard P. Dalton and Cassie Dale

17 Sep 1883, Henry S. Dulton and Rhonda A. Bingham, St. Louis City
29 Jul 1884, Katie Dalton and Charles C. A. Herbst
28 Oct 1884, Charles G. Dalton and Mary A. Bischoff
31 Dec 1884, Frank P. Dalton and Hatie Black
8 Feb 1885, Timothy A. Dalton and Johanna O'Mara

13 Apr 1855, Peter Dalton and Mary Fleming
16 Aug 1885, Oliver Dalton and Ellen Banyon
19 Jan 1904, Martin Dalton and Margaret Lee, St. Louis

Saline County
24 May 1869, Elisabeth Dulton and Anderson Aulgur

Schuyler County
24 Nov 1878, Sarah S. J. Dalton and William R. White
3 Aug 1882, Arzilla Dalton and M. T. Redman

Scotland County
11 Apr 1861, Ellen C. Dalton and Nelson S. Forrester
9 Jun 1880, Tolbert Dalton and Jane Thompson
20 Dec 1883, Julia A. Dalton and J. B. Creason
17 Feb 1884, Eber L. Dalton and Emma J. Dalton
19 Mar 1884, Alice V. Dalton and Levi Wright

30 Dec 1884, James M. Dalton and Agnes Garrison
3 Sep 1885, John Dalton and Olive Dalton
20 Dec 1891, Jospeh C. Dadlton and Julia A. Dalton
19 Apr 1892, George B. Dalton and Susan F. Bloyd
23 Apr 1892, Annie V. Dalton and James Bloyd

14 Apr 1897, John A. Dalton and Maude A. Morgan
31 Jan 1901, M. T. Dalton and Iva M. Watson
11 Sep 1902, Louis Dalton and Manda J. Short
20 Sep 1903, Tilden J. Dalton and Bertha M. Small
27 Mar 1904, William Dalton and Nellie Mc Daniel
3 Jul 1904, Benjamin F. Dalton and Clara A. Small

Scott County
12 Jan 1845, Henry Dalton and G. Hutson

Shelby County
10 Jul 1868, Laura A. Daulton and Henry A. Keeley

Vernon County
27 Dec 1883, Hattie Dalton and William M. Rees
24 Dec 1885, Lois Dalton and Robert B. Taylor
3 Sep 1890, Frederick Andrew Dalton and Ida Jane Dunlap Poage

Washington County
7 Feb 1834, William Dalton and Sarah Spotts

Wayne County
1826, David Dalton and Priscilla Dennis, Greenville

Webster County
24 Mar 1866, William Harvey Dalton and Sarah Elizabeth Yandell/Yandle
10 Aug 1868, B. F. Dalton and Sarah Hampton


Source: Missouri State Archives   This index is continually updated and additional details for each individual are given.  Cemetery listings are plentiful @ rootsweb.com

Jackson County
28 Jun 1882, Leony Dalton,  6 mos.
25 Aug 1884, Lizzie Dalton, age 18
9 Apr 1888, Jos. Dalton, 15 mos.
6 Aug 1888, Thos. Dalton, age 53
23 Nov 1888, J. W. Dalton, F., age 29

14 Mar 1889, Gracie F. Dalton, age 24.
6 Jul 1891, Jno Dalton, age 88
15 Jul 1894, Juse Dalton, age 3
1 Jan 1907, Mary Dalton, age 10.
21 May 1908, Infant Dalton, 21 days, M.

Madison County
22 May 1884, Lizzie A. Dalton, 10 mos.
29 Apr 1891, Nora B. Dalton, age 18

Newton County
15 Jul 1894, Willie Dalton, 5 mos.

Polk County
11 Jan 1884,  Davis Dalton, age 88

Saint Louis County
John Dalton, May 21, 1859

Scotland County
19 Sep 1884, Earnest Dalton, age 7


Ralls County
James Dalton

Scott County
John Dolton
Timothy Dolton
William Dolton

Wayne County
Unknown Townships
David Dalton
Elizah Dolton
John Dolton Jr.
John Dolton, Sr.
William Dalton

Cape Girardeau County
Cape Girardeau
Thomas Dawlden

Jackson County
Unknown Twp.
Jesse Dalton

Johnson County
William Dalton
William R. Dalton
R. R. Dalton

Ralls County
Unknown Twp.
James Dalton

Ripley County
Unknown Twp.
Elijah Dalton
John C. Dalton

Ste. Genevieve County
Unknown Township
Jemsa J. Dalton

Benton County
Williams Twp.
Merredith Dlton, Dalton

Chariton County
Keytesville Twp.
William Dalton, Sr.

De Kalb
28th District
Eliza Dolton
Francis Dolton

Greene County
Taylor Twp.
Isaac Dalton

Jackson County
Lewis Dalton, 52
Matilda Dalton, 48

Jesse Dalton, 35
Nancy Dalton

Johnson County
Jackson Twp.
William R. Dalton
Benjamin F. Dalton
Robert R. Dalton

Madison County
54th District
Elijah Dolton
William Daulton

Marion County
William Dalton

Mississipi County
57 th District
Enos Dalton,
Henry Dalton

Morgan County
Mill Creek
John Dalton
Joseph Dalton

Perry County
Benjamin Dalton

Pulaski County
Being 72nd District
Simon Dalton

Ralls County
Being 73rd District
John T. Dalton

Ray County
Unknown Twp.
Amy C. Dalton
Ellis Dalton (also listed in 75th District)
Mary Dalton.

Ripley County
Being 77th District
Susannah Dalton
David Dolton,47
Precilla Dolton,46
David A. Dolton, 22
Nancy J. Dolton, 18
Elijah Dalton

St. Francois County
Being 80th District
Reuben Dalton

St. Louis County
Bonhomme Twp.
Alexander Dolton

Jefferson Barracks
Hamilton Dalton

St.Louis, Ward 1
Mary Dalton

St. Louis Ward 3
Ann Daltan/Dalton
Margarette Dalton

St. Louis, Ward 4
Eliza Dalton
Pah. Dalton
Elizabeth Dalton

St. Louis, Ward 5
Martin Dalton
James Dalten
John Dalton

St. Louis Ward 6
Patrick Dolton
Richard Dolton
Peter Dalton

Ste. Genevieve
Jackson Twp.
Asahel Dulton

Buchanan County
St. Joseph City, Ward 1
Martin Dalton
W. Dalton

Cape Giradreau County
White Water
David A. Dalton
Jonathan Dalton
Timothy Dalton
William R. Dalton

Cass County
George Dalton

Chariton County
Ann E. Dalton
Polly A. Dalton
William Dalton

Clark County
Sweet Home
Alexander Dalten

Crawford County
David Dalten
Lewis Dalton

De Kalb County
Simeon Dolton

Francis H. Dolton
Joseph H. Dolton
Richmond Dolton

Dunklin County
Independence District
M. C. Dolton

Franklin County
John Delten

Gasconade County
John Dalton

Genevieve County
Nathaniel Dalton
William Dalton

Henry County
Grand River
Avery Doltein

Iron County
Lidia Dulton

Jackson County
James L. Dalton
Lewis Dalton
Milton Dalton
Nancy Dalton

Jarris J. Dalton
Jesse W. Dalton

Jefferson County
Thomas Dalton

Johnson County
John Mc. Dalton
R. R. Dalton, slave schedule
Robert R. Dalton
William R. Dalton

Knox County
Francis M. Dalton
William D. Dolton

Lafayette County
A. F. Dalton

Lewis County
Lagrange Union
Julia S. Dalton

Livington County
John Dalton

Madison County
John Dalton

St. Michael
P. A. Dalton
Jeremiah Dalton

Marion County
Hannibal City, Ward 2
John T. Daulton
William G. Daulton

James W. Daulton

Mississippi County
Enos Dalton
Henry Dalton
James Dalton
Thomas J. Dalton
Henry Dalton, slave schedule
James H. Dalton, slave schedule
John Dalton, slave schedule

Moniteau County
California P. O.
James Dalton

Montgomery County
Bear Creek
Mary Dalton

Morgan County
John Dalton

Pike County
Sarah Dolton

Platte County
Edward S. Dalton

Polk County
David Dalton

Marion Twp
James Dalton
Jesse Dalton
Benjamin Dolton

Polk County
Jesse Dolton
Benjamin Dolton

Ripley Couty
Current River
J. M. Dalton

David Dalton
Elijah Dalton
William Dalton

Schuyler County
Ezekiel Dalton

Scotland County
Frank Dalton

Mt. Pleasant
John Dalton
W. C. Dalton

Scott County
Patrick Dalton

St. Charles County
John Dalton

St. Francois County
Reubin Dolton

St Louis County
John Dolton

Catherine Dalton
James Dalton
Thomas Dalton, Jr.
Thomas Dalton, Sr.

Ward 4, St. Louis
Elizabeth Dalton
Matthew Dalton
Peter Dalton
Ellen Dalton

Ward 5 St. Louis
James Daulton

Ward 6, St. Louis
William Dalton
Mary Dolton

Ward 8, St. Louis
James Dalton
Margaret Dalton
Mary Dalton
Richard Dalton

Ward 9, St. Louis
Ellen Dalton
John Dalton
John Dalton
Lucy Dalton
Mary Dalton

Ward 10 St. Louis
Martin Dalton
Martin Dolton

Wayne County
Lewis F. Dalton

St. Francis
Adams H. Dalton
Isom M. Dalton
Zillah Dalton

Webster County
Mary A. Dalton

Atchison County
Francis Dalton

Audrain County
Charles Dalton
William Dalton

Buchanan County
St. Joseph, Ward 2
Amanda Dalton,

Ward 4
Michael Dalton

Caldwell County
Henry Dalton

Cape Girardeau County
Apple Creek
Timonthy Dalton

White Water
Emanuel Dalton
Johnathan Dallton

Cass County
Mount Pleasant
J. Carter Dalton
James L. Dolton

Chariton County
Washington Dalton

Twp. 53, Brunswick P. O.
Rosina Dalton
William Dalton

Clark County
John Dalton
Jonathan Dalton

Clinton County
Edwin S. Dalton

Twp. 54 Range 30
G. W. Dalton

Dade County
Nancy S. Dalton

De Kalb County
Biddie Dalton
Frank Dalton
George Dalton
Joseph H. Dalton
Richmond Dalton
Simeon Dalton

Dunklin County
Martha Daulton
Nancy Daulton
Samuel Daulton

Henry County
John Dalton

Jackson County
Kansas City, Ward 2
Bernard Dalton
James H. Dalton
John Dalton

Ward 4, Kansas City
G. W. Dalton
Julia Dalton

Elizabeth Dalton
Lewis Dalton
Lee Summit P. O.
James G. Dalton

Jeferson County
Thomas Dalton

Johnson County
John M. Dalton
Madison Dalton
Robert B. Dalton
Robert Thomas Dalton
William P. Dalton

Knox County
Alexander Dalton

Laclede County
John Dalton

Lafayette County
Amanda Dolton
Rebecca Dalton

Lincoln County
I. M. Delton

Marion County
Hannibal. S. W.
N. Dalton
James W. Dalton
Mary E. Daulton

Mississippi County
M. J. Dalton
Mary A. Dalton
Nancy Dalton
Thomas J. Dalton

Mississippi Twp.
Ella Dalton
William Dalton
Eliza Daulton
Louisa Daulton
Mary I Daulton
Nancy L. Daulton
Rachell Dolton

Ohio Twp.
Rachel Dalton

Monroe County
John Dalton
William Dalton

Morgan County
Haugh Creek
John Dalton

Newton County
George W. Dalton

Pike County
Mary Dalton

Polk County
David Dalton
Nancy Dalton

Ralls County
Elizabeth Dalton
Richard Dalton

Randolph County
Salt Spring
Martin Dalton

Reynolds County
Erastus Daltom
Luther Daltom
Sarah Daltom

Ripley County
Caroline Dalton
D. C. Dalton
Elijah Dalton
Sand Dalton
William Dalton

Saline County
Salt Pond
James Dalton
Patrick Dalton

Schuyler County

Scotland County
Mt. Pleasant
W. C. Dalton
John Dolten
Talbot Dolten

St. Charles County
Female Dalton
Harriette DaltonMary Dalton
William Dalton

St. Francois County
Adam H. Dalton
Thoms T. Dalton
Reuben Dalton

St. Louis County
Alexander Dolton
Morris Dalton

Carondelet, Subd.1
Edward Dalton
James Dalton
Patrick Dalton
Robert Dalton
Thomas Dalton

J. Thomas Dalton
Pauline Dalton

St. Ferdinand
Anna Dalton
Oliver Dalton

St. Louis City
Robert H. Dalton
Edward Dolton

Ward 1, Subdivision 2
Edward Dalton
K. Dalton
Mike Dalton
Ned Dalton
Oliver Dalton
O. E. Dolton

Ward 4,  Subd 8
Henry Dalton

St. Louis, Ward 4, Subd. 9
William Dalton
John Dalton
William R. Dalten
Dearborn Dilton
Mary Dilton

Ward 6
Hattie Dalton

Ward 6 Subd 14
John Dalton

Ward 8, Subd. 15
G. H. Dolten
William Dolton

Ward 9, Subd 16
Mike Daulton
John Dolton

Ward 10, Subd. 18
James C. Dalton
John Dalton
Laurence Dalton
Mary E. Dalton
James Dalton
John Dalton
Matt Dalton
Richard Dalton
Thomas Dalton

Ward 11, Subd. 84
Pat. Dalton

Ward 12, Subd. 21
Johanna Dalton
Hamilton Dalton

Ward 12, Subd. 22
Hamilton Dalton

Ward 14, Subd. 5
William Dalton

Sullivan County
James Dalton
Matilda Dalton

Taney County
James Dalton
Matilda Dalton

Washington County
Henry Dalton

Wayne County
St. Francis
Elijah Dalton
Isham Dalton
John Dalton
Oliver Dalton

Webster County
Benjamin F. Dalton
Polly A. Dalton
William H. Dalton


Section I  All Daltons who were enumerated in the 1880 Census of Mssouri. Organized by County.

Please Note:  There are many obvious discrepancies and data requires checking.

Adair County
Robert Dalton, 24, b. IL, parents b. TN; servant enumerated in household of John Howk, farmer.

Audrain County
William F. Dalton, farmer, 41, b. VA, parents b. VA;  wife Mary E., 35, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO;  five children - four b. MO- Asa D 13, Charles T. 11, Alice G. 6, and William L. age 1; Alonzo F. 4, b. AR.

Barry County
Flat Creek
Sarah Dalton, widow, 24, b. IA; parents b. TN; son George E. C. Dalton, age 1, b. Mo, fa. b. MS;  enumerated in household of Alfred R. and Lydia Mills,  Sarah's parents.  Also enumerated were the Mills siblings of Sarah.

Barton County
Andrew Dalton, farmer, 32, b. IL, fa. b. VA, mo. b. OH;  wife Orisa 26, b. NY, parents b. NY; two children b. IL -  Ida M. 10, and Olevia 9.

George Dalton, farmer, 30, b. IL, fa. b. VA, mo. b. OH; wife Carrie B., 22, b. OH, parents b. OH.

D. Dalton, farming, 60, b. VA, parents b. VA;  wife Mahala, 53, b. OH, parents b. VA;  four children b. IL - Anaicroy, son, farmer, 28;  Joseph 26, farmer;  Everett 19, farmer;  Belle 10.

John Dalton, farmer, 60, b. OH, parents b. VA;  wife Emily, 40, b. OH, parents b. VA;  son Fracis, 26, farmer b. IL and son Henesly 15, b. IL.

Bates County
W. M. Dalton, farmer, 42, b. VA, parents b. VA;  wife Sarah A. 38, b. MO, parents b. VA;  four children b. MO- Lanna 10; Edgar 9;  Berdella 6;  Leona 3.

Frank Dalton, plasterer 28, b. OH, parents b. OH and Ira Dalton, 3, b. MO, parents b. OH;  enumerated in household of Perry G. Gregory, brick mason.

West Point
James Dalton, farmer, 54, b. KY, fa. b. VA and mo. b. KY;  wife Adalin L., 44, b. MO, fa. b. KY and mo. b. IL;  seven children b. MO - Mason,15, farm help; Eva May 13;  Tobert 11;  Emma 9;  Leona 6;  Nancy 4;  Simon 1.

Benton County
Robert C. Dalton, 29, b. TN, mo. b. TN;  wife Mary 27, b. MO, fa. b. TN, mo. b. KY;  four children b. MO -  Ida F 9;  Louie B. 6;  Ada V. 3;  Mertie S. 1.

John S. Dalton, farmer, 33, b. Ontario CA, parents b. ENG;  wife Nancy S. 42, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. TN.

Boone County
D. W. Dalton, mar., 38, b. AL, parents b. NC; enumerated in household of Tafe Marshall.

Buchanan County
Edward Dalton mar., 30, b. PA, fa. b. KY, mo. b. OH listed as comm'l traveler; Fannie Dalton, mar.26, b. PA, fa. b TN, mo b. VA also listed as comm'l traveler and enumerated under Len M. McCrary (hotel)

Saint Joseph
Henry Dalton, blacksmith helper, 25, b. IL, parents b. IL; enumerated in household of Morris Hickey, blacksmith.

M. Dalton, lab., 70, b. IRE; wife M. Dalton, 60, b. IRE;  dau E. Dalton, 20, b. MO.

Mary Dalton, dom. serv., 19, b. OH, parents b. IRE; enumerated in household of William G, Hall, physician

Butler County
Black River
Virgle Dalton, farmer, 32, b. MO, fa. b. TN, mo. b. KY;  wife Elizabeth, 28, b. IL, parents b. IL;  three children b. MO - Harry 7;  Maggie 5;  Ada 2.

Poplar Bluff
Amzat Dalton, farmer, 50, b. MO, parents b. TN;  wife Jane, 43, b. IL, parents b. OH;  dau Mary M. 20, b. IA;  son Lewis F. 17, b. IA;  Rosana 13, b . IL;  Isam 2, b. IL;  son John, farmer, 22, b. IL;  dau in law Isabelle Dalton, 16, b. MO;  other Mary age 1, b. MO.

Caldwell County
Florence Dalton, serv., 18, b. OH, parents b. OH;  cousin to Henry and Mary J. Clark b. OH.

Cape Girardeau
Byrd, District 24
Wm P. Dalton, 28 b. TN, parents b. TN listed as son. Head, John Long, 65, B. C. parents b. NC;  wife E. J. Long, 63, b. TN, fa. b. VA, mo. b. TN;  children N. E. Long, dau, 23, b. MO;  and Frances Long, 20 b. MO.

White Water
David A. Dalton, farmer, 37, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Nancy A., 30, b. MO, parents b. MO;  four children b. MO - Henry F. 10, Laura P. 8;  Sarah E. 4;  Albert A. 2.

J. N. Dalton, farmer, 30, b. KY, parents b. TN;  wife M. J. Dalton, 34, b. MO, parents b. MO;  three children b. MO -  W. A. son, 6;  S. L. dau 4;  F. H. 2 son;  J. G. son 7 mos.

Jonathan Dalton, farmer, 54, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Lucinda, 46, b. TN, parents b. TN;  step dau Nancy R. Kasinger, 19, b. AR, fa. b. AR;  five Dalton children b. MO;  Jesse R. 18;  Alexander 16;  Bettie A. 12;  Loson Lee 9;  John M. 4;  brother, Emmanuel Dalton, single, carpenter, 35, b. TN, parents b. TN.

Cass County
Pleasant Hill
Abner J. Dalton, farmer, 29, b. MO, parents b. KY; wife Mary A. 25, b. OH, parents b. OH;  four children b. MO -  Alice W. 7;  Nettie 5;  Daisy 3;  Horace 10 mos.

Henry Dalton, carpenter, 45, b. KY, parents b. VA;  wife Margaret, 42, b. KY, parents b. KY;  six children b. MO - David 21;  Mary E.  16;  Sarah A. 12;  George W. 10;  James C. 7; and Henry 3.

Abner Dalton, farmer, 34, b. TN, parents b. TN; wife E. B. 28, b. MO;  dau E. M. 5, b. MO;  son T. J. 3, b. MO; dau S. F. 9 mos., b. MO.

C. J. Dalton, farmer, 46, b. TN, fa. b. VA, mo. b. NC;  wife Lucrety 45 , b. TN, parents b. TN;  nephew C. H. Dalton, 21, b. TN, parents b. TN.

Chariton County
Bowling Green
Samuel Dalton, single, farmer, 21, b. MO, fa. b. ENG, mo. b VA

Sidna Agee, fem., farmer, widow, 68, b. VA, parents b. VA;  dau Miriah Agee, 37, b. VA;  five gr sons b. MO - James Dalton, lab, 18;  Erastus Dalton, lab, 16; Frederic Dalton 13;  Alonso Brown 11;  Joseph Brown 8.

Clark County
John Dalton, farmer, 44, b. IL, parents b. TN;  wife Clary Dalton, 35, b. MO, parents b. IL;  six children b. MO - Julian, dau 18;  John, farming, 17;  Hattie 11;  Gana 6;  Ann 4; Willie 2;  mother, Pacia Dalton, widow, 78, b. MO, parents, b. IL.

Clinton County
Edwin S. Dalton, farmer, 45, b. KY, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MD;  wife Sallie E., 39, b. KY, parents b. KY;  five children b. MO - Mary P. 19;  Harry B. 17;  Robert L. 13; Edward H. 6;  William P. 4;  father, Francis P. Dalton, mar., 73, b. KY, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. VA;  mother Keziah Dalton, 68, b. MD, fa. b. MD, mo. b. OH; serv. Belle Houston, MU, 20, b. MD.

Roda Dalton, serv., 18 b. KY, parents b. KY; in residence of A. B. Williams, farmer.

Job Dalton, peddler, mar., 63, b. NY, parents b. RI.; enumerated at residence of W. C. Barrett, minister.

Cole County
Charles Dalton, machinist, mar., 35, b. KY; enumerated under James Fahy (hotel)
Thomas Dalton, lab., 23, b. LA; enumerated under James Fahy (hotel)

Cooper County
Willie Dalton, serv., B, 18, b. MO; enumerated in household of Frank Arni, blacksmith

Dade County
Jasper N. Dalton, farming, single, 26, b. MO, parents b. TN;  mother Nancy S. Dalton, widow, 65, b. TN, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. GA.

Joseph Dalton, tinner, 23, b. MO, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. VA;  wife Fannie, 18, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO.

Dallas County
Elias Dalton, farmer, 25, b. IN, parents b. IN;  wife Mary 22, b. MO, fa. b. IN, mo. b. MO.

De Kalb County
Cora Dalton,, niece, keeping house, 16, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO.

Short Bend, Ed. 64
William Dalton, teacher, 48, b. KY, parents b. KY;  wife Elizabeth, 27, b. KY, parents b. KY;  three children b. MO - Martha 20;  Henry 11;  Jefferson 7.

Emory Dalton, 5 mos., b. MO, fa. b. MO, mo. b. MS. listed as son. Enumerated with John Fulton, lab., 26, b. MO, fa. b. OH, mo. b. MO;  wife Elizabeth Fulton, 27, b. MS, fa. b. Al, mo. b. MS;  two Fulton sons - William 3 and John 7, both b. AR - fa. b. MO, mo. b. MS.

Spring Creek, E. D. 65
John Dalton, farm wkr., 26, b. MO, fa. b. MA, mo. b. KY;  wife Elizabeth 26, b. MS, parents b. TN;  sons John 7 and William 3, b. AR;  dau Marietta 6 mos. b. MO;  brother in law, J. M. James farm wkr., 33, single, b. AR, parents b.MS;  nephew W. A. Brown, farm wkr., 18, b. AR, parents b. MS.

Dunklin County
Albert Dalton, farmer, 26, b. IN  , parents b. TN;  wife Matilda, 25, b. IN, fa. b. IL, mo. b. MO;  son Lewis 7 mos., b. IN.

Mary Dalton, widow, 40, b. TN, parents b. TN;  five children b. MO -James 17;  Sarah 14;  Francis, dau 12;  Rona J. 9;  Mary 4;  other William S. Matthews, 11, b. St Thomas, parents b. TN.

Greene County
Ash Grove
Caswell Dalton, farmer, 53, b. TN, fa. b. Va, mo. b. TN;  wife Cynthy J. 46, b. KY, fa. b. VA, mo. b. TN;  seven children -six b. KY - Woody M., farm lab., 20;  Ida T. 16;  Sedalia E. 14;  Jane R. 12; Manda V. 9;  Linn B. 6; and Caswell D., 2 mos., b. MO.

James F. Dalton, miner, 43, b. VA, parents b. VA;  wife Nancy E., 24, b. MO, fa. b. TN, mo. b. KY.

Henry County
Avery Dalton, farmer, 47, b. OH, parents b. OH;  wife Margaret, 42, b. NC, parents b. NC;  son David, 14, b. MO.

Lewis Station
Thos. Dalton, coal miner, 24, b. MO, parents b. MO;  wife Emma 17, b. VA, parents b. VA; son Henry 1, b. MO.

Iron County
Pilot Knob
Four Dalton  step children  of James and Amanda Sherrill but connection unclear. Step children b. MO - Margaret 16;  James 12; Thomas 9; Henry 3; parents  b. in MO.  James Sherrills, head, mining, 52, b. IL, parents b. MO; wife Amanda, 37, b. IL, parents b. IL; son Nathan Sherrills, 15 b. MO.

Wm. Dalton, miner, 19, b. MO, parents b. MO; enumerated in house of George Bise with other miners.

Jackson County
L. W. Dalton, farmer, 34, b. AR, parents b. TN;  wife Susan 32, b. MI, parents b. KY;  sons William B. 9 and Thomas C. 6, b. MO.

Gilan Dalton, farmer, 43, b. KY, fa.b. VA, mo. b. KY;  wife Georgia, 31, b. MO, fa. b. NC, mo. b. SC.

Louis Dalton, farmer, 44, b. KY, fa. b. PA, mo. b. KY;  wife Margarett 35, b. MO, fa. b. PA, mo. b. KY;  four sons b. MO - William 18;  Charlie 15;  Robert 13;  John 10.

Milt Dalton, farmer, mar., 58, b. KY, da. b. VA, mo. b. KY;  M. J. Brassfield, housekeeping, dau, mar., 24, b. MO, mo. b. MO; eight children b. MO - David, farm wkr., 21; Jessie farm wkr. 19, Gilliam farm wkr., 17;  Walter farm wkr. 15;  Nannie 13;  John 12;  Lucy 10; James 6;  two gr chilren - Mary Brassfield7, b. MO;  and William Brassfield 2. b. KS.

Kansas City
Ada Dalton, 12 and Jennie Dalton 12, both n. MO, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. NY; enumerated as nieces of Frank B. and Eliza Robinson, both b. NY.

James Dalton, rr conductor, 30, b. OH; enumerated with other rr men under Philip Ahearne

Jas Dalton, 15, groc. appr., b. IRE; enumerated under Jas H. Wood.

Thomas Dalton, actor, 37, b. PA;  wife Sarah 34, actress, b. PA;  four children b. PA - Minnie 9;  William 5;  Edgar 3;  James 1.

William Dalton, priest, 33 b. MO, parents b. IRE;  others not related in household.

Ward 2
Henry Dalton, carpenter, 24, b. MO; enumerated in household of Louis G. Adams.

Ward 6
John Dalton, lab., B, 30, b. MS, parents b. MS;  Luisa, wife, B, 25, b. MS, parents b. MS;  four children b. MS - Caledonia 12;  Mary 5;  Frances 3;  John 1.

Jos. G. Dalton, minister, 56, b. VA, parents b. VA;  wife Lucy J. 37, b. MO, parents b. KY;  three children b. MO -  Samuel G. 13;  Mary E. 11;  Paulina A. 6.

Madison County
St. Michael
David Dalton, miner, 30, b. MO, parents b. MO;  wife Mary M. 28, b. MO, parents b. MO;  four children b. MO - Mary 9;  Carrie 7;  ? Dalton 5;  and Hester 1 mo.

Jerimiah Dalton, miner, 47, b. MO, parents b. MO;  wife Nancy, 51, b. SC, parents b. SC;  four children b. MO - Elisabeth 16;  John 12;  Liosh 11;  Frank 6;  Isabella Dalton, dau in law, 16, b. MO, parents b. MO.

Nancy Dalton, 19, b. MO, parents b. MO; enumerated as dau of Jime and Nancy Jane Duncan (neither b. MO)

Robert Dalton, rr conductor, 32, b. IRE;  wife Rose, 30, b. PA, parents b. GER;  three children b. MO - Rose 8;  Richard 5;  Julia 3.

Johnson County
Millie Dalten, widow, B, 70, b. VA, parents b. VA- enumerated as mother of Charles Butter,MU, farmer b. MO.

William Simmerman, farmer, 36, b. MO, parents b. VA;  wife Margaret Simmerman, 35, b. IL, parents b. VA; also son 15, b. IL;  Amanda Dalten, mar, 21, b. IL parents b. VA, listed as sister in  law;  nephew Billy Dalten, 6, b. MO;  and Mirtle Dalten, 61, b. IL and listed as niece.  (The age appears to be an error).

Robert Dalton, farmer, 73, b. VA, parents b. VA;  wife Mary, 47, b. IL, parents b. VA;  son in law, William Wolfenbarger, 26, b. MO, parents b. VA;  dau Margaret Wolfenbarger, 19, b. MO;  gr dau Myrtle Wolfenbarger, 11 mos, b. MO;  gr son Johnie Dalton, 10, b. MO, fa. b. IL, mo. b. MO.

Jasper County
Edward Dalton, single, 50, b. IRE;  enumerated with other laborers under Matt Riele

Jefferson County
Ellen Dalton, widow, 55, b. IRE;  five sons b. MO - James, farmer, 21;  John 17, farm wkr.;  Edward 15, farm wkr., Thomas 13, farm wkr., and Martin 12.

Knox County
Elizabeth Dalton, serv., 30, b. IL, fa. b. TN, mo. b. VA; household of S. S. Pierce, teacher farmer

Ruth Dalton, 12, b. MO, fa. b. IN, mo., b. IN; listed as dau of Martha Trimble, div., 49, b. IN, parents b. SC.  Also other children b. MO - Alice Brenan 27;  Eva Trimble, 24, teacher;  John Trimble, farming;  Martha Trimble 19.

Simon Dalton, farmer, 56, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Neica, 43, b. TN, parents b. NC;  step daus Lucy Phipps 19 and Betty Phipps, 18, both  b. TX, fa. b. TX, mo. b. TN.

Layfayette Coounty
John F. Dalton, farmer, 26, b. MO, parents b. VA;  wife Mary, 21, b. VA, parents b. VA.

Lawrence County
Voluntine J. Dalton, 22, farm wkr., b. IL parents b. IL;  listed as step son of Gideon H. Vancil, 45, farmer, b. IL, parents b. IL.

Lincoln County
Martin Dalton, farmer, 43, b. IRE;  wife Ellen, 40 b. IRE; five children b. MO;  Mary 21;  James 19 farm hand;  John 15, farm hand;  Elizabeth 9, and Annie 7.

Marion County
John L. Dalton, farmer, widower, 50, b. KY, fa. b. KY;  father in law of James Johns 38, b. IRE;  His wife Elizabeth, 25, b. MO; and three Johnson children b. MO.

William Dalton, 21, b. MO, parents b. KY;  wife Ellen, 18, b. MO, parents b. PA.

Mary E. Dalton, widow, 43, b. MD, parents b. MD;  son Henry E. 15, b. MO, fa. b. MO; dau Anna W., 13, b. MO, fa. b. MO.

Mississippi County
St. James
Genevieve Dalton, step dau 18 and Timothy Dalton, step son 18, both b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO;  parents - Keeling Carter, 28, b. KY, parents b. KY and wife, Mary Carter, 36, b. MO, parents b. MO. two Carter children.

Mississippi Twp.
Alice Dalton, 18, b. MO, fa. b. MO, mo. b.KY;  sister in law of Allen Campbell, farmer, 51, b. KY, fa. b. NC, mo. b. KY;  wife E. A. Campbell, 25, b. MO, fa. b. MO, mo. b. KY;  son Jas. Campbell 18,b. MO;  and nephew Alfred Campbell, 22 , b. MO, fa. b. TN, mo. b. KY.

Frank Dalton, farm wkr., B, 16, b. MO, parents b. MO;  enumerated on farm of Ben Lucas B, 51, b. MO; fa. b. AFR, mo b. MO

Wm. Dalton, farmer, B 40, b. MD, fa. b. TN, mo. b. AL;  wife Margaret 35, B, b. MD, fa. b. TN, mo. b. AL.  There are 6 children all stated as b. MD but fa. b. TN and mother b. AL (obvious discrepancies)).  Frank, 14, farm wkr;  John 13, farm wkr;  Ben 11, farm wkr;  Ella 10;  Ada 5;  Lindsy 2.

Judith Dalton, widow, 70, b. KY, fa b. SC, mo. b. VA; brother Willis M. Chapman, by KY, fa. b. SC, mo. b. VA;  three Chapman children.

Thos J. Dalton, farmer, 37 b. MO, fa. b. TN, mo. b. MO;  wife Mary 33, b. KY, parents b. KY;  two children b. MO - Laura J. 11;  and Edward 5; sister in law, Provey Chapman, 24, b. KY, parents b. KY;  other J. W. Parks, 37, b. OH.

Thomas J. Dalton, farmer, 31, b. MO, parents b. TN;  wife Mary W., 31, b. MO, parents b. MO;  four children b. MO;  William 10;  Verona 8;  David 5;  Elizabeth 3.

Mary Dalton, 20, b. MO, fa. b. TN, mo. b. MO; step dau of Wm. Snelling, farmer, 30, b. KY, parents b. KY;  and Nancy Snelling, wife, 42, b. KY, parents b. KY;   also Dolly Dalton, step dau, 12, b. MO;  niece Elmina Lee, 11 b. MO;  and nephew Wm. H. Lee, 9, b. MO.

Moniteau County
Margaret Dalton, mother, widow, 60, b. IRE; Michael Kiely, tinner 37, b. IRE;  and wife, Annie Kiely, 23, b. MO, parents b. IRE.

Montgomery County
Upper Loutre
E. C. Dalton, farm lab., 30, b. TN, parents b. TN; enumerated with Newton Cornelius farmer.

Morgan County
Haw Creek
John Dalton, farmer, widower, 58, b. KY, parents b. VA;  three children b. MO - Mary, 22;  John 14, farm wkr.;  Charles 10;  and niece Elizabeth Tayler, 18, b. MO, fa. b. KY and mo. b. MO.

Thomas Dalton, farmer, widower, 30, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO;  dau Nancy, 4 mos., b. MO.

Newton County
H. C. Dalton, physician, 33, b. MS, parents b. NC;  wife Susan, 22, b. MO, fa. b. AR, mo. b. MO;  two children b. MO -  Hunter 4;  and Janie 2 mos.

Ozark County
Mary Dalton, age 8, b. IL, parents b. KY; listed as other in household of Spencer Wadkins, farmer 52, b. KY, parents b. NC;  and Hannah Wadkins, 51, b. KY, parents b. TN.

Ralls County
Chas. Dalton, farm lab., B, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO; enumerated in household of Geo. A. Fraser, physician.

Mary R. Dalton, widow, 29, b. MO, parents b. KY;  other John Davis Dalton, 9, b. MO, fa. b. OH, mo. b. MO

Richard Dalton, lawyer, mar., 36. b. OH; enumerated at hotel, Uriel C. Hays hotel keeper.

Randolph County
John Dalton, machinist, 38, b. IRE; wife Mary Dalton, 35, b. IRE; six children - Mary 14, b. D. of C.; five b. MO;  Katie 10;  Nellie 8;  Thomas 6;  Alice 4;  John 2.

Mary Dalton, widow, 60 b. ENG; mother in law of W. O. Godfrey, blacksmith, 34, b. ENG; dau Elizabeth Godfrey, 36, b. ENG;  six Godfrey children.

Thomas Dalton, rr enginer, 31, b. WI;  boarding  with others in household of Anna Freemans

Reynolds county
Lee Dalton, lab., 25, b. MO, parents b. TN;  wife Martha, 24, b. MO, fa. b. TN, mo. b. MO;  sons James L. 3, and Moses M. 1, b. MO.

Luther R. Dalton, lab., 23, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Permelia, 33, b. MO, parents b. MO; son William 2, b. MO;  four step children b. MO - Joseph M. Adams 14;  Sarah Adams 11; Emma A. Adams 9;  and James M. Adams 7.

Ripley County
Elijah Dalton, farmer, 73, b. KY, parents b. VA; wife Margaret A., 45, b. TN, parents b. TN;  son Joseph 15, b. MO;  two step children b. MO - W.J. Johnson, farm lab., 22, b. MO, fa, b, AL, mo. b. TN;  Catharine A. Johnson, 17, b. MO, fa. b. AL, mo. b. TN

Levi C. Dalton, farmer, 32, b. MO, parents b. KY;  wife Caroline 32, b. MO, parents b. MO;  five children b. MO - Lewis 11;  Hester 9;  Joseph 7;  John 4;  Elyah 2 mos.

Schuyler County
Margaret Dalton, widow, 46, b. TN, parents b. VA;  daus Marga 20, b. MO and Arzilla 18, b. MO and both parents b. TN.

Mount Pleasant
J. Dalton, farming, 26, b. OH; enumerated on farm of John Mers.

James Dalton, farming 21, b. MO, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. IN;  wife Sarah Ann, 21, b. KY, parents b. KY.

John Dalton, son in law, 22, farm wk, 22, b. MO, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. MO; his wife Mary A. 25, b. MO, mo. b. NJ;  their dau Nancy 1, b. MO;  mother in law, Nancy Phillips, widow, 65, b. NJ, parents b. IRE.

John Dalton farmer, 71, b. TN, parents b. VA;  wife Nancy, 72, b. KY, parents b. KY;  son Tolber, mar., farmer, 35, b. IL; dau in law, Jane 30, b. KY, parents b. KY;  four gr children b. MO; John 10;  Ellen C. 8;  Martin 7;  Jasper 3.

Joseph Dalton, farmer, 45, b. IL, parents b. TN;  wife Elisibeth, 44, b. OH, fa. b. OH, mo. b. PA; nine children b. IL - William M. farm wkr., 20;  John 19, farm wkr.; Harry 14, farming;  George 12, farmimg;  Millie 9;  Tolbert 7;  Indianna 5;  Mara. 3;  Joseph 1 mo.

William Dalton, farmer, 51, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Indianna, 44, b. TN, parents b. TN;  thirteen children --George 27, farming b. IL;  J. W. 25, farming, b. IL; Robert E.24, farming;  Ebee L., farm wkr., 22;  Joseph, 20 farm wkr.; Allis 18;  F. N. 16, farm wkr;  Ollie 14;  Mary 10;  Wilson 8;  Benjamin 6; Tildon  4; Annie 1 mo.

Scott County
John Dalton, mill wkr., 38, b. NY, parents b. NY;  enumerated in household of W. S. Bassett, mfr.

St. Charles County
Cuivre, E. D. 206
Mary Walker, widow, 73, b. NC, parents b. NC; dau Mary Linn, widow, 49, b. MO, parents b. NC;  dau Harriet Dalton, mar., 37, b. MO;  gr children all b. MO - Robert Walker 17;  Mary Walker 13;  Frank Walker 12;  Mary Dalton, 11 and Robert Dalton 9 fa b. VA, mo. b. MO.

St. Francois
Patrick Dalton, car inspector 31, b. IRE; wife Margrette, 22 , b MO. fa. b. IRE, mo. b. PA;  son Thomas 2, b. MO;  dau Catherine, 7 mos. b. MO.

Thomas S. Dalton, merchant, 42, b. MO, fa. v. VA, mo. b. TN;  wife Emma, 45, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. NC;  dau Mary A. 16, b. MO.

James Dalton, farmer, 29, b. MO, parents b. VA; wife Jennie 21, b. MO, fa. b. MO, mo. b. KY;  son Charles 3 and dau Alberta, 4 mos b. MO.

Rhuban Dalton, farmer, 74, b. TN, parents b. VA;  wife Eliza 63, b. VA, parents b. VA;  three children b. MO - Ellen I. 25;  Sarah 20;  William M. 18, farm wkr.

St. Francois Twp.
Cordelia Dalton, serv., 22, b. MO, parents b. MO.

St. Louis County
St. Louis City
Bridgit Dalton, sister in law, 16, b. MO, parents, b. IRE;  bro in law Patrick Cummings, merch., and wife Anna 24, b. LA, parents b. IRE;  two Cummings children.

E. R Dalton, actor, mar., 39, b. IRE enumerated in hotel? under H. Henslaw

George Dalton, merchant, 40, b. IL, parents b. PRUS; wife, Minnie, 38, b. SAX, parents b. SAX;  five children - four b. IL - Oliver 15;  Gertrude 13;  George 11;  Arthur 5;  and Louis 3, b. MO; three servants.

Hattie Dalton, serv., 40, b. IRE; in household of Sallie C. Farrar.

Henry Dalton, painter, 38, b. IL, parents b. VA;  wife Louisa, 39, b. KY, parents b. KY; seven children b. MO- Isadore 13;  Lucy 11;  Carrie 9;  Lillie 8;  John 5;  Birdie 2;  Joseph 4 mos.

J. M. Dalton, lawyer, 25, b. TN, parents b. TN;  enumerated in boarding house of J. M. Thomas.

James Dalton, ret. grocer, 60, b. IRE;  wife Norah, 49, b. IRE; five children b. MO - John, lab., 19;  Daniel 16, painter;  Joseph 14, clerk;  Katy 17;  Charles 6.

James Dalton, lab., 56, b. IRE;  wife, Bridget, 45, b. IRE; four children b. MO - Mary, teacher, 18;  Katie 16;  Maggie 10;  Henry 8.

James Dalton, marble polisher, 61 b. IRE; wife Honorah, 49, b. IRE;  seven children - Wm., 24, salesman, b. PA;  James, marble cutter, 27, b. VA;  John, pump maker, 20, b. MO;  Kattie, sales lady, 17, Daniel, 15, painter, Joseph 13, office boy, and Charles 6, all b. MO.

John Dalton, plumber, 30, b. IRE; enumerated in boarding house of Michael Duffy

John Dalton, carpenter, 65, b. NY, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. NJ;  wife Hanah, 44, b. NY, parents b. IRE;  six children - four b. NY - James 27, lab;  Chas. 22, miller;  Wm. 20, painter;  Geo. 16, clerk;  Mary 11 and Annie 5, b. MO.

John Dalton, saw mill wkr., 40, b. IRE;  wife Mary 32, b. MO;  daus Millie 8, and Maggie 5, b. MO;  brother James 46, saw mill wkr

John Dalton, car shed wkr., 38, b. IRE; wife Mary, 23, b. IRE;  son Thomas 4 and dau Annie 2, b. MO;  Ann McCormick, boarder, 55, b. IRE.

Joseph Dalton, 40, b. ENG;  wife Kate, 30, b. IRE; son Joseph, 7. b. MO.

Julia Dalton, widow, 40 b. IRE; four children b. MO - Thomas H. 11;  Nellie 9;  John 6;  James 4;  brother, John Maher, 30, b. IRE; sister Ellen Maher, 29, b. IRE.

Kate Dalton, serv., 26, b. MO, parents b. IRE; in household of William Ryder.

Laurence Dalton, gas off. wkr., 36, b. IRE; wife Margaret, 34, b. IRE;  four children, Kate 9;  John 6;  Ellen 4;  James 1.

Louis Dalton, lab., 32, b. MS, parents b. MS, enumerated under Dexter V. Dean

Louis Dalton, chair varnisher, 21, b. OH, parents b. GER; enumerated in boarding house under  John Moennikes

Margaret Dalton, pensioner, widow, 70, b. IRE; enumerated in household of Michael Mc Phillips

Margaret Dalton, seamstress, widow, 49, b. NY, parents b. SCOT;  other (son?) Franklin P. Dalton, printer, 20, b. MO, fa. b. IRE;  other Ernest T. Dalton, 10, fa. b. IRE.

Maria Dalton, lab., widow, 75, b. IRE;  other Brigitte Hickey, lab., 55, b. IRE.

Mary Dalton, serv., 22, b. MO, parents b. IRE; enumerated in home of Stephen Farrell, vet. surgeon

Mary Dalton, 14, b. DC, parents b. IRE; gr dau of R. P. Horan 37, b. IRE and Ellen Horan, widow 68, b. IRE.

Mary Dalton, widow, 76, b. IRE, keeping house for Ann Mc Grath, widow, 44 b. IRE and children.

Mary Dalton, widow, 72, b. IRE, mother of Honora Burns, widow, wash woman, 35, b. IRE two daus - Annie Burns, servant, 17 b. MO and Mary Burns, 12, b. MO.

Mary Dalton, widow, 45, b. IRE; son John, 14 and Walter 12, b. MO; dau Nellie 12, b. MO;  brother Cornelius Enright, 35, b. IRE.

Mary Dalton, widow, 47 b. IRE;  six children b. MO - William blacksmith's helper, 24; Patrick, lab., 22;  Thomas, lab., 20;  Edward 12;  Nellie 8;  John 6;  step dau, Mary Dalton, 35, b. IRE.

Mary Dalton, widow, 48, b. IRE; three children b. MO - John14;  Ellen 12;  Walter 12.

Mathew Dalton, lab., 48, b. IRE;  Essey Dalton, 42, b. IRE; dau Mary Rodgers, candy mkr., 18, b. LA; son in law, William Rodgers, tel op., 23, b. MO, parents b. IRE;  dau Isabella Dalton, 6 and son John Dalton, 5, b. MO;  other William Jackson, mar., 25, b. LA, parents b. IRE.

Mensi Dalton, plasterer, 38, b. IRE; wife Catherine, 28, b. OH, parents b. IRE;  three children b. St. Louis, MO - Nelly 7; Catherine 5;  William 2.

Morris Dalton, plasterer, 38, b. IRE; wife Kate, 28, b. OH, fa. b. Ire, mo. b. OH;  three children b. MO - Ellen 7;  Kate 5;  Wm. 3.

Oliver Dalton, lab., 39, b. IRE; Margaret, wife, 32, b. IRE; five children b. MO - Thomas 16, Mary 14, Kate 12, John 5, and Henry 3.

Pat Dalton, street car conductor, 33, b. IRE; enumerated in household of John Conley

Patrick Dalton, lab., 35, b. IRE; wife Mary, 40, b. IRE;  son Michael 15, b. IRE;  three children b. MO - Johana 10;  Morice 8;  Patrick 1.

Patrick Dalton, appr. plumber, 14, b. IL, parents b. IRE;  nephew of Ed Bryan, 28, cooper, b. IRE and wife, Mary Bryan 27, b. IRE five Bryan children

Peggi Dalton, widow, 60, b. IRE; mother Anna, widow, 92, b. IRE.

Thomas Dalton, lab., 51, b. IRE;  wife Elizabeth, 51, b. IRE;  four children b. MO - Thomas, 27, balcksmith's helper;  Charles, 19, appr. carpenter;  James 17, moulder;  Lizzie 14.

Timothy Dalton, stone cutter, single, 28, b. IRE;  brother Wm. Dalton, 19, clerk, b. IRE;  sister Mary Newland, widow, washer woman, mar., 35, b. IRE;  niece Mary Newland, 11 b. KY;  fa. b. CAN;  nephew Morris Newland, 9, b. MO, fa. b. CAN;  nephew Andrew Newland, 7, b. MO, fa. b. CAN;  other Ellen Bowland, 23, b. IRE, washer woman.

District 106
Mary Dalton, widow, 49, b. NY, parents b. SCOT; son Frank 20, printer b. MO;  son Ernst, 10, b. MI.

Ward 4
James Dalton, teamster, widow, 49, b. IRE;  designted as brother and others in household have no surname but logic suggests that it is Dalton;  John, lab., 36, b. IRE; wife Mary 30, b. MO;  dau Mary 7, b. MO; dau Maggie 3, b. IRE.

H. Dalton, painter, 38, b. IL, parents b. IL;  wife Louise, 39, b. IL, parents b. IL;  dau Lucy, 10, b. IL

Ward 10
Precinct 98
James Dalton, wagon driver, 34, b. IL, parents b. IRE; enumerated with others under William Allen

Precinct 101
Mat Dalton, lab., 46, b. IRE; wife Essey, 42, b. IRE; dau Belle 8, and son John 6 both b. MO.

Ward 10 Precinct 105
Mary Dalton, serv., 15, b. MO, parents b. IRE; enumerated in household of William June.

Precinct 122,
Ann Dalton, widow, 90, b. IRE; dau Margeret 60, b. IRE; son John 40, teamster, b. IRE

Precinct 134
Martin Dalton, taylor, 60, b. IRE; wife Catherine 55, b. IRE; dau Katie, 14, b. MO.

Ward 13
Paul Dalton, car conductor, 27, b. IRE;  enumerated in household of John Connelly.

Ward 20
Precinct 211
Charles Dalton,street car driver, 50, b. IRE;  Margaret, wife, 38, b. IRE;  son Patrick, 19, mill wkr.,  and son James wine house wkr., both b. IRE;  sons Charles 9 and Thomas 10 mos., b. MO.

Stoddard County
Pelina Dalton, mother in law, widow, keeping house, 65, b. KY, parents b. KY;  in residence of James Finney, rr agt., 33, widow, b. MO, parents b. IRE;  and daus Lena 10 and Magie 8, b. MO.

James Dalton, farmer, 47, b. IL, fa. b. KY and mo. b. TN; wife Mary 33, b. IL, parents b. TN;  seven children b. IL - Andrew 11;  Olley (dau) and Oliver (twins) 9;  Julia 7;  Edmun 6;  William 4;  George 1.

Vernon County
Temeny Dalton, mar., keeping house, 28, b. OH, parents b. OH;  enumerated at residence of James Warren, farmer.

Wm. L. Dalton, saloon keeper, 42, b. IL, parents b. KY;  wife Anna, 36, b. NJ, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. NJ;  daus Hattie 15 and Lois 14, b. IL;  son Sam'l 6 b. MO.

Wayne County
St. Francis
Nancy F. Dalton, farmer, widow, 47, b. TN, parents b. TN-  niece Zillah J. Dalton, 21, b. MO, parents b. MO;  daus Julia P 20 and Laura I. 18, b. MO.

Oliver D. Dalton, farmer, 47, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. TN;  wife Sarah P., 37, b. TN, fa. b. NC, mo. b. TN;  three children b. MO - Laura B. 9;  Henry C. 3;  Olive 11 mos;  father in law, Terrill C. White, physician, mar., 78, b. NC, parents b. NC.

A. J. Dalton, farmer, 42, b. AR, parents b. TN;  wife Mildred, 31, b. MO, fa. b. TN, mo. b. MO;  daus Hattie J. 11 and Mary E. 9, b. MO;  brother, J. M. Dalton, farm wkr., 44, b. AR;  nephew, R. E. Randolph, 7, b. MO, fa. b. MS, mo. b. MO.

Webster County
James Dalton, farmer, 62, b. TN, parents b. VA;  wife Mahala Dalton, 50, b. TN, parents b. VA.

S. H. Dalton, farm lab., 26, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Martha E. 27, b. MO, fa. b. VA, mo.b. TN;  three children b. MO - Matilda A. 5;  John R. 3;  William H. 1.

W. H. Dalton, notary public, 34, b. MO, fa. b. IA, mo. b. TN;  wife Sarah, 34, b. TN, fa. b. NC, mo. b. TN;  three daus b. MO - Allis 12;  May 10;  Ida 8;  mother, Polly Ann Dalton, div., 49, b. TN, parents b. TN.

Section II  Daltons who were born in Missouri and who had migrated to other states as shown in the 1880 Census.


Carroll County
B. Dalton, farmer, 55, b. TN; parents b. VA;  wife Susan 45, b. TN, parents b. TN;  son William 11 and dau Minna 5, b. MO;  Joseph C, b. AR.

Franklin County
James Dalton, farm wkr., 22. b. MO, parents b. VA; enumerated with Fedric Hill, farm wkr.

Greene County
Frank M. Dalton, printer, 48, b. MO, fa. b. VA, mo. b. CT;  wife Elizabeth, 35, b. PA, parents b. GER; William 10, b. IN;  Charles 7 b. OH; Daniel 3, b. IN;  other Eliza Pool, 15, b. AR, parents. b. TN

Polk County
Edmund Dalton, farmer, 45, b. MO, parents b. VA;  wife Precilla, 40, b. AR, parents b. VA;  eight children - Ann G. 21, b. AR;  Rebecca J. b. 19, TX;  William J., 17, . TX;  Ace E. 15, b. TX;  Temhill W. 13 b. TX;  three daus b. AR-  Martha K. 9;  Sarah P. 7;  and Francis M. 3.

William Dalton, farmer, 36, b. MO, parents b. MO;  wife, Jane 21, b. AR, parents b. AR;  four children b. AR - Oliver I. 12;  James A. 11;  Sintha 8;  Lee J. 6.

Randolph County
Lewis Dalton, farmer, 44, b. MO, parents b. KY;  wife Sallie 37, b. AR, fa. b. TN, mo. b. AL; son Edgar, 16, b. AR.

Listed as step children of Asel Arnold 26 and Mary Arnold 35 -(questionable) Zillie Dalton, 21 b. AL;  Rufus Dalton,19, James Dalton, 14, Sarah Dalton, 12, and Lively A. Dalton, 10, b. MO;  Ascenith Dalton, 8 b. AR.

Listed as in-laws of James Chester 28, b. KY and Caroline Chester 24, b. MO, paretns b. MO -  Eliza Dalton mo in law, widow, 41, b. TN, parents b. TN;  sister in law, Laura Dalton, 10, b . MO, fa. b. MO;  bro in law, Levi Dalton, 8, b. AR;  bro in law John Dalton, 17, b. MO;  and bro John Chester, 21, b. KY  (also 3 Chester children).

John Dalton, farmer, 21, b. AR, parents b. MO;  wife Ellen, 22, b. MO, parents b. MO;  son John F. 2, b. AR; son Nathan 6 mos (no birth place listed).

Warm Springs
David Dalton, blacksmith, 36, b. MO;  wife Rachel, 29, b. KY, fa. b. IA, mo. b. KY;  seven children, six b. MO-  Martha P. 16;  William 14;  Susan S. 13;  Elijah F. 8 ;  David 5;  Joseph M. 3;  and Ida Jane, 1, b. AR.

Elijah Dalton, merchant, 50, b. MO, parents b. KY;  wife Gracie 42, b. MO, parents b. MO;  six children b. MO - James 15;  Mary 12;  Malissa 9;  Elijah 7;  Rufus 2;  son John, merchant, mar., 22, b. MO;  his wife Queen Dalton, 20, b. KY, parents b. KY;  son Lee, 2 b. AR and son James 9 mos.


Colusa County
C. B. Dalton, lab., 28;  F. B. Dalton, lab., 20;  Lit Dalton, lab., 22, and G. Dalton, 19;  appear to be brothers; all b. MO, fa, b. KY and mo. b. MO; enumerated on farm of G. W. Hoag, 54 b. NY;  apears to be large ranch with many laborers.

Los Angeles County
Los Angeles, Ward 5
Edwin H. Dalton, rancher, 30, b. OH, parents. b. ENG;  Hattie G., wife, 23, b. MO, parents b. KY;  four children b. CA - Maude 6;  Archibald 4;  Leslie 2;  Maurice 6 mos.  two servants.

Solano County
David Dalton, farmer, 64, b. MA, parents b.MA;  wife Martha, 40, b. MO, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. KY;   six children b. CA - Charles 19 and Wallace 16, farm wkrs.;  Cora 10;  Esther 7;  Nina 4;  Gracie 1.


Lake County
88th Enumeration District
Frank Dalton, lab., 22, b. MN, parents b. IRE;  mo. Rebecca, 18, b. MO, fa. b. OH, mo. b. IL.

E. M. Dalton, farmer, 43, b. PA, fa. b. MD, mo .b. NH;  wife Eliza H., 35, b. PA, parents b. VA; six children -three b. MO - John M. 14;  Eliza E. 9;  Mary J. 7;  three b. KS - Wm. P. 5;  Lily 2;  Frank 1 mo.


Mills County
Pacific City
Isom Dalton, farm lab., 45, b. KY; fa. b. VA, mo. b. MO;  wife Sarah 39, b. MO, parents b. OH;  eight children  - five b. IL - Nina J. 21 and Alice, 19, teachers;  George 17, lab.;  Mira 14;  Clemma 11;  three b. IA - Freddie 9;  Grace 5;  and Agustus 2.

Ringgold County
Francis Dalton, 50, b. KY, farmer;  wife, Marrah S. 47, b. IL, parents b. KY;  dau Lucy J., 6, b. MO.


Mccracken County
Eliza J. Dalten, widow, 57, b. TN, fa. b. NC, mo. b. VA;  son Edward, mar., 23, b. TN, fa. b. IL, mo. b. TN;  dau in law Jennie B. Dalten, 21, b. MO, fa. b. MO, mo. b. IL; gr dau Kate, 6, b. KY.


Orleans County
New Orleans
L. W. Dalton, engineer, 32, b. LA, parents b. VA;  wife E. Nellie, 29, b. MO, parents b. MO; four children b. MO- G. Mary 14; A Willie 10;  Lucius 7;  M. Frank 4.


Mercer County
Trenton, Ward 2, District 2.
Celia Dalton, 26, b. MO, fa. b. GA, mo. b. NJ;  in household of Philemon Dickinson, Bank Pres. (she may be servant).


Multnomah County
Robert H. Dalton, 34, b. MO, parents b. MO;  wife Carrie, 21, b. CA, fa. b. AL, mo. b. OH.


Macoupin County
John Dalton, lab., 29, b. MO, parents b. IRE;  wife Margaret, 21, b. IL, parents b. KY;  two children b. IL - Nellie 4;  and John F. 7 mos.

William Dalton, 44, physician, b. IL, parents b. KY;  wife Melinder, 27, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. IL;  two children b. IL- Maude 4 and Dora 4 mos.  one servant.


Lagrange County
Van Buren
John Dalton, farmer, 69, b. NY, parents b. NY;  wife Anna, 68, b. NY, parents b. NY;  dau Alida, single, b. MI; dau Celia Moah, 34, b. IN;  nephew, Millard Dalton, hired hand, 17, b. MO, parents b. NY;  other Clarra Moah, hired girl, 16, b. IN, parents b. NY.


Leavenworth County
Wm. C. M. Dalton, farmer, 45, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Josephine, 38, b. KY, fa. b. TN, mo. b. KY;  10 children - John, rr hand, 18, b. MO;  nine b. KS - Chas. 17;  Franklin 16;  William 15;  Hattie 13;  Amanda 11;  Wesley 9;  Jen...le Dalton, 7;  Ida 5;  Christopher 1.

Linn County
Andrew Dalton, farm lab., 21, b. MO;  enumerated on farm of John I Kennedy.

Mitchell County
Turkey Creek
James H. Dalton, farmer, 30, b. MO, parents b.KY;  wife Mary E., 29 b. IA, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. OH;  four children, three b. IA - Arrillia May 6;  James Guy 4;  Elvira 2;  and Sarah E. 7 mos., b. KS.

Reno County
Francis Dalton, farmer, 53, b. IRE;  wife Rodantha, 42, b. IN, fa b. OH, mo. b. IN;  seven children b. MO - Catherine 18;  Rose Elle 14;  Rachell 112;  Mary Agnes 9;  Peter 7;  Julia Ann 5;  Francis Jr. 1.


J. D. Dalton, lab., B, 30, b. MO, Gulf; wife M. M., 25, B, b. TN, fa. b. VA; three children b. TX - Sarah E. 3; Mary J. 1;  George A. 3 mos.

Dallas, District 60
John Dalton, farm lab., 40, b. MO, parents b. VA;  wife A. Jamie 41, b. KY, parents b. KY;  son William 20, and son James 14, b. MO

R. T. Dalton, 32, b. MO, parents b. VA; listed as brother;  S. Kinder, 32, farm lab., bro in law, single, b. MO, parents b. KY;  also William Kinder, farm lab., other, 19, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO.

H. C. Dalton, farmer, 25, b. MO, parents b. MO;  wife Mollie, 22, b. TX;  daus Fannie 4 and Lou 6 mos., b. TX.

Harrison, Precinct 3
Henry Dalton, lab., MU, 35, b. MO, fa. b. SC, mo. b. MO; wife Texana, 26, B, b. AR, parents b. VA.

Nettie Dalton, farmers wife, mar., 36, b. MO; enumerated under Eliza Anderson and appears to be an institutional res. for women.

J. Wm. Dalton, 27, b. MO, farmer;  wife Sally, 24, b. TX, parents b. TN;  dau Margaret 1, b. TX.


Iron County
George F. Dalton, miner, 24, b. UT, fa. b. NY, mo. b. MO;  wife Mary E., 19, b. MO, parents b. WALES

Piute County
Chas. A. Dalton, mail carrier, 30, b. MO, fa. b. PA, mo. b. NY;  wife Sarah Jane, 26, b. UT TERR, parents b. ENG;  three children b. UT TERR - Charles R. 6;  Edna 3;  Wiley 1.

Elizabeth Dalton, div., 48, b. MO, parents b. TN;  four children b. UT TERR - Elvira 15;  Marten 13;  Hariet 10;  Effie 5.

Weber County
Charles Dalton, farmer, 69, b. PA, fa. b. VA, mo. b. PA;  Emily , wife, 54, b. ENG;  six children - five b. UT - L. Charles lab., 23; Orlando, lab., 21, C. Don, 19, lab;  Simon 17, lab;  H. William 15;   and E. Stephen, lab., 17, b. MO; seems unusual two children age 17 were born in different states.


Kansas City
Amanda Dalton, clerk, 1146 Independence Ave.
Charles Dalton, driver, 2123 Madison
Clara Dalton, driver, 216 W 3rd
Emma Dalton, cook. 626 W 8th
J. F. Dalton, carpenter, 626 W. 8th

Frederick A. Dalton, clerk, 2828 Cherry
Harry B. Dalton, comm'l traveler, 810 E 9th
James Dalton, clerk, rooms 800 Penn
James C. Dalton, conductor, 1646 Summit, formerly 1638 Madison
John Dalton, porter, 1241 Genesee

John Dalton, roofer, 1118 Walnut, bds. 164 Locust
John E. Dalton, Flora nr. 18th
John H. Dalton, express, 2104 E 9th
John J. Dalton, car repairer, 1220 Belleview
Mamie Dalton, laundry marker, 1220 Belleview

Nellie Dalton, dressmaker, 1231 Bellevue
Mary Dalton, domestic at 510 W 10th
Michael J. Dalton, laborer, 1484, Liberty
Thomas Dalton, no address

Thomas Dalton, collector, res. Leland Hotel
Timothy Dalton, O'Sullivan and Dalton, saloon, located at 305 Walnut, res. 582 Tracy
William C. Dalton, manager, 416 Main
William J. Dalton, Rev., pastor, Church of Annunciation, Wyoming cor. 14th.

St. Joseph
Belle Dalton, domestic, last address 912 Ridenbaugh, (formerly of 525 N 11th) 1889-1890
Edward M. Dalton, molder, 1411 Penn, 1887-1890
James Dalton, molder, 1411 Penn, 1887-1889
Kate Dalton, seamstress, 1411 Penn, 1887-1890
Martin Dalton, 1411 Penn,  1887-1890
Richard Dalton, bookkeeper, 1411 Penn, 1887-1890

Elizabeth Dalton, dressmaker,  412 S. 12th St., 1887-1888
Lizzie Dalton, dressmaker, 412 S. 12 th, 1887-1890
Michael Dalton, 412 S. 12th, 1887-1890
Thomas Dalton, clerk, Astor House, 1887
Mattie Dalton, domestic, 221 S. 10th, 1889

St. Louis City, 1890
Albert B. Dalton, carpenter, 1428 Old Manchester
Thomas Dalton, policeman, 609 Park Ave.
Walter Dalton, packer, 1728, Biddle
William Dalton, laborer, 7603 S. 7th
Wiliam B. Dalton, saloon keeper located at 5333 S. Ewing

Washington Township
James Dalton, Inza P. O., Buchanan Co., 1902


Source: Missouri State Archives.  This Index contains the name and residence of the service person.  A full record may be viewed at the MO Archives web site.

Albert E. Dalton, Flat River, MO
Andrew T. Dalton, 1717 Bacon St., St. Louis, MO.
Bernard L. Dalton, 109 Diman St., Fall River, MO.
Byron W. Dalton, 1561 A Webster Ave., St. Louis MO.
Carl W. Dalton, Box 27, Rutledge MO.

Charles M. Dalton, Salem, Dent Co., MO.
Charley Dalton, St. Joseph MO.
Charlie Thomas Dalton, Warsaw, Benton Co., MO.
Clinton Dalton, 3016 Garrison St., St. Louis, MO
Edward F. Dalton, St. Francois Co., MO.
Edward Mark Dalton

Ethel M. Dalton, 811 N. Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO.
Frank T. Dalton, 32 Dunklin St., Jefferson City, MO>
Fred Dalton, Kansas City, MO.
Fred Dalton, RFD 4, Rutledge, Scotland Co., MO
Garrett G. Dalton, Jr., 2211 Ann Ave., St. Louis, MO

Grover C. Dalton, RFD 1, Grainger, Scotland Co., MO
Gus Dalton, 3301 Lawton Ave., St. Louis, MO.
Henry C. Dalton, 427 W. Cote Brilliant, St. Louis MO.
James H. Dalton, 1022 Olive St., Kansas City, MO.
James Harold Dalton

James Michael Dalton, 572 Roosevelt Place, St. Louis, MO
John H. Dalton, McDonald Co., Anderson, MO
John Patrick Dalton
Joseph A. Dalton 5727 Roosevelt St., St. Louis, MO
Joseph L. Dalton, 2318 Washington St., St. Louis, MO

Lee R. Dalton, Oregon Co., Wilderness, MO
Levi Hugh Dalton, RFD 4, Scotland Co., Rutledge, MO
Martin Aloysius Dalton, Fenton, MO
Matha Dalton, RFD 2 Dade Co., Lockwood, MO
Morris S. Dalton, Saint Joseph, MO

Richard E. Dalton, 3125 A Keokuk, St. Louis MO
Roy Joseph Dalton
Thomas C. Dalton, Salem, MO
Walter Ira Dalton, New Madrid, MO
William John Dalton

United States

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