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This compilation is from William "Mike" Dalton of Oregon (mikedirp@teleport.com). It is perhaps one of the most important sets of data that we have printed in "Daltons in History" and requires careful study. They are the postings of "Missing Persons" that appeared in the Boston Pilot between 1840 and 1920.  These postings were made by  relatives or friends who were trying to find an emigrant with whom they had lost contact in America. The last known residence in America is usually stated  and includes such diverse areas as Pennsylvania, Louisana, Georgia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, New York, Canada, etc.  The  town or parish and the Irish County of the missing person or the relative is given, a golden gift since data on an Irish emigrant's town or parish is usually lacking in other sources.  This should be extremely helpful to those who have experienced an impasse in their ancestral line and some may well find a valuable connection in this data.  It may also prove helpful to Australians who may identify a lost Irish relative and learn the origins of the family in Ireland. It is the onus of the user to verify the data.

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Boston Pilot Advertisements 1840 - 1920

1.  4 July 1840.  Of Daniel Dalton, husband of Ellen M'Cabe, whose mother is Mary M'Cabe of Castle-Regan, County Cavan who came to New York lately.  Respond to her mother at Pawtucket, Rhode Island, c/o Michael Coyle.

2.  22 January 1842.  Of Edward and Patrick Dalton from Radriff Townland, Milltown Parish, County Westmeath.  They sailed for New York in May, 1831 and last in state of Maryland. Respond to their sister Bridget in Montreal, Canada.

3. 13 July 1844.  Of William Hilent and his wife Mary Murray, last in Rochester, New York, circa 1840.  Respond to Michael Dalton or Margaret Murray at Centreville Post Office, Kent, Rhode Island.

4.  21 September 1844.  Of Michael and Edward Dalton of County Tipperary, last in Boston. Respond to their sister Mary c/o Joseph Dalton,  No. 104 Endicott Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

5.  28 June 1845.  Of Bridget nee Clooney Dalton, wife of William Dalton.  Respond to her mother Mrs. Clooney and her brother Timothy, who now reside in Thibodeuville, Bayou Lafouche, Louisiana.

6.  23 May 1846.  Of Bridget Clooney of County Westmeath, also her husband William Dalton of Kill Parish, County Westmeath.  Last in St. Catherine's Upper Canada- three years ago, circa 1843.  Respond to her mother Margaret Clooney and her brother Timothy at Parish Lafauche, Thebodeuville, Louisiana.

7.  26 September 1846.  Of Michael Dalton of Coolcormac Parish near Dungarvan, County Waterford.  He left Halifax 7 years ago, circa 1839; last in Irvine County, Georgia.  Respond to his brother Garrett Dalton c/o James Donahoe, Stationer, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

8.  20 November 1847.  Of John Dalton and Michael Shehan of the City of Limerick, County Limerick.  They landed in New York this year, 1847; they may be in Philadelphia.  Respond to James Dalton c/o of James Shinners, Hamilton Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

  9.  4 December 1847.  Of William Dalton: Last in New Hampshire.  Respond to his brother Jerry Dalton c/o Thomas Cummins, Boston, Massachusetts.

   10. 15 January 1848 and 22 January 1848.  Of William Dalton of Kill Parish, County Westmeath  and wife Bridget Clooney.  Last in Kingston, Upper Canada.  Respond to Mrs. Clooney or Timothy at Thibodeauxville, Louisiana.

   11. 8 July 1848.  Of Bernard Dalton of the City of Dublin and Anne and Bridget Reilly of Castletowndelvin, County Westmeath.  They sailed from Liverpool in March and arrived in Boston in April (1848).  Respond to James Dalton, c/o Editor of Pilot.

  12.  4 August 1849.  Of Jeremiah Dalton of Fermoy, County Cork - in USA since 1847.  Respond to his brother William Dalton, c/o Jeremiah McCarthy- Holdnerness Village, Grafton County, New Hampshire.

  13.  18 August 1849.  Of William and James Dalton who left their mother 12 months ago, last May, 1848.  They are from Churchtown Parish, County Westmeath.  Last in Syracuse, NewYork.  Respond to their mother Catherine Dalton at No. 15 French Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

  14.  8 December 1849.  Of William Dalton from Kilworth Parish, County Cork.  Last in Boston,1844.  Respond to  his brother Jeremiah Dalton at Winchester, Franklin County, Tennessee.

   15.  25 May 1850.  Of James McDonald from County Fermanagh.  He went to New Orleans in the winter, 1849.  His sister ? McDonald married Peter Dalton and is at 121 Orange Street, New York.

   16.  28 December 1850.  Of James and Mary Dalton and their children Edmond, James, Patrick, Martin and Michael from Toleher Parish, Knocktopher Barony, County Kilkenny.  John and Thomas Dalton, lately of Newfoundland request that inquiries be sent to Syracuse, New York.

17.  17 May 1851. Of John Dalton from Killmeleard Parish, County Tipperary.  He arrived 7 April 1851 and employed in Brighton, New York.  Respond to his wife Mary Wallace c/o James Hurly at No. 46 Cove Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

18.  17 May 1851.  Of  John Dalton from Killmeleard Parish, County Tipperary.  He arrived 7 April 1851 and employed in Brighton, New York.  Respond to his wife Mary Wallace c/o JamesHurly at No. 46 Cove Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

19.  14 February 1852.  Of Ann Dalton from Hisbare (Ferbane) Townland, County Kings. Respond to Maurice Dalton c/o Daniel O'Connell at Salem, Massachusetts.

20.  14 February 1852.  Of Michael Dalton from Durrou Parish, County King.  In US since August, 1849 and last at Newark & Sandusky Railroad in Ohio, June, 1851.  Respond to his brother Columb Dalton at Glasboro, Glouchester County, New Jersey.

21.  21 February 1852.   Of Martin and William Dalton from Ballinraha, Mulliarat Parish, County Kilkenny; they arrived in this country l847-1848.  Respond to their cousins Patrick and William Dalton c/o Samuel B. Lauffer at Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

22.  28 February 1852.  Of Walter Dunphy from Moncoin Parish, County Kilkenny; they arrived in New York 1849-1850.  Respond to their brother Richard Dunphy of Salem, Massachusetts or to Joseph E. Dalton at No. 10 Sullivan Place, Boston, Massachusetts.

23.  1 January 1853.  Of James Dalton, whose wife is Ellen Madden and her brothers Patrick and Peter Madden.  James and Patrick arrived in the US May, 1852 and supposed to have gone to Maryland to meet Peter.  James is from Bullegrena, County Limerick.  Respond to wife of James Dalton at Catherine Street, Cinncinatti, Ohio.

24.  March 1853.  Of Ann Dalton of Derry, Athlone, County Meath; in US since 1847; left Boston  September, 1852.  Contact her sister Rose Dalton, lately from Ireland c/o Mr. George Jameson, No.1 Garden Street, Arch, Boston, Massachusetts.

25.  9 April 1853.  Michael Dalton contact brother Daniel Dalton at Bunker Hill, Macoupin County, Illinois.

26.  4 February 1854.  Of John, William and Lawrence Dalton of Portarlington, County Queens.  They left Ireland 20 years ago circa 1833-1834.  John's last letter from D. Halstin & company, Exchange Place, New York.  Respond to his brother Richard Dalton of Amesbury Mills, Massachusetts

27.  1 April 1854.  Of Michael Dalton from Durrow Parish, County Kings; he was last at coal and lumber yard July, 1852 in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania.  Respond to his brother Columb Dalton at Camden Post Office, Camden County, New Jersey.

28.  8 July 1854.  Of Edward, Lawrence and William Dalton of Portarlington, County Queens.  Edward: saddlier and harness maker; Lawrence: cabinet maker; William: gunsmith.  They left Ireland over 20 years ago.  Lawrence last in Montreal and Edward last in New York.  Respond to their brother Richard Dalton of Amesbury, Massachusetts.

29.   24 March 1855.  Of Christopher Dalton from Rathone, Edgeworthstown, County Longford; last in Massachusetts.  Respond to his sister Mary nee Dalton Mullin who arived in 1848, c/o Bernard Killian at Adams, Jefferson County, New York.

30.   29 August 1857.  Of George Dalton of Bahana, County Carlow.  Last on railroad in Ohio. Respond to his brother John Dalton at New Market, New Hampshire.

31.  29 August 1857.  Of Patrick Dalton, who enlisted 5 years ago circa 1852 in 3rd Regiment of  Infantry.  Last in Albuquerque, New Mexico, having been discharged on 3 February, 1857.  Respond to his mother Mary Dalton at North Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

32.  19 December 1857.  Of Patrick and Michael Dalton of Kilmiley (Kilmoiley/Kilmoyly) Parish, County Kerry.  Pat left 10 years ago circa 1847 and Michael left 7 years ago circa 1850.  Respond to their brother William Dalton c/o Jeremiah R. Donohue at Holyoke, Massachusetts.

34.  24 July 1858.  Of John Dalton of Bahana, Mulina Parish County Carlow.  Last in New Market, New Hampshire one year ago.  Respond to his brother George Dalton at Columbus, Ohio.

35.  20 November 1858.  Of John Dalton of Summerhill, Nenagh, County Tipperary; also looking for William Bergan, cabinet maker, and also of Nenagh who was in Ireland September, 1857 and returned to the US.  His associate John Carty is at Livonia, Livingston County, New York.

36.  27 November 1858.  Of William Dalton of Galberry, County Limerick who arrived in New York 4 years ago circa 1854.  Respond to his nephew James Kilmartin at Pennington, Chester County, Pennsylvania.  The advertisement on 11 December 1858 made these corrections: at Galbally and James Killmartin.

37.  26 February 1859.  Of James Dalton of Tulloroan, County Kilkenny who left Ireland on 8 January 1848 and landed in New York.  He wrote to his father once and may be in Ohio, if living.  Respond to his brother Walter Dalton of Temple Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

38.  13 August 1859.  Of Maurice Landers and wife Mary Dalton, both of Galbally, County Limerick.  They left Elmira, New York four years ago, last June (1855). Respond to her brother Michael Dalton of Elmira, Chemung County, New York.

39.  17 March 1860.  Of sister Winifred Keenan and her siblings Mary and Lawrence who landed in Montreal 13 years ago circa 1846- 1847.  Winifred, Lizzy, Sarah and William and Parents M. Keenan and Marie Keenan landed in Montreal 19 years ago circa 1840.  Mother and siblings last  in Warwick, Lower Canada.  Respond to Patrick Dalton, resident of Northfield, Massachusetts.

40.  26 May 1860.  Of George Dalton of Manchester, England who came to America last summer circa 1859.  Last in Ogdensburg, New York and maybe now in Oswego, New York.  Respond to his brother Michael Dalton c/o Mr. Humphrey Sullivan at 159 Broad Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

41.  6 October 1860.  Of a man named Dalton, carpenter by trade whose wife is Kate Quilan, last in New York.  Respond to Mrs. Reilly c/o James Fellows at New Haven, Connecticut.

42.  26 December 1863.  Of Thomas Dalton who left Parish Stradbally, County Queens 16 years ago circa 1847.  Respond to James Dalton c/o James Scally at Wickliffe, Lake County, Ohio.

43.  6 August 1864.  Of Michael Stanton who left Beechwood, County Roscommon.  Respond to his wife Catherine Dalton who arrived in the United States March 17,1864 and can be reached c/o Mr. Thomas F. Lavender, Cincinnati, Ohio.

44.  14 October 1865.  Of James and Mary Welsh of Ballinacluna, Ballyned Parish, County Tipperary.  They landed in New York a few months ago (1865) and Mary died shortly after landing.  James last in Brooklyn.  Respond to her sister Honora Welsh c/o of John Dalton at Hadley, Massachusetts.  Brooklyn and New York papers please copy.

45.  25 November 1865.  Of John Dalton who came to the US in 1848 from Dunmore, County Kilkenny.  He worked with Flint and Train in Roxbury (a suburb town of Boston, Massachusetts) and in 1859 went to Pottsville, Pennsylvania coal mines to cousins of his by the same name (Dalton).  Respond to his cousin John Pendergast of Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa..

46.  9 May 1868.  Of Patrick J. Dalton of Kilkenny City, County Kilkenny; last in English Navy and may be living in of the Southern States.  Respond to Thomas F. Dalton at 548 Powell Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Southern, Western and New York papers please copy.

47.  5 December 1868. Of Catherine nee Dalton Hacket who left Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary about 19 years ago circa 1847 from Waterford in Ship Pacific.  Last in Bridgewater, Oneida County, New York 16-17 years ago circa 1850-1851.  Respond to her two sisters Mary and Johanna Dalton c/o John Delmage, Scranton Post Office, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. New York papers please copy.

48.  26 February 1870.  Of Martin Dalton of Kilglas Parish, County Roscommon who came to this country 26 years ago, circa 1843- 1844.  Last in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1867.  Respond to his father Martin Dalton c/o John Farley - Columbus, New York.

49.  25 March 1871.  Of James Dalton who left the City of Dublin in 1863 and last in New Jersey 3 years ago circa 1867- 1868; and also his brother Patrick Dalton who left Dublin May, 1865 and last in New York.  Respond to their brother Peter Dalton of Scranton Post Office, Pennsylvania.

50.  7 October 1871.  Of Mary MacKey, daughter of Thomas MacKey and Mary Dalton of Kilmacow, County Kilkenny.  She married a Thomas Keefe, a blacksmith of Thomastown, County Kilkenny and came to Boston about 10 years ago, circa 1861.  Her brother is named Michael MacKey.  Respond to her sister Ann MacKey of 21 Oneida Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

51.   18 November 1871.  Of James, John, Patrick and Ann Tynan who are the children of John Tynan and Mary Dalton of Monamaidra, County Queens.  Last heard of six years ago circa 1865.  James Tynan's address was No.7 North Grove Street, Boston, Massachusetts.  Respond to Mrs. David Lawson, Stella PO, Lennox County, Ontario Canada.

52.  8 June 1872.  Of Thomas Dalton, son of John Dalton from Upper Church, County Tipperary. Respond to John Dalton c/o Hughes Brothers, Toronto, C.W.

53.  15 February 1873.  Susanna Large whose maiden name is Moorhead and whose parents are William Moorhead and Phoebe Dalton inquires about the following:
 a. Uncle Laurence Dalton- his son Daniel went from County Limerick to St. John's New Brunswick Canada 40 or 48 years ago circa 1825 or 1833.
b. Brother George Moorhead who lived in Liverpool, England, painter by trade.
c.  Brother William Moorhead, a soldier who enlisted in a Foot Regiment in Clonmel, County Tipperary, six miles outside of town about 1835.  He transferred to a Grenadier Company and fought in the East Indies and married a Miss Soull.  Her father owned two ships, they belonged to England.
d.  Sister Elizabeth Moorhead married a William Griffith in Francis Street Chapel - Dublin, Ireland.
e.  My father's sister Betsy Moorhead married a John Murphy.  Their children were; William, Hester, Ellen,-- all in Liverpool.
f.  Hester Murphy married a ----- Sawyer, policeman and jailer in Liverpool, England 32 years ago circa 1841.  They had four sons: John, James, Joseph and Peter.  John left Liverpool when small and went to this country (USA) or Australia.
g.  John Murphy's father was a butcher in London, England.
h.  Thomas Falkner, a merchant who lived in the City of Dublin and then went to Australia.
i . My mother Phoebe Dalton Moorhead came to the USA in 1857 and died there.
Respond to Susanna Large at Cigar Factory, Pierson Street, Cincinatti, Ohio.

54.  5 September 1874. Of Edward Dalton (or Burns) from County Wicklow, a coal miner. last in Braidwood Illinois and before that in Gardner, Illinois and also was at Armstrong's Works near Osacole, Pennsylvania.  Respond to Thomas Dalton at Syracuse, Post  Office, New York.

55.  28 August 1875.  Of James Dalton who left Ireland about 25 years ago circa 1850; a native of Killenure, County Westmeath.  Last in New Orleans keeping a bakery.  Respond to his son Andrew Dalton at West Meriden, Connecticut.

56. 15 March 1879.  Of Patrick B. Fitzpatrick of Muscatine, Iowa.  Last in White Pine, Nevada, the summer of 1870.  Respond to his sister Mary nee Fitzpatrick Dalton at Lettsville, Louisa County, Iowa.

57. 15 March 1879.  Of John Tynan of Coolrange, County Kilkenny and/or his sister Mary Tynan, who came to America 1848 to 1850.  Their parents were: Martin Tynan and Mary Dalton.  They were last in Winooski Falls, Vermont.  Respond to their nephew Martin Tynan of Southbridge, Globe Village, Massachusetts.

58.  26 July 1879.  Of Patrick Dalton and Elizabeth Dalton, children of Philip Dalton and Catherine Shea of Keatingstown, St. Canice's Parish, County Kilkenny.  They were last in St. Louis, Missouri.  Respond to Patrick Dalton of Globe Village, Southbridge, Massachusetts.

59.  8 October 1881.  Of Ellen Dalton, daughter of John Dalton and Ellen Hogan of Lisroonagh Parish, County Tipperary between Fethand and Clonmel.  She lived in Springfield, Massachusetts some 20 years ago circa 1860 married to John Smith.  Respond to her sister Alice Dalton c/o J. O'Gara, Janesville, Wisconsin.

60.  6 May 1882. Of John Dalton who left Norristown, Pennsylvania about a year ago circa 1880-1881 and last in St. Mary's Parish, Louisiana.  Respond to his mother --------

61. 15 November 1884.  Of Patrick Sweeney and his wife Bridget Dalton who left Causeway,
Killury Parish, County Kerry and landed in New York circa 1848 -1850.  They were last in Newark City, New Jersey, a few months ago.  Respond to John Deady at Winooski, Vermont.

62.  20 April 1901.  Of Joanna and Margaret Dalton formerly of Boston who lived there 25 to 35 years ago circa 1865- 1875.  Respond to N.H. Tunnicliff, First National Bank Bldg., Omaha, Nebraska.

63. 15 February 1902. Of heirs of Margaret Dalton born 1827 in Ireland; parents Michael and Ann Dalton.  They lived in Boston for many years.  Respond to N.H. Tunnicliff at 507 First National Bank, Omaha, Nebraska.

64.  29 March 1902.  Of descendants or heirs formerly living in Boston: Margaret Dalton living in Boston or vicinity about 1816.  Joanna Dalton living in Boston or vicinity about 1816.
Respond to Nelson H. Tunnicliff, Attorney, First National Bank Building, Omaha, Nebraska.

65.   29 September 1906.  Of Anastasia Dalton who married a -------- Murphy at Binghamton or Albany, New York circa 1852- 1853.  Any children or is she deceased?  Respond to B.C. Arnold, Hays, Kansas.

66.  2 May 1914,  Of James, Michael and Mary Dalton- brothers and sister and also John, James, Paul and Bridget Hacket - also brothers and sister.  They all lived in County Tipperary circa 1840. James Dalton married Bridget Hacket.  Their son James came to the United States about 1870. The right parties entitled to upwards of $30,000.  Respond to John J. Dwyer at 7 Wall Street,
New York, NewYork.

These additional entries were provided by Mike Dalton and have been extracted from advertisements that appeared in the Irish American Newspaper.

67.  25 Jun 1864.  Of James Dalton from Granard, Columkill Parish, County Longford, Ire.  Last on the US Gunboat O. Wasko off the Port of Galveston, TX on blockade duty, 10 months ago.  Respond to his brother, Edward Dalton, at No. 260, East 14th St., New York City.

68.  5 Mar 1859.  Of William Bergin from Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ire., who went to Savannah, GA about 12 months ago.  Respond to his cousin, James Dalton, at 90, North 6th St., Williamsburgh, Long Island, NY regarding property in Nenagh.

69.  30 Sep 1854.  Of Michael Dalton from the parish of Ballyhaigue or Killuries, County Kerry, Ire.  He came to states about 1851 and was last in Dayton, OH, 12 months ago.  Respond to his brother John Dalton, mason, care of Eugene Parker, at 115 Orange St., New York.


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