Daltons were in the minority in Minnesota and the 1880 Census enumerated only about 65 of them.  Irish immigrants or their descendents accounted for over 50% of the heads of Dalton households.  There were a few of English and Canadian origin as well.

The Death Index (1910-1916) should be particularly useful in tracing ancestors. This file contains approximately 500 surname entries and can be searched by clicking on a link below or using the "Find on this page..." button.  It is the  onus of the user to verify the data.






DEATH INDEX 1910-1946





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County Map of Minnesota:


Fillmore County

25 Sep 1873, Sarah Elizabeth Dalton, dau of William and Alice Dalton

Spring Valley
24 Nov 1878, Alice Dalton dau of William H. and Jane Alice Atkinson Dalton
26 Aug 1883, Arthur W. Dalton son of Thomas C. and Ann Dalton
7 Oct 1884, Charles V. Dalton son of John and Eliza Dalton
22 Oct 1886, Walter T. Dalton son of Thomas and Anna Dalton
2 Nov 1886, Eugene D. Dalton son of John R. and E. E. Dalton
1 Sep 1888, Willie Dalton son of Jacob and Emma Dalton
29 Dec 1888, Mabel L. Dalton dau of Thomas C. and Anna Dalton
19 Apr 1874, Mary Alice Dalton dau of Thomas and Anna Dalton
19 Jul 1876, John Henry Dalton dau of Thomas and Ann Dalton
29 Mar 1879, Lillie M. Dalton dau of Thomas E. and Anna Dalton
Oct 1880, Margare E. Dalton dau of William and Jane Alice Dalton

Waseca County

10 Feb 1873, Mary Marsella Dalton dau of John and Ellen Dalton
25 Nov 1876, Edward Dalton son of John and Ellen Dalton


Fillmore County

12 Jun 1887, William Dalton and Ruth Davidson
4 Mar 1892, Mary Dalton and John A. Sample
22 Feb 1892/93, Sarah Dalton and Herbert Lincoln Comstock, Spring Valley

Freeborn County

1 Mar 1882, J. W. Dolton and Mary Beach

Houston County

6 Dec 1863, Emily Dalton and Albert Johnston

Le Sueur County

11 Jun 1878, Mary Ann Dalton and John Kelley
30 Jul 1878, Walter Dalton and Elizabeth Walsh
14 Oact 1884, John Francis Dalton and Eliza Moran

Otter Tail County

Star Lake Twp.
31 Oct 1880, Mary Caroline Dalton and Asa Phelps

Ramsey County

24 Oct 1876, Margaret Dalton and James McCoy
20 Oct 1879, Ellen Dalton and Bryan McGroarty
6 Nov 1883, Francis L. Dalton and Edward Sturley

Waseca County

19 Jan 1880, Elizabeth Dalton and Thomas Corcoran
13 Apr 1885, Christopher Dalton and Mary Cogswell


Section I   Daltons who were enumerated in Minnesota

Blue Earth County
James Dalton, farm lab., 21, b. CAN, parents b. CAN

Carver County
H. H. Dalton, painter, 23, b. MN, parents b. WI; enumerated under James Dilley, saloon keeper

Dakota County
Inver Grove
Bridget Dalton, school teacher, 19, b. MN, parents b. IRE, enumerated in household of John McGroarty

Faribault County
Blue Earth
Wm. Dalton, mar., lab., 42, b. IRE; enumerated under S. M. Larrabee, hotel keeper

Fillmore County
Spring Valley
Thomas C. Dalton, farm, 38, b. ENG; wife Ann, 33, b, ENG; five children, dau Sarah 11, b. ENG;  four children b. MN - George 8;  Mary H. 6;  John H. 3;  Lilly May 1.

William Dalton, farmer, 38, b. ENG; wife Jane Alice, 27, b. ENG;  three children b. MN - Francis 8;  Sarah 6;  Alice 2.

Goodhue County
Wm. Dalton, 21, b. IL, farmer,  listed as son;  may have been adopted as no obvious relationship to either Elmer Graham 35 nor to his wife, Rozette Graham 27. both b. WI, parents b. OH.

Hennepin County
Calouis Dalton, stonecutter, single, 68, b. MA, parents b. MA; enumerated with other laborers under John Lacing.

Georgianna Dalton, widow, 24, b. ME, parents b. ME;  daus Louisa 3 and May 2, b. MN, their fa. b. NY

Minneapolis, District 244
Harry Dalton, painter, 23, b. ME; ennumerated under Mary Ann Bisset, boarding house.

Martin County
Center Creek
John R. Dalton, farmer, 44, b. IRE; wife Elizabeth, 33, b. NY, parents b. IRE;  eight children, two by NY - John , 21, farm hand and  Elizabeth 19;  six b. MN - Minnie 11;  Ernest 9;  Nellie 8;  Marshall 5;  Dianthia 2;  Charles 6 mos.

Nicollet County
St. Peter
Ellen Dalton, widow, 60, b. IRE;  son John, lab., 25, b. NY, fa. b. IRE;  son James lab., 18, b. IL;  dau Julia, 19, b. IL.

Walter Dalton, teamster, 22, b. IN, parents b. IRE;  wife Elizabeth 19, b. MN, parents b. IRE;  other Ellen May Dalton, 1 mo., b. MN, fa. b. IN, mo. b. MN

Otter Tail County
Mary Dalton, 16, b. OH, parents b. OH, listed as other in household of Roswell Adley.

Star Lake
William Dalton, farmer, 46, b. OH, fa. b. MD;  wife Matilda, 44, b. OH, mo. b. IRE;  three children b. OH - Mary G. 16;  Nancy M. 13;  Andrew D. 11;  listed as other Charlotta Dalton, 5, b. MN, parents b. OH.

Ramsey County
New Canada
Hugh Dalton, farmer, 26, b. MN, parents b. IRE;  wife Sarah 23, b. MN, parents b. IRE.

Saint Paul
Frances L. Dalton, 20, b. ENG, listed as gr dau of Louisa Exley, laundress, widow, 71, b. ENG

Saint Paul, Ward 3
Mary Dolton, cook, 21, b. MN, parents b. IRE; enumerated in household of C. H. Boardman, physician

Renville County
Wm. Dalton, farmer, 21, b. VT., parents b. IRE.

Rice County
Christopher Daulton, farm lab., 21, b. IL, parents b. IRE;  enumerated under Wm. Scidmore, farmer,

Waseca County
John Dalton, farmer, 53, b. IRE; wife Ellen, 46, b. IRE;  five children  -  Chrisopher 21 and John 18, work on farm and b. IL;  Nicholas 11, Mary 7,  and Edward 3, b. MN.

Washington County
Cottage Grove
James Dalton, farmer, 17, b. IRE;  wife Margaret 45, b. IRE;  six children - Mary J. 21, teacher and William 19, b. VT;  four b. MN - Charles 13;  James 11;  Rosetta 7;  Grace 4.

Winona County
Dresbach and Dakota
Chas. Dalton, 25, gen store, b. WI, parents b. IRE;  wife Mary 23, b. WI, parents b. PA;  two children b. MN - Robt. 3 and Wm. 1.

D. D. Dalton, unemployed, 78, b. IRE; widower.

Winona Ward 1
James Dolton, rr boiler shop, mar., 35, b. NY, parents b. ENG; enumerated under Thomas R. Coleman.

Section II  Daltons who were born in Minnesota and were living in other states in the 1880 Census

Lake County, 88th Enumeration District
Frank Dalton, lab., 22, b. MN, parents b. IRE; wife, Rebecca, 18, b. MO, fa. b. OH, mo. b. IL.

Cassia County, Clear Creek
Aaron A. Dalton, teamster, 57, div., 67, b. NY, fa. b. NY, mo. b. MA;  dau May 12, b. MN.  dau Mary K. 9, b. IL; their mother b. MA.

Isabella County, Vernon
Michael Dalton, farmer, 36, b. IRE;  wife Catherine 25, b.CAN, parents b. IRE;  John H. 5 and James E. 3, b. MN;  Frank D. 1, b. MI.
Kossuth County, Algona
Michael B. Dalton , ret. grocer, 45, b. NY, parents b. IRE; wife Pamelia, 35, b. WI, parents b. MY;  son Guy I. 12, b. IA; son Ell. R. 7, b. MN



John Dalton, laborer, bds,m 516 Garfield Ave., 1890-91


John Dalton, lab., Eastern Minn. RY, 1890-91
Thomas Dalton, carpenter, bds. 517 Lackawanna Ave. 1890-92

Caroline Dalton, wid. John, dressmaker, bds. 1512 Cough Ave.
Edward E. Dalton, real est., rooms 1500 N 7th
James Dalton, cook, rooms 712 Tower Ave.
Martin Dalton, real est., boards City Hotel
Thomas A. Dalton, stone cutter, 617 Cumming Ave.


Edward Dalton, rr paymaster, 518 N 5th
Ellen M. Dalton, wid, Walter, 2534 28th Av. S.
James Dalton, painter, 2534 28th Av S.
Wm. Dalton, farmer, 30th Av & N. E. Main

Saint Paul

Anna Dalton, domestic, 767 Sylvan Ave.
Beatrice Dalton, clerk, bds. 197 E 9th
Hugh Dalton, teamster, 925 Case
Thomas Dalton, laborer
Wm Dalton, laborer, bds. 231 W 7th

DEATH INDEX  1910-1946    Top

The following Death Index was prepared by the Minnesota Historical Society.  Request for a death certificate of an individual should contain the Certificate ID#  that accompanies each entry.  That certificate will also contain the birth date of the individual, the mother's name and other pertinent data when available. Requests  may be sent to the Minnesota Historical Society  at 345 W. Kellogg Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55102-1906.
DALTON, ALICE MARGARET, Date of Death: 03/13/1931; CertID# 1931-MN-009207
County of Death:  Nobles

DALTON, MRS. ALICE E., Date of Death: 08/19/1932; CertID# 1932-MN-026504;
County of Death: St. Louis
 DALTON, ANDREW, Date of Death: 05/10/1910; CertID# 1910-MN-009737
 County of Death: Otter Tail

DALTON, ANNA BRIDGET Date of Death: 02/05/1942; CertID# 1942-MN-018196;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, ANNA Date of Death: 10/12/1943; CertID# 1943-MN-003208
County of Death: Crow Wing

DALTON, MRS. ANNA, Date of Death: 01/23/1923; CertID# 1923-MN-000830;
County of Death; Beltrami
DALTON, BERTHA AMBER, Date of Death: 05/19/1944; CertID# 1944-MN-027231;
County of Death: St. Louis
DALTON, BETTY JUNE, Date of Death: 07/12/1928; CertID# 1928-MN-000849;
County of Death: Benton

DALTON, BRIDGET C., Date of Death: 10/01/1934; CertID# 1934-MN-009675;
County of Death: Nicollet
DALTON, CATHERINE, Date of Death: 01/12/1913; CertID# 1913-MN-016583;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, CHARLES HENRY; Date of Death: 02/09/1941; CertID# 1941-MN-018599 ;
County of Death: Hennepin

DALTON, CHRISTOPHER, Date of Death: 07/21/1923; CertID# 1923-MN-016337;
County of Death: Waseca

DALTON, CLAIRE ,Date of Death: 01/07/1924; CertID# 1924-MN-009079
County of Death: Nobles
DALTON, CLIFTON JAMES. Date of Death: 12/30/1923; CertID# 1923-MN-000833;
County of Death: Beltrami
DALTON, DONALD LEWIS, Date of Death: 02/08/1933; CertID# 1933-MN-015589;
County of Death: Wabasha

DALTON, DORIS BOYD, Date of Death: 05/03/1931; CertID# 1931-MN-019109;
County of Death: Hennepin

DALTON, EDWARD, Date of Death: 03/05/1936; CertID# 1936-MN-025818;
County of Death:Ramsey
DALTON, EMILY, Date of Death: 08/23/19; CertID# 1927-MN-009900;
County of Death: Olmstead

DALTON, ERLEN, Date of Death:10/27/1910; CertID# 1910-MN-014928
County of Death: Waseca
DALTON, FLORAUZA W., Date of Death: 08/21/1914; CertID# 1914-MN-014093;
County of Death:  Stearns

DALTON, FRANK, Date of Death: 10/02/1930; CertID# 1930-MN-026768;
County of Death: St. Louis
DALTON, FRED, Date of Death: 01/15/1938; CertID# 1938-MN-023180 ;
County of Death: Ramsey
DALTON, FREDERICK W., Date of Death: 10/24/1924; CertID# 1924-MN-008080;
County of Death: Mille Lacs
DALTON, GEO. E., Date of Death: 02/04/1915; CertID# 1915-MN-008923;
County of Death: Olmstead
DALTON, GEORGE, Date of Death: 02/19/1941; CertID# 1941-MN-000754;
County of Death: Beltrami
DALTON, GRACE MABEL, Date of Death: 06/22/1940; CertID# 1940-MN-020792;
County of Death: Hennepin

DALTON, MRS. GRETTA E., Date of Death: 03/30/1943; CertID# 1943-MN-027564;
County of Death: St. Louis
DALTON, HELMA MATILDA, Date of Death: 02/19/1940; CertID# 1940-MN-024022;
County of Death: Ramsey
DALTON, HUGH, Date of Death: 03/21/1933; CertID# 1933-MN-016026;
County of Death: Washington

DALTON, JEAN EVYLEN, Date of Death: 03/21/1914; CertID# 1914-MN-007227;
County of Death: Lyon
DALTON, JOHN, Date of Death:01/13/1944; CertID# 1944-MN-026748;
County of Death: St. Louis
DALTON, JOHN A., Date of Death: 01/02/1922; CertID# 1922-MN-000540;
County of Death: Beltrami
DALTON, JOHN R., Date of Death: 09/26/1922; CertID# 1922-MN-025024;
County of Death: St. Louis
DALTON, JOHN, Date of Death: 03/08/1923; CertID# 1923-MN-009157;
County of Death: Nicollet

DALTON, JOHN R., Date of Death: 02/22/1931; CertID# 1931-MN-001082;
County of Death: Blue Earth

DALTON, JOHN R., Date of Death:10/03/1938; CertID# 1938-MN-025398;
County of Death: Ramsey
DALTON, JOHN, Date of Death: 12/13/1938; CertID# 1938-MN-014011;
County of Death: St. Louis
DALTON, JOHN, Date of Death: 12/14/1929; CertID# 1929-MN-022446;
County of Death: Hennepin

DALTON, JOHN H., Date of Death: 06/03/1911; CertID# 1911-MN-020940;
County of Death: Ramsey
DALTON, JOSEPHINE, Date of Death: 01/16/1932; CertID# 1932-MN-017349;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, KATHRYN C,. Date of Death: 12/15/1946; CertID# 1946-MN-023744
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, MARGARET, Date of Death: 02/08/1926; CertID# 1926-MN-023278;
County of Death: Ramsey
DALTON, MRS. LOTTIE, Date of Death: 10/05/1942; CertID# 1942-MN-016431;
County of Death: Washington

DALTON, MARGARET, Date of  Death: 02/13/1911; CertID# 1911-MN-0088789;
County of Death: Olmstead

DALTON, MARION, Date of Death: 09/06/1914; CertID# 1946-MN-023744;
County of Death: Hennepin

DALTON, MARJE LINN, Date of Death: 06/19/1929; CertID# 1929-MN-024346;
County of Death: Ramsey

DALTON, MARSHALL C., Date of Death:10/13/1928; CertID# 1928-MN-001288;
County of Death: Blue Earth
DALTON, MARY M., Date of Death: 04/13/1944; CertID# 1944-MN-019271;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, MARY ANN, Date of Death:11/19/1945; CertID# 1945-MN-016646;
County of Death: Washington
DALTON, MARY, Date of Death: 04/20/1931; CertID# 1931-MN-023593
County of Death: Ramsey
DALTON, MARY ANN, Date of Death: 09/03/1932; CertID# 1932-MN-010629;
County of Death:  Otter Tail
DALTON, MARY MARGARET, Date of Birth: 03/08/1933; CertID# 1933-MN-018173;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, MARY JANE, Date of Death: 06/06/1920; CertID# 1920-MN-009311;
County of Death: Nobles
DALTON, MAUD MAY, Date of Death: 12/13/1918; CertID# 1918-MN-016052;
County of Death: Rock
DALTON, MICHAEL J., Date of Death: 08/16/1920; CertID# 1920-MN-027022;
County of Death: St. Louis
DALTON, MILDRED, Date of Death: 05/22/1912; CertID# 1912-MN-008308;
County of Death: Olmstead
DALTON, MINNIE, Date of Death: 08/30/1923; CertID# 1923-MN-007853;
County of Death: Martin

DALTON, MRS RACHEL, Date of Death: 04/11/1940; CertID# 1940-MN-014194;
County of Death:  St. Louis
DALTON, MRS. FRANCIS, Date of Death: 01/08/1935; CertID# 1935-MN-023141;
County of Death: Ramsey
DALTON, MRS. FRANK (ALTINA), Date of Death: 08/09/1929; CertID# 1929-MN-010482;
County of Death: Olmstead
DALTON, MURIEL TERESA, Date of Death: 05/10/1927; CertID# 1927-MN-018786;
County of Death:  Hennepin
DALTON, PATRICK F., Date of Death; 03/06/1928; CertID# 1928-MN-009625;
County of Death: Nobles

DALTON, RAY R., Date of Death: 08/21/1918; CertID# 1918-MN-008985;
County of Death: Lincoln
DALTON, REV. J. J., Date of Death: 04/02/1930; CertID# 1930-MN-014830;
County of Death: Stearns
DALTON, RICHARD, Date of Death: 01/13/1913; CertID# 1913-MN-016584;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, ROBERT, Date of Death: 12/12/1932; CertID# 1932-MN-005253;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, ROBERT E., Date of Death: 11/23/1922;CertID# 1922-MN-023861;
County of Death: Ramsey
DALTON, ROBERT, Date of Death; 02/18/1915; CertID# 1915-MN-007491;
County of Death: Meeker
DALTON, RONOLD, Date of Death: 01/30/1912; CertID# 1912-MN-011584;
County of Death; St. Louis
DALTON, ROSCOE C., Date of Death: 10/01/1925; CertID# 1925-MN-001137;
County of Death: Blue Earth
DALTON, SALLY, Date of Death: 03/03/1928; CertID# 1928-MN-008290;
County of Death: Meeker
DALTON, STEPHEN A., Date of Death: 11/26/1942; CertID# 1942-MN-022507;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, THEODORE Date of Death: 02/20/1929; CertID# 1929-MN-009330;
County of Death: Nicollet
DALTON, THOMAS, Date of Death: 11/08/1933; CertID# 1933-MN-021640;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, THOMAS A., Date of Death: 11/22/1925; CertID# 1925-MN-026990;
County of Death:  St. Louis
DALTON, THOMAS CLIFTON, Date of Death: 11/20/1917; CertID# 1917-MN-000707;
County of Death: Beltrami
DALTON, VDRLYN ARLENE , Date of Death: 06/25/1936; CertID# 1936-MN-010604;
County of Death: Olmstead
DALTON, VITA H., Date of Death: 04/18/1936; CertID# 1936-MN-029004
County of Death: St. Louis
DALTON, WALTER J., Date of Death: 05/07/1918; CertID# 1918-MN-009235;
County of Death:Lyon
DALTON, WILLIAM C., Date of Death: 01/28/1922; CertID# 1922-MN-024307;
County of Death:  St. Louis
DALTON, WILLIAM, Date of Death: 03/11/1944; CertID# 1944-MN-000270;
County of Death:  Anoka
DALTON, WILLIAM, Date of Death: 09/24/1935; CertID# 1935-MN-005521;
County of Death:Hennepin
DALTON, WILLIAM, Date of Death: 02/29/1920; CertID# 1920-MN-019333;
County of Death: Hennepin
DALTON, WM., Date of Death: 02/04/1914; CertID# 1914-MN-010345;
County of Death: Otter Tail

1920 CENSUS INDEX    Top

Aitken County

Earnest Dalton, 22, b. MN, ED12
John Dalton, 62, b. NY, ED 12

Beltrami County

John A. Dalton, 52, b. CAN, ED 24.

Cass County

Stephen A. Dalton, 45, b. IL, ED 93

Clay County

Highland Grove
Andrew Dalton, 54, b. Sweden,  ED 38

Crow King County

William Dalton, 49, b. WI, ED 113

Dakota County

William Dalton, 46, b. MN, ED 18

Douglas County

Aguer Dalton, 24, b. MN, ED 29

Freeborn County

T. Walker Dalton, 35, b. MN, ED 45

Hennepin County

William G. Dalton, 38, b. WI. ED 117
J. E. Dalton, 25, b. MN, ED 126
Marge Dalton, 35, b. MN, ED 136
Emely Dalton, 40, b. MN, ED 209 Pg 158
Jack Dalton, 35, b. MN, ED 209, pg. 19A

Thom Dalton, 60, b. NY, ED 209, pg 14A
William H. Dalton, 32, b. MN, ED 209. pg 18A
John Dalton , 55, b. IL, ED 251
Rial F. Dalton, 12, b. MN, ED 256
Harry W. Dalton, 49, b. MN, ED 34

Mary Dalton, 21, b. MN, ED 79
Salina Dalton, 66, b. NOR, ED 94
Fred W. Dalton, 47, b. IA, ED 95

William Dalton, 36, b. MN, ED 260

Koochiching County

Joseph Dalton, (no age) b. N. S., CAN. Ed 226

Martin County

Marshal Dalton, 44, b. MN, ED 124
J. B. Dalton, 60, b. WI, ED 125

Nicollet County

North Mankato
Frank E. Dalton, 26, b. MN, ED 104

Nobles County

James J. Dalton, 28, b. NE, ED 162

Olmstead County

Frank A. Dalton, 48, b. MN, ED 102, pg. 7B
William Dalton, 77, b. ENG, ED 102, pg. 7 B

Earl Dalton, 23, b. PA, ED 117

Otter Tail County

Charles H. Dalton, 67, b. WI. ED 138, pg. 2 A
Edward G. Dalton, 31, b. MN, ED 138, pg. 4 A

Fergus Falls
Hastings Dalton, 11, b. ND, ED 141

Star Lake
Clara M. Dalton, 14, b. MN, ED 152, pg 10A
Richard A. Dalton, 21, b. MN, ED 152, pg. 98

Ramsey County

William Dalton, 47, b. NJ, ED 4

Saint Paul
Robert W. Dalton, 47, b. MN,  ED 125
John Dalton, 54, b. PA, ED 141
Frank Dalton, 56, b. WI, ED 38, pg 1 B
John Dalton, 48, b. WI, ED ED 38, pg. 4B
Margaret Dalton, 36, b. WI, ED 81

Rice County

Theodore Dalton, 15, b. MN, ED 121

Rock County

Lee Dalton, 36, b. VA, ED 203

Saint Louis County

Hassie Dalton, 24, b. MN, ED 104
John R. Dalton, 70, b. MA, ED 119
William C. Dalton, 57, b. CAN, Ed 120
Herbert Dalton, 25, b. IA, ED 132
Michael J. Dalton, 58, b. CAN, Ed 220

E. H. Dalton, 30, b. MI, ED 152

James Dalton, 41, b. CAN, Ed 162

Sibley County
Mennie Dalton, 49, b. MN, Ed 155

Stevens County

Edmind G. Dalton, 22, b. MN, Ed 171

Todd County

Stowe Prairie
Archie Dalton 21, b. MN, ED 232

Waseca County

Christophe Dalton, 61, b. IL, Ed 169

Agnes Dalton, 53, b. WI, ED 175

Washington County

Hugh Dalton, 65, b. MN, ED 180


Date of issue, name, acreage, Land Office and document #.

1 Aug 1853, Luke Dalton, 128 acres, L. O. Stillwater, Doc. 453

2 May 1870, Michael Dalton, 59 acres, L. O. Alexandria, Doc 92

2 May 1870, Michael Dalton, 160 acres, L. O. Alexandria, Doc. 93

2 Mar 1877, John R. Dalton, 160 acres, Jackson L. O., Doc. 7967

22 Oct 1885, William Dalton,  164 acres, L. O. Fergus Falls, Doc. 4879

1 Sep 1886, Thomas Dalton, 160 acres, Crookston L. O., Doc. 4

1 Jun 1904, Michael Dalton, 160 acres, Duluth L. O., Doc 18946


Section I  Daltons whose SS# was issued in Minnesota and whose last residence was Minnesota. Organized by County of Last Residence

Beltrami County
Joseph G. Dalton, 29 Jan 1936-21 Jun 1995

Blue Earth County
James Dalton, 22 Oct 1901-Jan 1971

Carlton county
Olga O. Dalton, 17 Jul 1905-19 Apr 1989

Moose Lake
Jack Dalton, 24 Nov 1912-Jul 1986

Dakota County
Harold Daulton, 25 Jul 1897-Oct 1976

Saint Paul
Mildred Dalton, 12 Oct 1905- Feb 1982
Sylvia B. Dalton, 16 Aug 1908-Aug 1999

Freeborn County
Ellsworth Dolton, 30 Jan 1918-Nov 1986
Walter Dolton, 17 Sep 1884-Mar 1967

Hennepin County
Bradley L. Dalton, 20 Aug 1913-15 Jul 1992
M. Dalton, 26 Mar 1908-19 Apr 1992

Maple Plain
Helen Dalton, 16 Feb 1907-Jun 1979

Ann Dalton, 10 Aug 1900-Oct 1986
Clifford Dalton, 17 Dec 1901-Jun 1981
George Dalton, 6 Oct 1904-Nov 1973
Hilda Dalton, 22 Feb 1900-24 Aug 1988
James N. Dalton, 5 Jun 1926-5 Sep 2002

John Dalton, 5 Aug 1904-Jun1967
John Dalton, 6 Aug 1909-Dec 1974
John W. Dalton, 6 Dec 1942- 10 Aug 1997
Lee Dalton, 4 Mar 1914-Sep 1984
Margaret Dalton, 21 Nov 1896-Oct 1983

Marion Dalton, 28 Mar 1906-Apr1984
Minnie Dalton, 29 Dec 1898-Feb 1983
Shirley J. Dalton, 28 May 1919-30 May 2000
Tessie Dalton, 15 Nov 1895-Oct 1981

Koochiching County
International Falls
Anna Dalton, 30 Oct 1890-Aug 1975

Morrison County
Little Falls
Emma Dalton, 2 Dec 1887-Mar1978
Joyce Dalton, 15 Nov 1902-Apr 1987

Olmstead County
Bill J. Dalton, 17 Oct 1919-25 Nov 1998

Ramsey County
Saint Paul
Althea J. Daulton, 13 Feb 1907-15 Dec 1997
Augustus Daulton, 3 Dec 1911-Feb 1980
Bernice J. Daulton, 3 Feb 1909-28 May 1994
Edward Dalton, 12 Mar 1911-Jan 1985
Eugene B. Dalton, 2 Nov 1886-15 Apr 1968

Evelyn Dalton, 28 Apr 1906-May1987
Frank J. Daulton, 19 Mar 1904-1 Jun 1997
Gerald Dalton, 17 Nov 1912-Jul 1984
Helen Dalton 22 Feb 1912-May 1982
Helen Dalton, 27 Aug 1901-22 Jun 2000

James Dalton, 2 Dec 1934-Jan 1984
James E. Dalton, 17 Jul 1956-31 Mar 1999
Martha Dalton, 23 Sep 1906-Jul 1981
Mary Dalton, 26 Mar 1898-Dec 1973
Vernon Daulton, 8 Mar 1902-May 1981

Saint Louis County
John Dalton, 19 Jul 1904-Mar 1985
Margaret Dalton, 2 May 1912-Oct 1980
Wahanita Dalton, 1 Dec 1920-Jun 1984

Jessie Dalton, 12 Nov 1882-Jul 1976

Scott County
John M. Dalton, 29 Dec 1910-28 Jul 1995

Stearns County
Annette M. Dalton, 30 Sep 1962-14 Jun 1996

Sauk Centre
Gerald Dalton, 24 Jun 1939-May 1987
Harry Dalton, 28 Aug 1907-Jan1983
Rose M. Dalton, 16 Mar 1915-2 Aug 1999

Todd County
Long Prairie
William A. Dalton, 27 Sep 1940-4 Feb 2003

Wadena County
Archie Dalton, 6 Jul 1899-Dec 1965

Washington County
Cottage Grove
Raymond T. Dalton, 23 Nov 1929-6Sep1998

Forest Lake
Joseph Dalton, 28 Nov 1899-Jul 1982

Lake Elmo
Gertrude Dalton, 18 Nov1900-Nov 1976

Wright County
Richard A. Dalton, 10 Jun 1931-25 Nov 1995

Section II  Long time or retired railroad workers. Last residence in Minnesota

Pennington County
Thief River Falls
Floyd Dalton, 13 Mar 1896-Jun 1981
Lula Dalton, 25 Dec 1890-May 1978

Ramsey County
Saint Paul
Myron Dalton, 14 Mar 1904-Feb 1892

Section III  Daltons whose last place of residence was not specified but often was in Minnesota

Agnes Dalton, 13 Apr 1913-Aug 1973
Angus W. Dalton, 1 Aug 1910-10 May 1991
Audra Dalton, 29 May 1934-Mar 1984, last benefit NV, Clark Co., Jean
Dwight Dalton, 31 Jan 1943-Jul 1986
Fern L. Dalton, 18 Jan 1912- Jan 1990
Florence E. Dalton, 13 Nov 1919-Feb 1989
George E. Dalton, 1 Feb 1910-16 Apr 1990
James Dalton, 28 Nov 1899-Apr 1964
James Dalton, 8 Jul 1930-Feb 1985, last  benefit was Blue Earth Co., Mankato
Jerry L. Dalton, 20 Jun 1944-4 Dec 1999
Katherine A. Dalton, 22 Nov 1912-7 Oct 2001
Katheleen Dalton, 11 Dec 1919-Feb 1969
M. J. Dalton, 29 Aug 1944-15 Jul 1987
Mabel Dalton, 29 Sep 1909-12 Dec 1989
Maurice Dalton, 30 Jun 1914-Mar 1972
Nancy M. Dalton 16 Feb 1940-2 Sep 1999
Patricia Dalton, 25 Feb 1948-Aug 1973
Real Dalton, 16 May 1907-Mar 1964
Richaed Dalton, 25 Mar 1898-Feb 1964
Robert J. Dalton, 24 Jul 1942-May 2001
Rosella M. Dalton, 4 Aug 1919-Dec 1990
Thomas R. Daulton, 8 Sep 1939-7 Jun 2000
Thomas V. Dalton 22 Jan 1971- Dec 1999
Verna Dalton, 19 Dec 1928-Feb 1973
Viola C. Dalton, 27 Jun 1911-Dec 1989
Winnifred F. Dalton, 13 Apr 1910-20 Oct 1991

Section  IV Daltons whose SS# was issued out of state and whose last residence was in Minnesota   Organized by state of issue.

Olga M. Dalton, 30 Jul 1906-7 May 1992, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis

Mary H. Dalton, 17 Jan 1898-15 May 1973, Stearns Co., Saint Cloud

Edna B. Dolton, 11 Oct 1905-4 Nov 1996, Ramsey Co., Saint Paul
Matthew Dalton, 4 Nov 1871013 Sep 1994, Houston Co., Crescent
Violet Dalton, 3 Apr 1918-Oct 1982, Ramsey Co., Saint Paul

Laverne Dolton, 15 Jul 1920-Aug 1967, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis

Kevin Dalton, 22 Dec 1923-Sep 1986, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis
Mary Dalton, 9 May 1888-Jan 1974, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis

Edna Dalton, 17 Aug 1906-Jul 1985, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis
George Dalton, 3 Jan 1911-Jun 1985, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis

Ruth Dalton, 1 Feb 1908-4 Feb 1995, Wright Co., Delano

Averill Dalton 22 Jul 1894-Oct 1979, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis
Gertrdue Dalton, 2 Feb 1902-Dec 1976, Saint Louis Co., Duluth
Thomas Dalton, 9 Feb 1916-Sep 1964, Saint Louis Co., Duluth

Section V  Daltons whose SS# was issued in Minnesota and whose last residence was out of state.  Organized by state of last resdence.

A. L. Thomas, 5 Jan 1911-29 Oct 1988, Mobile Co., Mobile

Mary A. Dalton, 25 Dec 1923-8 May 2003, Mohave Co., Kingman

Elaine M. Dalton, 24 May 1926-13 Sep 2000, San Diego Co., Oceanside
Joseph Dalton, 26 Feb 1894-Apr 1969, Los Angeles Co., Los Angeles
June L. Dalton, 21 Jan 1921-A Dec 1998, Napa Cp., Napa
Maynard E. Dalton, 14 Jan 1918-4 Jan 1991, Napa Co., Napa
Raymond R. Dalton 30 Mar 1926-23 Feb 1996, Contra Costa Co., Concord

Alice Dalton, 29 Sep 1893-Feb 1976, Larimer Co., Feather Lakes
Esther L. Dalton, 22 Jun 1903-29 Mar 2003, Arapahoe Co., Littleton
Geraldine S. Dalton, 7 Jul 1917-21 Nov 1993, Larimer Co., Feather Lakes
Joseph E. Dalton, 26 May 1918-7 Jul 1986, Larimer Co., Feather Lakes
Walter Daulton, 22 Dec 1930-Aug 1985, Adams Co., Denver

H. Dalton, 14 Nov 1907-Jul 1973, FL 32748
J. S. Dalton, 18 Jul 1902-8 Aug 1988, Sarasota Co., Englewood

Madelyn M. Dalton, 17 Seo 1920-15 Jul 1989, Cook Co., Chicago

Arthur Dalton, 30 Jul 1904-Feb 1984, Pottawattamie Co., Council Bluffs

Pearl Dalton, 29 Apr 1900-Mar 1986, Suffolk Co., West Roxbury

A. L. Dalton, 8 May 1910-17 Apr 1989, Butler Co., Poplar Bluff

Ernest Dalton, 9 Nov 1895-Jan 1967, Bernalillo Co., Albuquerque

Elizabeth M. Dalton, 17 Nov 1913-Nov 1992, Abbeville Co., Abbeville
Orlo K. Dalton, 29 Aug 1911-3 Feb 1992, Abbeville Co., Abbeville

Theodore J. Dalton, 5 Dec 1910-1 FEb 1990, Bexar Co., San Antonio

Wayne E. Dalton, 22 Sep 1913-15 Nov 1974, VA

Catherine L. Dalton, 30 May 1914-17 Mar 1996, King Co., Seattle
James A. Dalton, 15 Dec 1915-20 Jun 1997, King Co., Bellevue
Jennie Dalton, 9 Jun 1880-Dec 1968, King Co., Renton
Lewis Dalton, 20 Sep 1890-Sep 1963, WA
Max Dalton, 22 May 1908-May 1977, Yakima Co., Selah

Roy Dalton, 28 Jan 1897-Jul 1981, Saint Croix Co., Richmond, last benefit, Ramsey Co., St. Paul, MN
Gertrude Dalton, 30 Mar 1907-16 Apr 1994, Milwaukee Co., Milwaukee.


The petitions, refusals and granted naturalizations are held at the Iron Range Research Center, Email: yourroots@ironworld.com   Complete details on individuals can be obtained

Beltrami County
Thomas Clifton, Reel 12
Mrs. Anna (Thomas Clifton), Reel 5, 1906-1908

Dakota County
Martin Dalton, Rell 1, 1854-1876
William Albert, Reel 2, 1911-1920

Frank Dalton, Reel 24
Henry James Dalton, Reel 52
John Dalton, Reel 26
William Christopher Dalton, Reel 15

Fillmore County
Wm. Dalton, Reel 3

Morrison County
Michael Dalton, Reel 5, 1903-1906

Olmstead County
Thomas Clifton Dalton, Reel 1, 1858-1884
William Dalton, Reel 1, 1858-1884

Ramsey County
James Dalton, Reel 6
Charles E. Dalton, Reel 10
Evelyn Dalton (Sr. Catherine Rita), Reel 30

Stearns County
Michael F. Dalton, Reel 2
Sixten Hjalmar Dalton, Reel 16

United States

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