The Dalton population of Maine was relatively small and the first record in this file is for 1784.  Daltons who entered Maine came from the Hampton, NH branch to the South, from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to the North and from ports such as Portland. This file contains 450 surname entries as listed below. At the time of the 1880 Census there were 61 Daltons enumerated in the state but there were almost twice the number of Maine born Daltons and their families who had migrated to ten other states, particularly to MA for employment.

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County Map of Maine:


Aroostook Co.

28 Aug 1844, Matilda Desmond Dalton dau of William and Clara Bradley Dalton, Holton

25 Feb 1789, John Dalton son of Morris and Lydia Dalton, Brunswick
18 Jan 1864, Edith Leverett Dalton dau of Asa and Maria L. Dalten, Portland
10 May 1864, Melvin Palmer Dalten, son of N. Bertrand and Susan M. Dalton, Portland
7 Oct 1868, Catherine Doulton dau of Wm. and Mary Doulton, Portland
21 Jan 1871, a Dalton son of Marshall H. and Rosa H. Dalton, Portland

Franklin Co.

18 Jul 1817, Elvira Dalton dau of John and Suckey Waugh Daltom, Weld
18 Jul 1817, Ira Dalton son of John and Suckey Waugh Dalton, Weld

Hill Co.

12 Apr 1827, Alcides O. Dalton son of Anthan Stearns and Sally Norton Bean Dalton, Hill, Kents, Readfield
22 Feb 1836, Napoleon Bartrand Dalton son of Nathan S. and Sally Norton Bean Dalton, Hill, Kents, Readfield

Kennebec Co.

12 Apr 1797, Nathan Stearns Dalton son of John and Rebecca Stearns Dalton, Readfield
20 Feb 1809, Wm. A. R. Dalton son of Wm. A. Dalton, Chelsea
27 May 1823, Hiram Augusta Dalton son of Nathan S.  and Sally N. Bean Dalton, Readfield
12 Par 1827, Asma Alcides Dalton son of Nathan and Sally N. Bean Dalton, Readfield
1 Sep 1830, Harriot Jane Dalton dau of Nathan and Sally N. Bean Dalton, Readfield

19 May 1843, Charles J. Dalton son of Wm. A. R. and Susan A. Getchell Dalton, Chelsea
4 Sep 1850, Susan Ann Dalton, dau of Wm. A. R. Dalton and Susan A. Getchell, Chelsea
19 Jul 1863, Elvira A. Dalton dau of Ira and Christiana R. Dalton, Fayette
10 Mar 1867, Roger D. Leroy Dalton son of Ira and Christianna R. Dalton, Fayette
3 Sep 1871, Carroll Burgess Daltn son of Ira and Christiana R. Dalton, Fayette

Lincoln Co

22 Jan 1809, Jeremiah Dalton, son of Jeremiah and Ruth Dalton, Wiscasset
30 Sep 1810, Tristam Dalton son of Jeremiah and Ruth Dalton, Wiscasset
15 Feb 1812, George Whitefield Dalton, son of Jeremiah and Ruth Dalton, Wiscasset
30 Jul 1814, Edwin Wood Dalton, son of Jeremiah and Ruth Dalton, Wiscasset
18 Oct 1816, Daniel Hibbard Dalton son of Jeremiah and Ruth Dalton, Wiscasset

Somerset Co.

12 Jun 1804, Mary Dalton dau of William and Lucy Dalton, Fairfield
25 Apr 1807, Betsy Dalton dau of William and Lucy Dalton, Fairfield
5 Dec 1812, Sarah Webster Dalton dau of William and Lucy Dalton, Fairfield


18 Jul 1796, Lydia Dalton dau of Samuel and Mary Bennett Dalton, Parsonfield
25 Nov 1797, Samuel Dalton son of Samuel and Mary Bennet Dalton, Parsonfield
Jun 1813, Elizabeth Dalton dau of Benjamin B. and Sarah Garland Dalton, Kittery
1821, Joseph Dalton son of Samuel and Mary Ann Huckins Dalton, Newfield

1823, Caroline Dalton dau of Samuel and Mary Ann Huckins Dalton, Newfield
30 Oct 1824, Asa Dalton son of Samuel and Mary Ann Huckins Dalton, Newfield
3 Dec 1826, Tristram William Dalton son of Samuel and Mary Ann Huckins Dalton, Newfield
1831, Abigail Dalton dau of Samuel and Mary Ann Huckins Dalton, Newfield

1832,  Benjamin F. Dalton son of Samuel and Mary Ann Huckins Dalton, Newfield
12 Mar 1837, Mary A. Dalton dau of William A. R. and Susan Getchell Dalton, Chelsea
1 Nov 1845, Sarah Weber Dalton dau of Morris Cotton and Ursula Leavitt Dalton, So. Acton


Androscoggin Co.

26 May 1859, Ira Dalton and Christiana I. Jipson, Lewiston
23 Mar 1867, Marshall H. Dalton and Rosa A. Plummer, Auburn
21 Mar 1896, Rodger E. Dalton and Mrs. Addie F. Lymes (History of Leeds ME)

Cumberland Co.

6 Jul 1816, Betsy Dalton and George W. Thomas, Westbrook
23 Nov 1816, Samual Dalton and Isabella Chamberlain, Westbrook
7 May 1850, Elizabeth Dalton and Michael Sliney, Portland
3 Jul 1862, Charles A. Dalton and Phebe A. Leighton, Windham
27 Nov 1866, William Dalton and Mary Waters, Portland
29 Aug 1885, Helen M. Dalton and O. O. Howard, Deering
15 Oct 1889, Charles B. Dalton and Josie M. Lamson, Deering

Franklin Co.

28 Nov 1816, John Dalton and Susannah Waugh, Weld

Hancock Co.

8 Jul 1883, Nettie L. Dalton and Willie E. Kenniston, Bar Harboor
19 Jan 1888, Lizzie M. Dalton and Lester M. McFarland, Bar Harbor
14 Aug 1891, Hattie R. Dalton and Thomas H. Northway, Mount Desert
1 Sep 1893, Carrie Delton and Harry A. Staples, Sedgwick

Kennebec Co.

8 Sep 1801, Sally Dalton and Jeremiah Lane, Fayette
1 Oct 1816, William Dalston and Miriam Clark, China
4 Jan 1823, Nathan Dalton and Sarah N. Bean, Readfield
7 May 1831, John Dalton and Elizabeth Clough, Mount Vernon
Jan 1834, William A. R. Dalton and Susan Getchell, Chelsea

19 Jul 1834, Nancy Dalton and William Smith, Gardiner
26 Jul 1835, Peter Dalton and Paulina A. Lathrop, Augusta
27 May 1838, Hannah Dalton and Lawrence Doyle, Pittsdon
11 Feb 1840, Sarah A. Dalton and William C. Potter, Augusta
4 Apr 1843, Nathaniel G. Dulton and Betsey Shaw, civil

28 Oct 1848, John Dalton and Deborah Bailey, Fayette
1852, Susan E. Dalton and Stephen A. Copeland, civil
22 Jan 1853, John Dalton and Ellen Leonard, Hallowell
22 Jan 1853, Clara A. Dalton and Hercani H. Hill, Augusta
1 Sep 1861, Hellen O. Dalton and Thomas Fillebrown, Readfield
15 Oct 1868, Eliza A. Dalton and John McKay, Gardiner

5 Jan 1870, Clara L. Dalton and Hiram H. Hill, Augusta
3 Mar 1875, Frederick Dalton and Sarah E. Shaw, Waterville
24 May 1875, Susan A. Dalton and Charles S. Downing, Hallowell
3 Feb 1877, Frank A. Dalton and Cinda A. Bowman, Sidney
29 May 1886, Katie A. Dalton and Thomas W. Dick
18 Apr 1889, Angeline E. Dalton and Marquis F. Joy, Fayette

Lincoln Co.

26 Nov 1791, Michael Dalton and Lydia Walker, Wiscasset
23 Aug 1794, Jeremiah Dalton and Mrs. Anne Herbart, Wiscasset
21 Mar 1795, Sally Dalton and Timothy Wood, Wiscasset*
28 Nov 1808, Jeremiah Dalton and Jane Hibbard, Wiscasset
11 Nov 1811, William Ald Dalton and Mrs. Mary Redford

1 Sep 1844, Daniel H. Dalton and Louisa Dodge, Whitefield
1 Nov 1853, Peter Dalton and Cath Carroll, Whitefield
9 Feb 1853, John Dalton and Ellen Leonard, Whitefield
18 Sep 1879, Eula A. Dalton and John W. Hatch. Whitefield
* 1804, Sally Dalton Wood and Seth Tinkham, Wiscasset


30 Oct 1830, Mary Dalton and Daniel Brewer, Brewer
2 Aug 1833, Sarah W. Dalton and Samuel B. Stone, Brewer
4 Mar 1839, William Dalton and Clarissa Bradley, Lincoln
23 Aug 1877, L. E. Dulton and L. C. Whitten, Etna

Piscataquis Co.

17 Feb 1864, Samuel F. Dulton and Susan M. Hofford, civil

Sagadahoc Co.

11 Oct 1855, Charles B. Dalton and Mary Ann Scales, Bath

Somerset County

2 Sep 1802, William Dalton and Lucy Tobey, Fairfield
27 Oct 1859, N. Bertrand Dalton and Susan M. Palmer, Cornville

York County

1784, Betsey/Elizabeth Dalton and Jacob Scagel, Parsonfield
11 Apr 1795, Samuel Dalton and Mary Bennett, Wells
7 Mar 1816, Lydia Dalton and Peter Huckins, Parsonfield
27 Oct 1819, Samuel Dalton and Mary Ann Huckins, Parsonfield
1 Jan 1865, Sarah Weber Dalton and John P. Hubbard

6 Jan 1867, Archil Dalton/Fortrain and Folomena LaPoint ot Phelee Odee, Biddeford
18 Aug 1866, Thursa A. Dalton and Daniel Littlefield, Biddeford
5 Feb 1870, Esther Dalton and Henry S. Rose, Biddeford
23 Sep 1883, Annie L. Dalton and Charles B. Eaton, Biddeford

U. S. CENSUS EXTRACTIONS 1790-1850    Top


Jeremiah Dalton, Lincoln Co., Wiscasset
Sipio Dalton, Washington Co.
William Dalton, Ashland


Jeremiah Dalton, Lincoln Co., Wiscasset
Jeremiah Dalton, Jr., Lincoln Co.


Benjamin Dalton, York Co., Parsonfield
Jereniah Dalton, Lincoln Co., Wiscasset
Samuel Dalton, York Co., Parsonfield


Benjamin Dalton, York Co., Parsonfield
Moses Dalton, Kennebec Co., Waterville
Richard Dalton, Washington Co., Lubec
William Dalton, Kennebec County, Waterville
William A. Dalton, Lincoln County, Lisbon


Mary Daltgon, Kennebec Co., Waterville
Benjamin Dalton, York Co., Parsonfield
Isabella Dalton, York Co., Buxton
John Dalton, Oxford Co., Weld
Samuel Dalton, Cumberland Co., Portland
William Dalton, Kennebec County, Waterville


Elizah Dalton, Somerset Co., Starks
Mrs. Isabella Dalton, York Co., 1st. District
Jeremiah Dalton, Lincoln Co., Wiscasset
John Dalton, Franklin Co., Weld
Morris C. Dalton, York Co., Acton
Nathan Dalton, Kennebec Co., Readfield
Peter Dalton, Somerset Co., Norridgewock
William Dalton, Kennebec Co., Waterville


Benjamin Dalton York Co., Parsonfield
George Dalton, Walworth Co., Delaware
George Dalton, Penobscott Co., Garland
Isabella Dalton, Cumberland Co., Portland 4th Ward

John Dalton, Walworth Co., Delaware
Michael Dalton, Penobscott, Co., Township 5 R7
Michael Dalton, Hancock, Bucksport
Nathan Dalton, Kennebec Co., Readfield
Peter A. Dalton, Somerset Co., Norridgewock

William Dalton, Hancock Co., Orlando
William Dalton, Kennebec Co., Hallowell
William A. R. Dalton, Kennebec, Hallowell
William A. Dalton, Kennebec Co., Augusta


Section I  Daltons who were enumerated in Maine

Carriel E. Dalton, serv, age 18 b. ME; parents b. ME; enumerated in household of William Glidden

Annie Dalton, mill wkr, widow age 35 b. ENG; three children b. ENG and their father b. ENG;  Lizzie age 16, Ada 14, and Earnest 12.

N. B. Dalton, millinery, age 42 b. ME, parents b. ME; wife S. M. age 40 b. ME, parents b. ME; dau Nelliie 20 teacher, A. Dalton son 16, clerk, Charles B 13 and Ned F. 2, all born ME.

Asa Dalton, clergyman, age 55 b. ME; parents b.ME; wife Marie L. age 54 b. MA; fa b. MA, mo b. RI;  daus Mary L. 20 and Edith L. 18, b. ME

Elizabeth Sliney, widow age 52 b. IRE; sister Hanora, single age 40 b. Ireland

William Dalton, blacksmith, age 45, b. IRE; wife Mary age 50, b. ME; parents b. IRE; dau Catherine 11 b. ME; and boarder Joseph Ross 10 mos. b. ME.

Mount Desert
Edward Dalton, stone cutter, mar., age 46, b. ME; parents b. ME; enumerated at boarding house of John F. Wasgatt

Lydia J. Dalton, mar, age 29 b. ME, parents b. ME; seven children all born ME - Nettie 12, Harriet 10, Mabel 7, Jennie 5 and Julie 5, Caddie (fem) 3, and Freddie age 1.

Susan A. Dalton, widow, age 65, b. ME; parents b. ME; son Wm. A. R. Dalton, single, age 43, ferry boat worker, b. ME

Ira Dalton, age 60, b. ME; fa. b. MA, mo b. NH; wife Christiana R. Dalton, age 46 b. ME; parents b. ME; three children all b. ME - Vira B. 17,  Roger E. 13, and Carroll B. age 8.

John Dalton, moulder, age 48, b. ME; parents b. IRE; wife Ellen age 44 b. IRE;  four children b. ME - Willie 19, moulder, Katie 14, Chas 11, Walter 9, and Fred 6.

Lizzie A. Dalton, chamber girl, age 22, b. ME; parents b. ME: hotel prop. Oliver C. Rollins

Deborah F. Dalton, widow, age 58, b. Maine, fa. b. NH, mo. b. MA; house worker for Robert Gardner

Thomas Dalton, granite cutter, age 30 b. Nova Scotia, parents b. N. S.; wife Hannah age 29, b. Nova Scotia, parents b. N.S.; daus Clara age 3 b. ME and Maggie age 1 b. ME.

George Dalton, ret. mechanic, age 76, b. ENG; wife Bridgett 61, b. IRE; sister in law, Mary Queen age 59 b. IRE.

James Dalton, laborer, age 25, b. IRE; boarder at res. of Janetta Derren

Morris C. Dalton, farmer, age 74, b. NH, fa b. NH, mo b. ME; wife Sally B. age 61 b. ME; fa b. MA, mo b. ME; all family b. ME- Morris B. F. Dalton, grocer, age 40 mar; daur law Annie L. 34, b. ME; gr son Eddie 8, gr daus Linnie G. 5 and Lal O. 11 mos.

Benjamin Dalton, goods dlr., ae 56 b. ME; parents b. ME; wife Lucinda B. age 48, b. ME; parents b. ME; gr son Bennie L. age 5 b. ME.

Abigail Dalton, widow, age 95 b. NH; parents b. NH; dau Ann D. Chamberlain widow age 70, b. ME; gr son John D. Chamberlain, farmer, single age 42 b. ME.

Section II 1881 Census Daltons born in Maine and enumerated elsewhere in the states.

James F. Dalton, carpenter, age 29, n. NY, parents b. NY; wife Annie age 25, b. ME, parents b. IRE; daus Gertrude 3 and Winifred age 1, b. CA

Silver Cliff
Gabriel H. Dalton, miner, age 29 b. ME;parents b. ME; enumerated with Thomas Davis (mining camp)

Fred O. Dalton, clerk, age 25 b. ME, parents b, ME; mother Harriet Dalton, mar., age 52 b. ME; sister Florence Dalton factory wkr, age 19 b. ME

Marshall H. Dalton, tinner, age 39, b. ME; wife Rosalin age 36 b. ME, parents b. Me; dau Carrie
M. 9 b. ME; son Albert W. 4 b. CT.

Olive R. Dalton, widow age 75 b. ME; parents b. ME; enumerated in household of Thomas A. Curtis

Frank A. Dalton, leather cutter, age 26 b. Nova Scotia, parents b. NS; wife Cinda A. age 30 b. ME, parents b. ME; dau Annie age 1 b. MA.

William T. Dalton, engineer currier shop, age 50 b. MA, parents b. MA; wife Mary H. Dalton, age 46, b. ME; parents b. ME; dau Mary B. Dalton 23, b. MA.

Cambridge, Ward Three
James Dalton, fact. foreman, age 43 b. ME, parents b. ME; wife Ann Dalton age 45, b. MA, parents b. MA; eight children b. MA - Lizzie 18, Carrie 17, Etta 14, Emma 12, Fred 10, Florence 8, Stella 4, Sarah 2.

Patience W. Dalton, mother in law, widow age 55, b. ME, parents b. ME;  son in law, Nathan D. Davis, physician age 38 b. ME, fa b. ME, mo. b. NH; wife Isabella A. (dau of Patience) age 25 b. ME.

Chas. C. Dalton, fact wkr., single age 35 b. ME, parents b. ME; enumerated with Artemus Roger.

Tristrom Dalton, laborer, age 69, b. ME, parents b. ME; wife Ann Dalton, age 64 b. GA, parents b. GA; son Thomas J. mar age 30 b. AL; dau l Mary age 25 b. ENG; gr dau Elizabeth 8, b. MA; Ruthie 7, b. MA, Jeremiah age 2 b. MA and Susan T. 10 mos. b. MA

John W. Dalton, factory wkr., age 53 b. ME. fa b. NH, mo b. ME; wife Frances M. 50 b. ME; parents b. ME; dau Myra L. 13 b. MA.

William W. Dalton, boot maker, age 59, b. ME; parents b. ME; wife Loucy Ann age 58, b. MA, fa b. NH, mo b. MA

Peter Dalton, shoe wkr., age 56, b. ME; wife Elizabeth age 53 b. MA, parents b. MA; sone Frederic C. 26 and Walter 21 b. MA.

Allen Dalton, carpenter, age 33,  b. NB, CAN, parents b. N. B.; wife Annie age 28 b. ME, parents b. ME

Jane Dalton, nurse, widow age 49, b. ME, parents b. ME; in household of Eben F. Bixby

Edwin Dalton, hackman, age 26, b. MA, parents b. MA; Annie , wife, age 21 b. ME, parents b. ME.

James L. Dalton, printer, age 34, b. MA, parents b. MA; wife Ella Y. age 29, b. ME; parents b. ME; four children b. MA - Ella F. 11, Florence 8, Evelin 6, and James W. 2.

Mary A. Dalton, widow age 81, b. ME, parents b. NH; son Joseph H. coal dlr, single age 58, b. ME; dau Abbie, single age 49, b. ME

Tristum Dalton, sales clerk, age 35, b. ME, parents b. NH; wife Jennie W. age 25, b. NS, CAN, parents b. N.S.; sons Freddie M. 6 and Guy S. 2, b. MA.

East Boston
Joseph Dalton, clerk, age 45, b. MA, parents b. MA; wife Addie P. age 34, b. ME, parents b. ME; dau Edith 5 and son Thomas H. 2, b. MA; mother in law Mary Dryer, widow age 74, b. ME, parents b. ME; sister in law Sarah Perkins, single age 50, b. IRE.

Minneapolis, District 244
Harry Dalton, painter, age 23, b. ME; at boarding house of Mary Ann Bissett

Georgianna Dalton, widow, age 24, b. ME, parents b. ME; daus Louise 2 and Mary 2, b. MN; fa b. NY

Ebin S. Dalton, farmer, age 58, b. NH, parents b. NH; wife Betsey R. age 52 b. NH, parents b. NH; four children b. ME - Charles R. 23, George T. 19, Susan R. 17 and Mary E. 10.

Mary A. Dalton, shoe worker, niece age 16, b. ME parents. b. NB, CAN;  living withAnna L Barker listed as dau, age 10 n. NH, parents b. NB, CAN

North Hampton
Eben L. Dalton, widower, age 42, b. ME; parents b. ME; son George E. 19 b. NH; dau L Emma P. age 17 b. NH,

Charles Dalton, blacksmith, age 19, b. ME, parents b. ME; enumerated at boarding house of Mariah Pinkham

Jersey City, Precinct 5, District 2
Hiram Dalton, butter merchant, age 54, b. ME, parents b. ME; wife Julia 42, b. England; four children b. NJ -Jessie 10, Nellie 8, Howard 5, and Laura age 3.

New York
William T. Dalton, company treas., age 53 b. ME, parents b. ME; wife Susan age 46 b. MA, fa b. MA, mo b. RI; dau Abbe C. 19, b. MA

Williamsport 5th Ward
James Dalton, age 48 b. ME; parents b. IRE; wife Annie 49, b. PA, fa b. IRE. mo. b. PA;  Four children, b. PA - Hattie 16, John 13, Harry 6, Charles 3; son in law Patrick Avoy 29 b. CAN; parents b. IRE; dau Gertrude Avoy age 25, b. PA

M. Jenie Dalton, school teacher; age 23, b. ME' fa. b. NB CAN, mo b. NY
Alice E. Dalton, hat trimmer, age 30 b. Maryland; parents b. PA.

Edward Dalton, lab, age 32, b. IRE;parents b. Ire; wife Rene age 30 b. ME, parents b. ME; son James C. age 1, b. PA


John C. Dalton, moulder, Gardiner, 1882

James Dalton, Sausage makers, 10 Harlow, Bangor, 1891-1892
Peter Dalton, sausage makers, 109 Harlow,  Bangor, 1891-1892
Edward E. Dalton sausage makers, Bangor, 1891-1892

Roger E. Dalton, farmer, North, 1908

Asa  Dalton, rector, St. Stephens Episcopal Church, 28 Spring St., 1889-1891
Charles B. Dalton, poultry supplies, 27 Preble, 1889 -1891
Charles B. Dalton and John Card; Maine Bone Co., 180 Middle, 1889-1891
Mary Dalton, widow of William, 8 York, Portland


Section I - Daltons whose SS# was issued in Maine and who died in Maine. By County and last residence.

Androscoggin Co.
Agnes Dalton, 20 Feb 1918 - 10 Feb 2001, Auburn
Anna Dalton, 2 Jul 1898 - Feb 1974, Auburn

Cumberland Co.
Cyril Dalton, 15 May 1916 - 29 May 1996, South Portland
Eva Dalton, 12 Dec 1918 - 7 Feb 1997, Portland
Joseph L. Dalton, 19 Mar 1912 - 27 Nov 1995, South Portland
Raymond Dalton, 16 Nov 1894 - Jun 1974, South Portland
Ruth S. Dalton, 14 May 1923 - 23 Nov 1998, Brunswick

Hancock Co.
Edward Dalton, 16 Mar 1925 - Nov 1986, last benefit  Ellsworth
Glen P. Dalton, 8 Nov 1907 - 11 Jan 1970, Prospect Harbor
Mary Dalton, 15 Aug 1903 - Jan 1972, Blue Hill

Kennebec Co.
Clyde Dalton, 25 Mar 1895 - Jul 1967, Belgrade Lakes
John Dalton 6 Sep 1920 - Dec 1987, Augusta
Kathleen Dalton, 6 Feb 1894 - May 1974, Augusta

Knox Co.
Charles Dalton, 26 Apr 1895 - Jan 1974, Owis Head
Muriel E. Dalton, 17 Nov 1929 - 3 Jan 1994, Rockland
Norma L. Dalton, 22 Mar 1921 - 5 Jul 1995, Union

Addie Dalton, 31 Jan 1886 - Nov 1967, Newcastle
Alfred Dalton, 25 Aug 1902 - Feb 1980, Wiscasset
Helen L. Dalton, 1 Dec 1911 - 5 May 1991, Wiscasset
John Dalton, 21 Mar 1915 - Oct 1987, Newcastle
Joseph Dalton, 14 May 1895 - May 1973, Wiscasset
Stanley P. Dalton, 26 Mar 1931 - 29 Jan 1993, Wiscasset
Theodore Dalton, 14 Oct 1932 - Nov 1984, Wiscasset

Carrie Dalton 15 Jun 1913 - Feb 1975, Dixfield

Penobscot Co.
Albert L. Dalton, 7 Jul 1921 - Apr 1998, Hampden
Dorothy Dalton, 12 Jul 1899 - Apr 1982, Brewer
Dorothy B. Dalton, 12 Nov 1921 - 19 Aug 1993, Orono
Frieda J. Dalton, 12 Feb 1926 - 19 Feb 2002, Hampden
George W. Dalton, 14 Sep 1908 - 21 May 1991, Brewer

George W. Dalton, 21 Aug 1918 - 22 Apr 1998, Brewer
Geraldine B. Dalton, 9 Dec 1923 - 21 Nov 1999, Carmel
Harry J. Dalton, 11 Aug 1919 - 29 Jan 1999, Brewer
Harry S. Dalton, 23 Oct 1921 - 24 Feb 2001, Stillwater
James Dalton, 23 Sep 1924 - Mar 1976, Bangor

John Dalton, 20 Jun 1895 - Ocy 1980, Brewer
John Dalton, 20 Jul 1918 - Sep 1984, Carmel
Stella N. Dalton, 14 Oct 1923 - 26 Jul 1999, Brewer

Elsie Dalton, 21 Apr 1895 -  Jul 1979, Belfast
John Dalton, 15 Aug 1923 - Aug 1974, Belfast
Peter Dalton, 29 Jun 1895 - Oct 1969, Belfast

Annie Dalton, 18 Feb 1894 - Mar 1975, Biddeford
Priscilla C. Dalton, 11 Jul 1835 - 20 Jul 1999, Kittery

Last benefit not specified
Orville Dalton, 13 Jun 1922 - Jul 1973 (likely Maine)

SSDI Section II - Daltons whose SS# was issued in Maine and whose last residence was out of state. Last residence noted.

Chester S. Dalton, 25 Mar 1923 - 4 Nov 1998, Ventura County, Simi Valley
Virginia Dalton, 20 Oct 1923 - Apr 1983, last benefit Ventura County, Simi Valley

Cecil Dalton, 23 Jan 1911 - Jan 1985, St. Johns County, St. Augustine
Charlotte T. Dalton, 9 Jul 1922 - 24 Apr 1999, Orange County, Webster Park
George Dalton, 30 Sep 1895 - Oct 1968, Miami-dade County, Miami
Helen Dalton, 6 Apr 1920 - Jun 1987, Hillsborough, Plant City

John Dalton, 9 Feb 1932 - June 1986, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale
Richard Dalton, 1 May 1928 - 1 Oct 1998, Volusia County, Daytona
Roland Dalton, 13 Dec 1914 - Nov 1988, Seminole County, Casselberry

Lester E. Dalton, 9 Apr 1918 - 12 Apr 1993, Bibb County, Macon

Arthur Dalton, 20 Mar 1890 - Mar 1963, MA
Edward P. Dalton, 22 Jul 1899 - 7 Jun  1993, Middlesex County, Lowell
Gladys Dalton, 16 Sep 1903 - Dec 1979, Cheshire County, Troy. Last benfit, Essex County, Lynn, MA.

Danny D. Dalton, 28 Mar 1931 - 19 Apr 1998, Snohomish County, Marysville
Mary Dalton, 12 Sep 1909 - 5 Jun 1992, Kitsap County, Burley


Lincoln, Co. Me Probate. Pownalborough, 12 Mar 1793, Jeremiah Dalton inventory accountant of guardianship to children of Sally and Thomas Moore, 27 Mar 1798.

Walter Dalton b. July 20 1855, d. Feb 22, 1878, History of Paris, Maine

Property Deed, 1837, Brewer, Maine, contains several names including Sarah Dalton and Daniel Dalton who was married in 1833 to a Mary Dalton, Brewer records. (Hancock County)


Key: Name, Def. defendant or Plt. plaintiff; Cause, Date, Location, Index # = I#, Vol/Page =VP, File

Moses Dalton, et al, Def, Debt, Oct 1811, Waterville I# 3550. VP 4-108, File 43-3
Moses Dalton, et al, Plt, Partition, Oct 1815, Waterville, I# 4136, File 51-36
Moses Dalton, et al, Partition Petition, Oct 1816, Waterville, I#4200, VP  4-487, File 51-36
Mary Dalton, Plt, Debt, Oct 1835, Waterville Index # 6482,3, 4, 5. Vol. 8-355, 356. Box File 89-12, 89-13.

William A. Dalton, Plt, May 1836, Index 6574, VP 8-412, File 90-31
Nathan Dalton, Def., Debt, Jun 1839, Wayne,  I# 7646, V/P 9-501, Box/File 99-43
Nathan Dalton, et al, Def, Debt, May 1847, Bangor, I# 8977, V/P 12-207, File 110-23
Hiram A. Dalton, Plt, Land, Oct 1848, Boston, MA, I# 9151, 1952 V/P 13-8, File113-9

William A. Dalton, Def, Debt, Mar 1854, I# 11806, 11807, VP 16-87. File 137-66
William A. Dalton, Def, Debt,  Nov 1154, I# 12484, VP 16-5552, File 143-32
William A. R. Dalton, Def. Debt, Nov 1154, I# 12373, VP 16-457, File 142-32

Source:Maine State Archives


George W. Dalton, b. Jan 1886, Brooklyn, NY, res. Portland, ME, Lt. Comdr, USNRF, Hon. Disc. May 13 1920.

Joseph C. Dalton b. 3 Jul 1888,  Newport NH, residence, Lewiston, ME. Inducted in Lewiston Apr 29 1918, Military Specialist , served in France, hon. Disc. Aug 9, 1919.

Laurance M. Dalton, b. 22 Sep 1895, Woodfords, ME, residence, Portland; Private, Engr.  Hon disc. Dec 16 1918.

Nelson E. Dalton, b. 28 Jan 1897, Leeds, Maine, residence, Curtis Corner; Private 44th Co 11th Bn 151 Dep. Brig. Hon. Disch. Dec 5, 1918.

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