Daltons arrived in Louisiana from several of the Southeastern states and from Ireland through the Gulf Ports. The largest early clusters were in New Orleans but gradually Daltons fanned out into all parts of the State.

There are about 525 surname entries in this file and variants of Dalton have been retained. Our thanks are extended to K. T. Mapstone for the Probate and Court Records in the Miscellaneous file. Please use the section links, the "Fond on this page..." button below, or the Edit/Find function of your browser.

It is the onus of the user to verify the data.

Readers Note:

1. The name of Henry Grattan Dalton appears in Births and Census, child of William Joseph Dalton. It is the name of the famed Irish Parliamentarian. Henry and Grattan are the given names of two of the Dalton Gang members. Connection?
2. The marriage of Richard Dalton Williams, Irish poet and writer who fled Ireland is also recorded in this data. There may also be the births of children.  Williams was from the Dalton family of Westmeath and his life story appeared in the DGS, Daltons in History.












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County Map of Louisiana:


Orleans Parish

New Orleans
4 Feb 1848, Samuel Washington Dalton son of William and Sarah King Dalton

25 Oct 1849, Alice Maria Dalton dau of William and Sarah King Dalton

2 Jun 1852, Robert Cornelius Dolton son of Robert   and Ann Clabiz Dolton

3 Feb 1854,  James Dolton son of Arthur and Bridget Mc Quew Dolton

3 Aug 1855, John Dolton son of Arthur and Bridget Mc Quew Dolton

5 Jul 1855,  Mary Jane Dolton dau of  Dolton and Bridget Mc Grath Dolton

23 Jul 1856, Anne Dolton dau of James and Bridget Cormack Dolton

29 Jul 1856, Caroline Copley Dalton dau of William and Sarah King Dalton

29 Nov 1862, Lawrance Dalton son of Patrick and Alice McGrate Dalton

8 Jul 1863, Elisa Lee Dalton dau of James and Emilie Rice Dalton

1 Apr 1864, Mary Dalton dau of Mathew and Catherine Brady Dalton

26 Oct 1865, John Dalton son of James and Anna Leaye Dalton

2 Mar 1868,  Gertrude Dalton dau of William and Mary Ann Nelson Dalton

24 Sep 1870, Daisey Rachel Dalton dau of William and Mary Ann Nelson Dalton, christened 6 Nov 1871, Mt. Olivet, Algiers, Orleans Parish

31 Mar 1872, Mary Lillie Dalton/Dolton dau of William and Mary Ann Nelson Dalton/Dolton, christened 5 Aug 1873, Mt. Olivet, Algiers, Orleans Parish

3 Feb 1875, William Joseph Dalton son of William Dalton and Mary Ann Nelson Dalton, christened 20 Jan 1878, Mt. Olivet, Algiers, Orleans Parish

9 Feb 1876, Frank Dalton son of Samuel W. and Cornelia E. Woods Dalton

1 Aug 1876, Lawford Dalton son of William J. and Mary   Dalton Dalton, christened 23 Mar 1882, 5 years of age, Mt. Olivet, Algiers, Orleans Parish

23 Oct 1878, Henry Grattan Dalton son of William J. and Mary Ann Dalton Dalton, christened at 3 yrs. of age, 23 Mar 1882, Mt. Olivet, Algiers, Orleans Parish

20 Oct 1887, Lulu Ada Dalton dau of George and Eda Pedarre Dalton

14 Jan 1881, Samuel Francis Dalton son of William and Mary Neslon Dalton, christened 23 Mar 1862, Mt. Olivet, Algiers, Orleans Parish

1 Nov 1882, Robert Henry Dalton dau of George and Ida Pedarre Dalton

8 Nov 1882, Thomas Joseph Dalton son of Thomas and Sarah Speck Dalton

5 Jan 1883, Alice Dalton dau of William and Mary Ann Nelson Dalton, christened 23 Apr 1883, recorded Mt. Olivet, Algiers, Orleans Parish

5 Aug 1884, Jackson George Dalton son of George and Eda Pedarre Dalton

20 Aug 1884, Mary Bernadette Dalton dau of Thomas and Sarah Speck Dalton

20 Jan 1888, Henry Virginius Dalton son of Thomas and Sarah Speck Dalton

29 Dec 1895, Edward Louis son of Thomas and Sarah Speck Dalton

12 Sep 1899, Eugene Dalton son of Lucius L. and Lily Shepts Dalton

Births to Spouses with Maiden Name of Dalton

Orleans Parish
New Orleans

7Dec 1863, James Mc Connick son of John and Ellen Daulton Mc Connick

11 Jun 1880 Mary Ann Trainor dau of James and Elizabeth Dalton Trainor

30 Nov 1881, Margaret Trainor dau of James and Elizabeth Dalton Trainor

25 Feb 1883, Annie Eckert dau of Jos. and Julia Dalton Eckert

27 Dec 1884, Edward Trainor son of James and Elizabeth Dalton Trainor

21 Feb 1887, Francis Barthes son of Frederic August and Julia Dalton Barthes

16 Dec 1887, Robert Sidney Outlaw son of Pharr R. and Mildred G. Dalton Outlaw

23 Dec 1887, Joseph Eckert son of Joseph and Mary Dalton Eckert

6 Jul 1889, John James Johnston son of Harry and Gertrude Dalton Johnston

16 Dec 1889, Robert Sidney Outlaw son of Pharr R. and Mildred G. Dalton Outlaw

30 Jan 1891, Agnes Cleora Smith dau of Theodore E. and Mary Jane Dalton Smith

17 Jan 1893, Theodore Joseph Smith son of Theodore E. and Mary Dalton Johnston

14 May 1893, Emily Gertrude Johnston dau of Harry J. and Gertrude Dalton Johnston

Two entries that may be the Irish patriot and an offspring.

29 Jan 1863, Elizabeth Dalton Williams dau of Richard Dalton Williams and Elizabeth McConnoly Williams

9 Dec 1896, Richard Dalton Sambola Williams son of Richard Dalton Williams and Marie Sambola Williams.


East Baton Rouge Parish

23 Mar 1811, Margaret Dalton and Ashe M. Nathan

East Feliciana Parish

20 Dec 1841, Nancy Dalton and Joseph S. Glasscock

Orleans Parish

New Orleans

17 Jun 1874, Carrie C. Dalton, 17, and John C. Patin, 24.

7 Feb 1877, Charles H. Dolton and Mrs. Mary Steffens

3 Feb 1881, Julia Dalton and Thomas B. Hunt

28 Jun 1881, Carrie C. Dalton, 24, and Sylvester L. Hill, 34

25 Jan 1882, George W. Dalton and Ida Pedarre

20 May 1882, Mary Dalton 20, and Joseph Eckert, 24.

14 Dec 1885, Julia Dalton, 19, and Frederick August Barthes, 21.

1 Jun 1886, Mary Dalton, 22, and Patrick Gorman, 24.

10 Jun 1889, Joseph W. Dalton and Elvin Carter

16 Jul 1889, Gertrude Dalton and Harrry Johnston, Mt. Olivet, Algiers, Orleans Parish

Ouachita Parish

10 Dec 1842,  Columbus Dulton and Catherine Huey   

Sabine Parish

29 Nov 1855, Mary Ann Dalton and Jonathan Curtis

St. Landry Parish

10 Apr 1809, Jane Dalton and Thomas Choate

26 Feb 1811, Charlotte Dalton and Robert Bundick

7 Jul 1824, Maline Dalton and Elisha Whittington

29 Jul 1825, William Dalton and Joicy House

West Feliciana Parish

13 Mar 1816, Ewell Dalton and Lertie Maria Flower

26 Dec 1844, Lafayette Dalton and Martha W. Rabb




Annie Clabby Dalton, 76, d. 3 Mar 1911

Bertha L. Dalton, 2 yrs., d. 28 May 1876

Carrie C. Dalton, 3mos., d. 6 Sep 1877

Catherine Dalton, 35, d. 23 Jan 1866

Catherine Brady Dalton, 78, d. 16 Jan 1904

Catherine Carroll Dalton, 40, d. 21 Aug 1866

Daisy D. Dalton, 25, d. 21 Aug 1896

Ed. Dalton, 36, d. 10 Aug 1916

Elizabeth Dalton, 66, d. 8 Dec 1915

George A. Dalton, 4 mos., d. 20 May 1891

George W. Dalton, 55, d. 1 Apr 1868

George W. Dalton, 49, d. 17 Jun 1907

James Dalton, 33, d. 1 Nov 1832

James Dalton, 42, d. 30 Oct 1872

James John Dalton, 1 yr., d. Jun 1917

John Dalton, 36, d. 28 May 1864

John Dalton, 18 mos., d. 16 May 1866

John Dalton, 35, d. 14 Aug 1897

John Dalton, 18 mo., d. 23 Aug 1904

John J. Dalton, 4 mos., d. 5 Jun 1893

Julie Ann Dalton, 68, d. 13 Sep 1864

Loretta Dalton, 21 days, d. 17 Dec 1890

Louisa Bourgeois Dalton, 46, d. 12 Sep 1916

Margueritte Dalton, 66, d. 15 Jul 1854

Martin Dalton, 52, d. Dec 1917

Mary Lillie Dalton, 33, d. 23 Jan 1907

Mathew Dalton, 60, d. 23 Apr 1891

Michael Dalton, 40, d. 7 Nov 1864

Moses William Dalton, 9 mos., d. 30 Jan 1894

Patrick Dalton, 19, d. 15 Jan 1891

Robert Dalton, 55, d. 3 Par 1887

Sally Dalton, 90, d. 3 Dec 1873

Sarah Dalton, 23 Days, 23 Jul 1881

Sarah Dalton, 72, d. 15 Dec 1894, widow of William Dalton

Sarah Specht Dalton, d. 27 Oct 1910

Susan Anderson Dalton, 26, d. 10 Aug 1865

Thomas Dalton, 31 Jan 1900

Thomas W. Dalton, 22, d. 2 May 1833

Thomine Dalton, 76, d. 12 Aug 1916

Vic. Dalton, (fem), d. 3 Jun 1885

Widow of Charles A. Dalton, 60, d. 1916

William Dalton, 75, d. 25 Aug 1870

William E. Dalton, 8 days, d. 8 Dec 1873

William Joseph Dalton, 46, d. 12 Feb 1891

William Joseph Dalton, 39, d. 9 Feb 1914


Mary Daulton, 68, d. Jan 1894


Elizabeth Dolton, 90, d. 25 Jun 1850

Ellen Dolton, 33, d. 1 Apr 1899

Catherine Dolton, 82, d. 2 Jun 1900



St. Landry Parish

William Dalton


Rapides Parish
Island of Fals River

Samuel Dalton

Unknown Twp .

Samuel Dalton

St. Landry Parish
Unknown Twps.

William J. Dalton

William J. Dalton


Orleans Parish
So. of New Orleans

Thomas U. Dolton

St. Landry Parish
Unknown Twp.

William Dalton


E. Baton Rouge Parish
Ward 3

Valentine J. Dalton

St. Helena Parish
Unknown Twp.

Nancy Dalton


E. Baton Rouge Parish
Ward 12

James Dalton

East Feliciana Parish
Unknown Twp.

James O. Dalton

Jefferson   Parish
Lafayette Ward 1

J. Dalton

J. A. Dalton

William Dalton

Orleans Parish
Unknown Twps .

Asa Dalton

James Dalton

Thomas Dalton

Ward 2, 3rd Mun. District

Robert Dolton

3rd Rep District

Richard Dalton

John Dalton

Martin Dalton

Dr. L. W. Dalton

District 3

Dr. S. W. Dalton

New Orleans, Ward 2

Ellen Dalton

New Orleans, Ward 3

Owen Dalton

Michael Dolton

Right Bank

Anne Dolton

West Feliciana Parish

Unknown Twps.

William M. Dalton

Lafatte Dalton


Section I - Daltons who were enumerated in Louisana

Calcasieu Parish
Barnes Creek

W. G. Dolton, lab., single, 35, b. IRE; enumerated with a group of workers under Luke Dowden, teamster, 25, b. LA.

Claiborne Parish
Ward 7

Ella Dutton/Dalton, teacher. 19, b. LA, parents b. AL. enumerated at a school.

 Iberville Parish
Ward 1

Henry Dalton, lab., single, MU, b. LA, parents b. LA; enumerated in household of Alex White, MU 30, b. LA, parents b. LA.

Madison Parish

Kate Dalton, div., 28, b. MS, parents b. MS; keeping house for J. S. P Dangerfield.

Lafourche Parish
Ward 7

Thomas Dalton, teacher, 50, b. KY, parents b. KY; wife Margaret, 44, b. LA, parents b. LA; son Cameron 3, b. LA, fa. b. KY, mo. b. LA.

Morehouse Parish

Eva Dalton, single, 24, b. LA, fa. b. TN; boarding in household of Fannie Eusswiler.

Thomas Dalton, farmer, 34, b. MS, fa. b. KY, mo. b. AL; wife Cloe, 29, b. LA, fa. b. NC, mo. b. MS; six children b. LA - David 12, Katie 11, C. 7, Lina 5, Minnie 4, Annie 2; mother Anise Dalton, widow, 56, b. AL, fa. b. VA, mo. b. GA.

Ward 8

Thomas Dalton, 21, lab., b. LA, parents b. IRE; Lawrence Dalton, 16, b. LA, parent b. IRE; boarders in the household of Mary E Dixon.

Orleans Parish
New Orleans

James Dalton, 10, B., b. NY; and Charley Dalton, 4, B, b. LA (no others listed in household).

George Dalton, barkeeper, 34, b. FRA; wife Leonie 28, b. LA, parents b. FRA;  enumerated with his mother in law, E. Dacastaina, widow, 50 b. FRA; her four grand children   b. LA - Leopold Dalton 9, Fernand Dalton, 7, Georgina Dalton, 5, and Blanche Dalton 3.

L. M. Dalton, engineer, 32, b. LA, parents b. VA; wife E. Nellie, 29, b. MO, parents b. MO; four children b. MO - G. Mary 14, A. Willie 10, Lucius 7, M. Frank 4.

Mathew Dalton, car driver, 50, b. IRE; wife Catherine, 50 b. IRE; dau Mary 16, b. LA.

Patrick Dalton, 9, b. LA, parents b. IRE; nephew of James and Sarah Fitzgerald, b. IRE.

Robert Dalton, lawyer, 49, b. NY, parents b. IRE; wife Annie 44, b. IRE; four children b. LA - Kate 26, George, clerk, 22, Minnie 17, and Ada 12.

Sarha Dalton, widow, 58, b. parents b. MD; dau Carrie Dalton, 24,single, b. LA; gr son John L. Dalton 5, b. LA fa. b. MD, mo. b. VA; gr dau, Edna W. Dalton 4, b. LA; Lewis Bunivum, serv. 14,

B., b. LA

New Orleans, Ward 2

Catherine Dalton,, 50 b. IRE, serv. in household of Ann Boyer, b. IRE.

Thomas Dalton, 8, b. LA, parents b. LA, nephew of Chas. E. Bozant and Margaret Bozant both b. LA.

New Orleans, Algiers, Ward 15

W. Joseph Dalton, rr lab., 36, b. Fl., fa. b. IRE, mo. b. OH; wife M. Ann, 30 b. LA, parents b. IRE; six children b. LA - Gertrude 12, D. Rachael 10, Mary Lena 7, W. Joseph 5, Lawford 4, H Grattan 1.

West Carroll Parish
Ward 1 and 2.

S. Dalton, widower, 56, b. TN, parents b. VA; son W. S. 9, b. MS; dau B. S. 6, b. LA.

West Feliciana Parish
Saint Francisville

Susan Dalton, single, MU, b. MS, parents b. MS; son William, lab, 20, MU, b. LA, fa. b. NC; gr dau Susan Murphey, 13, MU, b. LA, fa. b. VA, mo. b. LA; gr dau Sarah Murphy, 9, MU, b. LA.

Ward 4

Hiram Dalton, farmer, B, 25, b. LA, mo. b. LA; wife Louisa, 22, B. b. MS, mo. b. MS; sons Ewell, 3 and Thomas 2, b. MS.

Ward 5

James Dalton, 7, B, b. LA, parents b. LA; gr son of Tamor Hunter, b. widower, 53, b. LA, parents b. KY.

Ouachita Parish

Patrick Dalton, lab., 40, b. IRE; wife Alice 42, b. IRE; son Thos. lab., 21, b. IRE; sons Lawrence 18 and Edward 13, b. LA.

SECTION II  - 1880 Census Extractions of Daltons Born in Louisiana and enumerated elsewhere

Solano County
John H. Dalton, machinist, 43, b. LA, parents b. LA; wife Teresa A. 37, b. LA, parents b. LA; son Charles J., printer, 17, b. NV; son William H. 14, b. UT; five children b. CA - John E. 13, Martin D. 11 and Nellie 11; Fannie 9 and Ida F. 4.

Editor's Note: Check the California master file for later migrants from Louisiana to California


New Haven County
James Dalton, brass wkr., 36, b. LA, parents b. IRE; wife Bridget 35, b. IRE; three children b. CT - James 12, Mary J. 9, Thomas 1.

Fulton County
Arthor Dolton, lab., 56, b. IRE; wife Bridget, 54, b. IRE; sons John 23, lab., and Joseph, lab, 21, b. LA; Delia 14, b. IL.

Lawrence County
Falls of Blaine
J. J. Dalton, real est. agt., 50 b. KY, mo. b. VA, fa. b. KY; wife Amealia, 38, b. Liverpool, ENG; eight children - Elizia L. 17 and Lauria J. both b. LA; Alice 13, b. OH; five b. KY - Caria L. 11, Tillie C. 9, Milton 7, Albert L. 3, Walter L. 1.

Hinds County
Forrest Hill
Robt. Dalton, baker, 36, b. CAN, fa. b. NFLD, m. b. IRE; wife Mary b. LA, 28, parents b. IRE; B. J. (male), 11, and Ella 9, b. LA; Anne 1, b. MS.

Cole County
Jefferson City
Thomas Dalton, lab., 23, b. LA, listed under James Fahy.

St. Louis County
St. Louis
Bridget Dalton, 16, b. LA, parents b. IRE, listed as sister in law to Pat Cummings, grocer, 35, b. IRE and his wife Ann Cummings 23, b. LA, parents b. IRE.

Multnomah County
Thomas Dalton, printer, single, 31, b. LA, parents b. NY.  It appears that he is also listed under the enumeration of the Ed. Harold household.

Dallas County
Oscar Dalton, printer, 36, b. LA, fa. b. LA, mo. b. ENG; wife, May F. 35, b. TX, fa. b. RI, mo. b. KY; four daus - Alice 12, b. TX, Lottie 9, b. LA, Belle 3, b. OH, Ida 8 mos. b. LA.

Galveston County
Valentine Dalton, landlord, 87, b. LA, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. VA; wife Bridget, 65, b. PA, parents b. IRE.

Gonzales County
District 71
Hero Dalton, machinist, widower, b. LA, fa. b. KY, mo. b. LA.

Panola County
Enumeration District 62
Federick Dalton, farmer, 29, mar., b. LA, fa. b. VA, mo. b. LA; listed as other - Lizzie Dalton, 23, mar., b. TX, fa. b. SC, mo. b. AL; other Martin Dalton, 1, b. TX, fa. b. LA, mo. b. TX; this would appear to be a married family unit.


Section I- Daltons whose SD# was issued in Louisiana and Whose Last Residence was Louisiana

Key - County/Parish, Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Last Residence in Louisiana


Last Residence

Allen Parish


Leonard Dalton, 17 Mar 1925-Aug1985

Avoyelles Parish


Bernice Dalton, 12 Oct 1906-Dec 1985

Roland Dalton, 23 Jan 1902-Jan 1983

Bossier Parish


Robert Daulton, 20 Oct 1902- Dec 1984

Bossier City

Pearl L. Dalton, 27 Mar 1907-17 Mar 1999

Caddo Parish


Janice Dalton, 9 Feb 1949-Jul1986

Lamar Dalton, 16 Oct 1902-Apr 1968

Nancy Dalton, 9 Jan 1907-Aug1971

Robert Dalton, 8 Jun 1906-Feb1981

Ruth B. Dalton, 26 Apr 1902, Sep 1991


Calcasieu Parish

Lake Charles

Marjorie Dalton, 4 May 1920-Mar 1986


East Baton Rouge Parish

Baton Rouge

Florence Dalton, 18 Jun 1897-Jun 1987

Helen C. Dalton, 21 Jun 1924-19 Dec 1991

Margaret Dalton, 20 Aug 1880-Nov1981

Newton Dalton, 29 Jun 1923-May 1981

Ruby Dalton, 25 Sep 1922-9 May 1990


Iberia Parish


Richard F. Dalton, 14 Mar 1917-6 Feb 1997

New Iberia

Orien Dalton,17 Jan 1913-Jan 1986

Jefferson Parish


Jewel Dalton, 26 Aug 1911-Jul 1981


Betty M. Daulton, 27 Nov 1925-Feb 1995


Anna Dalton, 13 Jan 1906- Sep 1978

Inez M. Dalton, 24 Nov 1927, 17 Feb 2000

Myrtle Dolton, 28 Dec 1897-Nov 1967

Morehouse Parish


Cleo Dalton, 20 Jun 1884-Aug1972

Monie Dalton, 12 Mar 1896- Sep 1976

Natchitoches Parish


Myrtle Dalton, 13 Dec 1899-Mar1985

Orleans Parish

New Orleans

Frances Dalton, 11 Jul 1921-May 1986, last benefit New Orleans

Herman Dalton, 8 Jun 1898-Jun 1983

Irma Dalton, 7 Mar 1921-May 1985

James Dalton, 20 May 1894-Nov 1967

John Daulton, 24 Oct 1898-Mar 1976

Julia K. Dalton, 30 Jul 1915-25 Sep 1988

Nedra Dalton, 2 Sep 1967-Jun 1984

Oceantie Dalton, 30 Jun 1900-Apr1983

Rosalie Dalton, 24 Feb 1887- Feb 1982

Ouachita Parish


Charles H. Dalton, 14 Feb 1911-21 Jan 1998

Faye Dalton, 29 Jul 1922-Oct 1983

West Monroe

Charles R. Dalton, 20 Oct 1942-25 Jan 1998

Rapides Parish


Catherine Dalton, 27 Jul 1908-Oct 1977


Dimple Dalton, 1 Jul 1917-12 Mar 1995

George E. Dalton, 2 Aug 1916-12 Jul 1993

Richland Parish


Emma L. Dalton, 28 Apr 1920- 15 Jan 1996

Saint Bernard Parish


August Dalton, 9 Aug 1928-19 Aug 2000

Eugene R. Dalton, 12 Jan 1923-22 Mar1998

Millicent M. Dalton, 26 Jun 1928-11 May 2000

Saint Mary Parish

Morgan City

Bernice Dalton, 18 Mar 1908-Mar 1984

Eugene Dalton, 15 Sep 1912-Sep 1985

John Dalton, 23 Dec 1904,-Apr1977

Saint Tammany Parish


Eugene Dalton, 6 Sep 1899-Dec1980

George T. Dalton, 5 Jan 1916-Aug 1989

Myrtle Dalton, 6 Oct 1902-Apr1981, last benefit, Amite, Tangipahoa Parish


Emma Dalton, 27 Feb 1890-Feb 1977

Tangipahoa Parish


Dora Dalton, 18 Feb 1888-Nov 1979


John Dalton, 14 May1889-Jan 1976

L. Dalton, 11 Oct 1929-Mar 1981, last residence, Hammond


Elsie M. Dalton, 6 Dec 1910-Feb 1991

Hiram Dalton, 6 Feb 1912-Jun 1981

Huel Dalton, 22 Nov 1907-Dec 1976, last residence Independence

Louis Dalton, 22 Jan 1892-Apr 1973

Mary Dalton, 16 Apr 1886-May 1971


Joseph Dalton, 31 Jan 1889-Jul 1982


Ethel B. Dalton, 5 May 1924-28 Nov 1999

Daltons whose Social Security Number was issued in Louisiana and whose last residence was not specified but often within Louisiana.

Bessie Dalton, 2 Feb 1908-Sep 1991

Deirdre L. Dalton, 31 Dec 1974-28 Jun 2001

Elie H. Dalton, 30 Oct 1904-Jan 1991

James Dalton, Dec 1909-Jul 1970

James Dalton, 19 Dec 1951-Mar1979

Jeannette C. Dalton, 21 Nov 1835-20 Jul 1995

Lila G. Dalton, 4 Dec 1901-6 Apr 1990

Newton P. Dalton, 27 Jan 1911-19 Oct 1990

Velma Dalton, 27 Jan 1911-Jun1973

West Dalton, 19 Sep 1949-Feb1984

Retired Railroad Workers whose last residence was Louisiana.

Orleans Parish

New Orleans

Willie Dalton, 16 Par 1916- Apr 1982

Tangipahoa Paris


Joe Dalton, 24 Apr 1906- Feb 1984

Daltons whose Social Security Number was issued in Louisiana and whose last residence was out of state.

Last Residence


Maricopa County

Sun City West

Mary B. Dalton, 26 Sep 1913-22Oct 2000


Adams County


James E. Dalton, 31 Oct 1933-16 Jun 2001


Clinton County


Dixie E. Dalton, 7 Nov 1932-22 Feb 1997


Knox County


Ottis Dalton, 24 Jan 1905-Mar 1970


Eastland County


Sybil Dalton, 22 Nov 1919-8 Mar 1997


Harris County


Robert Dalton, 8 Jun 1916-Nov 1986

Howard County


Nathan C. Dalton, 3 Sep 1916-3 Apr 1888

Wichita County

Wichita Falls

Eddie Dalton, 25 Sep 1922 - 27 Feb 1996

Not Specified in Texas

Paul Dalton, 4 Feb 1895-Apr 1963



Amelia County

Amelia Court House

Dennis O. Dalton, 13 Aug 1952-10 Nov 2001


Pierce County


Lora Dalton, 17 Aug 1910-Oct1979


Walla Walla County


Beatrice Dalton, 27 Dec 1924 - Jul 1980


Monongalia County

Morgantown (place of last benefit)

Goldie Dalton, 13 Jan 1904 - Dec 1980


Daltons whose Social Security Number was issued out of State and whose last residence was Louisiana

State of Issue


Caddo Parish


Mary L. Dalton, 29 Jun 1925-18 May 1997

Jefferson Parish


Betty M. Daulton, 27 Nov 1925-Feb 1995


Bossier Parish

Bossier City

Joyce Dalton 5 Jun 1924-11 Apr 2002


Caddo Parish


Osa K. Dalton, 3 Nov 1907- 12 Jul 1990

Orleans Parish

New Orleans

Robert Dalton, 23 Apr 1907-Sep1968



Jefferson Parish


Dorothy M. Dalton, 12 Jan 1917-13 Feb 2001


Jefferson Parish


Myrtle Dolton, 28 Dec 1897-Nov 1967


East Baton Rouge Parish

Ba ton Rouge

Wright Dalton, 11 Dec 1896-Nov 1891


Caddo Parish


Ross F. Dalton, 14 Dec 1920-17 Nov 2001



Beauregard Parish


May DAlton, 21 May 1895-21 Mar1994



Orleans Parish

New Orleans

John Daulton, 24 Oct 1898-Mar1976


Ouachita Parish

West Monroe

Robert Dalton, 30 May 1900-May 1992


Rapides Parish


Oswald Dalton, 30 Mar 1907-Dec 1981


Caddo Parish


Chester C. Dalton, 6 Jul 1915-d Mar 1999

Morehouse Parish


Annie K. Dalton, 3 Dec 1879 -15 Oct 1967

Orleans Parish

New Orleans

Charlie Dalton, 2 Aug 1911-22 Jul 1990

Flossie S. Dalton, 8 Sep 1914-Sep 1993

Moses Dalton, 26 Apr 1907-Nov 1986

William Dalton, 7 Oct 1921-6 Nov 1987


Caddo Parish


Vera L. Dalton, 25 May 1911- 14 Feb 1997


Jefferson Parish


John P. Dalton, 7 Jul 1933- 6 Jul 1988


Natchitoches Parish


Leonard H. Dalton, 17 Aug 1897-10Jan 1989


Jefferson Parish


Ila Dalton, 19 Feb 1902- Aug 1978


Bossier Parish


Robert Daulton, 20 Oct 1902-Dec 1984

Willie Dalton, 11 Mar 1904-Oct 1986

Bossier City

William M. Dalton, 24 Mar 1918-8 Jan 2000

Caddo Parish


Lawrence E. Dalton, 24 Jan 1915- 19 Apr 1995

William Dalton, 11 Jun 1901- Apr 1986

Jefferson Parish


Agnes V. Dalton, 26 Dec 1899-26 Dec 1989

Sabine Parish


Jewell Dalton, 22 nov 1906-May 1977

Collis Dlton, 2 Sep 1898- Oct 1976

Saint Tammany Parish


John Dalton, 10 Jan 1915-Mar 1982


Caddo Parish


Myrtle Dalton. 15 Oct 1892- Jun 1981


Beauregard Parish


Carrie P. Dalton, 24 May 1910-6 Jan 1990

Caddo Parish


Audrey DC. Dalton, 12 Oct 1921-16 Sep 2001

Bartie Dalton, 24 Jun 1901- Apr 1965


Grant Parish


Simeon L. Dalton, 15 Jan 1942-!1 Apr 2002 (or North Carolina issue)

Lafayette Parish


Lois W. Dalton, 26 Aug 1914-22 Dec 1993


War of 1812

Ewel Dalton, Capt., 3rd Brigade, LA Militia

Lasy Dolten/Dalton, Private, 2nd Battalion, LA Volunteers

Valentine Dalton, Sergeant, 10 and 20 Conscript Regiment, LA Militia

Civil War - Confederate Soldiers

Charles Dalton, Private. Co. F. 1st LA Infantry, en. Apr 22, 1861 New Orleans, discharged Jul 23 1862

J. B. Dalton, Private, Co. D.1st Spec. Battalion LA Infantry, en Apr 20 1861, New Orleans on rolls to Aug 1861.

J. B. Dalton, Private, Co. E. 27th LA Infantry, en. Mar 14 1862, New Orelans, on rolls to Dec 1862.

J. G. Dalton Sergeant, Capt. Hutton's CO., LA Artillery, on P. O. W. roll Mar 14 1864 on prisoner roll New Orleans, Jul 7 1864.

John J. Dalton, Sergeant, Woods Regiment, LA Cavalry, en. Aug 29 1861, Memphis, absent on roll to Apr 30 1862.

J. J. Dalton, Com. Sergeant, Hutton's Company, LA Artillery, undated roll.

John J. Dalton, Private Bondurant's Co., 15th Battalion, LA Cavalry.

James Dalton, Private Co. I 20th LA Infantry, en. Dec 21 1861, Camp Lewis.  present on rolls through 1863.

Joe Dalton, Private, Co. K. 13th LA Infantry, en Sep 27 1861 New Orleans for the duration of the War.

John Dalton, Private, Co. A and K., 5th LA   Infantry, en. May 1861, P. O. W. rolls, VA, b. IRE, age 35, rolls to 1862, nurse, absent from rolls and deserted Aug 25 1862.

Mat Dalton, Private, Co. A., Miles Legion, LA Militia, en. Nov 14 1861, New Orleans, on roll Dec 31 1861.

Michael Dalton, Bonnabel Guards, LA Militia, absent, cause unknown

Mike Dalton, Private Co. H. 2nd LA Infantry, en. May 9 1861, New Orelans, wounded at Malvern Hill Jul 1 1861, furloughed assumed dead, dropped from roll Feb 1864.

P. Dalton, Private, Co. H. 5th LA Infantry, en. Jun 4 186-, Camp Moore, LA, rolls for Aug 1862, absent without leave.

Patrick Dalton, Private, Co. I 1st LA Heavy Artillery, en. May 16 1861, Camden, Texas, captured at Vicksburg Jul 4 1863, deserted Mobile Apr 12 1865.

Robert Dalton, Capt., Co. A and B., 14th LA Infantry, en May 27 1861, New Orleans; P. O. W. captured New Orleans, Jun 18 1862, sick furlough.

Robert Dalton, Private, Co. D. 22nd LA Infantry, roll of prisoners captured New Orleans, Jun 18 1862.

Robert Dalton, Private, Capt., Co. H. 4th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Div. LA Militia. On list dated Mar 8 1862 and ordered into service.

T. G. Dalton, Pvt. Co. H. 5th LA Infantry, en. Jun 4th 1861, Camp Moore, LA,, on rolls to Feb 1862, A W. O. L. Kentucky, Jun 1, 1862, Dec1862 roll, deserter.

Thomas Dalton, Private, Co. H. 11th LA Infantry, en. Aug 18 1861, Camp Moore, LA present to Oct 31 1861.

Thomas Dalton, Private, Cos. C and D. 20th LA Infantry, en. Aug 18 1861, Camp Moore  AL; present on rolls to Oct 1863; deserted to enemy Nov 25 1863, captured at Missionary Ridge, TN Nov 25 1863, Mil. Prison, KY Dec 7 1863, to Rock Island, IL Dec 8 1863, died of typhoid fever Jul 18, 1864, Rock Island Barracks.

Thomas H. Dalton, Sergeant, Co. K. 5th LA Cavalry; P. O. W., paroled at Monroe, LA, Jun 9, 2865. Residence, Morehouse Parish, LA.

William Dalton aka William J. and William M., Private Corporal, Co. D. 30th Regt. LA Infantry, en. Mar 1, 1862, Algiers, LA on rolls to April 1864, captured near Franklin, TN   Dec 17 1864. transferred to Camp Douglas, IL Dec 22, 1864, discharged Jun 12 1865, residence, New Orleans.



New Orleans


Joseph Dalton, lab., so. side Prieur

Joseph W. Dalton,, bricklayer, Jefferson, 5th District

William Dalton, gardener, Bayou St. John


George Dalton, clerk, 499 Bienvillr

Matthew  Dalton, hostler, 744 Baronne

Samuel W. Dalton, molder, 280 Charles St.

William Dalton, conductor, rr., 74 Chestnut, District 5

William A. Dalton, machinist., 1811 Tchoupitoulas


Annie Dalton, wid of Robert, 386 Canal St.


Slave Emancipation Petitions

William Dalton releases his slave Isabella and her daughter, Rosina, in 1829.

Probates of New Orleans, Louisiana

Index to Suit Records


Defendant:  William Dalton

1827    Erwin, James

1828    Caldwell, Thomas

1828    Skinner, Thomas

1828    Graham, James & Ellindor

1829    Graham, James & wife

Superior Court Suit Records


Dalton vs Armand    1804

Dalton vs Faussier    1805-1806

Parish Court Index


Plaintiff:  Dalton, Ellen D., wife of William

Defendant:  Graham, William

Plaintiff:  Dalton, Valentine

Defendant:  Creditors

1st Judicial District Court

Suit Records


Plaintiff:  Dalton, William

Defendant:  Kitchen & Kinchelow

Rayville, LA Juror List

Clark Dalton, 3/21/1874, May District Court

United States

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