The first major settlements of Kansas took place in the second quarter of the 19th Century.  Less than 100 years later, an out migration began after seven years of drought, a locust plague and the Great Depression.   In the mid 20th Century some in-migration was under way and Sections II and III of the SSDI reveal this phenomenon.
Births and deaths were not compiled until 1911 but earlier births can be seen in the 1880 Census records and in the 1920 Census Index.  This file consists of 800 surnames and can be searched by clicking on a topic in the CONTENTS below, or by using the "Find on this page..." button.  Variants of Dalton have been retained.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.


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County Map of Kansas:


Birth and Death records were not compiled by the state of Kansas until 1911. Some of the birth records below were compiled in the town but more often in the county. An additional source of Kansas births is located at: http://www.gencircles.com/globaltree/gosearch/
That data was compiled from the family trees of the submitters.

Cowley County

5 Jun 1883, Walter Scott Dalton son of James Harvey Dalton ad Susan Telemma King

1 Aug 1874, Almira Dalton dau of Riley Dalton and Charlotte Pierson

Dickenson County

13 Nov 1892, Halleck Edward Dolton on of  William Dolton and Mary Emma Todd

Douglas County

26 Oct 1887, William B. Dalton

Harvey County

13 Jan 1879, George Ray Dalton son of Washington Theodore Dalton and Mary Catherine Bonewitz

22 Jan 1884, Jennie Ellen Dalton dau of Washington Theodore Dalton and Mary Catherine Bonewitz

Jefferson County

1887? Lee Emmet Dolton son of William Dolton and Mary Emma Todd

Leavenworth  County

No Twp. Listed
1882, Laura Dolton dau of William Dolton and Mary Emma Todd
3 Sep 1885, Fred Lincoln Dolton son of William Dolton and Mary Emma Todd
6 Jun 1889, Maud Ellen Dolton dau of William Dolton and Mary Emma Todd

25 May 1867, Hattie Dalton dau of William C. M. Dalton and Josevine Morris

Reno County

28 Feb 1875, Lewis T. Dalton son of James Harvey Dalton and Susan Telemma King
6 Oct 1877, Charles E. Dalton son of John Harvey Dalton and Susan Telemma King
13 Sep 1879, Mellie May Dalton dau of James Harvey Dalton and Susan Telemma King

Unknown County

6 Nov 1888, Loyal Lest Dalton son of James Harvey Dalton and Sarah Evaline King


Allen Co.

13 Aug 1862, David Dalton and Elizabeth Paten

Anderson Co.

5 Mar 1884, Andrew E. Dalton, 21, and Maggie Maud, 15.
29 Jan 1888, Victoria Dalton, 16, and Fred S. Rumbley, 18.
25 Dec 1888, Henry Dalton, 21, and C. E. Hufford, 16, both from Garnett
12 Jan 1889, Samuel Dalton, 23, and Mary E. Beasley, 16, both from Garnett
14 Sep 1890, John L. Dalton, 29, and Ella E. Adams, 16, both from Kincaid.


27 Apr 1869, Aramintia Dolton and Ransome Aaron Marnes

Barton, Great Bend

8 Nov 1876, Washington Theodore Dalton and Mary Catherine Bonweitz


6 Sep 1885, Georgia Daulton, 21, and Solomon Cox
4 Aug 1886, Rhoda Daulton, 25,  and Fred Coble, 28.
19 Dec 1901, William Dalton, 27, and Hattie D. Long 15, b. Turk, KS.
27 Jan 1903, Harry Dalton, 23, and Gertrude Lewis, 24.


1890, Benjamin Dalton and Katie Dell Bixler
24 Dec 1891, Philip S. Dalton, 26, and Sarah E. Lane 20.
10 May 1892, Nancy J. Dalton, 27, and A. B. Mitchell, 66.
20 Dec 1892, Sebastian C. Dalton, 31, and Fannie Bixler, 18.
1892, Wm. Harvey Dalton and Grance Belle Bixler

Davis, Wreford

20 Dec 1882, William Henry Dalton and Amanda Elizabeth Magnusson


5 Dec 1893, Clora L. Dalton and Edward D. Loy
18 Nov 1903, Myrtle Dalton and W. J. Buhrer
31 Dec 1907, Jessie Alice Dalton and Kaspar Schlappy
25 Oct 1911, Elsie Flora Dalton and John Samuel Kimmel
21 Dec 1912. Georgiana Dalton and Otto W. Minert


20 Oct 1867, Settie Dalton and John Whitehair
10 Mar1869, Loria D. Dolton and Joseph A Weishaar
7 Sep 1881, Willie Dalton and Mary E. Todd


20 Nov 1881, J. J. Dalton and M. V. Snyder


13 Jun 1781, Letta A. Dalton or Dutton, 16, and John L. Oldham 20.
8 Apr 1880, Margaret Dalton, 23, and Richard Wolfe, 23.
22 Jun 1881, Helen E. Dalton, 23, and Charles A. Giles, 31.


27 Apr 1873, James Harvey Dalton and Susan Telemma King
13 Mar 1878, Talitha Olive Dalton and William Evans Crupper
26 Dec 1887, James Harvey dalton and Sarah Evaline Lynn


12 Jul 1869, Laura Dalton and Henry Augustus Keeley

KANSAS CENSUSES  1859-1875    Top

1859 State Census

Bourbon County
Jonathan Dalton
Riley Dalton

J. N. Dalton
N. Dalton

Douglas County
B. F. Dalton

Greenwood County
Richard Dalton
Thomas Dalton

Leavenworth County
Patrick Dalton

1860 Federal Census

Arapahoe County
B. F. Dalton
Henry Dalton
O. E. Dalton

Lake Gulch
T. Dalton

North Clear Creek
D. Dalton

Platte Valley
L. V. Dalton

South Clear Creek
W. Dalton

South Park
C. Dalton
J. Dalton
R. Dalton
Thomas Dalton

Douglas County
B. F. Dalton

Greenwood County
R. Dalton

Jefferson County
Mathew Dalton

Mc Gee County
John Dalton

1865 Census of Leavenworth Co.,

Nancy Dalton
Wm. Dalton

1870 Federal Census

Bourbon County
William Dalton

Clay County
Republican Twp.
William Dalton

Davis County
Davis Twp.
William Dalton

Ellis County
Camp St. Urgis
John Dalton

Hays City
William Dalton

Greenwood County
A. C. Dalton

Lane Twp.
Thomas Dalton

Jefferson County
Edward Dalton
Richmond Dalton

Leavenworth County
Delaware Twp.
William Dalton
William Dalton Jr.

Fort Leavenworth
John Dalton

Linn County
Potosi Twp 2
Samuel Dalton

Valley Twp.
William Dalton

Lyon County
Ward 3, Emporia
J. L. Dalton

Miami County
Paola Twp.
Eliza Dalton

Russell County
Fossil Creek Station
Albert Dalton

RR Country at a Well
Henry Dalton

Trego County
Parks Fort
Matthew Dalton

1875 Census of Riley Co., Manhattan

William Dalton, 32, clerk, b. ENG; real estate valued at $1500, personlal property, $500.  Wife, Hannah G., 26, b. ENG; dau Grace H. 2., b. KS.


Section I   Daltons enumerated in Kansas

Atchison County
Archison City
Hiram G. Dalton, hotel clerk, 20, b. OH, parents b. OH; enumerated in hotel of B. H. Alexander

N. T. Dalton, 32, b. Il, fa. b. KY, mo. b. TN; wife Louisa, 23, b. IL, fa. b. IN, mo. b. MD; son, Otis, 4, b. KS.

Bourbon County
Henry S. Dalton, 37, b. IL, parents b. PA;  wife Marian, 26, b. IN, fa. b. pa, mo. b. NJ; three children b. KS - Stella 7;  Harriett 6;  and Carey 1.

Chase County
B. W. Dalton, 28, b. NH, fa. b. NH, mo. b. MA;  wife, E. P. Dalton, 29, b. MA, parents b. MA;  dau, E N. 3, b. MA;  and son H. E. 1, b. KS.

Cowley County
Pleasant Valley
James Dalton, farmer, 32, b. IL, parents b. IL;  wife Susan, 24, b. IL, fa. b. KY, mo. b. TN; three children b. KS - Thomas 4;  Charles 2;  Nellie 8 mos;  other, Frederick Holcum, 15, b. IL.

Crawford County
Riley Dalton, farmer, 54, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Charlott, 34, b. OH, fa. b. VA, mo. b. OH;  seven children b. KS - Andrew, 21, farmer;  Sebastian, 19, farmer;  Abraham 16, farm lab., Philip, 14, farm lab., Harvey 11, farm lab; Ben 8;  and Almira 5.

Davis County
Henry Dalton, preacher, 48, b. ENG;  wife Maria, 50, b. ENG;  six children - John T. farmer, 26, b. ENG;  William H. 20, farmer, b. OH;  Joseph R. 16, b. ENG;  George M. K. 15, b. OH;  Alice M. 13, b. OH; and Charles B., 10, b. OH.

Douglas County
G. W. Dalton, farmer, 22, b. IN; enumerated on farm of Charles Roy, farmer.

Ellis County
William Dalten, 47, farmer, b. IRE;  wife Susen, 32, b. IRE;  other Edd Henchy, 12, cowboy, b. OH, parents b. IRE.

Charles Southerden, farmer, mar., 36, b. ENG; housekeeper Catherine Dalton, mar, 26, b. GER; son Edward Dalton, 2, b. KS, fa. b NY, mo. b. GER;  other Eva Dalton, 4, b. NE, fa. b. NY, mo. b. GER.

Franklin County
Ottawa, Ward 3
John W. Dalton, rr shop wkr., 21, b. IN, parents b. IN; enumerated under hotel keeper, Sylvester E. W. Johnson.

Harvey County
George W. Dalton, farmer, 45, b. NY, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. SCOT;  wife Hellen C., 32, b. WI, parents b. MA;  three chldren - Herbert G. 10, b. WI;  Maud E. 6, b. KS;  Edmin R. 4, b. KS.

William Dalton, farmer, 38, b. NY, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. SCOT;  wife Inez, 19, b. AL, fa. b. SC, mo. b. GA.

Lizzie Dalton, serv., 18, b. IL, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. KY; serv in household of C. M. Bradt, grain dealer.

Jefferson County
Mary A. Dalton, widow, 52, b. AV, parents b. VA;  sister in law of T. V. Robinson (female) mar., 56, b. KY, fa. b. Va, mo. b. GER.

Richmond Dalton, farmer, 65, b. KY, parents b. VA; wife Jane, 46, b. IN, parents b. NC;  nephew Jesse Wyet, 6. b. KS, fa. b. IN, mo. b. IN.

Jewell County
John J. Dalton, druggist, 25, b. IL, parents b. KY; mother Mary Studley, 47, b. KY. 2 servants.

Johnson County
Joseph Dalton, farmer, 27, b. OH, fa. b. OH, mo. b. ME;  wife, Lillae Dalton, 20, b. KS, fa. b. IN, mo. b. OH;  dau Jesse, 7 mos., b. KS.

Leavenworth County
Wm. C. M. Dalton, farmer, 45, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Josephine, 39, b. KY, fa. b. TN, mo. b. KY;  10 children - John, rr hand, 18 b. MO; remaining 9 b. KS - Chas 17;  Franklin 17;  William 15;  Hattie 13;  Amanda 11;  Wesley 9;  Jen..le 7;  Ida 5;  Christopher 1.

Linn County
Andrew Dalton, 21, farm lab., b. MO;  enumerated on farm of John J. Kennedy.

Miami County
Joe Dalton, farmer, 43, b. IRE;  wife Hanora, 33, b. IRE;  10 children - four listed as b. in Caniday but more likely to be Canada - Mary 21;  John, 20, farm wkr; James 17, farm wkr;  and Eliza 14;   three b. in MI - Charley 12;  Sarah 10;  Daniel 8;  three b. KS - Annie 5;  Katherine 3;  Jane 4 mos.

Mitchell County
Turkey Creek
James H. Dalton, farmer, 30, b. MO, parents b. KY;  wife Mary E. 29, b. IA, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. OH;  four children, three b. IA - Arrilia May 6;  James Guy 4;  and Elvira 2;  Sarah E. 7 mos. b. KS.

Montgomery County
Fawn Creek
Newton R. Dalton, farmer, 30, b. IL, fa. b. KY, mo. b. IL;  wife Sarah E. 18, b. IN, parents b. IN;  dau Alice, 6 mos., b. KS.

Stephen Dalton, farmer, 61, b. KY, parents b. VA;  wife Rachael 52, b. IL, fa. b. KY, mo. b. KY;  four children - Elbert J. 19, b. IL;  Stephen G. 15, b. WI;  Rachael, 13, b. WI;  Wm T. 10, b. WI.

George W. Dalton, farmer, 61, b. KY, fa. b. VA, mo. b. KY;  wife Adaline, 48, b. KY, fa. b. VA, mo. b. KY;  three children -dau Keron, 21, b. KY;  son B. J. 15, b. KY;  and dau Gerty, 2, b. KS.

Chas. Dalton, farmer, 26, b. KY, parents b. KY; wife Rosy, 23, b. KS, fa. b. KS, mo. b. MO;  son William 2, b. KS;  dau Susan 4 mos. b. KS.

Matt Dalton, 35, b. KY;  wife Ellen, 20, b. KS;  son Wm. O. 2, b. KS;  other Sarah M. Dalton, 4 mos., b. KS - fa. b. KY, mo. b. KS.

Neosho County
James Dalton, farmer, 31, b. IL, fa. b. KY, mo. b. IL;  wife Mary, 24, b. CAN; fa. b. SCOT, mo. b. ENG:  sons Lee W. 6, and Willila 2, b. KS;  brother Nathaniel Dalton, 19, b. IL.

Pawnee County
Washington Dalton, farmer, 31, b. WI, fa. b. ENG, mo b. SCOT;  wife Mary 24, b. PA, parents b. PA; dau Alice 2 and son George 1, b. KS.

Reno County
Francis Dalton, farmer, 53, b. IR;  wife Rodantha, 42, b. IN, fa. b. OH, mo. b. IN;  seven children b. MO - Catherine 16;  Rose Ellie 14;  Rachell 12;  Mary Agnes 9; Peter 7;  Julia Ann 5;  Francis Jr.1.

Lewis Dalton, farmer, 56, b. IL, fa. b. VA, mo. b. NC;  wife Talitha,  (Doctores?) 53, b. IL, fa. b. TN, mo. b. SC;  dau Amanda Dalton, 16, b. IL;  gr dau Nora Burnell, 10, b. IL;  dau Talitha Crooper, mar., 19, b. IL;  gr son Lewis Crooper, 1 b. KS.

Riley County
William Dalton, store clerk, 34, b. ENG;  wife Hannah Y. 30, b. ENG;  dau Gracie 7 and son William B., 3, b. KS.

Saline County
Richard Dalton, farm hand, 31, b. KY, parents b. KY;  wife Fanny B. 30, b. MS, fa. b. NY mo. b. KY;  step dau Maryan Kesner, 9 b. WY;  step son Frank G. Kesner, 7, b. NE.

Sedgwick County
William Dalton, 47, b. IRE;  wife Mary J. 41, b. KY, fa. b. DE, mo. b. PA;  seven children  b. IL - the relationship of three youngest is other - James D. 23;  John W. 19;  Elizabeth 18;  Leana M. 16;  Sarah 12;  Mary E. 10;  Charles W. 9.

James Dalton, farm hand, 23, single, b. IL, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. ENG.

Smith County
James Dalton, other, single, 32, b. PA, parents b. NY;  quarries stone and listed in the household of
Caleb D. Evans.

Section II 1880 CENSUS - Daltons born in Kansas and enumerated in other states.

Few migrated up to 1880.

Colusa County,  Monroe
Four Daltons were laborers on the ranch of G. W. Hoag.  C. B. Dalton, 28; F. P. Dalton 20;  Lit Dalton, 22;  all three b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO;  G. Dalton, 19, b. KS, parets dame as above three.

Conejos County, Conejos
Mr. Dalton, rr contractor, 33, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. PA;  amd Mrs. Dalton, boarding, 27, b. KS, fa. b. MO, mo. b. IL;  enumerated in household of Geo. W. Todd, lawyer.

E. M. Dalton, farmer, 43, b. PA, fa. b. MD, mo. b.NH; wife Eliza, 35, b. OA, parents b. VA;  six children - thre b. MO - John M. 14;  Eliza E. 9;  Mary J. 7;  three children b. KS - William P. 5;  Lilly 2;  Frank 1 mo.


Allen County

Everett Dalton, 4, b. KS

Harry Dalton, 23, b. KS
Ellen M. Dalton, 24, b. KS.
Maude E. Dalton, 24, b. KS

Anderson Dalton, 58, b. IA

Barton County

Great Bend
James C. Dalton, 62, b. NC

Bourbon County

John Dalton, 29, b. KS.
Margaret Dalton, 65, b. OH.
Will Dalton, 31, b. IA

Butler County

El Dorado
William Dalton, 50, b. WY

Clark County

Charles T. Dalton, 26, b. MO
Joe. C. Dalton, 53, b. MO
Tolbird S. Dalton, 77, IL

Dan Dalton, 18, b. MO

Comanche County

Rex Dalton, 22, b. KS

Cowley County
Walter Dalton, 36, b. KS.

Crawford County

Abraham L. Dalton, 56, b. KS.
Benjamin S. Dalton, 48, b. KS
Grace Dalton, 40, b. KS
Riley J. Dalton, 30, b. KS
Sebastian C. Dalton, 54, b. KS.
Stella O. Dalton, 21, b. KS.

William H. Dalton, 36, b. AR.

Dickinson County

Richmond A. Dalton, 31, b. KS.

Chas. Dalton, 40, b. KS.
Vie Dalton, 26, b. KS.

Edward Dalton, 66, b. IL

Elk County

Union Center
Frank Dalton, 18, b. KS.

Ford County

Tad A. Dalton, 53, b. MS
Kelsy Dalton, 19, b. KS

Franklin County

Orson G. Dalton, 40, KY

Geary County

Arthur H. Dalton, 38, b. KS.
Decass Dalton, 23, b. KS
George E. Dalton, 30, b. KS.
John T. Dalton, 65, b. ENG
Lloyd Dalton, 36, b. NE
Roy Thomas Dalton, 34, b. KS

Carl Dalton, 28, b. KS
Henry Dolton, 39, b. KS

Graham County

Edward A. Dalton, 38, b. KS

Greenwood County

Sanda A. Dalton, 34, b. KS

Harvey County

William Dalton, 80, b. NY

Johnson County
Lucy L. Dalton, 49, b. MO

Labette County

B. J. Dalton, 54, b. KY.

Leavenworth County

John H. Dalton, 58, b. MO
Sanford W. Dalton, 49, b. KS

Leavenworth City
Charles R. Dalton, 58, b. KS

National Military Home

John Dalton, col., 76, b. VA

U. S. Military Prison

Henry Dalton, 44, b. Deutschland
Bob Dalton, 33, b. OK
Harry A. Dalton, 24, b. IA

Linn County

Blue Mound
Martin V. Dalton, 64, b. OH

Roy J. Dalton, 33, b. MO.

Floyd Dalton, 25, b. MO
Robert L. Dalton, 52, b. MO

Alice Dalton, 6, b. KS
John L. Dalton, 59, b. KS
Maxwell Dalton, 11, b. KS
Stella Dalton, 43, b. IA
Ulsta Dalton, 9, b. KS

Marshall County

Oliver L. Dalton, 38, b. NE

Miami County

Charley Dalton, 50, b. MI
Dan Dalton, 46, b. MI
James Dalton, 55, b. CAN

Sarah Dalton, 43, b. IL

Montgomery County

Joseph F. Dalton, 43, b. TN

A. H. Dalton, 88, b. KY
Edward A. Dalton, 39, b. IL

Nemaha County

Mary E. Dalton, 69, b. IA

Mary Dulton, col., 45, b. KY

Neosho County

Jene Dalton, 32, b. IL

George B. Dalton, 57, KS
Thos. Dalton, 65, b. MO
Cleo V. Dalton, 35, b. KS
Louis Delton, 28, b. KS

Emery I. Dalton, 44, b. IL
Roy F. Dalton, 33, b. KS

Walnut Grove
William H. Dalton, 35, b. KS

Norton County

Guy Dulton, 43, b. IA

Ottawa County

Terence J. Dalton, 37, b. MO

Phillips County

Harrison Dalton, 29, b. AR

Pottawatomie County

Lone Tree
Bridget Dalton, 64, b. IRE

St. George
Edwin J. Dalton, 38, b. KS
William B. Dalton, 43, b. KS

Blan?? Dalton, 20, b. KS
Ray Dalton, 22, b. KS

Reno County

Robert A. Dalton,  37, b. MS

Newton R. Dalton, 70, b. IL
Sidney Dalton, 20, b. BO

Republic County

John Delton, 3, b. IA

Riley County

Paul Dalton, 38, b. NE

Rush County

Sherrod W. Dalton, 78, b. KY

Sedgwick County

John W. Dolton, 58, b. IL

Mount Hope
James A. Dalton, 28, b. AR

James F. Dalton, 26, b. KS
C. W. Dalton, 48, b. IL
Chas. W. Dalton, 48, b. IL
Lillie Dalton, 39, b. KS
Charles Dalton, 23, b. CO
Jasper B. Dalton, 10, b. KY
Thomas Dalton, 45, b. IL

Shawnee County

J. Ed Dalton, 27, b. KS
Vane Dalton, 37, b. KS
W. L. Dalton, 66, b. VA
L. E. Delton, 50, b. ?
Irvin L. Dalton, 30, b. OK
Ned Dalton, 71, b. IL
Delton, ??, 71 b. MO

Stevens County

Washington Dalton, 71, b. WI

Wabaunsee County

Isic Dalton, 33, b. KS

Wilson County

Frank Dalton, 38, b. KS

Wyandotte County

Mary Dalton, 63, b. CAN
Barrett Dalton, 27, MU, b. LA

Kansas City
Eliza Dalton, 79, b. IN
Ellen Dalton, 62, b. IL
Ernest M. Dalton, 43, b. MO
Harry E. Dalton, 52, b. MO
John Dalton, 55, b. IRE

Linn Dalton, 45, b. KY
Nellie Dalton, 27, MU, b. NE
Tolbert H. Dalton, 56, b. KS
Charlotte Dalton, 45, col.b. US
Garland Dalton, 19, b. MO


Section I   Daltons whose SS# was issued in Kansas and whose last residence was Kansas

Allen County
Neoma Dalton, 17 Sep 1903-Mar 1978, Iola

Anderson County
Marjorie Dalton, 27 Jan 1916-23 Jul 1999, Garnett
Richard K. Dalton, 30 Jul 1919-29 May 1997, Garnett
Theodore J. Daulton, 17 Nar 1936-19 Nov 1998, Garnett

Barton County
Bonnie J. Dalton, 21 Oct 1941-2Jan 1899, Great Bend
Glenn W. Dalton, 8 Dec 1925- 8 Mar 2002 Fort Scott
John Dalton, 1 Nov 1890-Jun 1867, Mapleton

Bourbon County
Clarence Dalton, 25 Aug 1887-Jun 1972,Uniontown

Butler County
Madge Dalton, 1 Jan 1905-Feb 1983, El Dorado

Cherokee County
Theadore Dalton, 27 Dec 1923-Mar 1979, last benefit, Baxter Springs

Cowley County
James Dalton, 8 Feb 1920-Dec 1984, Arkansas City

Crawford County
Charles R. Dalton, 1 May 1934-6 Dec 1995, Mulberry
Riley Dalton, 29 Mar 1895-Oct1980, Arma
Roxie Dalton, 29 Oct 1895-Apr 1983, Arma

Daryl S. Dalton, 20 Apr 1912-16 Nov 1999, Pittsburg
Jonah Dalton, 16 Jan 1902-Jun 1987, Arma

Dickinson County
Charles Dolton, 26 Feb 1879-15 Jul 1968, Chapman
Gretchen Dalton, 1 Apr 1897-Aug 1973, Chapman
Josephine Dalton, 26 Mar 1904-Oct 1872, Enterprise

Letha Dalton, 15 Mar 1892-Feb1974, Chapman
Orval Dalton, 4 Aug 1883-Nov 1976, Chapman
Margaret Dolton, 6 Feb 1922-Oct 1978, Chapman, last benefit,  Enterprise
Wayne Dalton, 19 May 1925- Mar 1977, last benefit, Abilene 67410

Ellis County
Pauline H. Dalton, 13 Nov 1903-18 Jul 1997, Hays

Ford County
Hazel J. Dalton, 3 Sep 1914-28 Jul 1997, Dodge City

Greenwood County
Cora Dalton, 22 Jul 1907-27 May 1990, Virgil
Harry Dalton, 28 Aug 1896-Oct1962, Eureka
William H. Dalton, 18 Nov 1908-26 May 2000, Virgil

Johnson County
Albert S. Dolton, 8 Aug 1911-15 Jul 1997, Olathe
Carole J. Dalton, 21 Jan 1905-16 Dec 1993, Shawnee Mission

Lois E. Dolton, 17 Sep 1922-10 Jan 1999, Shawnee Mission
Paul Dalton, 14 Oct 1926-Dec 1979, last benefit Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission
Wendell Dalton, 13 Nov 1894-Jan 1980, Shawnee Mission
William Dalton, 20 Jul 1909-Mar 1984, Shawnee

Leavenworth County
Ira Dalton, 21 May 1897-May 1970, Tonganoxie

Linn County
Cora Dalton, 1 May 1892-Feb 1984, Centerville
Floyd Dalton, 8 Mar 1894-Nov 1979, Pleasanton

Lyon County
Amy Dalton, 10 Sep 1899-Nov1984, Emporia
Clarence Dolton, 6 Nov 1910-Jan 1977, Emporia
Lela Dalton, 29 Oct 1892-Nov 1985, Emporia

Marshall County
Harlen Dalton, 17 Jan 1883-Dec 1968, Summerfield
Oliver Dalton, 4 Sep 1881-Dec 1966, Frankfort

Meade County
Charles Dalton, 1 Mar 1892-Apr1969, Fowler

Miami County
Michael Dalton, 12 Dec 1881-Aug1981, Paola

Montgomery County
Lady F. Dalton, 23 Mar 1894-12 Jan 1991, Coffeyville

Neosho County
Madeline Dalton, 20 Apr 1915-Feb 1971, Chanute
Merle Dalton, 1 Oct 1909-Sep1977, Chanute
Roy Dalton, 26 Jun 1886-Mar1980, Chanute
Fern C. Dalton, 23 Feb 1914-Dec 1988, Chanute
Viola Dalton, 7 Jul 1892-Jan 1983, Chanute

Osborne County
Harry Dalton, 29 Aug 1898- May 1980, Osborne
Minnie J. Dalton, 12 Jul 1904-22 Oct 1988, Osborne

Ottawatamie County
Agnes Dalton, 7 Dec 1884-Jan 1965, Wheaton
Ethel Dalton, 19 Jun 1886-Oct 1969, Saint George

Riley County
Winifred Dalton, 10 Jun 1887-Feb 1977, Manhattan; last benefit, Boulder CO

Rooks County
Emma Dalton, 24 Nov 1885-Aug 1980, Stockton

Saline County
Holly M. Dalton, 25 Dec 1910-18 Aug 1995, Salina
Marshall W. Dalton, 5 May 1908-17 Sep 2001, Salina
Tarnce J. Dalton, 21 Mar 1920-11 Nov 1988, Salina

Beth Dalton, 25 May 1919-May1979, Wichita
Charles Dalton,1 Jan 1897-Aug 1966, Wichita
Edith Dalton, 19 Sep 1898-Dec1981, Wichita
Emmett C. Dalton, 12 Feb 1907-7 Dec1989, Wichita
Frances Dalton, 12 Sep 1908-6 Feb 1999, Wichita

Glenn D. Dolton, 28 Jul 1924-8 Apr 1999, Witchita
James R. Dalton, 15 Sep 1924-7 Aug 1991, Wichita
Kathryn A. Dalton, 12 Dec 1923-11 May 1996, Wichita
Kenneth L. Dalton, 12 Oct 1906-11 Jan 1994, Wichita
Mildred Dalton, 16 Apr 1898-22 Mar 1994, Wichita

Minnie B. Dalton, 24 Feb 1904- 20 Aug 1989, Wichita
Murrell Dalton, 27 Dec 1892-Apr1982, Wichita
Orville Dalton, 16 Oct 1893-Apr1973, Wichita
Ray Dalton, 23 Dec 1897-Oct 1982, Wichita
Thurman Dalton, 14 Apr 1895-Aug 1982, Wichita

Shawnee County
Alpha Dalton, 20 Jul 1906-Jul 1987, Topeka
Daisey Dalton, 4 Dec 1887-Nov1967, Topeka
Mildred R. Dalton, 21 Jan 1905-16 Dec 1993, Topeka
Tom Dalton, 14 Apr 1889-Aug1966, Topeka
William Dalton, 1 Jul 1903-Jun 1879, Topeka

Wilson County
Elmer Dalton, 13 Nov 1903-Feb 1970, Altoona
James J. Dalton, 17 Jul 1923-24 Aug 1993, Fredonia
Opal Dalton, 28 Mar 1904-24 May 1990, Fredonia

Wyandotte County
Ardice Dalton, 23 Mar 1907-Apr 1894, Kansas City
Effie Dalton, 13 Apr 1877-Jul 1974, Kansas City
Ethel Dalton, 22 Aug 1912-Jun 1986, Kansas City
Ira Dalton, 17 Mar 1916-Sep 1982, Kansas City

Longtime or retired railroad workers whose last residence was Kansas
Joe Dalton, 31 Dec 1893-Oct 1979, Labette Co., Chetopa
Ethel Dalton, 2 Jun 1902-Jul 1984, Cowley Co., Arkansas City

Daltons whose SS# was issued in Kansas and whose past residence was not specified.

Quite frequently the last residence was Kansas.

Alta E. Dalton, 14 Nov 1909-Sep 1990
Ancel K. Dalton, 31 Aug 1911-14 Jul 1992
Anne Dalton, 9 Jan 1991-Apr 1975
Benjamin Dalton 1 Oct 1871-Nov 1965 (Kansas)
Camren Dalton, 29 Dec 1952-May 1987

Carl Dalton, 22 Sep 1890-Jun 1964
Catherine Dalton, 4 Jun 1911-24 Jun 1991
Cecil E. Dalton 22 Sep 1927-16 Jan 1992
Charles T. Dalton, 5 May 1928-28 Sep 1991
Clay A. Dalton, 24 Jan 1916-8 Jun 1991

Daniel Dalton, 3 May 1889-Sep 1962 (Kansas)
Deane Dalton, 26 Oct 1913- Jul 1974
Derald D. Dalton, 5 Aug 1955-25 Nov 2001
Frances Dalton, 13 Nov 1913-20 Jan 1992
Geraldine A. Dalton, 17 Jun 1935-23 Apr 1992

Harry Dalton, 26 Oct 1881-Nov 1963 (Kansas)
John Dalton, 21 May 1888-Jan 1963 (Kansas)
John F. Dalton, 10 Jun 1947-6 Jan 2001
L. J. Dalton, 15 Jan 1950-Nov 1990
L. M. Dalton, 27 Nov 1937-May 1992

Lenita Dalton, 30 Dec 1915-Feb 1972
Linda M. Dalton, 6 May 1912-Oct 1990
Lloyd Dalton, 15 Dec 1917-Jun 1876
Margaret J. Dalton, 25 Nov 1914-30 Oct 1991 (Kansas)
Mildred A. Dalton, 17 Jul 1911-18 Nov 1991

Orion Dalton, 10 May 1882-Apr 1963 (Kansas)
Quentin E. Dalton, 3 Jun 1921-13 May 1996, zip code 563080
Raymond C. Dalton, 4 Oct 1917-12 Dec 1991
Richmond Dalton, 21 Nov 1888-Apr 1961
Robert Dalton, 1 Jun 1938-6 Mar 2000

Robert R. Dalton, 29 Jun 1939-2 Mar 1999
Shannon N. Dalton, 2 Mar 1976-7 Sep 1998
Shirley Dalton, 6 Feb 1936-Jun 1969
Susan M. Dalton, 27 Dep 1940-25 Sep 2002
Thomas Dalton, 18 Oct 1847-Jul 1986

Victor Dalton, 2 Nov 1930-Sep 1974
Wallace Dalton, 2 Oct 1904-Dec 1955
Wanda J. Dalton, 15 Mar 1942-1 Jun 1998
Wayne Dalton, 19 May 1925-Mar1877. last benefit, Abilene, Dickinson Co.

Section II - Daltons whose SS# was issued in Kansas and last residence was out of State.

Organized by State of Last Residence

William Dalton, 8 Dec 1919-May 1982, Jefferson Co., Birmingham

Jack Dalton, 31 Jan 1905-Feb 1985, Graham Co., Thatcher
L. A. Dalton, 14 Aug 1950- 15 Jan 1996, Pope Co., Russellville
Orval D. Dalton, 26 Feb 1942-3 Jul 1995, Sebastian Co., Fort Smith

Berniece Dalton, 11 May 1910-26 Nov 1995, Los Angeles County, Woodland
Donald Dalton, 4 Feb 1902-May 1969, Sacramento Co., Sacramento
Frances Dalton, 6 Jan 1917-Apr 1984, Los Angeles Co., Panorama City
Gertrude Dalton, 24 Jul 1906-Nov 1987, San Mateo Co., San Mateo.
Leota F. Dalton, 2 Apr 1913-18 Sep 2000, Riverside Co., Hemet
Nora M. Dalton, 30 Aug 1918-7 Apr 1988, San Bernardino Co., Upland
Wilma Dalton, 31 Aug 1906-4 May 1991, Los Angeles Co., Monterey Park

Esther S. Dalton, 23 Mar 1906-13 Dec 1994, Larimer Co., Fort Collins
Ethel B. Dalton, 25 Oct 1898-12 Jun 1998, Pueblo Co., Pueblo
Evelyn E. Dalton, 1 Jun 1914-25 Dec 1998, El Paso Co., Colorado Springs
Helen L. Dalton, 6 Nov 1921-27 Mar 1998, Denver Co., Denver
Jessie Dalton, 24 Aug 1910-Mar 1999, Boulder Co, Boulder
Riley Dalton, 21 Jul 1889-Mar 1976, Larimer Co., Fort Collins
Sam Dalton, 10 Jun 1905-Dec 1980, Denver Co., Denver

Dorothy L/ Dalton, 4 May 1914-2 Jan 2001, Collier Co., Naples
Loring D. Dalton, 22 May 1914-3 Sep 1999, Collier co., Naples

George E. Dalton, 30 May 1916-7 Jan 1995, Ada Co., Eagle
Ralph E. Dalton, 8 Nov 1913-24 Jun 1993, Canyon Co., Melba

Laverne Dolton, 15 Jul 1920-Aug1967, Hennepin Co., Minneapolis

Arlene Dolton, 10 Jun 1913-23 Sep 1996, Jackson Co., Kansas City
Edward Dalton, 2 Sep 1909-Sep 1982, Saint Louis Co., Saint Louis
Hazel M. Daulton, 24 Dec 1910-Dec 1989, Jackson Co., Summit Mpo.
Helen M. Dalton, 2 Oct 1922- 17 Mar 2001, Jackson Co., Independence
Homer Dalton, 22 Sep 1890-Sep 1970, Lawrence Co., Scotts City

Joe A. Dolton, 18 Sep 1922-30 May 1991, Barry Co., Cassville
Judith Dalton, 7 Aug 1947-14 Mar 2002, Jackson Co., Independence
Mable Dalton, 31 May 1907-Jun 1981, Barton Co., Lamar
Margaret Dalton, 14 Mar 1897-Oct 1983, Saint Louis Co., Ballwin
Marion E. Dolton, 4 Jan 1929-Jul 1955, Barry Co., Cassville

Orville Dalton, 22 Sep 1897-Oct 1974, Jackson Co., Kansas City
Patrick Dalton, 18 Mar 1913-Aug 1968, Jackson Co., Kansas City
Rosey B. Dalton, 9 Jul 1925-Dec 1989, Saint Francois Co., Farmington
Roy G. Dalton, 2 Nov 1910-17 Jul 1994, Clay Co., Kansas City

New Mexico
Chris Dalton, 7 Oct 1932-May 1985, last benefit Bernalillo Co., Albuquerque

Betty J. Dalton, 27 May 1933-29 Jun 1989, Gage Co., Beatrice
Avery Dalton, 29 Oct 1915-11 Dec 1999, Gage Co., Liberty

New York
Carol Dalton, 12 Oct 1942-Dec 1986, Westchester Co., Scarsdale.

North Carolina
Johnnie Dalton, 27 Apr 1907-Dec 1979, Henderson Co., Hendersonville

Leo R. Dalton, 3 Jun 1931-19 Jul 2000, Franklin Co., Reynoldsburg

Blanche Dalton, 14 Aug 1882-Aug 1984, Oklahoma Co., Oklahoma City
Jewel F. Dalton, 23 Mar 1923-18 Nov 2001, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City
Myrtle Dalton, 29 Aug 1906-Mar 1985, Oklahoma Co., Oklahoma City
Wilma J. Dalton, 26 Nov 1929-15 Nov 1995, Canadian County, Reno

Netia Dalton, 23 Sep 1896-Aug 1987, Clackamas Co., Oswego
Ward L. Dalton, 11 Oct 1907-19 Nov 1993, Jackson Co., Medford

Elleen Dalton,, 30 Mar 1921-Dec 1979,  last benefit, Harris Co., Houston, 77042
Faye Dalton, 22 May 1920-Mar 1994, Galveston Co., Friendswood
Homer Dalton, 21 Aug 1917-Feb 1985, Galveston Co., Friendswood
John Dalton, 16 Oct 1925-Apr 1977, last benefit, Andrews Co., Andrews

Robert Dalton, 19 Jun 1904- Jan 1975, Harris Co., Houston
Robert E. Dalton, 28 Dec 1927-11 Apr 1998, Collin Co., Mc Kinney
S. Dalton, 21 Oct 1937-Dec 1988, Tom Green Co., San Angelo
Vernon E. Dalton, 8 Mat 1924-25 Jul 1996, Travis Co., Austin

Lucille Dalton, 7 Mar 1927-Oct 1992, Washington Co., Ivins

Martha F. Dalton, 7 Jan 1914-15 Nov 1995, King Co., Seattle

Robert B. Dalton, 25 Nov 1921-13 Mar 1992, Sheridan County, Ranchester

Section III - Daltons whose last residence was in Kansas and whose SS# had been issued out of state.

Organized by State of Issue

Frances E. Dalton, 17 Sep 1896-30 Jul 1993, Lyon Co., Emporia
Gladys Dalton, 17 Sep 1904-Jul 1982, Smith Co., Lebanon
James Dalton, 1 Nov 1913-Feb 1979, Franklin Co., Lane
Lowell Dalton, 9 Mar 1918-Apr 1985, Sedgwick Co., Clearwater

Harry Dalton, 29 Aug 1898-May 1980, Osborne Co., Osborne
Tad Dalton, 28 Jul 1903-Oct 1968,Johnson County, Shawnee Mission

Carl Dalton, 18 Nov 1890-Feb 1972, Wyandotte Co., Kansas City

Elizabeth E. Dalton, 5 Jun 1911-13 Aug 1991, Allen Co., Iola
Gratz Dalton, 5 Dec 1906-Apr1971, Allen Co., Iola

Bonnie M. Daulton, 28 Nov 1907-31 Dec 1992, Anderson Co., Garnett
Claudia Dalton, 5 Jan 1888-May 1982, Shawnee Co., Topeka
Dorothy L. Dalton, 17 Jul 1912-20 Feb 1989, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission
Herbert Dalton, 23 Sep 1911-Jan 1980, Wyandotte Co., Kansas City
Josephine A. Dalton, 15 Mar 1930-25 Aug 2001, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission

Joyce M. Dalton, 20 Jul 1932-19 Jul 1998, Wyandotte Co., Bonner Springs
Lois Dalton, 4 Mar 1907-Apr 1987, Crawford Co., Arma
Margarett H. Dalton, 6 Sep 1908-17 Jul 1993, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission
Minnie B. Dalton, 24 Feb 1904-20 Aug 1989, Sedgwick Co., Wichita
Nell Dalton, 15 Dec 1900-Dec 1982, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission

Patricia M. Dalton, 7 Jul 1925-20 Aug 2000, Johnson County, Shawnee Mission
Robert Dalton, 2 Jul 1898-Jun 1984, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission
Ruth Dalton, 30 Jan 1899-28 Dec 1995, Sumner Co., Mulvane
Thomas Dalton, 21 Jul 1933-Jan 1980, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission
William Dalton, 20 Jul 1909-Mar 1984, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission
Vera M. Dalton, 21 Sep 1909-20 Dec 2001, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission

Patricia A. Dalton, 1 May 1939-23 Nov 2000, Sumner Co., Mulvane

James Dalton, 21, May 1899-Mar 1987, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission

E. Curtis Dalton, 24 Oct 1920-8 Feb 1996, Saline Co., Salina
John Daulton, 30 Mar 1942-Feb 1985, Stevens Co., Moscow
William Dalton, 15 Oct 1902-Jan 1970, Shawnee Co., Topeka

Larrry F. Dalton, 30 Nov 1938-15 Apr 1996, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission

Ernest C. Dalton, 17 Jul 1945-16 Jun 2002, Douglas Co., Lawrence

Charles C. Delton, 19 Jul 1913-10 Jul 2001, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission
Lawrence H. Dalton, 25 Nov 1946-29 Jan 1991, Dickinson Co., Chapman
Maxine Dalton, 28 Jul 1906-May1986, Ottawa Co., Tescott
Ruth Dalton, 17 Jul 1902-Jan 1973, Johnson Co., Shawnee Mission


The following entries are from the Kansas Pioneer Project submitted by individuals.
Settlers who homesteaded had to live on the land for five years before ownership was granted.  Generally the parcels were small quarter sections.  In the list below are entries for Jas. Lewis Dalton and Adeline Younger, parents of the Dalton Gang.  Also listed are several of their children.

Kansas Land Patents

It includes date of settlement and location.
Ben Dalton, 1861? near Lawrence
Charles Dalton, 1861? near Lawrence
Emmett Dalton , 1882 near Coffeyville
Grattan Dalton, 1861, near Lawrence

Henry Dalton, 1861? near Lawrence
Leone Dalton, 1862? near Coffeyville
Littleton Dalton, 1861? near Lawrence
Nannie May Dalton, 1882? Coffeyville

Robert Dalton, 1882? Coffeyville
Simon Dalton 1882, Coffeyville
Wm. Marion Dalton, 1863 near Lawrence
James Lewis Dalton, Jr., 1861? near Lawrence


Bureau of Land Management

Washington T. Dolton, 10/3/1912, 160 Acres, Dodge City Land Office
James F. Dalton, 3/17/1910, 80 acres, Dodge City Land Office


John Dalton, stonemason, 1043 Walker, 1889-1891
John J. Dalton, rr car repairer, 1889-1890
John Dalton, Cassidy House, 1889-1890
John Dalton, rooms 827 Armstrong, 1890-1891
John Dalton, 47 Central Ave., 1890-1891


Civil War

Riley Dalton, private, enlisted Aug 15 1861, mustered out Mar 7, 1861, Fort Scott KS.

WWI Draft Regstrations

Jesse B. Dalton, b. 2 May 1882, Fayette Co.

353 Infantry Regt, WWI

Thomas I Dalton, Company G., Sgt., res. Topeka, KS.

Leavenworth Voter Registrations

Pat Dalton, laborer, Seneca St., Ward 1.

Leavenworth Tax List,

J. H. Dalton, Fairmount, 1895-1897
J. H. Dalton, Fairmount, 1899-1900

United States

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