Over 800 Surname entres are in this file including variants of the name Dalton. Birth records are not plentiful and can be augmented by Census data that includes Daltons who were born in Iowa and were enumerated in other states. Migration into Iowa was part of the continuing westward movement of people not just from surrounding states but from England and Ireland as well. Further migration of Daltons can be seen in the Censuses.  This file may be searched by clicking on one of the section links, the "Find on this page..." button below, or using the Edit/Find feature of your web browser. It is the onus of the user to verify the data.




CENSUS INDEX 1850-1870







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County Map of Iowa:


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Fremont County

Ross Township
18 Oct 1872, Annie Dalton dau of William S. and Sarah Ann Burgin Dalton
16 Jun 1880, Unnamed Dalton, son of William Stephans and and Sarah Ann Burgin Dalton
18 Apr 1875, Frank Dalton son of William S. and Sarah Ann Burgin Dalton


22 Jul 1871, Joseph Dalton son of William M and Sarah Burgin Dalton
18 Jul 1902, Brice William Dalton son of Joseph and Alice Hallam Dalton
15 Dec 1904, Blanche Mae Dalton dau of Joseph and Alice Hallam Dalton
9 Dec 1910, Ethel Dalton dau of William S. and Alice Hallam Dalton

Kossuth County

17 Jul 1881, Claire Lois Dalton dau of Michael B. and Pamela Ann Chapin Dalton

Pottawattamie County

Council Bluffs
28 Feb 1910, Donald Richard Dalton son of James Frank and Minnie Mae Leuban Dalton

Shelby County

29 Oct 1901, Everett Dalton son of Albert M. and Cora Plummer Dalton


Adair County
11 Jan 1898, Edward Dalton and Anna Brennan

Appanoose County
20 Nov 1884, Evaline Dalton, 31 and Michael Keahoe, 33.

Buchanan County
17 Dec 1873, D. W. Dalton, 35 and Elimira M. Phenis, 20.
30 Sep 1875, James Dalton, 28 and Addie M. Marsh, 21.

Calhoun County
9 Jun 1892, Alice Winifred Dalton, 24, b. WI;  and Thomas O Boyle, 34, b. PA;  parents John and Mary Boyle Dalton and Michall and Mary Mc Cormick O Boyle

31 May 1893, Florence T. Dalton, 24, b. IL; and Edward J. Masterson, 24, b. WI; parents John and Margaret Boyle Dalton and William and Margaret Whalen Masterson

Chickasaw County
3 Sep 1857, William A. Dalton and Elenor Noel Sims

Dallas County
10 Feb 1880, E. D. Dalton and John F. Myers

Davis County
8 Sep 1844, William H. Dalton and Elizabeth Jane Stepehenson

Fremont County
13 Dec 1882, Martha Dalton and James Edgar Thompson

29 Oct 1894, Annie Dalton and Frank Weatherhead
27 Feb 1896, Joseph  Dalton and Alice Hallam

Harrison County
27 Jun 1898, Albert H. Dalton and Cora Plummer

Jackson County
17 Sep 1867, Bridget Dalton and Valentine Hafrion

Johnson County
1 Apr 1862, Charles Dalton and Susanna Wood

Jones County
 27 Dec 1859, Harvey F. Dalton and Manda Selders

Keokuk County
23 Dec 1896, Linnie G. Dalton, 18 and James H. Abrams, 26.

Kossuth County
24 Mar 1904, Claire Lois Dalton and Lynn Wood Keith

14 Dec 1904, Avery Dalton and Henrietta Lundy

Lee County
21 Aug 1853, Julia Dalton and William Gardner
6 Sep 1857, Johathan Dalton and Emily Ann Richardson

Louisa County
1 Jan 1856, Charles H. Dalton and Ellen Stroneck
29 Dec 1863, Rachel Dalton and James Culp
2 Jul 1868, Ella Dalton and Franklin Zorbaugh

Lucas County
22 Nov 1892, J. W. Dalton and Nora Murphy

Marion County
30 Jan 1887, Lucy May Dalton and Samuel L. Nichols
20 Jan 1891, Hettie Dalton and Ralph Crook

Mills County
10 Nov 1883, Alice Dalton, 22, and Clifford Trimle, 25.
23 Jan 1890, George Dalton, 26, and Lulu Gowens, 19.
5 Apr 1891, Philander Dalton, 36, and Susan Hammers, 45, prev. married.

Muscatine County
2 Oct 1860, Catharine Dalton and Dennis Ryan
9 Feb 1874, Patrick Dalton and Mary Ann Fitzpatrick

Plymouth County
23 Nov 1887,  James Dalton and Catharine/Katie Hughes
17 Nov 1896, James Dalton and Maggie Murtha
19 Sep 1901, Ralph B. Dalton and Aimee Diehl.

Polk County
3 Jul 1886, Alice Dalton and Charles M. Snook

Pottawattamie County
Council Bluffs
9 Nov  1940, Donald Richard Dalton and Betty Jane Betts

Scott County
4 Mar 1876, Charles Dalton and Fredericke Jensen

Van Buren County
15 Jan 1848, Charles Dalton and Juliett Bowen

Wayne County
8 Oct 1890, W. C. Dalton, 24, b. Leavenworth, KS; and Delia Phillips, 22, b. Concord, DE; at United Methodist Church, Corydon.

Woodbury County
31 Dec 1899, Nellie G. Dalton snd W. P. Birmingham

CENSUS INDEXES 1850-1870    Top

Davis County
Salt Creek Township
William Dolton

Burlington City, Ward 3
John Dalton

Jones County
Richland Township
William Dalton

Lee County
District 28
John Dalton

District 29
John Dolton

Monroe County
District 13
Eliza Dalton

Davis County
Salt Creek Township County
William H. Dalton

Jones County
Monticell Township
William Dalton

Mills County
West Liberty Townshp
Elijah Dalton

Van Buren County
Village Township
Daniel Dalton

Butler County
Ripley Township
Brutzel E. Dalton

Clayton County
Monoma Township
John Dalton

Clinton County
Olive Township
L. D. Dalton

Davis County
Drakeville Township
Margaret Dalton

Dubuque County
Vernon Township
Margaret Dallton

Fremont County
Ross Township
Samuel Dalton

Howard County
Iowa River Township
O. W. Dalton

Johnson County
Iowa City
Anne Dalton
Patrick Dalton

Lee County
Keokuk, Ward 4
Thomas Dalton

Van Buren Township
John Dalton
Johnathan Dalton

Madison County
Center Township
Francis D. Dalton

Mills County
Oak Township
Eliza Dalton

Monroe County
Guilford Township
Elizabeth Dalton

Muscatine County
Muscatine City
Catharine Dalton
Margaret Dolton

Shelby County
Bowmans Grove
William Dalton

Washington County
Marion Township
James Dalton

Washington Township
Daniel Dolton

Buchanan County
Independence, Ward 4
Thomas Dalton

James Dalton
Patrick F. Dalton

Cherokee County
Cherokee Township
William Dalton

Clayton County
Cass Township
Job Dalton

Monona Township
Ellen Dalton

Clinton County
Bloomfield Township
Jeremiah Dalton

Clinton, Ward 3
Eliza Dalton
John Dalton

Deep Creek Township
William Dalton

Lyons, Ward 4
Patrick Dalton

Olive Township
Peter Dalton

Fayette County
Thomas Dalton

Fremont County
Ross Township
Henry Dalton
William Dalton

John Dalton
Samuel Dalton

Harrison County
Morgan Township
Joseph Dalton

Howard County
Elizabeth Dalton
O. W. Dalton

Iowa County
Hilton Township
James Dalton
Patrick Dalton

Iowa Township
Mary Dalton

Jackson County
Richland Township
Julia Dalton

Johnson County
Iowa, Ward 2
Anna Dalton

Iowa City Township
Peter Dalton

Union Township
Michael Dalton

Keokuk County
Benton Township
William Dalton

Lee County
Fort Madison, Ward 1
Joseph Dalton

Mills County
Glenwood, Ward 1
Charles Dalton
Joseph Dalton
Lydia Dalton

Glenwood, Ward 2
Melinda Dalton

Glenwood Township
Edson Dalton
Isham Dalton
Samuel Dalton

Oak Township
Elijah Dalton

Silver Creek Township
James Dalton

Polk County
Des Moines, Ward 2
John Dolton

Des Moines, Ward 4
John Dalton

Des Moines East, Ward 6
H. M. Dalton
M. Dalton

Pottawattamie County
Council Bluffs, Ward 3
Jane Dalton
J. I. Dalton

Ringgold County
Lincoln Township
Francis Dalton

Shelby County
Jackson Township
H. F. Dalton
James Dalton
Martha Dalton
Mary Dalton

Story County
New Albany Township
Amaziah Dalton

Taylor County
Ross Township
Jole Dawlton

Warren County
Avadun Dalton

Washington County
Daniel Dalton
Marcilla Dalton

Woodbury County
Sioux City
Orson B. Dalton
Thomas E. Dalton
Owen Dalton


Section 1 Daltons enumerated in Iowa

Adams County
Michael Dalton, farmer, 27, b. IRE; wife Ann, 32, b. IRE.

Thomas Dalton, plasterer, 24, b. NY, parents b. NY, enumerated in household of Geo. Mc Cutchen

Allamakee County
William Daulton, farmer, 47, b. ME, fa. b. N. B. CAN, mo. b. IRE; wife Ann, 48, b. N. B., CAN, parents b. IRE;  dau Elizabeth 24, b. MI;  four children b. IA - Edward W. 17; Cealia M. 14; Lyman 11; Nellie 9.

Buchanan County
James Dalton, lawyer, 32, b. OH, parents b. NY;  wide Addie, 26, b. NY, parents b. NY

Calhoun County
John Dalton, farmer, 39, b. IRE; wife Margaret 32, b. WI, parents b. IRE; three children b. WI - Alice 12, Florence 11, and John 9.

Clayton County
Mary Dalton, teacher, 20, b. IA, parents b. IRE; enumerated in household of James Humphrey

R. B. Dalton, clergyman, 57, b. OH, fa. b. VT; wife Marget, 54, b. IN, fa. b.PA, mo. b. PA; daus Lucritia 17 and Rosalee 10, b. IA.

Mary Dalton, teaching school, 20, b. IA, parents b. IRE; enumerated in household of R. W. Randall

Clinton County
John Dalton, blacksmith, 66, b. NY, parents b. IRE; wife Eliza, 42, b. MD, parents b. IRE; eight children, four b. IL - Stephen tinsmith, 19; Margaret E., dressmaker, 15;  Frank 13; John Edwin 11;  two b. IA - Agnes 9; George 7;  two listed as other and b. IA - Katherine 5; and William 3.

Michael Dalton, saw mill wkr., 28, b. IRE; enumerated in boarding house of Margaret Conroy.

Deep Creek
Wm. C. Dalton, farmer, 42, b. CAN, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. CAN;  wife Charlotte, 37, b. CAN, parents b. CAN;  four children b. IA - James 11;  Emma 9; William 7; Edwin 3.

Breget Dalton, servant, 14 b. CAN, parents b. IRE;  sister in law of Thos Merron, farmer, 47, b. IRE; and sister to Catherine Merron, 29, b. CAN, parents b. IRE; four Merron children b. IA.

Peter Dalton, farmer, 60, b. IRE; wife Mary 49, b. IRE; four children - Maggie 16, b. CAN; Julia 10, Joseph 6 and Francis 12 born IA.

Edward Dalton, lab., 16, b. NY, parents b. IRE, enumerated in household of William Hanrahan, farmer.

Crawford County
Thomas Dalton, farm. lab., 25, b. CAN, fa. b. CAN, mo. b. IRE; enumerated on farm of Bartly Mitchel

Mary A. Dalton, at school, 12, b. IA, parents b. IRE; sister in law of Patrick Lynch, farmer, 26, b. IA, parents b. IRE and wife Lizzie, 20, b. CA, parents b. IRE.

Davis County
Margaret Dalton, widow, b. KY, parents b. VA; mother (or mother in law) of Romulus Cloyd, 42, b. KY parents b. KY; wife Julia A. Cloyd 26, b. IA, parents b. VA; dau May 6 and Gracie 11 mos, b. IA;  also a sister, Naomi Moss, 52, b. KY, parents b. KY.

Franklin County
Eugene Dalton, servant lab., 34, b. NY, parents b. IRE; enumerated in household of William Andrews

Howard County
Orsemus W. Dolton, farmer, 46, b. PA, parents b. PA;  wife Victoria, 42, b. NY, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. NH;  six childen b. IA - John H., farmer, 21; Ella V. 15; Julia M. 12; Kittie M. 10; Orsemus W. 8; George E. 2;  mother in law, Eliza Buckland, widow, 78, b. NH, parents b. MA;  nephew George M. Clark, farm wkr., 15, b. WI, fa. b. IL, mo. b. WI.

Iowa County
James J. Dalton, farmer, 36, b. IRE; wife Ellen 35, b. IRE; son John 14, b. TN; dau Mary 9, b. IA; son Patrick 7, b. IL; dau Bridget 2, b. IA.

Iowa City
Patrick Dalton, farmer, 57, b. IRE; wife Mary, 45, b. IRE; six children b. IA - James 21; Richard 19; John 17; Edward 11; Elizabeth 8; and Albert 6.

Johnson County
Iowa City, Ward 2
Ann Dalton, house keeper, single, 50, b. IRE; enumerated in household of Wm. Emmonds, 50, Catholic priest, b. PRUS.

Peter Daulton, farmer, 61, b. ENG; wife Anna, 58, b. ENG; son William 32, b. ENG; son Byron 22, and dau Mary 17, b. NJ.

Keokuk County
Robert Dalton, farmer, 30, b. IN, parents b. IN; wife Susan 28, b. IA, parents b. NY;  son Lewis 8 and dau Lena 2, b. IA.

Kossuth County
Michael B. Dalton, retail grocer, 45, b. NY, parents b. IRE;  wife Pamelia A., 35, b. WI, parents b. NY; son Guy L., 12, b. IA; son E.. R. 7, b. MN.

Lee County
Keokuk, Ward 2
Susan Dalton, widow, 38, b. IA, fa. b. IN, mo. b. ENG; others Dell Drayton, dressmaker, b. OH and Molly Singleton,, servant B. 22, b. MO.

Lucas County
James E. Dalton, tailor, b. IE, fa.b. ENG, mo. b. IRE, single; enumerated in household of William Y. Barber, tailor.

Madison County
John Dalton, stone cutter, 30, b. IL, parents b. KY; wife Alice 21, b. IA, fa. b. VT, mo. b. IN.

Mahaska County
Sarah Dalton, house keeper, 20, b. MD, parents b. ENG; enumerated in househod of Wm. Lindly, banker.

Oskaloosa, Ward 2
Patrick Dalton, foreman, 39, b. IRE; wife Bridget, 39, b. IRE; six children - Mary Ann 13, John 12, and Josephine 10 all b. NJ;  Ellen 7, William P. 6, and James M. 4, all b. IA.

Marion County
Red Rock
Henry Dalton, farm lab., 42, b. IL, parents b. OH;  wife Jane 41, b. IL, parents b. NY;  five children - sons John 12 and David 10, b. IL; sons Arra 8, Evert 3, and Birdie O. 1, b. IA.

Samuel Dalton, farmer, 38, b. IL, parents b. KY;  wife Hannah, 31, b. OH, parents b. OH;  five children b. IA - Lucy 13; Hettie 11; Reuben 7; Cora 5; and Mary 1; brother William Myers, 40, b. OH, parents b. OH.

Mills County
F. E. Tyson, policeman, 36, b. OH, parents b. VA; wife Julia A. 25, b. IA, parents b. ENG; on O. N. Tyson, 4 mos., b. IA;  step son W. E. Dalton, 4, b. IA and step dau Cora Dalton, 6, b. IA.

John Dalton, lab., 35, b IL, parents b. IL; wife Nora 20, b IL, fa. b. OH, mo. b. IN;  daus Madie 3 and Pollie 2, b. IA.

Edward Dalton, farm lab., 24, b. IL, fa. b. KY, mo. b. IL; wife M. E. Dalton, 22, b. IA, fa. b. IL, mo. b. OH; son Charles L. 7 mos., b. IA.

Elija Dalton, farmer, 64, b. KY, parents b. VA; wife Sarah, 64, b. KY, fa. b. VA, mo. b. KY; son Phileinder L. 25, b. IA, lab.;  other George W. Dalton, div., 40. b. IN, parents b. KY.

Franklin Dalton, lab., 37, b. IN, parents b. KY;  wife Bitha A., 32, b. IL, fa. b. VA, mo. b. IL;  two children b. IA - Turley J. 8 and Ada C. 6.

Pacific City
Isom Dalton, farm lab., 45, b. KY, fa. b. VA, mo. b. MO;  wife Sarah 39, b. MO, parents b. OH; eight children, five b. IL - Nina J., teacher, 21; Alice 19, teacher; George, lab., 17; Mira 14; Clemma 11;  three born IA- Freddie 9; Grace 5; and Agustus 2.

Mitchell County
Thomas Dalton, farmer, 42, b. IRE; wife Ellen 37, b. IRE;  six children - two b. WI - Frank 17; and Mark 15;  four b. IA - Etta 11; Katie 9; Joseph 7; and Nary/Mary 1.;   father Thomas Dalton, widower, 95, helps on farm b. IRE.

Montgomery County
Jas. M. Dalton, farming, 55, b. OH, parents b. VA;  wife Elzabeth, 51, b. OH, fa. b. GA, mo. b. VA;  son John, farmer, 25, b. IL; son Richard, farmer, 21, b. IL; dau Ettie, 15, b. IL;  other Matilda Triplet, dom servant, and sister in law, single, 46, b. OH, parents b. VA.

Muscatine County
Patrick Dalton, farmer, 47, b. IRE;  wife Mary 34, b. KY, parents b. IRE;  four children b. IA - James 5; Lewis 4; Gratton 3; and Rose 11 mos.  other Quill Johnson, lab., 25, b. IA, parents b. OH.

Plymouth County
Le Mars
Harold Dalton, 29, farmer, single, b. ENG, enumerated in household of William Dodson

Patrick Dalton, bnker, 41, b. IRE; wife Mary, 36, b. OH, parents b. OH;  sons Edwin A. 10, and Ralph 3, b. IA;  other Frederick E. Shaw, bank clerk, 29, b. NY, fa. b. MA, mo b. CT.

Henry M. Dalton, cotton broker, 26 b. England;  and Alfred E. Dalton, civil engineer, 21 b. ENG;  both enumerated in  household of John Fairfax.

Polk County
Michel Dalton, rr boss, 43, b. IRE; wife Kate, 40, b. IRE;  three boarders.

Pottawattamie county
Council Bluffs
A. Daulton, lab., 26, b. IA, parents b. KY;  wife Laura, 23, b. IA, parents b. IN:  son Willie 4 and dau Lottie 1 both b. IA;  sister Nancy Daulton, 13, b. IA, parents b. KY.

John Dalton, farmer. 43, b. IN, parents b. KY; wife Jane, 39, b. OH, fa. b. NY, mo. b. PA;  three children and a nephew b. IA -  Ella 17;  Eddie 15;  Estella 13;  nephew Lee Turner, 3 b. IA.

George Daulton, farmer, 50, b. PA, parents b. PA;  wife Ann, 51, b. PA,  parents b. NJ;  five children - three b. PA - Willie, lab., 18;  James 11; and Mary Ann 10;  two children b. MO - Susen 5; and Nellie 3. two other laborers.

Ringgold County
Avadnia Dalton, servant, 23, b. IA, parents b. OH: enumerated in household of Catharine Lavery.

Francis Dalton, farmer, 50, b. KY, fa. b. VA, mo. b. KY;  wife Marrah S. 47, b. IL, parents b. KY;  dau Lucy J. 5, b. MO.

James Dalton, farmer, 50, b. OH, parents b. VA; wife Margaret, 49, b. PA, parents b. PA;  son Josiah B. 17, b. OH;  cousin Wm. Mc Maken, farm wkr., 23, b. OH, parents b. OH.

Scott County
William Dalton, farm lab., 25, b. CAN, parents b. IRE; enumerated on farm of David Vannest.

Davenport, Ward 6
John Dolton, saloon keeper, 35, b. COREY ISLANDS; wife Mary 20, b. IA, parents b. IRE; dau Nellie, 2, b. IA; two other laborers.

District 148
John H. Dalton, farmer, 24, b. IL, parents b. OH; enumerated on farm of Wm. A. Rouse 23, also b. IL, parents.b. OH.

Shelby County
Alice Dalton, at school, 18, b. IA, parents b. NC; enumerated in household of Ben I Kinsey, postmaster.

J. R. Dalton, farmer, 57, b. KY, parents b. TN;  wife Emma, 49, b. KY, parents b. MO; five children b. IA - May M 16;  Henry C. 14;  John S. 12;  Nancy J. 11; and Geo. M. 8.

Harvey Dalton, farmer, 56, b. KY, parents b. VA;  wife Maria, 50, b. OH, parents b. VA;  four children b. IA - Fannie 15;  Augusta 12;  Nettie 8;  George, farmer, 24;  two gr sons, b. IA - Albert 2 and Wilbert 2.

Taylor County
John Dalton, farmer, 39, b. NY, parents b. NJ;  wife Nancy A. 29, b. IA, fa. b. IA, mo. b. NY;  three children b. IA - Clara J. 6;  Grace A. 2;  and John M. 5 mos.

Whitmen Dalton, farmer, 30, b. IL, fa. b. NY;  wife Elebella, 30, b. IA, fa. b. PA, mo. b. NJ;  other Fred Dalton, 5, b. IA, fa. b. IL, mo. b. IA.

Dan Dalton, farmer, 53, b. OH, fa. b. VA, mo. b. OH;  wife Nancy, 45, b. OH, parents b. OH;  five children b. IA - Avadnia 23;  Bell 21;  Robbert 11;  Harry 6;  and Gerry 5.

G. Dalton, wks on farm, 15, b. IA, parents b. VT; enumerated on farm of T. J. Sutton.

Thomas E. Dalton, plasterer, self, single, 33 b. NY, parents b. IRE.

Melvin E. Dalton, farmer, 24, b. IA, parents b. NY; mother, Mary J. Dalton, ret., widow, 50, b. NY, parents b. PA;  sister, Mary P. Dalton, mar., keeping house, 27, b. IA, parents b. NY.

William H. Dalton, farmer, 33, b. NY, parents b. NY;  wife Lucy 29, b. IN, parents b. IN;  three children b. IA - Minnie 6; Milo E. 4; and John F. 3.

Troy County
Michael Dalton, pauper, 41, b. IRE; enumerated under Charles Seaton, keeper of poor house.

Union County
Jas. Dalton, mechanic, 22. b. IRE; enumerated under Robenson T. Carry with other tradesmen.

Jas. Dalton, lab., 21, b. IL, parents b. NY; enumerated under farmer, Jas. Shields.

Van Buren County
H. Joel Tacey, post master, 47, b. OH, parents b. VA; wife Mary 42, b. IA, parents b. KY;  mother in law Nancy Dalton, widow, 68, b. KY, fa. b. NC.

Wapello County
Ottumwa, Ward 1
Joseph I Dalton, cooper, 47, b. IN;  wife Mary E., 44, b. PA, parents b. VA;  five children b. IA - Jennie 23, Effa 19 and John 17, work in ruffle mfg;  Nellie 6 and Minnie 4.

Section II  Daltons who were born in Iowa and enumerated in other states.


Contra Costa County
John Dalton, miner, 39, b. IRE; wife Mary 39, b. ENG; son John, 10, b. IA; son Richard 5. b. IA; son James 9 mos. b. CA.

Mono County
Henry Dalton, lab., 27, b. IA, fa. b. NY, mo. b. ME; enumerated with other laborers under John W. Spears.

San Joaquin
Samuel Dalton, farm lab., 40, b. TN, parents b. TN;  wife Rebecca, 36, b. IN, fa. b. IN, mo. b. CAN; dau Carrie B. 16, b. IA; son John L. 13, b. NV; son Charles F. 2, b. CA.


Fremont County
Canyon City
Jasper Dalton, lab., 24, b. OH, fa. b. OH; wife Norah, 17, b. IA, fa. b. OH, mo. b. IN;


Coles County
William Dalton, lab., 46, n. OH, parents b. OH; wife, Elizabet, 55, b. TN, fa. b. NC, mo. b. TN; son Alonzo M. 24, b. IN;  son Louis 22, b. IL;  son Charles 18 and dau Alice 18, b. IA.

Hancock County
Lafayette C. Dalton, farmer, 41, b. TN, fa. b. SC, mo. b. VA;  wife Sarah E. 41, b. IN, fa. b. OH, mo. b. VA; dau Annette J., 15, b. IA.

Knox County
Galesburg, Ward 3
Joseph Dalton, carriage painter, 54, b. DC, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. MD; wife Margaret, 48, b. IA, parents b. PA;  step son, Claire Brisbine, 21, b. IL, fa. b. OH;  son Edwin Dalton, 11, b. IL; dau Mary 9, b. IA.

Wayne County
Inidian Prairie
John Dalton, farmer, 27, b. IL, fa. b. TN, mo. b. OH;  wife Lucy 22, b. IA, parents b. IA;  daus Lunella 1 and Lilly Belle Yo HO, fa. b. IL, mo. b. TN


Marion County
Indianapolis, Ward 6
Mary Dalton, photog. studio wkr., 20, b. IA, parents b. IN;  sister in law of Enoch Worman, stock dealer, 44 and wife Jennie Worman, 31, b IN; Worman children and niece.


Osborne County
William Dolton, farmer, 50, b. IN, fa. b. TN, mo. b. KY; wife Elizabeth R. 49, b. NY, parents b. NY; son William A. 18, b. IA, fa. b. IN, mo. b. SC; other Elizabeth R. Depuy, 14, b. NY, parents b. NY.

Mitchell County
Turkey Creek
James H. Dalton, farmer, 30, b. MO, parents. b. KY; wife Mary E., 29, b. IA, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. OH;  four children  - Arrilia Mary 6,  James Guy 4, and Elvira M. all b. IA;  dau Sarah E. 7 mos., b. KS.


Barry County
Flat Creek
Sarah Dalton, widow, 24, b. IA, parents b. TN; son George E. C. Dalton,1, b. MO, fa. b. MS, mo. b. IA;  Sarah dau of Alfred R. Mills 50 b. TN and mother Lydda Mills, 46, b. TN, fa. b. TN, mo. b. NC; Mills sons and grandsons enumerated.

Butler County
Poplar Bluff
Amzat Dalton, farmer, 50, b. MO, parents b. TN;  wife Jane, 43, b. IL, parents b. OH;  dau Mary M. 20, b. IA;  son Lewis F. 17, b. IA;  dau Rosana 13, b. IL;  son Isam 2, b. IL;  son John R., farmer, 22, b. IL;  dau in law Isabelle Dalton, 16, b. MO; other Mary Dalton, 1 b. MO.


Custer County
Fort Custer
Alice Dalton, 25, b. IA, parents b. IA; listed as other under Wm. C. Rawolle, Officer USA


Cass County
Weeping Water
John Dalton, farming, 32, b. ENG; wife Susan H. 36, b. OH, fa. b. VT, mo. b. CT;  sons George W. 4, and Jay H. 1, both b. IA.

Clay County
David W. Dalton, 40, saloon keeper, b. OH, fa. b. IRE; mo. b. US;  wife Almira, 27, b. IN, fa. b. OH, mo. b. IN;  daus Blancha 9, and Grace, 8, both b. IA.

Saunders County
Clear Creek
Edward Dalton, stone mason, 46, b. IRE;  wife Mary M. 32, b. MD, parents b. PRU; dau Mary 13, b. IA;  five children b. NE - Catherine 9;  Edmund 7;  John 6;  James J. 3;  Hannah 1;  brother John Dalton, stone mason, single, 56, b. IRE.

Thomas Dalton, farmer, 58, b. IRE;  wife Bridget, 47, b. NY, parents b. IRE; son John 25, works on farm, 25, b. IL;  son Joseph 21, works on farm b. IA;  son Michael 14, b. IL;  Patric 12 and Ellen 10, b. IA;  Thomas 8 and Clara 6, b. NE.


Lorain County
Ira Whitney, 70 b. MA, parents b. MA; wife Susan 70, b. MA, parents b, MA; dau Susan Dalton, mar., 36, b. OH;  gr sons George Dalton,4 and Henry Dalton, 2 b. IA.


Piute County
Orsen Dalton, farmer, 28, b. UT, fa. b. MI, mo. b. MO; wife Francise, 28, b. IA, parents b. ENG; dau Ellenor 8, son Orson 5 and son George F., 10 mos all b. UT Terr.


Laramie County
Muddy Creek
Henry Dalton, lab., 20, b. IA, arents b. NY, enumerated with many other laborers under Francis Garcia.


Adams County
M. Dalton, 31, mar., b. IRE;  and Ann Dalton, mar., 32, b. IRE,  Family #139

Calhoun Coounty
John L. Dalton, 43, mar., b. IRE, naturalized:  Margrette Dalton, mar., 37, b. WI; Alice Dalton, age 17, b. WI;  Florence Dalton, 15, b. WI; John Dalton, 14, b. WI;  Family #89

Crawford County
Thomas Dalton, 28, single, b. Clinton, IA; James Dalton,26, single b. Clinton, IA;  Family #89

Fremont  County
William S. Dalton, 46, mar., b. ENG, naturalized;  Sarah A. Dalton, 45, mar., b. ENG;  Hattie Dalton, 16, b. Fremont Co; Joseph Dalton, 14, b. Fremont Co.; Anna D. Dalton, 12, b. Fremont Co.; Frank 9, b. Fremont Co.; Joseph Dalton, age 26, single, alien;  Family # 47.

Henry Dalton, 41, mar., b. ENG, naturalized;  Elizabeth K. Dalton, 31, mar., b. ENG;  Charles Dalton, 8, b. Fremont Co.; Samuel Dalton, 6, b. Fremont Co.;  William Dalton, 4, b. Fremont Co.;
Frederick Dalton, age 1 b. Fremont Co.  Family # 51

Locust Grove
Jasper N. Dalton, 31, single., b. IL;  Family # 6.

Kossuth County
Michael B. Dalton, 50, mar., b. NY;  Pamelia Dalton, 41, mar., b. WI; Guy L. Dalton, 16, b. Kossuth Co.; Ell R. Dalton (male) 11, b. MN;  Clair L. Dalton, 3, b. Kossuth Co., Family 51


James Dalton, Vol.1-Page 9, Dist. Allamakee Co. Waukon IA, born Great Britain-Ireland, naturalized Mar. 10-1851

Martin Dalton, Vol.1-Page 32-33, Dist. Allamakee Co. Waukon IA, born Ireland, naturalized June 8-1853

Martin Dalton, Vol.1-Page 9, Dist. Allamakee Co. Waukon IA, born Great Britain-Ireland, naturalized Mar. 10-1851

Albert James Dalton, 1101 S. 8th St. Lyons IA, P-218, Dist. Clinton Co. Clinton IA, born England Aug. 30, 1883, naturalized March 22, 1918

Peter Dalton, Vol.2 Pg. 309, Cir. Clinton Co. Clinton IA, born  Ireland, naturalized Oct. 1, 1886

Patrick Dalton, vol.-3 Pg.-423 (Minor), Dist. Ct. IA Co. Marengo IA, born Ireland, naturalized April 5, 1887

John Dalton, Def. Rec. Cir. #Y Pg 602, Dist. Mahaska Co. Oskaloosa IA, born Ireland, naturalized Nov. 1, 1876

Martin Dalton, Nat & Mar. Vol 4 Pg. 68, Dist. Upper Lee Co. Ft. Madison IA, born Ireland, naturalized Nov. 1, 1856


from Marti Garcia

Laurel Hill Cemetery
Oct 14 1913,  Alberta E.  Dalton
May 26, 1936 , Bert Dalton
Oct 13, 1938 , Claude Ray Dalton
Sep 27, 1938, Claudine Mae Dalton
Sep 25, 1939, Cornelius Bradle Dalton

Feb 24, 1961 , Dorothea Jennie Dalton
Dec 07, 1915, Henry Dalton
Apr 05, 1926, Jane Dalton
May 27,1952, Thomas Dalton

Woodland Cemetery
Oct 05,1906, Avery Dalton
Apr 01,1957, Henry William Dalton
Oct 19,1902, Child Dalton
Oct 08,1946 , Josie Dalton
Nov 20,1907, William H. Dalton


Des Moines
Harry Dalton, coal miner, 1404 Walker, 1889-90
Nellie Dalton, dressmakerrr, 1342 Lyon, 1889-91
Patrick Dalton, Union. Pac. RR Co., 1336 Vine 1889-91
James M. Dalton, Des Moines Leader, 1330 Vine, 1891

Carmean Dalton, boards 509 e 4th  1891-93

Sioux City
Joseph J. Dalton, cooper, Correctionville Rd, 1889-09


Section I   Daltons whose SS# was issued in IA and whose last residence was IA.

Black Hawk County
Douglas E. Dalton, 26 Jul 1932-9 Jun 1997, Waterloo
Hazel Dalton, 31 Jul 1909-Feb 1982, Waterloo

Boone County
Howard L. Dalton, 20 Jul 1932-16 Jun 1999, Madrid
Myrtle Dalton, 20 May 1913-Jun 1983, Madrid

Buena Vista County
Della Dalton, 5 Dec 1885-Aug 1976, Storm Lake

Calhoun County
Joseph Dalton, 8 Aug 1915-Dec 1984, Manson

Cass County
Robert Dalton, 13 Jul 1912- Jan 1979, Atlantic

Clinton County
Denise Dalton, 28 Sep 1964-Jan 1985, De Witt
Ellen Dalton, 6 Oc 1885-Jan 1976, Clinton
Francis Dalton, 18 Jan 1908- Nov 1970, Clinton
George Dalton, 15 Jan 1912-Dec 1975, Clinton
Gerald L. Dalton, 9 Jul 1918- 31 May 1988, Clinton
Jason L. Dolton, 17 Nov 1971-13 Nov 1999, Clinton
Joan Dalton, 17 Dec 1928-Jun 1987, Clinton

Delaware County
Stella Dalton, 8 Aug 1886-Sep 1971, Manchester

Des Moines County
Alta M. Dalton, 17 May 1906-29 Jan 1994, Burlington

Dubuque County
Madonna G. Dalton, 26 Sep 1924-25 Feb 2001, Dubuque

Fremont County
Albert Dalton, 21 Jun 1899-Jan 1966, Tabor
Bernice Dalton, 3 Oct 1889-Jun 1977, Hamburg
Beulah Dalton, 2 Jul 1915-Dec 1982, Hamburg
Blanch Dalton, 15 Dec 1904-Mar 1978, Tabor
Brice Dalton, 18 Jul 1902-Feb 1970, Sidney

Charles M. Dalton, 20 May 1916-13 Aug 1996, Tabor
Kathryn Dalton, 22 Jun 1926-3 Dec 1998, Sidney
M. W. Dalton, 20 Dec 1914-27 Jul 2000, Hamburg
Marie Dalton, 5 Feb 1900-Oct 1981, Tabor
Ralph C. Dalton, 11 Apr 1921- 24 Sep 1998, Randolph

Jackson County
Berneda Dalton, 25 Feb 1905-May 1969, Miles
Lester Dalton, 4 Oct 1899-Aug 1978, Miles
Vioa Dalton, 16 Oct 1975-Oct 1968, Preston

Jasper County
Mabel G. Dalton, 21 Sep 1905-24 Jun 2000, Kellogg

Johnson County
Carl Dalton, 9 Jan 1911-Nov 1987, Oxford
Dorothy Dalton, 2 Dec 1903-Oct 1975, Iowa City
Frances Dalton, 27 Dec 1901-May 1978, Iowa City
James Dalton 24 Mar 1902-May 1867, Iowa City
Vincent J. Dalton, 20 Jun 1929-15 Apr 1995, Iowa City
Wilbert Dalton, 3 Nov 1921-Jan 1986, Iowa City

Linn County
Doran C. Dalton, 28 Oct 1918-19 Apr 1998, Cedar Rapids

Mills County
Clarence A. Dalton, 27 Oct 1916-22 May 1998, Glenwood
Wilma M. Dalton, 18 May 1923-26 Apr 1996, Glenwood

Plymouth County
Dorothy E. Dalton, 5 Jul 1907-28 Feb 1993, Akron
J. Dalton, 3 Jun 1900-Apr 1984, Akron
Lavern S. Dalton, 23 Sep 1912-4 Jan 2001, Le Mars

Polk County
A. Dalton, 16 Apr 1932- May 1993, Des Moines
Bettie Dalton, 24 Nov 1926-Jun 1984, last benefit, Des Moines
Claude Dalton, 8 Apr 1911- Jul 1974, Des Moines
D. Dalton, 23 Jul 1990-Jun 1997, Des Moines
Donna M. Dalton, 8 Nov 1940-4 Jan 1994, Des Moines

Freddie Dalton, 25 Apr 1940- Jun 1986, Des Moines
George H. Dalton, 14 Dec 1924-1 May 1997, Des Moines
Mae O. Dalton, 28 Jul 1917-21 Apr 1988, Des Moines
Richard Dalton, 24 Dec 1900-Sep1983, West Des Moines
Ruth Dalton, 20 Sep 1919- 12 Sep 1997, Des Moines

Pottawattamie County
Albert Daulton, 4 Feb 1877-Jan 1969, Des Moines
Allie Dalton, 7 Dep 1887-Mar 1977, Council Bluffs
Betty Dalton, 14 Aug 1923- Jul 1974, Council Bluffs
Charles Dalton, 3 Feb 1895-Aug 1975, Council Bluffs
Clarence Dalton, 24 Nov 1903- Jul 1980, Council Bluffs
Clyde Dalton, 4 Jul 1901-May 1971, Council Bluffs
Martha M. Dalton, 13 Aug 1899-11 Aug 1997, Council Bluffs

Ringgold County
Gail Dalton, 1 Jul 1892-May 1970, Benton
Kate Dalton, 4 Apr 1891-Dec 1972, Benton

Scott County
Charles Dalton, 9 Jun 1884- Oct 1969, Eldridge
James J. Dalton, 24 Jan 1919- 15 Feb 1996, Le Claire
Loren Dalton, 16 Mar 1924-Jan 1976, Eldridge
Mary Dalton, 14 Jan 1889-Nov1967, Bettendorf

Ola Dalton, 23 Dec 1997-Feb 1977, Davenport
Richard Dalton, 2 May 1922-Jan 1970, Le Claire
Richard K. Dalton, 29 Mar 1939-23 Apr 1997, Davenport
William F. Dalton, 3 Jun 1920-13 Jan 2002, Davenport

Sioux County
Mary Dalton, 30 Jan 1904- Jun 1976, Hawarden
Thomas Dalton, 24 May 1912-Nov 1965, Hawarden

Taylor County
Oma Dalton, 17 Jun 1899-Oct 1985, Bedford

Union County
Mabel Dalton, 9 Apr 1884-Feb 1967, Creston

Wapello County
Donald Dolton, 8 Jan 1911-Jan 1976, Ottumwa
Dorothy M. Dolton, 5 Feb 1916-28 Feb 1999, Ottumwa
Irvin Dolton, 2 Dec 1917- 22 Jun 2000, Ottumwa
Mabel Dolton, 6 Feb 1888-Apr 1976, Ottumwa
Robert Dolton, 31 Jan 1906-Mar 1973, Ottumwa

Winnebago County
Rose Dalton, 3 Sep 1905-Nov 1974, Forest City

Winneshiek County
Blanche Colton, 27 Mar 1897-Sep 1987, Calmar

Section IA - Daltons whose SS# was issued in Iowa but last place of residence not specified.

It may be learned by visiting the SSDI web site and and requesting information through SS# listed.

Albert J. Dalton, 25 Aug 1922-3 Feb 1990
Aurel L. Dalton, 26 Apr 1916-24 Oct 1989
Bernice A. Dalton, 30 Jul 1928-4 Jun 1992
Bryan Dalton, 4 Oct 1896-Jun 1958
Camilla D. Dalton, 4 Dec. 1906-3 Nov 1992

Charles H. Dalton, 9 Nov 1923-20 Mar 1992
Clarence E. Dalton, 5 May 1915-19 Geb 1992
Cynthis Dalton, 16 Oct 1906-May 1877
Donald L. Dalton, 20 Nov 1932-11 Sep 1991
Georgia G. 20 Nov 1947-23 Sep 1998

Gladys Dalton, 13 Dec 1919-Nov 1981
Gladys L. Dalton, 29 Mar 1910- 19 Nov 1991
Harold Dalton, 3 May 1908-Feb 1951
Harold Dalton, 7 May 1916-Jan 1975
James H. Dalton, 22 Apr 1929-25 Jan 1992

John Dalton, 6 Jan 1938- Aug 1974
John F. Dalton,14 Dec 1924- 24 Feb 1989
John H. Dalton, 16 Dec 1910-5 Mar 1989
Joyce A. Dalton, 23 Jan 1935-15 Oct 1990
Larry Dalton, 24 Dec 1942-Jun 1968

Lisa R. Dalton, 4 Sep 1978-23 Nov 1998
Lucille Dalton, 24 Oct 19210Jun 1977
Marie E. Dalton, 7 Sep 1904-21 Sep 1992, zip 33963
Marilyn Dalton, 4 Dec 1948-Apr 1984
Maxine G. Dalton, 9 Jan 1917-4 Jul 1992

Merritt M. Dalton, 6 Jul 182-25 Oct 1990
Myrna M. Dalton, 4 Jan 1914- Nov 1991
N. E. Dalton, 15 Apr 1926-15 Mar 1989
Nellie Dalton, 14 May 1927-Dec 1971
Orland Dalton, 5 Jul 1905- Jan 1962

Orma Dalton, 20 Jul 1897-Nov 1963 (Iowa)
R. D. Dalton, 2 Dec 1942-Jun 1001
Robert L. Dalton, 1 Oct 1959-12 Oct 1994
Rodney L. Dalton, 4 Dec 1974-2 Nov 1996
Walter Dalton, 9 Oct 1917-Jan 1975

Wanda L. Dalton, 12 Feb 1947-19 sep 1998
William L. Dalton, 29 Mar 1924- 5 Jun 1990
Wilmer Dalton, 16 Aug 1900-Jan 1955

Section II  - Daltons whose SS# was issued in IOWA and whose last place of residence  was out of state.


Maricopa County
Lewis Dalton, 27 Mar 1914-May 1985, Mesa, last benefit, Hermosa.
Leo A. Dalton, 11 Oct 1904-4Nov 2001, Fountain Hills
Virginia A. Dalton, 17 Dec 1909-5 Sep 1990, Phoenix

Pima County
Elizabeth Dalton, 9 Jan 1910-Dec 1978, Tucson. last benefit Chandler


Baxter County
Harold Dalton, 22 Dec 1931-Mar 1986, Mountain Home

Benton County
Joseph K. Dalton, 12 Jul 1925-20 Jan 2002, Rogers

Garland County
Harold Dalton, 7 Nov 1905-3 Sep 1996, Hot Springs National Park

Sharp County
Evcening Shade
Duane Dalton, 3 Sep 1928-Sep 1981, only last benfit place cited


Alameda County
Althea Dalton, 27 Jul 1900-Jun 1980, Oakland

Los Angeles County
Patti Dalton, 22 Sep 1928-Jun 1987, Alhambra
Sara Dalton, 13 Jun 1919-Jun 1975, Glendale
Ernest dalton, 2 Nov 1926- Oct 1980, Lakewood

Orange County
Vava G. Dalton, 6 Jul 1906-30 Jun 1999, Fullerton

Sacramento County
Norma Dalton, 21 Dec 1921-Jul 1983, Sacramento

San Bernardino County
Lorraine L. Dalton, 11 Aug 1928-1Feb 2000, Earp

San Diego County
Leonard Dalton, 28 Jun 1918-16 Apr 1996, Spring Valley

Shasta County
B. Dalton, 22 Feb 1964-Apr 1994, Redding

Solano County
Marjorie Dalton, 22 Nov 1918-Mar 1986, Vacaville


Jefferson County
Violet H. Dalton, 18 Mar 1914-17 Apr 2002, Arvada


Broward County
Larry Dalton, 6 May 1944-Jul 1975, Fort Lauderdale

Sarasota County
Gladys M. Dalton, 28 Jul 1910-27 Sep 1992, Englewood


Carroll County
Burton Dalton, 4 Jan 1911-Apr 1977, Savanna

Cook County
Gladys S. Daulton, 19 Sep 1908-23 Jan 1996, Grove Village
Ray C. Daulton, 21 Feb 1906-14 Jun 1994, Grove Village
Mary I. Dalton, 7 May 1921-7 Oct 1996, Chicago
Richard T. Dalton, 25 Sep 1898-16 Jun 1996, Glenview

Hancock County
Truman Dalton, 2 Dec 18990Mar 1978, Hamilton
Charles E. Dalton, 28 Jul 192202 Feb 1998

Henderson County
Elmer Dalton, 21 Apr 1996-Nov 1969, Stronghurst
L. A. Dalton, 6 Nov 1902-17 Mar 1990, Carman

Henry County
Lee E. Dalton, 28 May 1921-Feb 1995, Genesco

Knox County
Edith M. Dalton, 19 Jun 1906-27 May 1993, Galesburg

Rock Island County
Robert V. Dalton, 15 Oct 1926-20 May 1997, Moline

Tazewell County
John Dalton, 8 Dec 1899-Nov 1977, Pekin

Warren County
Jessie Dalton, 11 Aug 1887-Dec 1972, Monmouth


Wyandotte County
Carl Dalton, 18 Nov 1890-Feb 1972, Kansas City


Montgomery County
John R. Dalton, 28 Sep 1904-23 Apr 1994, Silver Spring


Dakota County
Charlene Dalton, 26 Nov 1953-Sep 1985, last benefit St. Paul

Houston County
Matthew Dalton, 4 Feb 1971-13 Sep 1994, La Crescent

Ramsey County
Edna B Dolton, 11 Oct 1905-4 Nov 1996, Saint Paul
Violet Dalton, 3 Apr 1918-)ct 1982, Saint Paul


Greene County
Kenneth J. Dalton, 10 Feb 1918-25 Feb 2000, Springfield

Henry County
Vada Dalton, 15 May 1909-Mar 1993, Clinton

St. Charles County
Gracie D. Dalton, 30 Jun 1931-5 Mar 1995, St. Charles


Cedar County
Joyce Dalton, 1 Feb 1929-18 Oct 200, Laurel

Douglas County
James Dalton, 9 Nov 1907-Sep 1970, Omaha
Alice Dalton, 31 Aug 1908-Mar 1985, Omaha


Washoe County
John C. Dalton, 28 Sep 1930-26 Jun 2000, Reno


Traill County
John Dalton, 3 Jun 1900-Jun 1983, Mayville


Bexar County
Mary E. Dalton, 17 Aug 1877-Dec 1968, San Antonio

Cass County
Bernard Dalton, 17 Jul 1914-Apr 1978, Avinger

Tarrant County
Floyd C. Dalton, 6 Dec 1906-13 Oct 1995, Arlington


Island County
Verda Dalton, 28 Dec 1913-May 1986, Freeland


Campbell County
Pauline M. Dalton, 13 Aug 1913-3 OCt 2001, Gillette

Section III  Daltons whose SS# was issued out of state and whose last residence was Iowa.

State of Issue  and place of last residence.

Philip Dalton, 7 Jul 1910- Sep 1985, Cherokee County, Marcus

John J. Dalton, 25 Mar 1923-24 Jul 1996, Delaware County, Delhi
Kenneth Dalton, 4 Oct 1909-Oct 1972, Clinton County, De Witt
Melvin Dalton, 12 Aug 1910- Oct 1983, Polk County, Des Moines
Suzanne L. Dalton, 14 Dec 1924-1 Nov 1993, Scott County, Eldridge
Valeria M. Dalton, 11 May 1910-27 Apr 2000, Guthrie County, Panora
Vallie Dalton, 1 Jan 1891-Jan 1982, HEnry County, Hillsboro

Arhur Dalton, 30 Jul 1902-Feb 1984, Pottawattamie County, Council Bluffs

Amy Dalton, 14 Jun 1886-Mar 1977, Lee County, Madison, IA;  last benefit, Kahoka, Clark County, MO.

Mabel Dalton, 25 Jun 1910-22 Mar 1996, Pottawattamie, Cunty, Council Bluffs
Margaret M. Dalton, 12 Jan 1917-6 Dec 1995, Hardin County, Eldora
William Dalton, 31 Jul 1907- Apr 1981, Linn County, Marion

New Jersey
Hazel C. Dalton, 30 Sep 1912- 4 Dec 1991, Linn County, Cedar Rapids

New York
Ella J. Dalton, 17 Jun 1918-25 Apr 2002, Scott County, Bettendorf
Nancy W. Dalton, 9 Jun 1912-5 Mar 1998, Crawford County, Denison

Donald Dalton, 15 Feb 1909-Jun 1982, Story County, Ames

South Dakota
Gailard Dalton, 10 Jan 1936- 27 Feb 1996, Scott County, Eldridge

John Dalton, 21 Oct 1893-Jan 1098, Clinton County, Clinton
Mary E. Dalton, 26 Jul 1940-8 Feb 1996, Fremont County, Hamburg

Long-time or retired railroad workers
Byron Dalton, 8 Mar 1905-Feb 1968, Johnson County, Iowa City

United States

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