Gold was first discovered in the Idaho region in 1860 and the migration began. The U. S. Congress made it a territory in 1863 and gave it statehood in 1890. Daltons were miners and farmers. From the following data it is apparent that their presence began to increase at the turn of the 20th Century. Dalton investments in land commenced in 1897 and many were owners of quarter sections or 160 acres that were most likely devoted to crop farming. The larger acreages were more likely to be livestock ranches.

There are 330 surnames in this file. Births by County of Record were added to the Marriage data but most birth and marriage records can only be obtained at the record office. Mike Dalton of Oregon has contributed Death Cerificate Records that also contain detailed information on the birthplaces of individuals and of their parents.. Use the section links, the "Find on this page..." button below, or the Edit/Find function of your browser to search. It is the onus of the user to verify all data.


1880 US Census



Deaths & Burials

Death Certificates 1911- 1931

Social Security Death Index

Civilian Draft Registrations 1917-1918

Land Patents

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County Map of Idaho:

1880 US Census of Idaho    Top

There were four Daltons in the 1880 U. S. Census of Idaho and there were no Daltons in the entire U. S. Census who were born in the state.

Joseph Dalton is enumerated as the brother in law of Charles Robesen in the Robesen household at Montpelier in Bear Lake County. He was born in 1861 in Utah and his father was born in MO and mother in NY

Aaron A. Dalton is enumerated with two daughters, May and Mary K. in Clear Creek, Cassia County. Aaron was born in NY in 1823. His father was born in NY and mother was born in MA.

Amy was born in MA in 1868 and Mary K. was born in IL in 1821 Their mother was born in VA.

The above entries can be viewed on FHL Film 1254173 or National Archives Film T-9-0173.

Births by County of Record    Top

Bannock County of Record
Voyla Dalton, b. 14 Jul 1897, dau of John Luther Dalton and Amy Edgely, Pocatello
Raymond Earl Daltnm b. 23 Apr 1900, son of  John A. Dalton and Elizabeth J. Cook, Grace
Clyde Elmer Dalton, b. 21 Jun 1903, son of  John A. Dalton and Elizabeth J. Cook Grace
Donald E. Dalton, b.5 Aug 1910, sone of John Luther Dalton and  Zula E Grow, Pocatello

Bear Lake County of Record
Charles Leroy Dalton, b. 25 Mar 1892, son of Charles S. Dalton and Sarah J. Davis, Montpelier
Audrey Dalton, b. 4 Mar 1900, dau of John M. Dalton and Adelaide Chase, Montpelier

Bingham County of Record
Alice Matilda Dalton, b. 7 Sep 1899, son of  Frederick W Dalton and Annie D. Benson, Coltman
Alvin W. Dalton, b. 15 Dec 1899, son of John Luther Dalton and Amy Edgley, Blackfoot
Audubon M. Dalton, b. 6 Sep 1901, son of Frederick Dalton and Annie D. Benson,  Coltman
Leda A. Dalton, b. 21 Jul 1904, dau of  Myron R. Dalton and Alice Hall, Blackfoot

Bonner County of Record
Florence I Dalton, b. 30 Aug 1892, dau of Alvin Dalton and Isabelle Gogg, Clark Fork

Cassia County of Record
Alexander Perry Dalton, b. 5 Aug 1885, son of James M. Dalton and Isabella Perry, Conant
Robert D. Dalton, b. 10 Nov 1887, son of James M. Dalton and Isabella Perry, Conant

Franklin County of Record
Hannah Dalton, b. 3 Oct 1900, dau of John R. Dalton and Clarisa Ames, Thatcher

Madison County of Record
Thora Jane Dalton, b. 6 Jan 1897, dau of Charles S. Dalton and Sarah Jane Davis, Rexburg

Oneida County  of Record
Albert Morgan Dalton, b. 27 Jan 1901, son of  Albert A. Dalton and Margaret Jane Roberts, Malad City
Sarah Pearl Dalton, b.b. 5 Jul 1907, dau of George Dalton and Sarah J. McKay, Malad City
Mary E. Dalton, b.4 Jan 1909, dau of Evan William Dalton and Jane Evans, Malad City
William Morrison Dalton, b. 5 Apr 1909, son of Dell C. Dalton and Mary Ellison Simpson, Arbon

Marriages by County of Record    Top

Ada, County of Record
Pearl Isabelle Dalton and Vernal Leagle Ward, m.20 Apr 1926 in Boise
Raymond Earl Dalton and Katherine Aladine Hembree, m. 17 Jun 1922, in Boise

Bannock, County of Record
J. M. Dalton and Anna Jacobs Willard, m. 5 Oct 1911 in Pocatello
Joseph E. Dalton and Ruby E. Handlay, m. 8 Feb 1916 in Pocatello
Alvin W. Dalton and Margaret L. McDonald, m. 23 Dec 1916 in Pocatello
Bear Lake, County of Record
John Henry Dalton and Arline Gundlock, m. 3 Jan 1923 in Paris

Bingham, County of Record
Jacob Dalton of Rockville, Utah and Hazel Mansor of Blackfoot, m. 22 May 1928 in Blackfoot
John L. Dalton of Pocatello, Bannock and Zula E. Crow of Pocatello, Bannock, m. 24 Jul 1909 in Pocatello
William A. Dalton of Cherry Creek, Oneida Co., and Hulda E. Carter of Ammon m.7 Nov 1902 in Ammon

Bonneville, County of Record
Jack B. Dalton and Elva Mae Bowcutt m. 27 Jul 1946 in Idaho Falls.

Caribou, County of Record
Floyd Dalton and Rita Titus, m. 17 Dec 1925 in Soda Springs
Henry E. Dalton and Mary Richardson, m. 12 Oct 1929 in Soda Springs

Cassia, County of Record
Alfred Dalton and Clare Thurman, m. 30 May 1929 in Burley
William Shanks Dalton, Jr. of Burley and Marjorie Harper of Oakley, m.8 May 1953 in Oakley
William S. Dalton and Mildred Fowler, m. 6 Feb 1924 in Burley

Custer, County of Record
Jack Dalton and Viola Connyers, m. 25 Dec 1938 in Challis

Franklin, County of Record
Edward S. Dalton and Freda Felt, m. 18 Nov 1926 in Preston
Milton A. Dalton and Mildred R. Soule, m. 10 Nov 1923 in Preston

Fremont, County of Record
James Dalton of North Powder, OR and Rose Springer of North Powder, OR, m. 14 Aug 1916 at St. Anthony
T. S. Dalton of Squirrel and Sophia Peterson of Squirrel, m. 30 Dec. 1910 at St. Anthony

Latah, County of Record
Michael P. Dalton of Burke and Bertha Abeling of Moscow, m. 24 Dec 1895 in Moscow

Nez Perce, County of Record
James P. Dalton and Margaret Anderson, m. 8 Apr 1915 at Lewiston

Oneida, County of Record
Albert A. Dalton and Margaret J. Jones, m. 22 Jun 1901 in Samaria
Evan Dalton and Jennie Evans, m. 8 Jan 1908 in Malad
George Dalton and Sarah Jane McKay, m. 11 Dec 1907 in Malad
Le Roy Dalton and Eliza Dalton, m. 14 Jun 1910 in Malad
Mathew Dalton and Eliza Richards, m. 7 Oct 1903 in Cherry Creek

Shoshone, County of Record
Frederick Dalton and Lottie Todd, m. 19 Nov 1910 in Wallace
Edward Dewey Dalton and Charlotte Louise Backwell, m.3 Jun 1922 in Wallace
Edward D. Dalton and Ruth Shanklin, m. 25 Nov 1917 in Wallace
Robert C. Dalton and Della May Williams, m. 23 Mar 1926 in Wallace

Washington, County of Record
John Henry Dalton and Bonnie Wulf, m. 4 May 1929, in Weiser

Deaths and Burials by County of Record    Top

Adolphe Copple Dalton, 30 Mar 1989, Coeur d'Alene, Kootenai Co. (burial)

Deaths from the Idaho Statesman
Edward W. Dalton of Eagle, age 64, d. Apr. 2000 (Alden Waggoner Funeral Chapel, Boise)

James Allen Dalton, age 67, of Payette d. Feb 2000

Marguerite Alexander Dalton, b. 17 Sep 1919, d. at Boise 14 Mar 1999, mar. Kenneth Dalton in 1940. Survivors Bob and Donald Dalton and Betty Dalton Wardle.

Velma Ivon Dalton, 89 of Nampa, b. in Rogersville, Green County MO 20 Oct 1909, d. 24 Nov 1998. Married Charley Nathan Dalton 11 Jan 1931 in Rogersville. Parents were Pleasant Compton and Martha Josephine Hill. Five chiildren survivors.

Bertha Elvira Dalton (1896-1980) buried in Grandview Cemetery, Boundary County

Idaho Death Certificates 1911 to 1937    Top

From Mike Dalton of Oregon

Dalton, Agnes Francis: last at Montpelier, Bear Lake County, Idaho
Born/died: January 25, 1916 at Montpelier, Idaho
Parents: Frank H. Dalton Jr. b. Utah and Myrtle Findley b. Idaho
Burial: Montpelier, Idaho; a second child was stillborn on November 13, 1916

Dalton, Amy E.: last Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho
Born: December 19, 1869 at England
Parents: Joseph Edgley and Mary Ann Spillman both born England
Died: August 22, 1922 at age 52 years widow
Informant: Ed Edgley of 1105 N. Athens Ave., Pocatello, Idaho
Burial: Mountain View Cemetery at Pocatello, Idaho

Dalton, Annetta M.: last at Montpelier, Bear Lake County,, Idaho
Born: December 10, 1855 at New York
Parents: Isaac Nelson and Hila Daly both born New York
Died: November 6, 1932 at age 76 years wife of F.H. Dalton
Burial: Montpelier, Idaho; informant: Mrs Hila Brookshire

Dalton, Baby (F): last at Wallace, Shoshone, Idaho
Born/died March 3, 1928 at Wallace, Idaho
Parents: Edward Dalton b. Burke, Idaho and Charlotte VanHorne b. Wisconsin
Burial: Wallace, Idaho

Dalton, Bertha: last at Mullan, Shoshone County, Idaho
Born: June 16, 1877 at Connecticut
Parents: Otto Abeling b. Germany and Martha Hoffman b. Connecticut
Died: March 1, 1927 at age 50 years wife of Michael Dalton
Burial: Mullan, Idaho

Dalton, Charles J.: last at 726 So. Third Ave., Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho
Born: February 12, 1857 at Farmington, Utah
Parents: Charles Dalton b. Pennsylvania and Eunice Daniels b. Missouri
Died: December 6, 1931 at age 74 years husband of Sarah J. Davis
Burial: Mullan, Idaho

Dalton, Charlotte Louise: last at King St., Wallave, Shoshone County, Idaho
Born: January 29,1905 at Wisconsin
Parents: ___ Van Horne and Lillian Smith both born Wisconsin
Died: March 13, 1928 at age 23 years; wife of Edward Dalton;
           Her baby was stillborn at 7months on March 3,1928
Burial: Wallace, Idaho

Dalton, Infant: last at 1608 20th Ave., Boise, Ada County, Idaho
Born/died: March 29, 1916 at Boise, Idaho
Parents: M.C. Dalton b. Virginia and Anita Coughlin b. Colorado

Dalton, Infant: last at 427 N. 4th St., Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho
Born/died: March 2, 1916 at Pocatello, Idaho
Parents: Jack H. Dalton b. Idaho and Louise ____ b. Washington
Burial: Mountain View Cemetery at Pocatello, Idaho

Dalton, John: last at Bancroft & Ida Sts. Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho
Born: December 16, 1848 at San Francisco, California
Parents: H.S. Dalton b. Iowa and Elizabeth Kettleman b. Pennsylvania
Died: February 18, 1926 at age 77 years single
Informant: W.H. Dalton of Farmington, Utah
Burial: Centerville, Utah

Dalton, Josephine Blanche: last at Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, Idaho
Born: May 3, 1919 at Idaho
Parents: M.E. Dalton and Edna Hyde both born Utah
Died: February 20 1920 at age 9 months
Burial: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Dalton, Leroy: last at Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho
Born: April 19 1887 at Utah
Parents: William A. Dalton and Mary J. Williams both born Utah
Died: November 5, 1918 at age 31 years single
Informant: George A. Dalton of Malad, Idaho
Burial: Downey, Utah

Dalton, Margaret L.: last at Malad, Oneida County, Idaho
Born: December 15, 1895 at Malad, Idaho
Parents: John A. Thorpe b. Cameron, Idaho and Margaret Evans b. Idaho
Died: April 5, 1926 at age 30 years wife of Eugene Dalton
Burial: Malad, Idaho

Dalton, Mary Virginia: last at Burley, Cassia County, Idaho
Born: March 31, 1928 and died April 11, 1928 at Burley, Idaho
Parents: John Franklin Dalton and Mamie P. Buttny both born Utah
Burial: Burley, Idaho

Dalton, Vincent: last at Mullan, Shoshone County, Idaho
Born: circa 1882 at Newfoundland, Canada
Parents: Richard Dalton and Esther Wall both b. Newfoundland, Canada
Died: April 24, 1917 at age 24 years; informant: James Clancy of Mullan, Idaho
Burial: Mullan, Idaho

Dalton, William: last at Camas Rural, Jefferson County, Idaho
Born: May 7, 1855 at Harnney, Utah
Parents: Charles Wackerman Dalton b. July 10, 1826 at Bedford County, Penn.
               Sara Jane Lee b. March 3 1838 at Fayette County, Illinois
Died: March 24, 1923 at age 67 years single
Burial: Camas, Idaho; informant: F.A. Richardson of Hamer, Idaho

Dalton, William Albert: last at Malad, Oneida County, Idaho
Born: June 21, 1853 at Ogden, Utah
Parents: Matthew William Dalton b. Ireland and Rozilla Whittaker b. North Carol.
Died: September 3, 1913 at age 60 years husband of Eva Dalton
Burial: Malad, Idaho

Henry E. Dalton: Boise Street Railway manager
Born: April, 1868 at London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Parents: Henry Dalton and Emma Summers both born Ontario, Henry died in 1889 at the age of 46 years
              in Ontario and Emma died in 1901 at the age of 58 years in Ontario. The parents of Henry and Emma
              were Protestant and English born.
Marriage: Henry married Caroline C. Bradford of Ontario in October, 1889. No children.
Residence: Henry was first in Ontario and then in Akron, Ohio. He went from Ohio to Boise, Idaho in 1908.

Social Security Death Index    Top

Daltons whose SS# was issued in ID and whose last residence was ID.

Alvin Dalton, b. 15 Dec 1899, d. 1Aug 1976, Pocatello, Bannock Co.
Edward Dalton, b. 4 Apr 1897, d. Feb 1978, Couer D'Alene, Kootenai Co.
Ethel Dalton, b. 19 Dec. 1892, d. Dec. 1979, Soda Springs, Caribou Co.
George Dalton, b. 1 Feb 1891, d.Oct 1967, Preston, Franklin Co.
Goldie Dalton, b. 15 Mar 1892, d. Feb 1977, Nampa, Canyon Co.
J. Dalton, b. 15 May 1920, d. 29 Sep 1997, Boise, Ada Co.
Jack Dalton, b. 13 Jan 1925, d. 11 Aug 1995, Idaho Falls, Bonneville Co.

James Dalton, b. 27 Nov 1882, d. Jul 1964, Idaho
James Dalton, b. 7 Aug 1923, d. 10 Aug 1997, Twin Falls, Twin Falls Co.
John Dalton, b. 30 Jan 1932, d. Feb 1982, Grace, Caribou Co.
Joseph Dalton, b. 23 Oct 1913, d. Sep 1986, Pocatello, Bannock Co.
Kenneth Dalton, b. 29 Mar 1914, d. 28 Jun 1991, Boise, Ada Co.
Margaret Dalton, b. 20 Feb 1896, d. Jul 1983, Idaho Falls, Bonneville Co.
Marguerite Dalton, b. 17 Sep 1919, d. 14 Mar 1999, Boise, Ada Co.

Maxine Dalton, b. 5 Jul 1913, d. 15 May 1993, Mountain Home, Elmore Co.
Melvin Dalton, b. 20 Oct 1912, d. 5 May 2001, Kuna, Ada Co.
Neal Dalton, b. 2 Sep 1911, d. 4 Jul 1994, Buhl, Twin Falls Co.
Neva Dalton, b. 14 Dec. 1890, d. Mar 1976, Burley, Cassia Co.
Steve Dalton, b. 12 Mar 1880, d. Sep 1968, Murtagh, Twin Falls Co.
Velma Dalton, b. 20 Apr 1909, d. 24 Nov 1998, Nampa, Canyon Co.
Velta Dalton, b. 6 Mar 1904, d. May 1983, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Co

Social Security Death Index of Daltons whose SS# number was issued in ID and last residence was out of state.

Bernice Dalton, b. 7 Aug 1905, d. 3 May 1989, San Jose, CA
Darrell Dalton, b. 24 Nov 1942, d. Nov 1980, last benefit: Boise, Ada Co., ID last residence Portland, OR
David Dalton, b. 19 Feb 1913, d. 26 Feb 1997, Bend, OR
Dean Dalton, b. 16 Jul 1904, d. Feb 1987, Union Grove, Iredell, Co. NC
Dennis Dalton, b. 12 Mar 1933, d. 17 Apr 2001, Portland, OR

Eleanor Dalton, b. 5 Nov 1914, d. Jul 1986, Long Beach, CA
Freda Dalton, b. 17 Feb 1890, d. Aug 1968, Salt Lake City, UT
Gene Dalton, b. 24 Jul 1928, d. 7 Jan 1997, Provo, UT
Hazel Dalton, b. 13 Apr 1893, d. 6 Oct 1991, Tremonton, Box Elder Co. UT
Ira Dalton, b. 30 Dec 1893, d. 6 Oct 1991, Seymour, MO
James Dalton, b. 6 Jun 1919, d. 26 Aug 2000, Provo, UT
Mack Dalton, b. 14 Mar 1911, d. Jun 1969, Parowan, UT

Marvin Dalton, b. 1 Jan 1914, d. Apr 1976, Albany, CA
Mildred Dalton, b. 11 Mar 1905, d. May 1987, Long Beach CA
Richard Dalton, b. 10 Aug 1913, d. Nov 1985, Salt Lake City, UT
Robert Dalton, b. 12 Feb 1935, d. 21 May 1999, Stanton, CA
Sylvia Dalton, b. 23 Apr 1897, d. Aug 1987, Spokane, Wa
Ursus Dalton, b. 19 Jun 1913, d. Jun 1985, Walanae, Honolulu, HI

Social Security Index of Daltons whose SS# was issued in ID but whose last place of residence is not known.

Albert Dalton, b. 28 Oct 1915, d. 17 Sep 1991
Anona Dalton, b. 1 Nov 1916, d. Mar 1988
Bruce Dalton, b. 18 Jul 1918, d. May 1969
Elsie Dalton, b. 6 Sep 1914, d. Jun 1976
Ernest Dalton, b. 25 May 1957, d. 26 May 1996
James Dalton, b. 14 Mar 1937, d. Oct 1969
John Dalton, b. 4 Nov 1897, d. 11 Mar 1990
John Dalton, b. 20 Jan 1946, d. Nov 1983
Karen Dalton, b. 24 Sep 1954, d. 21 Mar 1994
Laura Dalton, b. 1 Mar 1914, d. 26 Apr 1991
Rachel Dalton, b. 12 Nov 1897, d. 4 Nov 1991
W. Dalton, b. Oct 1928, d. Jan 1991

Civilian Draft Registrations 1917-1918    Top

The registrations give the date of birth of the registrant and in many cases the place of birth. You will recognize the names of many Mormons in the list. It must be noted that these are registrations only and the individuals may not have been ultimately drafted. Registrants are listed by county in which they registered.

Ada County
Edward Dalton, b. 22 Dec 1886, Grand Rapids, MI

Boise City
Frederick C. Dalton, b. 22 Dec 1886, Grand Rapids Michigan. Could Frederick and the above Edward be twins?
Jack Buda Dalton, b. 27 Jun 1888, Jefferson Co. CO.

Bannock County
Asel Norton Dalton, b. 21 Dec 1895, Willard, UT
Frank Dalton, b. 27 Oct 1883
George M. Dalton, b. 1 Feb 1891, Willard, UT
Raymond Earl Dalton, b. 23 Apr 1900

Bear Lake, Montpelier
Joseph Dalton, age 19, b. UT

Bingham Co.
Charles Le Roy Dalton b. 25 Mar 1892, Montpelier, ID
Dell Moroni Dalton, b. 2 Oct 1893, Montpelier, ID
George Thomas Dalton, b. 2 Apr. 1878
Samuel B. Dalton, b. 2 Nov 1884
Francis M. Dalton, b. 9 Nov 1888, resides in Aberdeen (registered in Power Co.)

Bonneville Co.
Henry Eugene, b. 13 Mar 1891, Willard UT
John Luther Dalton, b. 22 Nov 1891, Logan UT
Melvin E. Dalton, b. 4 Jan 1887, Springville, UT

Fremont Co.
John Joseph Dalton, b. 10 Mar 1880 (brother lives in Leitrim Ireland)

Shoshone Co.
Edward Dewey Dalton, b. 4 Apr 1897, Burke ID (father born in Torington CT)

Twin Falls Co.
John Andrew Dalton, b. 4 Nov 1897
Steve Willey Dalton, b. 12 Mar 1878 ( relative lives north of Wilson, VA)

Land Patents    Top

The following land patents were issued in the state of Idaho between 1897 - 1924. All were on US Reservations and the first group of patents was issued under the Authority of Homestead Act of May 20 1862. For further identification go to: Bureau of Land Management Patents Page
L O = Land Office

Charles B. Dalton, issued 5/27/1897, 160 acres, Idaho Land Office
Clara Dalton, issued 10/10/1912 , 160 acres, Blackfoot Land Office
Dell Dalton, issued 4/19/1907, 80 acres, Idaho L O
Dell C. Dalton, issued 11/1/1911, 160 acres, Coeur D'Alene L O
Francis M. Dalton, issued 8/1/1918, 320 acres, Idaho L O
Frank H. Dalton, issued 3/12/1906, 160 acres, Idaho L O
George T. Dalton, issued 7/7/1915, 320 acres, Blackfoot L O
John L. Dalton, issued 4/17/1924, 160 acres, Blackfoor L O
John R. Dalton, issued 11/26/1904, 160 acres, Idaho L O
Melvin E. Dalton, issued 4/17/1924/ 280 acres, Blackfoot L O
Sam B. Dalton, issued 8/4/1915/ 280 acres, Blackfoot L O
William Dalton, issued 12/23/1914/ 160 acres, Blackfoot L O

Patents issued under the Authority of Mar 3, 1877

Jane Dalton, issued 2/23/1909, 320 acres, Blackfoot L O
John M. Dalton, issued 7/2/1904/ 160 acres desert land, Idaho L O

Homestead Reclamation Act Patents of 1902.

The following three names were listed on the same patent.
James M. Dalton Jr., James M. Dalton Jr., and William Dalton issued, 11/4/1916, issued 80 acres at Idaho L O

The following patents were issued on land that was originally purchased for cash in an Authority of 1820.

Edward E. Dalton issued 5/24/1904, 160 acres, Idaho L O
Ellen Dalton, issued 6/11/1907, 160 acress, Idaho L O
Fred W. Dalton, issued 12/4/1903, 160 acres, Idaho L O
Thomas Dalton, issued 9/11/1907, 80 acres, Idaho L O

Dec. 29 1916: Homestead Entry - Stock Raising Authority

Melvin Dalton, issued 17/4/1924, 295 acres, Blackfoot L O, Mineral Reservations - yes.
John L. Dalton, issued 10/28/1924/ 480 acres, Blackfoot L O, Mineral Reservations - yes.

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