There was a small population of Daltons in Huntingdon during the17th Century, but indications from the following data suggest  that Daltons virtually disappeared from this locality. Only three Dalton households identified with Huntingdon in the 1881 Census.
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21 May 1655, birth,  c. 6 Jun 1655, Peter Dalton son of Robert and Mary Dalton
18 May 1659 Edward Dalton son of Robert and Mary Dalton
8 May 1661 Olive Dolton dau of Robert Dolton
1 May 1664 Elizabeth Dolton dau of Robert and Mary Dolton
8 Jul 1666 Mary Dolton dau of Robert and Mary Dolton
30 Oct 1670 Robert Dalton son of Robert Dalton
28 Dec 1684 Mary Dallton dau of Peter and Hannah Dallton

Leighton Bromswold

21 Oct 1654 Mary Dolton dau of Robert and Luce Dolton
1 Aug 1656 Elizabeth Dolton dau of Robert and Luce Dolton
21 Dec 1661 Anna Dolton dau of Robert and Elizabeth Dolton
26 Nov 1664 Dorothy Dolton dau of Robert and Elizabeth Dolton
10 Apr 1672 Elisabeth Dolton dau of Robert and Elisabeth Dolton
21 Jul 1845 Sarah Parrish Dalton, dau of John Brunt  and Sarah Dalton



15 Jun 1663 Richard Dalton and Mary Lamsett
1682 Briggett Dolton and Daniel Sargeant

Fen Stanton

14 Mar 1670 Elizabeth Dolton and Joseph Hicks
21 Jul 1869 Thomas Dallton, 29, and Harriet Massaly, 28, parents Naylor Dallton and Thomas Massaly


25 Jul 1659 Elianor Dalton and Francis Story

Great Stukeley

1 Feb 1619 Katherine Dalton and Jacobus Cunningham
28 Oct 1679 John Dolton and Sarah Goode
May 1748 Mary Dalton and George Pettit


27 Sep 1659 Johannes Dalton and Agatha Lundall
13 Nov 1649 Francesca Dalton and Francis Lacke

Huntingdon, St. Marys

2 Jul 1841  Samuel Dalton and Mary Ann Peacock, parents John Dalton and Thomas Storey
2 Jul 1868 Mary Ann Dalton, 21, and Charles Green, 20, parents Samuel Dalton and John Green


7 Dec 1652 Robert Dolton and Mary Wharton

Leighton Bromswold

7 Dec 1654 Robert Dalton and Luce Brabrooke
2 Nov 1659 Robert Dolton and Elizabeth Baker
4 Nov 1659 Anna Dolton and William Palmer
13 Oct 1864 Fanny Dalton and Samuel Gale, parents John Brunt Dalton and Samuel Gale
12 Jan 1870 Sarah Parrish Dalton, 21, and Samuel Bishop Brown, 21, parents John Brunt Dalton and Samuel Brown

Steeple Gidding

26 Dec 1659 Anne Dalton and William Palmer



St Mary burials
30 Apr 1618 John DALTON
13 Jul 1660 William DALTON
19 Mar 1661 John DALTON
17 May 1681 William DALTON
23 Mar 1690 Joel DALTON
10 Sep 1694 Sarah DALTON
11 Apr 1697 Mercy DALTON
27 Mar 1714 John DALTON
24 Mar 1726 Sarah DALTON
27 Jul 1741 Daniel DALTON
18 May 1892 Thomas Samuel DALTON, 69
5 Jan 1898 Jane Clegg DALTON, 80

Leighton Bromswold

St Mary burials
1 Oct 1821 William DALTON, over 1

St Peter burials
20 Apr 1724 Ann DOLTON

St Andrew burials
22 Oct 1703 Anne DALTON
Dec 1703 Nathaniel DALTON
1 Jun 1708 Anna DAULTON
9 Jun 1723 Robert DALTON
17 Mar 1734 Mary DALTON
30 Oct 1737 Robert DALTON
19 Dec 1758 Matthew DALTON

1881 CENSUS    Top

There was only one Dalton family who appeared in the 1881 Census of Huntingdon.
Thomas S. Dalton, invst. income, age 58 b. Mottram, Cheshire; wife Jane Clegg Dalton age 63, b. Manchester, Lancs;  Thomas Preston, gardener 27 b. Newbury, Berks; Alice Beckett cook, 23, b. Beedon, Berks and Susan Beckett housemaid b. Beedon, Berks.

Daltons born in Huntingdon and enumerated elsewhere.


Thomas Dalton, grocer, age 61 b. Spalding, Lincoln; wife Jane 62 b. Kolme Fen, Huntingdon and Sarah Rose, 56, wife's sister b. Home Fen

Pendleton in Salford

Samuel Dalton, tailor, age 32 b. Huntingdon; wife Esther age 36 b. Ireland; stepson, Clement Le Grand  13 b. Ireland; step daur Adelaide Le Grand 11 b. Ireland; sons Samuel  Dalton 7 and Alexander Dalton, 6 both born Pendleton., Lancs.


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