Daltons residents of Gloucestershire were quite limited with most living in the Bristol area. There are about 250 surname entries in this file and appreciation is extended to Michael Cayley, DGS Archivist  for his contibution of Burial data. To search, click on section link or the "Find on this page..." button below.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.








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Bristol, Holy Trinity

5 Mar 1837, Martha Dalton dau of James and Catharine Dalton
2 Jun 1839, James Dalton son of James and Catherine Dalton

Bristol, Redcliffe, St. Mary

16 Apr 1747, Jane Dalton dau of John and Sarah Dalton
22 Jul 1751, Henry Dalton son of John and Sarah Dalton
11 Jul 1756, Thomas Dalton son of John and Sarah Dalton
1759, Catherine Dolton dau of John and Sarah Dolton
2 Nov 1761, George Dolton son of John and Sarah Dolton

Bristol, St. James

17 Aug 1634, Joseph Dalton son of Joseph and Joane Dalton

Bristol, St. Joseph Roman Catholic

8 Nov 1807, Maria Anna Dalton dau of Michaelis and Catharinae Brown Dalton

Bristol, St. Philip and St. Jacob

10 Apr 1898, (b. 18 Mar 1898) May Violet Dalten/Palten/ dau of Edgar Hary and Ada Dalten/Palten

Bristol, Society of Friends (Quaker, birth dates)

12 Jun 1702, Richard Dalton/Dalton son of Richard and Mary Daulton
27 Jan 1703, Hester Daulton/Dalton dau of Richard and Mary Daulton
4 Nov 1713, Love Dalton dau of Richard and Mary Dalton

Bristol, Society of Protestant Dissenters

4 May 1906, Dalton male, d. 4 May 1906, son of Mary Dalton

Bristol, Temple

6 Sep 1754, Regina Dalton dau of Thomas and Lucy Dalton

Clifton, St. Andrew

21 Jul 1786, Harriet Dalton
19 Oct 1788, Martha Dalton
22 Feb 1789, John Dalton
4 May 1790, Thomas Dalton


30 May 1888, (b. 19 May 1888), Annie Marinda Dalton dau of Thomas and Florence Annie Marinda Dalton


3 May 1750, William Dulton son of William and Mary Dulton
12 Oct 1779, John Dulton son of John and Mary Dulton


10 Jul 1751, Henry Dalton son of Thomas and Hannah Dalton
16 Jun 1756, Susanah Dalton dau of William and Rebecca Dalton
26 Jan 1759, Rebecca Dalton dau of William Dalton
8 Dec 1836, Elizabeth Head Dalton dau of Edward and Elizabeth Head Dalton


22 May 1787, (B)Edward Dalton son of William Edward and Anne Covell Dalton


30 Apr 1827, Elizabeth Esther Dulton dau of James and Elizabeth Dulton
5 Oct 1828, John William Dulton son of James and Elizabeth Dulton
18 Sep 1831, Edward Lennox Dulton son of James and Elizabeth Dulton
14 Apr 1833, Julia Henrietta Dulton dau of James and Elizabeth Dulton
25 Apr 1835, Emily Isabella Constance Dulton dau of James and Elizabeth Dulton

Westbury on Trym

11 Aug 1805 (b. 17 Feb 185, John Jenkins Dalton son of John and Ann Dalton
27 Aug 1809, Jeremiah Jenkins Dalton son of John and Ann Dalton
11 Aug 1811, Joseph Jenkins Dalton son of Joseph and Jane Dalton



12 May 1816, John Dalton and Sarah Crook

Bourton on the Water

12 May 1768, Wm. Dalton and Mary Hall


18 Dec 1916, Joseph Smith Dalton and Gertrude Constance Adelaide Humphries

Bristol, Christ church

8 Oct 1827, Alicia Doulton and Jacob Matthews
20 Dec 1885, John Francis Dalton and Mary Spiller

Bristol, St. Augustine the Less

28 Mar 1781, John Dalton and Sarah Masters

Bristol St. James

12 Jun 1833, Hannah Carroll Dalton and Edward Develin

Bristol, St. Mary-le-Port

12 Apr 1830, Sarah Dalton and George Thomas

Bristol, St. Philip and St. Jacob

28 Jul 1717, John Dalton and Elizabeth Wise
17 May 1755, James Dalton and Anne Addis
29 Jan 1756, Peter Dalton and Eleanor Bright
10 Aug 1757, Grace Dolton and Thomas Burnell
21 Oct 1760, Richard Dolton and Mary Burgess
16 Jun 1768, Ann Dalton and William Carpenter
1 Sep 1776, Sarah Dalton and Henry Hilard
11 May 1777, Peter Dalton and Jane Llewellin
4 Apr 1779, John Dalton and Jane Fink
1 Jun 1783, Ann Dalton and Francis Trotman
9 Oct 1800, John Dalton and Hannah William
28 Nov 1827, Sarah Dalton and James Seaman
12 Oct 1830, James Dalton and Mary Jessop
14 Jan 1833, James Dalton and Catharine Gregory

Bristol, Redcliffe, St. Mary

19 May 1802, Richard Dolton and Elizabeth Jenkins

Bristol, Society of Friends (Quaker)

9 May 1700, Richard Dalton and Mary Willcox

Charlton Kings

26 Apr 1883, Edward Septimus Dalton and Clara Edith Hughes

Cheltenham, Christ Church

15 Nov 1881, Wallace Coom Dalton and Mary Little

Clifton, St. Andrew

15 Nov 1783, John Dalton and Martha Musto
25 Feb 1789, Peter Dalton and Sarah Hepworth


13 Oct 1885, Thomas Dalton and Emma Yandell; parents Edmund Dalton and Edward Yandell
6 Nov 1894, John Dalton and Mary Ann Hebb; parents Joseph Dalton and Henry Hebb.


24 Nov 1831, Edward Dalton and Elizabth Head Lloyd
6 Mar 1836, Esther Dulton and Solomon Hill
18 Feb 1838, Eliza Dulton and Joseph Bruton


2 Jun 1757, Sphia Dalton and Edward Probyn


27 Jan 1766, Michael Dalton and Mary Wells
2 Jun 1766, Mary Dalton and Mary Wilks


7 Jan 1626, George Dolton and Mary Page
3 Jul 1654, Bridget Dolton and Edward Brawne

Westbury on Trym

27 Nov 1838, John Neale Dalton and Eliza Maria Allies; parents John Dalton and William Allies.



St James the Great burials
17 Aug 1834 Thomas DOULTON, 40


St Mary burials
27 Feb 1838 Peter DOLTON, 85


St Peter burials
8 Apr 1837 William DALTON, 1
26 Apr 1839 William DALTON, 2
27 Mar 1844 Silvanus Henry DALTON, 3
21 Dec 1849 William Ward DALTON, over 2

WILLS and Administrations proved in the Consistory Court of Exeter, 1532-1800    Top

1694, Caleb Dalton, Falmouth
1704 Mary Dalton, Falmouth


Ampney Crucis
Arhut Dalton, serv., 14, b. Reading, Berks; page in household of Thomas Daubeney, rector

Honor Dalton, on relief, un,  84, b. Oxenton, Gloucester

Bristol St. Augustine
John Francis Dalton, tailor, 19, b. Bristol, boarder in household of Isaac Battle

Bristol, St. James and St. Paul Out
Ada Dalton, serv., 17, b. Bristol; dom. in household of Robert Geake
Caroline A. Dalton, scholar, 9, b. Horfield, Gloucester;  The New Orphans Houses, Ashley Down
Elizabeth H. Dalton, housemaid, 18, b. Bristol; serv. in household of John Harvey
Richard Dalton, comm'l traveller, 27, b. Farmborough nr. Bath; wife Alice Ann, 27, b. Helston Bristol, Cornwall;  dau Margaret 1, b. Bristol, 1 servant.
Rosaline M. Dalton, 13, scholar, b. Bedminster, Somerset;  The New Orphan Houses, Ashley Down

Bristol, St. Paul In
Allen Dalton, engineer, 31, b. Gloucester, listed as boarder

Bristol St. Philip and Jacob Out
Alfred Dalton, traveller, 41, b. London, Mdsx;  wife Jane, traveller, 32, b. London, Mdsx; sister in law, traveller, Mary Weston, 21, b. Manchester.
James Dalton, stone mason, 42, b. Bristol;  wife Jane, 38, b. Bristol;  son Thomas 15, b. Bristol porter;  son William 13, porter, b. Willsbury, Wilshire.

Louisa Dalton, dressmaker, 29, b. Wexford, IRE; asst to Sarah T. Parker, Cavendish House
William Dalton, asst civil Ord. Survey, 19, b. Kilnwick, York; boarder in household of Louisa Brown

Sarah A. Dalton, lodging house keeper, widow, 50, b. London, Mdsz; dau Edith, 23, b. London, London, Mdsx; boarders.

Gloucester Kingsholm St. Catherine
Anne E. Dalton, surgeon's wife, visitor, 52, b. Dursley, Gloucester.

Lucy Dalton, dom., widow, 64, b. Bath Gaston, Somerset; serv. in household of Maria Buck.

Emma Dalton, int. income, un, 40, b. London, Berkeley Sq., companion to Eliza S. Williams

Westbury on Trym
Eleanor E. Dalton, asst. matron, 23, b. Bristol; Industrial Scool, Portland St.

Wotton on Edge
Harry Dolton, tinman, un, 45, b. Answorth, Stafford; lodger with William G. James

Section II  Daltons born in Gloucester and enumerated elsewhere.

James H. Dalton, baker, 47, b. Darftod, Kent;  wife Jan, 44, b. Batcham, Cambs;  son, James H., carpenter, 22, b. Hoxton, Middlesex;  dau in law, Clara Dalton, 21, b, Winchcombe, Gloucester;  mo in law, Ann Allen, 74, b. Gt. Willbraham, Cams.

Frederick Dalton, physician, 51, b. London Mdsx; wife 56, Eliza, b. London; son Ernest, med studt, 18, b. London; dau Agnes E., 24, b. Cirencester, Gloucester.

Annie Dalton, widow, 70, b. Gloucester;  dau Mary Ann Galleher, 40, b. Sheffield;  three gr. children b. Manchester - John H. Galleher 13;  Robert Galleher 10;  Mary Jane Galleher 3.

John Dalton, engine cleaner, 19, b. Bristol, Gloucester; lodger at home of James Chatterton.

John w. Dalton, bank clerk, 51, b. Cheltenham, Gloucester;  wife Mary E, 48, b. Manchester.

London, Hackney
Owen Dalton, customs officer, unb, 35, b. Cheltenham, Gloucester; boarder in household of William Marren

London, Kensington
Emily Dalton, laundress, widow, 48, b. Gloucester;  three children b. Kensington - Elizabeth, laundress, 24,;  Charles 4;  Emily 2.

London, Paddington
Eliza Dalton, Cook, widow, 46, b. Gloucester; serv. in household of Emily Sar Beresford

London, St. George Hanover Square
James Dalton, waiter, widow, 57, b. Gloucester, visitor at the home of Lucy Tanby

Wm. Hy. Dalton, potman, 19, b. Bristol, servant at inn of Susan R. Arnold

London St. Pancras
Elizabeth Dalton, dairy keeper, widow, 48, b. Forest of Dean, Gloucester

George Dalton, auctioneer's asst., widow, 33, b. Cheltenham, Gloucester; Laura J. Lewis, boarder, 27, b. Bombay.

Richard Dalton, foreman of distiller, 42, b. Sherrington, Bunckingham;  wife Mary, 40, b. Stonehouse, Gloucester;  seven children b. St. Pancras - Anna, servant, 19;  William 20;  Edward 16;  Alice 13;  Joseph 10;  George 6;  John 2.

Frederick Dalton, bricklayer. 47, b. Malvern, Worcester; wife Mary 54, b. Northampton;  sons Charles, brass caster, 19 and Frederick, chandelier makr., 17, b. Gloucester;  five children b. Birmingham - James, chandelier mkr, 16;  Maru A., umbrella mkr., 16;  Henry 13;  Thomas 12; Theresa 9.

Kidderminster Borough
John Dolton, coach smith, 44, mar., b. Bristol, Gloucester;  six children - John, coach fitter 20, b. Witney, Oxford;  three b. Bristol - Louisa, 18 and Lily 16, spinners in carpet factory and William 14;  tow b. Ludlow, Shropshire - Charlotte 11, and Matilda 8.


The number of Daltons who were enumerated appears to be small and user should check originals for omissions and possible errors.

Annie E. Dalton, 47, b. London, niece of J. Waghorn
Caroline Dalton, 20, b. Bristol, serv. to Geo. A. Harvey
Eleaner Dalton (male) 32, works at Industrial School, enumerated under Fanny Chandler
Elizabeth H. Dalton, 29, b. Bristol, serv. in home of John Harvey
James Dalton, 51, b. Bristol; wife Jane, 48, b. Bristol
John F. Dalton, 29, b. Bristol; wife, Mary. b. Bristol;  son, John F., 3 and dau Mary E., 3, b. Bristol;  dau Winifred B. 2 mos.; dau Gertrude M., 1, b. Bristol; mother Matilda Spiller.
Mary Dalton, 51, b. Sheriff, Yorks enumerated at infirmary.
Thomas Dalton, 24, b. Bristol; wife Florence. 25. b. Bristol, dau Jane 8 mos. b. Bristol
Thomas Daulton, 61, b. Henbury Gloucester; wife Louisa, 57, b. Shoreditch, London

Montague L. Dalton, 65, b. Sheffield, Yorks;  Maria Dalton, 49, b. Denby, Yorks;  both visitors at household of Morris Fisher
Wallace Dalton, 31, b. Malvern, Worcester; wife Mary, 32, b. Cheltenham

Wm. H. Dalton, 13, b. Putney, Middlesex, pupil Olden Lodge.

George Dalton, 24, Serv., b. Silkstone, Yorks; enumerated under Francis Sutton, head.

St. George
Emma Dalton, 53, lodger, b. London, Middlesex

Annie Dalton, 17, b. Oakridge, Gloucester, sister to James and Agnes Wyman

Richard Dalton, head, 37, b. Helston, Cornwall; wife Alice A., 37, b. Bristol; dau Margaret A. 11, b. Bristol


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