This file of Daltons in Essex contains Marriages, Births, Burials and extractions from the 1881 Census of the UK. There are approximately 350 surname entries. According to the 1881 Census, a large number of Essex born Daltons migrated to other shires/counties. The resulting number of migrants almost equaled the Essex population of Daltons in 1881.
Our appreciation is extended to Michael Cayley, DGS Archivist for his contribution of Essex Burial data. If you have Essex data that you wish to contribute, it will be most welcome. Please use the section links, "Find on this page..." button below, or use the Edit/Find function of your browser to scan the file.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.






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Abbess Roding

17 July 1632 John Dalton and Sara Thurloe


18 Sep 1645 Alice Dolton and William Hulk


26 Dec 1710 John Dalton and Mary Jennyns


30 May 1671 Mary Dalton and John Thurgood
20 Oct 1724 Philip Dalton and Elizabeth Scot

Colchester St. Nicholas

11 Sep 1722 Hanna Dalton and James Hackford

East Hanningfield

1 Jul 1563 George Daulton and Goodlyfe Barston

Epping, Mountficket

10 Apr 1650 William Dalton and Elizabeth Benton


13 Oct 1771 Stephen Dalton and Martha Davey

Great Bentley

9 Dec 1736 Edmond Dalton and Mary Alston

13 Nov 1763 Ann Dalton and Francis Blunden

Great Bromley

7 May 1656 Miriam Dalton and Robert Rea

Great Walton

4 Oct 1796 Abraham Dalton and Charlotte Owers


Sep 1654 Richard Dalton and Mrs. Margaret Cotton


 20 May 1757 Ann Dalton and John Bacchus

Kelvedon Near Colchester

5 Oct 1636 Robert Dalton and Alice Land/Laud

19 July 1832 Frances Dalton and Thomas Henderson

1 May 1839 Jane Brown Dalton and John Frere

2 Oct 1842 Jane Dalton and Joseph Gurton


22 Jan 1615 John Daulton and Ellen Cramphone
25 Feb 1635 Frances Dalton and William Salmon


5 Apr 1786 Thomas Dalton and Bridget Heath


8 Jan 1656 Mary Dalton and Andrew Cass

Waltham Abbey

7 Oct 1625 Martha Daulton and William Grave

Walthamstow, St. Mary's

8 Aug 1721, John Dalton, St. Mary's Walthamstow
8 Aug 1721, John Dalton, Walthamstow
13 Nov 1757, Martha Dolton and Francis Burgoin (prev. married), St. Mary's Leyton
15 Oct 1817, Charlotte Dalton and William Reed, Walthamstow
27 Aug 1887, Joseph Dalton and Mary Ann Breeden, St. Mary's Walthamstow; parents Joseph Dalton and Thomas James Breeden



31 May 1635, Robert Dolton son of Andrew Dolton
30 Aug 1637, Anne Dalton dau of Andrew Dalton
Jul 1641, Andrew Doulton son of Andrew Doulton
17 Nar 1643, Johan Dalton son of Andrew Dalton
27 Aug 1647, Doulton son of Andrew Doulton


17 Jun 1651,Thomas Dalton, son of William and Elisabeth Dalton
22 Apr 1654, William Dalton, son of William and Elizabeth Dalton
4 Jan 1656, Henry Dalton dau of William and Elisabeth Dalton
9 Oct1687, Jonathan Dalton son of William Dalton

Great Coggeshall, Independent

28 Oct 1827, Emma Dalton, dau of Abraham and Sarah Dalton
18 Oct 1829, Harriet Dalton, dau of Abraham and Sarah Dalton
23 Oct 1831, Mary Ann Dalton, son of Isaac and Mary Dalton
23 Oct 1831, Rebekah Dalton, dau of Abraham and Sarah Dalton
9 Sep 1832, Isaac Bollwood Dalton son of Isaac and Mary Dalton
13 Apr 1834, Myra Dalton dau of Abraham and Sarah Dalton
15 Mar 1835, Isaac Horatio Dalton, son of Isaac and Mary Dalton
15 Mar 1835, Michael Dalton, son of Jacob and Rachel Dalton
19 Mar 1837, Abrahan Dalton, son of Abraham and Sarah Dalton
25 Jun 1837, Jacob Dalton son of Jacob and Rachel Dalton


3 Apr 1648, Alexander Dalton son of Edward and Sary Dalton
3 Apr 1648, Edward Dalton, son of Edward and Sary Dalton


20 May 1655, Susan Dalton, dau of Richard
23 Dec 1659, Quarles Dalton, son of Richard Dalton
7 Oct 1662, Dorothy Dalton, dau of Richard Dalton
18 May 1665, Johes Dalton, son of Richard Dalton
10 Nov 1666, Abigail Dalton, dau of Richard Dalton
6 Aug 1668, Robert Dalton, son of Richard Dalton
3 Oct 1673, Anna Dalton dau of Ricardi Dalton


30 Apr 1786, John Marston Dalton, son of John and Mary Ann Dalton

Kelvedon near Colchester

18 Sep 1805, Frances Dalton dau of Charles and Jane Browne Dalton
28 Jul 1807, William B. Dalton son of Charles and Jane Browne Dalton
3 Jan 1811, Charles B. Dalton son of Charles and Jane Browne Dalton
6 may 1812, Marianne Dalton, dau of Charles and Jane Browne Dalton
1 Oct 1813, Philip B. Dalton, son of Charles and Jane Browne Dalton
31 Jul 1815, Joyce A. B. Dalton, dau of Charles and Jane Browne Dalton
31 Jul 1815, Louisa Ann Dalton, dau of Charles and Jane Browne Dalton
10 Aug 1818, Sarah Anne Dalton, dau of Charles and Jane Browne Dalton


13 Feb 1908 (birth) Joyce A. B. Dalton dau of Isaac H and Sarah A. Fletcher Dalton


10 Apr 1604, Mary Daulton dau of John Daulton
5 Feb 1608, Nathaniel Daulton son of John Daulton
16 Sep 1610, Margaret Daulton, dau of John Daulton
28 Feb 1611, Henry Daulton son of John Daulton
26 Jun 1614, Thomas Dalton son of John Dalton
2 Nov 1616, Frances Dalton dau of John Dalton
21 Mar 1618, Henry Daulton son of John and Ellen Daulton
26 May 1621, Morrice Dalton son of John and Ellen Dalton
14 Jan 1624, Daniel Daulton, son of John and Ellen Daulton
6 Jun 1631, Thomas Daulton, son of William and Elizabeth Daulton
1 May 1639, Joane Daulton dau of John Daulton


1 May 1577, John Dawlton

Waltham Abbey

21 Aug 1603, Joanne Dawlton, dau of William Dawlton
27 Apr 1606, Anne Daulton dau of William Daulton
14 Aug 1795, Susan Dalton dau of Robert Dalton
3 Jul 1796, James Dalton son of Luke Dalton
25 Dec 1797, Thomas Dalton son of Luke Dalton

Walthamstow, St. Mary's

2 Sep 1722, John Dalton son of John and Editha Dalton
14 Aug 1725, Elizabeth Dolton, dau of John and Edith Dolton
8 Oct 1727, Mary Dolton, dau of John and Edith Dolton
11 Mar 1764, Mary Dalton, dau of John and Ann Mariah Dalton
27 July  1766, Sarah Dolton, dau of John and Anna Maria Dolton
16 June 1769, John Dalton, son of John and Anna Maria Dalton
19 Oct 1770, Philip Dalton, son of John and Anna Maria Dalton
15 Sep 1773, John Dalton, son of John and John and Anna Maria Dalton
31 Dec 1777, Thomas Dalton son of John and Anna Maria Dalton


3 Mar 1720, John Dalton, South Benfleet, St. Mary the Virgin
8 Jun 1725, Mary Dalton, South Benfleet, St. Mary the Virgin
11 Nov 1792, Mary Dalton, South Benfleet, St. Mary the Virgin
30 Sep 1794, Samuel Dalton, 13 wks. South Benfleet, St. Mary the Virgin
Oct 1891, Elizabeth Caroline Dalton, Stapleford Tawney, St. Mary the Virgin
28 Dec 1892, Jane Dalton, Stapleford Tawney, St. Mary the Virgin



Elizabeth Dalton, lodger, charwoman age 80, b. Nottingham in household of Edwin and Elizabeth Covell


Jessie G. Dalton sister in law age 43 b. Bures, Suffolk in the home of Eliza Ann Barton
William Dalton age 36, b. Coggeshall, Essex; wife Eliza 34 b. Heybridge, Essex; Bertie W. 7 and Frederick J. 9 mos. b. Chelmsford


Jacob Dalton engine fitter, age 44 b. Coggeshall, Essex; wife Charlotte, 44, b. London, Middlesex; five children b. Chelmsford - Charles 15, Ernest 9, Percy 6, Charlotte G. 1, and Joseph B. 1 mo. Colchester, St. Botolphs
Lawrence Dalton, soldier, age 21, b. Ratcliffe, Middlesex; Infantry Camp

Colchester, St. Giles

Joseph Dalton soldier, age 29, b. Wisbeach, Lincoln; wife Emma 24 b. Thorington, Essex; Cavalry Barracks


Wiliam R. Dalton, Depy Insp, retired age 68, b. Bures St. Mary, Suffolk; wife Maria J. 38, b. Shields, Northumberland; Winifred 11 and Reginald 9, b. H. M. Dockyard, Pembroke, Wales

East Ham

Frank Dalton, age 13, b. London, Camberwell, inmate scholar, Plasket Reformatory Schools, Eastham
Minnie Dalton, housekeeper widow age 38, b. Paddington, Middlesex; in household of John and Rossina Dewey


William Dalton, tea merchant, age 26 b. Little Burstead, Essex, boarder in the household of William and Harriet Wallis


Samuel Noah Dalton, clergyman, age 67 b. Camberwell, Surrey; wife Sophia 64 b. Ampthill, Bedford; dau Lucy J. 28 b. Foulness

Great Coggeshall

Rachel Dalton inn keeper, widow, age 68, b. Coggeshall, Essex; son Mike 24 b. Coggeshall; sister Emma Willet 53 b. Coggeshall; granddaurs Ellen Pilgrim 18, Caroline Pilgrim 10 and Annie Pilgrim 13 born Coggeshall
Frances Dalton, widow age 77 b. Coggeshall, Essex
Sarah Dalton age 74 b. Great Coggeshall; dau Sarah lace worker 37 b. Gt. Coggeshall; niece Emma Everett 22 lace worker, b. Gt. Coggeshall


Mary Dalton age 10 and  Ernest C. Dalton 8 born Hounslow, Middlesex; Albert Dalton age 6 b. Kingsland, Middlesex; all three boarders- scholars at the home of Headmistress Sarah Beames.

Little Burstead

William B. Dalton, rector, age 74 b. Kelvedon, Essex; wife Eliza O. M. age 65, b. London Montague Sq., London, Middlesex; daurs Marianne 30 and Emily J. 29 b. Little Burstead, Essex


Rose Dalton, servant, age 15 b. Stanford Rivers, Essex in home of Edmond and Lydia Egan

Stanford Rivers

Clifford Dulton, stepson age 8 b. Stanford River; in home of William and Eliza Passaway
Francis Dalton, ag laborer, widower, age 62 b. Stanford Rivers; at Ongar Union Workhouse

Stapleford Tawney

William Dalton, ag laborer, 36 b. Stanford Rivers, Essex; wife Jane 33 b. Fyfield, Essex; William G. 9 and Clara 12 b. Stanford Rivers; Harry 4 and Elizabeth 6 b. Navestock, Essex; Samuel  T. age 1 b. Stapleford Tawney


James A Dalton age 3, b. Regent St., Middlesex nephew in the home of Edwin and Sarah J. Watkins
Esther Dalton, beer retailer mar age 43 b. Mile End, Middlesex; sons John G. painter age 19 and Winnal T. barman age 17 both born Bethnal Green, Middlesex

West Ham

Asher Dalton, ironmonger, age 31 b. Coggeshall, Essex; wife Elizabeth 35 b. Southwark, Surrey;  Elizabeth 10, Authur 8 and Rachel, b. Bethnal Green; Jane 3 and William F. age 1 b. West Ham
Henry Dalton, gas fitter, age 24, b. Coggeshall, Essex; wife Sarah Ann 24 b. Coggeshall; Frederick Henry age 2 and Harry 6 mos. b. Coggeshall
Isaac Dalton, joiner, 29 b. Coggeshall; wife Emily b. Newington, Kent; Frederick Isaac 5 and Willet Vokes 3, b. Stratford, Essex
John Dalton, policeman, age 31 b. Richmond, York; wife Emma 28 b. Winchester, Hampshire; Annie 4 and Edith 2 b. Stratford, Essex
Jane Dalton, servant age 24 b. Poplar, Middlesex; worker at Lilliput Arms
John Dalton, draper, age 63 b. Kings Newnham, Warwick; wife Mary Dalton, bonnet maker age 63 b. Worcester, Worcester; son John 26 b. Rugby, Warwick
Mary Dalton, governess, age 26, b. St. Georges E, Middlesex at Balaam St. Frome Cottages
William Dalton, slater, age 64 b. St. Lukes, Middlesex; wife Helen age 61 b. St. Lukes.


James Dalton, ag laborer, age 36 b. Stanford Rivers, Essex; wife Susanah 34 b. Stanford Rivers: James 10, Mary 9, and Eliza 5 b. Stanford Rivers; William 2 b. Wennington


Harriet Dalton, servant 20 b. Witham, Essex at the Village; Frederick A. Edwards grocer and draper.


Henry Dalton, RR ticket collector, age 50 b. Enfield, Middlesex; wife Harriet 57 b. Edmonton, Middlesex; dau Alice, dressmaker 27 b. Witham

Daltons who were born in Essex and were enumerated elsewhere in the  U.K. in the 1881 Census

Deptford St. Paul
Arthur Dalton, shopman (iron) b. Coggeshall, Essex; wife Mary Ann 36, b. Ferring, Essex.

Joseph Dolton, mariner, age 63 b. Barking, Essex; wife Ann 63 b. Dover, Kent: visitor, mariners son William Catt, age 3 b. Ramsgate, Kent

George Dalton, hawker age 48 b. Stanford Rivers, Essex; wife Eliza 50, b. Torney, Essex; son George 20 b. Maidstone and John 18 b. Maidstone.

Barrow in Furness
Joseph Dalton, striker shipyard 24 b. Stratford, Essex, boarder in home of Thomas Etheridge

Walter Dalton, white lead worker, age 35, b. Harlow, Essex; wife Mary Ann 37 b. Ivan Heath, Buckingham

London, Middlesex

Mark Dalton, printer, age 34 b. Coggeshall, Essex; wife Emma age 34, b. Bethnal Green and dau Rachel 10 b. Bethnal; Mary M.age 7 and Grace E. 5 both born Bow; servant Mary Ann Dalton, 17 b. Shoreditch, Middlesex
James Dalton, painter age 50 b. Bethnal Green, Middlesex; wife Ellen 49 b. North Weald, Essex; son Joseph 19 b. Bow.

Arthur E. Dalton, lodger, 27 curate of All Hallows, E l Dock; b. Little Burstead, Essex; in household of Thomas H. Spiller

Eliza Dalton, servant, 15 b. Lea Bridge, Essex in household of Henry Fowler
Isaci Dalton, printer age 46 b. Coggeshall, Essex; wife Jane 43, b. Royson, Hertford; Isaci 20 and Anthony 18 b. Hoxton, Middlesex; John 16 and Henry 11 and Jane 14 b. Hagerston, Middlesex;
five children b. Homerton, Middlesex - Henry 11, Alfred 10, Joseph 7, George 5, William 2.

Joseph D. Dalton, retired gold miner age 40 b. Hamilton, Canada; wife Louisa 28 b. Shaliford St. Marys Essex.

Cornelius N. Dalton, government inspector age 39 b. Walthamstow, Essex; wife Margaret 29 b. Chelsea, Middlesex; three children b Hampstead - Margaret E. 6, Mary E. 5, Frances M. 1 mo.

Elizabeth Y. Dalton, needlewoman, widow age 70 b. Ashdon, Essex

Jacob Dalton, machinist age 26 b. Coggeshall, Essex; Caroline Warren wife 26 b. Sandon, Essex;
Jacob  2, b. Bow and Edith M. 1 mo b. Limehouse; brother Frederick Dalton 17 b. Chelmsford, Essex.

Mile End New Town
Michael Dalton, porter age 42 b. Coggeshall, Essex; wife Julia 40 b. Great Tay, Essex

Mild End Old Town
Abraham Dalton, blacksmith 44 b. Coggeshall, Essex; wife Maria 43 and son Michael 24 b. Coggeshall; seven children b. London, Middlesex- Abraham 20, Eliza 18, Sarah 16, Esther 14, Mary Ann 11, Rebecca 7, Harriet 1.

St. Pancras
Willie Dalton, boarder, compositor 20 b. Springfield, Essex; lodging house keeper Caroline Haslam 18 Gloucester Rd.


William H. Dalton, civil service, age 32 b. Foulness, Essex; wife Margaret 44 b. Edinboro, Scotland; sister visitor Emily Dalton, b. Foulness, age 30, Essex


Charles B. Dalton, clergyman widow age 70 b. Kelvedon, Essex; father in law of Edith M. Papillon
b. Lambeth; Charles B. Dalton age 27 brother in law.


Fanny M. Dalton, independent, age 40 b. Pentlow, Essex; servant Fanny Plumb age 20 b. Pentlow, Essex.

William E. Dalton, curate, age 40 b. Walthamstow, Essex; wife Matilda 40 b. London, dau Gertrude 10 b. Plinshatch, Sussex; four children b. Stewkley, Buckingham - Agnes E. 9, Edith M 7, Cornelia C. 5, Maud H. N. 3;  Llewelyn C. 1. b. Mellis Suffolk and Dorothea M. 9 mo. b. Mellis.

Newmarket St. Mary
Edward N. Dalton, boarder, tutor, mar 26 b. Fowlness Essex; also enumerated Constance Dalton mar 18. b. Manchester; at White Lion Inn, High St.


David Doulton, Superintendent age 46 b. Couldson, Surrey; wife Caroline 45 b. Colchester, Essex;
four children b. Newington Surrey - Caroline 17, Maria 15, Hannah 13, David Abraham 7; and James Daniel 5 b. Bermondsey

Edwin Dulton stationer/draper, age 61 b. Ruddington, Nottingham; wife Anne 68 b. Stratford, Essex

William C. Dalton, warehouseman, age 28 b. Islington, Middlesex; wife Emily A b. Colchester, Essex; sons William 5 and Herbert G. 3, b. Islington, Middlesex

Joseph Dalton tailor, age 59 b. Hampton, Surrey, wife Mary 55 b. Essex; son Gus 17 b. Middlesex


William Dalton, coachman, age 36 b. Chorleywood, Hertford; wife Sarah Ann 33, b. Leyton, Essex; Edith Mary 10 and William 8, both b. Brighton, Sussex


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