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*Americans please note the presence of an Archelaus Dolton in the 1881 Census of Plymstock.  It is the only Archelaus listed in the entire Census of the UK.






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8 Aug 1819, Richard Dalton son of John and Dinah Dalton

23 Sep 1821, Mary Dolton dau of John and Dinah Dolton

5 Jan 1823, Joseph Dolton son of John and Dinah Dolton

8 Sep 1825, Charlotte Dolton dau of John and Diana Dolton

16 Nov 1828, Elizabeth Dolton dau of John and Dinah Dolton

7 Oct 1832, Joseph Dolton son of John and Dinah Dolton


7 Sep 1663, Elizabeth Dolton dau of Francis Dolton

21 Nov 1665, Jane Dolton dau of Francis Dolton


21 Oct 1782, John Doltin son of Henry and Mary Doltin


Joana Doulton dau of John and Joan Doulton

20 Nov 1682, Johannes Dalton son of Samuelis Dalton


2 Feb 1816, James Coles Daulton son of John and Catharine Daulton

Dartmouth, St. Petrous

17 Mar 1820, Elizabeth Dalton dau of John and Elizabeth Dalton

Dartmouth Townstall or St. Clement

7 Dec 1761, John Dolten son of Keirn Dolten

20 Dec 1763, William Dolton son of Kerin Dolton

22 Nov 1812, Jane Dalton dau of William and Ann Dalton


8 Mar 1662, Henry Doulton son of Doulton

Exeter, Bow

9 Apr 1810, Samuel Dalton son of Willm. and Elizh. Dalton

22 Apr 1810, William Dalton son of Willm. and Eliz. Dalton

Exeter, St. Olave

31 Oct 1708, John Dolton son of John Dolton

Exeter St. Peter Cathedral

30 Mar 1645, Francis Dolton son of Anthony and Joane Dolton

Exeter, St. Sidwell

3 Aug 1745, Benjamin Dolton son of William Dolton

Honiton on Otter

20 Mar 1698, Christopher Dalton son of Stephen and Margret Dalton

2 May 1697, Steephen Dalton son of Steephen and Margratt Dalton

16 Jun  1701, Margrett Dalton dau of Steephen and Margrett Dalton

4 Sep 1704, Mary Dalton dau of Steephen and Margrett Dalton

Little Hempston

23 Aug 1812, Elizabeth Dolton dau of Thos. and Mary Dolton


23 Dec 1632, Tameson Dolton dau of Henry and Wilmott Dolton

13 Jun 1634, Elizabeth Dolton dau of Wilmott Quach

24 Apr 1636, Alice Dolton dau of Henry and Wilmott Dolton

16 Sep 1638, Nicolas Dolton sonof Henry and Wilmott Dolton

5 Feb 1640, Katherine Dalton dau of Henry and Wilmott Dalton

18 Sep 1643, Hunphery Dolton son of Henry and Wilmott Dolton

25 Aug 1645. Thomas Dolton son of Henry and Wilmot Dolton

10 Dec 1667, Elizabeth Doulton dau of Hunphrey and Jane Doulton

14 Aug 1695, Mary Dolton dau of Humphrey and Mary Dolton

27 Feb 1789, Degory Doulton son of Degory and Mary Doulton


21 Aug 1737, Mary Dolton dau of David and Mary Dolton


12 Dec 1790, Wm. Dolton son of Digory and Joan Dolton

8 Sep 1797, Thos. Dolton son of Digory andJoan Dolton

20 Apr 1815, William Dolton son of William and Joan Dolton

24 Nov 1816, Digory Dolton son of Wm. and Joan Dolton

12 Mar 1818, Thos. Dolton son of Wm. and Jane Dolton

8 Aug 1822, James Dolton son of Wm. and Joan Dolton

6 Jul 1830, Mary Hawton Dolton dau of William and Catharine Dolton

Plymouth St. Andrew

30 Jan 1854, Jane Dalton dau of Pethericke Dalton


20 May 1827, Margaret Pengilly Dolton dau of Mary Dolton

Stoke Damerel

6 May 1714, Bartholomew Dalton son of Thomas and Elizabeth Dalton

1 Mar 1778, Mary Dalton dau of William and Margaret Dalton

Tiverton, Wesleyan Methodist

7 Feb 1819, James Dolton son of Aaron and Elizabeth Dolton

7 Dec 1828, George Dolton son of James and Elizabeth Dolton

7 Dec 1828, Jane Dolton dau of James and Elizabeth Dolton


5 Nov 1689,Thomas Dolton son of Nicholas and Elizebeth Dolton

25 Sep 1696, Degory Dolton son of Elizabeth Dolton

29 Jun 1703, Robert Dolton dau of Thomas and Ellinor Dolton

20 Mar 1704, Thomas Dolton son of Tho. and Ellinor Dolton

22 Mar 1707, Robert Dolton son of   Thomas and Elinor Dolton

29 May 1723, Nicolas Dolton son of Degory and Honer Dolton

15 Mar 1728, Betty Dolton dau of Degory and Honor Dalton

 7 May 1738, Agnes Dolton dau of Digory and Honor Dolton

1745 Thomas Dalton son of Nicholas and Sarah Dalton

26 Dec 1747, Sarah Dalton, dau of Nicholas and Sarah Dalton

16 Apr 1749, William Dalton son of Nicholas and Sarah Dalton

22 Apr 1750, Betty Dalton dau of Nicholas and Sarah Dalton

4 Jul 1753, Mary Dolton dau of Nicholas and Sarah Dolton

13 Jul 1755, John Denry Dolton son of Nicholas and Susana Dolton

30 Oct 1757, Samuel Dolton son of Nicholas and Susanna Dolton

3 Mar 1767, Elizabeth Dolton dau of Diggery and and Sarah Dolton


28 Nov 1624, John Dalton son of Frances Dalton



25 Jul 1782, Dorothy Dalton and Edward Sulyard


6 Apr 1835, William Dolton and Ann Angel


5 Aug 1574, Agnes Dalton and Phillip Mare


15 May 1815, John Daulton and Catherine Coles

Dartmouth, St. Petrous

8 Nov 1690, Elizabeth Dalton and Daniell Sanders

31 Jan 1787, Edward Dolton and Catherine Bulford

16 Mar 1819, John Burke Dalton and Elizabeth Drew

Dartmouth, Townstall or St. Clement

2 Feb 1761, Kiern Dolton and Jane Copplestone

16 Jan 1806, William Dalton and Ann Patterson

28 Apr 1825, Catharine Dalton and Michael O'Neal

East Stonehouse

10 Feb 1610, Mary Dolton and John Pickhard

19 Dec 1784, James Dalton and Martha Nash


28 Oct 1791, Sarah Doulton and Hugh Squire/Squires

Exeter, St. Mary Arches

25 Dec 1707, John Doulton and Mary Hacker

Exeter, St. Mary Major

26 Feb 1826, John Dalton and Jane Sanders

Exeter, St. Peter

13 Nov 1718, Stephen Dolton and Joan Ruttley

Exeter, St. Thomas the Apostle

1 Oct 1609, Thomas Dolton and Margaret Thorn


9 Jan 1730, Robert Dolton and Mary Penwill

Milton Abbot

25 Feb 1666, Margaret Doltin amd Steenen Cudlop


8 Nov 1602, Agnes Dolton and John Lymbeere

14 Apr 1604, Anne Dalton and Walter Wake

1 Oct 1631, Henry Dolton and Wilmot Beare

15 Oct 1721, Degory Dolton and Honor Rider

15 Oct 1784, Mary Doulton and William Mortimore

13 May 1788, Grace Doulton and William Mortimoore


1 Aug 1625, Ebbot Dolton and James Browne

2 Nov 1735, David Doolton and Mary Clement

25 Dec 1754, Mary Dolton and Thomas Carruthers


24 Feb 1785, Gregory Dolton and Joan Buckingham

12 Dec 1790, Wm. Dalton and Catharine Hawton

5 Mar 1804, Joan Dolton and Jn Webber

27 Jun 1814, William Dolton and Joan Austin

16 Feb 1821, Grace Dolton and John Mitchill

Plymouth, St. Andrew

12 Jul 1594, William Dalton and Alice Nicke

9 Aug 1707, Elizabeth Dolton and William Norman


1 Dec 1772, Stephen Dalton and Grace Edwards

Stoke Damerel

18 Feb 1799, Sarah Dalton and John Reading

15 Dec 1812, Digory Dolton and Mary Bowvin

29 Jan 1833, John Dalton and Mary Ann Thomas

15 Jan 1837, Richard Dolton and Elizabeth Moore

21 Feb 1837, Silvester Dalton and Sophia Wills

Stoke Fleming

29 Oct 1788, Diggory Dolton and Mary Dennis


1559, Joan Doltin and Philip Paris


7 Jul 1745, Nicholas Dalton and Sarah Fox

Wolborough and Newton Abbot

20 Apr 1723, Anne Dolton and William Codner


Census data is presented in two sections.  Section I contains those Daltons who were enumerated in Devon.   Section II contains those Daltons who were born in Devon and enumerated in other counties.

Section I Daltons and variants who were enumerated in Devon

Ashprington Village

Maria Dolton, widow, 71, b. Halwell, Devon; son John Thomas, 28, lab., b. Ashprington.


Charles Dalton, language and math teacher, 63, b. IRE; wife, Mary P, 58, b. Thelbridge, Devon;  several unrelated boarders.


Henary Dolton, fisherman, 26, b. Tenby, Wales; wife Susanna, 21, b. Brixham; three children b. Brixham - George H. 5, Ernest 3 and Mary A. S. 1.


John Dolton, stone cutter, 38, b. Brixton, Devon; wife Eliza, 36, b. Ugborough, Devon; Son Frederick 6, and Alice M. 5, b. Brent, Devon; son Henry H. 1 mo. b. Dipford, Devon

Compton Gifford

George Dalton, dairyman, 33, b. Southampton, Hamps; wife Sarah J. 29, b. Eggbuckland, Devon; son William J., 11, b. Eggbuckland.


James Dalton, Boy 1st Class, 17, b. Newport, Monmouth; Ship "Cambridge".

James Dalton, B 1 CL, 17, b. Blackwood, Monmouth; Ship "Impregnable".


George Dolton, farm lab., 49, b. Ashprington, Devon; wife Harriet 69, b. Blackhawton, Devon.

East Stonehouse

Ann Dolton, nurse, widow, 62, b. Yealmpton, Devon.

William Lewis, HMRN, 39, b. Cardiff, Wales; wife Elizh., 42, b. Modbury, Devon; dau Bessie Dolton, gen serv., 18, b. Stonehouse and dau Jessie Dolton, 12, b. Stonehouse; step dau Lavinia Lewis, gen serv. 14, b. Stonehouse and Wm. Harwood, drummer, RMLI, 19, b. Stonehouse.

Exeter Heavitree

Joseph Dalton, gunner, RHA, 28, b. Glasgow, SCOT; Royal Artillery Barracks.


Jane Dalton, cook, serv., widow, 61, b. East Malling Kent; and Alice Dalton, serv. 31, b. Rochester, Kent; both enumerated in the household of Edward Cop Bond, Vicar of Starcross.


Charlotte N. Dalton, boarder, governess, 33, b. London, Middlesex; enumerated in household of William H. D. Purcell, Vicar of Littleham.


Leonora Dalton, gen serv., 12, b. Upborough, enumerated in household of Thomas and Ann Rich.


Emily Mary Dolton, niece, 10, b. Paignton, enumerated with Jacob and Mary H. Hannaford both b. Paignton.

Margaret H. Dolton, dressmaker, widow, 64m b. Cawsand, Devon; lodger in household of Walter Madge, painter.


Catherine Dolton, housemaid, 37, b. Paignton; enumerated in household of John H. Parlby, County Magistrate.

Plymouth St. Andrew

Albert T. J. Dolton, mail guard, widower, 39, b. Plymouth; daus Annie L. 12 and Eliza H. both b. Plymouth.

Edwd. Dolton, cabinet maker, 31, b. Plymouth; wife, Mary Jane, 30, b. Plymouth; son A. E. Dolton, 8 and dau J. G. Dolton, 4, b. Plymouth.

Ellon T. Dalton, serv., maid, 17, b. Devonport; enumerated in household of Richard B. White, paymaster.

James Dalton, lab., and pensioner, 62, b. IRE; wife Ellen, midwife, 56, b. IRE; step son Charles Humphries, lab., 29, b. Manchester, Lancs; four Dalton daus - Eliza 19, dressmaker, b. IRE; Ellen 17, dom. serv. 17, Anna maid, 15 and Matilda 12, all b. Plymouth.

John Dolton, cabinet maker, 67, b. Plymouth; wife Sarah, 60, b. Plymouth;  daus Clara 36 and Sarah 23, milliner, both b. Plymouth; gr. son, Edwd. 10, b. Plymouth

John Dolton, lead pipe mkr., 44, b. Thurston, Devon; wife Elizabeth, 43, b. Tavistock, Devon; br. in law, William H. Carkeet, warehouseman, 28, b. Plymouth.

Lewis C. Dolton, cord wainer, 30, b. Helston, Cornwall; wife Catherine, 39, b. Helston; daus Catherine 7 and Lily Jane, 4, b. Helston.

Michall Dalton, pensioner, 69, b. IRE; wife Mary laundress, 54, b. IRE.

Sarah Dolton, gen serv., 22, b. Plymouth, Devon; enumerated in household of Thomas C. O. D. Whipple, ret. Commander,, R.N., b. Dublin.

Samuel Dolton, baker, 42, b. Bantham, Devon; wife, Mary A. 43, b. Plymouth; three children b. Plymouth - Alice E. 11, Herbert E. 9, Mabel E. 1.

Wm. Dolton, former fish seller, 75, b. Lingsbridge, Devon; wife Harriet, 64, b. Stonehouse, Devon.


Plymouth Charles the Martyr

Annie Doulton, gen serv., 15, b. Devonport, Devon; enumerated in household of Samuel G. Maddock, piano maker.

Emily A. Dolton, nurse, serv., 13, b. Plymouth; enumerated in household of John U. Ashworth, Baptist Minister.

Emma Dolton, gel. serv., 15, b. Plymouth; enumerated in household of Harry B. S. Woodhouse, comm'l salesman.

George Dolton, Master Mariner, 57, b. Bantham, Plymouth; wife Sarah, 56, b. Plymouth and son William, sail maker, 25, b. Plymouth.

Norcliffe Dalton, Curate, 26, b. Constantinople, Turkey; wife, Agatha, lady, 26, b. Adalaide, AUS; mother Frances A. Dalton, Lady, widow, 53, b. Shepperton Collar, IRE;  Elizabeth Dalton, 17, dom. serv. lady's maid, b. Watton, York; Charles W. Lovell, serv. footman, 16, b. Croughton, Northampton.

Robt Dalton, Pens, Staff Sgt., Militia, 40, b. IRE; wife Matilda 29, b. IRE; dau Ellen S.  5, b. Bengal, Br. Subj. and son Robt. A. 3, b. Bengal; dau Maud 11 mos., b. Plymouth.

Sarah B. Dalton, governess, 31, b. Bures, Suffolk; cousin to Augt. J. Bond, auctioneer.



Archelaus Dolton, gen. lab., 24, b. Plymouth, Devon; wife, Bessie 23, b. Plymstock; son Alfred, 3, b. Plympton.

John Dolton, lab., 65, b. Plymstock; wife, Selina, 45, b. Dover, Kent; dau Florence, gen serv., 20, b. Ugborough, Devon; five children b. Plymstock - William, apprentice, 18, Susan serv., 14, mary 12,, Mayd 7, Ernest 4.

John Dolton,, soldier, Pt. Royal Marine, 21, b. Kingsbridge, Devon; enumerated at Fort Stamford.

Katie Dolton, under nurse, 18, b. Plymstock; enumerated in household of Thomas Bulteel, banker.

Samuel Dolton, pauper, 53, un., b. Yealmpton, Devon enumerated as nephew of Elizabeth Ramdsden, widow, 83, b. Yealmpton.


Annie Dolton, 13, b. Ugborough, Devon enumerated as niece of George Baker, 51, b. Ugborough., farmer.

Stoke Damerel

Charles Dalton, private, un., 30, b. Barney, Hamps; enumerated at "The Raglan Barracks".

James Dalton, police officer, widower, 58, b. Paignton, Devon; dau Frances Fields, mar., 30, b. Birmingham; gr dau Frances Fields, age 2, b. Devonport, Devon.

James Dolton, builder/butcher, 31, b. Birmingham, Warwick; wife Mary, 30, b. Devonport, Devon;  daus Florence 7, and Margaret 5, b. Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland; dau Ethel 4, b. Gateshead, Durham; dau Frances 1, b. Devonport, Devon.

John Dalton, lab., 52, b. Hull, York; wife Elizabeth, 47, b. Devonport, Devon; four children b. Devonport; Jogn 14, Amelia and James H. both 7, and Emily M. 4.

Julia Dolton, seaman's wife, 35, b. Devonport, Devon; four children b. Devonport - Edith M. 11, Alice M. 9, Thomas J. 4, and Florence 1.



Wm. H. Dalton, Asst  Master, un, 32, b. Whitehaven, Cumberland; MA Graduate, Cambridge, Layton House

John Doulton, lab., 59, Ribbery, Devon; wife Rhoda, 60, b. Halberton Gifford, Devon.

Eliza Dalton, lodging house keeper, widow, 60, b. Poplar, Manchester; dau Ellen Hannaford, mar., 30, b. London, Middlesex; gr son Thomas Hannaford, 12, b. London, Middlesex. Several lodgers.

Section II Daltons and variants who were born in Devon and enumerated in other counties in 1881.


William Dalton, lab., mar., 55, b. Plymouth, Devon


Thomas Dalton, soldier gunner, Royal Horse Atrilleery, 34, b. IRE; wife Susan, 33, b. Plymouth, Devon; son Thomas John Edmund, 9 b. Dorchester, Dorset; dau Emily Eleanor, Elizabeth, 6, b. IRE; dau Harriet Caroline 2, b. Woolwich, Kent.

Deptford St. Paul
Thos. Dalton, butler, 48, b. Leeds, York; wife Mary Elizh., 29, b. Plymouth, Devon; dau Ethel Kate, 1, b. Plymouth.

Monk Sherborne
Thomas Dalton, ag. lab., 37, b. Brown Candover, Hamps; wife Jane, 39, b. Newton Stacey, Devon; five children - Alice 14 and William Walter, 9 b. Woodmancot; Henry 6 b. Basingstoke; Alfred Thos. 4, b. Ne..found; Agness Harriott, 2. b. East Oakley.


Deptford St. Paul
Thos. Dalton, butler, 48, b. Leeds, York; wife Mary Elizh., 29, b. Plymouth, Devon; dau Ethel Kate, 1, b. Plymouth.

Edward John Dalton, Master Commissariat Staff Archives, 45, b. London, Middlesex; wife Sophia, 44, b. Southport, Lancs; eight children- Francis Sophia Sarah, 19, b. Woolwich, Kent;   six children b. Aldershot - Alice Elizabeth 17, Annie Maude 14, Margaret Caroline 10, Frank Lewis Edward 6, Edward John 4, Mabel Rose 2; Lilian Kate, 8. born in Devonport, Devon. "Chatham and Adjacent Barracks".

London, Middlesex

John Dalton, lab., 68, b. Lambeth, Surrey; wife, Mary Ann, 69, b. Manchester; son Henry, un. 44, b. Devon, lab.; Mary Ann 40 and Thomas 28, both un. and b. Hamps; dau Susan 17, b. Sussex;   Joseph Dalton, listed as son (?), age 7, b. London, Middlesex.

Charles H. Dalton, customs officer, un, 24, b. Devon; lodger in the household of John W. Greazer, ironmonger.

Richard Dalton, cabinet maker, 36, b. Plymouth, Devon; wife, Harriet, 43, b. Regents Pk., Middlesex.

Henry M. Dolton, carpenter, 36, b. Brixham, Devon; wife Elizabeth, 25, b. Chatham; mother, Elizabeth Dolton, widow, 67, b. Guernsey, Channel Islands; dau Annie L. 2, b. Paddington, two lodgers.

Clee With Weelsby
Emma C. Dalto, fisherman's wife, 25, b. Brixham, Devon; dau Emma C. 1, b. Grimsby, Lincoln; sister, Olive Perring, 9, b. Brixham.


Joseph A. Dolton, scholar, age, 20, b. Devonport, Devon; boarder at Iffley Rd. Carlton Lodge School.


James Dalton wollen, lab., 78, mar, b. Collumpton, Devon; four daus, surname Davey and all b. Wellington - Hannah M. 15, Atonetta 12, Beatrice H. 8, and Lily J. 4.

George J. Dolton, carver & turner, 27, b. Plymouth, Devon; wife Elizabeth, 16, b. Shepton Mallet, Somerset; son Frederick G. J. Dolton, 2, b. Yeovil, Somerset.


John Doulton, pacer mkr., 63, b. Crediton, Devon; wife Mary 59, b. Tunbridge Wells, Kent; son Alfred 19, b. Carshalton.

Janet L. Dalton, un., 59, annuitant, b. Newton St. Cyres, Devon;  listed as dau of Thomas Lillycropp, widow, 82, b. Upton Pine, Devon. Two servants.


York St. Mary, Bishophill Snr.
Stephen J. Dalton, mineral water man, 30, b. Medomsley, Durham; wife Jennie, 32, b. Beaford, Devon; dau Florence 6, b. York, York.


Brecknock, St. John Evangelist
Harriet Dalton, annuitant, un., 34, b. Plymouth, Devon; niece, Annie A. P. Cotterell, 16, b. Cork, IRE; serv. Eleanor Davies, 60, b. Carmarthen.



Cardiff St. Mary
Emma Dalton, 26, mar., b. Brixham, Devon;   three children b. Cardiff - Herbert 3, Amy 1, Elsie 1 mo.

George Dalton, lab., 55, b. Colompton, Devon; wife Maria, 50 b. Cardiff; father in law William Roberts, tailor, mar., 77, b. Lisayne, Glamorgan; step sister, Hannah Dalton, mar., 66, b. Wellington, Somerset; visitor, Susan Davies, wool weaver, 39, b. Wellington, Sonerset.



Consistory Court of the Bisops of Exeter

County: Devonshire
1635, Samuel Dalton, alias Adams, Lyfton,A.

1636, Margaret Dalton, Lifton A.

1694, Caleb Dalton, Falmouth A.

1704, Mary Dalton, Falmouth t.

Court of the Archdeaconry of Exeter

1749, Stephen Dalton, Honiton, W



Of your charity pray for the soul of Joseph Dalton who died October 17th 1907 aged 45 years. RIP

In loving memory of my beloved wife Margaret Dalton who died January 20th 1947 aged 29 years. (Vase) Madge





Dalton Charles, Joy street




Dalton Rev Henry, M.A. curate




Dalton John, lapidary, 48 Holloway



Devon Somerset Wells Parish Registers

1636, Priscilla Dalton and John Withers


Churchwardens, 1636, 1637   William Warfield and Thomas Dalton


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