Records for Daltons in Delaware are quite scarce and supplemental birth information may be gleaned from the Federal Censuses of 1880-1930. Few Daltons resided in Delaware and in 2002, there were only 60 Daltons listed in the Delaware telephone directory. This file contains 75 surnames. It is the onus of the user to verify the data.





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County Map of Delaware:


David Dalton and Joanna McCloskey, 22 Oct 1750, New Castle, Wilimington

John Dolton and Rebecca Vandegrift, 9 Jul 1812, New Castle, Wilmington

William Dalton and Christina Huner, 24 Nov 1814 (Delaware Forks)


1820 Census Index

New Castle County

Barnard Dalton, Christiana Hundred

1850 Census Index

New Castle County

A. F. Dalton, Third Division

Eliza A Dalton, Chirstiana Hundred

James Dalton, Saint Georges Hundresd

Jane Dalton, Christiana Hundred

Joel Dalton, Christiana Hundred

Thoma Dalton, Christiana Hundred

1860 Census Index

New Castle County

Ethan G. Dalton, Wilmington, Ward 4

1870 Census Index

New Castle County

Joel Dalton, Christiana Hundred

John Dalton, Christiana Hundred

Thomas Dalton, Christiana Hundred

1880 Census Extractions

New Castle County


Thomas Dalton, grocer, 60, b. DE, parents b. DE; wife Anna E. 46, b. PA, parents b. PA; four children b. DE - Bernard, clerk,24; William clerk, 22, Clara 18, and Thomas J. 7; other, Ida Clarke 14, b. DE, fa. b. DE, mo. b. PA.

Mill Creek

Alben Dalton, wheelwright, 44, b. DE, parents b. DE; wife Brigetta 37, b. IRE; six children - four b. DE - Emma 14, Elizabeth 12, Benjamin H. 4 and Ella V. 2; two children b. PA - Mary 7 and Eva 10.

Sarah Dalton, single, servant, 59, b. DE, parents b. DE - in household of Parker Green.


Daniel Dalton, lab., B, 53, b. MD, parents b. MD; wife Hester, B, 42, b. MD, parents b. MD; seven children - four b. MD - Thomas 23, Warner 20, John 17, Mary A. 15; three children b. DE -U. S. Grant 12, Georgia B. 7, Amelia 5; two gr sons b. DE - George 12 and Edward 9.

Thomas Dalton, lab., B, 29, b. DE, parents b. DE; wife Catherine, MU 26, b. PA, parents b. PA; three children b. DE - Margaret 6, Henry 4, and Mabel 3. other - Charles Coleman, B, 23, b. DE.

Hannah Dalton, cook, single, 57, b. PA, parents b. PA; enumerated in household of William C. Grubb.

1920 Census Index

Kent County

Julia Dalton, 50, b. CT

New Castle County

Clara M. Dalton, 55, b. DE, District 7.

John Dalton, 35, b. PA, Wilmington

Thomas Dalton, 47, b. DE.

Sussex County

Peter Dalton, b. DE, District 1.

1930 Census Index

New Castle County


Sadie Dalton, 54, b. DE.

Benard Dalton, 74, b. DE

Clara N. 69, b. DE


Ann Dalton, 20, b. DE

Placida Dalton, 44, b. IRE

Margarete Dalton, 50, b. IRE


Section I� Daltons whose SS# was issued in Delaware and whose last residence was Delaware.

New Castle County

Nora Dalton, 1 Oct 1881 - Apr 1970, Wilmington

Sussex Co.

Marcella Dalton, 13 Aug 1960 - Sep 1983, Georgetown

Section II Daltons whose SS# was issued in Delaware and whose last residence was out of state.

State of Last Residence


Cecil Co .

Dorothy F. Dalton, 10 May 1920 - 18 Jan 2002, Elkton



Philadelphia Co.

Edith M. Dalton, 8 May 1910 - Nov 1991, Philadelphia



Carroll Co.

Earnest G. Dalton, 5 Nov 1916 - 24 Sep 2001, Dugspur

Issue Delaware, no last res. listed.

Randall E. Dalton, 6 Jan 1915 - 6 Apr 1991

Section IIIDaltons whose SS$ was issued in other states and whose last residence was Delaware.

State of Issue

Alllison Dalton, 31 May 1911 - May 1984, Dover, Kent Co.

New York
Alice Dalton, 23 Jan 1892 - Mar 1974, Wilmington, New Castle Co.

Leonard J. Dalton, 17 Jul 1922 - 7 Sep 1994, Delaware City, New Castle Co.

Patrick Dalton, 28 Sep 1903 - Aug 1966, Wilmington, New Castle Co.

North Carolina
Boyce Dalton, 28 Jul 1911 - Oct 1983, Bear, New Castle Co.

Eileen A. Dalton, 13 Sep 1934 - 29 May 2001, Newark, New Castel Co.

John Dalton, 1 Jan 1913 - Nov 1985, Felton, Kent Co.

John J. Dalton, 8 Aug 1923 - 23 Feb 1998, New Castle, New Castle Co.

Paul Dalton, 9 Feb 1922 - Jan 1982, Newark, New Castle Co.

Robert F. Dalton, 17 Nov 1930 - 7 May 1993, Montchanin, New Castle Co.

Seana M. Dalton, 13 Jun 1954 - 21 Oct 2001, Rehoboth Beach, Sussex Co.

United States

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