The Cheshire file contains an outstanding collection of Christening/Births and Marriages that have been compiled from three sources.  The variant Dulton has been maintained throughout since one entry of Daulton changed to Dulton in a Christening record.  Our appreciation is extended to DGS Archivist, Michael Cayley for the section of Burials.  The migration of Cheshire born Dalton can be seen in the second section of the 1881 Census.  Cheshire data consists  of more than 1000 surname  entries and  can be browsed, search using the "Find on this page..." button, or viewed by subject as in Contents below.  It is the onus of the user to verify the data.








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Source: Vital Records of UK, 2nd Edition. Place of Record


3 Sep 1871, (C) Lucy Annis Dalton dau of William and Charlotte Pratt


14 Mar 1831 (C), Samuel Dulton, birthplace Hollowmoor Heath, son of Samuel and Frances Dulton, at St. Bartholomew


29 Jan 1899 (C), 25 Nov 1898 (B), Alfred Dalton son of Edward and Kele Matilda Dalton
24 Feb 1901 (C), Gladys Dulton dau of Edward and Kate Dulton
11 Nov 1906 (C), 3 Oct 1906 (B), Herbert Henry Dulton son of Thomas Charles and Constance Dulton

Castle Northwick

10 Jul 1904, Wilfred Townsend Dalton (C) at Holy Trinity, son of William Townsend and Ada Dalton


17 Sep 1801 (C), 28 Aug 1801 (B), Madelina Agnes Dalton dau of John and Susanna Dalton at the Cathedral

Chorley (near Macclesfield)

4 Feb 1903 (C), George Thomas Sydney Dallton son of Thomas and Rose Ethel Dalton

22 Aug 1906 (C), Percy Jack Dalton son of Tom Sydney and Rose Ethel Dalton


Birthplace: Acton
25 Sep 1881, (C),William Alfred Dulton son of Peter and Margaret Dulton at Christ Church

Birthplace: Crowton
3 Dec 1871 (C), Samuel Dulton son of John and Ann Dulton at Christ Church
4 Aug 1872 (C), Ann Dulton dau of William and Martha Dulton at Christ Church
8 Mar 1874, (C), George Dulton son of John and Ann Dulton at Christ Church
9 Aug 1874 (C), John Dulton son of William and Martha Dulton at Christ Church
5 Sep 1876 (C), Rosie Mary Dulton dau of John and Ann Dulton at Christ Church
2 Mar 1879 (C), Elizabeth Ann Dulton dau of Samuel and Mary Ann Dulton at Christ Church
2 Mar 1879, (C) Samuel Dulton son of Sarah Ann Dulton at Christ Church
13 Nov 1881, (C), George Dulton son of William and Martha Dulton at Christ Church

Birthplace: Pickerings of the Boat
1 Mar 1903 (C), 12 Nov 1902 (B), John Dulton son of John and Emmeline Dalton at Christ Church

Birthplace: Pickering's Other Boat
29 Dec 1889 (C), Frances Louisa Dulton, dau of James and Fanny Dulton, at Christ Church
29 Dec 1889, (C), Caroline Beatrice Dulton dau of James and Fanny Dulton at Christ Church

15 Nov 1874, (C) John Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Dalton at St. John
19 Dec 1875, (C) Catalina Dalton dau of John William and Sarah Ann Dalton at St. John
29 Sep 1878 (C), 29 Jul 1878 (B), Elsie Jane Dalton dau of Samuel Hallsworth and Alice Dalton at St. John

 Dunham Massey
16 Jul 1882 (C), Ellen Dalton dau of William and Jane Dalton at St. Margaret
2 Apr 1884 (C), John Jerris Dalton son of William and Jane Dalton at St. Margaret
9 Apr 1890 (C), Charles Dalton son of William and Jane Dalton at St. Margaret
17 Jul 1892 (C), Elsie May Dulton dau of John William and Sarah Jane Dulton at St. Margaret
16 Jul 1900, (C), Edna Mary Dalton dau of William and Elizabeth Dalton at St. Margaret
14 Oct 1906, (C), Jane Ellen Dalton dau of John and Ellen Dalton at St. Margaret

26 Aug 1866 (C), Joseph Dalton son of Daniel and Sarah Dalton
15 Aug 1869 (C), William Edward Dalton son of Daniel and Sarah Dalton

7 Nov 1768 (C), William Dalton son of John Dalton

 Great Budworth
26 Jan 1728 (C), James Dalton son of James Dalton
5 Dec 1731 (C), Mary Dalton dau of James Dalton
10 Mar 1872 (C), Fanny Dalton dau of John Dalton
24 Mar 1782 (C), Jenny Dalton dau of Samuel Dalton
9 Nov 1783 (C), John Dalton son of Peter Dalton
18 Jun 1786 (C), Joseph Dalton son of John Dalton
21 Jul 1788 (C), Fanny Dalton dau of Peter Dalton
18 Apr 1790 (C), John Dalton son of James and Catherine Dalton
5 Sep 1790 (C), Thomas Dalton son of Samuel and Catherine Dalton
6 Jan 1792 (C), Charles Dalton son of John and Betty Dalton
12 Feb 1797 (C), Sarah Dalton dau of John and Elizabeth Dalton
9 Sep 1798, (C) Nancy Daulton dau of Peter and Mary Daulton
30 Jun 1799 (C), John Daulton son of John and Betty Daulton
22 Jun 1800 (C), Thomas Dalton son of Betty Dalton
12 Apr 1801 (C), Daniel Dalton son of  John Dalton
22 Feb 1801 (C), James Dalton son of Peter Dalton
19 Jun 1803 (C), Martha Daulton dau of John Daulton/
24 Apr 1814 (C). William Dalton son of Charles and Cathe Dalton
7 May 1815 (C), John Dalton son of Charles and Catharine Dalton
11 Jun 1815 (C), John Dalton son of Saml. and Mary Dalton
31 Mar 1818 (C), Thomas Dalton son of John and Kitty Dalton
12 Oct 1817 (C), Kitty Dalton dau of John and Kitty Dalton
29 Mar 1818 (C), Sarah Dalton dau of Saml. and Nancy Dalton
14 Mar 1819 (C), William Dalton son of John and Kitty Dalton
16 Apr 1820 (C), Samuel Dalton son of Saml. and Mary Dalton
27 Jul 1823 (C), 1 Jun 1823(B), Willm. Dalton son of Saml. and Mary Dalton
10 Aug 1823 (C), James Dalton son of John and Kitty Dalton
13 May 1821 (C), Amy Dalton dau of John and Kitty Dalton
22 May 1825 (C), Mary Dalton dau of Saml. and Mary Dalton
14 Aug 1825 (C), Elizabeth Dalton dau of Charles and Betty Dalton
1 Jul 1827 (C), Fanny Dalton dau of Samuel and Mary Dalton
26 Feb 1882, (C), Mary Ellen Dulton dau of Henry and Ellen Dulton
31 Oct 1886 (C), Martha Dulton dau of Henry and Ellen Dulton
15 Oct 1893 (C), 16 Sep 1893 (B), Mary May Dalton dau of William Henry and Mary Ann Dalton
6 Jun 1897 (C), 28 Spr 1897 (B), Alfred Crofts Dalton son of George Herbert and Charlotte Isabelle Dalton

26 Aug 1860 (C), Alice Ann Dalton dau of Richard and Helen Dalton

1 Jun 1884 (C), Ada Jane Dalton dau of William and Sarah Elizabeth Dalton

10 Feb 1901 (C), 30 Dec 1900 (B), James Thomas Dalton son of Ernest and Lily Dalton at St. George
1 Sep 1901 (C), 25 Jul 1901(B), John Dalton son of Fred and Annie Dalton at St. George
18 Jan 1905 (C), 29 Nov 1904, Elizabeth Dalton dau of Ernest and Annie Lily Dalton at St. George
2 Jan 1907 (C), 3 Dec 1906 (B), Sarah Jane Dalton dau of Ernest and Hannah Lilly Dalton at St. George

Lower Whitney
15 May 1861 (C), Alfred Dulton son of Sarah Dulton

Mottram in Longdendale
18 Mar 1817 (C), Mary Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
21 Sep 1817 (C), Mary Dalton dau of Thos. and Mary Dalton/
5 Apr (C), Hannah Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
27 Jan 1821 (C), Thomas Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Dalton
18 Jun 1822 (C), Thomas Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Dalton
23 Sep 1822 (C), Samuel Dalton son of Thos. and Mary Dalton
23 Sep 1822 (C), Thos. Dalton son of Thos. and Mary Dalton
26 Sep 1824 (C), Eliza Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
21 Nov 1825 (C), Louiza Margaret Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
26 Jan 1826 (C), Margaret Louisa Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
17 Ocy 1830 (C), Esther Maria Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
1 Sep 1833 (C), Eliza Ann Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
26 Mar 1835 (C), Sarah Ann Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
16 Aug 1835 (C), James Dalton son of William and Mary Dalton
10 Jun 1837 (C), James Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Dalton
19 Aug 1838 (C), Thomas Dulton son of William and Mary Dulton
22 Dec 1840 (C), Clara Agnes Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
3 Dec 1854 (C), George Dalton son of Edward and Elizabeth  Dalton at Tintwistle
No date - Sarah Ann Dalton dau of Thomas and Mary Dalton
28 Sep 1828(C), Henry Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Dalton

Odd Rode
7 Jun 1868 (C), Bertha Dulton dau of Wlliam and Ann Dulton, at St. Thomas

4 Mar 1821 (C), Sarah Dalton dau of William and Elizabeth Dalton at St. Chad

Rock Ferry
3 Oct 1912 (C), John Richard Dulon son of Richard Henry and Rose Dulton at St. Peter

2 Nov 1902 (C), John Clarke Dalton son of Samuel and Emily Dalton

25 Dec 1828 (C) Joseph Dalton son of John and Catherin Dalton
25 Dec 1831 (C), Sarah Dalton son of John and Catherin Dalton, birthplace John Street

Stretton (near Warrington)
Feb 1848 (C), 3 Dec 1847 (B), John Dalton son of Anne Dalton, birthplace Appleton

12 Nov 1833 (C), John Dalton/Datton son of John and Catharine Dalton/Datton

31 Jan 1892 (C), Arthur Henry Done Dulton/Dutton son of Arthur and Harriet Anne Dulton/Dutton
26 Jun 1892 (C), Nellie Dulton/Dutton dau of Thomas and Mary Daulton/Dutton
3 Nov 1895 (C), Lottie Dulton dau of Thomas and Mary Dulton

Tilston Fearnall
20 Apr 1862 (C), John Dalton/Dutton son of William and Ann Dalton/Dutton
3 Dec 1862 (C), David Dalton/Dutton son of Thomas Dalton/Dutton
15 Feb 1865 (C), Harris Dalton/Dutton son of Thomas and Mary Dalton/Dutton

10 May 1875 (C), William Dalton son of John and  Mary Ellen Dalton

9 May 1869 (C), John Dulton son of John and Margaret Dulton

26 Feb 1755 (C), Mary Dalton dau of James Dalton
7 Dec 1757 (C), Martha Dalton dau of James Dalton
17 Nov 1868 (C), Thomas Dulton son of Joseph and Sarah Ann Dulton
17  Nov 1868 (C), William Dulton son of Jane Dulton

7 Feb 1847 (C), Thomas Dalton son of Thomas and Mary Dalton
1 May 1853 (C), William Dalton son of William and Alice Dalton
22 Mar 1888 (C), Margaret Anna Dalton dau of Enoch and Ann Dalton
10 Jun 1888 (C), Sarah Hilditch Dalton dau of Arthur and Sarah Adeline Dalton
11 Feb 1897 (C), Frederick Dalton son of William Frederick and Emily Annie Dalton

29 Oct 1865 (C), Richard Dalton son of Richard and Mary Dalton

Additional Births
Source: IGI

Allostock, Presbyterian
5 Dec 1784, (C), James Dawlton son of John Dawlton

Bullock Smithy, Wesleyan Methodist
16 Apr 1817, William Dalton son of Joseph and Betty Dalton
7 May 1823, (C), Betty Dalton dau of Joseph and Betty Dalton

26 Oct 1760, (C),Richd. Daulton son of John and Nancy Daulton
18 Mar 1770, (C) Sarah Daulton dau of John and Catherine Daulton
31 Oct 1779, (C), Jas. Daulton son of John and Elizabeth Daulton
24 Nov 1799, (C),Jas. Daulton son of Jas. and Mary Moores Daulton
22 Feb 1801 (C), Anne Daulton dau of Jas. and Mary Moores Daulton
9 May 1802 (C), Betty Daulton dau of Jas. and Mary Moors Daulton

Hyde, Gee Cross Unitarian
1 Sep 1823 (C), Thomas Dalton son of Joseph and Sarah Simister Dalton

Little Leigh
2 Nov 1788, (C), Mary Dalton dau  of John and Elizabeth Dalton

29 Nov 1778, (C), Hannah Dalton dau of Samuel and Frances Dalton
25 Mar 1781, (C), Charles Dalton son of Samuel and Frances Dalton

Middlewich, Queen Street Independent
21 Oct 1834, (C), Elizabeth Dalton dau of Richard and Mary Dalton

2 May 1576,(C), Margret Dultonn dau of John Dultonn
24 Jan 1739, (C) Samuel Dalton son of Gilbert Dalton

Stockport, High Street Presbyterian
7 Apr 1792, (C), Joseph Daulton son of William and Ann Daulton
7 Aug 1794, (C), Richard Dalton son of William and Ann Dalton

14 Jul 1654 (C), Martha Dulton dau of James Dulton

Additional Births

Source: Family History Society of Cheshire
KEY: Forename, Surname, District, Region

Enoch Dalton, Northwich, CC
Margaret Dalton, Warrington, WA
Mary Dalton, Northwich, CC

Catherine Dalton, Northwich, CC
Catherine Dalton, Northwich, CC
Daniel Dalton, Northwich, CC
John Dalton, Northwich, CC
John Dalton, Warrington, WA
Joseph E. Dalton, Warrington, WA
Peter Dalton, Warrington, WA
Samuel John  Dalton, Middlewich, CC
Sarah A. Dalton, West Macclesfield, CC

Boy Dalton, Lymm, WA
John Dalton, Budworth, WA
John Dalton, Warrington, WA
Samuel Dalton, Eastham, CW


John Dalton, Altrincham, T
Mary Dalton, Warrington, WA

Martin L. Dalton, Warrington, WA
William Dalton, Northwich, CC

Margaret Dalton, Crewe, CC
William Dalton, Altrincham, TR

Ann  Eugenie Dalton, Chester Castle, CW
Bridget Dalton, Warrington, WA
Henry Dalton, Warrington, WA
Patrick Dalton, Warrington, WA
John Dalton, Crewe, CC

Mary Ellen Dalton, Crewe, CC

Sarah J. Dalton, Prestbury, CE

Hannah Dalton, Winsford, CC

Bridget Dalton, Latchford, WA
Catherine Dalton, Winsford, CC
James Dalton, Altrincham, TR

Daniel Dalton, Winsford, CC

William Henry Dalton, Northwich, CC

John Dalton, Chester Cathedral, CW
John Dalton, Northwich, CC

Emily Dalton, Winsford, CC
Joseph Dalton, Eastham, CW
Mary Bower Dalton, Wilmslow, CE
Tom Edwin Dalton, Eastham, CW

Elizabeth Dalton, Northwich, CC
Mary Amy Dalton, Eastham, CW
Mary Elizabeth Dalton, Altrincham, TR
Thomas Dalton, Altrincham, TR

Florence Dalton, Northwich, CC
William Bower Dalton, Wilmslow, CE

Ann Dalton, Altrincham, TR
Arthur Dalton, Northwich, CC
Emily Dalton, Northwich. CC
Emily Dalton, Winsford, CC
Robert Dalton, Wilmslow, CE
Thomas Dalton, Chester Castle, CW

Catherine Dalton, Chester Castle, CW
Clara Dalton, Wilmslow, CE
John William Dalton, Winsford, CC
Mary Ellen Dalton, Northwich, C
Mary Lillian Dalton, Northwich, CC
Reginald Dalton, Altrincham, TR
William Dalton, Northwich, CC

Alfred Dalton, Northwich, CC
Ethel Mary Dalton, Eastham, CW
William Dalton, West Macclesfield, CE

Ann Dalton, Chester Castle, CW
Martha Dalton, Altrincham, TR
Mary Dalton, Northwich, CC

Charles Dalton, Northwich, CC
Hannah Dalton, Northwich, CC
Robert Arthur Dalton, Altrincham, TR

Henry Dalton, Northwich CC
John Dalton, Northwich, CC

Betsey Dalton, Northwich, CC
Catherine Dalton, Northwich, CC

Charles John Dalton, Altrincham, TR
William Townshend Dalton, Northwich, CC

Daniel Dalton, Northwich, CC
Tom Dalton, Northwich, CC

Herbert T. Dalton, Northwich, CC
Joshua Bower Dalton, Wilmslow, CE

Edward Dalton, Altrincham, TR
Fred Dalton, Northwich, CC
Herbert Dalton, Winsford, CC
James Dalton, Northwich, CC
Lily M. Dalton, Bunbury, CC

George Hill Dalton, Bollington, CE
George T. Dalton, Northwich, CC
Henry Dalton, Northwich, CC

Florence Dalton, Winsford, CC
Joseph Dalton, Northwich, CC
Maude Williamson Dalton, Wilmslow, CE

Mary J. Dalton, Northwich, CC

William Dalton, Northwich, CC

Alice A. Dalton, Northwich, CC
Edith Dalton, Winsford, CC
Elizabeth Dalton, Northwich, CC

Jessie Dalton, Northwich, CC

Albert Dalton, Northwich, CC
Lillian Dalton, Northwich, CC

Margaret Hannah Dalton, Northwich, CC

Edith Dalton, Northwich, CC
Eliza Dalton, Chester Castle, CW
Lucy Dalton, Northwich, CC

Clara Dalton, Chester Castle, CW

Rosa Dalton, Northwich, CC

Lucy Dalton, Northwich, CC

Annie Dalton, Northwich, CC
Florence Dalton, Northwich, CC
John Dalton, Northwich, CC
William Dalton, Northwich, CC

Thomas Harry Dalton, Northwich, CC

John Dalton, Northwich, CC

Nellie Dalton, Northwich, CC
Robert William Dalton, Chester Cathedral, CW

Edith Dalton, Norwich, CC
Lizzie Dalton, Northwich, CC
William Dalton, Chester Cathedral, CW

David Dalton, Chester Cathedral, CW


Source:Vital Records Index. UK. 2nd Edition, Place of Record

19 Oct 1755, William Dalton and Mary Ayrsough, St. Bartholomew

13 Jun 1854, Charles James Dalton and Elizabeth Anne Lodge (both full age);  parents James Dalton and Thomas Lodge
21 Jan 1875, Martha Dalton and Charles Aston Costello (both full age); parents James Jolly Dalton and Maurice Costello

1 Aug 1880, William Dalton and Jane Jervis at St. Margaret; parents John Dalton and John Jervis

22 May 1896, Thomas Dalton and Caroline Hussey; parents Eli Dalton and Thomas Hussey/

13 May 1768, Heneretta Dalton and Humphrey Henchman

14 Sep 1767, Ann Dolton and Daved Burns

25 Oct 1902, Martha Alice Dalton, 22, and Joseph Moore, 21, at Holy Trinity;  parents Joseph Isaac Dalton and William Moore.

Mottram in Longdendale
8 May 1816, Thomas Dalton and Mary Atherton
20 Nov 1820, Esther Dalton and Thomas Ellison
3 Mar 1833, George Dalton and Jane Wood

New Brighton
4 Nov 1906, Elizabeth Morris Dalton, 41, and William Williams, 42; parents Edward Dalton and Richard Williams

16 Nov 1829, Susanna Dalton and Henry Ellinger

28 May 1898, Samuel Dalton, 30, and Emily Clarke, 23, at All Saints;  parents John Dalton and Daniel Clarke

23 Mar 1831, Henrietta Dalton and Peter Dean/
28 Jul 1880, James Holmes Doulton, 33,  and Jane Lomas at St. Mary; parents Joseph Doulton and Thomas Storey
9 Apr 1887, William Dalton, 60, and Hannah Clark, 43, at St. Mary;  parents William Dalton and John Barnes
26 Aug 1889, Annie Dalton, 23, and Owen Berrenton, 23, at St. Mary;  parents Tom Dalton and John Berrenton
7 Sep 1889, Eliza Dalton, 25, and William Robert Clarke, 26, at St. Mary;  parents Alfred Dalton and William Clarke

Stretton (near Warrington)
6 Mar 1849, Ann Dalton, 20 and John Ditchfield, 22, at St. Matthew;  parents John Dalton and John Ditchfield
14 Feb 1853, Samuel Dalton, full age  and Mary Longshaw, full age, at St. Matthew;  parents Richard Dalton and John Longshaw

23 Jun 1884, Mary Dalton, 28, and William Owen, 24;  parents Samuel Dalton and John Owen.

27 Dec 1713, Deborah Dalton and John Tredford

28 May 1849, Amy Dalton and John Atherton; parents John Dalton and Thomas Atherton.

23 Apr 1868, Elisabeth Dulton, 24, and William Basford, 25;  parents Robert Dulton and Samuel Basford
6 Oct 1889, Ann Elisabeth Dulton and James Johnson
21 Jun 1897, Mary Ann Dulton/Dutton and Herbert Williams
19 Jul 1897, Martha Dulton/Dutton and Jesse Vickers
28 Dec 1892, Ann Dulton and Edwin Charles Jackson

Additional Marriages from IGI

31 Dec 1851, Ralph  Dalton and Mary Williams

26 Jun 1814, Richard Dalton and Mary Lownds

St. John the Baptist
16 Jun 1627, Kattryn Doultonn and Thomas Lloyd
8 May 1660, Margrett Dulton and Samuel Broster
3 Jun 1661, Randle Dulton and ? Castill
22 Feb 1662, Mrs. Elizabeth Dulton and Randle Bridge
28 Oct 1668, John Dulton and Elizebeth Filkine
22 May 1673, Christian Dulton and George Browne
4 Oct 1677, Marye Dulton and George Dycass
30 Mar 1719, Elizabeth Dulton and Joseph Wainwright
15 Jan 1769, Mary Dulton and John Almond
12 Nov 1771, Grace Dulton and Mathew Sarp
18 May 1785, Mary Dulton and William Ankers
31 Dec 1792, Ann Dulton and George Pinck

Chester, St. Oswalds
6 Nov 1832, Betty Dulton and Joseph Johnson

7 Sep 1773, John Daulton and Elizabeth Kettle
27 Sep 1797, James Daulton and Mary Moores
4 Feb 1834, Mary Dalton and William Hughes

1 Sep 1686, Mary Dalton and Richard Eaton
28 Sep 1835, Isaac Dalton and Sarah Ellams
6 Aug 1836, John Dalton and Ann Kinsey
6 Aug 1836, Sarah Dalton and William Maddock

Great Budworth
25 Sep 1787, Alice Dalton and John Moores

27 Nov 1803, Mary Dalton and John Widdall

4 May 1776, Samuel Dalton and Frances Kennerly
21 Dec 1779, Mary Dalton and John Wilkinson
12 Aug 1790, Sarah Dalton and Richard Henshall
29 Dec 1818, Sarah Dalton and Samuel Whitney
30 Oct 1819, Samuel Dalton and Sarah Oulton
4 Jun 1834, Elizabeth Dalton and John Thompson Hough

Mottram in Longdendale
8 May 1816, Thomas Dalton and Mary Atherton
20 Nov 1820, Esther Dalton and Thomas Ellison
3 Mar 1833, George Dalton and Jane Wood

4 Aug 1772, Mary Dalton and Samuel Eaton
2 Oct 1773, Daniel Daulton and Ellen Roberts
1 Nov 1773, J. Dalton and Mgt Lowe
17 Jul 1774, John Daulton and Mgt. Sumnor
22 Apr 1776, E. Daulton and Jas. Muckalt
17 Aug 1783, David Daulton and Sarah Worrall
3 Oct 1784, Ann Daulton and J. Stringer
5 Nov 1792, Ellen Daulton and John Litler
17 Apr 1805, Jane Dalton and John Willies
29 Dec 1806, Nancy Daulton and George Moors

Over by Middlewich
8 Jan 1803, Margaret Dalton and George Walker

Over Peover
17 Feb 1725, Mary Dulton and Thomas Hewitt

29 Dec 1715, Thomas Dulton and Jane Redfiern
14 Dec 1800, Ann Dalton and John Hassal

21 Dec 1816, John Dalton and Mary Pimley

28 Dec 1792, Sarah Dalton and Samuel Cook

Dec 1728, Thomas Dalton and Catharina Moore
29 Mar 1754, Jams Dalton and Elizabeth Strettell
1 July 1759, James Daulton and Martha Dodson
16 Feb 1768, Peter Dalton and Esther Newall
17 Oct 1769, Thomas Dalton and Ann Tomlinson
2  May 1770, Anne Daulton and James Walton
1 Nov 1773, John Dalton and Margaret Lowe
22 Apr 1776, Elizabeth Daulton and James Muckalt
20 Apr 1778, Mary Daulton and William Moors
4 Aug 1793, Elizabeth Dalton and John Pearson

Witton, St. Helens
6 Feb 1792, Martha Dalton and Daniel Amery

Additional Marriages

Source: Cheshire Genealogy

KEY: Names, Church/Register, Region

John Dalton and Mary McTigh, Bowdon St. Mary, TR

Samuel Dalton and Elizabeth Kinsay, Frodsham, St. Lawrence, CC

Catherine Dalton and Daniel Wilkinson, Middlewich, St. Michael, CE

Mary Dalton and John Wilkins, Birkenhead, St. Mary, WR

Elizabeth Dalton and William Hallworth, Macclesfield, St. Michael, CE

Mary Dalton and John Basnett, Frodsham, St. Lawrence, CC

Charles Dalton and Hannah Worrall, Warrington St. Pauls, WA

Elizabeth Dalton and Thomas Rowe, Great Budsworth, St. Mary, CC
Frances Dalton and John Ennion, Coddington, St. Mary, CW

Thomas Dalton and Ann Forester, Coddington, St. Mary, CW

Alice Ann Dalton and James Dean, Middlewich, St. Michael, CE
Fanny Dalton and John Maddows, Great Budsworth, St. Mary, CC

Amy Dalton and John Atherton, Whitegate, St. Mary, CC
Ann Dalton and John Ditchfield, Stretton, St. Matthew, WA
Winifred Dalton and Patrick Manion, Warrington, St. Elphin, WA

John Dalton and Elizabeth Ann Knowles, Great Budsworth, St. Mary, CC
John Dalton and Ann Morlans, Bowdon St. Marys, TR

Samuel Dalton and Mary Longshaw, Stretton, St. Matthew, WA

Juhany Dalton, and Hugh Nevan, Macclesfield Civil Marriages, CE

Charles J. Dalton and Elizabeth A. Lodger, Tranmere, St. Catherine, WR
William Dalton and Mary Ann Marsh, Davenham, St. Wilfrid, CC

1856 to 1860
Catharine Dalton and Thomas Littler, Birkenhead, St. Mary, WR
George F. Dalton, and Susanna A. Vale, Birkenhead, Holy Trinity, WR
Kate Dalton and Joseph Worrall, Frodsham, St. Lawrence, CC
Sarah S. Dalton and Joseph Powell, Birkenhead, St. Mary, WR

1861 to 1865
Ann Dalton and John Worsley, Macclesfield Civiil Marriages, CE
Enoch Dalton and Ann Walker, Davenham, St. Wilfrid, CC
Mary A. Dalton and William Stacy, Bidston, St. Oswald, WR
Mary Dalton and George Couse, Macclesfield Civil Marriages, CE

1866 to 1870
Charles Dalton and Margaret Wright, Frodsham, St. Lawrence, CC
George William Dalton and Margaret Hannah Carter, Witton, St. Helen, CC
John Dalton and Mary Jane Walker, Davenham St. Wilfrid, CC
Thomas Dalton and Sarah Ann Bowker, Wilmslow, St. Bartholomew, CE
William Dalton and Elizabeth Curzon, Witton, St. Helen, CC

1871 to 1875
Charles Dalton and Emily Proudlove, Northwich Civil Marriage, CC
Isaac Dalton and Elizabeth Hughes, Chester, St. Oswald, CW
James Dalton and Jane Faveger, Birkenhead, St. Anne, WR
Martha Dalton and Charles Costello, Tranmere, St. Catherine, WR

1881 to 1885
Ellen Dalton and Joseph Froggatt, Disley, St. Mary, CE
John Dalton and Sarah Frogatt, Disley, St. Mary, CE
Mary Dalton and William Owen, Tranmere, St. Catherine, WR
Thomas Dalton and Catherine McHugh, Chester Civil Marriage, CW

1886 to 1890
Mary Bower Dalton and Walter Lloyd Dodge, Wilmslow, St. Bartholomew, CE
Mary E. Dalton and John Gibbons, Northwich Civil Marriage, CC
Thomas Dalton and Elizabeth Grocott, Nantwich Civil Marriage, CC
William Henry Dalton and Mary Elizabeth Simpson, Davenham, St. Wilfrid, CC

1891 to 1895
Arthur Dalton and Jane E. Bates, Northwich Civil Marriage, CC
Bertha I. Dalton and William G. Macakay, Chester Civil Marriage, CW
Elizabeth A. Dalton and John Hosker, Birkenhead, St. Peter, WR
Ernest Dalton and Katie Garland, Birkenhead, St. Paul, WR
Florence Dalton and William M. Dodd, Chester Civil Marriage, CW
John Dalton and Sarah Laycock, Birkenhead, Holy Trinity, WR
Joseph Dalton and Annie E. Parker, Hargrave, St. Peter, CW
Robert T. Dalton and Henrietta S. Polden, Neston, SS. Mary & Helen, CW
William Dalton and Mary Wrench, Lostock Gralam, St. John, CC

1896 to 1899
Hannah Dalton and Thomas Webb, Knutsford, St. Cross, CE
Clara Dalton and James Holt, Wilmslow, St. Bartholomew, CE


Key: Name, District, Region

Ann Dalton, Warrington, WA

Joseph E. Dalton, Warrington, WA

John Dalton, Warrington, WA

Mary Dalton, Budworth, WA

James Dalton, Warrington, WA
Patrick Dalton, Warrington, WA

Winifred Dalton, Warrington, WA

John Dalton, Warrington, WA
Samuel Dalton, Budworth, WA

John Dalton, Warrington, WA

Ellen Dalton, Warrington, WA

Ellen Dalton, Warrington, WA

Hannah Dalton, Warrington, WA

Mary H. Dalton, Warrington, WA

Hannah E. Dalton, Warrington, WA

Joseph Dalton, Warrington, WA

John Dalton, Warrington, WA

Mary A. Dalton, Warrington, WA
Patrick Dalton, Warrington, WA

Ada Dalton, Lynn, WA

Dominic Dalton, Sankey, WA

Thomas Dalton, Warrington, WA

John Dalton, Warrington, WA

Mabel Dalton, Warrington, WA

Jane Dalton, Warrington, WA

Luke Dalton, Warrington, WA

Elizabeth Dalton, Warrington, Wa
Mary Dalton, Warrington, WA


Courtesy, Michael Cayley, DGS Archivist

Ashton upon Mersey, St. Martin
Thomas Dalton 7 Sep 1859 inf.
Joseph Dalton,7 Jan 1888, age 3

Backford, St. Oswald
Mary Jane Dalton 4 Sep 1952, age 91
Robert Dalton 10 Dec 1927, age 67
Sarah Catherine Dalton, 15 Jan 1969, age 74

Bowdon, Blessed Virgin Mary
Joseph Dalton 7 Apr 1838, age 37
Thomas Wellis Dalton 6 Jul 1837, age 32

Hyde, Gee Cross Unitarian
Edwin Dalton 12 Dec 1858, age 15
Alice Dalton  26 Feb 1824, age 1
Thomas Dalton 27 Oct 1823, age 8 w

Mottram in Longendale, St. Michael And All Angels
Eliza Ann Dalton 14 Mar 1834, 8 mo.
Elizabeth Dalton, 10 Jan 1825, 6 mo
Ester Maria 20 Dalton Jan 1834, age 3
Hannah Dalton 27 Jun 1838, age 20
Mary Dalton, 6 Sep 1847
Mary Dalton 25 Oct 1854, age 57
Sarah Ann Dalton 4 Dec 1835, 8 mo
Thomas Dalton 11 Jun 1821 9w
Thomas Dalton,25 Apr 1868, age 80
William Dalton 16 Feb 1845, 11 mo
Winefrid 9 Aug 1824, 5 mo.

Norbury, (Hazel Grove), St. Thomas
Betty Dalton 11 Feb 1849 age 68
Fred Dalton 16 Jan 1953, age 70
Joseph Dalton, 24 Feb 1848, age 55
Marioon Dalton 9 May 1969, age 46
Sarah Dalton 10 Jun 1835, age 20

Stalybridge, Stayley, St. Paul
Amanda Dalton 16 Mar 1872, age 6
John Dalton 28 Feb 1868, age 67
Sarah Dalton 4 Feb 1885, age 79

Stockport Municipal Cemetery
Catherine Dalton, 3 Oct 1857, age 60
James Dalton 24 Dec 1842, age 58
John Dalton 10 Aug 1846, age 60

Stockport, St. Michael
Brigitta  Dalton, 21 Dec 1864, age 45

Tarvin, St. Andrew
Rebbecca Dalton, 27 Oct 1875, age 67

Wilimslow, St. Batholomew
Rose Ann Dalton, 25 Apr 1891, age 21

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The following Dalton extractions are from Cheshire  and are followed by a section that includes all Daltons who were born in Cheshire and who were enumerated in other counties of the U. K.

William Dalton age 25, b. Altrincham, wife Jane E. 18, b. Caernarvon, Wales; visitor Henry Bailey. 4 b. Altrincham
Ann Dalton, widow 59, b. Ire.; son John 26, b. Altrincham
Jane Dalton, widow 32,  and all children b. Altrincham; Thomas 10, Martha 8, Edward 1; Mary Hughes 14, niece.

Ashton On Mersey
Margaret Dalton age 40, b. England, charwoman

Elfrida Dalton, lodger missionary, 51, b. Ire. in household of Emma Scott
Joseph Dalton, fireman 32, b. Liverpool, wife Eliza 31 b. Manchester; children born Birkenhead; Elizabeth 10, John 5, Martha E. 4, and Samuel 1.
Patrick Dalton age 40 seaman aboard "S S Brittanic" b. Waterford, IRE.
Thos. Dalton age 21 seaman aboard "S S Brittanic" b. Liverpool, Lancs
Samuel Dalton,, engineer 60 b. head; wife Margaret 54 b. Boindie, Banff, Scotland; step daughter Robina Cuthbert 22 b. Banff, Scotland

Bollington in Macclesfield
Betsy Dalton, head, widow 71 b. Appleton; gd daur Betsy Baird 13, b. Warrington; gr daur Elizabeth Longshaw age 6 and gd son John D. Longshaw, 5, born Macclesfield
Edwin Dalton 34, b. Moseley, Lancs; wie Mary Ann 28 b. Bollington; son John W. 3, b. Bollington

Patrick Dalton, green grocer, age 44 b. IRE.; wife Bridget 42 b. IRE.; five children born Stockport, Cheshire; Kate 15, Edward 13, William 10, John 7, Patrick 4.

Castle Northwich
George W. Dalton, Drapers Mgrs. Agent, age 42, b. Lichfield, Stafford; wife Margaret Hannah 36, b. Northwich, Cheshire; four children born Northwich - Mary Lillian 9, William Townsend 3, Herbert Townsend 2, George Townsend 4 mos.

Chester,  St. John Baptist
James Dalton, umbrella maker, 50 b. London, Middlesex; wife Mary 48 b. Ashton Under Lyne
James Dalton lodger, groom, mar. 45, b. Stretford, Lancs

Chester St. Martin & Abbey Prec.
Ann Dulton, patient, housewife, mar 50. b. Burwardsley, Cheshire.  At Chester General Infirmary, St. Martins in the Fields.

Church Hulme
Annie Dalton, schoolmistress age 30, b. Lichfield, Stafford

Isaac Dalton, age 70, b. Appleton, Cheshire; wife Mary 60 b. Shropshire; step daur Elizabeth Hughes 21, b. Picton, Cheshire and step son John Hughes 19, b.Picton, Cheshire

Disley Stanley
John Dalton, emery cloth maker, 46 b. Manchester; wife Sara age 31, b. Disley

Mary Dalton, 41 b. Stalybridge, Cheshire and Edward Dalton 10, b. same. Enumerated in the home of Thomas and Ellen Carr.

Rd. Dalton, chaplain aboard the vessel "Clarence", age 33, b. IRE. Edgar Algar, Captain

Frodsham Lordship
Thomas Dalton, 49 b. Helsby, Cheshire; wife Sarah 44, b. Weaverham, Cheshire; son Joseph 13, b. Kingsley, Cheshire; Sarah 11, b. Kingsley, Elizabeth 6, b. Kingsley, Betsy 4, b. Kingsley, Thomas 2, b. Kingsley; Thomas Kay, father in law age 77, b. Weaverham.
John Dalton, 54 b. Helsby, Cheshire (brother to above Thomas?); wife Elizabeth 54, b. Helsby; Mary E. 20 b. Manchester; Thomas Dalton age 76, father b. Moore, Cheshire; Martha Mois sister in law 18, b. Helsby.

Great Boughton
Samuel Dalton, inmate of Workhouse, Heath Lane, age 66, b. David Golborn, Cheshire

Great Neston
Jane Dalton, mar, age 28, listed as daur visiting in the home of Robert and Ann Favager, b. Neston. Also visiting are the following daurs; E. A. Dalton 9 b. Neston, S. A. Dalton 6 b. Birkenhead, E. Dalton 4 b. Widnes, Lancs, B. N. M. Dalton 2 b. Prescot; dau Emily Favager 19; nephew George Birch 15, b. Upton, Cheshire; grandson Robert Wragg 5, b. Neston.

Charles H. Dalton, insurance sup't age 49, b. Marleybone, Middlesex; Amelia, wife 37, b. Liverpool; Herbert C. 11 b. Manchester; Reginald 10 b. Hale; Charles J. 3 b. Hale.

Higher Bebington
Mary F. Dalton, widow 66, b. Lambeth, Surrey; sister in law Anne Dalton 57 b. Dudley, Stafford; Mary F. Dalton daur 31 b. Penn, Stafford

John Dalton, calico printer master, 54, b. Hollingworthand employing 159 people including nine with surname Couban, related to his sister Esther M. Couban 44, b. Hollingworth.
James Dalton brewer's agent 43 b. Hollingworth; wife Mary b. Staley, Cheshire; Edith M. 8, b. Macclesfield, Cheshire

Jane Dulton, serv, 19 b. Grialden Sutton, Cheshire in the home of Thomas Goodall

John Dalton, Curate, Northwood House, widow, age 61, b. Carlisle, Cumberland.

Knutson Nether
Robert Dalton, Mgr. King St. Coffee Tavern age 34, b. Paddington, Derby; wife Clara 34, b. Derby, Derby

Charles Dalton, 55 b. Frodsham;wife Margaret b. Nantwich, Cheshire;  son Charles 25 b. Frodsham; daur in law Emily 28 b. Sandbach, Cheshire, son Daniel 17 b. Winsford., Cheshire, grandson George H. Wright  17 b. Winsford.
William H. Dalton 17, b. Leftwich, Lizzie Dalton 13. b. Leftwich and Hannah Dalton 11, b. Leftwich - grandchildren of John Walker and Alice Walker.

Michael Dalton, lodger bricklayer 25 b. Ire.

Lostock Gralam
John Dalton, blacksmith age 38, b. Hartford, Cheshire; wife Mary Jane 33, b. Castle, Cheshire; Daur Florence 12, b. Leftwich.  Note that in the census, the spelling of the surname of three of the children changes to Dallon and were all born in Wincham, Cheshire. Arthur Dalton 11; William Dalton 10, Hannah Dallon 6, Catherine Dallon 5, and Daniel Dallon 2.

Monks Coppenhall
John Dalton boarder age 33, b. IRE in household of Bernard Cunningham b. IRE.

Newton by Tattenhall
Samuel Dalton age 62 b. Duddon, Cheshire; gr daur Mary Ann Dalton 18, b. Huxley, Cheshire; gr daur Jessie Large 10 b. Hartford, Cheshire

Poulton Cum Seacombe
Henry Dalton 38, b. Wolverhampton, Stafford; Wife? Ann 22 b. Egremont, Cheshire.

Pownall Fee
Thomas Dalton, lithographic artist, 43, b. Dunham Massey, Cheshire; Sara A. wife 39 b. Wilmslow, Cheshire as were all seven children; Wm. Bower 13, Robert 11, Clara 10, Amy Gertrude 8, Tom Sydney 6, Josephine 3, and Joshua Bower age 2.
John Dalton, Soldier, Sergeant Major, 42 b. Ireland; wife Sarah 42 b. Bister, Oxford; Rose 14 b. East Indies; Bernard 9 b. East Indies; Francis 6, b. Shorncliffe, Kent; Jane 4 b. Nantwich, Cheshire

John Dalton, 43 b. Salford, Lancs enumerated in the home of Hannah Campbell.

Stretton in Runcom
John Dalton age 33, b. Appleton, Cheshire enumerated in the home of Edward and Mary Ann Brocklehurst

John Dalton,  stoker age 26, b. Tintwistle; wife Ellen 27 b. Mossley, Lancs; Sykes Dalton, bro 15 b. Tintwistle; Emma Dalton sister 12, b. Mossley, Lancs.

Hannah Dalton, widow, charwoman, 59 b. Liverpool.  Birkenhead Union Workhouse
James Dalton, brother in law mar 29 b. Eden Hall Cumberland.  Enumerated in household of J. and Ellen Favager. See Great Neston above for a possible connection.

Alfred Dalton, shoe maker 55 b. Cambridge; Mary Ann wife 54 b. Macclesfield, Cheshire; Eliza 16 b. Stockport, Harriet A. b. Stockport.
James Dalton boarder, unemployed 23, b. Birmingham, Warwick.  Enumerated in home of Margaret Rothwell.
Mary A. Dalton, servant 21 b. Salford, Lancs; Enumerated in home of Stephen Stafford.

Sarah Dulton, head mar. b. Sandiway, Cheshire;  son Joseph 30, b. Sandiway; Mary 27, daur b. Little Budworth, Cheshire; George son 25, b. Little Budworth; Thomas son, 23, b. Little Budworth, Arthur son, 21 b. Delamere, Cheshire; William 16 b. Delamere; Mary E Dulton, gr daur, 5. b. Sandiway.

William Dalton, 34 b. Frodsham, Cheshire, wife Betsy 31 b. Stockport; Emily 12 b. Wharton; John W. 10, b. Frodsham; Mary 8, b. Widnes, Lancs; Charles 6, b. Northwich; Herbert 1, b. Wharton.

Enoch Dalton, 36 b. Northwich; wife Ann 35 b. Northwich; Ernest 3 b. Widnes.  All other children b. Northwich; Mary E. 10, Alfd. 8, John 6, Fred 11 mo.

Daltons who were born in Cheshire and who were enumerated in other counties in 1881.

Glossop Dale
William Dalton, servant, footman, 18 b. Hollingworth, Cheshire at Whitefield House

Thomas S. Dalton, inv'st income, age 58, b. Mottram, Cheshire; wife Janet Clegg Dalton, 63, b. Manchester, Lancs.

Ashton Under Lyne
Margaret Dalton, lodger, dom. servant age 38, b. Stockport, Cheshire in household of Thomas Mills

Broughton in Salford
John Dalton, visitor, solicitor, age 30, b. Chester, Cheshire at the home of Charles Bond, civil servant.

Mary Dalton, beer seller, widow age 56, b. Stockport, Cheshire

William Dalton, herbalist, age 58 b. Northwich, Cheshire, wife Elizabeth age 60 b. Hawarden, Flint, Wales

Ralph Dulton, ret. farmer, age 56 b. Cheshire; Elizabeth, wife, 42 b. Shropshire

Thomas Dalton, age 26 b. Manchester, Lancs; wife Mary E. age 20 b. Stockport, Cheshire

Ann Dalton, former servant, age 48, b. Witton, Cheshire

Job Dalton age 53, b. Birkenhead, Cheshire; wife Ann 54 b. Wales; Charles Hanley son in law 34 b. Birkenhead; Catherine Hanley 30 wife, b. Liverpool; Sarah Ann Hanley, boarder, dau 8, b. Liverpool; Hester Joy Hanley gr dau 2, b. Liverpool

North Meols
Michael Dalton, ret. printer, age 49 b. Bowdon, Cheshire; Rebecca, wife 42, b. Salford, Lancs; Ada, dau 12, b. Newton Heath, Lancs

Brierley Dalton, lab, 34 b. Oldham, Lancs; wife Maria age 33 b. Cheshire; three children b. Oldham - Robert 10,  John 6 and William 9 mos.
Peter Dalton, brushmaker, 31 b. Stockport, Cheshire; wife Elizabeth 30 b. London, London; daughters Elizabeth 6 and Mary 3, b. Manchester, Lancs.
Betty Dalton, marine store dealer, widow age 56, b. Oldham, Lancs; Eliza A., dau 26 b. Oldham; Silas son 24 b. Oldham and daur in law Emma 22 b. Macclesfield, Cheshire; sons William 21 and Fred 17 b. Oldham

Pendleton in Salford
George Forster, curate, age 48, b. IRE; wife Williamina G. 48, b. Pendleton, Lancs; Mary A. dau 21, b. Birkenhead, Cheshire

Sarah J. Dalton, cotton worker, age 23, b. Poynton, Cheshire

Richard B. Dalton, yarn salesman, age 29, b. Winsford Cheshire; wife Mary 31, b. Crewe, Cheshire; four children b. Hulme, Lancs - Edith 12, Walter 9, Thomas 4, Percy 2.
Henry Dalton, yarn agt, 54, b. Summersdale, Cumberland; wife Jessie Louisa 34 b. Cheadle, Cheshire; John Campbell Dalton age 2 b. Stretford and Ada Elizabeth Dalton 9 mos. b. Stretford.

Toxteth Park
William Dalton, spar maker, age 56, b. Winsford, Cheshire; wife Agnes 54, b. Liverpool
Alice Dalton, widow, age 53 b. Lancs; dau Mary 26, b. Lancs; son in law John Dalton 27 b. Cheshire; gr sons Joseph Henry Dalton age 4 and George Edward Dalton age 2 b. Lancs.

Walton On Hill
Sarah Ann Dalton, servant, age 18 b. Birkenhead, Cheshire, in home of Higginson and Mary Robinson.

Jane Dalton, milliner, age 32 b. Frodsham, Cheshire; sisters Hannah Dalton 22 and Catherine Dalton 20, b. Nutsford, Cheshire

West Derby
Thomas Dalton, boarder, carter, age 20, b. Warrington, Cheshire in residence of Henry Audley

John Dalton, mfr lab, age 43 b. Overton, Cheshire; wife Ann 34 b. Woolton, Lancs;  seven children all born in Widnes, Lancs -Samuel 13, Mary 9, Daniel 7, Joseph, 5, Edward 3, Elizabeth 2, John 1.
Daniel Dalton, chem lab age 56, b. Northwich, Cheshire; wife Sarah age 51 b. Frodsham, Cheshire; three children b. Frodsham - Mary 23, Samuel 18 and Joseph 14.

Anne E. Dalton, visitor, teacher, age 25 b. Chester, Cheshire at residence of David and Sarah E. Martinean

Brightside Bierlow
John Dalton age 37m b. Hazelgrove, Cheshire; wife Sarah 38, b. Sheffield, York; four children b. Sheffield - Ada 12, Harry 9, Edwin 6, Lilly 1. Also enumerated was Ann Rhoades, widow, 63, b. Doncaster, York.
Thomas Dalton, 53, b. Thurlston, York; wife Ann 52 b. Stalybridge, Cheshire; son Joshua 21, b. Dukenfield, Cheshire.
Richard Dalton, age 67 b, Totley, Derby; wife Sarah 58 b. Branall, Cheshire

Levi Dalton, widow, age 54 b. Northwick, Cheshire; son Levi 15 b. Ecclesfield and son Eli 15 b. Ecclesfield, York

Ada F. Dalton 14 b. Hollingworth, Cheshire enumeated at "Bridgeholm"

Thomas Dalton, age 33, b. Cliburn, Westmorland; wife Harriet 27, b. Woodhead, Cheshire; dau Julia 5, b. Lindholme, York and son Arthur 2, b. Hull, York

Potter Newton
Thomas W. Dalton, age 48 b. Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales; wife Mary L. 38, b. Kirkdale, Lancs; three chldren b. Bilington, Cheshire - Tom E. 14, Harold 11, and Ethel M. 9; and three children b. York - Edith E. 5, Charles A. 3, and Cecil F. 1.

Flint, Mold
Thomas Dalton, age 43, b. IRE; wife Catherine 39 b. IRE; four children b. Chester - John 16, Thomas 12, Kate 10, Anne 8; and three childre b. Mold, Flint, Wales - Arthur 4, Elizabeth 2, and Peter 4 mos.


To order a copy of a Will, contact the Cheshire City Council Web page:

1675, Samuel Dalton, servant, Hulme
1707, Henry Dalton, mariner, West Kirby
1710, Samuel Dalton, butcher, Northwich
1805, James Dalton, Rock Salt Getter, Marston, Great Budworth
1837, Thomas Wells Dalton, innkeeper, Dunham Massey
1838, Joseph Dalton, innkeeper, Dunham
1846, Edward Oulton Dalton, grocer, Middlewich
1849, Samuel John Dalton, an infant, Middlewich
1860, Elizabeth Ann Dalton, Kelsall
1864, Samuel Dalton, farmer, Appleton
1868, Thomas Dalton, gentleman, Hollingworth
1868, John Dalton, calico printer, Hollingworth
1884, Jessie Louisa Dalton, Cheadle
1885, Anne Dalton, spinster, Rock Ferry
1890, George William Dalton, Castle Northwich
1895, John Dalton, calico printer, Hollingworth
1896, William Dalton Moore, innkeeper, Marthall, Here Hills
1900, Rev John Dalton, clerk, Kelsall
1900, William Dalton, butcher, Stalybridge


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