ALUMNI DUBLINENSES: A register of the Students, Graduates, Professors and Provosts of Trinity College in the University of Dublin for the years 1593 to 1860.

Published by George Dames Burtchaell (Deputy Ulster King of Arms died 1921) & Thomas Ulick Sadleir. Thom & Co. Ltd. Dublin, Ireland — 1924. In 17th Century  life, children of wealthy were frequently born in Dublin or the nearest town, where medical advice could be obtained. Birthplace: if not father's house, than that of maternal grandfather in case of an eldest son. Age usually given as next birthday.

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DALTON, CHRISTOPHER, Sizar (free education in return for performing certain menial duties; usually of poor parents or of the clergy)  (taught by Mr. Alexander Mullin, a private tutor); enrolled July 14, 1676, aged 14; son of James Dalton; born County Louth. B.A. (Bachelor of Arts), Verna (Spring Semester) 1681.

DALTON, EDWARD, Scholar Commoner (S.C. able to graduate within three years) (Mr. Patrick Murphy); enrolled June 5, 1799 at age 15 years  and six months; son of Edward Dalton; born County Meath. B.A. Aestiva (Summer Semester) 1802 (afterwards Tuite-Dalton).

DALTON, EDWARD, S.C. (Mr. Street); enrolled Oct. 21, 1833, aged 18; son of Edward Tuite

Dalton, Generous (Gent); born County Meath.

DALTON, GEORGE WILLIAM,  Pensioner (paid a fixed sum annually, not paid to as a retiree) P.T. (private tutor, no name given); enrolled July 4, 1842, aged 17; son of George Edward Dalton, Medicus, defunctus ( physician., deceased); born Malta. B.A. Vern. 1847, M.A. (Master of Arts) Vern., B.D.  and D.D. (Bachelor and Doctor of Divinity), Vern 1877. Biography: George William Dalton born 15 Sept. 1824 at Malta on way to Palestine, the son of Jane and George Edward Dalton.  George Edward Dalton died in Jerusalem, Palestine  during Jan., 1826. George William Dalton resigned as Victor from St. Peter & Paul Church of Todwick, Sheffield, England during July, 1891.

DALTON, HENRY, Pen. P.T. , enrolled Oct. 14, 1822, aged 17; son of George Forster Dalton, Pragmaticist (solicitor); born Dublin. B.A.  Aestiva (Summer semester) 1827 and M.A. Vern. 1845.  see Foster and Boase (Supp.).

D'ALTON, HENRY, Pen. (Mr. Huddart), enrolled June 8, 1846, aged 30; son of Henry Dalton, Musicus (musician), defunctus; born County Tipperary.

DALTON, JAMES, Pen. (Mr. Nolan), enrolled Jan. 1, 1826, aged 27; R.C. (Roman Catholic), son of Oliver Dalton, Mercator  (merchant); born County Limerick.

    note: no mention of religion made before 1790.

D'ALTON, JOHN, Pen. (Mr. Hutton), enrolled July 7, 1806, aged 14; R.C., son of William Dalton, Generous, b. County Westmeath. B.A. Vern. 1811 (Irish Bar 1813). John D’Alton became the Dublin based author of King Jame’s Army and other Irish historical books.  see D.N.B. and Boase.

DALTON, JOHN, Pen. (Mr. Feinagle); enrolled Mar. 6, 1820, aged 16; son of Edward Dalton; N.F.P. (No further particulars).

DALTON, JOHN,  S.C. (From Oxford), enrolled Oct. 9, 1828.

DALTON, JOSEPH HOLLIDAY, Pen. (Mr. Wilkinson), enrolled Jan. 19, 1829, aged 21; son of Thomas Dalton, defunctus; born Cumberland. B.A. Vern. 1833.

DALTON, MAURICE, Pen. (Mr. Butler), enrolled Sept. 17, 1843, aged 17; son of Edward Dalton, Generous; born Dublin.  Scholar 1746, B.A. Vern. 1748.

DALTON, MICHAEL, Pen., enrolled June 6, 1735, (N.F.P.)

DALTON, MICHAEL, Pen. (Mr. Ingram), enrolled Dec. 19, 1743, aged 19; son of Michael Dalton, Generous; born County Limerick. Sch. 1746, B.A. Vern. 1748.

DALTON, PHILIP TUITE, S.C. (Mr. Brickell), enrolled Nov. 10, 1795, aged 14; son of Edward Dalton, Generous; born County Meath, B.A. Aest. 1799.

DALTON, RICHARD, son of Gerald Dalton of Ballinecarrow, County Westmeath, Gent. (Ward July 1, 1615.)

DALTON, ROBERT DOMINICK, Pen. (Mr. Egan), enrolled June  27, 1781, aged 15; son of Dominick Dalton, Dux. (Captain); born Kings County.

DALTON. THOMAS, Pen. (Mr. Gourdon), enrolled May 13, 1680, aged 18; son of John Dalton; born County Meath.

DALTON, THOMAS, Pen., enrolled June 3, 1729 (N.F.P.)

DALTON, THOMAS, S.C. (Mr. Benson), enrolled Nov. 9, 1761. (N.F.P.) B.A. Vern. 1765.

DALTON, WILLIAM, Pen. (Mr. Ardee?),  enrolled Oct. 12, 1818; aged 17; son of George Forster Dalton, Pragmaticist; born Dublin. B.A. Vern. 1823. see Foster and Boase (Supp.)

DALTON, WILLIAM, Pen. (Mr. Wall), enrolled July 1, 1846, aged 15; son of John Dalton, Generous, defunctus; b. County Westmeath.

---Bibliographies: Joseph Foster and Charles Boase; Dictionary of National Biographies; Supplement to Alumni Dublinesss: sources used by authors.  Other sources  used for book include: Alumni Cantabrigieness (Cambridge) and Alumni Oxioneienses (Oxford).

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