The following information was provided by DGS member Mike Dalton of Oregon. The data was extracted from The Island Register, a genealogical website for Prince Edward Island, Canada. Many thanks to Mike for his efforts in researching their information for Dalton Family members. See also the biographical sketch of Sir Charles Dalton of Prince Edward Island, contrinuted by DGS member Tom O'Connor.

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A. 1841 CENSUS - Extract: about 40% of PEI's census records survived.

1. Michael Dalton, farmer: Census count of 5: self and wife are 16 to 45; son & daughter under 16., mother inlaw is over age 60. Religion: Roman Catholic. Origin: Michael Dalton and his wife's mother paid their own passage from Ireland. His wife and their 2 children are natives of PEI. Farm holdings: 200 acres held fee simple.

2. Jeremiah Dalton, ship carpenter: Census count of 8: self and sick wife are 16 to 45;their 3 sons and 3 daughters are under age 16, and born PEI. Religion: other denomination. Origin: Jeremiah Dalton and his wife paid own passage from Ireland. Farm holdings: 100 acres held fee simple.

3. John Dalton, farmer: Census count of 1: self is 16 to 45. Religion: RC. Origin: paid own passage from Ireland. Farm holdings: 75 acres held fee simple.

4. Thomas Dalton, farmer/ tailor: Census count of 4: self and wife over age 60; son and daughter each under age 16. Religion: RC. Origin: 3 are natives of Ireland of which two paid own passage; 1 person is native of British Colonies. Farm holdings: 75 acres held fee simple.

LOT 34
1. James Dalton, farmer: Census count of 5: self and 2 other males are over age 60; a male and a female are each under 16. Religion: RC. Origin: 4 paid own passage from Ireland; 1 is native of PEI. Farm holdings: 100 acres held by leasehold ina 999 year lease with 9 years of lease expired.

2. Michael Dalton, labourer: Census count of 8; self over age 60; 2 males and 1 female under 16, 2 males and 1 female 16 to 45. Religion: RC. Origin: 5 are natives of Ireland of which one paid own passage; 3 are natives of the British Colonies. Farm holdings: none.

LOT 28
1. Michael Dalton, farmer: Census count of 2; self and wife areage 45 to 60. Religion: RC. Origin: The two paid their own passage from Ireland. Farm holdings: 86 acres held by leasehold in 999 year lease with 32 years expired. note: Produce raised by the farmers included wheat, oats, barley, and potatoes; livestock included horses, sheep, neat cattle (dairy cows and steers) and hogs.


24 Oct. 1843: John Dalton of Armagh, Ireland, attendee at Charlotte Town repeal meeting.

4 Jan. 1844: Michael Dalton of Lot 7 appointed a warden; upgraded to district warden on 15 Aug. 1844.

15 Jan. 1844: Subscribers to the Repeal Fund at Georgetown: Peter Dalton and James Dalton from Ballyduff, County Kilkenny.

2 May 1844: Subscribers to the Repeal Fund at Lot 7: John Dalton and Patrick Dalton from Ballyhigh (Ballyheigue), County Kerry, Ireland.


Lot 1
P. Dalton near Tighnish; Lot. 7 - Coastal Road north from Springfield and Bible Christian Church: M. Dalton, John Dalton Jr., John Dalton Sr.; past Catholic Church: P. Dalton and J. Dalton, senior.


a. Charlottetown - Michael Dalton, house at Fitzroy near Hillsboro.

b. Georgetown - Peter Dalton, shoemaker, house at Water near Fitzroy;

    Georgetown - James Dalton, house at Water near Fitzroy.

c. Tignish, Lot 1 - Patrick Dalton, farmer.


A . Lot 1

Prince County: Patrick Dalton, Jr. has two 25 acres parcels and a house on Skinner's Pond Road; Patrick Dalton has 109 acres at Norway Post Office.

B. Lot 7, Prince County

a. Shore Road near Bear Pond, adjoining lands with houses: Peter Dalton 100 acres; William Dalton 50 acres; Maurice Dalton 50 acres; Michael Dalton 400 acres to south of Peter's land.

b. Mount Pleasant: Michael Dalton has house and 100 acres.

c. Glenagarry Post Office: Mrs. Patrick Dalton; house and 75 acres; John Dalton, house and 75 acres.

d. Hutt Road: John Dalton, Jr., house and 50 acres.

C. Lot 9, Prince County: Maurice Dalton,100 acres near Brae Station PO.            

D. Lot 12, Prince County: Duncan McDonald, 70 acres and house near Ellierlie Post Office.His widowed daughter Ellinor is there with her 2 children from her late Mr. Dalton.

E. Lot 36. Queens County at Fort Augustus Post Office by Power's land: William Dalton, house and 50 acres; Mrs. Mary Dalton, house and 100 acres.


Taken on or about May 15, 1861.



1. Patrick Dalton, farmer: Census count of 8; self and wife are 45-60 and from Ireland, 2 females 16-21, 3 males 5-16, 1 male 21-45.The family is Roman Catholic.The childen are natives of PEI. Farm holdings: 109 acres held in 999 year lease with 20 years expired on lease.



1. Patrick Dalton, farmer: Census count of 7: self and wife are 21-45; 3 males under age 5 with one birth within the year; one male is 5-16; one male over 60 is likely Patrick's father. The family is RC. Farm holdings: 75 acres held fee simple.

2. John Dalton, farmer: Census count of 12: self is 45-60 and wife is 21-45;

3 males under age 5 with one birth within the year; 2 males & 4 females are

5-16; 1 male is 16- 21.The family is Roman Catholic.

Farm holdings: 75 acres held fee simple.

3. Jeremiah Dalton, farmer: Census count of 4: self and wifeare 45-60;

1 male 21-45; 1 female 16-21. The family is Bible Christian.

Farm holdings: 200 acres held fee simple.

4. Michael Dalton, farmer: Census count of 9: self is 45-60 and wife is 21-45;

2 males and 2 females are 5 -16; 1 male is 16-21 and 2 females are under age 5. The family is RC. Farm holdings are: 96 acres held fee simple.


1. Michael Dalton, labourer: Census count of 2: self and wife over 60 and are natives of Ireland and Roman Catholic. They had 2 linen mills on which they produced 7400 yards of cloth in the prior year.



1. Peter Dalton, age 60, born Ireland, Roman Catholic, boot and shoemaker.

2. James Dalton, age 56, born Ireland, Roman Catholic, shopkeeper.


A. family #80: Patrick Dalton, farmer, age 45; Marguerite, age 45; Sarah 15, Louisa 14, Malvina (Millvina) 11, Donald 9, James 5. All in family b. PEI, RC and of Irish origin.

B. family # 408: Charles Dalton (Daltain), farmer, age 30; Hanna, age 29; Charles H. 5; Catherine 3. All in family b. PEI, RC and of Irish origin.

Susan Dalton, age 17, Irish origin, b. PEI, Roman Catholic; servant on farm of Edward John Christopher.

Matilda Dalton, age 3, RC; b. PEI of Irish origin; counted with family of James and Agnes Colfer. B. Ambrose Dalton, age 20, carpenter,RC; b. PEI of Irish origin; counted with family of John and Elizabeth Doyle.

A. family # 8: Mary (widow), age 40, William 23, M. Catharine 18, James 16, John 14, M. Patrick 12, Bridget Ann 10. All in family b. PEI, Irish origin and Roman Catholic.

B. Family # 17: Emma Dalton, age 8, b. New Brun.; counted with family of Jane McDonald (widow) of Irish origin and her children b. PEI of Scotch origin.

C. Family # 18: Adelaine Dalton, age 18, b. PEI, RC, Irish origin; counted with family of Patrick and Catherine Griffin.

D. Family #22: Michael Dalton, farmer, age 42, b. PEI, Bible Christian, Irish origin; Mary age 42, Alfred A. 15, Annie E. 13, Martha 11, Frederick 9, Jeremiah age 7, Winifred 5, Evangeline 3, Sloan b. Sept, 1880, Catherine Dalton (widow), age 68, b. Ireland. Also Jane Hopwood, age 21, W. Methodist, b. PEI, teacher.

E. Family # 23: Maurice Dalton, farmer, age 41, b. PEI, RC, Irish origin; Alice age 31, Michael 10, Lavenia 8, Teresa 6, Regina 3, Ray A. b. May, 1880.

F. Family #42: Susan Dalton, widow, age 60, b. New Brun., b.Newfoundland: Peter 24, Anne 19, Louisa 17, Ellen 15, James 20; John 9, b. New Brun. All are Roman Catholic and of Irish origin.

G. Family # 50: James Dalton, clerk, age 34, b. England,Anne, age 24, b. PEI, parents of Scottish origin; Joseph b. Aug., 1880 at PEI; all are Presbyterian.

H. Family # 148: William Dalton, farmer, age 36; Margaret age 26; Orvil 5, Wilford 3, Colman b. Oct., 1880. All in familyb. PEI, RC and of Irish origin.

Maurice (Morris) Dalton, head, age 41; wife Anna, age 32; children: George 9, Alex 7, Jeremiah 5, William 2. All in family are Weslayan Methodist, b. PEI and of Irish origin.

LOT 12
Annie J. Dalton, age 6, Lily May Dalton, age 3; both are natives of New York State and Methodists. They are in household of Duncan McDonald and his widowed daughter (their mother) Ellinor McDonald, age 28, Methodist. All others in household are Presbyterian.

Lot. 27
Joseph Dalton, age 16, b. New Brunswick, W. Methodist., enum. on farm of Albert Wright.


LOT 36
Mary Dalton, farmer ,widow, age 48; children: James, 22; Catherine 20, Winifred 17, Annie 14; Ellen 12; Michael 9. All are: RC, b. PEI and of Irish origin.

Charlottetown Royalty

1. Area 1: Frank Dalton, age 28, printer, Irish origin, b. Newfoundland, Roman Catholic; with Thomas Brennan.

2. Area 2: James Dalton, head, fireman, age 29, English origin, b. Newfoundland; wife, Jessie Dalton, age 32, Scottish origin, b. PEI. Both are Canadian Presbyterian.

V. 1891 CENSUS

Dated April, 1891


LOT 54
1. James Dalton, merchant, age 76, b. Ireland; wife Mary Ellen, age 30, b. PEI; children: J. Peter, age 7; Mary Ellen, age 4; M. Patrick, age 2.


Lot 1
1. Charles Dalton, farmer, age 40; wife Annie, age 36; children: Charles Howard, age 14; Mary B., age 10; Winifred, age 8; Nora, age 6; Zila Pearl, age 3; Florence, age 5, months. All in family born PEI, Roman Catholic, Irish origin.

2. Patrick Dalton, farmer, age 54, RC, parents are Irish born; wife Mary, age 56, Presbyterian, her parents are Scottish born; children are RC: Sarah, age 24; Margaret, age 22, Melvina, age 20; John , age 19; Daniel, age 18; Charles, age 14. All in family born PEI.

Lot 3
Laura Dolton (Dalton), age 11, domestic servant in house of Peter Harrington, age 76 and his wife Rosey, age 61 who were born in Ireland. All in household are Roman Catholic. Laura and her parents born on PEI.

Lot 4
Gerard Dalton, age 33, farmer, single, Roman Catholic; b. PEI, parents b. Ireland.


A. KINGS COUNTY, Georgetown

Lot A
James Dalton, head, age 86, b. Ireland 13 Mar. 1815, and immigrated in 1833; wife, Mary E., age 37, b. 22 May 1863; children: Peter, b. 22 Mar 1884; Nellie, b. 18 Jan. 1887; Martin, b. 16 July 1890; Michael, b. 17 Mar. 1893; John, b. 18 Mar. 1896; Thomas b. 29 Dec. 1898. His wife and children were born on PEI. James Dalton of Co. Kilkenny, Ireland died at Georgetown in 1905 at age 89.


1. Darick Dalton, head, age 53, b. 8 Mar. 1848; wife Margaret, age 55, b. 3 June 1846; children: Margaret, born 1 Sept. 1871; Malvina, b. 5 Aug. 1873; Daniel, b. 17 Mar. 1876; Charles, b. 30 June 1878.All of family born on PEI.

2. Charles Dalton, head, age, b. 9 June 1850; wife Annie, age 46, b. 20 Sept. 1854; children: Charles, born 8 Aug. 1876; Winifred, b. 38 Feb. 1883; Zita, b. 14 Sept. 1887; Florence, b. 9 July 1890; Edith, born 26 Jan. 1893; Irene, b.16 Oct. 1894; Joseph J., b. 15 Nov. 1899. Allof family born on PEI.

3. Mary Dalton in Village of Tignish, assistant or servant in a household; age 33. b. 26 Oct. 1867 at New Brunswick.

Lameul (Daniel) Dalton, head, age 35, b. 22 Jan. 1860; wife, Ellen,age 35, born27 Aug. 1866; children: Daniel, b. 33 June 1893; James L. b. 13 Jan. 1895; Joseph B., b. 23 Dec. 1896; Albert T. b. Mar. 1898.All born on PEI.

1. Ambrose Dalton, head, age 38, b. 12 July 1862; wife Mary, age 29, b. 6 Sept. 1871; children: Joseph P., born 14 May 1895; Simon F., b. 18 Feb. 1897; William P., b. 20 Nov. 1895.

2. Charles Dalton, head, age 30, b. PEI on 7 Mar. 1871; wife Lizie, b. 12 May 1872 at New Brunswick.

3. Joseph Dalton, head, age 36, b. 28 Mar. 1865 at New Brunswick; wife Jane, b. 20 May 1878 at PEI.

Thomas Dalton, head, age 60, b. 5 Mar. 1841; wife Mary, age 57, born 2 Oct. 1843; children: Charles, b. 10 Sept. 1882; Nelson, b. 24 Mar. 1884; Evea Jane, b. 18 Sept. 1887. All of family born on PEI.


LOT 36
James Dalton, head, age 40, b. 10 July 1860; wife, Ellen, age 36, born 10 Dec. 1864; children: Mary, b. 12 June 1892; Thomas, b. 30 Dec. 1893; Winnie M., b. 12 May 1896; Annie G. b. 12 July 1900; Mary Dalton, mother, age 68, b. 17 Mar. 1833; Charles Smith, nephew, age 17, b. 10 Nov. 1883. All of family born on PEI.


1. Frank Dalton, domestic, age 44, b.PEI in 1856.

2. Minnie Dalton, boarder, age 33, b. New Foundland on 7 July 1867.


1. From Charlottetown Vindicator dated Friday 12 June 1863: of John Dalton at Mount Pleasant, Lot 7, several of his children died of diptheria: Catherine, 3d daughter on 19 May 1863; Peter, 5th son, aged 4 years and 4 months on 21 May 1863; Johanna, eldest daughter, aged 15 years on 22 May 1863;

Paul Augustine, 6th son, aged 2 years and 3 months on 23 May 1863; James, 4th son, aged 7 years and 6 months on 24 May 1863; Thomas, eldest son, aged 19 years and 5 months on 27 May 1863. (John Dalton and his wife and their 10 children are in the 1861 census of Lot 7, Prince County).

2.9 Dec. 1882: Anastasia Dalton, age 90; native of Ireland at Poor House.

  Herald - 13 Dec. 1882.

3. 9 Feb, 1896: Delia* Dalton McDonald at Lot 14, on the 4th, at age 52. Delia Dalton was the wife of Angus McDonald and a native of Dromore, County Galway, Ireland. She came to Ohio in 1860; she married Angus in 1866 and they emigrated to PEI in 1870. They settled at Grand River. They had 3 sons and one daughter. Summerside Journal. The 1881 census for Lot 14, PEI shows: Angus McDonald, age 39, b. PEI, Scottish origin; wife Delia age 38, b. Ireland; children: Neil 7, b.USA; Alice 5, Walter 3, George 3 -the last 3 being born PEI.
*Delia is a variant of Brigid or Bridget.

4. 4 Mar, 1904: Gabriel McDonald at Charlottetown, age 79; born 2 Mar. 1825 at Lot 47, PEI; He married Mary Dalton of Marysboro, Queens County, Ireland, on 23 Apr. 1850. They leave 3 children, Shedied circa 1884 atage 61. Summerside Journal - 9 Mar. 1904.

5. 13 April 1905: James Dalton at Georgetown, age 89; born Co. Kilkenny, Ireland; he is survived by his widow, seven sons and one daughter.

Herald - 10 Apr. 1905. He is the same James Dalton who came to PEI in 1838 from Ballyduff, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland with his brother Peter.


28 Sept. 1840: Betsy Dalton to James Walsh per banns by M. Reynolds, JP; recorded 8 Mar. 1841; witnesses: James Dalton, Garret Russell, Elinor Martin.

7 Feb. 1842: Catherine Daulton, spinster to James Connor (widower) per banns by James Bundy, missionary; recorded 15 Aug. 1842; witnesses: Patrick McQuade and---- Connor.

23 Sept. 1850: Mary Dalton (widow) to Gabriel McDonald per published banns by Thomas Whelan, JP; recorded 14 Nov. 1850; witnesses: David O'Neil and Isabella Stewart.

10 Jan. 1853: Michael Daulton (farmer) to Mary Power (spinster) per banns by James Brady, PP; recorded 7 June 1853; witnesses: John Power, Mary Dunphy.

25 Feb. 1854: Patrick Dalton to Mary Barrett per banns by M. Reynolds, JP; recorded 6 Dec. 1854; witnesses: Kenneth Neil, John Harrington.

IX. LAND TRANSFER RECORDS - to buyer from seller:

1. 11 Oct. 1823, recorded 12 Dec. 1829, book 36, page 111: To Michael Dalton from Ann Callbeck: lease for 999 years of 100 acres on township no. 28.

2. 20 July 1833, recorded 13 Nov. 1833, book 40, page 329: To Maurice Dalton from James Montgomery and others: relien of 200 acres on township no. 7. The bill of sale was made on 20 Feb. 1833 to transfer title of land to Maurice Dalton fee simple for consideration of 25 Pounds and 10 Shillings - Sterling money of Great Britain. The land was bounded onfront by Gulph of St. Lawrence; on the Northeast by unoccupied land; and on the South by Maurice Griffin land.

3. 4 Jan. 1838, recorded 5 Jan. 1838, book 44, page, page 534: To Richard Dalton from Lt. Governor Trent Charlbert Fitzroy: grant of town lot no. 2, 1st. range, letter B and pasture lot no. 32 in Georgetown and Royalt for consideration of one penny per front foot of land in town lot (120 by 80 feet) and 3 pence per acre in lot 32. Bounds of Lot 32: Northeast: Lot 33; Southwest: by a line of road; Southeast: Lot 16; Northwest: Lot 41. Deal made in first year of Queen Victoria reign of Great Britain and Ireland.

4. 3 Oct. 1838 indenture, recorded 12 Oct. 1838, book 45, page 569: To Richard Dalton, junior yeoman of Harbour Grace in the Island of Newfoundland from Richard Dalton, senior yeoman of Charlottetown: release of pasture lot no. 2, letter B in Georgetown for consideration of 8 Pounds of current money of PEI.

5. 30 Sept.1839, recorded 30 Sept. 1839, book 46, page 504: To James Dalton from Sir Charlbert Fitzroy: grant of town lot no. 3, 1st. range, letter B in Georgetown for consideration of 10 Pounds. Sir Charlebert Fitzroy was the Lieutenant Governor and the Commnander in Chief of Prince Edward Island. Bounds: 120 foot frontage on Raymond Street on the South; North by Lot 14; on East by Lot 4; on West by Lot 21.

6. 13 Oct. 1838 indenture, recorded 21 July 1840, book 47, page 132: To Thomas Dalton from James Montgomery: release of 150 acres on township no. 7 in County of Prince. James Montgomery was acting in behalf of appointed executor, Robert Montgomery of City of Edinburgh, Scotland for estate of Sir Isaac Montgomery of Stohl Castle, County of Dublin, Ireland. Deal made for consideration of 37 Pounds, 10 Shillings of lawful sterling money of Great Britain. Land bounded on North by George White's land.

7. 29 July 1839 indenture, recorded 29 June 1840, book 48, page 150: To Richard Dalton from John Walsh and his wife Catherine: deed of conveyance of town lot no.1, 1st. range, letter C in Georgetown and lot 33 in Royalty for consideration of 5 Pounds; a total of 121 acres. Bounds: North East by a line of road; South West by Lot 32; South East by Lot 15; North West by Lot 40.

8. 8 Aug. 1840, recorded 15 Aug. 1840, book 48, page 234: To Michael Dalton, Thomas Dalton, John Dalton and others as colessors from Michael White (farmer) and his wife Mary, the conveyance of 3 acres in township no. 7 for the consideration of eight Pounds. The parcel was a part of Michael White's land along the North side of the highway toward the shore.

9. 14 Jan. 1841, recorded 13 Feb. 1841, book 48, page 568: To Thomas Dalton (wife) from--: conveyance of 45 acres- -- in Prince County.

10. 12 July 1846, recorded 11 Nov. 1847: book 57, page To Michael Dalton from Francis Kelly: conveyance of windmill opposite town lots no. 1, no. 2, no. 3 in lot 100 in Charlestown, along with lease of 50 acres along Fort Augustus Road for annual rent of 2 Pounds, 15 Shillings or its equivalent in wheat, barley, oats.

11. 2 Sept. 1854, recorded 2 Sept. 1854, book 68, page 159: To James Dalton from Lt. Gov. Dominick Daly: grant of part of pasture lot no. 38 in Georgetown Royalty.

12. 21 June 1856, recorded 26 June 1856, book 72, page 370: To James Dalton and Peter Dalton from Alexander Campion, administrator: lease of two plots of land in Georgetown and Georgetown Royalty.

13. 24 July 1861, recorded 24 July 1861, book 79, page 316: From Richard Dalton of Georgetown, Kings County to Samuel Cambridge of Charlottetown, Queens County: sale of town lot No. 1 in Georgetown for 28 Pounds.

14. 22 July 1862, recorded 17 Oct. 1863, book 79, page 538: To James Dalton and Peter Dalton from John Campion of Queenstown, regarding lease of land in Georgetown and of payment to be made in installments by Dec 24th of each year. The original agreement was made 22 July 1843 between said parties with Martin and Thomas Byrne as witnesses. In 1863 said Thomas Byrne testified that a James Campion was son of said John Campion.* seenote.

15. 31 Oct. 1864, recorded 14 July 1865, book 83, page 547: Indenture for 15 Pounds made between James Dalton and Peter Dalton of Georgetown and Douglas Campbell and his wife Margaret forconveyance of 50 acres of land on township no. 19, which is bounded on the North by Cardigan Wharf.

16. 15 Sept. 1865, recorded 20 Apr. 1867, book 84, page 552: To James Dalton from Thomas Heath Haviland & wife: conveyance of pasture lot 54 in Georgetown Royalty per release of indenture insum of 30 Pounds.

17. 22 June 1868, recorded 22 June 1869, book 90, page 472: memorial of judgment between Maurice Dalton defendant and John Archibald Mathison for 20 Pounds debt and 9 Pounds costs. Registered at Charlottetown.

18. 22 Nov. 1870, recorded 8 Dec. 1870, book 94, page 358: To James Dalton, farmer of Cardigan, Lot 54 from William James Coleman of Halifax: deed of quit claim - plot of land on township no. 54, for consideration of 20 Pounds duly paid. The said land is on West side of Cardigan Wharf, on Parish St., Georgetown,and is bounded on the South byPeter and James Dalton land.

* In the manner of estates, debts and testamentary documents, the genealogy of the named parties and their heirs was sometimes an important factor in closing real estate transactions. Claims against an estate could span several decades.


22 JULY 1853: Maurice Dalton of Prince Co., Lot 7: Vol. 5 , pp 311-12, no. 45.
The will was dated 8 Feb. 1840; probate of will was granted 24 July 1854. Maurice Dalton named his wife Honora Dalton who was granted the house and its belongings, certain live stock, 200 acres of land adjoining that of Maurice Griffin on the South; his son Michael who was granted certain livestock and the increase of farm activities; his son Jeremiah who was granted the privilege of building a mill on a stream that ran through land of said wife Honora Dalton; Catherine Dalton, the daughter of said Jeremiah Dalton who was granted a weaving loom; his son Patrick who was granted 5 schillings from estate. His son Jeremiah Dalton was appointed executor.

1 MAY 1866: Honora Dalton of Prince Co., Lot 7: Vol. 7, page 204, no. 85.
The will was dated 26 Aug. 1853 and proved on 24 Mar. 1866 on oath of son Patrick Dalton and filed 29 Mar. 1866 in court of Charles Young, PEI Judge of Probate. Honora Dalton of Lot Seven, widow of late Maurice Dalton directed that her relict be given a "decent Christian burial." Bestowals made: a. To the male part of the children of my son, Michael Dalton: 200 acres of land adjoining Maurice Griffin on the South and Jeremiah Dalton on the North with the exception of 2.5 acres of land sold to Hugh McKenzie, bounded in part by Gulph of St. Lawrence; and that the said 200 acres is to be divided amongst foresaid children at the discretion of my son Michael and his wife; and that the female part of the family of Michael Dalton be decently maintained and supported by my estate, while they remain on the premises. b. To my son Maurice Dalton - 5 Shillings. c. To my son Patrick Dalton - 5 Shillings. d. Son Michael Dalton appointed executor until his sons reached maximum age and that they then would become coexecutors.

3 NOV. 1880: Michael Dalton of Fort Augustus: Vol. 10, page 85, no. 162
Filed in Queens County Courthouse in Charlottetown. The will was dated 6 Jan. 1864. Michael Dalton named his wife Mary nee Power Dalton; his eldest son William, who would be granted 50 to 100 acres of land upon reaching age 21; son John; and daughters: Mary, Catherine and Margaret. James Power, senior was appointed executor.The same James Power filed his own will dated 8 Feb. 1869 in which he "bequeath my good cow" worth five pounds to my daughter Mary Dalton.

4 OCT. 1888: Jeremiah Dalton, shipwright of Prince County, Lot 7: Vol. 12, page 144, no. 214.
The will was dated 5 July 1875. The will was proved 28 Sept. 1888 and registered 4 Oct. 1888. Bestowals were made as follows: a. to his son Michael: all of his real and personal estate including farm homestead and its improvements who would in event of his death bequeath the same estate to his son Jeremiah, and Jeremiah in turn would give the sum of 40 Pounds or $129.00 Dollars to his brother Frederick and 80 acres of back land to his brother Albert Ernest. The terms of the will were conditional upon the grandsons of above said Jeremiah Dalton reaching the age of 21. his son Jeremiah, one trying plane (carpenter's tool for smoothing boards). c. to my son Maurice, one cow and all my wearing apparel. d. to my daughter Margaret, one bookcase. e. to my daughter Elizabeth, one washing stand. f. to my daughter Catharine, two Pounds and ten Shillings. g. to my daughter Mary Ann, one Pound. h. to my wife Catharine, comfortable maintenance on the homestead with my son Michael and his heirs. i. to my grandson John Ledstone, the son of Samuel Ledstone, one chest of drawers. The same said Samuel Ledstone, son inlaw, a Lot Seven farmer, was appointeda coexecutor.

5 OCT. 1890: Susannah Dalton of Somerville, County of Middlesex, Commonwealth of Masschusetts, USA: Vol. 12, page 461, no. 230.
The will was dated 20 June 1890; the will proved 5 Sept. 1890 at Boston, Maine, USA on oath of Edward O'Regan and registered in PEI courts on 1 Oct. 1890, before Judge of Probate -Charles Young. Bestowals made as follows: a. to my daughter Mary, one Dollar andno more as she is otherwise well provided for. b. to my daughters Maggie, Annie, Louisa and Elizabeth L.: " in equal parts all of my right title interest and estate in and to the land known as the Preston Estate lying in Chatham, the Province of New Brunswick." c. " by virtue of the power given to me by Last Will and Testament of Honora Dalton, widow of Maurice Dalton,(1May 1866) the said Honora Dalton being my late husband's mother,* I bequeath as follows:" two hundred acres of land mentioned in said will being in part of LotSeven in Mount Pleasant, Prince County, PEI, the land being adjacent to that of Maurice Griffin and Hugh McKenzie; that my son William Dalton receive the northern portion of the land,ie 100 acres andthat the remainder be given in equal parts to my sons James Dalton and Peter Dalton. The sons James and Peter Dalton were appointed coexecutors of the will. * In the will of Honora Dalton, dated 26 Sept. 1853: son Michael Dalton was bestowed the said 200 acres of land.

8 AUG. 1891: Patrick Dalton of Lot 7, Prince County: Vol. 13, pp. 38 and 39.
The will was dated 26 Oct. 1889; it was proved and certified on 2 Sept. 1891 before Charles Young, Judge of Probate. Bestowal made to his son Charles Dalton, 109 acres of farm homestead, personal and real property, livestock and farming implements; with the exception of certain furniture reserved for his daughter Margaret McCallum and the donation of a 4 year old mare worth about $50.00 to Parish Priest of Tignish. Nephew John McCarthy and Peter Doyle were appointed executors.


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