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- Belfast reference: DGS  Dalton Databank, Northern Ireland

John Dalton died 12 January 1837, aged 69 years, tailor.


reference: DGS Dalton Databank, Northern Ireland

1. Agnes Dalton died 23 May 1881, age 25, at Belfast, single.

2. Infant of William Dalton died 8 Oct. 1885 at Larne.

3. William George Dalton died Nov. 1877, age 15 months, at Monkstown.

4. William Dalton died 9 March 1892 at Belfast, age 10 months.

5. William Dalton died 2 April 1906 at Larne, age 58, husband of Jane.

    Jane nee Reynolds Dalton died 12 October 1900 at Larne, age 49, wife of William Dalton.

6. Ellen Dalton died 16 June 1906 at Belfast, age 53, married.

7. John Dalton died 9 December 1917 at age 55 at 10 Tyne St., Belfast, widower.


ST. MARY CHURCHYARD, Bennekerry, Parish of Kildare and Leighlin

reference: interment.net

1. Catherine Dalton died 24 June 1999, aged 78 years

2. Mary Dalton died 8 July 1964, aged 84 years, wife of Michael Dalton

   Michael Dalton died 24 Sept. 1962, aged 86 years, husband of Mary Dalton, Ardnehue

   Michael Dalton died 7 August 2000, aged 89 years, son of Michael and Mary Dalton

   Sister Catherine Dalton died 19 Nov. 1992, son of Michael and Mary Dalton, of Presentation Sisters in   Bagenalstown (Muine Bheag), interred in their burial grounds.


BUNRATTY GRAVEYARD, near Bunratty Castle, not far from Shannon Airport

There are Dalton burials within the church ruins. The D’Alton (Dalton) Irish Coat of Arms (standing lion, crested dragon, 7 fleur-de-lis), is on the wall within. A Butler tomb is next to the Daltons.

Edward Dalton, esquire in memory of: grandfather died in 1796.

Michael Eyre Dalton of Woodpark;  Ist. Lieutenant, Yeomanry, of Rosscastle.; died  6 August 1823.

 1. Ross Castle at Killarney, County Kerry had a military barracks. It was discontinued by 1832.

  British Parliamentary Papers dated 1843: regarding Yeomanry Corps, County Clare: Ross Castle:

   Captain M. Dalton, date of commission, 10 April 1811

   Lieutenant R. Dalton, date of commission, 16 August 1826

John H. Dalton died 9 March 1813, aged 17.

Charles Minchin Dalton, esquire, died 1811.

Michael Dalton of Woodpark died (no date) , aged 63.

Margaret Minchin Dalton, wife of Michael Dalton, late of Woodpark, no date.

Amelia Dalton died 20 January 1896 

2. Butler Tomb next to Daltons: William Butler of Castle Crine married in 1750 to Anne Dalton, daughter  of Edward Dalton of Deerpark, County Clare and Jane Eyre; they had  two sons: James and Edward Eyres.

3. Church building dates from the late 16th Century and in ruin  prior to 1839 Samuel Lewis Survey.

4. Petition  for Legislative Union of County Clare to Great Britain signed on or about 26 Sept. 1799 by 

   Edward Dalton of Nutfield Townland, Templemaley parish, County Clare.

5.  Family connection to DGS member Ian D’Alton.

   Notes 1. To 4.: the source is Clarelibrary.ie website.

 references: Ciarnan Dalton, Daltons in History, May, 2007;  editor visit made in August, 2005.



reference: DGS Dalton Databank - Northern Ireland

erected by Sarah Dalton in memory of her mother and two sisters:

Elizabeth Dalton died 1814, aged 13                   Jane Dalton died 1815, age 12

--  mother Dalton died 1815, aged 32                 Edward Dalton died 16 Nov. 1850, aged 75, father.

 References: Dalton Databank, Northern Ireland; Ciarnan Dalton, Daltons in History, May, 2007.



reference: internment.net

Anne nee Morton Dalton, wife of Thomas Arthur Dalton, born 26 July 1914, died 21 June 2007.

Thomas Arthur Dalton, husband of  Anne Dalton, born 29 March 1912, died 3 June 1986,


reference: mjse

1. Catherine Dalton died May 10, 1719

2. Patrick Dalton died April 7, 1835, aged 80; his wife Ann Dalton died Jan. 29, 1831, aged 72; erected by   son James Dalton.      


reference: mjse

W. Richard Dalton died 19 Mar. 1914; wife Mary Elizabeth Dalton died 21 July 1945.

GLASNEVIN CEMETERY, Finglas Road, City of Dublin     

A.  abstracted from  interment.net website

1. Ann Dalton nee Kane, of Cabra, died 28 Nov. 2006

2. Annette Dalton nee Lightfoot, of Dublin, died 23 May 2007

3. Damien Dalton died 30 Oct. 1999, aged 21

4. Dominic Dalton died 16 Feb. 2003, son of John and Mary Dalton

5. Elizabeth Dalton died 19 May 1958, aged 83 years; wife of Michael Dalton, St. Paul Section

   Michael Dalton died 11 Jan. 1945, aged 74 years; husband of Elizabeth Dalton, St. Paul Section

6. Elizabeth Dalton died 8 Dec. 1979, wife of John L. Dalton

   John L. Dalton died 2 Mar. 1979, husband of Elizabeth Dalton, Rosemount Road

   Frankie Dalton died 19 Feb. 1990, daughter of John L. and Elizabeth Dalton

7. Ellen Dalton died 31 Jan. 1943, mother of Gerald and Francis, St. Patrick Section

   Francis Dalton died 3 May 1986; Gerald Dalton died 7 May 1949.

8. Ellie Dalton died 15 May 2007, Sandymount

9. Gavin Dalton, 1972 - 1996, St. Paul Section

10. Gerald Dalton 21 Feb. 1984, aged 60 years, husband of Mary Dalton

     Mary Dalton  nee Robinson died 24 May 1995, aged 70 years, wife of Gerald Dalton

11. John Dalton died 15 Apr. 1994, aged 70 years, husband of Mary Dalton

     Mary Dalton died 6 Oct. 1998, aged 75 years, wife of John Dalton

12. Mary Dalton died 30 Nov. 1964, wife of Patrick Dalton, Rathlin Road, Glasnevin

     Patrick Dalton died 21 June 1972, husband of Mary Dalton,  St. Patrick - S Section

B. John D’Alton Memorial: John D’Alton born Bessville, County Westmeath. Plot purchased in 1852 for self and family. John D’Alton is the Dublin author Of King James Army List.

reference: August, 2005 editor visit; Daltons In History Newsletter - October, 2005 - photograph by editor.

Monument created by Kate and Maria Dalton, who are the daughters of William and  Clarice Dalton.

John D’Alton died 20 January 1867 at age 74; his wife Catherine D’Alton died 1 February 1859 at age 64.

  His daughter Helene Dalton died 7 August 1852, aged 19.

  His second daughter Kate Dalton died 12 March 1897, aged 72.

  His youngest son Edward Dalton of  1 Brighton St. Terrace, Monkstown, died 6 July 1908, aged 79.

  His eldest son William D’Alton died 17 November, 1892; his wife Clarinda Dalton died 25 Dec., 1891;

    their daughter Maria Dalton died 21 January 1925.


1.  In Clinch Plot: also Catherine and Julia D’Alton

2. In Egan Plot:  by Patrick and Mary Dalton in memory of son Lawrence Dalton, who died 24 July, 1851,

    aged 25; above Patrick Dalton died 18 Aug. 1850, aged 79.

reference: mjse


  James Dalton of Kenure Park, died  5 May 1981; in Michael Armstrong plot.


Church built by Charles Hussey, 1719 and his wife Marie Barnewell.

 erected  by William Daughton in memory of William Daughton, son who died 8 Oct, 1893, aged 18 years; and his wife Mary who died 14 Jan. 1907, aged 67; the above William died 20 Dec. 1921, aged 74. Stone erected by Moss, Drogheda, Co. Dublin. Reference: mjse


in memory of Robert Dalton who died 5 Nov. 1970 - missed by his wife and daughter

             reference: mjse

ST. JAMES GRAVEYARD, Church of Ireland Graveyard

George Frederick Dalton died 16 Mar. 1907, aged 47; wife Bridget Dalton died 22 Jan. 1908, aged 45.

             reference: mjse

        reference: mjse = Dublin City and County Graveyards by Dr. Michael J. S. Egan; private publication   in National Archives of Ireland, Dublin.


BOHERMORE CEMETERY, Bohermore near Galway City

reference: interment.net

Mollie Dalton  nee Spain died 6 June 1997, aged  84 years, wife of  William Dalton.

William Dalton died 23 Feb. 1966, aged 84 years, husband of  Mollie Dalton.

William Dalton died 18 June 1993, aged 79 years, son of  William and Mollie Dalton.


Andrew Dalton died 10 July 1709. His son Richard Dalton reburied from Dublin, died 18 April 1712.

Michael Dalton died January 28, 1753. Monument rebuilt by his son John Dalton in August, 1753.

    reference: Ciarnan Dalton, Daltons in History, May, 2007.

RINVILLE CEMETERY, Maree, Oranmore                         reference: interment.net

Mary Dalton: born  21 September 1935; died 24 April 2003.




KILCONLY BURIAL GROUND: near Doon, Ballybunnion, overlooking Shannon River

      - visit made by editor on July 30, 2008

1. John Dalton of  Ballynoneen, Asdee, died 25 June  2001, aged 53 years.

   Charles Dalton of Ballynoneen, Asdee, died 20 April 1992, aged 76 years.

   Catherine Dalton nee Costello, died 30 May 2000, aged 76 years, wife of Charles Dalton

       and his parents John and Liz Dalton died 1930; and Ned Bunnion  who died 1959

2. Erected by Katherine D. Gorman in memory of:

   her father John Dalton who died June 29, 1899, aged 83 years

   her brother Michael Dalton who died August 10, 1906, aged 42 years.


reference: rootsweb.com

1. John Dalton of Beale, died July 18, 1933 at age 55.

2. John Dalton of Rahavanig, died August, 1923 at age 85.

3. Erected by James Dalton of Doon

       Mary Dalton died Mar. 15, 1945 at age 4; Nora Mary Dalton died Feb. 28, 1947 at age 4 months

4. Rev. Patrick Dalton died Aug. 21, 1939 at Notre Dame, Indiana at age 63.

5. Thomas Dalton of Doon , died Feb. 22, 1921 at age 56.

KILLURY BURIAL GROUND, near Causeway (source: editor’s  “Daltons of Glenlea” family genealogy.

Entombed: John Dalton 1794-1870; his wife Elizabeth 1800-  1860;

                    Their son Michael Dalton 10 Dec. 1822 - July 28, 1916; his wife Ellen 1827 Oct. 10, 1877;

Their son Daniel Dalton Mar 29, 1868 - Nov. 12, 1942; Daniel’s wife Honora Barrett 1870 - Dec 7, 1957 is entombed nearby with her parents.



reference: interment.net

Edward Dalton died 7 October 1922; son  in law of Mary and Patrick Walsh.

SAINT KIERAN’S, Kilkenny City          reference: interment .net

Sarah Dalton died 6 July,  2001, Troyswood.


ARDAGH CEMETERY: by  St. Molua’s Parish Church 

reference: Tom Cook of Chicago, Illinois - Irish researcher, Chicago author  and genealogist.

1. Erected by son, Daniel Dalton: Daniel Dalton died Oct. 12, 1878

2. Erected by son, Thomas Dalton:

Edmond Dalton died Aug. 16, 1878 at age 74; his wife Joan Hanley died Apr. 28, 1808.

3. David Dalton of Castlemahon died Jan. 13, 1904; his wife Mary Cregan died July 27, 1911.

Also: Mary B. Dalton died May, 1956 at age 78; Elizabeth Hayes Dalton died April 16, 1959 and is buried in Croagh; Thomas Dalton died Mar. 9, 1965.

4. Daniel Dalton died Sept. 31, 1801 at age 45; his son Patrick Dalton died June 4, 1815 at age 29.

5a. Patrick Dalton of Dungeehy died Sept. 19, 1884, aged 52; his wife Hanora died Apr. 11, 1915 at age 90.

5b. Erected by son, Maurice Dalton: Michael Dalton of Ballintubbrid died 2 Oct. 1896 at age 76; his son John died 22 Mar. 1907, aged 44; his daughter Bridget died 11 May 1926, aged 68; his daughter Mary died 12 Nov. 1874, aged 17.

6. Erected by Thomas D’Alton, brother to Catherine:

     Catherine D’Alton Walker died Apr. 28, 1804 at age 33; William D’Alton died Apr. 15,1815, at age 71.


1. Patrick J. Dalton of Lackelly, Knocklong died July 23, 1984 at age 79

An infant Dalton died in 1980

2. Frank Dalton of Glenbrohane, died Nov., 1985 at age 71

3a. Thomas Dalton died 10 Apr. 1972 Michael Dalton died 15 Sept,. 1972

 b. Thomas Dalton died Nov. 17, 1943 at age 71; his wife Hanora died Dec., 1960 at age 86; his daughter Nora died Dec., 1951 at age 39.

reference: Laragylawe - private publication in National Archives, Dublin, Ireland.



reference: interment.net

Annie Dalton died Feb. 9, 1970; the  wife of Patrick Dalton of Kilmessan who died August 14, 1982

DUNDERRY CEMETERY, Dunderry, Navan       

reference: interment.net

1. Christopher Dalton died 4 Aug. 1978, aged 87 years, husband of  Mary Dalton, Balbeigh

    Mary Dalton died 19 May 1988, aged 87 years, wife of Christopher Dalton

2. John Dalton died  5 July 1985, aged 75 years, husband of Mary Dalton, Robinstown, Navan

   Mary Dalton died 14 Sept. 1995, aged 75 years, wife of John Dalton

3. Peter Dalton died 12 May 1975, aged 77 years, Cloncullen


reference :interment.net

Christopher Dalton died 25 April 1995

James Dalton died 13 Nov. 1974; husband of Kathleen Dalton who died 17 July 1987.


CLONMACNOISE MONASTERY CEMETERY, on border of County Galway near Shannonbridge.

A transcription project of monastery burial grounds is in progress by Department of Public Works (DPW). Families buried here do have preexisting burial rights. Clonmacnoise is a national monument.

Part I. - old. Extraction of records made by Ciarnan Dalton - Daltons in History Newsletter May, 2007

Christopher Dalton  died 20 Oct. 1767, aged 25; his brother James Dalton died 8 Oct. 1767, aged 20.

Judith Dalton alias Eagan died 5 July 1818, aged 48.

Her husband  Robert Dalton died 18 Dec.1831; aged 71.

Part II.- new: opened circa 1950; visit made on August 4, 2008 by DGS members.

A. By middle pathway - upper

Bridget Smullen Dalton, late of Derries Athlone, died 10 July, 2002 at age 75

John P. Dalton, husband, died 3 Jan., 2007 at age 82

Erected by son Michael and father John.

B. Lower part towards rear gate.

1. Ann Dalton, late of 23 Irishtown, Athlone, died Jan.13., 1971 at age 72

  Thomas Dalton, died Jan. 12, 1974 at age 74

  Rose Dalton, died Oct. 5, 1975 Kate Dalton, died May 3, 1976

2. Mary Ann  Kelly, nee Dalton, died 18 Nov. 1962 at age 80

  Catherine Gallagher, late of Garbally, Birr, died 6 Nov. 1980 at age 95

 rip, their brother Robert Dalton   Plots 1. and 2. are next to each other.

3. John Dalton, last of Kilcormac, died 14 Mar. 1980 at age 89

Margaret Dalton, wife, died 12 July 1984 at age 84

4. Mary Dalton nee Clements, wife, last of Ballyshane, Cloghan, died 7 Feb. 1981 at age 44.

          missed by father, son and daughter

  Bridget Dalton of Ballyshane, died 23 Feb. 1985 at age 86

           +… a very recent burial, no identification yet.

5. Patrick Dalton, last of Calross, Cloghan, died 4 June 1980 at age 70

   Ciss D’Alton, wife, died 20 Dec. 1987 at age 71

6. John Dalton, last of Glynwood, died 23 Jan. 1958 at age 72 Teresa Dalton died 1 Apr. 1977 at age76

   Katherine Dalton, daughter, died 29 Apr. 2004 at age 68 years

          her husband Maurice Egan died 1Feb. 2000 at age 72

      Plots 3. To 6.  are near each other.


KILLADRIFFE CEMETERY: in Bansha/ Kilmoyler Parish, within Tooreen Townland.

Dalton, Catherine: infant child of James, died December, 1834

Dalton, James of Tankerstown: died 6 March 1844; erected by his wife Winifred Dalton, alias Noonan

   reference: igp

BALLYMOREEN CEMETERY - near Littleton   

reference: DGS Dalton Databank Republic of Ireland

Timothy Dalton, born  26 Jan. 1885, died 18 Dec. 1954. He is buried with his wife and children and

 his brother Thomas Dalton.         

GOLDEN CEMETERY - Town of Golden               

reference: cmcrp.net

1. Erected by his son Michael Dalton: William Dalton died 3 June 1839.

2. Erected by his mother Margaret Dalton: Edmund Dalton died 27 February 1841.

3. Erected by son John Dalton of Cloghaleigh:

     Michael Dalton died 8 October 1861             Bridget Dalton died 8 April 1856

TEMPLE-ETNEY GRAVEYARD: within Kilcash and Kilsheelan Parish

Erected by Elizabeth Dalton in memory of:

1. Her husband James Dalton who departed this life 23 December 1816, aged 56.

2. Her father in law Oliver Dalton who departed this life 11 January 1777, aged 76.

    Reference: Daltons in History Newsletter, Sept., 2003 article by Dan and K. T. Mapstone.


MILLTOWN - St. Mathews Catholic Church, burial ground opened circa 1860.

Milltown is near the village of Rathconrath, and not far from the Town of Mullingar. Visit by editor on August 6, 2008.

1. Patrick Dalton of Moyvore, his brother, Maurice Dalton

   Mary Dalton died 31 May 1967

2. Owen Dalton died 11 Nov. 1876 at age 78 Margaret, wife, died 29 Sept. 1897 at age 80

their children: Mary, Richard, John, Teresa Dalton died Jan, 21, 1962 at age 76

Thomas Dalton  died Feb. 25, 1965 at age 86               Patrick Dalton died 21 June 2003 at age 86

3. Patrick Dalton of Glengara died 2 Sept. 1967 at age 77 his wifeEllen died 28 May 1977

4. Bridget Dalton of Ballinacarrow died 12 Sept. 1992 at age 73

   her husband Patrick Dalton died 31 Oct. 2000 at age 82

5. Richard Dalton, son of Thomas Dalton of Killahee, Killahugh. Killahee is a land adjoining the Mount             Dalton estate.


D’Altons from nearby the Mount Dalton estate are known to buried here within an ivy covered church ruin. No identifiable markers have been found to date. There are old upright slabs, not easily readable, within the burial ground which is overgrown with high grass.

The site is very near the the village of Rathconrath.      Visit made on  August 6, 2008 by editor  


TAGHMON - SE WEXFORD, Ferns Diocese, St. Munna’s Church of Ireland Graveyard

Mary Cooney, dau. Of John Cooney who died 2 Dec. 1793 at age 25 years// also Mary Cooney  alias Dalton who died 22 Oct. 1828 aged 7-// also Mark Cooney who died 6 Mar. 1851, aged 87// also Nicholas Cooney who died 6 July 1885, aged 80 years. Reference: bjc - vol. 7.


reference: bjc - vol. 8.

1. ADAMSTOWN RC, St. Abbans Church Graveyard, Ferns Diocese

a. Dalton - erected by Martin Dalton of Ballyclomack in memory of his wife Mary Dalton, alias Pendergast who died 27 Feb. 1868 at age 56 and daughters Catherine who died 25 May 1867 at age 15 and Maggie who died young.

b. Bryan - erected by Patrick Bryan of  Old Ross in memory of his wife Margaret Bryan alias Daulton who died July 21, 1857 at age 45.

c. Bridget Dolton died --- 1st. 1812.

2. BALLYCULLANE, Tintern, St. Martin’s RC Graveyard

Erected in memory of Joseph Dalton who died in Quebec ad 1868 by his wife; also Catherine Anastatia Ely who died 1909  aged 62; also her husband Nicholas Ely died 25 Jan. 1911 aged 77.

3. OLD ROSS, St. Mary’s Church of Ireland Graveyard, New Ross Union, Fethard

a. Joseph Dalton of Old Ross, died May, 1854, aged 66; wife Elizabeth Dalton died 5 June 1872, aged 63;     son Edward Joseph Dalton  died June 20, 1881 aged 35.

b. John Dalton of Raheenduff, died  June 6, 1793, aged 42; wife Mary Dalton, died Feb., 1824, aged 74

Son Edward Dalton of Raheenduff ------------

       John Dalton -  eldest son of  late  Edward Dalton of Raheenduff, died Mar. 12, 1885, aged 44

       John Dalton of  Raheenduff died July 17, 18--  aged 30 or 90

       Edward Dalton of Raheenduff died 9 Sept. 1862, missed by his wife

4. WHITECHURCH Church of Ireland Graveyard, Union of New Ross

Edward O’Shea of Ballynamona, died Sept., 1955, aged 95;

   his sister Mary Dalton died 5 May 1969, aged 96.

WEST WEXFORD reference: bjc - vol. 9.

TEMPLELUDIGAN - St. Peters RC Graveyard

  Erected by James Dalton in memory of son Stephen Dalton who died 25 March 1832, aged 22 years



reference: bjc - vol.1.

1. BRAY LITTLE -  St. Peters Chapel of Ease to Church of Most Holy Redeemer Graveyard,

    Rathdown Barony       

             under Mary Byrne: who died 3 Nov. 1847, aged 47, wife of Stephen Byrne who died 15 Feb. 1849;         Joseph Dalton who died 6 Oct. 1848; also Marie Dalton, the grand daughter of Stephen and Mary       Byrne who died 7 Feb. 1870.

2. KILLISKEY GRAVEYARD, Newcastle Barony

James Dalton died Jan. 1, 1731, aged 60; Peter Dalton died May 27, 1768, aged 56.

3. KILQUADE CHURCHYARD old, Parish of Kilquade (RC), Newcastle Barony

   erected by  John Dalton in memory of mother Anne Dalton who died 15 Sept. 1852, aged 75;

   William Dalton died 20 Feb. 1845, aged 29; Michael Dalton died Apr. 1845, aged 34.

4. POWERSCOURT- DEMESNE GRAYEYARD (Stagonhill), Rathdown Barony

      This stone and burial ground belongs to John Dalton of Chamber Street, Dublin, clothier: John Dalton died 3 March 1809, aged 60; also his children John, Mary, George, Thomas; also father John Dalton - father to the above; also Andrew John Dalton, died Jan., 1813 - son of John Dalton of Chamber St.; and Mary Dalton, wife of said John Dalton.


bjc = Brian J. Cantwell’s Memorials of the Dead   Source books  found at the National Archives of Ireland in Dublin.

igp =  Irish Genealogical Project

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Northern Ireland

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