There are over 5000 surname entries in this file that now includes Births as well as Marriages and Deaths. In addition "Dolton" and "Daulton"  entries have been extracted separately.
In April 2002, 350 Births* and 100 Deaths* were added by K. T. Mapstone. Extractions also include data from 17 Chicago City Directories for years between 1902 and 1928 also contributed by K. T. Some are partial and others are complete.

As an added feature to this file your editor has extracted two categories from the 1880 U. S. Census of IL. The first contains those Daltons who were born in states outside IL but who migrated there and were enumerated there.  The second category lists those Daltons who were born in Illinois and migrated to other states.  We hope that this file will be useful in tracing your ancestors. We thank K. T. Mapstone for this collection.

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County Map of Illinois:


The Census Indexes provide an initial indication of the Dalton residents in Illinois.  For expanded information on an indivdual and his/her family consult the actual Federal Census data and be aware that these indexes may be incomplete.


Isham Dalton, Madison Co.


Clabourn Dalton, Morgan Co.
Samuel Dalton, Madison Co.
Lucinda Dalton, Fayette Co.


Charles Dalton, Morgan Co.
David Dalton, Knox Co.
Edward Dalton, Chicago 1st Ward
George Dalton, Cook County, Thornton Precinct
George Dalton, Pike Co.
Gerard Dalton, Cook Co
Harry Dalton, Knox County
Isham Dalton, Morgan Co.
James Dalton, Pike Co.
John Dalton, Adams Co., Quincy
John Dalton, Scott Co., Winchester
Little Dalton, Morgan Co.
Mike Dalton, Cook Co.
Michael Dalton, 2 Ward, Chicago
Mr. Dalton, Cook Co., 1 Ward Chicago
Patrick Dalton, Cook Co., Bridgeport
Reuben Dalton, Knox Co.
Samuel Dalton, Morgan Co.
Sharon Dalton, Knox Co.
William Dalton, Jo Daviess Co.


A. H. Dalton, Cook Co., Thornton
Avery Dalton, Peoria Co., Peoria
Avery Dalton, Peoria Co., Peoria
C. Dalton, Morgan Co.
Catharine Dalton, Cook Co., Chicago 1 Ward
David Dalton, Knox Co.
David Dalton, Knox Co., 9N 3E
Delila Dalton, Peoria Co., Peoria
Druy (Drury?) Dalton, Jo Daviess Co., Wards Grove Precinct
Ellen Dalton, Cook Co., Chicago 4th Ward
Franklin Dalton, Schuyler Co. Bainbridge Township
Garret Dalton, Kane Co., Elgin
George Dalton, Cook Co., Worth Township
Henry Dalton, Knox Co., 9N 3E
Isham Dalton, Knox Co., 9N 3E
Isham Dalton, Morgan Co.
James Dalton, Cook Co., Chicago 4 Ward
James Dalton Bureau Co., Centre
Jane Dalton, Pike Co, 4S 6W
Jane Dalton, Will Co., Joliet
Richard Dalton, Will Co., Joliet
Job Dalton, De Kalb, Pampas
John Dalton, Jo Daviess Co., Wards Grove Precinct
Lay Fayette Dalton, Peoria Co., Peoria
Lewis Dalton, Macoupin Co.
Lewis Dalton, Knox Co., 9N 3E
Lucy Dalton, Pike Co., 4S 6W
Martin Dalton, Peoria Co., Peoria
Martin Dalton, Knox Co., 9N 3E
Miss Dalton, Cook Co., Chicago 1st Ward
Richard Dalton, Will Co., Joliet
Richmond Dalton, Knox Co., 13N 1E
Stephen Dalton, Gallatin Co., Cane Creek Precinct
Thomas Dalton, Peoria Co., Peoria
William Dalton, Schuyler  Co., Bainbridge
William Dalton, Adams Co., Ellington
William  Dalton, Ogle Co.,  Oregon Village

1860 Census

Alex Dalton, Adams Co., Ellington
Annie Dalton, Adams Co., Melrose
William Dalton, Adams Co., Ellington
A. E. Dalton, Boone Co., Belvedere
John Dalton, Brown Co., Missouri Township
Joseph J. Dalton, Brown Co., Coopertown
William Dalton, Brown County, Coopertown
James M. Dalton, Bureau Co., Center
John Dalton, Champaign Co., Tolono
R. Dalton, Clinton Co., Carlyle
Abrahan Dalton, Cook Co., 2 Ward Chicago
Andrew Dalton, Cook Co., Thornton
Bridget Dalton, Cook Co., 1 Ward Chicago
Charles Dalton, Cook Co., 5 Ward Chicago
Charles Dalton, Cook Co., Worth
Edward Dalton, Cook Co., 1 Ward Chicago
Ellen Dalton, Cook Co., 1 Ward Chicago
George Dalton, Cook Co., Worth
H. B. Dalton, Cook Co., Thornton
H. N. Dalton, Cook Co., 4 Ward Chicago
Henry Dalton, Cook Co., 10 Ward Chicago
James Dalton, Cook Co., 10 Ward Chicago
James Dalton, Cook Co., 10 Ward Chicago
John Dalton, Cook Co., 5 Ward Chicago
John Dalton,  Cook Co., 2 Ward, Chicago
John Dalton, De Kalb Co., Franklin
Joshua Dalton, Cook Co., 4 Ward Chicago
Leonhard Dalton, Cook Co., Chicago
Mary Dalton, Cook Co.,  2 Ward Chicago
Mike Dalton, Cook Co., 10 Ward Chicago
Patrick Dalton, Cook Co., West Chicago
William Dalton, De Kalb Co., Samonauk
Henry Dalton, De Kalb Co., Lisle
Nailor Dalton, Du Page Co., Milton
Anthony Dalton, Edgar Co., Simms
John Dalton, Edwards Co., Albion
Franklin Dalton, Greene Co., Whitehall
John Dalton, Greene Co., Greenfield
Joseph Dalton, Hancock Co., Chili
Mikel Dalton, Hancock Co., Montebello
A. Dalton, Iroquois Co., Middleport
Isaac Dalton, Iroquois Co., Onarga
Sarah Dalton, Jersey Co., Grafton
Catharine Dalton, Jo Daviess, 4 Ward Galena
Peter Dalton, Jo Daviess Co.
David Dalton, Knox Co., Truro
Henry Dalton, Knox Co., Persifer
Henry Dalton, Knox, Salem
Louis Dalton, Knox Co., Salem
John Dalton, Lake Co., Shields
Mary Dalton, Lake Co., Avon
Jesse Dalton, Macoupin Co., Palmyra
Lewis Dalton, Macoupin Co., Palmyra
Martha Dalton, Macoupin Co., Palmyra
Stephen Dalton, Madison Co., Troy
Charles Dalton, McLean Co., Bloomington
Henry Dalton, McLean Co., Bloomington
Joseph M. Dalton, McLean Co., Bloomington
Mattie Dalton, McLean Co., Bloomington
Bridget Dalton, Montgomery Co., Litchfield
Catharine Dalton, Montgomery Co., Litchfield
Levi Dalton, Morgan Co., Jacksonville
Thomas Dalton, Moultrie Co., Twp 14
Acero Dalton, Peoria Co., Elmwood
Ann Dalton, Peoria Co., 2 Ward Peoria
Catharine Dalton, Peoria Co., 2 Ward Peoria
Cecero Dalton, Peoria Co., Elmwood
John Dalton, Peoria Co., 1 Ward Peoria City
Joseph Dalton, Peoria Co., 2 Ward Peoria City
Joseph Dalton, Peoria Co., 5 Ward, Peoria City
Martin Dalton, Peoria Co., 2 Ward Peoria City
Mary Dalton, Peoria Co., 2 Ward Peoria City
Mary Dalton, Peoria Co., 5 Ward Peoria City
Michael Dalton, Peoria Co., 5 Ward Peoria City
William A. Dalton, Peoria Co., 2 Ward Peoria City
Mary A. Dalton, Piatt Co., Willow Branch
John Dalton, St. Clair Co., Twp 2
Walter Dalton, Vermilion Co., Danville,
Rebecca Dalton, Wayne, Co., Mt. Erie
Eliza Dalton, Whiteside Co., Lyndon
Ann Dalton, Will Co., Wilmington
Dennis Dalton, Will Co., Joliet
Jane Dalton, Will Co., Joliet
John Dalton, Will Co., Joliet
John Dalton, Will Co., Joliet
Mary Dalton, Will Co., Joliet
Thomas Dalton, Will Co., Joliet
J. Z. Dalton, Williamson Co., Crab Orchaard
Stephen Dalton, Williamson Co., Crab Orchard
Michael Dalton, Winnebago Co., Rockford
Susan Dalton, Winnebago Co., Rockford
William Dalton, Woodford Co., Clayton


Abrahan B. Dalton, Cook Co., 4 Ward Chicago
Andrew Dalton, Cook Co., 4 Ward Chicago
Benjamin W. Dalton, Cook Co., 13 Ward Chicago
Catherine Dalton, Cook Co., 18 Ward, Chicago
David Dalton, Cook Co., 13 Ward Chicago
Edward Dalton, Cook Co., 8 Ward Chicago
Edward Dalton, Cook Co., 10 Ward Chicago
Ellen Dalton, Cook Co., 5 Ward Chicago
Hannah Dalton, Cook Co., Chicago District 18
James Dalton, Cook Co., 2 Ward Chicago
James Dalton, Cook Co., 7 Ward Chicago
James Dalton, Cook Co., 4 Ward Chicago
James Dalton, Cook Co., 9 Ward Chicago
James Dalton, Cook Co., 19 Ward Chicago
James Dalton, Cook Co., 10 Ward Chicago
Jane Dalton, Cook Co., 2 Ward Chicago
Joanna Dalton, Cook Co., 5 Ward Chicago
John Dalton, Cook Co., 1 Ward Chicago
John Dalton, Cook Co., 9 Ward Chicago.
John Dalton, Cook Co., 1 Ward Chicago
John Dalton, Cook Co., Evanston
John Dalton, Cook Co., 8 Ward Chicago
John Dalton, Cook Co., 19 Ward Chicago
John Dalton, Cook Co., 8 Ward Chicago
John Dalton, Cook Co., 14 Ward Chicago
Kate Dalton, Cook Co., Jefferson
Leonard Dalton, Cook Co., 3 Ward Chicago
Louis Dalton, Cook Co., 8 Ward Chicago
Lucy Dalton, Cook Co., 6 Ward Chicago
Margaret Dalton, Cook Co., 4 Ward Chicago
Margaret Dalton, Cook Co., 20 Ward Chicago
Marget Dalton, Cook Co., 6 Ward Chicago
Mary D Dalton, Cook Co., 5 Ward Chicago
Mary Dalton, Cook Co., 3 Ward Chicago
Mary Dalton, Cook Co., 3 Ward Chicago
Mike Dalton, Cook Co., 9 Ward Chicago
Nathan Dalton, Cook Co., 12 Ward Chicago
Patrick Dalton, Cook Co., 18 Ward Chicago
Patrick Dalton, Cook Co., 8 Ward Chicago
1870 Richard Dalton, Cook Co., 19 Ward Chicago
Sophia Dalton, Cook Co., 13 Ward Chicago
Thomas Dalton, Cook Co., 9 Ward Chicago
Thomas Dalton, Cook Co., 9 Ward Chicago
William Dalton, Cook Co., 11 Ward Chicago


In the 1880 Census of the U. S. there were 555 persons enumerated with the surname Dalton in the State of Illinois.  In this Census 321 persons with the surname Dalton were born in the state and were residing there when then Census was taken.  It was a pivotal state with the in migrations almost equaling the out migrations thus making  it a challenege to trace ancestors.

Rather than attempt to list all 555 Daltons, two categories have been extracted.  The first listing is of those Daltons who were born in Illinois and migrated to 15 other states, with Missouri accounting for the largest number of migrants.  The second listing is of those Daltons who were born outside of Illinois and who were residing there during the 1880 Census.


Daltons Who Were Born in Illinois and Migrated to Other States

Robert Dalton age 38 and wife Sarah age 38 were born in Cedarville, Modoc Co., CA. Three children b. in CA - Martha M. age 4, Dora V. age 3 and Catherine J. age 1. Enumerated in Cedarville, Modoc, CA.

Dennis Dalton, age 33 b. Ireland and wife Catharine F. 48. b, IL. Son Edward age 6, gdau Kattie Cotton age 6 and son Robert Mahone all born CA.  Enumberated in Lee, Sacramento Co., CA

Aaron A. Dalton divorced age 57 b. NY and two children, Amy age 12, b. MN and Mary K. 9, b. IL. Enumerated in Clear Creek, Cassia Co., ID.

Louisa Dalton, wife age 20 b. IL; husband Ira age 21 b. IN; Rosa 2, and Martha 1 b. IN. Enumerated in Pierson, Vigo Co., IN
Nathun F. Dalton age 35 b. WI and wife Mary age 30 b. IN. Son Charles 4 b. IL and Elizabeth 2 b. IN.  Enumerated in Vincennes, Knox Co., IN

Samuel Dalton age 36 and Huldah Dalton age 34, b. in NC. Four childen b. IL- Lewis age 10, William 8, Franklin 5, and Chauncy 2. Enumerated in Nevins, Vigo Co., IN

This family traveled from Ireland, to TN, to IA, to IL and back to IA.  James J. Dalton age 36 and Ellen wife age 35 were both born in Ireland as were their parents. Son John age 14 b. TN; Mary age 9 b. IA, Patrick age 7 B. IL and Bridget age 2 b. IA. Enumerated in Hilton, Iowa Co., IA.

Henry Dalton, age 42 and wife Jane age 41 and first two children were born in IL - John age 12 and David age 10.  The next three children were born IA; Arra, son, age 8; Evert age 3, Birdie D. son age 1.  Enumerated in Red Rock, Marion, Co., IA

John Dalton age 66 was Born in NY and wife Eliza age 42 was born in MD.  The first four children were born in IL; Stephen 19, Margaret E. 15, Frank 13, John Edwin 11.  The next four children were born in IA; Agnes age 9, George age 8, Katherine 5, William 3. Enumberated in Clinton, Clinton Co. IA

James  Dalton, age 55 born OH and Elizabeth wife, b. OH. All three children were born in IL; John age 25, Richard age 21 and Ettie age 15. Enumerated in Jackson, Montgomery Co., IA

Isom Dalton age 45 b. KY and wife Sarah born MO.  Five children born IL; Nina J. 21, Alice 21, George 17, Mira 14, Clemma 11.  The next three children were born in IA;  Freddie age 9, Grace age 5, and Augusts age 2.  Enumerated in Pacific City, Mills Co., IA

James Dalton, single age 21, b. IL, parents b. NY, enumerated in Jones, Union Co., IA

John H. Dalton, single age 24, b. Il, enumerated in Scott, Montgomery Co., IA

Edward Dalton, age 24, b. IL and wife M. E. Dalton age 22, and son Charles L. age 7 mos., both born IA. Enumerated Ingraham, Mills Co., IA

Whitmen Dalton, age 30 born IL and wife Elebella age 30 b. IA. Child Fred age 5 b. IA. Enumerated in Jackson, Taylor Co., IA.

John Dalton, age 30 b. IL and wife Alice age 21 b. IA.  Enumerated in Winterset, Madison Co., IA

Franklin Dalton, age 37 b. IN and Wife Bitha 32 b. IL. Two childen Turley  8, and Ada C., b. IA. Enumerated Oak Mills Co., IA

John Dalton age 35 and wife Nora age 20 b. IL. Daughters Madie age 3 and Pollie 2 Mos., b. IA

Enumerated in Glenwood, Mills Co., IA
Samuel Dalton age 38 was born in IL and his wife Hannah age 31 b. OH. All five children were born in IA; Lucy age 13, Hettie age 11, Reuben age 7, Cora age 5, and Mary age 1. Enumerated in Red Rock, Marion Co., IA
Francis Dalton, age 50 b. KY and wife Marrah S. age 47 b. IL. Dau Lucy J. age 6 b. MO. Enumerated Lincoln, Ringgold, IA

John J. Dalton, age 25 b. IL. Enumerated in Mankato, Jewell CO., KS

James Dalton age 23, b. IL. Enumerated Kechi, Kechi, Sedgwick O., KS

Henry S. Dalton, age 37 b. IL. Wife Marian age 28 b. IN. Three children born KS - Stella age 7, Harriett age 6 and Carey (F) age 1. Enumerated in Scott, Bourbon Co., KS

James Dalton age 31, b. IL; wife Mary age 24 b. Canada. Children Lee W. age 6 and William age 2 born KS.  Nathaniel, brother age 19 b. IL. Enumerated in Chetopa, Neosho, KS

James Dalton age 32 b. IL and wife Susan age 24 b. IL. Three children born KS - Thomas age 4, Charles age 2 and Nellie 8 mos.  Enumerated in Pleasant Valley, Cowley Co., KS

Lewis Dalton age 56, b. IL and wife Talitha age 53 b. IL. The following all born IL. Dau Amanda M. age 16, dau mar. Talitha Crooper age 19, gdau Nora Burnell age 10, gson Lewis Crooper age 1 b. KS.Enumerated in Langdon, Reno Co., KS

N. T. Dalton age 32, b. IL and wife Louisa b. IL. Son Otis age 4 b. KS. Enumerated in Center, Atchison Co., KS

Newton R. Dalton, age 30 b. IL, wife Sarah 18 B. IN, and dau Alice b. KS. Enumerated in Farm Creek, Montgomery County, KS

Stephen Dalton, age 61, b. KY and wife Rachael b. IL. Son Ebert J. age 19 b. IL. Three children b. WI - Stephen G. 15, Rachael M. 13, Wm T. 10.  Enumerated in Fawn Creek, Montgomery Co., KS.

William Dalton, age 46 b. Ireland; wife Mary J. age 41 b. KY.  Seven children all born in IL -James D. age 23, John W. age 19, Elizabeth age 18, Leana M. 16, Sarah 12, Mary E. 10, Charles W. age 9.  Enumerated in Grant, Sedgwick Co., KS

Joseph N. Dalton, age 21, b. IL second son of Daniel Q. Dalton, age 47 and E. J. Dalton wife age 47, both born KY.  Five other children all born KY; George T. age 24; Isaiah C. age 13; M. F. dau age 11; Warren B. age 8; Olla B. Age 5. Enumerated in New Roe, Allen Co.

Magie Dalton, single age 22, b. IL enumerated Louisville, Jefferson Co.

The first five chlildren of Sarah F. Dalton widow, age 46 (b. KY)  were born in IL and the next four born in KY. William T. age 23, George H. age 20, Narcissa J. age 19, Sirena F. age 15, Andrew J. age 12, James all born IL.  James A. age 10, Zachariah D. age 8, Lewis B age 6, Jessee L. age 3 born KY. Enumerated in District 3, Allen Co., KY.

Leonard Dalton, age 16, his sister Maggie Dalton age 18, and brother Michael age 16 (twin?) were born in IL and were enumerated in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA

Ellen Dalton, widow age 60, b. Ireland and son John age 25 b. NY.  Children James age 18 and Julia 19 were born in IL.  Enumerated in St. Peter, Nicollet, MN

William Dalton,age 21 b. IL is listed as a son of Elmer Grahan age 35 b. WI.  Wife Rozetta Graham age 27 b. WI as well as Anna age 11, Jerome age 9 and Jennie age 7,  Enumerated in Zumbrota, Goodhue Co., MN

John Dalton age 52 b. Ireland and wife Ellen age 46 b. Ireland.  Two sons Christopher age 21 and Nicholas age 18 b. IL  Nicholas age  11, Mary age 7, and Edward age 3 all born MN. Ennumerated in Iosca, Waseca Co., MN

Jennie Dalton, wife age 25 b. IL; husband John age 30 b.  IL. Willie nephew age 6. b. MI, Magie 5 b. MI, Maud 3, b. MI and Dot 1, b. MI.  Enumerated in Manlius, Allegan, MI

Ellen Dalton wife age 40 b. IL. Husband John 42 b. Canada; Four children b. MI- James.P. 9, Margarett E. 5, John E 3, and Thomas age 1. Enumerated in Ionia, Ionia Co., MI

Amanda Dalten, mar age 32, b. in IL is listed as the sister in law of William Simmerman; a child Billy Dalten age 6 b. MO and an odd entry for Mirtle Dalten, niece age 61 b. IL Enumerated in Columbus, Johnson Co. MO

Amzat Dalton, age 50 b. MO, wife Jane Dalton 43 b. IL. Children Mary M age 20 and Lewis F. age 17, b. IA; Children Rosana age 13, Isam age 2, b. IL Daughter in law Isabelle Dalton age 16 and child Mary age 1 both born MO.  Enumerated in Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO

Andrew Dalton age 32 b. IL and wife Ida age 26 b. NY.  Children Ida M. age 10 and Olevia age 9 b. IL.  Enumerated in Doylesport, Barton MO

D. Dalton, age 60 b. VA and wife Mahala age 53 b. OH. Four children were born in IL - Anaicroy age 28, Joseph age 26, Everet age 19 and Belle age 10.  Enumerated in Union, Barton Co. MO

George Dalton, age 40, b. IL and his Wife Minnie age 38 b. Saxony. The firsr four children were born in IL; Oliver 15, Gertrude 13, George 11, and Arthur age 5.  Louis age 2 b. MO. Enumerated in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO

H. Dalton age 38, b. IL; Louise wife age 39 B. IL, and Lucy, dau age 10 Born IL. Enumerated in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO.

Henry Dalton, age 25, b. IL. Enumerated St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO

James Dalton age 47 and his family were all born in IL; Mary wife age 33, Andrew 11, Olley (F) 9, Oliver 9, Julia 7, Edmun 6, William 4, George 1.  Enumerated in Richland, Stoddard Co., MO

John Dalton age 60 and wife Emily age 40, born in OH.  Sons Fracis age 26 and Hemesly age 15 b. IL  Enumerated in Union, Barton Co., MO

John Dalton age 44 b. IL.  The family was born in MO. Wife Clary 35, Julian (F) 18, John 17, Hattie 11, Gana 6, Ann 4, Willie 2, and mother, Pacia Dalton age 78.  Enumerated in Washington, Clark Co., MO

Joseph Dalton age 45, b. IL and Wife Elisibeth age 44 b. OH.  The nine children were born in IL.
William 20, John 19, Harry 14, George 12, Mille 9, Tolbert 7, Indianna 5, Mar A. (M) 3, Joseph 1 mo. Enumerated in Mount Pleasant, Scotland, MO

William Dalton, age 51 b. TN and wife Indianna age 44 b. TN.  First four children b. IL; George age 27, J. W. age 25, Robbert E. age 24, Ebee (M) age 22.  The next nine children were born in MO; Joseph 20, Allis 18, F. N. (M) 16, Ollie (F) 14, Mary 10, Wilson 8, Benjamin 6, Tildon 4, Annie 1 mo.  Enumerated in Mount Pleasant, Scotland Co., MO

Mary Dalton age 8 b. IL  living with the family of Spencer Wadkins. Enumerated in Richland, Ozark, MO

Patrick Dalton, nepew in household of Ed Bryan/O'Brien, age 14, b. IL  Enumerated St. Louis, St. Louis Co. MO

Robert Dalton, age 24 b. IL. Enumerated in Wilson, Adair Co., MO

Robert Dalton age 73, b. VA, wife Mary age 47 b. IL.  Enumerated Columbus, Johnson Co., MO

Voluntine Dalton, step son of Gideon Vancil, age 22 b. IL. Enumerated in Vineyard, Lawrence Co., MO

Wm. L. Dalton age 42, b. IL; wife Anna l. b. NJ, Hattie dau 15 b. IL and Lois 14 b. Il. Son Samuel 6, b. MO.  Enumerated in Nevada, Vernon Co., MO

Charles E. Dalton, age 24 b. IL. Enumerated in Missouri River Valley, Meagher Co., MT

Henry Dalton age 35 and entire family b. IL. Wife Nannie age 33, Maude age 9, Edmee I (F) age 7, Mary G. age 2. Enumerated in Edgar, Clay Co., NE

Jesse Dalton, age 50 b. IL, wife Christiana age 48 b. TN.  Seven Children all born IL - Malinda 24, Wm. T. age 22, Jospeh C. 21, Amanda S. 15, Charles 12, Nancy P. 10, Samantha B. 8. Enumerated in Edgar, Clay Co., NE

J. L. Dalton age 26, b. IL wife Susan age 23 b. PA, dau Vina age 1 b. NE.  Enumerated in Edgar, Clay Co., NE

Mary Dalton, age 20 b. IL; husband Morris age 24 b. Ireland. Enumerated in Grant, Lancaster Co., NE

Thomas Dalton age 58, b. Ireland, wife Bridget b. NY.  Son John age 15, b. IL, Joseph 21 b. IA and Michael 14 b. Il, Patrick 12 b. IA,  Ellen 10 b. IA, Thomas 8 b. NE and Clara 6 b. NE Enumerated in Marble, Saunders, NE.

Wesley Dalton, age 31 b. IL. Enumerated in Papillon, Sarpy Co., NE

New York
Andrew Dalton, age 25, b. Il, enumerated in Cohoes, Albany Co., NY and living with an Emerson family.

Martha Dalton mar age 40 b. IL. Mother Mary Cardwell age 67 b. VA and Gdau Lallah Dalton 12 b. OR.  Enumerated in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR

Nancy J. Dalton, age 37 b. IL; husband Tolbert Dalton,age 37 b. TN; son John Dalton, age 19 b. TN; sister in law Mary E. Woodson, 34, b. TN; niece Oma Dalton 9, b. AR; nephew V. T. Dalton 7, b.TN

Jamima Dalton, widow age 54 was born in IL.  The four children enumerated with her were born in TX. Edmond, age 25, Stemwall J., age 16,  Emaly G. age 13 and Mary E. age 13. Wise, TX

John Dalton age 35 b. IL and wife Elizabeth b. England. All six children were born Utah - C. John age 13, C. Clara age 11, E. Audrey age 9, F. Frederick 7, U. Mary 4, L. Orson 1.  Enumerated in Hooper, Weber, UT

Rebecca Dalton age 47 b. England, three children b. IL - Nellie 24, Minnie 21, Elva 19, Harry 13 b.WI.  Enumerated in Waukesha, Waukesha Co., WI

Joe C. Dalton, 16 b. Il. Enumerated in Rubicon, Dodge Co., WI

Edmund Daltan age 42 and his wife Augusta age 37 born in Saxony. Betha age 10, b. WI, Augustus age 9 b. IL, Tilda age 7 b. WI, Linia age 4 b. WI.  Enumerated in Racine, Racine Co., WI

John W. Dalton age 40 b. OH and wife Augusta age 40 b. NY. Dau Alice age 4 b. IL. Enumerated in Onalaska, LaCrosse Co., WI

In the household of Adna J. and Mary Ranken there were enumerated four Daltons whose relationship to each other was not noted, but may have been one family.  Andrew Dalton mar age 48 b. Ireland and Francis G (F) mar age 33 b. England.  Two childre Eva L. age 9 and Frank J. age 7 were born in IL.  Enumerated in Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI

Daltons Who Were Born  Outside Illinois, Migrated and Were Enumerated in Illinois in 1880
A large number were born in NY and KY. There is a cluster of Daltons from VA in Jersey Co. IL and a cluster of Daltons from KY in Wayne Co. IL

Richard Dalton age 37 and Catrine wife were both b. Ireland. Son James 18 b. MA, Anna 15 b. CT., and the following three children were born in IL - Steven age 6, Cate 4 and Mary 2.  Enumerated in Chicago, Cook, Co., IL

District of Columbia, Washington
Joseph Dalton age 54 b. DC; Margaret wife age 48 b. PA, step son Claire Brisbine age 21 b. IL; son Edwin Dalton 11 b. IL; dau Mary 9, b. IA.  Enumerated Galesburg, Knox Co., IL

Jacob Dalton, single age 28, b. IN. Enumerated in Scott Land, Edgar Co., IL.

Richard Dalton age 24 and wife Erry D. age 18. b. IN.  Enumerated in Martin Crawford Co., IL

Elizabeth Dalton, wife age 24, b. IL; husband John Dalton age 32 b. IL. Son George age 4 b. IL. and two brothers Jacob age 34 and Thomas age 25 b. IL   Enumerated in Salem, Knox Co., IL

Samuel Dalten age 21 b. IN. Mother Levina age 35 b. OH; sister Adline D. 15 b. IN; brother Samson D. 12 b. IN; and half sister Rosetty S. 4, b. IN.  Enumerated in Martin, Crawford Co., IL

Kingsbury Dalton age 31 b. IN; mother Mahitable Dalton 71 b. NY; sister Ann E Dawson widow age 36 b. IL and nephew Harry A. Dawson age 13 b. IL  Enumerated Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL

Four members of this family were born in KY;  M. C. Dalton age 48, wife Eliza age 46; mar. dau. Mary Burkett 24 and Irah J. Dalton 14.  Born in IL were children Fannie E. 11, Nancy J. 9, and William A. 6.  Also b. in IL were grandchildren Levi Burkett 7, Eliza A. Burkett age 5, and Missouri Burkett age 1.  Enumerated in Arrington, Wayne Co., IL

David Dalton age 25, b. KY. Wife and two children b. IL - Elizabeth age 23, Samantha I.age 4 and James A. 2. Enumerated in Arrington, Wayne Co., IL

David Dalton, age 27 b. KY, wife Letha A. age 23 and son Thomas M. age 1, b. IL.  Enumerated in Arrington, Wayne Co., IL.

Mary E. Dalton wife age 34 b. KY; husband James W. b. Ont. Can., son William H. age 9 b. IL. Enumerated in Pana, Christian Co., IL

Agnes Dalton, wife age 57 b. KY; husband John Dalton, b. TN  Enumerated in Farmington, Jefferson Co., IL

John Dalton age 64 and wife Lurukey age 34 both b. KY    Leander age 14, Alonzo 10, Elsworth 7 born IL.  Enumerated in Galatia, Saline Co., IL

Permelia Dalton, mother age 68 b. KY, son John Dalton age 45 b. IL dau Nancy age 32 b. IL.
Enumerated in Franklin, Morgan Co., IL

Kitty Dalton, B. age 25, b. KY, enumerated in the household of James A. Hawley, Dixon, Lee Co., IL

Alenzo Dalton, single age 21 b. KY, enumerated in the household of Charles H. Powell, Mattoon Cole, Co. IL

Henry Dalton, age 42 b. MD; wife Ellen b. Canada.  Four children b. IL - Harry 12, Minnie 10, Agie 5, and Frank 2.  Enumerated in Bloomington, Mc Lean Co., IL

See Richard Dalton entry above for Connecticut

Caty Dalton, age 22 B., b. MS Enumerated in the houseold of Alexander Nelson. Enumerated in Dixon,  Lee Co., IL

Melinder Dalton age 27 b. MO; husband William, physician age 44 b. IL; Maude 5 and Dora 4mo. b. IL Enumerated in Scotville, Macoupin Co., IL

John Dalton, age 29 b. MO; Margaret wife age 21 b. IL and children Nellie 4 and John F. 7 mo. b. IL. Enumerated in Carlinville, Macoupin Co., IL

New Hampshire
Joheph Dalton, age 43 b. NH; wife Liddia age 38 b. IL and three children born IL- Albert 14, Frank 12, and Sarah M. 6. Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

Charles E. Dalton, age 51, b. NH; wife Mariah 48 b. NY;  Nellie age 27 and Carrie 24 both born OH. Next five children born IL -Charlie age 22, Mollie 20, George 17, Lucy 11 and Freddie 8.  Enumerated in Bloomington, Mc Lean, IL

New York
Aug. Dalton age 34 b. IL and wife Nancy age 29 b. NY; Children Isham age 9 and Nora B. age 7 b. IL  Enumerated in Salem, Knox Co., IL

Mariah Dalton, b. NY see NH above - Charles E. Dalton.

David Dalton single age 27 b. NY. Enumerated in Medina, Peoria Co., IL

Dennis Dalton  age 46 b. Ireland and wife Mary b. age 44 b. NY. Three children born IL - Elizabeth 17, Katharine 8, and John 5.  Enumerated in Joliet, Will Co., IL

James Dalton, age 40 b. NY. Enumerated in the household of D. S. Warner in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

Dexter Dalton, widower age 45 b. NY and seven children b. IL - Frank 16, Frederick 14, Fannie 12, William 10, Fletcher 8, Floyd 5, Ferdinand 3. Enumerated in Artesia, Iroquois Co., IL

Jacob Dalton, single age 32, b. NY enumerated in the household of Ed Hassett, Knoxville, Knox Co., IL

Rosana Dalton, widow age 45 b. NY. Enumerated in Norwood Park, Cook Co., IL

Elma F. Dalton age 13, b. NY a niece, enumerated in the household of Henry L. Lyon in Atkinson, Henry Co., IL

Mary Dalton age 9 b. NY in household of Henry Dawson enumerated in Odell, Liviingstone Co., IL

James Dalton, b.age 35 b. NY and Clara Dalton age 33 b. Ireland.  Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

James Dalton, age 51 b. NY and wife Hariat Dalton, age 50 b. OH.  Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

John C. Dalton, age 36 b. NY and wife Kate age 34 b. IL.  Four children b. IL - Daniel age 7, Kate 6, Mary 3, and Edward 1.  Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

Mahitable Dalton, b. NY see Kingsbury Dalton, Indiana above.

Patrick Dalton, age 24 b. NY and wife Clara age 22 b. IL. Two children b. IL - Mamie age 4 and Edward 1. Enumerated in Mason City, Mason Co., IL

Richard Dalton, age 28 b. IL and his wife and two children were born in NY - Margaret age 25, John age 4 and Mary 11mo. Enumerated in New Trier, Cook Co., IL.

Thomas Dalton single age 22 b. NY.  Enumerated in Golconda, Pope Co., IL

Thomas E. Dalton, age 49, wife Eliza age 33 and son Ira E. 18 born NY. Next four children b. IL; William 6, Ella 3, Emma 2, and Kate 1 mo.  Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

Thomas Dalton age 27 and wife Eliza age 28 b. Ireland. Son Richard age 4 b. NY and Mary age 2 b. IL.  Enumerated in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL

Thomas Dalton, age 26 b. NY. Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

William Dalton age 48,wife Marianne 39 and oldest dau Mary 19, all born Ireland. The next six children were born in IL -Anne 13, Kate 10, John 7, Edward 6, Maggie 3, Frine 8 mo.  Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

William Dalton, single age 32 b. NY. Same residence Magie Murphy single age 35 b. Ireland
Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

William Dalton age 38 and wife Ruth age 38 b. NY  Eight children b. IL - Edward 14, William Jr., 13 Clara 11, Ella 9, Albert 8, Ida 6, Alta 5, Charles 1. Enumerated in Dundee, Kane Co., IL

North Carolina
William Dalton age 76 b. NC and wife Christian b. OH, stepson Samuel Haskins, 22, b. IL
Enumerated  in Prairie, Hancock Co., IL

William Dalton, age 46 b. OH and wife Elizabet age 55 b. TN; Son Alonzo age 24 b IN; Louis age 22 b. IL; Charles and Alice age 18, b. IA. Enumerated in Mattoon, Coles Co., IL

See Samuel Dalten, in Indiana list above

Lewis Dalton, age 53 b. OH; wife Martha Dalton age 45 b. IN; dau Mary 25 b. IL.  Enumerated in Bushnell, McDonough Co., IL

Eliza Dalton,age 65 b. PA, mother in law to Ezra H. Stine  b. PA  Enumerated in Onarga, Iroquois Co., IL.

Edwrd Dalton,  age 27, b. PA. Enumerated in Joliet, Will Co., IL

Margaret Dalton b. PA see Joseph Dalton above in DC.

Martin Dalton age 51 b. OH, wife Roseann age 54 b. PA, son Charles 15 b. IL.  Enumerated in Salem, Knox Co., IL

William Dalton age 59 and wife Jane age 56, b. PA. Son William M. age 25 b. OH and gdau Berthia Dalton 6, b. IL.  Enumerated in Henderson, IL

William R. Dalton, single age 15 brother in law to William B. Hench b. PA.  Enumerated in Pella, Ford Co., IL

Lafayette  Dalton age 41, b. TN; wife Sarah age 41 b. IN; dau Annette J. 15, b. IA.  Enumerated in Prairie, Hancock Co., IL

Francis R. Dalton age 79 and wife Catherin age 76 b. VA.  Enumerated in Jerseyville, Jersey Co., IL

Avery Dalton age 71 b. VA and wife Delilah 63 b. OH; children b. IL - Julius 27, James 19 and cousin Alice Dalton 16 b. IL. Enumerated in Elmwood, Peoria Co., IL

David Dalton age 70 b. OH and wife Lucy age 67 b. VA.  Enumerated in Persifer, Knox co., IL

Franklin Dalton age 56 b. VA.  Wife Elizabeth age 42 b. Eng.  Stepchildren William Parker age 22, Mary Parker age 16 and Elizabeth Parker age 14 b. England.  Enumerated in Jerseyville, Jersey Co., IL

Mary Dalton, widow age 45 b. VA (probably a boarding house). Enumerated in Jerseyville, Jersey Co., IL

Frank Dalton single age 25, b. VA.  Enumerated in Jerseyville, Jersey Co., IL

Henry Dalton single age 28, b. VA. Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

Kate Dalton, single age 20 b. WI enumerated at the residence of Menis Smith, Chicago, Cook Co., IL

Tom Dalton single age 22 b. WI, brother in law to Martin Whalin.  Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL

Richard Dalton age 43 b. Ire and wife Margaret age 38 b. Ire.  Three children b. WI - Katie 14, Richard 12, and Mary 11. Two children b. IL - Timothy 7 and Edward 1. Enumerated in Chicago, Cook Co., IL


Data is entered by groom, bride and date of marriage. Where ages are available they were inserted. Two sets of data have been merged into one file. They are State of Illinois Vital Statistics and data from the Illinois Historical Society. In a few cases the index shows the name  of the couple but but no date of marriage. Further research will be required by the searcher.

Andrew Stewart and  America Dalton ,  m.April 19, 1876
John F. Mendenhall and Irena Dalton , m.March 03, 1869
William C. Dalton  and J. V. Dalton, m. March 13, 1851
James R. Dalton and  Alvina/Alvira Hoskins, m. August 16, 1864
John Dalton and Nancy Angell, m. February 15, 1838

Joseph Dalton and Elizabeth A. McNeall, m. September 18, 1856
Lafayette C. Dalton and  Sarah Elizabeth Davis, m. November 29, 1855
James C. Hoskins and Mary Dalton , m. January 16, 1862
Ambrose Duncan and  Sela Jane Dalton, m. December 26, 1850
William Dalton and Christianna Hoskins, October 06, 1861

Alexander Dalton, 32,and Sarah Fulton, 23.ay 1891
Jeremiah McKenna and Bridget Dalton
E.P. Dalton and Lida Besi, m. 22 Feb 1881
Henry C. Dalton, 32,  and Julia Jurdon, 34, m. 14 Apr 1890
James A. Dalton, 27 and Ella Moore, 27, m. 19 Sep 1883
Michael Foley and  Johanna Dalton
Richard D. Meyers, 26, and Lida Dalton, 25, m. 20 Sep 1884 (First Methodist Chirch, Cairo)
William E. Dalton, 36, and Clara Brown, 22, m. 29 Sep 1892

Thomas G. Dalton and Frances Smith, m. April 15, 1857

John J. Dalton  and Ellen Sullivan, m. October 12, 1862

John Herman and  Cyrena Ann Dalton, m.  December 15, 1860
Samuel Rhodes Glann and Elizabeth Jane Dalton, m. Janaury 11, 1849
Isham M. Dalton  and   Sarah Leake, m. September 15, 1855
John Dalton and Martha Queen, m. April 27, 1858
John W. Dalton and Mary A. Pettigrew, m. February 20, 1850
Charles M. Evans and  Nancy E. Dalton, m. March 20, 1861
Nepoleon Dalton and Mary Ann Taylor, m. January 19, 1854
Charles W. Pettigrew and Sarah E. Dalton, m. January 28, 1852
William Dalton and Susannah Barnaby, m. September 14, 1859

James M. Dalton and Elizabeth M. Triplett, m. April 05, 1850
William S. Dalton and  Mary Ann Piper, m.January 01, 1854

Liefkin, David F. (see Lufkin) and Ann Dalton, m.March 21, 1843
Lufkin, David F. (see Liefkin) and Anna Dalton, m. March 21, 1843
Eber Woodruff and Mary E. Dalton, m. May 13, 1846

Clifford Madison Wood and Florence Dalton, m.  July 03, 1901
James Walker and Jane Dalton, m.  April 28, 1871

John W. Dalton and  Grace Spencer, m. December 20, 1890
Thomas Dalton and Lizzie Youngblood, m. March 27, 1894

William H. Dalton and  Lavilla M. Cox, m. April 05, 1899

John Dolton and Mahala Dolton, m. September 14,1841

Alexander Dalton  and Margaret Brady, m. August 12/13,1832

Wayne Wilson  and Allie Dalton, m. November 01, 1882
Alonzo M. Dalton and  Martha M. Hastings, m. November 01, 1888
Charles C. Dalton and  Della Killman
James Dalton and Julia Sullivan, m. May 18, 1888
Lewis M. Dalton and  Sarah E. McFarland, m. October 01, 1884
Edwin H. Scudder and Mary L. Dalton, m. August 13, 1884

Louis Sloman, 25, and Anna Dalton, 19, m. November 29, 1883
Anthony Dougherty and Annie Dalton
Theodor Eder, 28, and  Mrs.Annie Dalton,39, m. March 22, 1886
Harry G. Darrow, 23, and Belle Dalton, 21, m. March 23, 1887
James McNulty and Bridget Dalton m.October 25, 1880
Thomas R. McKillip, 24, and Catherine A. Dalton, 20, m. February 24, 1886
Charles A. Dalton, 21, and Winnie McLaughlin, 18, m. November 16, 1883
Charles T. Dalton , Jr. and Florence Meisner, m. July 03, 1882
Daniel Dalton  andAgnes Wickerle
Daniel F. K. Dalton and Bertha Tranter, m. February 19, 1887
William B. Kehew and Delia A. Dalton, m.  November 20, 1882
Edward Dalton, 30,  and Catharine Hoffman, 23, m. October 13, 1881
Edwin Dalton, and Maggie O’Leary
Edwin Dalton, 26, and Annie McGinn, 23, m. 24 Aug 1893
Michael Keating and Elizabeth Dalton , m. October 05, 1878
Joseph McMullen and Ellen Dalton , m. October 24, 1872
James Duane and Emma Dalton
Frank Dalton and Sarah Clow, m. April 09, 1889
Frank R. Dalton, 23, and  Ida E. Brace, 21, m. 2 Jul 1891
Fredereci Dalton, 28, and Elizabeth M. Richardson, 26, m. 8 Jul 1893
Harry H. Dalton and  Margaret Stack, m. January 08, 1889
Joseph Osher, 45, and Mrs. Helen Dalton, 38, m. October 31, 1881
Harry Lincoln Wells, 22, and Hortense Dalton, 20, m. February 21, 1888
James Dalton and  Mary Jane Kerwin, m. January 13, 1883
James Dalton  and Barbara Kaufman, m. September 30, 1884
James Dalton, 27, and Maggie Jordan, 24, m., June 25, 1890
James Dalton, 21, and Elizabeth Kearns, 23, m., July 27, 1890
James E. Dalton and Katie McCormick, m.,August 19, 1886
James J. Dalton and  Mary Ghent
John Malone and Johane Dalton, m., September 06, 1874
Edward O’Donnell and Johanna Dalton, m.,  June 25, 1889
John Dalton, 25,  and  Sarah Toomey, 25, m., May 09, 1881
John Dalton, 25, and Nellie Dalton, 24, m., February 10, 1884
John Dalton  and Johanna Hastings, m., November 02, 1884
John Dalton and Julia Jouren, m., November 23, 1886
John Dalton and Josephine Tonsik, m., December 22, 1889
John Dalton, 24,  and Hattie Rudchaw, 18, m. 25 May 1892
John C. Dalton  and  Kate C. Gallagher,m., February 11, 1872
John C. Dalton  and  Maggie Gallagher, m., July 25, 1882
John E. Dalton, 23,  and Nellie E. Dunne, 20, m., December 26, 1883
John H. Dalton and Lillian Hoffman, m., May 18, 1887
Joseph Dalton, 55, and Ann Ward, 48, m.,  April 11, 1882, both born Chicago.
Joseph H. Dalton, 29,  and  Agnes Hannan, 22, m. 24 Jan 1894
Joseph J. Dalton  and Mary McCarthy, m., November 10, 1881, both born Chicago
Patrick Barrett and Josie Dalton, m.,  February 18, 1890
John Hoffman and Julia Dalton, m., October 09, 1877
Frank M. Carter, 33, and  Julia E. Dalton, 28, m. 19 Dec 1893
Patrick Maguire and Kate Dalton , m., January 04, 1874
Charles Wilkinson and Katie Dalton, m., February 19, 1884
Joseph B. Runtz and Katie Dalton, m.,  May 25, 1887
John D. Downing and Katie Dalton, m.,  August 12, 1890
Pater Maloy, 21, and Lizzie Dalton, 18, m.,  January 17, 1882
Philip Bender and Lizzie M. Dalton, m.,  June 24, 1889
Thomas G. Beebe, 48, and Lucy R. Dalton, 42, m. 27 Apr 1892
Henry A. Walker, 54,  and Lydia Dalton, 50, m. June 1893
Robinson Ireland and Maggie Dalton, m.,  December 09, 1875
James Murphy and Maggie Dalton, m.,  April 12, 1876
Daniel Casey, 29 and  Maggie Dalton, 24, m. 29 June 1893
Thomas Foley and Margaret Dalton, m.,  September 30, 1878
James O. O’Brien and Margaret Dalton, m.,  July 21, 1882
Edward P. Quinn and Margaret Dalton, n. 30 April 1894
Daniel J. Connell and Margret Dalton, m., November 14, 1889
James L. Brown and Mary Dalton, m.,  October 06, 1874
Timothy O’Brien and Mary Dalton , m.,  July 20, 1879
Patrick Quinlan and Mary Dalton,  m.,  June 08, 1882
James McDonnell, 26, and Mary Dalton, 22, m.,  December 24, 1883
Will Hoyt and Mary Dalton, m.,  September 25, 1884
Michael Broderick and Mary Dalton, m., August 18, 1887
James W. Marsh and Mary Dalton, m., July 16, 1889
Richard Dalton, 29, and Mary Dalton, 34, m.3 Feb 1892
James Johnson, 25, and Mary Dalton, 25, m. 19 May 1892
Thomas P. Tracy and Mary Dalton , m.,  December 17, 1882
Thomas McNerney and Mary E. Dalton, m., July 20, 1872
Patrick H. Fitzpatrick and Mary E. Dalton, m., April 21, 1873
Thomas C. B. Cleaver, 24, and Mary F. Dalton, 22, m. 3 October 1893
Napoleon Campana,58, and mrs. Mary J. Dalton, 46, m. 25 Apr 1894
A.G. Webster and Mattie P. Dalton, m., January 07, 1862
Maurice Dalton and Mary Cranley, m., January 27, 1889
Michael Dalton, 29, and Effie Mecun, 29, m. 24 January 1894
Michael Dalton  and Christina O’Hanley, m., October 16, 1881, both born Chicago
Michael Dalton and  Margaret Hinchey, m., July 03, 1884
Michael Dalton and  Johanna McAuliff, m., April 17, 1887
Michael C. Dalton  and Agnes Doyle
John Dalton and Nellie Dalton, m.,  February 10, 1884
John Sheahan,21, and Nellie Dalton, 20, m., September 07, 1887
Lawrence Burns and Nellie A. Dalton, m.,  January 05, 1865
James Garvy, 38, and Nora Dalton, 28, m. 19 September, 1893
Patrick Dalton  and Ellen Lynch
Patrick Dalton and Mary Collins, m., February 15, 1875
Patrick Dalton and Sophie Bender, m., January 27, 1883
Patrick Dalton and Annie Redmond, m.,  November 10, 1887
Patrick J. Dalton, 21,  and Maggie Jenkins, 18, m. March 2, 1892
Percy Dalton, 27, and Amanda Anderson, 30, m. October 26, 1893
Peter Dalton  and Kittie Rigney, m., November 25, 1887
Peter H. Dalton, 28,  and Mary Fitzgerald, 27, m., November 01, 1885
Philip J. Dalton and Katie Lyons, m., February 02, 1888
Richard Dalton and Maggie Walton, m., October 08, 1872
Richard Dalton, 29,  and Mary Dalton, 34, m. February 3, 1891
Richard Kirby Dalton and  Lizzie McNamara, m., November 01, 1888
Thomas Dalton  and Lizzie Marks, m., February 18, 1873
Thomas Dalton, 22,  and Nellie McQuaid, 19, m., June 20, 1888
Thomas Dalton, 24, and Mary Landress, 23, m. November 8, 1893
Walter F. Dalton and Mary Kinsella, m., June 08, 1886
Willebrod Dalton and  Mary Hastings, m., April 18, 1875
William Dalton and  Catharine McCarthy, m., April 11, 1879
William Dalton,35, and Anna Masse, 25, m., March 17, 1884
William Dalton, 42, and Louise Schultz, 25, m.,March 10, 1886
William H. Dalton, 33, and Emma Flood, 30, m. May 16 1891
William H. Dalton, 44, and Mrs. Sarah Hunter, 44, March 12, 1892
William H. Dalton and Sarah Jane McManimen, m. 6 Oct 1874
Thurston E. Wicklund and Edna Verona Dalton, m.,  July 1928
William Dolton 34, and Elizabeth Dodge, 23, m. 9 Nov 1892

Charles J. Inman, 23, b. Hawsville, IN and Sarah A. Dalton, 16, b. Clay City, IN, m. August
12, 1882 Sarah's parents - Robert Dalton and Lavinia Huff.

John Bishop Dalton  and Sadie Bell Ward, m. September 18, 1900

Chester E. Robertson and  Dazie D. Dalton, m. May 06, 1906

Alexander Murphy and Susan (Keys) Dalton, m. April 13, 1884
Thomas M. Dalton and  Jennie Coon, m. October 07, 1899

James Pruett and Nancy Dalton, m. 17 Sep 1868

Dexter N. Dalton and  Sarah Julia Johnson, m. January 30, 1882

David Dalton  and Lucy Dalton, m. December 23, 1831
Dennis McGuire and Delia Dalton, m. April 28, 1887
William E. Taber and Harriett A. Dalton,  May 16, 1875
John Dalton and Bridget Agin, m. July 01, 1856
John Dalton and Hannah Burke, m. January 14, 1852
Hugh Duncan and Lizzie Dalton, m. February 12, 1897
Perry Dalton and Catherine Tanner, m. August 18, 1873
D.C. Gridley and Rosie Dalton, m.  August 25, 1894
Thomas E. Dalton  and Gracie B. Hodson, m. December 24, 1891
William A. Dalton and  Orsia Whipple,  m., July 28, 1868

Albert Dalton  and  Rebecca Wathen, m. October 23, 1872
Lewis Dalton and  Murtie Heffington
Jesse H. Smith  and Mariah F. Dalton
Samuel N. Docker and Sophia M. Dalton, m. March 5, 1843
Asael Dalton and Lucinda Carlew, m., Februsry 17, 1857

John F. Andrews, 33, and Mary Dalton, 25, m. April 14, 1886, both born Greenfield, Mary's
father, John T. Dalton
William W. Lewis, 28, and  Mattie J. Dalton, 25, m. December 27, 1882
Robert Paxton and Sarah Dalton, m.October 15, 1865
Sampson D. Martin, 55, b. TN, and Millie A. Caswell, nee Dalton, b. Morgan, IL - parents
Samuel Dalton and Temperance Randall

James Heneby and Bridget Dalton
George E. Gardner and  Catharine Dalton

Charles Hopson and Dollie Dalton, m. January 07, 1884
Henry E. Dalton and Nora Hoskins, m. August 13, 1895
Elbert B. Davidson and Ida A. Dalton, m. August 20, 1890
Lafayette C. Dalton  and Mrs. Mary C. Sweeney, m. June 28, 1894
Thomas W. Metcalf and Mary C. Dalton, m. September 17, 1896
Richard O. Dalton and Laura L. McCormick, m. November 30, 1897
William M. C. Dalton and Ella Hoskins, m. February 16, 1881
Charles Dalton and  Mary Elizabeth Warner, m.  January 24, 1846

Robert Lincoln Wray and Bertha Agnes Dalton, m.,  August 25, 1893
Cincimmates Correll and Flora B. Dalton, m.,  February 11, 1875
John Dalton, 33, b. OH, and Isabell T. Christie, 24, m., February 23, 1881, father William Dalton
Louis Dalton and  Olive O'Connor, m., February 17, 1898
Thomas T. McWilliams and Sarah C. Dalton m., November 03, 1868

John A. Dunbar and Hattie Dalton, m.,  May 28, 1895

Albert Perry and Esther L. Dalton, m., August 02, 1868
Chresten Thomsen, 29,b. Denmark and Fannie Dalton, 21, b. Del Rey, IL m., April 15, 1888,
father Dexter Dalton
Ezra H. Stine and Mary Rosetta Dalton, m.,   July 02, 1872
Robert Best, 36 b. Canada,  and Rebecca A. Dalton, 29, b. IN m.,  June 11, 1884, parents John
Dalton and Phiomla Clark
Dexter Dalton and Ella Miller, m., 12 April 1863

Thomas M. Addison and Mary C. Dalton, m., March 23, 1874
Robert Dalton  and Sarah Crews/Cruse, m., February 07, 1858
Samuel H. Dalton and Lumisa Hall, m., September 21, 1892
Samuel H. Dalton and Mary A. Stanton, m., March 24, 1870
Martin Brown and Sarah Dalton  (Mrs.), m.,  September 12, 1861

Sampson Dalton, 27 b. Clay, IN and Mary Ellen Evans, 17., b. Vincennes, IN, m. Aug 4 1893,
parents Robert Dalton and Melvina Huff
William Robert Dalton, 29, b. Clay, IN and Mary Ann Trobough, 16, b. Richland IL, m. Aug
4,1893, parents Marion Dalton and Susan Mullens

D. T. LufkinandAnn Dalton , m., March 21, 1843
John English and Bridget Dalton
Carl Dalton and Minnie Mahoney
Henry Smith and Lucinda W. Dalton
William Dalton and Mary Ann Parker

Alvin Dalton and Lucy Ann Humphings/Humphreys, m., October 18, 1855
David Dalton and  Amanda C. Coleman, m., November 28, 1869
Sidney Dean Humphrey and Eliza N. Dalton, m.,  December 17, 1862
Ira Dalton and Mary A. Cavitt, m.,November 08, 1891
J.W Dalton and Canis Atnips m., April 18, 1880
Jasper Newton Dalton and Mary Elizabeth Artes, m., March 22, 1885
Jesse Dalton and  Tennessee J. Umphrey, m.,August 31, 1865
Williamson S. Johnson  and Lizzie Dalton,  m., November 08, 1891
William T. Lawrence and Mary Dalton, m.,  February 14, 1890
John Lawrence and Milly Dalton, m., November 30, 1854
Wilson Sheton  and Milly Ann Dalton (Brooks), m., April 17, 1884
Lemuel L. Lawrence and Phebe Dalton, m., March 28, 1857
S. H. Simmons and Tennessee Dalton, m., June 04, 1893

Frank R. Dalton and  Florence E. Mullen, m., October 02, 1902
Charles H. Hubbard and Ida M. Dalton, m., June 20, 1893
William P. Queenan and Mary L. Dalton, m.,  November 25, 1904

Charles R. Stallwood and Carrie M. Dalton, m., November 22, 1899
Naylor Dalton and Mary M. Meachem, m.,May 20, 1859
William Dalton and  Ruth E. Shepherd, m., March 19, 1864

Carey Allen Foster and  Alice Dalton, m.,  February 14, 1877
Perry Sargeant  and Arminda Dalton, m., October 07, 1875
Avery Dalton and Viola Morse, m., September 01, 1887
Avery Dalton and Mary Eliza Taylor, m., July 16, 1858
Avery Dalton and Delilah Dalton, m., September 11, 1835
John C. Dillon and Barbara A. Dalton,  m., September 25, 1872
Francis M. Hitt and Catherine Dalton, m.,  April 01, 1893
Clemence H. Roe and Chloe Dalton, m., February 04, 1852
Dana Dalton and Olive Jane Collier, m., August 18, 1859
David Dalton and Edith England, m., February 19, 1900
John I. Butler and Delilah Dalton, m.,  May 19, 1855
Dreury Dalton and Wilda Dillon, m., July 27, 1867
Drury Dalton and Catherine Utter, m., August 16, 1874
Edwin Dalton  and Ida J. Lee, m., August 21, 1872
Wilson Conner and Ella Dalton, m., June 25, 1896
Emery Dalton  and Jane Miller, m., August 18, 1859
Emery Dalton  and Rosa Gullett, m., September 06, 1888
Joseph W. Corbin and Emma M. Dalton, m., December 17, 1896
Enoch Dalton  and Elizabeth Adams, m., February 18, 1868
Adelbert Annis and Eveline Dalton, m., December 25, 1872
George Dalton and Margret Oxenberg, m., February 04, 1873
George Dalton and  Margret Davis, m., October 27, 1890
Sanford T. Parkins and Hattie Dalton, m., September 06, 1888
Frank L. Beam and Hettie L. Dalton, m.,  August 25, 1891
Isaac Dalton and Ida D. Stone, m., September 08, 1892
James Dalton and  Minnie A. Morse, m., April 14, 1887
William E. Epperson and Kate Dalton, m., October 1878
Francis H. Longwell and Laura M. Dalton, m., March 06, 1879
Levi Dalton and Ellen Miller, m.,  June 25, 1871
Lewis Dalton and  Martha Ann Hamilton, m., March 22, 1849
Lewis Dalton and Barbara A. Gullett, m. July 1, 1869
Jacob J. Lafollett and Lucy Dalton, m., March 07, 1897
Christopher Oxenberg and Martha Dalton, m.,  May 31, 1873
Martin Dalton and Rosannah Wells
George Spence and Mary Dalton, m.,  November 09, 185
John Bevans and Nancy Dalton, m.,  July 03, 1849
George W. King, 23,  and Nancy Dalton, 23, m., September 19, 1894, parents Enoch Dalton and Lizzie Adams
Anthony Johnson and  Nettie Dalton, m., June 20, 1896
Reuben Dalton and Nancy Hays, m., December 01, 1836
Richmond Dalton and Priscilla Martin, m., November 24, 1839
Samuel Dalton and  Hannah Myers, m.,  April 08, 1866
Charles A. Johnson and Sarah A. Dalton, m.,  February 27, 1898
John Criswell and Susan Dalton, m.,  October 24, 1838
William Dalton and Catherine Hedstrom, m., December 24, 1867
William M. Dalton and Nellie E. Gove, m., October 07, 1885

Morris Prindeville and Anna Stacy Dalton, m.,  February 01, 1872
David Wallace and Catherine Dalton, m., August 06, 1864
Peter Dalton and Catherine Conway, m., August 28, 1901
William W. Dalton and  Christeen Lind, m., May 25, 1892

John Hickey and Ellen Dalton
Michael Lyons and Mary Dalton

Elmer Dalton and Elizabetha Preece
Ernest Dalton and  Ann McKenzie
Luke D. Dalton and Johanna Hickey
William D. Dalton and Johanna VanWeir
William Henry Dalton and Melissa Ann Bowers

Adrian Walker  and America Dalton, m.,  October 02, 1863
Francis Dalton and Rosantha Beach, m., July 14, 1853
Julius Dalton and Nellie Scott, m., June 28, 1888

James J. Adcock and Diana Dalton
James Dalton  and Mary Ann Denton , m., November 29, 1866
James H. Dalton and  Susan T. King
Jesse Dalton and Christianna Williams, m., March 27, 1851
John T. Dalton and Rebecca J. Deasly, m., April 28, 1859
Thomas McCullough and Mary A. Dalton, m.,  July 21, 1842
H.W. Gobble and Maud Dalton, m.,  December 08, 1898
Stephen Rice and Polly Ann Dalton, m.,  September 21, 1854
William Dalton and Parizeda F. Boshan Clark
William T. Dalton and Minnie B. Rohrer, m., January 10, 1884

George Parker and Elizabeth Dalton, m., April 11, 1844

Avery Dalton  and Delilah Dalton, m.,  September 11, 1835
David S. Cozad and Anna E. Dalton, m.,  March 6, 1873
John T. Dalton and  Margret H. Barrall, m.,January 15, 1888
Lafayette A. Phelps and Lue N. M. Dalton

Patrick Dalton and Clarie Gilbert, m., December 19, 1876

Daniel Dalton and  Phebe Rieves, m., October 18, 1875
Wilbur M. Pollard  and Dayse Dalton, m., August 25, 1895
Edmund T. Dalton and Virginia Veach, m.,September 01, 1875
William M. M. Dalton and  Anna Benton, m., April 23, 1859

Charles M. Dixson and Mary E. Dalton, m.,  February 13, 1881
Theodore F. Thompson and Westine Dalton, m.,November 02, 1871

Edward L. Dalton (of Kane County) and Hattie L. Mead, m., November 18, 1891
Arthur W. Ball and Minnie A. Dalton

William J. Brownell and Carrie G. Dalton, m.,  August 15, 1882
Charles E. Dalton and  Flora L. Kadel, m., May 02, 1893
Francis M. Dalton and  Ida E. Magirl
Frank W. Curtis and Grace Dalton. m., August 21, 1884
James Dalton  and Hanora Ryan, m., January 25, 1872
John Henry Dalton and Ellen Rachel Callahan, m., February 12, 1890
Joseph M. Dalton and Lydia Glimpse, m., December 16, 1860
Edwin Quiddy  and Kate Dalton, m.,  November 02, 1858
John Carroll and Mary Dalton, m., July 06, 1869
Cornelius OBrien and  Mary Dalton, m.,  April 10, 1888
Terrence Carmody, Jr. and Minnie Dalton, m.,  October 26, 1893
David Smith and Mollie E. Dalton, m.,  January 07, 1884
Edward Martin Myrtle M. Dalton, m., November 02, 1898
Robert R. Dalton and  Mary A. Jackson, m., September 29, 1859
Thomas Dalton and  Johanna Hickey, m., February 01, 1858
William Dalton and  Mary Young, m., September 21, 1856

Joseph H. Dean and Abigail Dalton, m.,  February 03, 1870

Elisha A. Crump and Eliza J. Dalton, m.,  March 07, 1872
Henry Dalton and Nancy Rogers, m., October 26, 1869
Mark Burnell and Mary E. Dalton, m., August 28, 1867
Benjamin F. Boston and Nancy E. Dalton, m.,  December 25, 1871
John B. Boston and Rebecca A. Dalton, m.,  March 07, 1872

Patrick Murray and Bridget Dalton, m.,  March 03, 1862
Mark  ?  and   Mary E. Dalton, m.,   August 28, 1867
Henry Dalton and Nancy Rogers , m., October 26 1869
Clarence Dalton, and  Ethel Estes, m.,January 01, 1899
Fred C. Holliday and Eva F. Dalton, m.,  March 28, 1894
Francis M. Dalton and  Martha S. Dougherty, m., August 08, 1895
George R. Dalton and Eliza A. Bayless, m., September 01, 1864
George R. Dalton and  Martha Baker, m., November 18, 1875
Grem Dalton and Mary E. Mann, m., June 11, 1867
Hiram T. Dalton and Susie F. Brown, m., November 05, 1878
John Dalton and  Elizabeth Hill, m., June 30, 1836
John Dalton and Catharine Lyons, m., June 23, 1835
Lewis Dalton and Telitha Hart, m.,July 06, 1843
Robert T. Cassell and Martha Dalton, m., December 27, 1882
Stephen Thornborrow and Mary Ann Dalton, m., December 31, 1861
Theodore J. Demarest and Mary Ellen Dalton, m.,  October 27, 1886
Arthur Violett and Mattie Dalton, m., February 14, 1900
Bert R. Watts and Myrtle Dalton
Henry H. McCann and Nancy A. Dalton, m.,  July 21, 1881
Norman Dalton (see Dutton) and  Nancy Dutton, m., November 15, 1835
John F. Mann and Rebecca M. Dalton, m.,  March 05, 1877
Samuel Dalton and  Hariet Tannehill, m., February 21, 1836
Samuel H. Dalton and  Hester A. Parks, m., March 02, 1876
William R. Dalton and  Minnie E. Gilliland, m., February 02, 1893
Wm. B. Dalton and Melinda J. Haynes, m., March 19, 1873
Charles Daulton and  Elenore Henderson, m.,  February 6, 1837

Thomas Dalton and Sarah Roney
George Ferre and Eleanor Dalton, m., November 9, 1875

Martin Doran and Anastacia Dalton, m., September 08, 1862
Augustus Dalton and  Nancy McMullen
Drewry Dalton and Mahaly Read, m., December 25, 1844
Thomas L. Dixon and Elizabeth Dalton, m.,  December 22, 1859
John OBrien and Hannah Dalton, m., October 07, 1857
Isham Dalton and Chloe Dalton, m.,  May 05, 1844
James Dalton  and Alice Bryan, m., May 13, 1864
John Dalton and Alice Welch
Joseph Dalton and Catharine Neal, m.,February 12, 1861
Lafayette Dalton and Maggie Butler
Daniel Thomas and Ludah Dalton, m.,October 27, 1853
Robert Welch and Mary Dalton, m.,  November 29, 1865
Patrick Dalton and Bridget Murphy, m., June 26, 1856
Patrick Dalton and Mary Wiseman, m., July 19, 1864
John Munshower and Rachel Dalton, m., June 21, 1856
Stanley Butler and Sarah Dalton, m.,  June 25, 1854
William Dalton (see Daton) and Margaret Caslo, m.,February 20, 1854

George Dalton and  Mehetable Simonds, m., October 08, 1834
Chas Doil and Jane Dalton
William J. Dalton,  Lucy Emerson, m., October 19, 1841
David Dalton and  Phoebe Jones, m., June 29 1853

Jackson Wadley and Lou J. Dalton , m., September 22, 1879

Dan Dalton and Jennie Craig
Charles Alton and Jennie Dalton
Moses Casey and Mattie Dalton
Thomas Dalton and Susie Parish

John James Almon and Jane Dalton, m.,  December 25, 1853
Charles Peck/Pick and Jane Dalton, m.,  June 12, 1857

Oliver F.F. Clutter and Ann Dalton, m.,  February 13, 1867

John W. Dalton and Mary E. Plumb, m.,December 11, 1879
L. Dalton and Jennie Garrison, m., November 23, 1892
Leander Dalton and Mary F. Powell, m., March 30, 1887
Morgan J. Penninger and Martha J. Dalton, m.,  October 07, 1858

Eduard Murry and Catharine Dalton, m.,  January 12, 1854
William Murray and Catharine Dalton, m.,  February 09, 1869
Michael Burke and Greta Dalton, m., October 16, 1868
John Dalton and Nancy M. White, m.,October 14, 1880
Michael Ryan and Mary Dalton, m.,  February 27, 1881

Francis Haskins and Ann Eliza Dalton , June 07, 1857
Jackson Seymour and  Elizabeth Dolton, m.,  May 22, 1849

Frank Dalton and Nancy Noland, m., October 31, 1891
James W. Dalton and Mary E. King, m., March 19, 1868
Thomas P. Smith and Maggie Dalton, m.,  December 05, 1892
Michael J. Dalton and Leota Backhouse, m., September 04, 1888

Joseph Dalton and Catharine Jane Wilson, m.,  February 22, 1861

John Dalton and Elizabeth Nicholson (Moats), m., November 16, 1878
John Green and Olive J. Collier Dalton

George M. Dalton and  Emma Harris, m., September 19, 1903
J.W. Moran and Rose Dalton, m.,January 26, 1903

Franklin E. Brasil and Amanda L. Dalton
Charles Dalton and Mary Lou Turner
James Dalton and Carrie Milton
Charles G. Noel and Radaskey Dalton
James M. Bush and Susan E. Dalton

James W. Gardner and Laura A. Dalton
William Flaugher and Louisa Dalton
Thomas L. Dalton  and Lou  Peterson, m.,  August 27 1890
George Williamson  and Elizabeth Dalton, m., October 15 1879

Clifford L. Dalton  and Helen R. Parish, m.,January 14, 1914
George Dalton and  Amanda J. Webb, m., November 07, 1872
Forrest Oaks and Goldie May Dalton, m.,  February 19, 1902
James G. Dalton and Addie Ophelia Barnett, m., December 23, 1886
Jasper Dalton and Grace Emmett, m., July 02, 1896
John Dalton and Sarah L. McWilliams, m., May 23, 1868
Lawrence Otho Tinsman and Lena Alberta Dalton, m.,  November 23, 1910
Robert J. Seaton and Lulu A. Dalton, m.,  July 28, 1904
George Washington Bell and Maude L. Dalton, m.,  January 15, 1891
W.J. Gray and Minnie B. Dalton, m., July 12, 1884
Russell G. Dalton and Twila E. McCrery, m., September 30, 1914
Urie Bowlby and Shirley Opleian Dalton, July 09, 1913

Alonzo Dalton/Dolton and Jennie Crews, m., July 30, 1894
John W. Dalton and Mary J. Anderson
W.A. Dalton and Mary A. Bobbett
W.F. Dalton and P.A. Sams

John Noonen and Ann Dalton, m., February 22, 1870
John Leo and Catharine Dalton, m., November 14, 1865
Dennis Dalton and Mary Clifford, m., July 29, 1855
Dennis Keefe and Ellen Dalton, m.,  February 16, 1862
John W. Goodwin and Jennie Dalton, m.,  June 11, 1861
Michael Treacy and Lizzie Dalton, m., April 22, 1890
Thomas Dalton and Ellen McNichols Boyle, m., May 16, 1881
Thomas E. Dalton and Catharine McCall, m. September 30, 1858

Isiah A. Dalton and Sarah L. Parks
Jesse Dalton and Josie Washington

James Dalton and Libbie N. Ray
Lewis C. Dalton and Ella Depew Simpson


Listed by groom, bride and date.

Michael Bockam and Matilda Dolton, m. 05-20-1874

Robert Dolton  and Elvina Poole, m. 01-13-1840

James McGrevy and Agnes Dolton m. 10–05-1878
Michael Cassidy  and Catherine Dolton, m. 11-04-1880
Simon J. Hollihan and Ellen Dolton m., 10-05-1878
George J. Dolton and Eliza Duran, m. 08-08-1889
Herman Dolton and Sarah Palmeater, m. 01-25-1881
James Dolton and Margaret Barloe, m., 01-22-1882
Patrick Breman and  Johana Dolton, m., 07-07-1888
Roel De Young and Laura C. Dolton, m., 08-08-1889
Michael Dolton and Mrs. Allen Roach, m., 08-26-1888
Thomas Kelley and Minnie Dolton, m., 11-27-1877
John Hayes and Minnie Dolton, m., 06-19-1879
Francis H. Lewis and Minnie E. Dolton, m., 11-28-1882
William G. Dolton and Emma Dickelmann,m., 06-01-1893
William H. Dolton and Sarah Jane McManimen, m., 10-06-1874

Samuel Cutts and Mary Dolton, m., 06-23-1857

Herman H. Davis and Johanna Dolton, m., 08-18-1873

Thomas Lucas and Bridget Dolton, m., 06-16-1855
James O’Rourke and Bridget Dolton, m., 08-24-1855
William Dolton and Mrs. Lucy Carpenter, m., 06-24-1833

Howard Lyon and Mrs. Eveline M. Dolton, m.,03-03-1880

David T. Pillsburg and Ella M. Dolton, m., 10-07-1883
Emmet Anderson Carlton and Eva Viola Dolton, m., 01-29-1888

Hugh Doyle and Mary Dolton, m., 06-30-1865

Joseph D. Crum and Mary A. Dolton (see Dollon), m., 10-02-1867

John Dolton and Lucy Cupy, m., 2-9-1860

John Dolton Jr., and Mary E. Plumb, m., 12-11-1879

Jackson Seymour and Elizabeth Dolton, m., 5-22-18449

James Dolton and Mary Jane Welch, m., 6-1-1874

Charles B. Gibbs and Margaret A. Dolton, m., 8-4-1849
Martin Shutts and Mary E. Dolton, m., 8-10-1873


Francis M. Daulton and Mary M. Conner (Connor), m., 7-18-1852

William Daulton and Frances  Shelton, m., 09-17-1865

Isaac C. Randle and Adaline Daulton, m., 08-28-1851
Samuel Daulton and Temperance Randle, m., 01-24-1822

Charles Daulton and Eleanor Henderson, m., 02-06-1837
James William Daulton and Martha Ann Sevier, m., 09-21-1857
William Vanzant and Jane Daulton, 12-23-1856
Robert Covey and Lucinda Daulton, m., 10-10-1860
James Anderton and Lucy Caroline Daulton, m., 02-22-1850
Jackson Seymour and Martha Ann Daulton, m. 03-26-1846
Albert Kershaw and Mary Ann Daulton, m., 08-14-1856
Elias Graves and Melissa Daulton, m., 12-02-1858
William Daulton and Martha Taylor, m., 11-29-1857
William L. Daulton and Annie L. Scott, m., 02-14-1861

J.W. Read and Nancy N. Daulton, m., 10-21-1850

William Daulton and Martha Cain, m., 06-12-1861

Robert Daulton and Sarah Talbot, m., 07-20-1841
William Blackard and Sarah Daulton, m., 08-20-1844

Francis F. Daulton and Lilia B. Hall, m., 02-20-1890



Annie Elender Dalton, b. 26 Oct 1869, dau of William Simon Dalton and Mary Ann Piper, Malden
Elmer Dalton, b. 25 Nov 1862, son of William S. Dalton and Mary Ann Piper, Malden
Hiram James Dalton, b. 5 Aug 1860, son of William S. Dalton and Mary Ann Piper, Malden
John J. Dalton, b. 8 Jul 1855, son of  James McCann Dalton and Elizabeth M. Triplett
Lillie Mae Dalton, b. 23 Sep 1866, dau of William S. Dalton and Mary Ann Piper, Malden
Matilda Ann Dalton, b. 13 Dec 1856, dau of James McMann Dalton and Elizabeth M. Triplett
Mary Ellen Dalton, b 9 May 1853, dau of James McMann Dalton and Elizabeth M. Triplett

Albert Dalton, b. 12 Oct 1883 in Chicago, son of Patrick Dalton and Sophia Bettman
Catherine Dalton, b. 3 Sep 1872 in Chicago, dau of John Dalton and Mary Ruthgan
Ida Dalton, b. 6 Jan 1885 in Caulbauer, dau of Carl Dalton and Meri Horn
Julia M. Dalton, b.17 Oct 1972 in Chicago, dau of William Dalton and Martha Roe
Kaethe Dalton, b. 9 Dec 1884 in Cook Co., dau of Mick Dalton and Mary Wathen
Mary J. Dalton, b. 17 May 1874 in Chicago, dau of James Dalton and Margaret O'Neil
Mary Jane C. Dalton, b. 23 Nov 1880 in Chicago, dau of Adolphis Dalton and Emma Hunt
Timothy Dalton, b. 8 Oct 1882 in Chicago, son of Michael Dalton and Christiana Henley
William L. Dalton, b. 25 Apr 1874 in Chicago, son of Thomas Dalton and Anie E. Montgomery

The following Dalton births were recorded in Cook County but at the time of recording the children were unnamed. From the 1880 Census information and the date of birth of the individual, it is possible to attach a name to some of the unknowns.  However, the user is requested to do additional research.

Dalton (male) b. 27 Jun 1872, Chicago, son of James Dalton and Catherine Rorke (possibly Denis).
Dalton, (female), b. 16 Jun 1873, Chicago, dau of John Dalton and Catharine Collins (possibly Daniel)
Dalton (male) b. 29 Apr 1874, Chicago, son of Richard Dalton and Catharine Conaty (possibly Steven).
Dalton (male) b. 3 Jun 1874, Chicago, son of James Dalton and Catharine Rorke (possibly Peter)
Dalton (female) b. 10 Jan 1875, Chicago, dau of Michael and Mary Dalton
Dalton (male) b. 14 Mar 1875, Chicago, son of John Dalton and Kate Collins
Dalton (male) b. 28 Aug 1881, Chicago, son of Luke Dalton and Bridget Jordan
Dalton  (female) b. 13 Jul 1883, b. North Evanston, dau of Richard Dalton and Maggie Walton

The following births were extracted from the Illinois Regional Archives Depository

A. Nellie Dalton born October 12, 1886
A. Theresa Dalton born August 2, 1896
Agnes Dalton born March 24, 1891
Agnes Dalton born October 29, 1889
Agnes V. Dalton born April 10, 1911
Aimee Dalton born July 10, 1900
Annie Dalton born October 20, 1887
Annie Dalton born January 4, 1888
Beatrice J. Dalton born July 21, 1894
Bernice Dalton born October 28, 1912
Blanch L. Dalton born September 16, 1909
Bridget A. Dalton born November 19, 1884
C. Alvina Dalton born November 21, 1903
C. Wihne Dalton born November 17, 1895
C. Winnie Dalton born May 21, 1884
Catherin Dalton born February 13, 1883
Catherine Dalton born April 17, 1907
Cathrine J. Dalton born October 12, 1901
Cathryn M. Dalton born May 24, 1907
Charles Dalton born June 23, 1892
Chas W. Dalton born April 11, 1886
Christina Dalton born February 7, 1886
Clary E. Dalton born June 2, 1888
Cledus C. Dalton born October 13, 1912
D. Delima Dalton born October 30, 1884
Dorothy Dalton born February 14, 1906
Dorothy A. Dalton born July 28, 1911
Dorothy R. Dalton born August 31, 1912
E. Kata Dalton born May 10, 1886
E. Kate Dalton born September 19, 1903
Earl R. Dalton born June 16, 1896
Edna F. Dalton born June 11, 1908
Edward J. Dalton born July 29, 1909
Edward R. Dalton born January 5, 1902
Edwd B. Dalton born October 16, 1875
Elizabeth Dalton born September 25, 1906
Ellenor M. Dalton born May 12, 1892
Etna M. Dalton born November 16, 1895
Eugeni Dalton born November 23, 1908
Florence Dalton born September 22, 1888
Francis Dalton born April 19, 1901
Frank Dalton born February 6, 1909
Frank Dalton born August 24, 1913
George Dalton born July 25, 1887
George B. Dalton born August 26, 1909
George T. Dalton, Jr. born November 9, 1881
Gerald Dalton born December 4, 1904
Gertrude Dalton born October 20, 1903
Gertrude E. Dalton born March 25, 1904
Guy J. Dalton born December 13, 1909
H. Mildred Dalton born October 9, 1911
H. MRS Dalton born August 28, 1909
Harriett Dalton born May 12, 1911
Harry Dalton born May 25, 1915
Harry J. Dalton born May 13, 1894
Harry W. Dalton born June 20, 1913
Hattie Dalton born January 3, 1886
Hazel Dalton born January 28, 1915
Hazel M. Dalton born October 8, 1889
Helen G. Dalton born March 31, 1913
Henry W. Dalton born February 18, 1913
Herbert P. Dalton born February 5, 1900
Isabel M. Dalton born January 14, 1912
J. Amanda Dalton born September 16, 1895
J. Anna Dalton born April 12, 1876
J. Cath’e Dalton born June 3, 1874
J. Cath’e Dalton born June 27, 1872
J. Catharin Dalton born August 10, 1883
J. Catharin Dalton born June 21, 1886
J. Ellen Dalton born December 23, 1884
J. Fay Dalton born December 22, 1906
J. Kate Dalton born March 14, 1875
J. Kate Dalton born March 15, 1878
J. Katie Dalton born September 7, 1873
J. Marg’t Dalton born May 17, 1874
J. Margaret Dalton born September 25, 1885
J. Mary Dalton born June 16, 1885
James Dalton born June 3, 1914
James Dalton born August 29, 1896
James W. Dalton, Jr. born August 24, 1890
John Dalton born January 20, 1879
John Dalton born January 9, 1891
John Dalton born October 14, 1878
John E. Dalton born May 6, 1916
John G. Dalton born September 14, 1888
John J. Dalton born October 5, 1889
John M. Dalton born November 19, 1913
John N. Dalton born September 26, 1912
John T. Dalton born July 4, 1888
Joseph Dalton born October 23, 1908
Joseph E. Dalton born August 2, 1883
Joseph H. Dalton born November 8, 1906
Joseph P. Dalton born December 12, 1901
Josephine L. Dalton born December 27, 1902
Josie Dalton born October 14, 1911
Katherine I. Dalton born February 9, 1890
Kittie Dalton born October 29, 1889
L. Bridget Dalton born August 28, 1881
Lena Dalton born March 1, 1908
Leonard J. Dalton born July 29, 1915
Lorens F. Dalton born January 31, 1895
Loretta Dalton born August 9, 1907
Loretta Dalton born January 3, 1889
Loretto Dalton born February 16, 1894
Lovie Dalton born January 13, 1914
Louise M. Dalton born January 8, 1912
Lynn F. Dalton born July 28, 1891
M. Agnes Dalton born April 30, 1895
M. Alice Dalton born September 21, 1915
M. Mary Dalton born July 4, 1894
M. Mary Dalton born January 10, 1875
M. Mary Dalton born September 14, 1882
M. Mary Dalton born June 9, 1889
Mabel P. Dalton born May 5, 1888
Maggie Dalton born September 13, 1892
Maggie Dalton born December 11, 1890
Margaret V. Dalton born May 4, 1897
Margarite G. Dalton born January 3, 1901
Marie Dalton born April 13, 1896
Marion A. Dalton born August 23, 1909
Mary Dalton born January 4, 1914
Mary Dalton born September 8, 1876
Mary A. Dalton born January 31, 1886
Mary B. Dalton born January 4, 1914
Mary E. Dalton born March 21, 1886
Mary J. Dalton born November 23, 1880
Mary R. Dalton born February 3, 1910
Mary T. Dalton born October 27, 1907
Mary V. Dalton born September 17, 1906
Matthew R. Dalton born March 1, 1915
Michael Dalton born September 19, 1880
Mini Dalton born July 4, 1890
Morine Dalton born May 8, 1898
N. Mary Dalton born September 13, 1875
P. Mamie Dalton born January 11, 1887
Patrik W. Dalton born February 21, 1889
Peter Dalton born April 2, 1893
Peter J. Dalton born April 9, 1894
R. Annie Dalton born April 22, 1899
R. Cath’e Dalton born April 29, 1874
R. Ella Dalton born June 27, 1895
R. Laura Dalton born December 14, 1908
R. Maggie Dalton born July 13, 1883
Raymond Dalton born November 23, 1909
Richard Dalton, Jr. born July 15, 1907
Robert B. Dalton born October 28, 1914
Roland Dalton born July 30, 1913
Rowland S. Dalton, Jr. September 20, 1915
Roy Dalton born August 26, 1889
Sarah Dalton born September 4, 1873
Sarah A. Dalton born March 7, 1887
T. Elisa Dalton born May 5, 1878
Thomas Dalton born November 4, 1889
Thomas W. Dalton born November 15, 1915
W. Louisa Dalton born February 5, 1888
W. Mary Dalton born July 24, 1891
W. Mary Dalton born March 13, 1894
W. Mary Dalton born April 16, 1910
W. Mary Dalton born September 30, 1877
W. Mary Dalton born September 19, 1882
Walter Dalton born July 19, 1878
Walter Dalton born September 21, 1887
Walter J. Dalton born September 21, 1887
Walter R. Dalton born November 6, 1891
William Dalton born October 6, 1904
William Dalton born April 5, 1912
William Dalton born January 6, 1884
William Dalton born January 14, 1887
William A. Dalton born January 3, 1909
William C. Dalton born February 7, 1905
William E. Dalton born May 10, 1906
William F. Dalton born December 4, 1892
Wm. J. Dalton born July 7, 1886

Anna Dolton born January 10, 1891
Annie Dolton born January 4, 1888
C. Florence Dolton born April 15, 1884
Evelyn R. Dolton born March 16, 1902
H. Jane Dolton born November 13, 1878
Helen B. Dolton born March 4, 1894
Helen G. Dolton born March 31, 1913
J. Catherin Dolton born June 26, 1883
John M. Dolton born September 26, 1912
John P. Dolton born February 15, 1895
Kittie Dolton born August 16, 1895
Lida M. Dolton born November 2, 1890
Lucile Dolton born December 8, 1910
Mabel Dolton born June 3, 1897
Martin Dolton born May 3, 1910
Mary E. Dolton born March 21, 1886
Mary K. Dolton born August 13, 1901
Robert V. Dolton born June 5, 1915
Vincent Dolton born March 31, 1896
Emma Dolton born June 15, 1895
William Dolton born December 16, 1879

Nora Dalton, born September 27, 1878
Dora Dalton, born September 27, 1878
Unknown Dalton, born 1903
Dorothy Dalton, born May 15, 1907
Unknown Dalton, born June 26, 1910
Belva Caroline Dalton, born October 5, 1914
William Lee Dalton, September 29, 1922

Crissie Fern born to Elmer and Bertha Dalton in 1915
Ruth Fern born to C.D. and Ella Dalton in 1920
Ethel E. born to Crave and Flora Kelly Dalton in 1920
Lottie Maxine born to Earl and Eulla Dalton in 1922
Walker Denton born to Crane and Flora Dalton in 1924
Velma Irene born to James and Lova Dalton
Robert Eugene born to George and Thelma Dalton in 1930
Donald Ray born to Coral D. and Erilla Dalton in 1930
Darlene Mae born to Coral and Erilla Daulton in 1931
Jimmie Claire born to Roy and Dorothy Dalton in 1933
Gerald Lee born to George E. and Thelma Dalton in 1933
Unknown born to Alice Dalton in 1934
Unknown born to Alice Dalton in 1934
(Died) born to Roy G. and Dorothy Dalton in 1935
Charles Thomas born to Roy and Dorothy in 1935
William Delmar born to Roy G. and Dorothy Dalton in 1938
Harold Lee born to Beecher and Ruth Dalton in 1947
Kasandra Ann born to Josh and Alfreda Dalton in 1952
Kimberly Kaye born to James and Nancy Dalton in 1958

Emma Alma Dolton born in 1948
Burtis Pirl Dolton born in 1948

Anna Virgina Dalton , b. 8 Mar 1825, dau of Joseph Dalton and Virginia McNeal
Joseph Alomzo Dalton,b.13 Sep 1879 in Bowensburg, son of Joseph W. Dalton and Elizabeth A.

Alfred Dalton, b. 23 Jul 1876, son of Dexter Dalton and Ellen M. Liebhardt
Fannie Dalton b. 25 b. 1868 , dau of  Dexter Dalton and Ellen M. Liebhardt, Buckley
Ferdinand Dalton, b. 23 Jul 1876, son of Dexter Dalton and Ella M. Liebhardt, Buckley
Fletcher Dalton, b. 1870, son of Dexter Dalton and Ella M. Liebhardt, Buckley
Floyd Dalton, b. 1875, son of  Dexter Dalton and Ella M. Liebhardt, Buckley
Franklin Dalton, b. 1864, son of Dexter Dalton and Ella M. Liebhardt, Buckley
Frederick Dalton, b. 1866, son of Dexter Dalton and Ella M. Liebhardt, Buckley
Helen Mildred born to William D. and Ada Alwilda (Wilda) Smith Dalton October 14, 1917

Ernest W. Dalton , b. 15 Dec 1897, son of Isaac Jackson Dalton and Laura Mills, Mount Vernon

Edna V. Dalton, b. 20 Jul 1906, dau. of Wade Allen Dalton and Elizabeth A. Smith, Sanburn
Harry L. Dalton, b. 15 Feb 1901, son of James W. Dalton and Minerva C. Melton, Tunnel Hill
James Earl Dalton, b. 29 May 1911, son of Wade Allen Dalton and Elizabeth A. Smith, Sanburn
James William Dalton, b.13 Mar 1861, son of Alva/Pete Dalton and Lucy Ann Humphrey, Tunnel Hill
Le Roy/Roy Dalton b. 22 Apr 1892 son of James W. Dalton and Minerva C. Melton, Tunnel Hill

Albert T. Dalton, b. 4 Jan 1872, Dundee Township, son of William Dalton and Ruth E. Shephard
Henry Dallton, b. 10 Mar 1978 in Aurora, 10 Mar 1878, son of John Dalton and Ellen Cormel
Charles Leonard Dalton, b. 1 Sep 1878, South Elgin, son of William Dalton and Ruth E. Shepherd

Alis E. Dolton, b. 1847, dau of Richmond Dolton and Priscilla Hahn, Galesburg
Aramintia Dolton, b. 1 Mar 1851, dau of Richmond Dalton and  Priscilla Hahn, Galesburg
Elizabeth Dolton, b. 1843, dau of Richmond Dolton and Priscilla Hahn, Galesburg
Joseph H. Dolton, b. 1840, son of  Richmond Dolton and Prisclla Hahn, Galesburg
Loradumia Dolton, b. 1852, dau of Richmond Dolton and Priscilla Hahn, Galesburg,
Lucetta Dolton b. 1846, dau of Richmond Dolton and Priscilla Hahn, Galesburg
Clarrissa born to Drury and Unknown Utter Dalton in 1875
Nettie Laurana born to Edwin and Unknown Lee Dalton in 1875
Unknown born to Drury and Unknown Utter Dalton in 1878
Ransom born to Drury and Unknown Utter Dalton in 1882
Unknown born to Drewry and Unknown Utter Dalton in 1887
Jesse Jefferson born to Emery and Unknown Gullett Dalton in 1889
Oscar Edwin born to Oscar Edwin and Unknown Lee Dalton in 1890
Elizabeth Ida born to Edwin and Unknown Lee Dalton in 1892
Roy Alfred born to Samuel Avery and Unknown Morse Dalton in 1892
Flora Emiline born to Francis F. and Unknown Brauner Dalton in 1901
Oshie Bernadean born to Miles Wesley and Unknown Mosher Dalton in 1904
Mildred Louise born to Fred E. and Unknown Shreeves in 1905
Unknown born to H.H. and Clara M. Dalton in 1905
Unknown born to H.H. and Unknown Dalton in 1905
Dorothy Irene born to H.H. and Unknown Kistler Dalton in 1906
Bertha Elizabeth born to Newton Z. and Unknown Coleman Dalton in 1907
Opal born to Miles and Unknown Mosher Dalton in 1908
Mabel Louise born to H.H. and Unknown Lognden Dalton in 1909
Havila Hensley born to H.H. and Unknown Kinstler Dalton in 1912
Irene Carol born to Chas. Marion and Unknown Longwell Dalton in 1912
Chloe Lucille born to Elmer Joseph and Unknown Longwell Dalton in 1913
Dale Albertus born to Charles Marion and Unknown Longwell Dalton in 1914
Unknown born to Frank W. and Unknown Danielson Dalton in 1914
Marion Woodrow born to Newton Z. and Unknown Coleman Dalton in 1916
Omma Ostella born to Miles Wesley and Unknown Mosier Dalton in 1916
Paul Eugene born to Bert and Unknown Donaldson Dalton in 1916
Ruby Louise born to Elmer Joseph and Unknown Longwell Dalton in 1916
Lloyd Eugene born to Fred Harlan and Unknown Ennis Dalton in 1919
Donald born to Fred Harlan and Unknown Ennis Dalton in 1921
Susan Louise born to Fred and Unknown Ennis Dalton in 1926
Ray Lee born to Elmer J. and Unknown Longwell Dalton in 1928
Joan born to Orville and Unknown Meehan Dalton in 1929
Francis Doloras born to Orvil Wesley and Unknown Maelham
Richard Leroy born to LeRoy and Dorothy Dalton in 1932
Carter Jack born to Elmer Joseph and Unknown Longwell Dalton in 1933
Beverly June born to Hayes R. and Unknown Dutton Dalton in 1934
Orville John born to Orville W. and Unknown Meehan Dalton in 1934
Janet Marie born to Orvile W. and Unknown Meehan Dalton in 1936
Ann born to Orville Wesley and Unknown Meehan Dalton in 1939
Willis Wayne born to Willis Earl and Unknown Pennington Dalton in 1940
Michael Lee born to Orville Wesley and Unknown Meehan Dalton in 1944
Carole Marie born to Glenn Ora and Unknown Miller Dalton in 1945
Ronald Eugene born to Clifford Murrell and Unknown Bower Daulton in 1947
Deborah Ann born to Hensley Hivala and Christy Dalton in 1948
Stanley Wade born to Clifford Murrell and Unknown Bower Daulton in 1949
Pamela Kay born to Donald Earl and Unknown Golden Dalton in 1951
Dennis Frank born to Donald Earl and Unknown Golden Dalton in 1955
Sandra Lee born to Richard LeRoy and Unknown Varvorines Dalton in 1961
Keith Randal born to Richard LeRoy and Unknown Varvorines Dalton in 1963
Bradley Dale born to Donald Dale and Unknown Surber Dalton in 1965
Richard Lee born to Michael Lee and Unknown Lashbrook Dalton in 1968
Darrin Todd born to Donald Dale and Unknown Surber Dalton in 1968

Christenings, Parish Registers of Immaculate Conception Church, Waukegan
Louisa Dalton, b. 1858, c. 30 Mar 1858, dau of John Dalton and Jane McGarrall.
Bridgit Dalton, b. 13 Oct 1854, c. 27 Oct 1854, dau of John Dalton and Jane McGarrall

Frank Dalton, b. 1863, son of Amaziah Dalton and Jane Lucas,

Eliza Jane Dalton, b. 27 Sep 1971, dau of Lewis Dalton and Talitha Hart
James Harvey Dalton, b. 7 Oct 1847, son of Lewis Dalton and Talitha Hart
Marie Georgia Dalton, b. 15 Aug 1878, du of William H. Dalton and Nancy Rogers, Girard
Martha A. Dalton, b.29 Jan 1859, dau of  Lewis Dalton and Talitha Hart
Mary E Dalton,b. Jan 1850, dau of Lewis Dalton and Talitha Hart

Elizabeth Dalton, b.29 Dec 1833, dau of Ishmael Dalton ad Rebecca Ray

Arthur D. born to Charles E. and Maria Besturtch Dalton February 13, 1878
Thomas born to Luke and J. Hickey Dalton July 15, 1879
Ellen Josephine Dalton born January 28, 1893
Gertrude Clarissa Dalton born November 18, 1894
John Henry born to John Henry and Ellen Callahan Dalton July 22, 1900

Unknown born to Walter S. and Elizabeth Dalton November 23, 189?
Unknown born to J.A. and Pearl E. Downey Dalton November 12, 190?
Walter Ammon born to Thomas and Delia Davis Dalton April 4, 190?
Martha Joan born to Walter Ammon and Ester Jane Stevens Dalton May 6, 193?
Margaret Elaine born to Walter Ammon and Ester June Stevens Dalton December 15, 193?
Max Gene born to Walter Ammon and Ester Jane Stevens Dalton December 17, 193?
Rodger Allan born to Walter A. and Ester Jane Stevens Dalton December 8, 194?
Paul Steven born to Walter Ammon and Esther Jane Stevens Dalton June 13, 194?
Cheryl Lynn born to Walter Ammon and Ester Jane Stevens Dalton May 22, 194?
Carol Lee born to Walter Ammon and Esther Jane Stevens Dalton October 4, 194?
Judith Ann born to Walter Ammon and Esther Jane Stevens Dalton October 11, 194?
Vicki Sue born to Walter Ammon and Esther Jane Stevens Dalton January 19, 195?
Jill Sharleen born to Walter Ammon and Esther Jane Stevens Dalton February 27, 195?
Denise Louise born to Walter Ammon and Esther Jane Stevens Dalton February 16, 195

Martha Dalton, b. 22 Oct 1861, dau of William Dalton and Martha Coulson, Jacksonville

Almeda Dalton, b. 21 Mar 1855, dau of Avery Dalton and Deliliah Dalton, Elmwood
Alta M. Dalton, b. 1878, dau of Cicero Dalton and Clarinda Dilita, Elmwood
Cicero Dalton, b. 2 Apr 1840, son of Avery Dalton and Delilah Dalton, , Elmwood
Clarence L. Dalton, b. 6 Oct 1887, son of James Jackson Dalton and Minnie A. Morse, Elmwood
James Jackson Dalton, b. 1860, son of Avery Dalton and Deliilah Dalton, Elmwood
Lilia C. Dalton, b. 7 Oct 1893, dau of James J. Dalton and Minnie A. Morse, Elmwood
Luda/Ludah Dalton, b. 1827/38 , dau of Avery Dalton and Deliilah, Elmwood
Lura Dalton, b.25 April 1869, dau of  Cicero Dalton and Clarinda Dilita, Elmwood

Erthel Frank Daulton born 1912
Myrtle Prentice Dalton born 1914
Juanita Fay Dalton born 1920
Edwin Dalton born 1920
James Winfred Dalton born 1921
Melvin J. Dalton born 1923
Richard Dennis Dalton born 1924
Opal Marjorie Dalton born 1925
Maggie Louise Dalton born 1927
Paul Edward Dalton born 1927
William Lyle Dalton born 1927
Harold Olsen Dalton born 1928
Myrtle Arleene Dalton born in 1929
Thelma Loraine Dalton born 1929
Jacqueline Lee Dalton born 1930
Ralph Owen Dalton born 1932
Morris Eugene Dalton born 1933
Donald Richard Dalton born 1935
Beverly Jane Dalton born 1936
Edwin Dar Dalton born 1937
Phyllis Ann Dalton born 1938
George Thomas Dalton born 1942
Robert Dwain Dalton born 1943
Aileen Evelyn Dalton born 1944
Loretta Marie Dalton born 1944
Eliies Everett Dalton born 1944
Larry James Dalton born 1945
Freda Pauline Dalton born 1945
Rita Louise Dalton born 1948
James Kelly Dalton born 1950
Rebecca Ann Dalton born 1950
Eddie Dean Dalton born 1951
Kirby Gene Dalton born 1952
Rex Allen Dalton born 1952
Frederick Hale Dalton born 1953
Cathy Sue Dalton born 1954
Shelley Rae Dalton born 1954
Karen Jean Dalton born 1956
Jessica Kelly Dalton born 1965
Kamy Dinelle Dalton born 1969
Tammy Michelle Dalton born 1971
Jason Mark Dalton born 1973

John Dolton, Jr. and Mary E. Plumb, m., 12-11-1879

Jackson Seymour and Elizabeth Dolton, m., 05-22-1849

Flora Dalton born December 10, 1899

Alonzo Dalton/Dolton, b. 13 Mar 1875, son  of Guillison  Dolton and Rosa C. Walker
Charles Samuel Dalton, b. 16 Nov 1895,  John Weathers Dalton and Mary Jane Anderson, Goldengate
Gillison D. Dalton, b. 11 Aug 1912, son of Alonzo Dalton and Jennie Crews, Mount Erie
John Dolton  and Lucy Cupy, m., 02-09-1860
Arthur E. Dalton born April 12, 1892
Conrad Dalton born October 8, 1901
Delores J. Dalton born January 28, 1906
Hilda D. Dalton born January 16, 1909
Daniel C. Dalton born December 28, 1913
Gillison D. Dalton born August 11, 1913
Wallace Dalton born February 17, 1916
Mildred R. Dalton born March 23, 1911

James Dolton and Mary Jane Welch, m., 06-01-1874

Charles B. Gibbs and Margaret A. Dolton, m., 08-04-1849
Martin Shutts and Mary E. Dolton, m., 08-10-1873



Illinois Bureau of Vital Statistics

Abraham B. Dalton, died November 5, 1884, 66 YR
Abraham L. Dalton, died February 22, 1897, 10 DA
Albert Dalton, died June 19, 1884, 29 YR
Albert E. Dalton, died December 7, 1915, 32 YR
Anastasia Dalton, died May 28, 1895, 51 YR
Andrew Dalton, died July 2, 1885, 53 YR
Andrew Colbert Dalton, died October 1, 1945, 65 YR
Andrew J. Dalton, died October 14, 1893, 27 YR
Anna Dalton, died July 12, 1902, 14 YR
Annie Dalton, died November 5, 1885, 8 DA
Annie E. Dalton, died June 28, 1890, 42 YR
Anny Dalton, died August 21, 1912, 38 YR
Belle Dalton, September 27, 1909, 41 YR
Bessie Dalton, died February 12, 1888, 38 YR
Bridget Dalton, died November 1, 1888, 71 YR
Bridget Dalton, died December 25, 1905, 67 YR
Bridget Dalton, died July 1, 1881, 40 YR
Bridget Dalton, died September 12, 1912, 57 YR
Bridget Dalton, died June 27, 1884, 11 MO
Catherine Dalton, died May 9, 1915, 58 YR
Catherine Dalton, died June 27, 1883, 52 YR
Cathernie Dalton, died December 6, 1904, 54 YR
Celia Dalton, died September 8, 1900, 7 MO
Charles A. Dalton, died January 14, 1912, 50 YR
Charles C. Dalton, died January 30, 1905, 75 YR
Charlotte N. Dalton, died September 4, 1883, 65 YR
Charles H. Dalton, died January 20, 1892, 37 YR
Clement Dalton, died July 2, 1902, 38 YR
Cora Dalton, died February 11, 1878, 3 YR
Daniel Dalton, died July 6, 1904, 51 YR
David Dalton, died August 3, 1903, 40YR
David Dalton, died May 15, 1910, 47 YR
Dennis Dalton, died July 11, 1912, 57 YR
Luke Dalton, died June 18, 1913, 22 YR
Mabelle Dalton, died May 4, 1914, 36 YR
Maggie Dalton, died December 8, 1886, 4 YR
Maggie Dalton, died July 18, 1893, 10 MO
Maggie Dalton, died May 19, 1893, 19 YR
Maggie E. Dalton, died October 6, 1879, 8 YR
Margaret Dalton, died October 18, 1888, 21 YR
Margaret Dalton, died January 4, 1896, 63 YR
Margaret Dalton, died August 25, 1894, 29YR
Margaret Dalton, died February 3, 1895, 7 MO
Margaret Dalton, died December 23, 1909, 2 YR
Margaret B. Dalton, died August 3, 1903, 63 YR
Marianne Dalton, died March 31, 1880, 17 YRS
Marion M. Dalton, died October 22, 1893, 2 MO
Martin Dalton, died November 17, 1891, 23 YR
Mary Dalton, died March 19, 1904, 43 YR
Mary Dalton, died May 17, 1961, 81 YR
Mary Dalton, died October 19, 1904, 46 YR
Mary Dalton, died February 19, 1910, 54 YR
Mary Dalton, died July 14, 1897, 50 YR
Mary Dalton, died January 31, 1902, 46 YR
Mary Dalton, died February 11, 1900, 1 YR
Mary Dalton, died February 16, 1887, 28 YR
Mary Dalton, died February 23, 1884, 76 YR
Mary Dalton, died November 1, 1885, 30 YR
Mary A. Dalton, died June 12, 1913, 68 YR
Mary E. Dalton, died February 6, 1915, 47 YR
Mary G. Dalton, died January 3, 1907, 20 DA
Mary J. Dalton, died September 16, 1903, 40 YR
Mary O. Dalton, died December 24, 1893, 39 YR
Maurice Dalton, died July 15, 1915, 25 YR
May Dalton, died March 24, 1895, 10 MO
Mearus Dalton, died September 18, 1898, 14 DA
Michael Dalton, died August 4, 1904, 30 YR
Michael Dalton, died March 7, 1893, 51 YR
Michael Dalton, died September 13, 1913, 42 YR
Michael Dalton, died March 2, 1910, 64 YR
Michael P. Dalton, died March 30, 1899, 44 YR
Michael Dalton, died December 6, 1902, 54 YR
Michael J. Dalton, died March 23, 1913, 4 MO
Morris Dalton, died September 25, 1878, 25 YR
Morris A. Dalton, died October 9, 1896, 33 YR
Nellie Dalton, died October 22, 1910, 46 YR
Norah Dalton, died March 2, 1891, 31 YR
Olga Dalton, died October 16, 1904, 24 YR
Oliver W. Dalton, died March 2, 1913, 1 YR
Patrick Dalton, died December 22, 1895, 75 YR
Patrick Dalton, died May 17, 1884, 45 YR
Reginald G. Dalton, died October 26, 1915, 66 YR
Richard Dalton, died July 25, 1915, 34 YR


Alfred Dalton, died December 19, 1916, 63 YR
Arthur W. Dalton, died July 30, 1883, 11MO
Catherine Dalton, died August 4, 1883, 1 YR
Mary Dalton, died June 8, 1887, 62 YR
Mary Dalton, died December 27, 1885, 38 YR
Nicholas Dalton, died August 27, 1914, 53 YR
Pat Dalton, died May 26, 1908, 48 YR
Richard Dalton, died September 9, 1886, 46 YR

Catherine Dolton, died February 29, 1896, 6 MO
Eliza F. Dolton, died August 4, 1884, 3 MO
Evelyn R. Dolton, died August 20, 1911, 9 YR
Florance Dolton, died August 25, 1902, 3 YR
Geo. K. Dolton, died November 18, 1896, 55 YR
George W. Dolton, died June 25, 1896, 21 YR
John Dolton, died November 24, 1907, 48 YR
Joseph Dolton, died January 15, 1911, 4 YR
Katherine Dolton, died December 17, 1896, 70 YR
Margaret Dolton, died December 3, 1898, 67 YR
Maria P. Dolton, died May 19, 1911, 79 YR
Patrick Dolton, died May 17, 1???, 45 YR


Andrew H. Dolton, died January 2, 1893, 69 YR
Chas. H. Dolton, died March 23, 1900, 74 YR
Eunice Dolton, died December 5, 1906, 5 YR
Nellie J. Dolton, died July 29, 18?9, 21 YR
Julia A. Dolton, died January 4, 1882, 58 YR
William S. Dolton, died November 28, 1905, 39 YR


Source: Peter Rourke

Patrick Toomey died 14 Jan 1908, age 50 years, native of Roundtown, Dublin.  Surviving widow, Sarah DALTON Toomey.

Patrick Brennan died 4 Jun 1896, age 38, husband of Johanna DALTON  Brennan, native of Co. Kilkenny.

John Malone died 18 April 1922, husband of the late Johanna DALTON Malone, father of Nora, native of Curraghlana, Parish of Tullagher Co. Kilkenny.

Patrick Dalton, native of Kiltormer, Co. Galway, Ireland died 17 May 1884, age 45; Children: Joseph, Maggie, Mary, Ellen, Johannah, Cecilia Dalton.

Patrick Whelan, husband of Mary DALTON Whelan died Dec. 11, 1903, native of Doon, Co. Limerick.


Albert Dalton 


David Dalton


Ferdinand O. Dalton


George W. Dalton


Ira E. Dalton 


Jack Dalton


James Dalton 


James E. Dalton 


John Dalton


John C. Dalton 


John H. Dalton


Joseph Dalton


Lucy Dalton


Maggie E. Dalton


Mary Dalton


Michael Dalton


Morris Dalton


Morris A. Dalton


Sarah Dalton


Thomas Dalton


Thomas P. Dalton


William Dalton


William Dalton


William E. Dalton 


John W. Dalton , Jr.; World War II Veteran; retired businessman, deceased May 14, 1998; Highland Park News

Mrs. William G. Dalton, deceased February 13, 1913
Highland Park Press

Luke Lee Dalton, born June 06, 1916, deceased July 10, 1968, accidental death

Eliza Dalton ,  Volume 2, Page 82
Rose Dalton ,  Volume 2, Page 46

Henry F. Dalton, Case # 3116
Jack Dalton , Case # 5754, Insanity, Feeble-minded
Raymond Dalton , Case # 8180, Guardianship
Rose Dalton,  Case # 5349, Insanity, Feeble-minded
William T. Dalton,  Case # 9386, Probate
Willis Dalton, Case # 8180, Guardianship

Martha S. Dalton, Inquest Date: June 23, 1917, Heart attack at family gathering
Telitha Dalton,  Inquest Date: April 01, 1904, Heart disease

Alice L. Dalton ,September 07, 1906
William Dalton , January 18, 1911

Henry Dalton                1861-1864    Volume J      Page 102
Mary Ann Dalton          1869-1871    Volume M    Page 193      Adoption
Thomas Dalton             1867-1869    Volume L      Page 198
Thomas Dalton             1876-1878    Volume R     Page 619

Joel Dalton , February 13, 1947 <>Phoebe Dalton, October 13, 1924


Name, date of death and age if known.


Dennis J. Dalton, 12-25-1915, 38 YR
Edward J. Dalton,10-14-1904, 21 YR
Edward Dalton, 04-10-1889, 63 YR
Edward Dalton,05-18-1921
Edward Dalton, 06-11-1939
Edward Dalton,01-09-1930
Edward Dalton, 03-22-1895,16 YR
Edward Dalton, 12-30-1909, 59 YR
Edward Dalton, 12-07-1882, 11 MO
Edward Dalton, 08-05-1888, 1MO
Edward C. Dalton, 07-18-1946
Edward J. Dalton, 08-29-1892, 01 YR
Edward J. Dalton, 08-14-1942, 50 YR
Edward T. Dalton, 11-23-1920
Edwin Dalton, 04-04-1914, 05 YR
Eileen Elizabeth Dalton, 04-05-1925
Eileen M. Dalton, 12-17-1916
Elenore Dalton,01-17-1936
Elizabeth Dalton, 11-06-1879, 52 YR
Elizabeth Dalton, 06-26-1928
Elizabeth Dalton, 08-18-1937
Elizabeth A. Dalton,  11-12-1946
Elizabeth L. Dalton,  07-30-1893, 24 YR
Elizabeth Dalton,  04-03-1901, 33 YR
Ella Dalton,  12-06-1886, 30 YR
Ella Dalton,  05-21-1936
Ella Dalton,  01-24-1944
Ellen Dalton,  05-04-1912, 02 DA
Ellen Dalton,  08-07-1920
Ellen Dalton,  02-12-1925
Ellen Dalton, 11-26-1927
Ellen Dalton,  10-31-1884, 54 YR
Ellenor Dalton,  10-08-1917
Elsie Dalton,  04-24-1892, 03 MO
Emery Dalton,  08-07-1945
Emily Dalton,  09-19-1917
Emily Z. Dalton,  02-14-1902, 3 YR
Emma Jane Dalton,  02-22-1925
Ernest Dalton,  08-05-1935
Ernest Dalton,  09-11-1941, 63 YR
Etna Dalton, 07-29-1893, 10 MO
Eugene V. Dalton, 04-01-1891, 46 YR
F.P. Dalton,07-27-1899, 40 YR
Ferdinand O. Dalton,03-09-1900, 24 YR
Fitz R. Dalton, 12-25-1891, 02 YR
Frank Dalton, 06-26-1901, 01 DA
Frank Dalton, 10-12-1919
Frank Dalton, 07-03-1925
Frank Raymond Dalton ,12-05-1918
Frederick E. Dalton, 03-26-1928
Frederick James Dalton, 08-14-1939
Genevive Ida Dalton, 10-13-1918
Gentry Dalton, 01-13-1929
George Dalton, 10-30-1900, 02 YR
George Dalton, 05-03-1887, 10 MO
George Butler Dalton, 07-19-1935
Geraldine H. Dalton,04-24-1924, 36 YR
Gertrude Dalton,04-05-1932
Goerge A. Dalton ,05-15-1916
Golda M. Dalton, 12-28-1885, 03 MO
Hamp Dalton,01-09-1930
Hannah Dalton ,01-25-1913, 60 YR
Harriet T. Dalton ,10-26-1912, 85 YR
Harry Dalton,03-24-1914, 01
Harry Dalton,06-12-1928
Harry Dalton,08-11-1929
Harry Dalton,08-25-1947
Harry J. Dalton ,10-02-1927
Ira E. Dalton, 04-18-1908, 45 YR
Jack Dalton, 05-31-1889, 04 MO
James Dalton,10-25-1906, 36 YR
James Dalton,10-19-1913, 53 YR
James Dalton,11-18-1908, 58 YR
James Dalton, 12-09-1901, 09 YR
James Dalton, 08-06-1880, 41 YR
James C. Dalton,06-13-1910, 54 YR
James E. Dalton, 04-21-1902, 68 YR
James F. Dalton, 09-07-1894, 10 MO
James J. Dalton, 11-25-1915, 02 YR
James P. Dalton, 02-15-1909, 80 YR
James T. Dalton, 04-03-1896, 04 MO
James T. Dalton, 11-14-1886, 03 YR
James W. Dalton, 09-06-1914, 47 YR
Jennie M. Dalton, 07-13-1893, 02 MO
Jno Dalton, 06-01-1881, 64 YR
Johanna Dalton, 03-01-1888, 60 YR
Johanna Dalton, 08-18-1907, 60 YR
Johanna Dalton,12-09-1902, 80 YR
John Dalton, 01-11-1887, 56 YR
John Dalton, 07-18-1904, 52 YR
John Dalton,  09-23-1903, 36 YR
John Dalton,  03-21-1891, 44 YR
John Dalton,  11-24-1907, 48 YR
John Dalton,  12-01-1905, 30 YR
John Dalton,  12-23-1907, 34 YR
John Dalton,  02-23-1914, 60 YR
John Dalton,  12-11-1909, 65 YR
John Dalton,  11-24-1914, 60 YR
John Dalton,  12-01-1908, 53 YR
John Dalton,  05-09-1902, 63 YR
John Dalton,  04-07-1913, ?8 YR
John Dalton,  06-05-1912, 30 YR
John Dalton,  03-23-1883, 18 YR
John Dalton,  12-20-1883, 26 YR
John C. Dalton , 03-14-1883, 41 YR
John E. Dalton,  03-19-1908, 04 MO
John H. Dalton,  12-26-1902, 02 YR
John J. Dalton,  06-04-1913, 09 MO
Joseph Dalton,  03-06-1881, 32 YR
Joseph Dalton,  07-17-1893, 05 MO
Joseph Dalton,  11-18-1910, 55 YR
Joseph Dalton,  09-14-1914, 19 YR
Joseph Dalton,  04-11-1900, 35 YR
Joseph Dalton,  01-31-1886, 46 YR
Joseph M. Dalton, 04-03-1886, 50 YR
Josie Dalton,  06-02-1888, 11 MO
Julia Dalton,  08-08-1895, 03 MO
Kate Dalton,  03-10-1901, 29 YR
Kath Dalton,  12-18-1914, 40 YR
Katherine Dalton, 05-27-1881, 58 YR
Katherine Dalton, 12-01-1886, 11 MO
Katherine Dalton, 01-14-1904, 66 YR
Katherine Dalton, 05-08-1898, 63 YR
Katie Dalton,  07-02-1901, 06 MO
Katie Dalton,  03-29-1895, 07 MO
Katie Dalton,  04-09-1895, 21 YR
Katie M. Dalton,  03-18-1901, 31 YR
Katie Dalton,  02-21-1881, 20 YR
Kittie Dalton, 07-18-1890, 08 MO
Kittie A. Dalton,  10-24-1880, 05 YR
Laca Dalton, 12-03-1895, 25 YR
Lauretta Dalton,  05-17-1884, 01 YR
Lillian Dalton,  03-26-1914, 01 YR
Lizzie Dalton,  12-19-1893, 26 YR
Lizzie Dalton,  03-20-1895, 02 YR
Lucy Dalton, 03-18-1888, 04 YR
Richard Dalton, 04-01-1900, 32 YR
Robert Dalton, 05-05-1902, 03 YR
Sarah Dalton, 03-18-1888, 35 YR
Susan Dalton, 08-24-1907, 41 YR
Thomas Dalton, 03-18-1888, 36 YR
Thomas Dalton,01-11-1898, 39 YR
Thomas Dalton, 09-15-1895, 10 MO
Thomas Dalton, 03-19-1886, 01 YR
Thomas J. Dalton, 02-07-1910, 42 YR
Thomas L. Dalton, 04-13-1892, 01 YR
Thomas M. Dalton, 12-06-1947
Thomas P. Dalton, 03-09-1902, 23 YR
Timothy Dalton, 04-28-1911, 38 YR
Timothy Dalton,  08-09-1886, 03 YR
Vincent F. Dalton,  09-23-1938
Walter Dalton,  12-02-1926
Walter Dalton,  03-26-1938
Walter C. Dalton, 10-10-1890, 43 YR
Willard Dalton,  10-13-1946
William Dalton,  09-14-1917
William Dalton, 01-09-1928
William Dalton, 09-02-1941,81 YR
William Dalton,  02-09-1904, 60 YR
William Dalton,  04-18-1904, 47 YR
William Dalton,  03-07-1908, 50 YR
William Dalton,  02-06-1913, 05 DA
William Dalton,  11-30-1895, 21 DA
William Dalton,  04-15-1887, 03 MO
William Dalton,  12-25-1912, 70 YR
William Dalton,  10-02-1885, 56 YR
William E. Dalton,  05–28-1898, 14 YR
William E. Dalton,  08-12-1883, 10 MO
William E. Dalton,  10-02-1942, 87 YR
William J. Dalton,  06-27-1944
William Joseph Dalton,  02-22-1932
William M. Dalton,  08-04-1904, 33 YR
William R. Dalton,  02-19-1909, 02 MO
William R. Dalton,  02-01-1912, 60 YR
Willie Dalton,  08-01-1894, 01 MO
Winnie Dalton,  04-04-1909, 41 YR
Wm Dalton, 11-08-1879, 03 YR
Wm Dalton, 10-30-1882, 09 MO
Wm Dalton, 01-09-1883, 07 DA








Edward Dalton



Emily Dalten Dalton



Frank J. Dalton



Frederick James 



George Dalton



George Dalton



Haroldean A. Dalton



Harry Dalton



William J. Dalton



William N. Dalton



Woodrow Dalton


Granite City/Madison










Ellen Dalton



Gertrude Dalton



Virdie Lee Dalton



Willie Dalton












Frank Dalton 



Hamp Dalton



Wesley Dalton 



Will Dalton 



William Dalton



Homicide in Chicago from Chicago Police Department Record Index
Michael T. Dalton, 11/22/1926. Vol. 4 page 46B


Listed by name, date of death and age if known.

Frank Dalton,  03-17-1927

Fred R. Dalton,  10-05-1942, 79 YR

Harry Dalton, 10-25-1944
Harvey LeRoy Dalton,  09-16-1940
William Simon Dalton, Jr., 07-26-1935, 71 YR

William F. Dalton,  07-02-1944

George Dalton,  03-17-1939
V. Virgin Dalton,  06-13-1947
Will Dalton,  01-04-1929

Harry Dalton,  06-29-1939

Harold Ivan Dalton,  08-28-1933
William Norman Dalton,  10-03-1934


Eva L. Dalton,  11-12-1943
Frank J. Dalton,  02-09-1938
Geo Dalton, 11-23-1898, 48 YR
George Dalton,  05-05-1937
George Andrew Dalton,  12-01-1921
George R. Dalton,  06-30-1944
John E. Dalton,  01-07-1916, 40 YR
Josoph Dalton, 03-13-1897, 37 YR
Richard Dalton,  09-09-1886, 46 YR
Rosanna Dalton, 03-17-1891, 55 YR
Virginia M. Dalton,  06-24-1941, 01 DA
William Dalton,  06-04-1915, 71 YR
William Dalton,  08-29-1906, 46 YR
William J. Dalton,  12-23-1937
Wm Dalton, 04-19-1916

Forrest Churchil Dalton, 03-10-1929

Thomas M. Dalton,  11-19-1943

George M. Dalton, 07-16-1923
George Washington Dalton,  12-08-1918

Francis M. Dalton,  12-11-1947

Ella M. Dalton, 08-10-1947

Elizabeth Dalton,  05-11-1930
Emily Dalten Dalton, 10-15-1939

Emery J. Dalton,  11-02-1927
Emma Z. Dalton,  03-21-1947
Fred E. Dalton,  03-26-1947
Fred H. Dalton,  07-15-1947
H.H. Dalton,  05-23-1931
Haroldean A. Dalton , 07-21-1938

Florrie Ola Dalton,  05-15-1925
Gene Dalton,  10-17-1943

Elmer Dalton , 03-29-1935, 21 YR

William Bluford Dalton, 03-07-1924

Elizabeth Dalton,  07-17-1920
George Dalton,  06-29-1945
Harvey Dalton,  03-03-1922
Waldo Dalton,  09-22-1941, 10 MO
Woodrow Dalton,  08-29-1937

William Dalton,  11-09-1942, 68 YR

Ellen Dalton,  03-22-1919
Ellen Dalton,  08-25-1928
Frank Dalton,  05-29-1941, 63 YR
Thomas Robert Dalton,  06-26-1919
Wesley Dalton,  07-28-1935, 67 YR
William Dalton,  02-08-1920
William N. Dalton , 08-15-1937

George Richard Dalton,  01-29-1927
George Seborn Dalton, 02-17-1925

Emma Dalton , 12-08-1925
Green Dalton , 07-09-1919
William H. Dalton,  03-08-1935, 81 YR

Thomas Wayne Dalton,  07-08-1925
Walter Scott Dalton,  12-01-1934

Elizabeth Dalton,  07-02-1923
Francis F. Dalton,  06-03-1929
Viola Dalton,  06-24-1947
Wm Dalton, 07-09-1926
Inf of P/Marga Dalton, 01-24-1940

Erthel F. Dalton,  02-26-1943

Virdie Lee Dalton,  02-11-1918
Wayne Frederick Dalton,  02-23-1925
Willie Dalton,  2-19-1920

George Dalton, 01-06-1933
Thomas P. Dalton, 05-18-1918

Effie Lucille Dalton ,02-24-1927
Elsie M. Dalton, 09-06-1945
Fanny Dalton, 09-12-1932
Willis Dalton,11-22-1926

Ester Dalton,  12-22-1917
William Dalton,  11-08-1919
William R. Dalton,  09-17-1947

Frances Dalton,  08-11-1941, 76 YR

Zadie Dalton, 06-23-1931

Williemae Dalton, 02-18-1929

George Dalton,  12-28-1925
William Norris Dalton,  12-09-1927

Eliza J. Dalton,  04-18-1917

Emma Dalton,  03-13-1930


Because the SSDI for Illinois is so large,  Daltons were extracted by birth date beginning in 1874 ending in 1900.  The list contains those Daltons whose SSDI# was issued in Illinois.It  does not indicate from the Index that they were born in Illinois  and further detail is required by the user.   The extracts are divided into three categores: Daltons who died in Illinois; Daltons who died out of state; and Daltons whose last residence was not indicated on the Index.

Daltons whose SS# was issued in  IL and whose last residence was IL.
Jennie Dalton, b. 16 Mar 1874, d. Jul 1969, North Aurora, Kane Co.
Lovel Dalton, b. 27 Jul 1876, d. Apr 1966, Monticello, Platt Co.
Rose Dalton b. 29 Sep 1986, d. Jun 1976, Williamsfield, Knox, IL
Isabella Dalton, b. 26 Oct 1878, d. Jun 1964, last res., IL
Lebert Dalton, b. 12 Feb  1880, d. Jun 1964, last res. IL
Clifford Dalton, b. 9 Nov 1891, d. Oct 1964, last res. IL
Harry Dalton, b. 11 Jan 1891, d. Apr 1971, Farmington, Fulton Co.
James Dalton, b.31 May 1891, d. Jun 1981, last res. Kankakee, Kankakee Co., last benefit Chicago,  Cook Co.
John Dalton b. 15 Oct 1891, d. Jan 1978, Collinsville, Madison Co.
Lula Dalton, b. 11 Jul 1891, d. May 1896, Malden, Bureau Co.
Raymond Dalton, b. 24 Jul 1891, d. May 1975, La Grange, Cook Co.
Elizabeth Dalton, b. 5 Dec 1892, d. Sep 1977, last res. Springfield, Sangamon Co., las benefit Hillsboro, Montgomery Co.
Flora Dalton, b. 25 Jun 1892, d. Aug 1966, Champaign, Champaign Co.
Harry Dalton, 31 Jan 1892, d. Jun 1968, Joliet, Will Co.
James Dalton, b. 27 Feb 1892, d. May 1968, Cicero, Cook Co.
Lora Dalton, b. 4 Dec 1892, d. Aug 1874, Farmington, Fulton, Co.
Roscoe Dalton, b. 28 Jan 1892, d. Mar 1979, Farmington, Fulton, Co.
Roy Dalton, b. 22 Jul 1892, d. Dec 1981, Elmwood, Peoria Co.
Russell Dalton, b. 30 Apr 1892, d. Dec 1970, Crustal Lake, Mchenry Co.
Ellen Dalton, b. 28 Jan 1893, d. 10 Mar 1992, Streator, La Salle Co.
Estelle Dalton, b. 16 Sep 1893, d. May 1977, Belleville, Saint Clair Co.
James Dalton, b. 27 Mar 1893, d. Aug 1973, Chicago, Cook Co.
Mary Dalton, b. 4 Feb 1893, d. May 1971, Chicago Cook Co.
Helen Dalton, b. 19 Aug 1894, d. Mar 1974, Godfrey, Madison Co.
John Dalton, b. 25 Aug 1894, d. Jun 1973, Olive Branch, Alexander Co.
Kathleen Dalton, b. 3 Nov 1894, d. Feb 1975, Joliet, Will Co.
Laura Dalton, b. 2 Jan 1894, d. 31 Aug 1996, Oak Park, Cook Co.
Lillian Dalton, b. 28 Feb 1894, d. Oct 1980, Collinsville, Madison Co.
Lula Dalton, b. 8 Oct 1894, d. Jun 1984, Casyeville, Saint Clair Co.
Margaret Dalton, b. 28 Oct 1894, d. Apr 1974, Chicago, Cook Co.
Nellie Dalton, b. 26 Feb 1894, d. May 1971, Glenview, Cook Co.
William Dalton, b. 16 Jan 1884, d. Feb 1975, Metropolis, Massac Co.
Edith Dalton, b. 14 Aug 1895, d. Nov 1979, last benfit Northbrook, Cook Co.
Gilbert Dallton b. 22 Jan 1895, d. Jun 1977, Caseyville, Saint Clair Co.
Emmett Dalton, b. 22 Feb 1896, d. Jun 1966, Midlothian, Cook Co.
Grace Dalton, b. 30 Jun 1896, d. Aug 1972, Ashland, Cass Co.
Hiram Dalton, b. 7 Apr 1896, d. Sep 1967, Prnceton, Bureau Co.
Ida Dalton, b. 11 Han 1896, d. Jul 1984, Quincy, Adams Co.
Peoloa Dalton, b. 10 Dec 1896, d. Feb 1968, Chicago, Cook Co.
Stephen Dalton, b. 24 Dec 1896, d. Jun 1980, Mount Prospect, Cooik Co.
Violet Dalton, b. 7 Sep 1896, d. 4 Sep 1992, Schaumburg, Cook Co.
Angeline Dalton, b. 9 Jan 1897, d. Sep 1992, Homewood, Cook Co.
Byron Dalton, b. 27 Oct 1897, d. Nov 1969, Chicago, Cook Co.
Chris Dalton, b. 25 Dec 1897, d. Jun 1964, Illinois
Edith Dalton, b. 3 Dec 1897, d. Oct 1984, Monmoth, Warren Co.
Edward Dalton, b. 28 Feb 1897, d. Jun 1987, Chicago, Cook Co.
Ethel Dalton, b. 8 Jul 1897, d. 11 Mar 1995, Northbrook, Cook Co.
Joe Dalton, b. 27 Dec 18997, d. Apr 1986, Goreville, Johnson Co
Margaret Dalton, b. 4 May 1897, d. Jun 1982, Chicago, Cook Co.
Marie Dalton, b. 6 Aug 1897, d. Nov 1980, Homewood, Cook Co.
Matilda Dalton, b. 11 Apr 1897, d. Nov 1891, Farmington, Fulton Co.
Vivian Dalton, b. 4 Jul 1897, d. Sep 1968, Forest Park, Cook Co.
William Dalton, b. 5 May 1897, d. 8 Jan 1998, La Grange, Cook Co.
Hobart Dalton, b. 18 Dec 1898, d. Jun 1971, Golconda, Pope Co.
Laura Dalton, b. 23 Dec 1898, d. 3 Mar 1999, Canton, Fulton Co.
Marion Dalton, b. 6 Dec 1898, d. Nov 1976, Wilmette, Cook Co.
Velva Dalton, b. ( apr 1898, d. 2 Jun 1993, Decatur, Macon Co.
Addie Dalton, b. 28 Nov 1899, d. 15 Jun 1967, Rosiclare, Hardin Co.
Alta Dalton, b. 8 Dec 1899, d. Apr 1976, Blookington, Mclean Co.
Bertha Dalton, b. 26 Mar 1899, d. Jun 1979, Quincy, Adams Co.
Cleveland Dalton, b. 16 Nov 1899, d. Oct 1969,Chicago, Cook Co.
Elizabeth Dalton, b. 6 Jul 1899, d. 3 Aug 1992, West Chicago, Du Page Co.
Frances Dalton, b. 9 Mar 1899, d. Nov 1975, Danville, Vermilion Co.
Fred Dalton, b. 4 Nov 1899, d. Dec 1899, Aurora, Kane Co.
Gertrude Dalton, b. 2 Aug 1899, d. Aug 1974, Chicago, Cook Co.
Guy Dalton, b. 13 Dec 1899, d. Feb 1987, Chicago, Cook Co.
Hilda Dalton, b. 17 Ayg 1899, d. Mar 1978, Carrier Mills, Saline Co.
James Dalton, b. 14 Dec 1899, d. Sep 1981, Decatur, Macon Co.
Jerry Dalton, b. 27 Nov 1899, d. Nov 1970, Chicago, Cook Co.
John Dalton, b. 17 Sep 1899, d. Jan 1983, Oak Lawn, Cook Co.
Josephine Dalton, b. 3 Apr 1899, d. Oct 1974, Chicago, Cook Co.
Justine Dalton, b. 19 Sep 1899, d. 1 Nov 1993, Chicago, Cook Co.
Kenneth Dalton, b. 18 Sep 1899, d. Jan 1974, Buda, Bureau Co.
Margaret Dalton, b. 10 Jun 1899, d. 17 Dec 1987, Chicago, Cook Co.
Nettie Dalton, b. 19 Jul 1899, d. Jun 1978, Wheaton Du Page Co.
Rosa Dalton, b. 21 Feb 1899, d. Aug 1975, Gilson, Knox Co.
William Dalton, b. 25 Jun 1899, d. Nov 1977, last res. Chicado, Cook Co., last benefit Oak Lawn, Cook Co.
William Dalton, b. 1 Apr 1899, d. Dec 1975, Park Ridge, Cook Co.
Charles Dalton, b. 28 Jan 1900, d. Oct 1974, Momence, Kankakee Co.
Edith Dalton, b. 7 Feb 1900, d. 7 Sep 1989, Pekin, Tazewell Co.
Florence Dalton, b. 25 Jul 1900, d. Jan 1972, Chicago, Cook Co.
Ira Dalton, b. 25 Jun 1900, d. Aug 1986, Chicago, Cook Co.
John Dalton, b. 6 Jan 1900, d. Jul 1977, Rosiclare, Hardin Co
Mae Dalton, b. 23 Aug 1900, d. Oct 1982, Western Springs, Cook Co.
Raymond Dalton, b. 7 Mar 1900, d. Jul 1971, Forest Park, Cook Co.
Rosanna Dalton, b. 14 May 1900, d. Feb 1985, Elmwood, Peoria Co.

Daltons whose SS# was issued in IL and whose last residence was out of state.
Corinne Dalton, b. 4 Mar 1891, d. 19 Oct 1987, Daint Petersburg, Pinellas, Co., FL
Guy Dalton, b. 22 Apr 1891, d. Dec 1977, Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH
Henry Dalton, b. 2 Sep 1891, d. Jul 1970, Dugger, Sullivan Co., IN
Mary Dalton, b. 1 Feb 1891, d. Feb 1975, Miami, Miami-Dage Co., Fl.
Vallie Dalton, b. 1 Jan 1891, d. Jan 1982, Hillsboro, Henry Co., IA
Arthur Dalton, b. 12 Apr 1892, d. Oct 1969, Joplin, Jasper Co., MO
Charles Dalton, b. 23 Jul 1892, d. Mar 1974, Middletonw, Butler, OH
George Dalton, b.31 May 1892, d. Jun 1979, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO
Herland Dalton, 26 Mar 1892, d. Sep 1967, Forsyth, Taney Co., MO
Emily Dalton, b. 20 Mar 1893, d. Jul 1983, Kaukauna, Outagamie, WI
Eulah Dalton, b. 23 Dec 1893, d. Aug 1967, Whitfield, Rankin, MS
Frank Dalton, b. 30 May 1893, d. Nov 1976, Alameda, Alameda Co., CA
Elma Dalton, b. 1 Sep 1894, d. Apr 1983, Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
Jesse Dalton, b. 25 Jun 1894, d. Aug 1974, Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO
Laura Dalton, b. 25 Jan 1894, d. Sep 1979, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO
Walter Dalton, 15 Jan 1894, d. Apr 1981, Edmond, Oklahoma Co.,, OK
Dudley Dalton, b. 16 Sep 1895, d. Apr 1969, Kaukauna, Outagamie Co., WI
Eunice Dalton, b. 8 May 1895, d. Mar 1981, last res. Pleasant Hill Contra Costa O., CA, last benfit Concord, Contra Costa Co., CA
James Dalton, b. 5 Oct 1895, d. Mar 1970, Saint Petersburg, Pinellas Co., FL
John Dalton, b. 24 Jun 1895, d. Apr 1980, Wantagh, Nassau Co., NY
Chester Dalton, b. 1 May 1896, d. Apr 1986, Lynwood, Los Angeles Co., CA
Margaret Dalton, b. 30 Jan 1896, d. 8 Aug 1990, West End, Moore Co., NC
Eunice Dalton, b. 17 Jul 1897, d. 14 Jan 1990, El Segundo, Los Angeles Co., CA
Ezra Dalton, b. 1 Feb 1897, d. 6 Mar 1989, Seffner. Hillsborough, FL
Ruth Dalton, b. 22 Dec. 1897, d. Oct 1973, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co. WI
William Dalton, b. 23 Aug 1897, d. Apr 1973, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH
Georgia Dalton, b. 7 Mar 1898, d. Nov 1975, Sturgis, Union Co., KY
Glen Dalton, b. 26 Jan 1898, d. May 1982, Columbus, Franklin Co., OH
Alma Dalton, b. 18 Jun 1899, d. Jan 1984, last Res. zip code, 92381
Elof Dalton, b. 21 Jan 1899, d. Mar 1967, last res. zip code, 92641
John Dalton, b. 23 Jul 1899, d. Dec 1972, Milwaukee, Wilwaukee Co., WI
Julius Dalton, b. 12 Feb 1899, Dec 1978, Fredericktown, Madison Co., MO
Leonora Dalton, b. 4 Jul 1899, d. Aug 1891, Richmond, Richmond City, VA
Orville Dalton, b. 10 Jan 1899, d. Jun 1978, Hamilton, Butler Co., OH
Angie Dalton, b. 24 Dec 1900, d. Aug 1974, Downey Clos Angeles Co., CA
Erilla Dalton, b. 18 Jul 1900, d. Jul 1981, Cincinatti, Hamilton Co., OH
Mildred Dalton, b. 25 Jan 1900, d. Aug 1966, last res. zip code 92641

Daltons whose SS# was issued in IL and whose last residence was not listed.
Stewart Dalton, b. 3 Oct 1878, d. Oct 1970
Benjamin Dalton, b. 26 Sep 1891, d. Apr 1945
Sadie Dalton, b. 26 Oct 1891, d. Apr 1964
John Dalton, b. 14 Aug 1893, d. Mar 1967
Arline Dalton, b. 24 Jan 1895, d. Aug 1991
William Dalton, b. 16 Jan 1895, d. Feb 1961
Sylvester Dalton, b. 10 Apr 1896, d. Mary 1956
Esther Dalton, b. 18 Oct 1897, d. Dec 1990
Percy Dalton, b. 28 Oct 1898, d. May 1958
Orville Dalton, b. 2 Aug 1899, d. Apr 1957

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