The Dalton Chronicles


"Rodney's Readers"

This Section of the Data Bank contains anecdotes, short stories and whimsical tales of Daltons throughout history.

The Dalton Chronicles consists of articles contributed by the late DGS Member Rodney Garth Dalton of Utah who passed away on August 28th, 2012. His contributions to researching the Dalton surname and his family lines will always be enshrined in the Dalton Chronicles.

As with all data, it is the onus of the user to verify it.

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CHAPTER ONE – Our Dalton family in Lancashire England

CHAPTER TWO – Our Dalton family in Ireland

CHAPTER THREE – Our Dalton Family in Oxfordshire England

CHAPTER FOUR – Our Dalton Family in South Wales

CHAPTER FIVE – Thomas Dalton Comes To America From Wales


CHAPTER SIX - John Dalton Sr. born in America

CHAPTER SEVEN - The History of John Dalton’s Sons

CHAPTER EIGHT - The History of the Dalton Family in Utah


CHAPTER NINE - The Dalton family settles in Circleville Utah.

CHAPTER TEN - Garth C. Dalton moves to Ogden Utah


CHAPTER ELEVEN - Some of our Dalton Wives

CHAPTER TWELVE - Dalton In-laws & Related Families

CHAPTER THIRTEEN - Our Dalton Family in Nauvoo

CHAPTER FOURTEEN - Early Ancestors of Some of Our Dalton Wives

CHAPTER FIFTEEN - How Our Dalton Family Connects to the Royal Houses


CHAPER SIXTEEN - Vikings and Dalton Connection

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - The History of John Doyle Lee

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN - Anne Radcliff's Ancestors

CHAPTER NINETEEN - Roger Dalton's Connections to King Henry II

CHAPTER TWENTY - History of the Medieval Wives' Families


The Dalton Gang

Emmett Dalton
Emmett Dalton's Life Story


Magna Carta
English Timeline of History
and the Dalton family births within


Edward Meeks Dalton
Edward Meeks Dalton—Polygamist


Medieval England
Medieval England and the Dalton Family


Major General Sir Charles Dalton
Major General Sir Charles Dalton in India


James Langley Dalton
James Langley Dalton & His Victoria Cross


The Mormon Battalion
The Mormon Battalion


Daltons in the News - 1198 to 2002


The First Daltons in America


Medieval Times
Living in Medieval Times


Dalton Cities Worldwide


Revolutionary War soldiers
Captain Valentine Thomas Dalton


Sailing Map
Yorkshire Daltons Come to America


Dalton Australian Bushrangers


Tuite-Dalton Family


Jack Dalton
The Story of Jack Dalton


The Dalton Brothers of NSW, Australia


Davis Dalton - How to Swim
Captain Davis Dalton


Rt Hon Lorf Hugh Dalton
Right Honourable Lord Hugh Dalton PC


Captain Daniel Webster “Kit” Dalton - Outlaw & Lawman


John Neale Dalton
Rev. Canon John Neale Dalton - Canon of Windsor,
Chaplain to Queen Victoria and Tutor to King George V


Thurnham Hall, Lancashire, England
At which the Daltons lived for almost 400 years


Henry Simon Dalton
Henry Simon Dalton


Major General Emmett Dalton
Major General Emmett Dalton


Henry Dalton
Henry Dalton - A California Pioneer


Captain John Dalton
Captain John Dalton of Australia


Captain James Dalton's House
Captain James Dalton of Boston


Dalton Adding Machine
James L Dalton & The Dalton Adding Machine Company


Dalton Foundaries
The Dalton Foundries of Warsaw, Indiana


James Dalton
James Dalton - Notorious London Criminal


Royal Doulton History
Royal Doulton History


Frank Dalton
Frank Dalton - "The Good Brother of the Gang"


Ben Dalton
An Interview of Ben Dalton


Thurnam Hall
Mary Emma Cook of Thurnham Hall


R Dalton Drawing
Richard Dalton -
Royal Surveyor to King George III


Henry Clay Daulton


Dalton's Gold mine
George Franklin Dalton - Gold Miner


Cockersand Abbey & the Dalton Connection


John Dalton
John Dalton - From England to America


Medieval Dalton Soldiers


Henry (Harry) Dalton
Henry (Harry) Dalton - Another Utah Pioneer


Edward Dalton
Biography of Edward Dalton


Sarah Lucinda Lee Dalton
Sarah Lucinda Lee Dalton


Matthew W Dalton
Matthew William Dalton


Dalton Lands in Lancashire
Dalton Lands in Lancashire


Cwrt Pembry
Cwrt Pembre & the Dalton Connection



The Story of a Man called Daltone
“A semi-fictional tale about my Dalton family,
with history and some true facts told; or what may have been”


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