Daltons were latecomers to Colorado and the first few were enumerated in the 1860 Census when Denver was part of Kansas. Our Daltons sought their fortunes as miners and prospectors in an area that was rich in silver, gold, lead and other minerals. The Land Patents at the end of this file are a good indication of their pursuits.

This is a short file of about 280 surnames but with some interesting input for tracking Daltons who migrated from as far away as Maine and Nova Scotia. Use the section links, "Find on this page..." below or use the Edit/Find function of your browser to scan. It is the onus of the user to verify the information.












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County Map of Colorado:


Boulder County of Record
Elsie Ellen Dalton, b. 11 Jan 1902, dau of Milton L. Dalton and Annie May Coughlin, Sugar Loaf

Conejos County of Record
Don McCarroll Dalton, b. 12 May 1895, son of John Cranmer Dalton and Hannah Daphne Smith, Manassa

Bartlett W. Dalton, b. 3 Sep 1886, som of John C. Dalton and Hannah D. Smith, Manassa

Daphne Dalton, b. 5 Apr 1889, dau of John C. Dalton and Hannah D. Smith, Manassa

Francis Marion Dalton, b.26 Nov 1891, son of Edward Dalton and Lezina Warren, Manassa

John Cranmer Dalton, b. 1 Sep 1912, son of Bartlett W. Dalton and Mary E. Crowther, Manassa

Mark A. Dalton, b. 26 Apr 1897, son of John C. Dalton and Hannah D. Smith, Manassa

El Paso County of Record
Edna Bessie Dalton, b. 15 Jul 1893, dau of Robert Dalton and Minnie Oble, Colorado Springs<

La Plata County of Record
Delores Dalton, b. 4 Dec 1907, dau of Theodore Dalton and Harriett< Cousins,  Durango

Glen Orson Dalton, b. 17 Nov 1899, son of Orson W. Dalton and Mary Louisa White, Durango

Carl Dalton, b. Apr 1902, son of Orson W. Dalton and Mary Louisa White, Durango

Theodore Dalton, b. 14 Jun 1905, son of Orson W. Dalton and Mary Louisa White, Durango

Zelma Louise Dalton, b. 26 Mar 1903, dau of Orson W. Dalton and Mary Louisa White, Durango

Delmas Ambrose Dalton, b. 12 Feb 1907, son of Orson W. Dalton and Mary Louisa White, Durango

Ouray County of Record
Mary Daly Dalton, c. 18 Feb 1894, dau of Michael Dalton and Mary Fahan McFadden, Ouray

Ouray County of Record

Mary Daly Dalton, b. 18 Feb 1894, dau of Michael Dalton and Mary Fagan McFadden, Ouray


Archuleta County of Record
Clarissa R. Dalton and Willis S. Willbanks, m. 19 Dec 1910, Pagosa Springs

Conejos County of Record
Anna Marie Dalton and George Nicholas Fettes, m. 28 Sep 1900, Mogate

Moffat County of Record
William Carlyle Dalton and and Christine Gabry, 1m.1 May 1933, Craig

Montrose   County of Record
Michael Dalton and Mary McFaddin, m. 7 Mar 1891, Montrose


1860 Index

B. Dalton , Arapahoe County , DENVER

B. F. Dalton, Arapahoe County, DENVER

O. E. Dalton, Arapahoe County, DENVER (part of Kansas at time)

1880 Index

Cowena Dalton,, Arapahoe County, Denver, E Range 66 (Cowena Dalton was not reported in the 1880 Census below)


In the entire 1880 Census of the U. S. there were only five entries of Daltons who were actually born in Colorado.   All of the remaining Daltons were from states as far away as Maine, and also from Nova Scotia.. The majority were miners, most of them single and living in mining camps or boarding houses..   At that time in history there were only six family units among the 41 Daltons who were counted.  At the boarding houses there were often the men who shared the Dalton patent claims for mines or mineral rights and they are listed in the Land Patents section below.

Colorado Born Daltons Enumerated  Out of State

Of the five Colorado born Daltons in the 1880 Census, three were enumerated in Colorado and the other two were in the Dakota Territory and Nebraska.

 1. Alvin Dalton, a miner age 31 was born in WI and his parents were born in Canada. His wife, Belle Dalton, age 23 was born in MN and her father was born in England and mother b. Scotland.

Alvin was in Colorado, perhaps as a miner about 1875 when his son Frank Dalton (age 5 in the 1880 Census) was born.   In 1880 the family was living in Terraville, Lawrence, Dakota Territory.

2. John Dalton was a farmer, age 47 and born in Ireland as were his parents, his wife Lizzie, age 38 and her parents.   Their first child, Rose age 18 was born in NE and the second child Delia age 16 was born in Colorado.  The following seven children were born in Nebraska;   John, age 14, Edw. D. age 12, James age 10, Garrit age 8, Thos. age 6, Mary age 3, and Lizzie 3 months.  The family was enumerated in Russell, Otoe County, Nebraska.

Colorado Census of 1880

Arapahoe County
B. Dalton, laborer, single, age 23, b. TN; parents born TN. DENVER/p>

Thomas Dalton, laborer, single, age 29, B. Ireland, parents born Ire.  DENVER/p>

J. C. Dalton, works on farm, age 42 born VA and Parents born VA.  The entire family of seven more members were all born in VA. Wife, Levena age 32; Gabriella age 18; Johnson age 14, herding sheep; Merici age 11; Martin age 9; Susan age 7; Milton age 5; Judeantnez age 4; Isaac

age 1. Ennumerated in Range #66.

Chaffee County
M. Dalton, prospector age 29 born in England and parents born in England. L. Dalton, wife age 24 b. VA and parents born VA.   Children J. Dalton, dau age 4 b. CO; C. Dalton dau, age 3, b. CO; F. Dalton, son age 2 b. CO.  Maysville

Clear Creek County
Robert Dalton, miner, single, age 32, b. Nova Scotia, parents born Nova Scotia. Georgetown

Robert Dalton, miner, single, age 27, b. Nova Scotia, parents born Nova Scotia.  Georgetown

Conejos County
Mr. Dalton, R. R. contractor age 33 b. MO; father b. KY, mother b. PA.  Mrs. Dalton age 27, b. KS, father b. MO and mother b. IL.  Conejos.

Custer County
Gabriel H. Dalton, miner, single, age 29, born ME; parents born ME.  Silver Cliff

R. Dalton, freighter, single, black, age 28, b. TX.   Silver Cliff

Murville Dalton, miner, single, age 20, b. IA; parents born OH.  Silver Cliff

Fremont County
Jasper Dalton, laborer, age 24 b. OH, father b. Ohio.   Norah Dalton, wife, age 17 b. IA, father born OH, mother b. IN.   Canyon City

Gunnison County
Patrick Dalton, lode miner, single, age 30, b. Ireland; parents b. Ireland.  Precinct 9.

Lake County
John W. Dalton, miner, single, age 21, b. Ireland, parents born Ire.  Breece Hill

Frank Dalton, laborer, age 22, b. MN, parents b. Ireland.   Rebecca Dalton, wife, age 18, b. MO; father b. OH. mother b. IL    88th Enumeration District

Pueblo County
E. M. Dalton, farmer, age 43, b. PA; father b. MD, mother b. NH.  Eliza H. Dalton, age 35, b. PA; parents born VA.  There were 6 children. John M. age 14, Eliza E. age 9 and Mary J. age 7 were born in MO.   The last three children, Wmilliam   P. age 5, Lilly age 2 and Frank 1 month were born in KS. Enumerated Pueblo.

Henry Dalton, freighter, single, age 40, b. TN and father b. TN.  Pueblo

Summit County
Tennis Dalton, miner, single, age 24, b. PA; parents b. Ireland.  Jack Mountain


Source: Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records

John A. Dalton, 1/9/1875, 160 acres, N. A.

Ellen Dalton, no date, 7/South, 67/ West, Homestead Act, Denver L. O.

James S. Dalton, 12/15/1875, 160 acres, 5/North, 73 West. Denver L. O.

Andy Dalton. 10/31/1888, 160 acres, N. A.

John D. Dalton, 10/31/1888, 160 acres, N. A.

Jehu Dalton, 10/10/1890, 170 acres, N. A.

William Dalton, 11/22/1890, 160 acres, N. A.

Patrick Dalton, 11/9/1891, 80 acres, N. A.

Thomas F. Dalton, 1/20/1892, 157 acres, N. A.

Robert Dalton, 10/15/1884, 5.1 acres, American Eagle mine, mineral patent lode in conjunction with patentees George Hunt and William Shavallia.

Robert Lee Dalton, 5/5/1891, 160 acres, N. A.

William H. Dalton, 11/15/1894, 120 acres, 1/North, 42/West   Denver L. O., timber culture act

Samuel Dalton, 1/2/1895, 160 acres, 1/North, 42/ West, Denver L. O., timber culture act

Samuel L. Dalton, 3/20/1895, 160 acres, N. A.

John W. Dalton, 9/10/1895, 21 acres, mineral patent lode

Patrick Dalton, 6/10/1896, 80 acres, N. A.

R. G. Dalton, 11/16/1898, 9.6 acres, mineral patent lode in partnership with patentees John Fisher, J. E. Gauger, Thomas Hoffmire, John Johnson, Peter McIntyre, G. D. Merrill

R. G. Dalton, 2/3/1903, Little Annie Mine, mineral patent lode, in partnership with patentees C. N. Allen, Jacob Becker, J. E. Gauger, John Nolon and J. E. Vedder

Augusta Dalton, 8/5/1912, 160 acres, Golden City Land Office

James L. Dalton, 1/11/1910, 170 acres, Pueblo Land Office (heirs)

Joseph Dalton, 1/26/1911/ 21 acres, Ward Mining District, Denver L. O. in partnership with patentees Kenneth McDonald, Matilda S. Holt and Rosie Mungersdorf

Sebastian C. Dalton, 2/19/1912, 160 acres, Lamar L. O.

Edward C. Dalton, 6/18/1912, 160 acres, Denver Land Office

Josephine Dalton, 11/4/1912, 160 acres Glenwood Springs L. O. (heirs)

George E. Dalton, 5/14/1913, 160 acres, Pueblo L. O.

George W. Dalton, 7/9/1914/ 160 acres, Pueblo L. O.

Ransom Dalton, 2/7/1918, 160 acres, Glenwood Springs L. O.

Charles A. Dalton, 12/5/1918, 320 acres, Pueblo L. O.

James R. Dalton, 12/4/1919, 320 acres, Sterling, L. O.

Charles E. Dalton, 8/26/1920/ 160 acres, Pueblo L. O.

Walter S. Dalton, 12/4/1920, 320 acres, Sterling L. O.

James T. Dalton, 2/7/1923, 160 acres, Glenwood Sptings, L. O.

Note: More recent Dalton data can be viewed on the Bureau of Land Management Patents Page.  N. A. signifies not automated and additional information on each of the above patents is available on request.


From Millicent V. Craig

The discovery of silver in 1878, made Leadville a boom town almost overnight. The population swelled to some 30,000 and for many it was a case of rags to riches to rags as the veins petered out. Between 1882 and 1890 there were several Dalton miners listed in the city Directories of Leadville. One, Thomas Dalton, was a porter at the Tabor Grand Hotel owned by the famous HAW

Tabor who vowed  his fortune would return in the Matchless Mine.   In 1935, his widow, "Baby Doe", froze to death in a cabin near the entrance to the mine waiting for the mine to come back.

E. P. Dalton, laborer for the railway, 1886, 1887

Ed. Dalton, laborer at American Smelter, 1890

John Dalton, bar keeper, 1882

J. W. Dalton, Harrison Ave., 1884

John J. Dalton, miner, 1886-1890

Robert Dalton, miner, 1885-1890

Thomas Dalton,  porter, Tabor Grand Hotel, 1886

Thomas F. Dalton, laborer, 1882

Miss Hannah Dalton, listed in 1888 Directory.


John W. Dalton, boiler, 13th St.

Martin Dalton, laundry laborer, Market St.

Melvin P. Dalton

Patrick Dallton, moulder

William Dalton, clerk

Dalton, Unknown, stone cutter bds. 976 S.


Additional information can be obtained from the Colorado State Archives for the entries below.

Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War, 1862.

Oliver Dalton, Company C., 2nd Regt, Colorado Infantry, p. 237

Colorado Volunteers in the Spanish American War 1898

Hanibal Dalton, Corporal, Company H., 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry

Colorado Veteran's Grave Registrations

Coleman Jefferson Dalton, Boulder County, Columbia Cemetery

James M. Dalton, Jefferson County, Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Wallace P. Dalton, Arapahoe County, Fairmount Cemetery


Source: Colorado State Archives.   Genealogical information about each of the following convicts is available. For details go to: http://www.archives.state.co.us/prison.html

Claude H. Dalton, #8712, from 11/28/1902 to 4/ 22/1924

Daniel E. Dalton, #23715, from 2/16/1938 to 11/6/1945

E. N. Dalton, #17199,   from 1/13/1932 to 2/6/1938

Earl Eugene Dalton, #22764, from 2/16/1938 to 11/6/1945

James Dalton, #11145, from 11/28/1902 to4/22/1924

James Dalton, #30403, from 10/21/1955 to 4/19/1958

John Dalton, #265, from 6/13/1871 to 10/03/1891

Mable Dalton, #9301, from 11/28/1902 to 4/22/1924

Marvin Dalton, #34933, from 12/14.1962 to 11/11/1965

Ray Dalton, #9302, from 11/28/1902 to 4/22/1924

Reed S. Dalton, #27805, from 12/5/1952 to 10/20/1955

William  Dalton, #1339, from 6/13/1891 to 10/3/1891

Editor's note:  There may be some family connections in the above data.    John and William  Dalton have the same incarceration and release dates and served two years. Mable and Ray Dalton have the same incarceration and release dates and served 22 years.


Source: Colorado Archives, Colorado Miner's Fatalaties

Cecil Dalton DOD Sep 17 1959, occupation miner, Mine Company Leon Whatley, Mine Name Lessee

George W. Dalton, DOD Sep 12 1917, American, occupation engineer, age at death 35, Mar. 2 children, County LAS, Company Name Cedar Hill Coal and Coke, Mine Name Black Diamond, cause of death: caught in hoisting machinery. Source Denver Library


Daltons whose SS# was issued in Colorado and whose last residence was Colorado

A. Dalton, b. 21 Sep 1897, d. 15 Apr 1999, Fort Collins, Larimer

Albert Dalton, b. 11 Sep 1910, d. Nov 1894, Denver, DENVER/p>

Arthur Dalton, b. 11 Aug 1912, d. 7 Nov 1892, Pueblo, Pueblo

Beulah Dalton, b. 1 Apr 1926, d. 3 Nov 1999, Colorado Springs, El Paso

Carl Dalton, b.19 Nov 1910, d. 3 Dec 1994, Ault, Weld

Clarence Dalton, b. 26 Aug 1904, d. Sep 1981, Akron, Washington

Cora Dalton, b. 8 Apr 1878, d. Oct 1968, Akron, Washington

Delmas Dalton, b. 12 Feb 1907, d. Mar 1978, Cortez, Montezuma

Derbert Dalton, b. 29 Aug 1903, d. 21 Oct 1992, Pueblo, Pueblo

Earl Dalton, b. 28 Apr 1902, d. May 1975, Colorado Springs, El Paso

Earl Dalton, b. 2 Jan 1894, d. Jul 1981, Lakewood, Jefferson

Edith Dalton, b. 21 Sep 1911, d. 9 Apr 1997, Denver, DENVER/p>

Edward Dalton, b. 1 Feb 1927, d. 3 May 2001, Colorado Springs, El Paso

Elizabeth Dalton, b. 9 Aug 1914, d. Nov 1977, last Benefit Castle Rock, Douglas County, last res. Pueblo, Pueblo

Ethel Dalton, b. 8 Sep 1889, d. Mar 1973, Glenwood Springs, Garfield

Floyd Dalton, b. 6 Feb 1902, d. Mar 1974, Denver, DENVER/p>

Frances Dalton, b. 8 Apr 1903, d. 15 Nov 1993, Littleton, Arapahoe

George Dalton, b. 20 Nov 1909, d. Jul 1977, Pueblo, Pueblo

George Dalton, b. 5 Apr 1937, d. 16 Jul 1997, Hayden, Routt

George Dalton, b. 17 Jun 1887, d. Sep 1965, Boulder, Boulder

Glen Dalton, b. 12 Feb 1914, d. 15 Apr 1997, Littleton, Aparahoe

Glenn Dalton, b. 5 Aug 1912, d. 20 Apr 1993, Colorado Springs, El Paso

Howard Dalton, b. 13 Sep 1934, d. 27 Jan 1999, Durango, La Plata

James Dalton, b. 11 Feb 1925, d. Jan 1993, Pueblo, Pueblo

Jane Dalton, b. 5 May 1915, d. 12 Dec 1996, Denver, Adams

Janelda Dalton, b. 25 May 1904, d. Dec 1966, Boulder, Boulder

Jeannette Dalton, b. 26 Aug 1899, d. Apr 1983, Durango, La Plata

John Dalton, b. 17 Jan 1905, d. May 1984, Rye, Pueblo

John Dalton, b. 21 Dec 1903, d. Aug 1981, Boulder, Boulder

Kathryn Dalton, b. 30 Jul 1920, d. Jan 1980, Boulder, Boulder

Laurel Dalton, b. 8 Aug 1903, d. 9 Jan 1993, Pueblo, Pueblo

Leroy Dalton, b. 24 Mar 1915, d. 17 Mar 1996, Eaton, Weld

Letha Dalton, b. 10 Jan 1893, d. Apr 1993, Lakewood, Jefferson

Lillie Dalton, b. 21 Jan 1908, d. Oct 1894, Denver, DENVER/p>

Lyle Dalton, b. 18 Dec 1917, Dec 1978, Denver, DENVER/p>

Margaret Dalton, b. 25 Jan 1899, d. 28 Mar 1993, Littleton, Arapahoe

Marvin Dalton, b. 26 Aug 1912, d. Sep 1983, Pueblo, Pueblo

Mary Dalton, b. 9 Oct 1877, d.Jan 1968, Manassa, Conejos

Mary Dalton, b. 16 Dec 1904, d. Jan 1977, last benefit Denver, DENVER/p>

Mattie Dalton, b. 14 Dec 1880, d. 15 May 1867, Pueblo, Pueblo

Minnie Dalton, b. 3 Oct 1890, d. Jan 1967, Fowler, Otero

Myrtle Dalton, b. 20 Mar 1898, d. Sep 1981, Denver, DENVER/p>

Nelle Dalton, b. 6 Oct 1891, d. Jan 1982, Trinidad, Las Animas

Richard Dalton, b. 19 Dec 1957, d. Dec 1978, last benefit, Denver, DENVER/p>

Ruth Dalton, b. 26 Jul 1919, d. 13 Sep 1994, Ault, Weld

Ruth Dalton, b. 10 Aug 1901, d. 17 Sep 1988, Rifle, Garfield

Shirley Dalton, b. 28 Mar 1911, d. Apr 1989, Eaton, Weld

Virginia Dalton,b. 14 Feb 1915, d. 21 Jul 1922, Pueblo, Pueblo

Walter Dalton, b. 8 Feb 1919, d. 31 Jul 1989, Basalt, Eagle

Daltons whose SS# was issued in Colorado and whose last residence was out of state.

Arvin Dalton, b. 8 Dec 1910, d. Jul 1985, Springville, Utah, UT

Bernice Dalton, b. 3 Mar 1896, d. May 1995, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ

Beulah Dalton, b. 14 Oct 1909, d. Feb 1984, Springville, Utah, UT

Della Dalton, b. 1 May 1907, d. Jan 1988, Stockton, San Joaquin, CA

Earle Dalton, b. 18 Oct 1904, d. May 1975, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ

Emmett Dalton, b. 2 Nov 1911, d. 11 Jan 1998, Apache Junction, Pinal, AZ

George Dalton, 22 Jun 1901, Mar 1983, Nyssa, Malheur, OR

Gloria Dalton, b. 5 Oct 1940, d. 15 May 1995, ast benefit, Pocahontas, Randolph, AR; las residence, Pocahontas, Randolph, AR.

Harry Dalton, b. 29 Aug 1898, d. May 1980, last benefit, Salina, Saline, KS, last residence, Osborne, Osborne, KS

Howard Dalton, b. 27 Nov 1904, d. 2 Jan 2000, Coronado, San Diego, CA

Joseph Dalton, b. 3 Aug 1917, d. 2 Apr, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT

Kathryn Dalton, b. 15 Mar 1898, d. Apr 1978, Billings, Yellowstone, MT

Leon Dalton, b. 7 Oct 1953, d. 4 Aug 1989,   Kearney, Buffalo, NE

Louis Dalton, b. 31 Jan 1918, d. 12 Nov 1998, Portland, Multnomah, OR

Margurite Dalton, b. 4 Nov 1916, d. 16 May 1997, Osburn, Shoshone, ID

Mary Dalton, b. 17 Jan 1898, d. 15 May 1973, Saint Cloud, Stearns, MN

Oval Dalton, b. 22 Sep 1923, d. 18 Apr 1982, VA

Pearl Dalton, b. 13 Mar 1902, d. Jan 1980, last benefit, San Jose, Santa Clara, CA; last res. San Jose, Santa Clara, CA

Robert Dalton, b. 16 Aug 1905, d. 1983, Wasilla Matanuska Susitna, AK

Roy Dalton, b. 28 Jul 1923, d. 18 Sep 1996, Creswell, Lane, OR

Tad Dalton, b. 28 Jul 1903, c. Oct 1968, Shawnee Mission, Johnson, KS

Thelma Dalton, b. Aug 1914, d. Nov 1993, Billings, Yesllowstone, MT

Verna Dalton, b. 13 Jan 1905, d. 6 May 1995, Fairfax, Fairfax, VA

Violet Dalton, b.13 Sep 1905, d. 12 Sep 1999, Chadron, Dawes, NE

Yvonne Dalton, b. 16 Mar 1926, d. 12 Mar 1992, Red Bluff, Tehama, CA

Leslie Dalton, Sr., b. 24 Apr 1911, d. 31 May 1990, Dan Diego, San Diego, CA

Daltons whose SS# was issued in Colorado but last residence not listed.

Alfred Dalton, b. 3 Apr 1911, b. 20 Mar 1995

Arnold Dalton, b. 20 May 1911, d. May 1970

Doren Dalton, b. 30 Oct 1935, d. Aug 1979   (last benefit zip code - 92330)

Douglas Dalton, b. 20 Sep 1926, d. Feb 1973

E. Dalton, b. 24 Sep 1949, d. Sep 1988

Eros Dalton, b. 22 Feb 1920, d. 20 Nov 1991

Frances Dalton, b. 7 Nov 1901, d. 28 Jan 1990

Gerald Dalton, b. 24 Apr 1944, d. Aug 1973

Harry Dalton, b. 15 Jul 1911, d. Mar 1969

Howard Dalton, b. 21 Feb 1914, d. Jan 1979 (zip 92330)

J. Dalton, b. 19 Mar 1936, d. May 1990

Martha Dalton, b. 6 Apr 1914, d. Aug 1974

Norma Dalton, 28 Dec 1926, d. Jun 1970

Ted Dalton, b. 9 Aug 1914, d. Mar 1966

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