A very large amount of data has been contributed by DGS members for California, therefore it is divided into two pages.

Because of California's privacy law regarding the publication of birth and marriage data, the records presented below are not representative of the Dalton population of the state. Through the resourcefulness of Mike Dalton of OR, many birth, marriage and death notices have been extracted from newspapers in the state and help to fill gaps.

There are four large files of deaths.The first two Death Indexes were compiled by Mike Dalton. Two Death files of 1700 Migrants were contributed by DGS member, Bob Dalton of Magalia, CA. In these files the state and date of birth of each decedent are listed. Seven years of drought and a locust plague during the 1930's are reflected in the large Dalton migrations from heartland states of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. A few migrants from Canada, Cuba, Mexico and the Phillipines are also included. This page contains more than 2500 surname entries and can be searched by clicking on a link below, using the "Find on this page..." button below, or your web browsers Edit/Find feature. It is the onus of the user to verify the data.

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County Map of California:



Alameda County


Joseph Edgeley Dalton son of John Luther and Amy Edgeley Dalton

Los Angeles County

Azusa, Rancho
This grouping of births/baptisms lists the children of (Perfecto) Henrique Dalton (who was born in London as Henry, the son of Winnall Travally and Anne Wolfe Dalton) and Maria Guadalupe Zamorano Dalton

31 Jul 1847 Henrique Dalton; sponsor Perfecto Hugo Reid

21 Jan 1849, Jose Enrique Dalton

24 Jul 1850, Winall Augustin Dalton; sponsors: Hugo and Victoria Reid

6 Jan 1852, Anna Luisia Dalton: sponsors: Abel Stearns and Arcadia Bandin

2 Nov 1853, Henrietta Dalton; sponsors: Pic Pico and Maria Alvarado

19 Apr 1855, Viola Carolina Dalton Dalton: sponsors: Francisco Coanpe and Francisca Uribes

28 Sep 1857, Eliza Dalton: Sponsors: Franco Coronal and Francisca de Coronel

20 Nov 1859, Henry Albert Dalton; sponsors: Franco and Soledal Coronel

15 Jul 1861, Enrique Dalton : sponsors: France Ocampo and Franca Uribes

22 Aug 1864, Elena Dalton

14 Feb 1867, Valentin Zamorano Dalton: sponsors: Winnall and Luisa Dalton

17 Dec 1869, Joseph Rosa Dalton ;sponsors;Miguel Noriega and Trinidad Noriega

San Gabriel

18 Jan 1855, Mary Sabrina Daulton dau of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

25 Mar 1856, Thomas Daulton son of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

14 Aug 1858, Henry Hildreth Daulton son of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

Madera County


15 Jul 1860, Ida Daulton dau of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

24 Jan 1862, John Francis Daulton son of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

4 Feb 1864, Agnes Daulton dau of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

24 Jul 1866, Naomi Grace Daulton dau of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

1 Mar 1868, Jonathan Rea Daulton son of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

3 FEb 1870, Maud Louise Daulton dau of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

26 Sep 1871, James William Daulton son of Henry Clay and Mary Jane Hildreth Daulton

18 Dec 1882, John Francis Daulton son of Henry Hildreth and Nancy Patricia Wood Daulton

28 Dec 1883, Thomas Stephen Daulton son of Henry Hildreth and Nancy Patricia Wood Daulton

26 Dec 1885, Raynor Daulton son of Henry Hildreth and Nancy Patricia Wood Daulton

30 Apr 1888, Naomi Grance Daulton dau of Henry Clay and Nancy Patricia Wood Daulton


9 Feb 1896, Henry Hildreth Daulton son of Henry Hildreth and Nancy Patricia Wood Daulton

Jun 1899, Ralph Vernon Daulton son of Henry Hildreth and Nancy Patricia Wood Daulton

San Francisco County

*8 Nov 1868, twins, boy and girl born to John H. Dalton and wife.

Shasta County


1850, Nellie Dalton dau of Mr. Dalton

Solano County


*30 Oct 1858, son born to A. Dalton and wife.

*31 Jan 1866, twin sons born to A. Dalton and wife.


*25 Apr 1870, dau born to Captain Dalton and wife

Tulare County


13 Aug 1930, Anna Rebecca Dalton dau of Orin and Valhalla Angell Dalton


25 Dec 1894, Hiram Euen Dalton son of Manlius Hiram and Lucy Belle Kuykendall Dalton

California Birth Index - 1900-1910

Alameda County

9/10/1907, Gertrude L. Dalton

Contra Costa County

12/27/1909, Alvin Dalton

3/20/1910, George R. Dalton

Fresno County

7/6/1907, Norma Dalton

Los Angeles County

2/26/1906, Eugene P. Dalton

5/26/1907, Gladys Dalton

7/19/1907, James W. Dalton

7/19/1907, Leo F. Dalton

4/21/1908, Raymond Dalton

7/17/1908, Florence Dalton

12/02/1908, Calvin Dalton

1/03/1910, Ruth V. Dalton

2/03/1910, Ruth I. Dalton

11/07/1910, Claire Dalton

Sacramento County

8/20/1910, Queenie E. Dalton

San Francisco County

7/14/1906, Helen Dalton

6/21/1907, Thomas Dalton

6/9/1908, Aloysious Dalton

10/27/1908, Agnes Dalton

2/14/1909, Ellen A. Dalton

6/27/1909, Alma Dalton

6/27/1909, Nettie Dalton

9/09/1909, Catherine A. Dalton

7/20/1910, Dorothy N. Dalton

San Joaquin County

2/21/1909/ Clara B. Dalton

Santa Cruz County

10/12/1907, James M. Dalton

10/29/1909, Swanton D. Dalton

5/31/1910, Herbert F. Dalton

Yuba County

2/08/1909 Helen M. Dalton

California Births - location unknown

10 Dec 1900, dau to M. G. Dalton and wife.

5 Feb 1901, son to Benton C. Dalton and wife.

28 Feb 1901, son to Edward Dalton and wife.

* Births extracted from San Francisco Newspapers by Mike Dalton


Alameda County

(No Township Listed)

30 Sep 1876, E. Dalton and M. Deegan

Contra Costa County

1 Aug 1907, Timothy Dalton to Agatha Teahan by Rev J. Nolan

Kern County


2 May 1917, Henrietta Dalton and William Stump

Los Angeles County

(No Township Listed)

4 Aug 1853, Julia J. Dalton and Horace Z. Wheeler

30 May 1930, Audrey Dalton and Theodore Magnus Sorensen

Los Angeles County Marriage Records

14 Aug 1847 Henry Dalton (son of Winnal Trevally and Anna S. Wofle Dalton of London),and Maria Guadalupe Zamorano of dau of Agustin and Maria Luisa Arguello at Ordaz ; witnesses: Luciano Valdez and Dorotes Zabaleta.

1 Dec 1858, Elizabeth M. Dalton and William H. Perry in home of George Dalton by T. O. Ellis, minister of Methodists Church Society

11 May 1871, Louisa A. Dalton and Lewis Wolfskill, by Rev. F. Mora.

8 Jan 1873, Edward Henry Dalton, 20, b. Pickaway, OH (fa. b. London, mo. b. Pickaway), married to Harriet Ellen Dye, age 18, b. Weston, MO, parents b. KY; married by Rev. H. H.Messenger.

11 Sep 1873, Josephine Dalton, age 25, of Los Angeles, b. CA married to Charles V. Hall, age 24, b. Los Angeles, b. CA; married by Rev. William H. Hill.

17 Feb 1885, Minnie A. Dalton to Peter D.McCarty on Sunday evening last. Minnie is daughter of Edward and Myra Dalton. Peter is a citypassenger agent for Union Pacific Railroad. Guests at the wedding included Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dalton, Mr. & Mrs. P.E. Dalton, Eddie Dalton, Nellie Dalton, and Martin McCarthy.

2 Jun 1876, James F. Dalton, age 24, of Anaheim, b.NY, father b. US, mo. b. NY married to Maud A. Sullivan , age 21, of Anaheim, b. ME; fa, b. MN, mother b. IRE, married by James A. Mitchell.

25 Apr 1877, Robert Hunter Dalton, age 31, of Los Angeles, b. MS, married to Carrie A. Hereford, age 20 of Los Angeles, b. CA and married by J. B. Gray.

4 Oct 1878, W. A. Dalton, age 26, of Los Angeles, b. CA to J. T. Vasquez of Los Angeles, b. MEX by Rev. F. Verdaguer.

15 Sep 1879, Loyla (Soyla and also listed as Viola) C. Dalton, age 24, of Azusa, b. CA married to W. H. Cardwell, age 24, of Los Angeles, b. CA married at Azusa Canyon by Joaquin Bot, Catholic Priest.

7 Nov 1883, Elena Dalton, age 19, of Azusa, b. CA, married to Walter DeBuxton, age 29, of Los Angeles, b. ENG married at Los Angeles by Rev Joaquin Bot.

27 Jul 1888, H. B. Dalton, age 25, of Los Angeles, b. CAN; fa. b. ENG, mo. b. CAN; married J. S. Snyder age 19, of Los Angeles, b. US, parenst b. GER.

30 May 1930, Audrey Dalton and Theodore Magnus Sorensen

San Gabriel

1854, Henry Clay Dalton and Mary Jane Hildreth

Orange County


18 Jul 1914, Merle Irene Dalton and Charles Harry Putnam

Santa Ana

23 Oct 1944, Nadeen Jeanette Dalton and William Le Roy Robinson

Madera County


26 Jan 1881, Henry Hildreth Daulton and Nancy Patricia Wood

6 Apr 1881, Agnes Daulton and William King Heiskell

16 Nov 1881, Ida Daulton and Christian Saxe

Modoc County


7 Jun 1874, Robert Dolton and Sarah Cantrell

Sacramento County


*9 Aug 1866, Mrs. Rebecca Dalton and Basil Campbell

San Bernardino County

San Bernardino

24 Apr 1924, Ella Mary Dalton and Seth Evan Welch

San Diego County

San Diego

14 Aug 1847, Henry Dalton and Maria Guadalupe Zamorano

San Francisco County

San Francisco

*8 May 1873, Nellie J. Dalton and Benjamin Swasey by Rev. H. A. Sawtelle

*11 Dec 1904, Thomas Dalton and Mamie O'Hara, by M. J. Barry

*19 Nov 1905, Richard W. Dalton and Katherine M. Bickerstaff.

*31 Aug 1915, Frank Dalton and Veronica Lynch by Judge Van Nostrand

San Joaquin County

(No Township Listed)

8 Sep 1862, Catherine Dalton and Thomas Conners


*12 Dec 1854, Ann Dalton and William Jackson, by Father Dominic Blair

9 Oct 1906, Jennie Dalton and John Mc Lachlan

Santa Clara County

San Jose

27 Nov 1883, John Francis Daulton and Adelaide Raynor

Shasta County


1 May 1873, Nellie Dalton and Benjamin Swasey

Solano County

28 Nov 1857, Alfred Dalton and Mary Scouts at Benicia by George H. Riddell

11 Jul 1859, Samuel Dalton and Anne Moharty Given at Benicia

2 Jan 1871, Julia Dalton and John Magner at Vallejo by Rev J. L. Daniels. St. Vincents RC

23 Aug 1873, Alfred Dalton and Emma Carr at Benicia by J. Loyd Beck, Dir. St. Paul's Church, both of ENG, alfred 43, Emma 39.: witnesses David Dalton and W. W. Dellingham

25 Jul 1885, Alfred Daulton, Jr. and Hannah Newmark by J. H. Winfield at Benicia

13 Oct 1886, Mary E. Dalton and Roscoe Hanson, at Benicia by F. W. Dyson

13 Dec 1886, William Dalton and Emma Gucker, by J. W. Nilley, in Benicia

8 Oct 1888, Thomas W. Dalton and Mary Ann Kelly , Rev. J. L. Daniels, St Vincents, Vallejo                               

12 May 1890, Ella Dalton and Charles M. Price (Prince), at Benicia by J. H. D. Winfield

Sonoma County

(No Township Listed)

*22 Jun 1863, William H. Dalton and Angie Walker (Santa Rosa)

3 Aug 1871, Jennie Dalton and J. H. Fishburn

28 Jun 1883, T. B. Dalton and L. B. Lawrence

11 Oct 1888, E. C. Dalton and C. B. Luff


1886, Evelyn Dalton and Caleb B. Luff

Tulare County


8 Oct 1923,Hugh Benton Dalton and Margaret Sweeney

Yuba County

Browns Valley

*19 Apr 1868, Mary E. Dalton and Michael Ahern

*Extracts from San Francisco Newspapers

Also noted was the following;

*23 Jun 1863, John Dalton at Fort Churchill, Dayton,Nevada Territory to Theresa Durald.


This is a two part Index.Part I lists Deaths that occurred between 1905-1929. Part II lists Deaths that occurred between 1930-1939.


This Index was extracted by Mike Dalton of Portland, OR.It may contain some duplicate information as contained in the Death Index of Migrants to California but also contains Deaths of California born Daltons and Daultons.

Surname, forename. initial, (spouse's initials), county/ county seat, date of death, age at last birthday.


Dalton, Aaron V.; Kern County/ Bakerfield; d. June 28, 1926; age 39.

Dalton, Adaline H.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; d. Mar. 30, 1923; age 91.

Dalton, Alfred (HM); San Joaquin Cty./ Stockton; d. Oct. 26,1925; age 67.

Dalton, Alfred; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; July 15, 1917; age 57.

Dalton, Alfred; Solano County/ Fairfield; d. Dec. 26, 1916; age 86.

Dalton, Alice (E); San Joaquin Cty./ Stockton; d. Apr. 22, 1920; age 37.

Dalton, Alice F.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; d. Mar. 31,1928; age 62.

Dalton, Anita; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; d. Sept. 3,1906; age 5.

Dalton, Annie (J); San Diego County/ San Diego; d. Mar. 17, 1922; age 54.

Dalton, Annie C.; Alameda County/ Oakland; d. May 16, 1906; age 39.

Dalton, Annie D.; Santa Cruz County/ Santa Cruz; d. Aug. 9, 1905; age 2.

Dalton, Benton C.; Marin County/San Rafael; d. May 29, 1922; age 50.

Dalton, Bert; Stanislaus County/ Modesto; d. Jan. 22,1923; age 32.

Dalton, Bertha (J); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; d. Mar., 11, 1921; age 41.

Dalton, Bessie S. (EO); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; d. Aug. 17,1917; age 36.

Dalton, Betsy (B); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; d. July 6,1928; age 73.

Dalton, Bettie; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; d. July 22, 1929; age 67.

Dalton, Blanch C.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; d. Oct. 4, 1926; age 74.

Dalton, Carol; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; d. Mar. 15, 1923; age 7.

Dalton, Caroline (J); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; d. Apr. 24,1926; age 66.

Dalton, Carrie A.; San Diego Cty./ San Diego; d. June 17, 1913; age 56.

Dalton, Catherine; Ventura Cty./ Ventura; d. Feb. 24, 1919; age 47.

Dalton, Catherine A.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; d. Dec. 2,1910; age 1.

Dalton, Cecile M.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; d. Dec. 19, 1926; age 3.

Dalton, Celia (T); San Joaquin County, Stockton; d. May 5,1922; age 77.

Dalton, Charles; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; d. June 17, 1916; age 3.

Dalton, Charles; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; d. June 15, 1917; age 3.

Dalton, Charles; San Diego Cty./ San Diego; d. January 4,1916; age 20.

Dalton, Charles F. (A); Santa Clara County Cty./ San Jose; d. Oct. 22, 1923; age 38.

Dalton, Clair E.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; d. Jan. 23,1911; age 2.

Dalton Clara Z. (CL); Marin Cty./ San Rafael; Nov. 16, 1922; age 30.

Dalton, Dave; San Joaquin Cty./ Stockton; d. Jan. 17, 1925; age 63.

Dalton, Dennis; Sacramento Cty. / Sacramento; d. July 26,1908; age 62.

Dalton, Dennis J.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; d. May 4,1921; age 55.

Dalton, Edna; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; July 14, 1928; age 27.

Dalton, Edward; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 1, 1908; age 72.

Dalton, Edward; Contra Costa Cty./ Martinez; Dec. 7, 1907; age 31.

Dalton, Edward C.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; May 20,1927; age 3.

Dalton, Edward E.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Jan. 21,1910; age 63.

Dalton, Edward J. (LC); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; June 3,1925; age 65.

Dalton, Edward J.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Nov. 27,1915; age 64.

Dalton, Edward J.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Jan. 21,1911; age 36.

Dalton, Edwin H. (HE); Los Angeles Cty./ LosAngeles; Feb. 17, 1921; age 72.

Dalton, Edwin W.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Nov. 6, 1920; age 5.

Dalton, Elizabeth; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; June 6,1911; age 56.

Dalton, Ella M.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; July 21,1927; age 42.

Dalton, Ellen; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 23,1911; age 71.

Dalton, Ellen M.; Alameda County/ Oakland; June 13, 1922; age 61.

Dalton, Emily; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; August 3,1929; age 44.

Dalton, Emily G.; Solano County/ Fairfield; June 16, 1909; age 56.

Dalton, Emma; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Feb. 26,1927; age 70.

Dalton, Emma C.; Solano County/ Fairfield; October 2,1911; age 78.

Dalton, Emmett J.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Jan. 27,1926; age 32.

Dalton, Ernest; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; January 12, 1915; age 39.

Dalton, Ernest; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; March 2,1917; age 32.

Dalton, Esther M.; Alameda Cty./ Oakland; September 22,1910; age 40.

Dalton, Evelyn F.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Sept. 19, 1914; age 1.

Dalton, Forrest B. (M); Butte Cty./ Oroville; October 31,1918; age 30.

Dalton, Frances J.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Sept. 10, 1920; age 65.

Dalton, Frances M. (WT); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Sept. 22, 1920; age 64.

Dalton, Frances C.; Alameda Cty./ Oakland; November 19,1916; age 84.

Dalton, Francis C.; Humboldt Cty./ Eureka; May 25,1920; age 29.

Dalton, Frank V.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; April 10, 1925; age 33.

Dalton, Frank (JC); Alameda Cty./ Oakland; Nov. 26,1921; age 76.

Dalton, Frank I.; Butte County/ Oroville; October 15, 1929; age 62.

Dalton, Frederick; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Oct. 9, 1919; age 50.

Dalton, Frederick J. (0); San Diego Cty./ San Diego; Oct. 25, 1927; age 21.

Dalton, Garland T.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; August 20, 1926; age 28.

Dalton, George; Butte County/ Oroville; June 23, 1908; age 43.

Dalton, George J.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Dec. 5, 1919; age 65.

Dalton, George; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Sept. 28,1917; age 62.

Dalton, George J. (EJ); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Nov. 9, 1925; age 63.

Dalton, George J.; Sacramento Cty./ Sacramento; Nov. 13, 1907; age 36.

Dalton Gerald; Santa Clara County/ San Jose; March 15, 1913; age 71.

Dalton, Harold C.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 28,1926; age 15.

Dalton, Harold P. (B); Alameda Cty./ Oakland; May 19, 1929; age 28.

Dalton, Harry; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; July 29,1906; age 11.

Dalton, Harry; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Jan. 13,1922; age 6.

Dalton, Harry M. (E); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 4,1916; age 37.

Dalton, Harry W. (MH); Yuba County/ Marysville; April 14, 1922; age 78.

Dalton, Harry W.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Dec. 11, 1923; age 3.

Dalton, Hazel L.; Alameda Cty./ Oakland; June 5, 1928; age 1.

Dalton, Helen J.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; AprilS, 1929; age 30.

Dalton, Henry; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 23,1913; age 47.

Dalton, Henry N.; Alameda Cty./ Oakland; October 5,1913; age 83.

Dalton, Hugh B.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Sept. 16, 1929; age 70.

Dalton, Ida M. (CA); San Mateo Cty./ Redwood City; Dec. 7, 1929; age 41.

Dalton, Inez S. (H); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 16, 1919; age 49.

Dalton, Isabelle; Alameda County/ Oakland; March 17, 1928; age 69.

Dalton, J. W.; San Joaquin Cty./ Stockton; March 2,1918; age 77.

Dalton, Jack; Alameda County/ Oakland; May 27, 1929; age 60.

Dalton, James; Sonoma County/ Santa Rosa; Feb. 19, 1914; age 74.

Dalton, James; Santa Clara Cty./ San Jose; April 27, 1923; age 89.

Dalton, James; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Aug. 21, 1927; age 65.

Dalton, James; Stanislaus Cty./ Modesto; March 12, 1928; age 23.

Dalton, James; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Mar. 12, 1921; age 69.

Dalton, James D. (L); Sonoma Cty./ Santa Rosa; Nov. 18, 1929; age 73.

Dalton, James J.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Mar. 24, 1925; age 63.

Dalton, James T.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; July 10, 1914; age 7.

Dalton, Jane; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Sept. 8, 1920; age 79.

Dalton, Jane; San Diego County/ San Diego; Dec. 30, 1927; age 82.

Dalton, Jasper (MA); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 29,1925; age 80.

Dalton, Jennie S. (HB); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Apr. 8, 1927; age 62.

Dalton, Jesse L. (E); Yolo County/ Woodland; October 24, 1924; age 29.

Dalton, John; Merced County/ Merced; October 30, 1914; age 74.

Dalton, John; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 9, 1923; age 44.

Dalton, John (M); San Diego County/ San Diego; June 29, 1924; age 76.

Dalton, John; Alameda County/ Oakland; Sept. 10, 1910; age 61.

Dalton, John; Placer County/ Auburn; October 23,1911; age 41.

Dalton, John; Sacramento Cty./ Sacramento; Feb. 4, 1918; age 75.

Dalton, John (C); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 13, 1921; age 72.

Dalton, John (M); Alameda Cty./ Oakland; Nov. 22,1929; age 51.

Dalton, John C. (EJ); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 19,1919; age 69.

Dalton, John F. (N); Tulare County/ Visalia; May 16, 1926; age 69.

Dalton, John J. (EJ); Tulare County/ Visalia; February 6, 1922; age 61.

Dalton, John T.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; May 24,1917; age 25.

Dalton, John W. (B); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 26, 1917; age 58.

Dalton, Joseph; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Oct. 4, 1928; age 43.

Dalton, Joseph; Los Angles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 25,1919; age 60.

Dalton, Joseph E.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 3,1919; age 9.

Dalton, Joseph H. (A); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 2, 1922; age 57.

Dalton, Joseph N.; Humboldt Cty./ Eureka; May 31,1929; age 74.

Dalton, Julia A. (HN) Alameda Cty./ Oakland; Feb. 1, 1925; age 84.

Dalton, Kate; Napa County/ Napa; Feb. 26, 1928; age 84.

Dalton, Kate; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Aug. 6, 1929; age 63.

Dalton, Laverne C.; Alameda Cty./ Oakland; Dec. 16, 1920; age 3.

Dalton, Lawrence; San Joaquin Cty./ Stockton; Feb. 13,1917; age 44.

Dalton, Libertine; Sonoma Cty./ Santa Rosa; Nov. 26,1923; age 73.

Dalton, Lillie B.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; April 10, 1928; age 25.

Dalton, Linnie B. (T); Santa Clara Cty./ San Jose; Nov. 7, 1928; age 68.

Dalton, Lois P.; San Diego Cty./ San Diego; June 7, 1921; age 18.

Dalton, Lloyd T.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Aug. 8, 1911; age 4.

Dalton, Lucy A.; Tulare County/ Visalia; April 16, 1914; age 7.

Dalton, Lytle C. (D); Modoc County/ Alturas; January 15, 1926; age 26.

Dalton, Margaret; Humboldt County/ Eureka; August 1, 1927; age 76.

Dalton, Margaret; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Sept. 29,1910; age 69.

Dalton, Margaret; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Apr. 28,1920; age 58.

Dalton, Margaret A. (HH); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Oct. 19, 1921; age 83.

Dalton, Margaret R. (WM); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Dec. 7, 1918; age 52.

Dalton, Maria G.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Sept. 1, 1914; age 81.

Dallton, Mark J.; San Diego Cty./ San Diego; March 22,1922; age 82.

Dalton, Martha E. (RC); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; March 15, 1929; age 76.

Dalton, Martin; Santa Clara County/ San Jose; Nov. 5, 1911; age 56.

Dalton, Mary; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Dec. 14,1924; age 65.

Dalton, Mary (P); Humboldt County/ Eureka; Nov. 2,1923; age 54.

Dalton, Mary (M); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Jan 4,1927; age 77.

Dalton, Mary; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 27, 1907; age 70.

Dalton, Mary; Sacramento Cty./ Sacramento; May 12, 1906; age 78.

Dalton, Mary; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Dec. 26, 1918; age 44.

Dalton, Mary A.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; July 16, 1926; age 66.

Dalton, Mary A.; Humboldt County/ Eureka; Nov. 17,1916; age 26.

Dalton, Mary A.; Solano County/ Fairfield; April 28, 1912; age 53.

Dalton, Mary F.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; March 16, 1923; age 77.

Dalton, Mary H. (MP); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Jan. 1, 1920; age 56.

Dalton, Mary J. (H); Yuba County; Marysville; October 4, 1924; age 74.

Dalton, Massia V.; San Diego County/ San Diego; Feb. 9, 1913; age 35.

Dalton, Mathias M.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Dedc. 28,1924; age 69.

Dalton, Michael; Humboldt County; Eureka; June 30, 1914; age 73.

Dalton, Michael; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; June 22, 1908; age 8.

Dalton, Michael; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; August 8,1911; age 70.

Dalton, Michael; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; March 22,1917; age 71.

Dalton, Michael J. (JE); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; July 7,1927; age 70.

Dalton, Michael J.; Alameda County/ Oakland; Sept. 12, 1912; age 36.

Dalton, Michael K.; Alameda County/ Oakland; June 10, 1906; age 26.

Dalton, Milton; Alameda County/ Oakland; July 20, 1924; age 2.

Dalton, Milton C.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 11, 1913; age 62.

Dalton, Myra; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; April 14, 1906; age 68.

Dalton, Nancy T.; Riverside Cty.Nentura; Sept. 3, 1909; age 75.

Dalton, Nathan (E); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Sept 29,1927; age 77.

Dalton, Oscar J. (JA); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 3,1928; age 51.

Dalton, Patrick; Solano County; Fairfield; April 5, 1926; age 38.

Dalton, Patrick C. (V); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; July 17,1917; age 82.

Dalton, Patrick E.; Alameda County/ Oakland; August 8, 1908; age 75.

Dalton, Peter (M); Humboldt County/ Eureka; October 15, 1923; age 65.

Dalton, Peter; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; June 13, 1919; age 51.

Dalton, Queenie E.; Alameda County/ Oakland; June 14, 1923; age 12.

Dalton, R.C. (ME); Orange County/ Santa Ana; Feb. 6, 1920; age 69.

Dalton, Raymond L.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Sept.21, 1910; age 2.

Dalton, Robert C. (CM); Alameda County/ Oakland; Jan. 3, 1921; age 60.

Dalton, Robert W.; Yolo County/ Woodland; Sept. 7, 1926; age 63.

Dalton, Rose H. (CL); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Mar. 4, 1920; age 24.

Dalton, Rossie; Kern County/ Bakersfield; Feb. 5, 1908; age 1.

Dalton, Rouel; Kern County/ Bakersfield; Feb. 5, 1908; age 1.

Dalton, Samuel L. (MC); Fresno County/ Fresno; October 20, 1924; age 84.

Dalton, Sarah (1M); Los AngelesCty./ Los Angeles; Jan. 15,1928; age 89.

Dalton, Sarah; San Bernardino Cty./ San Bernardino; Nov. 25,1906; age 28.

Dalton, Sarah A. (GW); Fresno County/ Fresno; October 31, 1916; age 84.

Dalton, T. (W); San Bernardino Cty./ San Bernardino; April 21,1907; age 74.

Dalton, Thomas; San Joaquin Cty./ Stockton; March 15, 1928; age 83.

Dalton, Thomas; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; October 8,1908; age 1.

Dalton, Thomas; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Sept. 4, 1919; age 66.

Dalton, Thomas B. (LB); Santa Barbara Cty./ Santa Barbara; Nov. 13, 1916; age 69.

Dalton, Thomas W. (MS); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; March 22,1928; age 79.

Dalton, Valentine; San Joaquin Cty./ Stockton; August 15, 1928; age 42.

Dalton, Velina I.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Feb. 16, 1910; age 2.

Dalton, Walter; Santa Clara County/ San Jose; Jan. 22, 1916; age 94.

Dalton, Walter E.; San Luis Obispo Cty./ San Luis Obispo; Feb. 11,1922; age 36.

Dalton, Walter H.; Alameda Cty. Oakland; Jan. 7, 1906; age 25.

Dalton, William C.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; March 14, 1915; age 38.

Dalton, William H. (VE); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 11, 1926; age 70.

Dalton, William H. (E); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; July 3,1927; age 76.

Dalton, William J. (K); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; July 10, 1918; age 42.

Dalton, William S.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 19, 1907; age 6.

Dalton, ZZ; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; March 19, 1912; age --.

Dalton, ZZ; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; May 12, 1922; age 4.

Dalton, ZZ; Alameda County/ Oakland; January 11, 1928; age 1.

Dalton, ZZ; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Dec. 31,1908; age 6.

Dalton, ZZ; Santa Cruz County/ Santa Cruz; August 12, 1912; age 7.

Dalton, ZZ; San Diego County/ San Diego; May 6,1921; age 1.


Daulton, Jonathan; San Joaquin Cty./ Stockton; May 4, 1923; age 54.

Daulton, Mabel; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; August 24,1917; age 40.

Daulton, Mary Jane; Madera County/ Madera; June 27, 1907; age 75.


Surname, forename. initial, (spouse's initials), county/ county seat, date of death, age at last birthday.

This Index may contain some duplicates of Deathsof Migrants to California and also contains some Deaths of native born Californians with the surnames of Dalton and Daulton.


Dalton, Adam; Alameda County/ Oakland; November 16, 1938; age 69.

Dalton, Addie (EA); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Feb. 13, 1939; age 67.

Dalton, Alfred (E); San Mateo County/ Redwood City; April 6, 1932; age 73.

Dalton, Alice L. (JJ); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 28,1938; age 39.

Dalton, Anna (J); San Mateo Cty./ Redwood City; Dec. 16,1937; age 66.

Dalton, Anna (M); Los Angles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 23,1933; age 71.

Dalton, Arthur E. (E); Humboldt Cty./ Eureka; Sept. 25, 1935; age 57.

Dalton, Arthur P. (H); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Dec. 23,1937; age 42.

Dalton, Barney L. (RE); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Nov. 16, 1937; age 36.

Dalton, Cecilia; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; June 1, 1932; age 16.

Dalton, Clarence (I); Ventura County/ Ventura; June 21, 1935; age 55.

Dalton, Cornelius (E); Napa County/ Napa; Feb. 15, 1934; age 69.

Dalton, David (LM); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; March 5,1933; age 64.

Dalton, David E.; Riverside Cty./ Riverside; January 26,1935; age 9.

Dalton, Doris G.; San Diego County/ San Diego; May 8, 1934; age 2.

Dalton, Edith (A); San Mateo Cty./ Redwood City; August 10, 1937; age 71.

Dalton, Edith E. (TM); Madera County/ Madera; Oct. 28, 1930; age 50.

Dalton, Edith M. (F); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 19, 1937; age 50.

Dalton, Edward; Monterey Cty./ Salinas; Octobewr 10, 1930; age 70.

Dalton, Edward; Santa Barbara Cty./ Santa Barbara; March 1, 1937; age 60.

Dalton, Edward C.; Alameda County/ Oakland; Sept. 11,1933; age 61.

Dalton, Edward F. (AB); Sacramento Cty./ Sacramento; May 2,1934; 60.

Dalton, Edward H,; Napa County/ Napa; March 13, 1932; age 31.

Dalton, Edward H.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 9, 1938; age 67.

Dalton, Edward L.; San Diego county/ San Diego; October 4,1936; age 33.

Dalton, Ella; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Jan. 21, 1934; age 48.

Dalton, Ella E. (J); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Jan. 23,1935; age 81.

Dalton, Ella J. (N); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 14,1938; age 80.

Dalton, Ellen (C); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Dec 17, 1938; age 68.

Dalton, Elsie (J); San Diego County/ San Diego; Jan. 23, 1938; age 40.

Dalton, Emma M. (SC); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Feb., 20,1930; age 49.

Dalton, Emmett (JA); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; July 13, 1937; age 66.

Dalton, Fern; Riverside County/ Riverside; Jan. 9, 1935; age 2.

Dalton, Frank; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; June 8,1933; age 58.

Dalton, Frederick M.; San Franciasco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 17, 1938; age 57.

Dalton, Frederick P. (RM); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Aug. 7, 1939; age 62.

Dalton, George; Santa Clara County/ San Jose; Feb. 15, 1934; age 41.

Dalton, George E.(MB); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; April 14, 1933; age 70.

Dalton, George F. (K); Sacramento Cty./ Sacramento; Feb. 1,1932; age 62.

Dalton, Gertrude F. (J); Contra Costa Cty./ Martinez; Dec. 4, 1939; age 64.

Dalton, Grant U. (EE); San Diego County/ San Diego; October 15,1939; age 63.

Dalton, Guillerm; Imperial County/ EI Centro; October 14, 1939; age 69.

Dalton, Harriet E.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Feb. 2,1930; age 74.

Dalton, Helen D.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Nov. 15, 1931; age 73.

Dalton, Helene H. (R); Los Angles Cty./ Los Angeles; Nov. 9, 1935; age 69.

Dalton, Henry (MK); Alameda County/ Oakland; Dec. 29, 1936; age 76.

Dalton, Herbert L. (M); Alameda County/ Oakland; July 1, 1933; age 55.

Dalton, Howard F.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 13, 1935; age 28.

Dalton, Iola M. (CR); San Diego County/ San Diego; May 30, 1939; age 54.

Dalton, Jack K.; Sacramento Cty./ Sacramento; Nov. 6, 1930; age 56.

Dalton, James (CE); San Diego County/ San Diego; Sept. 5, 1937; age 71.

Dalton, James; Merced County/ Merced; April 2, 1931; age 69.

Dalton, James R.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; April 24, 1935; age 8.

Dalton, Jane (G); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; May 26,1933; age 63.

Dalton, Jennie C. (F); Alameda County/ Oakland; August 24, 1934; age 83.

Dalton, John; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Dec. 6, 1933; age 75.

Dalton, John (M); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; July 26,1930; age 77.

Dalton, John C. (A); San Mateo Cty./ Redwood City; Aug. 22,1933; age 57.

Dalton, John H.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Jan. 14, 1933; age 73.

Dalton, John H. (M); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Aug. 27,1939; age 51.

Dalton, John J. (A); Alameda Cty./ Oakland; January 20,1937; age 55.

Dalton, John L.; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; April 9, 1934; age 11.

Dalton, John W. (A); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Nov. 13, 1931; age 61.

Dalton, John W. (M); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 3,1937; age 78.

Dalton, John W.; Mariposa Cty./ Mariposa; April 28, 1938; age 17.

Dalton, Joseph R. (T); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Mar. 16, 1934; age 64.

Dalton, Julia E.; Humboldt County/ Eureka; November 28, 1938; age 57.

Dalton, Katherine; Alameda County/ Oakland; August 9, 1934; age 55.

Dalton, Kathleen T. (A); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; May 24, 1936; age 56.

Dalton, Leslie C. (G); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Aug. 28, 1933; age 55.

Dalton, Loretta E. (RG); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Oct. 17, 1932; age 28.

Dalton, Mable (G); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Mar. 23,1935; age 67.

Dalton, Mae (FC); Marin County / San Rafael; August 24, 1936; age 58.

Dalton, Mae A. (J); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 12,1936; age 73.

Dalton, Manlius H. (LB); Tulare County/ Visalia; Oct. 22, 1935; age 73.

Dalton, Margaret (A); Alameda Cty./ Oakland; August 8,1937; age 77.

Dalton, Margaret K. (H); Alameda Cty./ Oakland; April 9, 1936; age 49.

Dalton, Margaret T. (TH);Madera Cty./ Madera; Dec. 20,1936; age 60.

Dalton, Martha (J); Imperial County/ EI Centro; May 23, 1938; age 19.

Dalton, Martin (A); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; July 29,1933; age 70.

Dalton, Mary (T); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Sept. 9, 1939; age 72.

Dalton, Mary (J); Alameda County/ Oakland; February 27, 1933; age 77.

Dalton, Mary A.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 6, 1930; age 51.

Dalton, Mary A. (J); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Feb. 12, 1936; age 73.

Dalton, Melvin P. (AF); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Jan. 22,1935; age 70.

Dalton, Minnie (W); Santa Cruz County/ Santa Cruz; Oct. 23, 1937; age 68.

Dalton, Miriam (JC); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 28,1939; age 26.

Dalton, Nancy M. (W); San Bernardino Cty./ San Bernardino; Oct. 15, 1935; age 91.

Dalton, Neil S.; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 2,1936; age 6.

Dalton, Orson H. (C);Alameda Cty./ Oakland; Nov. 7, 1931; age 54.

Dalton, Oscar J.; Sacramento Cty./ Sacramento; Sept. 16,1935; age 54.

Dalton, Patrick (J); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Dec. 9, 1939; age 72.

Dalton, Patrick D. (OJ) Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; April 13, 1939; age 48.

Dalton, Sadie; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; January 25,1930; age 40.

Dalton, Samuel E. (A W); Alameda County/ Oakland; May 17, 1933; age 52.

Dalton, Thomas (M); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; July 17, 1936; age 64.

Dalton, Thomas (CA); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; March 1, 1938; age 74.

Dalton, Thomas H. (CE); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Mar. 12, 1936; age 73.

Dalton, Thomas M. (L); Kern County/ Bakerfield; May 4, 1935; age 82.

Dalton, Walter J. (V); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; June 2,1938; age 45.

Dalton, William; Sacramento Cty./ Sacramento; May 25,1934; age 52.

Dalton, William D. (PH); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; Oct. 7, 1936; age 49.

Dalton, William E. (EN); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; May 17, 1934; age 56.

Dalton, William H. ; San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Jan. 13,1933; age 73.

Dalton, William H. (EA); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Mar. 24,1933; age 62.

Dalton, William S. (E); Solano County/ Fairfield; Feb. 15, 1933; age 72.

Dalton, William T.; San Joaquin County/ Stockton; Mar. 27,1931; age 44.

Dalton, Win nail T. (M); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angleles; March 4,1935; age 89.

Dalton, ZZ; Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; October 1,1932; age 45.

Dalton, ZZ; Riverside County/ Riverside; February 15, 1936; age 1.

Deaths from San Francisco Newspapers

Anne Dalton, 7 mos., d. 3 Dec 1865

James Thomas Dalton, 13, mos., d. 10 Jul 1873, son of Michael and Mary Dalton

Michael Dalton, 48, d. 11 May 1881, b. IRE, husband of late Margaret Dalton

Mrs. Mary Noona,, native of Athea, IRE,d. 2 Jan 1879, son in law William Dalton.


Daulton, Frank (V); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Dec. 3, 1932; age 83.

Daulton, John; (AN); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; June 27,1930; age 68.

Daulton, Mahala A. (F); Tehama County/ Red Bluff; Jan. 25, 1933; age 73.

Daulton, Nancy A. (JB); Riverside Cty./ Riverside; Nov. 30,1939; age 58.

Daulton, Robert (SJ); Los Angeles Cty./ Los Angeles; June 28,1938; age 47.

Daulton, Viola B. (F); San Francisco Cty./ San Francisco; Jan. 24,1937; age 76.


The Golden State attracted Daltons from all parts of the country.The lure of the gold rush, fertile valleys, fishing, and the oppportunity to homestead land were a few of the amenities that awaitedout of staters.This data, from the Vital Records of California, is divided into two parts. Part I contains those Daltons who were born out of state before 1900 and died in California and Part II contains those Daltons who were born out of state after 1900 and died in California. A small group of Daltons who were born in Canada, Cuba, Mexico and the Phillipinesand who died in California can be located at the end of each section.

In the process of scanning the documents, garbling occurred, especially in Part I.Where possible

corrections have been made but there are question marks that remain where corrections were not possible.We are most grateful to Bob Dalton of Magalia, California who provided the two Indexes.

In total these lists provide some 1700 names to search. Death certificates may be obtained from the State of California and care should be taken to document your findings.

Part I Daltons Born before 1900 out-of-state and died in California    Top

Col. I - Given Name
Col. 2 - Sex
Col. 3 - Birth Date
Col. 4 - Death Date & County
Col. 5 - Mother Maiden Name
Col. 6 - Father Last Name

Graham/M/12-14-94/12-20-43 Los Angeles/Crooks/0/
Llewelly K./F/10-5-94/10-26-72 Los Angeles/0/0/
Mary L./F/4-9/2-10-72 San Diego/0/01
Sara Elizabeth/F/7-22 /11-8-57 Contra Costa/Macdonald/Stevens/
Daulton, Clemie T./F/5-1"5/4-2M3 Yolo/0/0/

Barbara/F/7-10-96/2-19-79 Los Angeles/0/0/
Jack Este/M/3-2-93/7-10-54 Los Angeles/Pichey/0/

Alice J./F/1-20-76/5-IMO San Francisco/Travis/0/
Allen/M/F/ii-15-97/1-18-91 Orange/Kerstan/Bragg
Alrna/F/12-25-96/2-21-64 San Bernardino/McNeil/0/
Anna Laura/F/6-23-98/5-5-94 Butte/Endress/Evans
Eliza F./F/10-26-94/5-5-86 Fresno/Bohannan/McClusky
Frances M./F/7-12-99/5-16-32 San Diego/Moffett/0/
George Washington/M/3-21-80/4-18-57 Los Angeles/0/0/
James A,/M/6-19-92/1-2-69 San Joaquin/0/0/
James Mason/M/4-20-90/1-1-81 Los Angeles/Ridnour/0/
Wiley 0./M/3-13-88/2-43-76 Kern/0/01
William H./M/1-16-70/12-9-47 Solano/Newman/0/

Carmen Castille/F/7-4-98/10-26-58 Los Angeles/Maldonado/Castile/
David W. /M/ 11-1 5-94/4-14-73 Riverside/0/0/

Bartette W./M/9-6- ?/11-24-71 Orange/0/0/
Estella Crowther/F/9-3-89/5-3-52 Los Angeles/Martenson/Crowther/
Eugenie A./F/11-13-9313-13-70 Butte/0/0/
Fred F,/M 1l-1-74/4-11-42 Alameda/0/0/
Helen/F/2-20-9413-25-69 Los Angeles/0/0/
Mark A /M/4-26-97/1-10-71 Los Angeles/0/0/
Maud E IF/10-31-81/4-13-60 San Diego/Blanchard/0/
May Alice Rose/F/5-22-96/8-15-83 Los Angeles/Eynard/Rose/
Rose Olive/M/1-7-12/5-1-85 Los Angeles/Oneil/Michod/
Sara E./F/9-1-94/6-6-82 Los Angeles/Smith/Sikes/

Leo F /M/6-6-94/11-8-75 Los Angeles/0/0/
Daulton, Adelaide Raynor/F/7-17-62/1-18-44 Los Angeles/Carmen/Raynor/

Isabella A, F/2-10-68/10-9-54 San Francisco/Burke/McMahon /
William Burns/M/l 1-2-73/9-27-50 Los Angeles/Williams/0/

Della Phillips/F/9-14-69/6-24-40/ Tuolumne/Dietz/Phillips/

Cora Evelyn/F/12-24-78/9-19-53 Los Angeles/0/Sanders/
Henry B./M/3-3-?/12-12-58 Contra Costa/Lyle/0/
Tob/M/11-20-99/6-20-79 Santa Clara /0/0/
Willie Sorrells/F/3-1-95/6-28-53 Los Angeles/Scott/Sorrells/

Charles Francis/M/3-25-96/2-11-77 Los Angeles/0/0/
Robert Dock/M/11-1 0-87/1-3-81 Alameda/Perry/0/
William Shanks/M/7-22-90/6-8-52 Los Angeles/Perry/0/

Agnes/F/4-8-71/10-10-47 Ventura/Kenney/Hannon
Bessie Blanc/F/7-16-99/5-13-79 Shasta/0/0/
Cania/F/12-15-61/12-1-54 San Joaquin/Pinker/Dalton/
Charles L./M/9-1-77/1-9-62 Mendocino/Shephard/0/
Charley S/M/11-1 6-95/8-27-68 San Diego/Anderson/0/
Christina Latto/F/6-26-85/10-24-81 Los Angeles/Thompson/Campbell/
Delia M./F/11-5-82/10-17-77 Los Angeles/0/0/
Eleanor May/F/5-15-85/1-7-44 Los Angeles/Hill/Lockwood/
Eunice Hicks/F/7-17-77/1-14-90 Los Angeles/Hill/Hicks/
Everett/M/11-16-76/3-19-54 Sonoma/Miller/0/
Francis P./M/3-17-78/4-4-62 San Bernardino/0/0/
George Wilbrod/M/10-12-88/9-2A5 Los Angeles/Chafee/0/
Grace S./F/9-19-87/9-23-68 San Bernardino/Wood/0/
Hattie L./F/5-27-70/12-1-51 Los Angeles/Kennedy/Mead/
Isabel Hardie/F/2-22-93/7-27-85 Fresno/Warner/Hardie/
James Joseph/M/6-20-71/11-27-48 San Francisco/Bill/0/
John E./M/4-6-97/10-25-96 San Bemardino/Mooney/0/
Julia C./F/1-15-97/7- ?3/ San Francisco/Landers/0/
Lela L./F/3-5-87/10-1 ?2/ San Fancisco/Crabtree/0/
Lenora Theresa/F/6-20-75/8-9-40 Los Angeles/Lucchesia/Witzell/
Lillie A./F/7-24-82/1-7-68 Mendocino/DeWtt/0/
Margaret Alice/F/3-10-93/10-15-83 Los Angeles/Uebig/Shean/
Michael P./M/10-13-95/9-24-45 San Mateo/0/0/
Neva M./F/9-2-90/1-31-72 Placer/0/0/
Raymond Morris/M/I 1-6-91/3-30-53 San Diego/McCarthy/0/
Victor E./M/7-28-91/12-18-41 Los Angeles/0/0/
Walter/M/6-18-90/5-21-63 Los Angeles/Vydck/0/
William P./M/1-13-79/5-16-61 Los Angeles/Hunt/0/
Dolton, Oliver Lincoln/M/I 1-1 1-6517-28-51 Los Angeles/Nietzsch/0/
Percy Lewis/M/10-28-9815-15-58 Los Angeles/Anderson/0/

Albert A./M/2-1-75/11-4-60 lnyo/0/0/
Carmen/F/9-18-86/11-15-75 Los Angeles/O/Of
Carrie W./F/4-10-65/12-17-? Alameda/0/Eddleman/
Dorothy Eunice/F/5-8-9513-28-81 Contra Costa/0/Schwartzell/
Eliza Jane/F/6-19-56/11-2-43 Los Angeles/0/Thackery/
Ethel/F/9-17-09/11-12-56 Ventura/Cincinte/Meeker/
Ethel L./F/7-3-84/12-4-74 Los Angeles/0/0/
Fern Opal/F/10-18-96/12-20-81 Contra Costa/Anderson/Fields/
Frank/M/11-20-88/12-12-66 Santa Barbara/0/0/
James Francis/M/5-5-70/12-26-51 Santa Cruz/0/0/
James Sylvester/M/12-29-75/5-22-45 Los Angeles/Miller/0/
Nina Lyon/F/9-9-73/11-24-46 Alameda/Turk/Lyon/
Ottie I/F/3-31-82/12-2-? Los Angeles/Abrell/0/
Robert G/M/2-2-89/9-20-61 Los Angeles/Devine/0/
Ruth/F/1-1-81/7-1-54 Los Angeles/Kilby/Hagen/

Albert M./M/5-12-74/5-8-59 Alameda/0/0/
Cora Efthero/F/2-1-71/8-3-47 Los Angeles/0/Pierce/
Emma Noble/F/1-19-77/9-4-48 Los Angeles/Sebern/Noble/
Florence Lucinda/F/7-M2/5-25-58 Santa Barbara/Bowley/Brisbane/
George Eugene/M/11-15-77/7-30-56 San Francisco/Buckland/0/
Hattie M./F/8-25-62/4-23-29 San Joaquin/Huston/Newton/
Helen Sophia/F/12-28-68/12-26-47 San Diego/Haight/Carpenter
J. Frank/M/9-3-77/7-19-59 Los Angeles/Ball/0/
James Anthony/M/11-5-80/12-25-49 Los Angeles/Powers/0/
Josephine A./F/6-?3/4-19-54 San Bernardino/0/Moberg/
Myrtle Belle/F/9-7-88/3-1-54 Los Angeles/Smithson/Mullins/
Myrtle May/F/3-3-82/12-12-49 Sonoma/Rice/Grossnickle/
Daulton, Lillian Rose/F/6-22-75/1-1-58 Siskiyou/Poter/Garreft/

Asenath Marvel/F/8-3-75/10-23-56 Alameda/0/Marvel/
Edgar Browning/M/1-12-76/12-15-53 Orange/Jewett/0/
Estella D./F/12-31-90/1-9-75 Butte/0/0
Frank A. /M/3-21-90/12-15-58 Santa Clara/Wagnesson/0/
George B./M/5-12-62/1-1-41 Los Angeles/0/0/
George Earl/M/4-13-98/9-19-86 Los Angeles/Ball/0/
George Ray/M/ l-13-79/7-7-40 Merced/Bonewitz/0/
Harold Edward/M/7-5-99/12-30-90 Orange/Osborne/0/
Ida Myrtle/F/1-6-74/11-16-41 Kern/Schrader/Dark/
James Richard/M/5-22-90/10-26-57 Humbolt/Heekt/Coker /
Jesse Henry/M/9-29-90/7-1-54 San Joaquin/Romey/0/
Julia Blanch/F/6-30-88/4-21-49 San Joaquin/0/Dewaide/
Lillian/F/4-19-87/11-5-72 Riverside/0/0/
Marshall Andrew/M/9-10-99/12-28-54 Orange/0/0/
Mary K./F/6-5-99/6-14-71 Los Angeles/0/0/
Mary LJF/11-3-91/11-3-70 Stanislaus/0/0/
Minny Eleanor/F/5-17-92/10-19-87 Sacramento/Rydell/Johnson/
Raymond Charles/M/12-23-97/10-12-82 Butte/Lamieux/0/
Roy Thomas/M/1 0-7-83/11-22-57 Los Angeles/Rust/0/
Stella D./F/12-31-90/1-9-75 Butte/0/01
Verda Rose/F/9-5-97/11-23-93 Los Angeles/Crouch/Fulton/
Walter Scott/M/6-4-83/7-29-54 Los Angeles/King/0/

Anna M.IF/1-18-94/8-31-66 Los Angeles/Gromley/0/
Annie/F/9-15-68/6-9-67 San Diego/Fisher/Jones/
Edley A./M/5-6-72/1-25-68 San Diego/Pinkston/0/
Elmer/M/5-23-99/9-21-69 Los Angeles/Skidmore/0/
Florence F./F/3-29-97/6-3-60 Los Angeles/Goldsmith/0/
Geneva J./F/1-30-76/10-23-61 Los Angeles/0/0/
Grace M.F14-4-94/8-21-60 Los Angeles/Basham/0/
Guy Ewrett/M/3-19-94/5-21-58San Bernardino/Flannery/0/
Harry Stroud/M/ 1-5-94/1-13-49 Los Angeles/Stroud/0/
Hester Mary/F/9-29-69/4-26-49 Los Angeles/0/Osborn/
Hugh B./M/5-18-91/6-11-66 Tulare/Kuykendall/0/
Jack P/M/1-12-79/11-12-60 Los Angeles/0/0/
Lucy Bell/F/8-29-67/2-2-60 Tulare/ Potts/Kuykendall/0/
Lynn B./F/3-12-74/10-14-60 Alameda/Wells/0/
Margaret M./F/I 1-12-96/5-10--92 Los Angeles/Gormley/0/
Mary Nancy/F/1-1-78/8-1-49 San Francisco/0/0/
Minnie/F/9-14-87/7-23-77 Los Angeles/0/0/
Ross A./M/10-27-89/3-24-67 Tulare/Kuykendall/0/
Sophie/F/I 1-23-81/11-2-63 Los Angeles/0/01
Daulton, Ina F./F/-82/12-8-75 Orange/0/0/

Ellen/F/10-?l/3-21-64 Santa Cruz/Finch/0/
Lilie P./F/9-14-82/8-30-63 Monterey/0/0/

Ella A./F/11-2-73/4-11-55 San Francisco/Bartlett/Small/
Laurence M./M/9-22-92/1-24-60 San Diego/Lamson/0/
Margaret Josephine/F/8-17-89/8-20-55 Orange/Violet/McNally/

Alice B./F/8-31-75/5-31-63 Santa Barbara/0/01

Alma Lurissa/F/6-18-99/1-22-84 Riverside/Greer/Mitchell/
Charles Francis/M/8-12-74/11-16-57 Napa/Wing/0/
Francis D./M/4-26-?/1-31-40 Mendocino/Splaine/Dalton
John/M/11-1-91/4-22-53 San Joaquin/0/0/
John Edward/M/10-4-78/4-14-49 San Francisco/Lamb/0/
John Francis/M/11-22-74/12-1-47 Contra Costa/Brosman/0/
John Thomas/M/9-6-94/11-9-59 San Diego/Dreeland/01
Julia Edna/F/2-10-61/5-9-47 Los Angeles/0/0/
Katherin E./F/8-4-87/6-22-66 Los Angeles/Nagee/0/
Mildred A./F/9-14-96/2-19-70 Los Angeles/0/0/
Nellie Baldwin/F/1-24-61/11-20-50 Los Angeles/Baldwin/
William P./M/10-1-58/3-?2 San Francisco/Sullivan/0/

Bessie/F/10-28-95/4-22-69 Los Angeles/Pope/0/
Edward R./M/12-22-86/1-22-72 Los Angeles/0/0/
Emma Frances/F/12-22-82/5-15-55 Los Angeles/Lewis/Leop/
Frank W./M/5-30-93/10-11-76 Contra Costa/0/01
Howard Richard/M/ 1-3-88/4-2-49 Monterey/O'Conner/0/
Irene Valede/F/12-15-98/11-7-84 Los Angeles/Lebdu/Chartier/
Jack/M/6-25-56/12-16-44 San Francisco/Cunningham/0/
James/M/1-1-79/11-9-44 Sacramento/0/0/
Margaret/F/5-2-85/8-15-75 Los Angeles/0/0/
Roy W./M/12-23-89/1-9-65 Kern/Daulton/0/
Rubie M./F/5-15-91/11-19-72 Los Angeles/0/0/
Daulton, Henery ./M/2-15-75/2-? Tulare/Johnson/0/
Daulton, Willie/M/12-23-89/5-9-65 Kern/0/0/

Dorothy A./F/11-10-95/1-1-76 San Diego/0/0/
Edith Ethel/F/8-15-83/5-20-47 Santa Clara/0/Brunk/
Emma Louise/F/12-5-75/9-17-48 Los Angeles/Pelpz/Dee/
Minnie L./F/12-12-88/1-5-74 Santa Clara/0/0/
Sigrid/F/1-9-94/6-23-73 Los Angeles/0/0/

Alice Kate/F/2-28-98/11-21-47 Madera/Cruise/Turner/
Hamilton McMillan /M/5-16-65/12-30-43 Los Angeles/McMillan/0/
Howard/M/1 1-1 -85/5-23-52 San Joaquin/Martin/0/
Mattie Lou/F/8-4-95/10-27-85 Santa Clara/Starr/Blount/

Alanzo Franklin/M/2-2-77/1-14-50 Butte/0/0/
Bertha MJF/5-16-93/5,20-73 Los Angeles/0/0/
Bertha 0,/F/12-17-83/5-17-71 Alameda/0/0/
Clara Belle/F/6-4-98/9-1-92 Tulare/Weisch/Sturn/
Elizabeth/F/1-1-68/1-2-53 Los Angeles/0/Dalton/
Ella Fay/F/3-2-78/2-11-44 Los Angeles/Ayers/Zachadie/
Emin Guy/M/ll-4-89/4-22-82 Mendocino/Gregg/01
Flora Beryl/F/7-28-99/4-24-85 Los Angeles/Long/Cowell/
Floyd E./M/3-5-97/4-18-68 Los Angeles/Fidler/0/
Frank W./M/ 1-6-85/3-6-40 Los Angeles/Whipple/0/
Fred Orvile/M/4-7-98/9-9-54 Monterey/Triplet/0/
Garrett G./M/8-27-62/10-5-76 Sacramento/0/0/
Harry B./M/12-4-62/7-1-55 Los Angeles/Herridon/0/
Harry L/M/8-24-84/6-12-61 Los Angeles/Shelton/0/
Helena D. or J./F/11-9-94/7-4-76 Orange/0/0/
Iva B /F/12-4-87/5-27-63 Los Angeles/Smith/0/
James Horner/M/3-1-98/3-5-79 Monterey/0/0/
Littleton/M/O-2-57/1-2-42 Yolo/0/0/ - Brother of the "Dalton Gang"
Maggie J./F/1-8-86/3-25-72 Tulare/0/0/
Mary F,/F/2-22-82/6-4-75 Los Angeles/0/0/
Moses Marcellus/M/4-3-79/5-16-51 Contra Costa/Bell/0/ - My Grandfather
Oda L./F/l-1-84/12-1-61 Los Angeles/Griffin/0/
Robert E./M/3-2-82/1-21-60 Fresno/Hampton/0/
Rosa M./F/5-27-79/12-12-69 Los Angeles/Menzer/0/
Roy/M/9-20-88/7-1-44 Mendocino/Sunderland/0/
Thomas L./M/7-4-98/7-15-68 Santa Clara/Muldoon/0/

Daulton, Anna Schnitzer/F/7-18-84/1-18-55 Orange/Blair/Schnitzer/
Daulton, Arch C./M/6-2 ?5/9-28-71 Orange/0/01
Daulton, Elizabet W/F/1-29-76/3-31-60 Los Angeles/Rupe/0/
Daulton, Ira Cornelius/M/11-21-80/12-26-57 Siskiyou/0/0/

Dolton, Albert A./M/12-29-83/6-5-68 Los Angeles/Nietzsch/0/
Dolton, Etta Einora/F/2-26-75/2/28-48 Los Angeles/Poor/Crow/
Dolton, Flavia M./F/12-24-96/2-11-87 Los Angeles/Wayne/0/
Dolton, Floyd Abraham/M/4-29-81/5-27-48 Los Angeles/0/0/
Dolton, Hariett N./F/5-7-96/1-10-75 Los Angeles/0/0/
Dolton, Leslie V./M/8-7-94/11-8-75 Los Angeles/0/0/
Dolton, Louis A./M/6-5-78/6-13-46 Los Angeles/Nietzsch/0/
Dolton, Oliver L./M/5-28-92/11-9-61 Riverside/Wayne/0/
Dolton, Thomas Franklin/M/4-23-99/2-22-82 Los Angeles/Ford/0/
Dolton, William E./M/12-14-99/12-17-88 San Mateo/Wayne/0/

Grant R./M/5-21-86/9-27-80 Inyo/McLowery/0/
Dolton, Bessie Marion/F/10-31-98/10-13-83 Los Angeles/Moorhead/Beihler/

Estelle E/F/2-15-90/3-23-70 San Bernardino/0/0/
Mary C./F/2-14-90/9-5-72 San Diego/0/0/
Minnie May/F/8-1-87/8-7-57 Los Angeles/Guidan/Vanieuvan/

Charles A./M/2-14-7515-20-44 Sacramento/McKissick/0/
Howard Franklin/M/9-1-87/10-24-52 Sacramento/McKissick/0/
Joey/F/11-28-77/7-28-54 Inyo/Sandrock/Soper/
John Levi/N/18-20-66/7-23-42 Los Angeles/Rinker/0/
Lena K/F/8-7-79/8-11-70 Alameda/0/0/
Viola V/F/2-6-78/3-31-72 San Bernardino/0/0 /

Adelaide/F/12-16-95/1-30-75 Sonoma/0/0/
Eliza Edna/F/10-2-78/11-27-46 Los Angeles/0/Melick/
Michael Joseph/M/2-2-74/8-17-59 Los Angeles/Shea/0/

Alice M./F/2-19-92/6-13-70 Los Angeles/0/0/
Earl G/M/10-30-91/3-12-68 Los Angeles/Kutts/0/
Georgina L/F/5-21-94/1-26-78 Los Angeles/0/0/

Carolyn F./F/1-11-8917-3-74 San Diego/0/0/
Clara Schilling/F/11-15-91/2-20-84 Santa Clara/Gaunint/Schilling/
Edward Orville/M/B-M5/12-9-58 San Francisco/Smith/0/
Edward T./M/3-5-81/12-12-54 Glenn/0/0/
Edward T./M/12-30-81/7-3-72 San Francisco/0/0/
Elizabeth/F/7-11-79/10-16-49 ??/Peggs/Collins
George Francis/M/7-4-97/10-31-78 Los Angeles/0/0/
Harry Lockwood/M/2-27-8614-6-55 Los Angeles/Cull/0/
Henry Philip/M/6-24-88/7-5-58 Los Angeles/Haas/0/
Jack Henderson/M/2-12-85/11-8-48 Los Angeles/0/0/
Jessie Brown/F/1-1 3-8415-20-49 Contra Costa/Blodget/Brown/
John Francis/M/1-1-78/5-12-51 San Francisco/0/0/
John H./M/1-17-96/17-16-73 Santa Cruz/0/0/
Julia Margaret/F/4-3-91/12-10-78 Los Angeles/0/0/
Mary A./F/9-9-95/12-1&74 Los Angeles/0/0/
Mary Katherne/F15-4-98/1-20-87 Santa Clara/Miller/McEAlly/
Mary M./F/4-14-69/9-18-45 Los Angeles/Rice/Smith/
Mary R-/F/5-12-88/2-13-71 Santa Clara/0/0/
Mildred Marie/F/10-24-97/7-12-92 Los Angeles/Kessier/Schreiber/
Minnie/F/3-16-76/1-31-46 San Francisco/Brooks/Schroder/
Peter C./M/12-26-93/1-14-72 Los Angeles/00
Raymond P./M/7-18-92/3-21-41 Los Angeles/Crosby/0/
Richard Robert/M/12-23-90/5-29-78 Orange/0/0/
Waldruf A./M/?-95/8-17-75 Los Angeles/0/0/
Walter Thomas/M/3-7-9618-9-57 San Joaquin/0/0/
William E./M/12-98/11-11-77 Santa Clara/0/0/
William M./M/12-l- ?/4-13-72 Mariposa/0/0/
Daulton. Frank Xavier/M/2-15-95/8-25-47 Los Angeles/Cusick/0/

John Poindexter/M/10-10-74/12-29-55 Fresno/Westmoreland/0/
Mason W./M/5-28-93/5-22-73 Los Angeles/0/0/
Samuel Jackson/M/4-28-80/5-13-43 San Diego/0/0/
Thelma Hopkins/F/3-17-96/5-8-81 Los Angeles/Bowen/Hopkins/

Albert /M/11-7-94/4-1-61 San Diego/Rowe/0/
Charles Benjamin/M/6-16-69/3-30-40 Los Angeles/0/0/
Charles Selby/M/1-27-94/12-14-78 Los Angeles/010/
Cortland S./M/9-23-90/3-? Butte/Klumpke/0/
Delia May/F/5-12-86/3-23-47 Los Angeles/Hall/Miller/
Eva /F/10-29-93/8-14-62 Los Angeles/Null/0/
George W./M/2-10-92/12-1 -61 Los Angeles/Null/0/
Helen Esther/F/11-28-98/6-10-86 Sacramento/Hiltbrandt/Greeneisen/
Henry C/M/2-17-93/11-13-67 Los Angeles/Warnsley orWalmsley/0/
Jackie E./F/10-29-93/8-14-62 Los Angeles/Null/0/
James H./M/3-11-98/9-7-60 Santa Barbara/Hannahan/0/
James Isaac/M/12-24-79/6-1-48 Los Angeles/Moore/0/
John S./M/9-23-75/8-27-64 Santa Barbara/Moore/0/
Marie Bernadett/F/9-27-74/2-1-51 San Francisco/0/Lewis/
Maurice M./M/7-4-85/6-19-63 Los Angeles/0/0/
Marinda Celia/F/11-19-71/1-3-57 Alameda/0/Dalton/
Myrtle Maude/F/2-14-86/6-30-55 Los Angeles/Obenauer/Weltz/
Ottis/M/3-1-95/1-24-78 Contra Costa/0/0/
Rachel/F/8-25-93/12-5-77 Kern/0/0/
Rosanna/F/2-13-66/9-28-54 San Joaquin/Tanner/Ramey/
Sara Elizabeth/F/5-6-54/4-9-41 Los Angeles/Perry/Parker/
Shirley M./F/1-21-94/9-15-76 Santa Cruz/0/0/
Thomas S./M/l-6-80/6-1-66 Los Angeles/Johnson/0/
Wlliam/M/2-23-92/4-3-56 Los Angeles/0/0/
William Benno/M/10-7-79/9-11-47 Contra Costa/Klein/0/
Wilson Strader/M/5-4-59/9-14-40 Los Angeles/Smith/01
Emma Elizabeth/F[8-1806713-16-56 Riverside/Kramer/Bellman/
Daulton, John B./M/ l-4-77/12-25-43 San Diego/0/0/

Arnold Amos/M/6-13-95/9-30-47 Los Angeles/0/0/
Bonnie P./F/10-31-93/6-4-73 Sonoma/0/0/
Clarence Jennings/M/7-27-98/7-12-78 Stanislaus/0/0/
Harvey Lee/M/3-5-96/12-11-51 Ventura/McBride/0/
Jay H/M/7-31-97/1-13-64 Los Angeles/Perry/0/
John F./M/1-1-84/8-11-40 San Bernardino/Shehanock/0/
Sally/F/1-27-73/11-21-50 Contra Costa/0/Hedgecock/
William M./M/9-20-94/2-19-66 Los Angeles/Williams/0/

Byrd Gladys/F/8-5-89/5-4-58 Los Angeles/Byrd/King/
Edgar Lloyd/M/l-4-92/12-7-88 Contra Costa/Bellingham/0/
Hazel B./F/2-1-89/10-12-71 Los Angeles/0/0/
Helene/F/3-17-96/6-28-64 Santa Cruz/Flicking/0/
Lucy C./F/4-18-68/5-12-57 Alameda/Daly/Cook/
Norma G./F/11-26-98/1-4-91 San Diego/0/0/
Reuben G./M/12-14-98/12-27-74 Sacrarnento/0/0/
William Douglas/M/6-30-91/9-29-82 Shasta/McBurney/0/

Cad R./M/12-2-85/8-26-71 Santa Barbara/0/0/
Eflie D/F/9-15-92/11-25-72 Los Angeles/0/0/
Harry/M/10-18-76/1-6-41 Santa Clara/0/01
Harvey Benjamin/M/10-18-80/1-24-46 Los Angeles/0/0/
John F./M/8-15-82/5-13-59 San Francisco/Gaffney/0/
John J/M/5-30-95/8-16-75 Kern/0/01
Mary A./F/4-22-82/5-16-70 Orange/0/0/
Mary Elizabeth/F/4-11-95/12-12-81 Kern/0/0/
Maud L/F/3-17-85/8-26-70 Los Angeles/0/0/
Roberta S/F/6-1-94/1-1-70 Santa Barbara/0/0/
Stanley/M/10-23-74/4- 4- 44 San Mateo/0/0/

Henry/M/8-1-69/12-9-45 Alameda/McGrath/0/

Arthur Lee/M/10-28-85/2-3-58 Los Angeles/0/0/
Green B./M/2-3-68/4-5-42 Los Angeles/Wolf/0/
Joseph J./M/3-17-89/1-9-77 Los Angeles/0/0/
Mabel M/F/8-20-89/4-8-74 Del Norte/0/0/
Minnie/F/7-8-98/1-5-43 Los Angeles///Miller/
Robert Lee/M/12-26-82/2-6-47 Orange/Holland/0/
Robert Oscar/M/1-12-83/l-25-56 Alameda/Evons/0/
Tandy Harrison/M/4-24-79/8-12-48 Madera/Cloud/0/
Thomas/M/?-2-65/7-25-43 San Diego/Bledsoe/0/
William Edgar/M/7-2-?/1-5-47 San Joaquin/0/0/
Daulton, Louis Kylel/M/5-2?/4-56 Los Angeles/0/0/

Annie Lee/F/12-4-78/7-27-87 Los Angeles/0/Gamble/
Dorothy N./F/2-1-91/1-23-73 Los Angeles/0/0/
Effie L./F/6-12-75/7-6-44 Solano/StovalI/Thomas/
Ethlyn/F/7-2-?/ 1-1-59 Los Angeles/Parkey/Dalton/
Farmel Bryan/M/3-19-96/9-9-78 Kerr/0/0/
Flora Alice/F/7-3-82/4-4-53 Los Angeles/Mords/Johnson/
Flossie G./F/7-26-8?/1-3-71 Orange/0/0/
Frank Oscar/M/?-15-77/10-2-49 Tulare/Broaddus/0/
Gilbert O./M/7-25-98/9-27-71 Kerr/0/0/
Hollon/M/?-92/10-9-71 Los Angeles/0/0/
Jesse James/M/8-1-99/11-23-52 San Bernardino/Costello/0/
John Ben/M/5-5-82/8-15-54 Los Angeles/Marshall/0/
Lene B./F/8-19-93/2-15-75 Stanislaus/0/0/
Nell Noral/F/12-30-98/9-?9 San Diego/Swnt/McMurry/
Roy A//M/7-5-81/8-1-42 Los Angeles/Broaddus/0/
Ruth B /F/1 0-25-94/4-17-84 Solano/0/0/
Thomas Valson/M/9-10-33/10-11-48 Los AngeleslBroaddus/0/
Wallace S/M/9-12-87/16-26-40 Los Angeles/0/0/
William Boyd/M/8-20-99/10-25-89 Kern/Chandler/0/
Zonia L./F/3-1-92/15-11-77 Fresno/0/0/

Daulton, Ada Lea/F/4-11-92/1-9-50 Los Angeles/Noel/Kuykendall/
Daulton. Kathrine Maud/F/4-2-83/3-10-58 Los Angeles/Lewis/Green/
Daulton, Nina/F/?Tulare/Rowlett/Darnell/

Dolton, Alberta E./F/10-2-5/1-9-50 Los Angeles/Smith/Crump/

Adelaide Chase/F/ 1-12-60/10-26-42 Los Angeles/Thome/Chase/
Anna Sirdne/F/2-15-71/10-1-54 Los Angeles/Woodmansee/Sirdne/
Byron R-/M/?.29-97/7-15-74 Los Angeles/0/0/
Carrie/F/6-1-94/10-7-47 Los Angeles/Rasmussen/Jeser/
Clarence E./M/5-21-80/11-21-43 Los Angeles/Clark/01
Emelia C./F/8-22-91/7-14-61 San Bernardino/Andersan/0/
Emily A./F/4-17-94/10-30-61 Los Angeles/Mitchall/0/
Flossie A./F/1-4-94/10-23-74/0/0/
George A./M/10-16-95/8-2-72 Los Angeles/Colton/0/
Jesse Frank/M/2-1-90/7-25-51 Los Angeles/Giles/0/
Leroy/M/9-1 ?7/8-12-69 Los Angeles/Wiley/0/
Lester/M/12-26-87,? Santa Barbara/0/0/
Lexia 5./F/4-2-93/5-25-77 San Diego.0/0/
Lillias M./F/3-6-76/-7-? Los Angeles/Smith/0/
Margaret J./F/12-2-89/11-12-86 Orange/Perkins/Mackleprang/
Marvin A./M/10-11-91/9-12-65 Eldorado/Hall/0/
Mary/f/ Fresno/0/0/
Mary J./F/4-28-84/11-24-61 Contra Costa/Worthen/0/
Maylon A./M/6-10-96/1-26-65 Los Angeles/Clements/0/
Phillip D./M/12-1-88/10-9-73 Riverside/0/0/
Thalia M./F/l?--89/2-12-76 San Diego/0/0/
William Henry/M/?-57 Los Angeles/Duraide/0/
Willie Rean/M/2-7-91/5-1-45 Los Angeles/Rean/0/

Bert C./M/6-28-85/12-23-44 Los Angeles/0/0
Suddy Cleveland/M/6-2-85/2-23-44 Los Angeles/Roach/0/
Clyde V./M/5-27-95/7-21-61 Los Angeles/Wright/0/
Douglas Morton/M/5-24-96/4-28-79 Santa Cruz/0/0/
George Curtis/M/2-1-93/11-23-52 Alameda/0/0/
Joe C./M/8-23-98/11-24-50 Ventura/Catter/0/
Lula/F/5-1-68/16-17-48 Los Angeles/Ambrose/Coffee/
Saford Carl/M/?/1-7-46 Los Angeles/Cox/0/

Christina E./F/8-20-73/6-1849 Los Angeles/Judge/Tangert
Elizabeth C./F/5-16-46/1-3-45 Santa Clara/0/Clawson/
Merwin E./M/3-21-94/6-26-76 Los Angeles/0/0/

Anna V./F/ 1-14-79/3-4-58 Los Angeles/McDonald/Warriott/ or Marriott/
Mary Florence/F/9-21-94/1-3-57 Los Angeles/Miller/Dean/

Anna Agatha/F/5-29-94/5-1-52 Napa/Brand/Ott/
Garder Farbaim/M/8-5-98/4-2-83 Contra Costa/Gardner/0/
Thomas P./M/2-18-95/2-5-72 Sacramento/0/0/
William J./M/9-13M/11-20-60 Los Angeles/Collins/0/
Dolton, Effie Epherrvia/F/7-31-75/10-7-?6 Los Angeles/Dart/Dart/
Dolton, Eliza Jane/F/12-18-71/12-20-47 Los Angeles/Smith/Durrant/

Viva May/F/l-17-99/10-27-82 San Benito/0/Rath/
William H./M/12-23-89/11-3-68 San Mateo/0/0/

Goldie Perc/F/7-15-99/9-5-92 Los Angeles/Nickerson/Crowell/
James Addison/M/2-17-64/11-4-45 Los Angeles/Story/0/
John Franklin/M/12-27-63/11-30-44 Los Angeles/Bancroft/0/
Leo Temple/M/11-24-87/7-17-78 Los Angeles/0/0/
Lucinda/F/1-1-62/8-8-41 Los Angeles/0/Barnes/

Inez/F/1-21-91/4-19-84 San Dego/0/0/
Trinidad Macias/F/7-11-62/5-9-49 Los Angeles/Moya/Macias/

Nicholas G/ M/6-18-98/4-9-70 Los Angeles/0/0/


DALTONS Born 1900 and Later Out-of State and Died in Californis 1940-1997

1. Given Name
2. Sex
3. Birth Date
4. Death Date & County
5. Mother Maiden Name
6. Father Last Name

Betty Jean/f/4-9-28/4-23-57 San Mateo/0/Hunycutt/

Dolores Ann/f/12-20-38/7-23-88 Contra Costa/GustustDalton/

Ethel/f/I 2-25-15/11-2M5 Los Angeles/Bishop/Burroughs/

Lynn Houston/f/9-8-14/12-4-51 San Francisco/0/Dalton/

Ronnie/m/10-4-54/5-2-77 Contra Costa/0/0/

Tommy D./m/5-14-13/12-20-44 San Francisco/0/Dalton/

W. C./m/2-20-41/1-20-97 Orange/Hartline/0/

Bertie Lee/f/8-24-22/11-3-93 Los Angeles/Moore/Little/

Christopher S./m/8-23-21/14-19-70 Alameda/0/0/

Gerald E./m/18--14/8-27-77 Los Angeles/0/0/

William Henry/m/9-27-28/4-20-78 Sacramento/0/0/

Angielin P./f/12-24-01/8-17-74 Los Angeles/0/0/

Arthur F./m/5-3-12/2-14-64 San Francisco/Dalton/0/

Bonnie Aline/f/2-26-14/2-24-86 Yuba/Edwards/Wood/

Bonnie Lee/f/1-31-36/7-24-86 Los Angeles/Smith/Durham/

Carl Malcolm/m/7-31-04/4-24-89 Orange/Crews/0/

Cirsel Jackson/m/8-4-1013-22-95 San Joaquin/0/0/

Clyde Eugen/m/4-12-09/6-26-59 San Francisco/Thomas/Dalton/

Clyde Vester/m/4-15-09/6-9-90 Contra Costa/Alston/0/

Cordia Odelialf/ 11-6-02/7-2-96 Kern/Alley/Hanks/

Daniel/m/9-12-08/10-23-87 Stanislaus/King/0/

Dorothy B./f/12-29-11/8-18-75 Sacramento/0/01

Dovey Joycean/f/1-28-33/1-16-45 Sutter/Hanks/Dalton/

Dwight I./m/3-9-06/4-23-66 Orange/Ingram/0/

Hervia H./m/7-13-06/9-27-76 Tulare/0/0/

Ivory Earl/m/10-27-15/5-3-95 San Francisco/Mayberry/0/

Lee Arthur/m/6-18-15/3-20-85 Stanislaus/0/0/

Lois(Loyce'?) Marie/f/1-9-34/11-7-80 Alameda/0/Brown/

Margaret/f/12-30-19/2-23-49 San Francisco/Hegwood/Graves/

Nell Katherine/f/6-16-26/7-9-92 Orange/Bass/May/

Nina K./f/9-11-17/12-23-91 Solano/Hause/Price/

Opal May/f/I 1-8-23/12-23-91 Sacramento/Bolden/Simpson/

Pearl H./f/3-13-03/1-21-80 Santa Clara/0/0/

Robert Lee/m/11-8-23/ 1-7-89 Sonoma/Hance/0/

Roy T./m/3-8-11/9-10-69 San Bernadino/Stover/0/

Vernus/m/ 1-22-14/9-10-79 Contra Costa/0/0/

Wacie A./f/9-26-11/10-19-75 Fresno/0/0/

Daulton, Daniel V./m/11-15-09/12-9-76 Sacrament/0/0/

Barbara Jean/f/11-17-29/9-30-89 Imperial/Winston/Glover/

Bryan Charles/m/7-19-49/10-17-87 Los Angeles/Nevels/0/

Charles Edward/m/6-12-26/1-10-90 Los Angeles/Wagoner/0/

Ernestine/f/10-22-14/3-12-97 San Bemardino/Luna/Endlich/

Franz Glispy/m/2-24-29/1-14-86 Riverside/0/0/

James Martin/m/10-9-50/10-16-96 Los Angeles/Saunders/0/

Sylvia Mary/f/5-5-14/1-2-48 Los Angeles/Warzenick/Momahan/

Wayland Wallace/m/4-25-43/1-30-45 Los Angeles/Surrett/Dalton/

Wesley A./m/1-23-56/2-9-75 Orange/0/0/


Anna Josephine/f/12-20-11/11-10-88 San Bernardino/Palmer/Dickison/

Bernice May/f/8-7-05/5-3-89 Santa Clara/Baldridge/Bourne/

Clemeth Joseph/m/1 1-21-01/7-18-58 Lake/0/0/

Fern M./f/6-14-10/9-23-60 Placer/Strickland/0/

Geraldine Leona /f/7-8-28/9-14-80 Sacramento/Lewis/Lawson/

Howard M./m/2-21-14/1-11-79 San Bemardino/0/0/

Irene Elma /f/8-20-06/10-15-89 Los Angeles/Cambell/Mackey/

John Cramner/m/9-1-12/4-28-78 Nevada/0/0/

Leslie Ray/m/4-24-11/5-31-90 San Diego/Scott/0/

Leslie Ray/m/6-24-32/9-6-96 San Diego/Kennedy/0/

Marie Martha/f/4-11-11/4-27-87 San Diego/Young/Ziegler/

Robley S./m/10-27-07/12-19-65 Los Angeles/Scott/0/

Ruth Ellen/f/9-12-07/12-31-85 Los Angeles/Brown/McIntyre/

Sally charline/f/7-4-09/9-10-43 San Bemardino/Summers/Dalton/

Thomas Stanley/m/3-27-03/9-17-83 Alarneda/0/0/

Charles E./rn/10-24-25/6-6-96 Los Angeles/Murnane/0/

Dorothy Siefen/f/l1-24-05/1-4-94 Alameda/Hansen/Siefen/

William J./m/10-1 8-32/2-20-96 Santa Clara/Sullivan/0/

Charles Robert/m/7-28-45/2-17-90 Los Angeles/Jones/0/

Harry Robert/m/9-16-24/2-26-80 Riverside/Wise/0/

Sarah.R./f/8-13-20/3-21-74 Sacramento/0/0/


Beulah U./f/10-17-02/3-12-71 San Bernardino/0/0/

Bradford E./m/10-6-02/12-6-74 Los Angeles/0/0/

Clara/f/7-26-24/8-16-82 Alameda/Aldrich/Ritch/

Henry R./m/8-27-23/11-23-97 San Diego/Smith/0/

James S./m/1-22-02/4-4-70 Los Angeles/0/0/

Gene Andra/m/11-1-48/7-24-59 Los Amgeles/Beazer/Dalton/

Lucille/f/4-14-15/1-2-51 Sacramento/Lincoln/Kekeowa/

Steven George/m/2-11-59/12-28-79 Yolo/0/0/

Audubon Mathias/m/7-18-01/7-5-78 San Bernardino/0/0/

Clyde E./m/6-21-03/4-29-73 Santa Clara/0/0/

Elizabet A./f/9-27-03/10-28-72 San Joaquin/0/0/

Jack/m/2-24-02/2-21-85 Los Angeles/0/0/

Jack/m/12-14-09/9-30-43 Imperial/Badgley/Dalton/

Mildred Irene/f/3-11-05/5-31-87 Los Angeles/Lee/Fowler/

Neville Joseph/m/3-13-11/10-29-82 San Bernardino/Davis/0/

Royal Jack/rn/2-24-02/2-21-85 Los Angeles/0/0/


Ailene Mary/f/ 1-30-30/10-7-89 San Francisco/Williams/Durant/

Albert/m/1-13-21/5-9-84 Los Angeles/Underwood/0/

Barbara Jean/f/12-7-29/10-23-87 Alameda/Cohagan/George/

Bernard F./m/5-21-24/12-6-66 Alameda/0/0/

Beverly Ann/f/11-29-41/8-16-96 Ventura/Goneal/Anastia

Buell Harris/m/6-13-06/12-20-82 Alameda/Coon/0/

Cynthia Burnham/f/10-15-24/12-13-81 Los Angeles/0 /Burnham/

David R./m/6-10-28/7-5-97 Sacramento/Bensen/0/

Donald G./m/4-10-32/6-17-86 Los Angeles/Raymond/0/

Dora I./f/7-18-01/7-16-71 Sacramento/0/0/

Dorothy M./f/4-2-09/1-29-75 Los Angeles/0/0/

Elizabet R./f/3-3-35/3-10-75 Yuba/0/0/

Elmer Harvey/m/1-24-26/7-27-78 San Diego/0/0/

Ethel S./f/10-10-10/3-14-81 Los Angeles/Libman/Shakin/

Evelyn Agnes/f/11-13-17/3-15-97 Sonora/Roberts/Dalton/

Gilson D./m/8-11-13/10-15-75 Los Angeles/0/0/

James Earl/m/11-12-11/4-24-92 San Diego/Stonecipher/0/

James Isaac/rn/2-18-13/5-17-83 Los Angeles/0/0/

John M./m/9-26-12/5-3-61 Los Angeles/Montgomery/0/

Kathleen Mary/f/2-10-13/8-22-95 Riverside/Maher/Godfrey/

Lois Jean/f/12-24-26/1-12-87 Los Angeles/0/Wigfield/

Margaret Mary/f/7-30-14/3-3-90 Los Angeles/Goslin/Burns/

Margaret Phoenix/f/7-12-11/8-15-96 River-side/Ogden/Phoenix/

Mary Elaine/f/2-12-23/9-15-82 Los Angeles/Barlow/Fortner/

Mildred K./f/1-25-01/8-8-66 Orange/Herminch/0/

Opal L./f/7-6-04/8-23-94 Solano/0/Hungate/

Peggy Leona/f/`12-31-19/13-18-53 Los Angeles/Bolmer/Fleming/

Phyllis Constance/f/l0-11-16/5-10-79 San Francisco/0/0/

Raymond/m/11-23-09/6-9-82 Los Angeles/0/0/

Raymond A./m/3-14-09/1-26-74 Ventura/0/0/

Raymond Edward/m/10-19-16/8-23-87 Del Norte/Raymond/0/

Robert Joseph/m/10-28-14/5-25-97 Los Angeles/Mathieu/0/

Ronald Elmer/m/7-30-13/6-19-78 San Bernardino/0/0/

Roland St. Claire/m/9-20-15/4-9-84 Contra Costa/Schwartzle?/0/

Susan P./f/ 11-1 -43/11-6-74 San Diego/0/0/

Virginia Belle/f/12-31-12/5-28-83 San Diego/Youngs/John/

Walter G./m/5-23-26/8-21-73 Fresno/0/0/

Walter R./m/4-16-10/12-5-71 San Francisco/0/0/

Wesley E./m/2-21-30/6-14-85 Los Angeles/Higgins/0/

William A./m/6-12-69/7-5-71 Los Angeles/010/

William H./m/10-8-06/8-14-68 San Bernardino/Rector/Of

William Thomas/m/11-20-20/10-23-87 Ventura/Campbell/0/

Dolton, Vern Joseph/m/4-2-14/11-3-90 Orange/Lightholder/0/

Charles Otho/m/l-8-10/11-15-97 San Bernardino/Stewart/0/

Cleo Mae/f/11-13-02/8-16-97 Nevada/Jackson/Harnish/

Deborah Ann/f/8-6-49/9-14-80 Los Angeles/0/0/

Forrest Vance/m/6-21-31/10-2-90 Marin/Gardner/0/

Garrett William/m/10-28-46/2-25-97 Los Angeles/O'Brien/0/

Harold W./m/9-1-12/4-23-76 Los Angeles/0/0/

James/m/7-1-09/2-14-79 Alameda/0/0/

James R./m/10-21-24/4-16-73 San Francisco/0/0/

Jeannett H./f/11-27-11/7-17-67 Santa Cruz/Meehan/0/

Lavada Georgia/f/6-13-19/8-12-91 Los Angeles/Elder/Ewing/

Mary E./f/8-13-06/11-21-77 Marin/0/0/

Melville/m/4-2-07/11-17-78 Los Angeles/0/0/

Robert E./m/5-5-40/11-25-74 Los Angeles/0/0/

Vera Terry/f/9-3-20/3-10-95 Ventura/KimberlinfTerry/

William E./m/7-11-08/8-23-86 Imperial/0/0/

Adair Olivetf/12-5-01/7-13-96 Orange/Ander'son/Nelson/

Althea MdGrath/f/7-27-01/6-11-80 Alameda/Hargis/McGrath/

Burr/m/8-25-06/3-3-85 Los Angeles/Butzer/0/

Carl Frederick/m/3-22-06/2-14-52 San Francisco/Kiger/Dalton/

Chariotte Bacon/f/12-9-05/10-27-56 Los Angeles/Punkey/Bacon/

Donald J./rn/12-22-17/7-27-70 Butte/0/0/

Donald Joseph/rn/7-1-31/9-1-84 Santa Clara/Flannery/0/

Ernest/m/11-2-26/10-4-80 Los Angeles/Pinegar/0/

Eva Oral/f/2-17-13/12-12-90 Los Angeles/Wilds/Booton/

Garland/m/12-26-13/6-25-95 Sonoma/Grossnickle/0/

Geneva S./f/10-2-19/3-16-80 Los Angeles/Kirchoff/Santi/

George Bayard/m/11-1 7-14/3-31-58 Los Angeles/Bayard/Dalton/

Helen Blanche/f/1-24-03/8-5-90 San Bernardino/Booth/Perkins/

John C./m/5-12-02/1-6-75 Sonoma/0/0/

Laura Clara/f/2-21-0512-18-95 Los Angeles/Lohse/Seltzer/

Leonard/m/6-28-18/4-16-96 San Diego/Wilson/0/

Marjorie Belle/f/11-12-18/3-24-86 Solano/Schaffer/Artlip/

Melvin Elmer/m/6-18-2418-15-91 Sacramento/Seltzer/0/

Robert Dennis/m/12-2-42/6-14-91 San Diego/Stone/0/

Ruth M./f/11-4-11/5-8-77 San Francisco/0/0/

Sally Leona/f/ 11-29-09/5-2-80 Los Angeles/0/0/

Sara M./f/6-13-19/6-12-75 Los Angeles/0/0/

Vern Alexander/m/12-5-05/3-26-58 Placer/Crosswickle/Dalton/

Wilma Arlene/f/1-10-13/3-8-84 Orange/Evans/0/

Clarence A./m/1-27-17/3-22-76 Santa Clara/0/0/

Deane P./m/10-26-13/7-12-74 Los Angeles/0/0/

Emory L./m/1-12-01/2-11-73 Marin/0/0/

Frances Marie/f/1-6-18/4-8-84 Los Angeles/Walton/Robinson/

Harriette Kimball/f/10-18-02/4-20-88 Los Angeles/Scott/Kimball/

Jack R./m/4-11-27/10-29-92 Los Angeles/Cole/0/

Joe Eldred Theron/m/11-11-08/6-6-82 Orange/Moran/0/

Killian Clel/m/2-4-14/10-22-84 San bemardino/Ragiand/0/

Leona Thorpe/f/5-30-15110-16-86 San Bernardino/McKay/Thorpe/

Lewis Clifford/m/1-13-21/6-3-86 Los Angeles/Cole/0/

Lois Jeanette/f/9-11-09/12-10-96 Los Angeles/Ragle/Clayton/

Lucy Grace/f/12-8-08/8-20-86 Los Angeles/Webb/Hammond/

Marjorie S./f/8-15-09/1-17-75 Riverside/0/0/

Martha Olive/f/3-15-03/3-24-83 Los Angeles/0/0/

Nelle Blanche/f/5-17-02/5-24-96 Los Angeles/Osbourn/0/

Roy Thomas/m/7-22-12/7-25-93 Orange/Slater/0/

Ruth Modine/f/2-12-09/7-31-83 Humbolt/McLaughlin/ 0/

Thelma May/f/11-26-11/9-11-96 Los Angeles/Ingram/Cornell/

Thelma O./f/10-8-01/12-5-97 Monterey/Green/Smith/

Thomas Kelsey/m/6-11-01/2-8-85 Los Angeles/Kelsey/0/

William L./m/8-25-14/5-21-87 San Mateo/Murry/0/

Wilma P./f/8-31-06/5-4-91 Los Angeles/Butier/Shaw/

Edgar Harold/m/7-5-01/3-7-80 Butte/Miller/0/

Evelyn Ollie/f/6-10-18/12-21-93 Los Angeles/Powell/Welch/

Frances Oiler/f/9-23-20/7-25-93 Solano/Davis/Oiler/

Hobart M./m/9-11-19/6-1-72 Solano/0/0/

Homer E./m/3-7-28/6-18-50 San Bernardino/0/Dalton/

Kenneth Arthur/m/9-16-20/12-28-96 San Diego/Pollard/0/

Mary Gladys/f/1-10-20/6-28-92 San Bernardino/Hari/Simmons/

Thomas Leo/m/10-1-38/5-15-97 Stanislaus/Walden/0/

Daulton, Howard Breckenridge/m/6-26-14/6-18-94 Sonoma/McDowell/0/

Daulton, James Calvin/m/10-11-24/1-15-86 Contra Costa/Kingcade/0/

Antoinette/f/6-27-31/2-15-91 Los Angeles/Lyons/Woods/

Buck/m/1-4-14/11-26-52 Los Angeles/Graham/Dalton/

Daisey Madellen/f/3-21-43/9-13-97 Sacramento/Sistrunk/Steward/

Estelle Olivia/f/1-30-14/12-17-95 San Diego/Bubenzer/Roberts/

Jeff Levister/m/1-4-14/11-26-52 Los Angeles/Graham/Dalton/

Marie Teresa/f/4-8-13/5-25-84 Alameda/Bonacorso/Lomero/

Michel/m/3-1-15/3-11-85 San Francisco/Brown/0/

Nancy W./f/1-9-07/8-27-71 Los Angeles/0/0/

Samuel Lafayette/m/11-25-21/12-16-86 Los Angeles/Turner/0/

Clarice Pearl/f/4-30-16/4-28-97 Riverside/Grindel/Tibbets/

Virginia Evelyn/f/2-10-23/4-9-83 Ventura/Faulkner/Wear/

Alice/f/6-19-14/3-4-77 Los Angeles/0/0/

Charles E./m/9-9-43/6-2-80 Los Angeles/Lukins/0/

Charles Francis/m/5-6-09/2-13-92 Orange/Doran/0/

Edmund Gregory/m/11-5-43/1-17-80 Los Angeles/Barnard/0/

Eugene/m/4-13-27/10-22-77 Orange/0/0/

Frances Edna/f/1-16-02/8-2-79 Orange/0/0/

James/m/5-26-53/12-30-76 San Diego/0/0/

James J./m/4-23-16/6-13-80 San Bernardino/Cahill/0/

John J./m/9-18-45/12-19-67 Los Angeles/Hubbard/0/

Julia Mary/f/5-6-09/5-8-90 Orange/Ahern/Lyons/

Margaret Barnard/f/6-1-20/10-10-91 Los Angeles/Barnard/Conant/

Margaret Virginia/f/1-11-16/8-31-92 Orange/McNally/0/

Mary Ann/f/6-7-02/11-7-79 Orange/0/0/

Maynard S./m/8-6-10/7-29-81 San Francisco/0/0/

Megan P./f/10-30-68/9-29-74 San Diego/0/0/

Philip S./m/12-25-07/1-19-71 San Francisco/0/0/

Robert William/m/5-25-18/10-20-94 Los Angeles/Morrison/0/

Susie Loretta/f/ 11-6-30/1-8-90 San Francisco/Richercato/Deleo/

Thomas Edward/m/6-2-03/2-9-82 Los Angeles/Nichols/0/

Todd/m/8-17-57/4-2-88 San Diego/Frois/0/

Virginia Marie/f/11-2-18/7-1-91 Los Angeles/Killian/Dolan/

Alice M./f/ 11-25-16/10-29-91 San Diego/Fitzgerald/McGowan/

Beulah M./f/1-15-02/2-25-71 Sacramento/0/0/

Carl Russell/m/2-5-30/6-1-93 San Bemardino/Johnston/0/

David Doyal/m/6-26-21/10-6-92 San Diego/Clark/0/

Donald H./m/2-8-43/2-4-83 Contra Costa/Coleman/0/

Dorene E./f/7-13-36/12-14-79 Orange/0/0/

Edmond Bemard/m/7-18-36/3-29-95 Monterey/Hayes/0/

Edmond Brian/m/7-27-57/11-27-57 Los Angeles/ Short/Dalton/

Edmond J./m/7-24-17/4-19-87 Los Angeles/Griffin/0/

Gladys Margarete/f/6-28-07/5-8-93 Los Angeles/Lawrence/Green/

Knella/f/9-29-06/1-26-91 Los Angeles/Hood/Turner/

Rial F./m/5-16-07/3-7-64 Los Angeles/Lyman/0/

Michael/m/10-4-45/8-12-95 Santa Clara/Westerhelwig/0/

Willma E./f/8-27-21/4-15-67 Los Angeles/Woodworth/0/

Frances M./f/8-16-12/3-6-53 Santa Cruz/Craig/Lance/

Jeanine Gail/f/12-31-33/8-9-92 Los Angeles/Mayclin/Anderson/

Kenneth James/m/6-13-06/6-6-83 Orange/0/0/

Virginia W./f/1-4-11/8-8-94 Orange/Wall/White/

James Carter/m/7-1-13/4-19-87 Butte/Carter/0/

Jim Holman/m/10-8-11/12-21-84 Riverside/Berryhill/0/

Dolton, William/m/4-26-01/8-3-75 Los Angeles/0/0/

Ada/f/6-29-11/12-15-82 Yolo/Hinds/Spalding/

Alice Emmalf/4-17-21/12-17-81 Sacrarnento/0/Eastridge/

Carl Eugene/m/7-14-54/3-25-91 Riverside/Batson/0/

Cecil L./m/6-19-34/9-5-76 Santa Clara/0/0/

Clyde B./m/3-19-14/9-30-81 Alameda/Copple/0/

Comelius M./m/5-2-08/1-15-77 Los Angeles/0/0/

Delia Mae/f/2-4-23/2-24-93 Humbolt/Huff/Roberts/

Donald A./m/2-4-02/5-5-89 Sacramento/0/0/

Doris F./f/1-2-13/11-19-72 Orange/0/0/

Dorothea Lee/ f/5-29-01/6-26-58 Los Angeles/Roberts/Hill/

Earl Claire/m/5-10-05/9-5-65 Contra Costa/Mahurin/Dalton/

Edith F./f/3-22-11/12-24-87 San Diego/Young/Kennedy/

Edmond Dewey/m/9-11-07/11-17-83 Kern/0/0/

Francis Dwyer/m/8-4-25/4-9-92 Riverside/Koonsberry/0/

Frank W./m/8-3-26/4-2-96 Imperial/Bush/0/

Freeman Allen/rn/5-13-21/1-5-96 San Diego/Fulton/01

Freeman L./rn/7-7-16/2-12-67 Yolo/Hedge/0/

Gail Dewitt/f/8-19-15/2-2-81 Sacramento/Kinney/0/

Georgia Hanover/f/10-3-15/1-21-81 Los Angeles/Lohstroh/Hanover/

Harry Eugene/rn/3-12-01/8-28-51 Los Angeles/0/Dalton/

Ida L/f/10-24-21/6-11-77 San Diego/0/0/

Jack D./m/10-24-02/4-21-74 Yuba/0/0/

Jarvis Jackson/rn/2-14-20/4-12-90 Sacramento/Percell/0/

Jean/f/1-24-10/1-19-93 Fresno/Wright/Weathers/

Jesse James/m/9-18-06/2-24-78 Contra Costa/Mahurin/Dalton/

Jewel Cleties/m/7-8-31/11-24-95 Orange/Fulton/0/

John B./m/6-16-11/9-30-44 Tulare/0/Dalton/

Josephine Kahman/f/9-9-12/2-23-73 Santa Clara/Adderson/Kahman/

Kenneth Lee/m/12-2-11/12-13-87 Contra Costa/Mahurin/Dalton/

Kevin Michael/m/6-22-58/9-29-95 San Francisco/Lewis/0/

Lena Mae/f/12-21-02/1-7-80 Los Angeles/Moore/Dennis/

Lester Worn/m/4-5-03/4-22-53 Los Angeles/0/0/

Lewie F./m/4-14-05/6-26-90 Los Angeles/Burks/0/

Lillian A./f/7-3-24/10-12-77 Ventura/0/0/

Lloyd Henry/m/10-23-11/6-19-91 Riverside/Hackett/0/

Lucille Veda/f/3-6-08/6-29-96 Sonorna/Bowman/Graves/

Marvin G./m/2-10-06/12-11-77 Los Angeles/0/01

Mary Louise/f/5-9-10/4-13-97 Amador/Hood/0/

Nora/f/ 8-30-18/4-7-88 San Bernardino/Wilson/Cudworth/

Paul Leno/m/2-29-07/1-28-58 Mendocino/Archer/Dalton/

Ralph Virlie/m/10-12-17/4-27-88 San Diego/Cross/0/

Ruth Evelyn/f/8-16-10/6-11-91 Los Angeles/Balch/McLaughlin/

Virginia Florence/f/ l 0-10-29/11-6-84 Los Angeles/Claussen/Whittington/

Willard Dewayne/rn/2-28-39/5-6-96 San Mateo/Record/0/

Charles Kadel/m/7-16-36/10-14-93 Marin/0/0/

Franklin John/m/3-18-13/5-18-41 Monterey/Catland/Dalton/

Jack/m/8-14-02/5-17-94 Los Angeles/0/0/

John Robert/m/4-20-05/3-1-86 Stanislaus/Smith/0/

Ruth Naomi/f/6-27-08/1-2-95 Kern/Chandler/Kohal/

Carol Ann/f/4-6-32/1-27-94 Orange/Wells/Schwanke/

Elsie Mae/f/7-26-01/2-19-80 Butte/Hanselman/Mardis/

James P./m/8-22-14/5-26-74 Santa Clara/0/0/

James Wendell/m/4-13-24/11-15-81 San Bernadino/Lukens/0/

Kenneth James/m/8-8-11/6-29-89 Riverside/Lang/0/

Lloyd E./m/7-11-20/10-22-83 Orange/0/0/

Mildred T./f/11-10-12/7-26-74 Los Angeles/0/0/

Norma Ann/f/12-31-21/7-13-83 Butte/Kingston/Wharton/

Opal Blanche/f/5-22-07/12-7-50 San Francisco/Looper/Morris/

Ruth M./f/1 11-1-10/7-24-76 San Francisco/0/0/

Dolton, Margie P./f/1-3-01/12-11-70 Los Angeles/0/0/

Frank T./m/4-4-18/8-5-72 Orange/0/0/

Melba Evelyn/f/I 1-17-08/1-4-88 Los Angeles/McWoodruff/Berning/

Robert L./m/1-21-24/2-6-88 Sacramento/Halin/0/

Blanche Alice/f/2-19-20/7-29-90 San Bernardino/Robie/Douglas/

Arthur F./m/9-27-05/9-10-70 Los Angeles/0/0/

Edmond L./m/1 -17-13/11-30-78 Los Angeles/0/0/

Elizabeth H./f/4-12-29/11-2-95 Orange/Scott/Hawes/

Emerald E./f/3-29-14/10-24-72 SanDiego/0/0/

Ethel C./f/6-17-14/12-18-70 Los Angeles/0/0/

Frank Aloysis/m/10-10-08/6-19-96 Ventura/Dryer/0/

Jacqueline Margaret/f/7-17-21/7-21-97 Orange/Montrastely/Ulrich/

John Frank/m/2-17-05/1-22-87 SanFrancisco/McDevitt/0/

John P./m/9-20-04/6-28-75 Los Angeled/0/0/

Margaret Victoria/f/10-25-02/10-15-46 San Diego/Rudd/Farren/

Ralph Albert/m/10-9-15/9-11-88 Los Angeles/0/0/

Robert John/m/11-2-03/9-8-81 Los Angeles/Kiine/0/

Stanley Bernard/m/10-8-35/2-17-95 San Diego/Lider/0/

Virginia V./f/8-6-02/6-9-86 San Diego/Budd/Vanvliet/

William Clarence/m/10-2-30/8-5-88 Riverside/House/0/

Atanacia Salas/f/9-22-09/1-26-92 SantaClara/Veghill/Salas/

Claire B./f/ 1-13-17/6-2-61 Los Angeles/0/01

Epimento E./m/9-24-49/9-18-88 Santa Clara/Montoya/0/

Francis O./m/11-12-15/10-18-80 Los Angeles/Shaw/0/

JamesM./m/3-22-25/8-15-62 Los Angeles/Lujan/0/

Joseph Leo/m/8-24-06/10-25-82 San Diego/McTague/0/

Thomas S./m/10-11-19/6-22-73 Los Angeles/0/0/

Alice T./f/7-29-21/4-28-95 Los Angeles/Andrews/Taylor/

Ana T./f/7-17-12/3-3-57 Imperial/0/0/

Dolores Gertrude/f/3-13-30/5-3-91 Marin/Norris/Mounter/

Dorothy Kathryn/f/5-30-07/4-21-53LosAngeles /Beckman/Diter/

Dorothy T./f/2-7-02/9-20-74 Los Angeles/0/0/

EugeneSmith/m/5-1-12/ 1-4-85/Sacramento/Brown/01

Genevieve P./f/12-6-13/6-17-88 Orange/Amold/Graff/

Gladys H./f/4-11-04/1-17-94 Santa Clara/Husted/Graveldine/

Harold Andrew/m/3-22-04/10-27-97 Riverside/Reilly/0/

Helen Nevins/f/3-4-01/1-26-79 Fresno/0/0/

John Alfred/m/11-12-50/12-6-86 San Diego/Smith/0/

Joseph Peter/m/1-1-57/6-17-97 Contra Costa/Hughes/c/

KatherineCecilia/f/2-19-01/11-28-89 Marin/Burns/Hanlon/

Kathryn Theresa/f/ 11-23-17/10-28-85 Los Angeles/Carney/O'Brien/

Kendall Clarence/m/12-10-14/1-23-85 Orange/Prity/0/

Loretta/f/9-1-14/1-28-93 Riverside/Kennedy/MoCready/

Mae E./f/10-2-02/8-2-77 Santa Cruz/0/0/

Marie K./f/5-14-02/12-3-89 Santa Clara/Cassazza/Aricca/

Monica/f/8-15-05/10-3-73 Shasta/0/0/

Patricia Ann/f/5-20-34/10-25-96 Ventur/lMonaghan/O'Connor/

Patricia Ednaff/12-6-41/1-11-93 Los Angeles/White/0/

Pearl M./f/1-5-12/3-26-96 San Bernardino/Miller/Hammond/

Peter J./m/8-7-10/12-7-92 San Bernardino/Power/0/

Ralph Lee/m/11-27-12/5-18-91 Riverside/Tinker/0/

Robert Joseph/m/2-6-21/6-30-95 Los Angeles/Powers/0/0/

Robert Joseph/m/8-8-17/5-12-92 San Francisco/Westley/0/

Shirley Ann/f/2-1-37/10-1-88 El Dorado/0/Felice/

Wilma Mary/f/3-18-06/3-13-81 Los Angeles/O/Hudak/

Daulton, Jack D./4-3-28/9-29-91 Los Angeles/Thompson/0/

Brenda Joyce/f/10-31-43/12-27-49 Los Angeles/Gibbs/Dalton/

Claude Alvin/m/3-18-19/6-26-97 Santa Clara/Parton/0/

Dane/m/12-23-24/7-12-82 Sacramento/Hyams/0/

Dixie Ann/f/10-1 -54/4-22-95 Butte/Bennington/McAlpin/

Glenn Wayne/m/12-15-23/8-20-81 Santa Clara/Parton/O/

Henry H/m/12-2-11/1-6-83 Tulare/Skinner/O/

James W./m/3-31-16/6-10-43 Los Angeles/0/Dalton/

Sherrill D./m/6-1-38/2-23-76 Monterey/0/0/

Harriett/f/1-14-01/4-4-71 Orange/0/0/

Margaret Trueblood/f/7-28-05/9-23-83 Sacrarnento/McNew/Trueblood/

Barbara Joann/f/7-25-29/11-30-88 Solano/Downs/Edds/

Bemard Lee/m/9-30-10/7-8-41 Los Angeles/Walters/Dalton/

Bertram/m/1-6-21/1-19-76 Contra Costa/0/0/

Dennis Patrick/m/11-5-43/9-10-94 Los Angeles/Varacky/0/

Donald W./m/9-6-59/1-25-94 San Francisco/Wooten/0/

Eleanor R./f/7-3-08/9-21 -81 Orange/Valdika/Horak/

Ethel/f/1-12-05/ 9-26-71 Los Angeles/0/0/

George Emerson/m/11-23-07/1-3-81 LosAngeles/Hendrix/01

George Lee/m/I 1-28-43/8-4-92 Alameda/0/0/

Howard Richard/m/2-5-28/10-5-97 Riverside/Dalton/0/

Jack Louis/m/2-16-20/9-2-93 Santa Barbara/Altsheiner/0/

Juanita/f/4-6-22/4-2-73 Los Angeles/0/0/

Kenneth Allen/rn/4-7-56/12-16-97 Butte/Wilous/0/

Marie D./f/12-11-06/11-2-84 Santa Clara/0/Keane/

Mary Louise/f/10-15-22/10-18-92 Orange/Handly/Lawrence/

Moses Frank/m/6-15-03/1-30-91 Santa Clara/Wamsley/0/

Orpha F/f/12-26-08/2-17-91 Santa Clara/McArm/McCall/

Patricia I./f/5-13-37/6-5-91 Los Angeles/Madigan/Waugh/

Raymond A./m/10-2-11/11-28-96 Orange/Roush/0/

Robert A./m/8-18-09/3-22-82 San Diego/Piper/0/

Robert D./m/9-2-53/9-23-75 San Luis Obispo/0/0/

Robert N./4-15-26/5-20-80 Los Angeles/0/0/

Roger Emerson/m/9-3-12/1-17-78 Sonoma/0/0/

Daulton, Harry William/m/8-11-05/7-15-78 Fresno/0/0/

Dolton, Vera Grace/f/2-15-11/12-8-95 Fresno/Frazier/Fuller/

Aaron L./m/8-19-18/5-25-72 San Bernardino/0/0/

Andrew Jackson/m/1-19-11/1-11-86 Sttfer/Gillaspy/0/

Anna Boukja/f/1-4-01/9-13-84 Los Angeles/Keiski/Auwen/

Arbell Murel/f/12-27-04 /8-12-83 OrangelKrumholtz/Dull/

Bobby Lee/m/1 0-1 0-40/7-14-87 Lake/Cook/01

Carl A./m/11-15-15/2-13-66 Los Angeles/Baker/0/

Carl Clarence/m/3-15-10/1-14-91 Riverside/Norris/0/

Cecil R./m/8-9-06/1-2-64 Los Angeles/Blair/0/

Charles J./m/11-28-03/11-30-69 Los Angeles/Roher/0/

Charles L./m/12-24-01/12-15-60 Contra Costa/Corbett/0/

Claude Allen/m/9-19-09/7-25-86 Tulare/Vaughn/0/

Delbert Odell/m/1-7-18/10-29-90 Shasta/McClusky/0/

Edgar Ray/rn/12-27-40/2-14-95 Stanislaus/Nunn/0/

Elmer Emmett/m/1-26-12/2-5-47 Imperial/Glaspy/Dalton/

Finetta/f/2-17-55/4-14-70 Los Angeles/0/0/

Gene Harvey/m/8-19-39/12-6-94 Ventura/Bradshaw/0/

George A./m/4-9-01/5-4-46 Los Angeles/Williams/Dalton/

Gerald H./m/3-1-22/9-12-76 Ventura/0/0/

Hazel Lillian/f/10-16-15/5-15-85 Ventura/Wills/McBrian/

Jack D./m/6-17-11/4-19-82 Shasta/Weldon/0/

Jay Burton/m/10-9-01 /8-24-83 Los Angeles/0/0/

Jesse N./m/7-4-08/3-6-86 Riverside/Graham/O/

Jessie Hazel/f/4-3-11/7-22-93 Stanislaus/Kirby/Williams/

Joy Jean/f/2-12-24/8-20-78 Orange/0/0/

Juanita M./f/6-6-32/9-25-69 Santa Clara/Prewitt/O/

Lavern R./m/5-14-23/7-21-75 Fresno/0/0/

Lenita R./f/12-30-15/2-18-72 Santa Clara/0/0/

Louis Clifford/m/12-21-10/12-5-94 Sacramento/0/0/

Maggie L./f/10-25-11/1-6-71 Los Angeles/0/0/

Marea Gladys/f/9-15-26/2-15-89 Riverside/Stacy/Wroten/

Margaret L./f/I 0-25-11/1-6-71 Los Angeles/0/0/

Maron Jefferson/m/8-12-14/7-21-86 Stanislaus/Keck/0/

Mattie Marie/f/2-2-24112-3-96 Orange/Coffman/Champion/

Mattie P./f/7-12-01/6-17-75 Mendocino/0/0/

Mildred Joan/f/1 -17-19/2-8-86 El Dorado/Stephens/MoClelland/

Morris F./m/1-10-16/1-6-88 Tulare/Vaughn/0/

Nellie Helen/f/6-20-04/4-20-45 Los Angeles/0/0/

Olive Baxter/f/2-14-04/10-13-97 San Diego/King/Baxter/

Opal Frances/f/9-20-19-?/10-9-88 San Bernardino/Sawyer/Cameron/

Pauline/f/I 1-30-16/4-8-74 Alameda/0/0/

Robert L./m/4-27-26/6-14-95 Contra Costa/Mayo/0/

Robert L./m/10-26-09/7-16-71 San Diego/0/0/

Robert Lucian/m/1-8-12/8-26-87 Sonoma/Short/0/

Roy Lee/m/1-26-31/12-23-86 Contra Costa/Mayo/0/

Verlin Andrew/m/8-16-19/3-8-93 Los Angeles/0/0/

Victoria Lynn/f/6-1 7-5817-18-79 Los Angeles/Williams/Jensen/

William A./m/9-22-24/10-4-77 San Bernardino/0/0/

William James/m/8-8-15/11-11-83 Yuba/Gillespie/0/

Willis Dale/m/3-31-19/6-24-90 Los Angeles/Blair/0/

Daulton, Jewell Desmond/m/6-17-11/4-19-82 Shasta/Weldon/0/

Daulton, Roy Garland/m/7-3-08/2-17-46 Ventura/Weldon/Daulton/

Dolton, Joseph L./m/5-19-30/3-17-61 Santa Clara/Moore/0/

Dolton, Kimberly M./f/6-22-57/9-12-82 Santa Clara/Freeman/0/

Beverley E./f/8-5-38/4-7-58 Sacramento/Rahfeldt/Marsh/

Brian Dorr/m/4-24-4/12-24-79 Los Angeles/0/0/

Charles R./m/12-31-30/4-13-93/ Los Angeles/Dull/0/

Elizabeth/f/3-10-07/3-25-91 Sacramento/0/0/

Faye Mona/f/2-11-11/5-22-83 Contra Costa/Bolyard/0/

Harold King/m/1-25-11/6-21-86 San Diego/Byrd/0/

James E./m/7-10-12/4-28-68 Los Angeles/King/0/

Jesse Thomas/m/5-15-02/12-27-47 San Francisco/Sawyer/Dalton/

Wayne Perry/m/7-8-46/7-30-78 Sacramento/0/0/

Adele Mondel/f/8-15-16/10-9-89 Riverside/Szabo/Mondell/

Dorothy M./f/7-11-01/2-15-80 Los Angeles/Rairich/McKinley/

George Edward/m/12-24-10/9-28-93 San Bemardino/Stocker/0/

Guy/m/9-20-06/9-27-71 San Francisco/0/0/

Ida Mae/f/10-13-12/9-6-94 Orange/Bustler/Connolly/

James Joseph/m/10-13-21/4-2-97 San Mateo/0/0/

James Vincent/m/11-19-42/5-18-82 Orange/Derose/0/

Madeline M./f/12-6-12/12-19-90 San Bernardino/Durkin/Wambaugh/

Margaret A./f/4-25-18/5-25-71 Alameda/0/0/

Pearl Mafeldalf/12-29-17/12-29-91 San Bernardino/Fusco/Derose/

Richard Bernard/m/ 8-19-03/11-8-84 San Bemardino/O'Donnel/0/

Rose Catherine/f/4-30-20/3-17-96 Los Angeles/Spoth/Joseph/

Russell Alan/m/9-8-32/6-23-78 San Bemardino/0/0/

Stuart Plymouth/m/4-30-01/7-16-55 Los Angeles/Petri/Dolton/

Stuart Ward/m/2-28-03/3-30-51 Los Angeles/Davis/Dalton/

William Henry/m/6-20-26/2-2-79 San Diego/0/0/

Daulton, Helen/f/10-8-14/1-13-95 San Mateo/Eberhrdt/Diebold/

James Bertran/m/8-26-11/12-11-82 San Diego/Simon/0/

Barbara Mary/f/10-22-21/1-19-87 Los Angeles/Vetter/Lavalle/

Glenn L./m/12-26-08/8-14-79 Ventura/0/0/

Norah B./f/5-18-06/12-25-79 Alameda/0/0/

Daulton, Adelyn E./f/6-6-01/9-23-67 Sacramento/Morgan/0/

Cecil B/m/l -28-10/5-14-76 Los Angeles/0/0/

Eldridge V./rn/3-16-12/1-23-82 Alameda/White/0/

James R./m/9-24-01/4-22-47 San Francisco/Trickuns/Wilkes/

Jessie Lou/f/8-28-10/10-28-81 Los AngelestEasterly/Gray/

John Edward/rn/1-26-17/8-7-83 Orange/Hayes/0/

Joseph G./m/l0-20-42/7-9-81 Los Angeles/Gray/0/

Lewis/m/1-8-13/4-11-77 Santa Clara/0/0/

Rubie Lorene/f/2-9-09/10-31-88 Los Angeles/Robertson/Robertson/

Amelia L./f/1-11-25/4-9-71 Los Angeles/0/0/

Bertha Jewellf/12-1-12/2-24-95 Santa Clara/Carrol/Denson/

Beth/f/11-14-01/1-20-88 San Bernardino/Brown/Matthews/

Charles Benson/m/7-27-22/11-14-90 Contra Costa/Benson/0/

Choice W./m/5-11-16/10-28-76 Los Angeles/0/0/

Christina Louise/f/7-18-13/7-17-89 Los Angeles/0/Woods/

Claude Cecil/m/5-14-04/12-1-91 Orange/Coffee/0/

Cleveland/m/5-27-0613-23-56 Fresno/Cyrus/Dalton/

Constance Doris/f/11-23-32/7-1-46 Alarneda/O'Connor/Dalton/

Enna/f/9-9-02/1-18-94 Los Angeles/Braidfoot/Reeves/

Esperanza/f/5-25-20/11-8-84 Los Angeles/Almazan/Dimas/

Exa Merle/f/7-15-12/7-6-92 Santa Barbara/Hoge/Couvorn/

Frankie Juanita/f/3-13-14/4-8-91 Los Angeles/Pharr/Surratt/

Freddie/m/1-30-15/11-10-79 Los Angeles/0/0/

Goldie Jewel/f/10-4-09/7-8-86 Solano/Shelton/Stroud/

Guy Harold/m/10-10-05/7-8-80 San Bernardino/Pierce/0/

Herman Neal/m/3-26-01/2-27-88 San Diego/Neal/0/

Isabel Naomi/f/4-4-32/7-26-86 Los Angeles/Santos/Rangel/

Jack Neal/m/0-12-23/2-9-96 San Diego/Parsley/0/

Jackie Wade/f/1-15-39/11-7-88 Los Angeles/Woods/0/

John Ralph/m/10-8-13/11-25-88 Ventura/Coffee/0/

Juanita Fim/f/10-10-19/7-31-56 Orange/Harris/Carden/

Leland Eddy/m/2-14-12/7-8-83 San Luis Obispo/Sparks/0/

Lewis Byrd/rn/3-29-49/7-24-89 Los Angeles/Robertson/Palaigogis/

Lhor Wade/rn/1-15-39/11-7-88 Los Angeles/Woods/0/

Lillian Mae/f/8-5-11/11-4-50 Tulare/0/0/

Lonnie E./m/l -5-15/ 4-8-70 Los Angeles/0/0/

Louie Luther/rn/12-16-02/6-1-83 Santa Clara/Chandler/0/

Margaret V./f/I 1-25-10/5-21-95 Los Angeles/Bright/Lindsay/

Mary Esther/f/4-12-03/9-1-55 Alameda/Meehan/O'Connor/

Nona Ada/f/3-3-24/8-31-81 Los Angeles/Massey/Miles/

Nora L./f/8-1-05/4-9-70 AIameda/0/0/

Pauline E-/f/5-20-05/11-23-70 Sonoma/0/0/

Robert R./11-20-10/4-23-91 SantaClara/0/0/

Rufus McConnell/m/12-25-20/3-21-84 Kern/Means/0/

Ruth D./f/11-29-02/4-23-74 Stanislaus/0/0/

Simon Jasper/m/9-21-02/10-8-84 Contra Costa/Costlow/0/

Thomas Vernon/rn/5-9-08/10-6-91 Los Angeles/Allan/0/

Vollie Gordon/m/8-20-17/8-30-92 Orange/0/0/

Wanda R./f/10-11-26/5-5-77 Los Angeles/0/0/

Weslet/m/5-29-07/11-16-84 Los Angeles/0/0/

William Cody/m/8-20-17/8-31-82 Alameda/0/0/

Arlo Doyle/m/2-5-01/8-8-78 Los Angeles/0/0/

Blair/m/2-19-20/12-28-70 Los Angeles/0/0/

Blanche H./f/4-4-01/5-20-62 Alameda/Bagley/0/

Brandt O./m/4-27-09/1-10-72 San Bernardino/0/0/

CharleneJoy/f/11-24-31/12-15-97 Riverside/Leonard/Jensen/

Carol/f/12-25-13/5-14-92 Orange/Orton/0/

Clarence O./m/ 1-28-04/8-25-55 Los Angeles/Orton/0/

Dixie A/f/l-29-37/7-29-63 Los Angeles/Framcem/0/

Doll/f/4-1-10/9-21-41 San Dlego/Hicken/Stephens/

Eartl/m/2-27-16/9-18-60 Inyo/Dally/0/

Grace C./f/4-23-03/8-11-84 Saorament/Chapell/Ray/

Harry A./m/3-6-28/5-9-74 Los Angeles/0/0/

Helen Ruth/f/3-19-18/11-23-88 Los Angeles/Fisher/Peterson/

Howard Clifford/m/11-18-08/2-4-93 Los Angeles'Clemons/0/

Jack Ray /m/7-18-23/10-4-43 Placer/Ray/Dalton/

Jack V./m/1-15-28/11-23-73 Riverside/0/0/

Jean/f/1-20-46/10-22-97 Solano, Peterson/Scott

Joanna May/f/2-18-16/10-27-93 Orange/Conley/Christensen/

Leo Connally/m/6-19-24/8-19-80 Sonorna/Hoggan/0/

Leroy/m/12-24-29/3-16-81 Son Bernardino/Knight/0/

Mack H./m/2-15-03/4-23-57 Kern/Hymas/Dalton/

Marvin R./m/1-1-14/4-3-76 Contra Costa/0/0/

Mathew Maris/m/ 1-7-80/3-18-80 San Bernardino/Braendlin/0/

Max E./m/l 0-8-15/7-13-67 Los AngeIes/ Knight/0/

Nathan Boyd/m/6-6-16/6-3-95/Los Angeles/Kopp/Felt/

Norman W./m/9-20-13/8-28-73 Los Angeles/0/0/

Ora L/f/11-6-06/12-26-65 Alameda/Patten/0/

Thelma Florence/f/1 -14-11/5-25-41 Los Angeles/Nelson/Harper/

Walter C./m/9-14-04/10-31-71 Los Angeles /0/0/

Donna H./f/6-10-10/5-6-68 Butte/Edwardstfil

Annabelle Majorie/f/7-9-24/12-31-88 Los Angeles/Armstrong/0/

Carroll Martinn/m/5-3l-32/9-17-70 Stanislaus/Roland/0/

David Lloyd/m/7-21-30/1-27-W Los Angeles/MeMellion/0/

George H./m/10-2-03/12-16-75 Sacramento/0/0/

James Allan/m/4-29-3919-7-85 San Diego/Thomas/0/

Jesse Mae/f/I 1-25-02110-13-79 Santa Cruz/0/0/

John N./m/4-20-71/5-8-73 San Diego/0/0/

Lewis Ronald/m/8-27-49/3-24-89 San Francisco/Smith/0/

Nancy Y/f/10-26-21/3-8-61 Los AngeleslNester/0/

Nathaniel E./m/8-2-02/12-28-68 Orange/Amos/0/

Ollie Morris/m/12-20-04/11-30-85 Contra Costa/Babour/0/

Beverly Jean/f/l0-1-31/3-28-97 Santa Clara/Fall/Grizzell/

Cad Edwin/m/9-1 1- 0/11-24-94 San Diego/Carson/0/

Delia Mae/f/5-1-07/1-7-88 San Joaquin/Kelly/Williarns/

Earl/m/7-15-21/5-14-67 El Dorado/Dewaid/0/

Eleanor Lucille/f/7-31-33/4-18-83 Los AngelestCasemore/Grant/

Eleanor Mary/f/11-15-14/7-5-86 Los Angeles/0/0/

Gladys Ethel/f/5-9-06/5 -17-83 Sacramento/Rinhulas/Hulet/

John Richard/m/1-1 9-29/3-21-85 Alarneda/Lee/0/

Keith E./m/l1-17-37/11-27-97 Santa Barbara/Manley/0/

Lora Beth/f/9-15-17/2-8-45 Alameda/0/Harrold/

Nellie E./f/9-22-14/6-14-69 Alarneda/Metcalf/0/

Raymond L./m/2-25-09/8-20-72 Alameda/0/0/

Robert Floyd/m/7-24-45/8-11-92 Merced/Bennett/0/

William Dolan/m/1-26-06/4-9-50 San Francisco/Gorton/Dolan/

Clarence M./m/11-10-22/5-25-77 San Francisco/0/0/

Dale Robe/m/5-18-18/12-17-96 Orange/Robe/0/

Kenneth Walter/m/8-8-06/8-8-82 Santa Clara/Boltard/0/

Ray Daniel/m/9-10-13/12-5-79 San Bernardino/0/0/

Sidney Hester/m/10-23-02/11-19-85 Orange/Hershman/0/

Virginia C./f/3-20-02/7-6-88 Los Angeles/Day/Mayle/

William Morton/m/2-7-29/6-18-90 Santa Clara/Craver/0/

Audis Myrtle/f/5-16-07/7-3-55 Los Angeles/Audis/McGowin/

Blanche Marie/f/3-8-01/11-6-80/Santa Clara/Letting/0/

Boyd A./m/5-23-27/5-2-66 Los Angeles/Sales/0/

Charles/m/5-23-26/10-2-45 Sutter/0/Dalton/

Clyde Lewis/m/1-16-16/4-26-96 Humbolt/Dudley/0/

Frederick Lyon/m/1-4-14/9-5-88 Los Angeles/Tuttle/0/

Geraldine L./f/12-13-02/1-14-79 Los Angeles/0/0/

James J./m/1-12-33/1-27-76 San Bernardino0/0/

Josephin A./f/2-11-06/8-31-74 Sonoma/0/0/

Madelyn D./f/9-24-41/2-22-70 Monterey/0/0/

Mae Gladys/f/8-9-16/5-8-94 Lassen/Larson/Baland/

Selby Vliet/m/7-28-32/12-5-88 San Diego/Vliet/0/

Daulton, Herbert P./m/3-28-01/12-17-77 San Joaquin/0/0/

Charles Dorr/m/11-7-14/11-8-81 Los Angeles/Anderson/0/

Lucille/f/3-12-18/10-5-87 Alarneda/Krider/0/

Robert A./m/8-1-17/6-4-85 Monterey/Catlinl0/

Yvonne Nadine/f/3-16-26/3-12-92 Tehama/Astrphe/Rhode/

Edmond/m/7-31-06/1-12-53 Los Angeles/Talbot/Dahon/

Elizabeth Hazel/f/5-2-10/5-22-97 Napa/Morehouse/Muise/

Eric G./m/4-25-33/9-15-71 San Francisco/0/0/

Jack Thomas/m/5-24-06/8-7-78 San Francisco/0/0/

Laura Ella/f/3-3-29/7-7-95 San Mateo/Gratz/Brown/

Rachel/f/8-25-09/12-27-58 Klamath/McCabe/Creeland/

Thomas Peter/m/6-1 6-26/12-29-91 San Mateo/Massicotte/0/

Una Enid/f/3-7-19/5-7-78 San Bernardino/0/0/

John/m/11-4-33/10-2-89 Los Angeles/0/0/

Helen Mary/f/I1-14-09/3-3-87 Los AngelesYglesias/Yglesias/

Henry Francis/m/9-16-11/3-10-96 San Bernardino/Carmelo/0/

Luis G./m/7-29-15/12-26-92 Los Angeles/Guazo/0/

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