George Tucker


George TuckerJoseph TuckerAnne HudgelJoseph Hudgel (Hugle)JaneSusan


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Joseph Tucker 1790  Anne Hudgel 1795

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Susan 1831


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
SusanWife1831High Laver, Essex
Brothers & Sisters
William TuckerBrother1835Stanford Rivers, United Kingdom
James TuckerBrother18175th December 1871
Henry TuckerBrother
Mary Ann TuckerSister
Rebecca TuckerSister
Sarah TuckerSister
Susannah TuckerSister
Anne HudgelMother17951878
Joseph TuckerFather1790Magdalen Laver1870
Joseph Hudgel (Hugle)Grandfather175926th Sep 1810Stanford Rivers, United Kingdom
Great grandparents
William Hudgel (Hudgell)Great grandfather17323rd July 1767Birchanger Essex
Jane ThompsonGreat grandmother
Second great grandparents
Elizabeth EdwardsSecond great grandmother1689
Samuel Hudgel (Hudgell)Second great grandfather1689Essex
Henry ThompsonSecond great grandfather
Jane HutchinsSecond great grandmother
Third great grandparents
Elizabeth DorringtonThird great grandmother
Samuel Hudgel (Hudgell)Third great grandfather
Fourth great grandparents
Theodosia HudsonFourth great grandmother
William Hudgel (Hudgell)Fourth great grandfather
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
ElenaSister-in-law1834High Ongar, Essex
MarySister-in-law1831High Laver, Essex
Mary WoodSister-in-law
Nephews & Nieces
William TuckerNephew1877Dunton, Essex
Eliza TuckerNiece1876Dunton, Essex
Emily TuckerNiece1874Dunton, Essex
Lizzie TuckerNiece1869Dunton, Essex
Joseph J TuckerNephew1868Bobbingworth, Essex, United Kingdom
Sarah TuckerNiece1857Sheering, Essex
Joseph TuckerNephew1855Stanford Rivers, United Kingdom
Alice TuckerNiece
Eliza TuckerNiece17th October 1857Mar 1936
Elizabeth TuckerNiece
Emily Maria TuckerNiece
James Wood TuckerNephew
Lucy TuckerNiece
Maria TuckerNiece
Sarah TuckerNiece
Susan TuckerNiece
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Elsie May PriceGrandniece1894
Herbert Arthur PriceGrandnephew18901968
Nellie Eliza PriceGrandniece18885th December 1975
Lucy BurgessGrandniece1887Portsmouth, Hampshire
Edgar PriceGrandnephew18861887
Walter Henry PriceGrandnephew1884
Alfred Stephen PriceGrandnephew1883
Mary TuckerGrandniece1881Willingale Doe, Essex
Alice W TuckerGrandniece1880Willingale Doe, Essex
James BurgessGrandnephew1880Portsmouth, Hampshire
William George PriceGrandnephew187913th September 1959
Emily S TuckerGrandniece1878
Joseph A TuckerGrandnephew1878Willingale Doe, Essex
John James PriceGrandnephew1877
Julia F TuckerGrandniece1877Willingale Doe, Essex
Charles Arthur BurgessGrandnephew1876Cosham, Hampshire
James W TuckerGrandnephew1875Willingale Doe, Essex
Florence BurgessGrandniece1874Beauchamp Roding, Essex
Florence Sarah Mary TuckerGrandniece1873Dec 23rd 1925Stanford Rivers, United Kingdom
Mary TuckerGrandniece1873
William J BurgessGrandnephew1873Beauchamp Roding, Essex
Agnes Maud TuckerGrandniece
Amy Gertrude TuckerGrandniece
Frederick Charles PriceGrandnephew
Frederick Ernest BurgessGrandnephew6th May 1882Southsea, Hampshire1934
Harry TuckerGrandnephew
James TuckerGrandnephew
Mildred TuckerGrandniece
Winifred TuckerGrandniece
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Dennis BradyGreat grandnephew
Dennis PriceGreat grandnephew
Maureen PriceGreat grandniece
Audrey PriceGreat grandniece
Freda Louise BurgessGreat grandniece1921Portsmouth, Hampshire2006Portsmouth, Hampshire
John Clifford PriceGreat grandnephew1921
Gordon James BurgessGreat grandnephew1919Portsmouth, Hampshire
Walter PriceGreat grandnephew1917
Leslie PriceGreat grandnephew1913
Alfred PriceGreat grandnephew1910
Herbert PriceGreat grandnephew1909
Joan Winifred TuckerGreat grandniece1908Stanford Rivers, United Kingdom12th January 1928Stanford Rivers, United Kingdom
Arthur Frederick PriceGreat grandnephew
Frank FletcherGreat grandnephew
Frederick Norman BurgessGreat grandnephew2nd June 1914Portsmouth, HampshireJan 1997Portsmouth, Hampshire
Margaret Dorothy PriceGreat grandniece
Ronald Charles PriceGreat grandnephew
Sylvia Joan PriceGreat grandniece
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Dennis Henry SmithSecond grandnephew
Angela PriceSecond grandniece
Anne FletcherSecond grandniece
David PriceSecond grandnephew
Deborah Patricia TurnerSecond grandniece
Gerald PriceSecond grandnephew
Helen PriceSecond grandniece
Ian PriceSecond grandnephew
Jean PriceSecond grandniece
John Brannock PriceSecond grandnephew
Lesley Frances QuinnSecond grandniece
Linda Margaret TurnerSecond grandniece
Mark Edward QuinnSecond grandnephew
Name Unknown PriceSecond grandnephew
Name Unknown PriceSecond grandnephew
Name Unknown PriceSecond grandnephew
Name unknown SmithSecond grandniece
Philip David Roger QuinnSecond grandnephew
Roger PriceSecond grandnephew
Rosalind PriceSecond grandniece
Susan Jacqueline QuinnSecond grandniece
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Alison Jane PalmerThird grandniece
Colin SimpsonThird grandnephew
Duncan John PalmerThird grandnephew
Fiona Christiana Margretta SimpsonThird grandniece
James EllisThird grandnephew
Rebecca Louise DaltonThird grandniece
Thomas Neil DaltonThird grandnephew
Fourth grandnephews & Fourth grandnieces
Alexander Philip MiltonFourth grandnephew
Emily Rebecca MiltonFourth grandniece
Joseph Neil MiltonFourth grandnephew
Joshua Stanley DaltonFourth grandnephew
Oscar Gordon DaltonFourth grandnephew

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