A very large amount of data has been contributed by DGS members for California, therefore it is divided into two pages.

Because of California's privacy law regarding the publication of birth and marriage data, the records presented below are not representative of the Dalton population of the state. Through the resourcefulness of Mike Dalton of OR, many birth, marriage and death notices have been extracted from newspapers in the state and help to fill gaps.

There are four large files of deaths.The first two Death Indexes were compiled by Mike Dalton. Two Death files of 1700 Migrants were contributed by DGS member, Bob Dalton of Magalia, CA. In these files the state and date of birth of each decedent are listed. Seven years of drought and a locust plague during the 1930's are reflected in the large Dalton migrations from heartland states of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. A few migrants from Canada, Cuba, Mexico and the Phillipines are also included. It is the onus of the user to verify the data.

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Thomas Dalton, d. 9 Mar 1862, native of IRE, age 30.; recently of Chicago, IL

Hugh Dalton, d. 10 May 1867, native of IRE; age 49

Catherine F. Dalton, d. 2 Apr 1905, age 72, native of IL; mother of W. C. Sheldon, Edward F. Dalton of Consummes, Mrs. Mary E. Vaughn and R. H. Mahone of Sacramento; Hartford and Salt Lake papers copy; Husband Dennis Dalton below.

Dennis Dalton, d. 24 Jul 1908, age 62; father of Edward F. Dalton; brother of William P. Dalton of S. F.; grandfather of Donald, Marguerite, Dennis and Jack; native of IRE; buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento. Came to MA from IRE at age 4; left home at age 14, arrived CA age 21, and married Mrs. Catherine F. Mahone may 1872.

John Dalton, 75, d. 14 Feb 1918

Mary Catherine Dalton, 78, b. Co. Kilkenny, IRE, d. 12 May 1906, mother of Nel Downey


Anna Dalton, 3 Dec 1865, 7 mos.

Annie Dalton, 3 Aug 1874, 1 yr. dau of Michael and Mary Dalton

Catherine Dalton, 8 Jan 1901, age 80, b. County Fermanagh, IRE; son Peter Dalton living in Truckee Meadow, NV.

Dr. Edward B. Dalton, near Santa Barabara, 13 May 1872, age 32.

Frances Dalton, 19 Feb 1862, age 19, wife of John H. Dalton, 428 Third St.

James Thomas Dalton, 3 Jul 1873, 13 mos., only child of Richard and Mary Dalton

John P. Dalton, 24 Jan 1897, last in S. F., husband of Kate Dalton,; bro of William and Kate Dalton, Mrs. R.O'Connor, Mrs. J. Mahan, and son in law of Mr. & Mrs. D. J. Brannan of Vallejo;

Joseph Dalton, 21 Mar 1874, 33, native of NY

Josephine Dalton, 10 May 1873, 1 yr., dau of Edward and Myra Dalton

Margaret Cronin Dalton, 24 Jun 1873, wife of Michael Dalton, native of New Castle West, County Limerick, IRE, age 40 funeral from St. John the Baptist , New York

Mrs. Mary Dalton, 12 May 1906, age 78, on train enroute to Sacramento; last of S. F., home of dau Mrs. Mary Gordon; also survived by dau Mrs. S. J. Hallorhan of Chico, CA and son James Dalton of Albuquerque, NM

Richard Dalton, 31 Jan 1864, 41, b. IRE.



? Dalton, died in 1874, age 33, 1874D-848

Abbie J. Dalton, married in 1886 to John McAdoo, 1886M-654

Allie Dalton, married in 1889 to James Hurst, 1889M-924

Annie Dalton, died in 1874, age 1, 1874D-849

Catherine Dalton, died in ?, age 44, 1888D-1089

Cornelia E. Dalton, married in 1880 to J.S. Colburn, 1881M-1037

Daniel Dalton, died in 1877, age 19, 1877D-803

Daniel Henry Dalton, died in 1881, age 26, 1881D-906

Edward D. Dalton, died in 1887, age 26, 1887D-998

Edward George Dalton, died in 1881, age 5 wks, 1881D-907

Eliza Dalton, married in 1870 to James Cosgrove, 1870M-272

Ellen Dalton, died in 1877, age 67, 1877D-804

Frances Dalton, died in 1880, age 7, 1880D-955

George Dalton, died in 1877, age 3, 1877D-805

George Dalton, died in 1884, age 52, 1884D-1083

James Dalton, died in 1887, age 37, 1887D-999

James Thomas Dalton, died in ?, age 13 months, 1873D-819

John Dalton, died in 1875, age 46, 1875D-700

John Dalton, died in 1891, age 40, 1891D-1509

John P. Dalton, married in 1883 to Nettie Jones, 1883M-975/1884M-1026

John P. Dalton, married in 1888 to Katie Brennan, 1888M-762

Josephine Dalton, died in 1873, age 10 months, 1873D-820

Julia Dalton, died in 1880, age 19, 1880D-956

Lawrence Dalton, died in 1880, age 22, 1880D-957

Lizzie Dalton, married in 1882 to D.J. Brennan, 1882M-913

Lydia E. Dalton, married in 1884 to Ernest Schubert, 1884M-1027

M.M. Dalton, died in 1883, age 36, 1883D-1058

Maggie M. Dalton, married in 1887 to Joseph A. Cruza, 1888M-763

Mamie Dalton, died in 1881, age 4, 1881D-908

Margaret Dalton, died in 1875, age 41, 1875D-701

Margaret Cronin Dalton, died in 1873, age 40, 1873D-821

Margaret Louisa Dalton, died in 1882, age 5 months, 1882D-1019

Maria H. Dalton, married in 1883 to Richard O’Connor, 1883M-976

Mary Dalton, married in 1875 to Samuel Kendall Rollins, 1875M-508

Mary Dalton, died in 1883, age 32, 1883D-1059

Michael Dalton, died in 1881, age 48, 1881D-909

Michael Dalton, died in 1890, age 44, 1890D-1456

Nellie J. Dalton, married in 1873 to Benjamin Swasey, 1873M-653

Patrick Dalton, died in 1889, age 65, 1889D-1168

Peter Dalton, died in 1869, age 88, 1869D-388

Richard Dalton, died in 1886, age 65, 1886D-928

Rosalind Dalton, died in 1882, age ?, 1882D-1020

Rev. Thomas J. Dalton, died in 1891, age 64, 1891D-1510

William Dalton, died in 1885, age 56, 1885D-1047

Daughter of John Henry Dalton, born in 1885, 1886B-409

Daughter of Michael Dalton, died in 1881, age 4, 1881D-910

Daughter of Michael Dalton, born in 1882, 1882B-629

Daughter of William H. Dalton, born in 1877, 1877B-318

Son of A. Dalton Jr., born in 1886, 1886B-410

Son of Edward E. Dalton, born in 1891, 1891B-451

Son of John Dalton, born in 1880, 1880B-654

Son of John Dalton, born in 1885, 1885B-453

Son of M. Dalton, born in 1879, 1879B-574

Son of Michael Dalton, born in 1881, 1881B-684

Son of T. B. Dalton, born in 1884, 1884B-653


D.C. Dalton, died in 1892, age ?, 1892D-1378

Julia Dalton, died in 1892, age 43, 1892D-1379


Cornelius A. Dalton, died in 1893, age 3 months, 1893D-1180

Laura Dalton, died in 1893, age 23, 1893D-1181

Marguerite P. Dalton, married in 1893 to Gorham d. Sanderson, 1893M-2694


Daniel Dalton, died in 1894, age 72, 1894D-1174

Eugene S. Dalton, died in 1894, age 38, 1894D-1175

Mary Dalton, married in ? To Charles T. Hohenthal, 1894M-629

Patrick Dalton, died in 1894, age 6 months, 1894D-1176


Michael Dalton 48, b. IRE, d. 10 May 1881, widower of Margaret Dalton

Thomas Dalton, age 1, 8 Oct 1908, parents Thomas Dalton and Mary O'Hara

Edward E. Dalton, 63, b. Limerick, IRE, d. 21 Jan 1910; survuved by wife Elizabeth and children - May G., Charles F., Frank and the late Edward J. (d. Dec 7 1907 at age 31 at Contra Costa Co). Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery

Michael Dalton, 56, d. 22 Jun 1908, b. Dublin, IRE; survuved by wife Mary and children Mrs. C. Wackrie and Mrs. P. Hare, Burial Holy Cross Cem.

Michael Dalton, 70, d. 8 Aug 1911, b. Co. Kilkenny, IRE; survived by wife Jane, sister Margaret Gilbride, and children - Mary J., Theresa A., Sister Frances de Sales of Notre Dame Convent, Mrs. James Borden and the late William J. Burial Holy Cross Cem.

Lloyd T. Dalton, 4 mos., d. 8 Aug 1911, b. S. F., survived by parents Richard and Kittie; grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bickerstaff and brothers Wesley and Richard E. Burial - Holy Cross Cem.

Henry Norris Dalton, 82, d. in Oakland, 5 Oct 1913, native of NY.

John W. Dalton, 58, d. 26 Feb 1917, b. NY; survived by wife Bella, sisters, Mrs. L. Allen and Mrs. H. Saxton, brother Edward and his children Isabel and Allen. Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery

Michael Dalton, 71, d. 22 Mar 1917, b. IRE, last at Relief Home for the Aged and Infirm.

Ellen Dalton, 71, d. 23 Feb 1911

Thomas Dalton, b. Co. Kerry IRE, age 64,  d. 17 Jul 1936; survived by wife Mary and children - William S., Daniel L., Mrs. Helen Silas ( and the late James and Thomas)  Burial in St. Vincent Cemetery, Vallejo

Thomas Dalton, b. Co. Kerry, d. 15 Jan 1945, survived by wife Mary and children - John, James, Thomas, Michael, Rose Julian, Frances, Mrs. Mary Simi and the late Lillie. Burial Holy Cross Cem.


Martin John Dalton, 56, d. 4 Nov 1911, b. Co. Cork, IRE, husband of Winifred, bur. Calvary Cemetery.


3 Dec 1858: marriage of W. H. Dalton

27 May 1871: death of Mathilda Ann Dalton

10 August 1871: marriage of Jennie Dalton

27 Jun 1863: marriage of William H. Dalton


Alameda County

San Leandro Mt. Eden Cemetery

Orson H. Dalton, d. 7 Nov 1941, age 54.

Humboldt County

St. Bernard's Cemetery

George Dalton, d. 5 Dec 1919, age 65; husband of Jennie; b. St. John's N. B. CAN.

Michael Dalton, d. 30 Jun 1914, age 73, b. CAN.

Los Angeles County

Evergreen Cemetery

Dalton see Wheeler, Dalton 1856-1897

George Dalton (father) 10 Jul 1806-9 Jan 1892; Elizabeth Dalton 6 Dec 1813-Jul 1884; Mathias M. Dalton 2 Apr 1855-28 Jan 1924.

Robert Hunter Dalton, b. 23 Feb. 1910; Carrie A. Dalton (wife) b. CA May, 1856, died 17 June 1913; Anne Caroline Hereford (mother of Carrie) b. Ohio 10 Dec. 1833, died 29 Aug. 1885.

George J. Dalton, b. ENG 1836-1899; Sarah E. Dalton 1854-1941; James Dalton 1810-1879, Winnall T. Dalton 1845-1935.


Inglewood Cemetery

Brawdy Dalton Jr., b. 1890 Pittsburgh, d. 29 Jan 1936, U. S. Army; parents Mr. & Mrs. Brawdy Dalton of PA.

Merced County

Los Banos District Cemetery

John Dalton, b. 1840 NY, in CA for 20 yrs., single, d. 30 Oct 1914 at Los Banos.

Nevada County

Grass Valley, St. Patrick's Cemetery

Thomas J. Dalton, b. 20 Sep 1826, d. 27 Dec. 1891, native of County Wstmeath, Ireland; occupation: priest

Riverside County

San Jacinto Valley Cemetery at Hemet

Nancy Alice Daulton, b. 16 Mar 1881, Adams Co., OH; d. 30 Nov 1939; dau of John and Jane Copeland; wife of John B. Daulton.

Nancy T. Dalton, mother, 6 Mar 1833- 3 Sep 1909

Sacramento County

Saint Joseph Cemetery, Sacramento

Catherine Dalton, b. IRE, v. 10 Jan 1901, age 80; Hugh Dalton, b. IRE; d. 12 May 1867, age 49;  John Dalton, b. IRE; d. 4 Feb 1918, age 75; Mary Dalton, b. IRE; d. 13 May 1906, age 78;

San Diego County

San Pasqual Battlefield Monument;
Dec 6-10 1846; Private William Dalton bro of George and Henry Dalton of Los Angeles killed in the Mexican/American War..

San Francisco

Laurel Hill

Laura Dalton, b. 16 Sep 1871, d. 4 Nov 1893

San Joaquin County

Tracy Cemetery

William E. Dalton, 1880-1847

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara Cemetery

Edward B. Dalton, Dr. of Boston, MA, d. 13 May 1872, age 37.

Solano County

Benicia Cemetery

Alfred Dalton, b. Mar 1832, London, ENG, d. Dec 1916; Emma Dalton. b. London, ENG Jun 183, d. Jan 1912

Quinn/Dalton/McFadden - Jesse L. Daltom, 1895-24 Oct 1924


St. Vincent's and All Souls Cemetery,
filmed by LDS - 8 Daltons, samples

Thomas Dalton, b. 1853, NY, d. 4 Sep 1918

Mary Ann Dalton, 53, died 28 Apr 1912, husband Thomas W. Dalton

Dixon Cemetery, Dixon

David Dalton, 1836-1904

Sonoma County


Calvary Cemetery

James Dalton, native Co. Tipperary, IRE; d. 19 Feb 1914, age 74.

Cypress Hill Cemetery

Dalton/Luff    Angie Dalton., 1823-1903;  Elizabeth J. Dalton 1827-1855; Mary J. Dalton 1825 - 1862; Mathilda A. Dalton 1850-1871; William H. Dalton 1822-1881;  C. B. Luff 1861-1902; E. D. Luff 1865-1916.

Stanislaus County

Oakdale Citizens Cemetery

Bert Dalton 1887-1923

Yuba County

Marysville Cemetery

Bridget Dalton, b. IRE, age 75, d. 21 Sep 1878

John Dalton, age 19, b. CA, d. 2 Dec 1880


Alameda County

San Leandro Mt. Eden Cemetery

Orson H. Dalton, d. 7 Nov 1941, age 54.

Contra Costa County

San Pablo, St. Joseph's Cemetery

John H. Dalton, 1874-1947; Gertrude F. 1875-1939; Howard R. 1912-1943; Kathryn D. Friend 1898-1900.

Humboldt County

St. Bernard's Cemetery

George Dalton, d. 5 Dec 1919, age 65; husband of Jennie; b. St. John's N. B. CAN.

Michael Dalton, d. 30 Jun 1914, age 73, b. CAN.

Los Angeles County

Evergreen Cemetery

Dalton see Wheeler, Dalton 1856-1897

George Dalton (father) 10 Jul 1806-9 Jan 1892; Elizabeth Dalton 6 Dec 1813-Jul 1884; Mathias M. Dalton 2 Apr 1855-28 Jan 1924.

Robert Hunter Dalton (husband) b. Aberdeen, MI on 5 Nov 1845 d. at Nice France 23 Feb 1910.;  Carrie Hereford Dalton, (wife) b. AL, d. 29 Aug 1885 age 56;  Anne Caroline Hereford, b. 10 Dec 1833, OH; d. 29 Aug 1885.

George J. Dalton, b. ENG 1836-1899; Sarah E. Dalton 1854-1941; James Dalton 1810-1879, Winnall T. Dalton 1845-1935.


Inglewood Cemetery

Brawdy Dalton Jr., b. 1890 Pittsburgh, d. 29 Jan 1936, U. S> Army; parents Mr. & Mrs. Brawdy Dalton of PA.

Merced County

Los Banos Distric Cemetery

John Dalton, b. 1840 NY, in CA for 20 yrs., single, d. 30 Oct 1914 at Los Banos.

Nevada County

Grass Valley, St. Patrick's Cemetery

Thomas J. Dalton, b. 20 Sep 1826, d. 27 Dec. 1891, native of County Wstmeath, Ireland; occupation: priest

Riverside County

San Jacinto Valley Cemetery at Hemet

Nancy Alice Daulton, b. 16 Mar 1881, Adams Co., OH; d. 30 Nov 1939; dau of John and Jane Copeland; wife of John B. Daulton.

Nancy T. Dalton, mother, 6 Mar 1833- 3 Sep 1909

Sacramento County

Saint Joseph Cemetery, Sacramento

Catherine Dalton, b. IRE, v. 10 Jan 1901, age 80; Hugh Dalton, b. IRE; d. 12 May 1867, age 49;  John Dalton, b. IRE; d. 4 Feb 1918, age 75; Mary Dalton, b. IRE; d. 13 May 1906, age 78;

San Diego County

San Pasqual Battlefield Monument;
Dec 6-10 1846; Private William Dalton bro of George and Henry Dalton lof Los Angeles killed in the Mexican/American War.

San Francisco

Colma, Holy Cross Cemetery

Thomas Dalton 1868-1945; Mary 1867-1939; Lillie 1902-1908; Michael 1895-1945; Julia 1897-1971, James 1901-1964; John 1912-1971; Rose 1908-1989.

Laurel Hill

Laura Dalton, b. 16 Sep 1871, d. 4 Nov 1893

San Joaquin County

Tracy Cemetery

William E. Dalton, 1880-1847

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara Cemetery

Edward B. Dalton, Dr. of Boston, MA, d. 13 May 1872, age 37.

Solano County

Benicia Cemetery

Alfred Dalton, b. Mar 1830, London, ENG, d. Dec 1916; Emma Dalton. b. London, ENG Jun 1833, d. Jan 1911; Jesse L. 1896-1924; Ann 1840-1904; Mary d. 1848; Murray S. 1899-1947;

Samuel W. 1827-1883; James C. 1866-1882; William S. 1860-1938 (dates listed on tombstone)


St. Vincent's and All Souls Cemetery,

Thomas S. Dalton, b. IRE, 64, d. 17 July 1936

Mary Dalton (Thomas) b. 6 May 1877, of CA, of Michael O'Hara and Julia Sheehy both of IRE; d. 30 Oct 1942.

Katherine Dalton, b. 22 Mar 1866, Vallejo of Daniel Brennan and Margaret Mc Laughlin; d. 26 Oct 1949, age 83.

Patrick Dalton, b. IRE; of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dalton, d. 5 Apr 1926, age 38, last at 608 McLane, Vallejo.

Mary Ann Dalton, 53, died 28 Apr 1912, husband Thomas W. Dalton

Sunrise Cemetery

Arthur F. Dalton, 1912-1964; Effie L. 1873-1947; William H. 1970-1947.

Dixon Cemetery, Dixon

David Dalton, 1836-1904

Sonoma County


Calvary Cemetery

James Dalton, native Co. Tipperary, IRE; d. 19 Feb 1914, age 74.

Cypress Hill Cemetery

Dalton/Luff    Angie Dalton., 1823-1903;  Elizabeth J. Dalton 1827-1855; Mary J. Dalton 1825 - 1862; Mathilda A. Dalton 1850-1871; William H. Dalton 1822-1881;  C. B. Luff 1861-1902; E. D. Luff 1865-1916.

Stanislaus County

Oakdale Citizens Cemetery

Bert Dalton 1887-1923

Yuba County

Marysville Cemetery

Bridget Dalton, b. IRE, age 75, d. 21 Sep 1878

John Dalton, age 19, b. CA, d. 2 Dec 1880


extracted by Mike Dalton

Calaveras County

Calaveras District

Christina Dalton, 24, b. DE, miner; with others

Eldorado County


William J. Dalton, 29, b. IN, hotel keeper

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles City

Henry Dalton, 46, b. ENG, grazier,; wife Guadalupe, 19, b. CA; children Feliciana 3, and Henry 2, b. CA.

Mariposa County

Charles Dalton, 23, b. ME, miner; with others

Sacramento County

Sacramento City

William Dalton, 30, b. OH, trader; with others.

James Dalton, 20, b. NC, gardener; with others

John T. Dalton, 27, b. MD, living alone.

1852 CENSUS OF CALIFORNIA    Top   Back to Page 1

Los Angeles County

Henry Dalton, 47, merchant, b. ENG, wife Maria, c. CA; three children b. CA - Henry 4, Winnal 2, Maria Louisa 8 mos; brother George Dalton, 45, farmer, b. OH, Julia Dalton 18, b. CA.

Shasta County

W. Dalton, 26, miner, b. MO.

T. W. Dalton, 20 miner, b. MO

Siskiyou County

W. Dalton, 23, miner, b. ME (last Census WI)

Solano County

Maurice Dalton, 31., lab, b. IRE, last Census MI

Robert C. Dalton, 28, farmer, b. IL, last Census MO.

Tuloumne County

George Dalton, 27, miner, b. PA, last Census PA

Mr. Dalton, 50, physician, b. SC, last resided in East Indies

1860 CENSUS OF CALIFORNIA    Top   Back to Page 1

extracted by Mike Dalton

El Dorado County

Placerville Twp.

J. Dalton, 42, b. PA, farmer with wife A. Dalton, 37, b. KY.

Klamath County

Trinidad Twp.

Samuel Lakin, 51, b. ME, sawyer; wife Eliza, 26 b. ME; children Adela 2, and Samuel 2 mos., b. CA;  William Dalton, 33, b. ME, lab.  William may be the brother of Eliza Lakin.

Los Angeles County

Tejon Twp., Fort Tejon

G. W. Dalton, 37, b. IRE, corporal with military

Los Angeles City

George Dalton, 54, b. ENG, farmer, wife Elizabeth 45 b. OH; son George 23, b. ENG; Winnell T 14, b. OH, Edwin H. 12, b. OH; Josephine 7 and Mathias 5, b. CA;  sister in law, Caroline Mensford 225, b. OH; her children Medora 5 and Caroline A.5, b. CA.

Azusa Twp. El Monte

Henry Dalton, 52, b. ENG, ranchero; wife Maria 28, b. CA; children Winnall A. 10, Anna L. 8, Gayla K. 6, and Henry A. 7 mos., all b. CA.

Marin County

Corte Madera Twp. San Rafael.

H. Dalton, 25, b. LA, physician.

Mariposa County

Mariposa, Twp. 3.

Patrick Dalton, 32, b. NY, miner

Peter Dalton, 20, b. NY, single.

Aqua Fair, Twp. 3

Peter J. Dalton, 20, b. NY, miner

Mendocino County

Ukiah City, Capella Twp.

John Dalton, 26, b. MO.

Nevada County

Grass Valley Twp.

T. J. Dalton, 34, b. IRE, priest; Kate Dalton, 21, b. IRE; M. Fitzgerald, 30 b. IRE; P. A. Fitzgerald, 16, b. IRE (both Fitzgeralds females)

Nevada City

William W. Dalton, 27, b. IRE, miner.

Bridgeport TWP, French Canal

George Dalton, 24, b. WALES, miner.

Sacramento County

Sacramento City, Ward 2

Richard Dalton, 38, b. NJ, steward; wife Rebecca, 37, b. NJ; dau Leonor 1, b. CA. Family listed as black.

Thomas Dalton, 24, b. IRE, hosteler

Sacramento City, Ward 4

Peter Dalton (no further information) page 501.

Franklin Twp.

P. Dalton, 34, male, b. OH, farm lab.

San Bernardino County

San Salvador Twp.

Henry Dalton, 30, b. CAN, blacksmith

San Francisco County and City

District 2
Henry Dalton, b. ME, merchant; wife Francis, b. MA; children: Henry 20, Edward 16, William 13, all b. ME; son George, 3, b. CA.

District 3
William Dalton, 30, b. MA, shoe maker

District 5
High Dalton, 35, b. IRE, lab.

District 7
Edward Dalton, 35, b. CAN, hotel waiter.

District 9
Alfred Dalton, 30, b. ENG, mariner; wife, Mary 29, b. IRE; children John 8, Alfred 2, William 3 mos. all b. CA; brother Daniel Dalton, 34, b. ENG.

Santa Clara County

San Jose City

Alfred Dalton, 30 b. MA

Henry Dalton, 30, b. MA

Sierra County

Scales Diggings Twp.

James Dalton, 23, b. MA

Solano County


John Dalton, 23, b. LA, telegraph operator

Samuel Dalton, 35, b. ENG, sailor; wife Ann 30, b. ENG.

Alfred Dalton, 30, b. ENG, wife Anne, 30 b. ENG; children Alfred 6, John 4, Mary 2, all b. CA.

(John Dalton might be the John Dalton, age 24, single, b. SF, soldier, private 55th Regiment in the 1881 Census of Cheriton, Shorncliffe Camp, Kent County, England).

Sonoma County

Santa Rosa Twp.

David F. Dalton, 20, b. IA, student at law.

Petaluma Twp.

William Dalton, 38, b. KY; wife Mary Jones, 36, b. PA; children: James 14, Thomas 12, both b. IN; Matilda 10 and Sarah Jones b. IA.

Levi Dalton, 47, b. SC, wife Ann 53, b. TN; son Milton S. 23, b. TN

Sonoma Twp.

James Frank, 32, b. VT; wife Mary 38, b. KY; dau Mary 11, b. MO; Sarah Dalton, 11, b. MO.

Tulare County

Petersburg Twp.

John Dalton, 24, b. IRE, miner.

Tuolumne County

Jacksonville 4th Twp.

H. N. Dalton, 30, b. NY, carpenter; J. A. Johnson (common law wife) 20, b. NY; children Cornelia Johnson 5, Morry Johnson, 1 mo. both b. CA; The married family is in Martinez in 1870 and Oakland in 1880.

Yuba County

Marysville Twp.

William Dalton, 33, b. NY, farm lab.

Long Bar Twp.

J. R. Dalton, 24, b. NY, miner

1870 CENSUS OF CALIFORNIA    Top   Back to Page 1

Alameda County

Oakland  Township

John Dalton, laundry, 23, b. IRE.  page182

Colusa County

Stormy Creek

Robert Noble, 45, lab., b. VA; wife Nancy E. 50, b. KY; mother in law Nancy Dalton, 77, b. KY; also Charles Beavas, 18, b. NY. page 328

Contra Costa County


Henry Dalton, 40, eng. builder, b. NY; wife Julia 30,b. NY; four children b. CA - Katy 14, Henry 10, Frank 7, Ada 3.  page 434

El Dorado County


John Dalton, 52, miner, b. PA; wife Annie, 46, b. KY. page 101

Fresno County


Henry C. Dalton, 43, farmer, b. KY; wife Mary J. b. MO; eight children b. CA - Mary L. 15, Henry M. 12, Ida 10, John J. 8, Agnes 6, Naoma 4, Jonathan R. 3, and Maud 6 mos.  page 145.

Los Angeles County

Azusa, El Monte Township

Henry Dalton, 66, farmer, b. ENG; wife Guadalupe 37, b. CA; 4 children b. CA, ages only - son

20, daus 19 and 16, son 9, dau 5. son 4, and son 7 mos. page 460

Los Angeles City

Academy of the Sisters of Mercy

L. Dalton, 6, b. CA; and L. Dalton, 15. b. CA (both females).

Marin County

San Quentin State Penitentiary, San Rafael Township, Convict List

Peter Dalton, 29, b. IRE, laborer  page 41

Henry Dalton, 26, b. IRE, waiter  page 40

Hero Dalton, 35, b. Louisana, physician.  page 35

St. Francis Orphanage, San Rafael Township

Eugene Dalton, 14, b. CA - page 27

William Dalton, 7, b. CA, page 28

Daniel Dalton, 10, b. CA, page 28

Daniel Dalton, 12, b. CA. page 29.

Mariposa County

Mariposa, Township No. 2

Patrick Dalton, 40, b. IRE, miner single. page 108

Mariposa, Township No. 3

John Dalton, 42, b. IRE, miner, single, owns real estate.  page 133

Nevada County

Birchville, Grass Valley Township

George Dalton, 39, b. WALES, miner; wife, Nancy 32, b. WALES.  page 124.

Grass Valley, Grass Valley Township

Thomas J. Dalton, priest, 43, b. IRE.  page 160.

Timothy Dalton, 33, b. IRE, miner, owns real estate; wife Ann 33, b. IRE.  page 182

Placer County

Dutch Flat, Township No. 4

Richard W. Dalton, single, 29, b. ME; teamster.  page 415

Pino, Township No 9.

Christopher Dalton, 44, b. NY, placer miner, single.  page 471

Sacramento County

Sacramento, Ward 3

Joseph Dalton, gardener, 28, single, b. IRE enumerated with Thomas and Kate O'Brien household

page 97

San Bernadino County

San Bernardino Township

Thomas Dalton, farm lab., 26, single, b. MO.  page 417

San Francisco County

S. F. City Ward 1

Richard Dalton, 60, huckster, b. IRE; wife Letitia 42, b. IRE. page 79

Joseph Dalton, lodger, lab., single, 42, b. IRE.   page 106

Joseph Dalton, single, 28, b. NY, parents forign born.  page 123

Ward 2

Frank Dalton, 25, produce dlr, 25, b. MO; wife Jenny 21, b. MO; Jenny 18, b. MO.  page 25

Ward 5 at Russ and Couse Streets

Paul E. Dalton, 32, b. TN, merchant; wife Mrs. 25, b. TN.  page 18

Ward 5, Brooklyn Hotel

Timothy Dalton, lodger, 36, single, miner, b. IRE.   page 24

Ward 5, Occidental House

Edward Dalton, dining room wkr., 32, single b. ENG.  page 32

Ward 6

Anne Dalton, dom. serv., 20, single, b. IRE.  page 146

Ward 7, Precinct 1

Horace Wheeler, 44, merhant, b. CT; wife Julia 33, b. ENG; dau Florence 14 and son Frank 13, b. CA; son Robert J. 11 and dau Marcellena 2, b. WA Terr.;  mother in law Elizabeth Dalton 70 b. ENG. page 156

Michael Dalton, boarder, single, lab., 22, b. IRE.  page 24

Michael Dalton, lab., 35, b. IRE, lodging house; wife Margret 22, b. IRE;  James Dalton 22, b. IRE, single.

Ward 7, Precinct 2

Nelly Dalton, shop owner, 24m b. IN, $1200 pers. prop.  page 247

Ward 8, Precinct 2

Edward Dalton, 28, laundry, b. IRE;  wife Myra, 20, b. NY; dau Melanie 5, b. NY; son Peter E. 1 mo., b. CA, May 1870.  page 434

Ward 9

John Dalton, 41, longshoreman, b. IRE; wife Mary 33, b. IRE; seven children b. CA - Mary 15, Kate 13, Rosa 12, Abby 10, John 8, Nellie 5, and Margaret 3.   page 116

Ward 10, Precinct 2

Michael Dalton, 35, teamster, b. IRE; wife Jane 30, b. IRE; daus Mary 5 and Catherine 3, b. CA

page 235

Ward 10 District 3

Julia Dalton, dom. serv., single, 28, b. IRE   page 178

James Dalton, 48, single, b. IRE.  page 284

Frank Dalton, 24, retailer, b. IN; wife Jennie, mar Aug 1869, b. WI;  Jennie Dalton 18, b. IA, single.  page 317

Ward 11, District 1

Oliver Dalton, 30, b. SWEDEN; wife Hannah 27, b. IRE; three children b. CA; Margaret and Alexander age 1; and unnamed b. Mar 1870, dau, CA.   page 525

Ward 11, District 4, Mount St. Joseph Infant Asylum

Margaret Dalton, age 8, at school, b. CA, parents foreign born.  page 717

Ward 12, Precinct 2

Michael Dalton, house painter, 38, b. IRE; wife Margaret 38, b. IRE; son Daniel 15, b. NY; five children b. CA- Maria 13, John 10, Catherine 9, Mary 5, William 4.

Ward 13, Precinct 1

Eugene Dalton, stone mason, 43, b. IRE; wife Margaret 30, b. IRE; Mary 20, b. MA; 5 children b. CA - John 10, Julia 9, Elizabeth 6, Eugene Jr., 4, James 3. Also enumerated Helen Welch 35, b. IRE.  page 763

Daniel Dalton, lab., single, 40, b. IRE.  page 770

Solano County

Benicia Township

Alfred Dalton, 38, drayman, b. ENG; wife Mary 38, b. IRE; five children b. CA - James 13, Alfred 11, Willie 9, Joel 4, and George 1.    page 3

S. W. Dalton, 43, lab., b. ENG; wife Ann 37 b. IRE; dau M. B. 2, b. CA    page 6

Sonoma County

Petaluma Twp. PO page 350

Dalton, Julia age 21; b. Ireland, single, domestic servant, enumerated with

household of Isaac A. Jacobs  - b. Vermont - dairy farmer.

Vallejo Township

John Dalton, telegrapher, b. LA, 33, parents foreign born; wife Teresa, 28, b. LA, parents foreign born;  son C. C. 6, b. NV; son W. H. 4, b. UT; four children b. CA -son J. E. 3, Martin 2, Nellie 2 and T. G. 2 mos.      page 183

Siskiyou County

Lake, Surprise Valley Township

Robert Dalton, farmer, 32, single, b. IL, owns real estate    page 641

Tuolumne County

Big Oak Flat, Township no. 4

John Dalton, carpenter, B, 64, single, b. MD; $450 real estate; $150 pers. prop., small carpenter shop owner.   page 391.

1880 CENSUS OF CALIFORNIA    Top   Back to Page 1

Section I  Daltons enumerated in California

Alameda County


H. N. Dalton, blacksmith, 50, b. NY; wife Julia 40, b. NY, parents b. NY; four children b. CA - Cornelia 24, Henry P. 20, Frank M. 17, Ada M. 12.

Patrick Dalton, laundry co., 47, b. NY, parents b. IRE; wife Ellen, 38, b. NY, parents b. IRE;  three children b. CA - Edward 7, Nellie 5, Kate 1. two servants and a gardener.

W. Dalton, laundryman, 31, b. IRE, parent b. IRE, enumerated at laundry.

W. A. Dalton, 12, b. CA, parents b. US, enumerated at Deaf and Dumb Institute.

Amador County

Township 1

Edmond Dalton, single, sge ro, miner, b. IRE; enumerated at boarding house of miners.

Colusa County


Phil Dolton, lab., single 30, b. PA, enumerated with labs. under C. Sherman, farmer.


C. B. Dalton, lab. 28; F. P. Dalton, lab. 20, Lit Dalton, lab, 22 all b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO; G. Dalton, lab, 19 b. KY, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MO; enumerated under farmer G. W. Hoag

Stony Creek

Thomas Dalton, single, 30, lab., b. CAN, enumerated under Antoine St. Louis.

Contra Costa County


John Dalton, miner, 39, b. IRE; wife Mary, 39, b. ENG; sons John 10 and Richard 5, b. IA; son James 9 mos. b. CA. (parents not stated)


Henry A. Dalton, machinist, mar.,50, b. NY, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. NY; son Henry P. app. machinist, 20 b. CA, mo. b. NY, Frank N. 17, b. CA, mo. b. NY.


George Dalton, miner, 50 b. WALES; wife Mary 45, b. WALES; five children b. CA - Harriet 14, Margret 9, Thomas 7, Mary 5, and Ratchel 2.

Fresno County

District 1

Henry Daulton, stock raiser, 51, b. KY; fa. b. VA, mo. b. NY; wife Mary Jane 49, b. MO, fa. b. KY, mo. b. MD;  eight children b. CA at home - Henry H. 21, Ida 19, John F. 17, Agnes W. 15, Nioma G. 13, Jonathan R. 11, Maud 9, and William J. 7; also five sheep herders.

Humboldt County


Jnike Dalton, saw filer, 35, b. NB; wife Maggie 28, b. NB; three children b. CA - Clara E. 6, Annie G. 4, and Arther E. 2.

Lake County


John E. Dalton, 26, farm wkr., b. TN, parents b. TN on farm of Louis Kwgleuvan.

Morgan Valley

James Dalton, 22, farm lab., b. TN, parents b.TN, enumerated on farm of Albert F. Morrell, farmer.

Lassen County

Long Valley

Edward Dalton, farmer, 42, b. OH, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. PA; wife Mary J. 25, b. CA. fa b. NC, mo. b. MA; three children b. CA - Ida M. 7, Hattie E. 3, Annie 1.

Los Angeles County


James F. Dalton, carpenter, b. NY, parents b. NY; wife Annie M. b. ME, parents b. IRE; daus Gertrude 3 and Winifred 1, b. CA.


Henry Dalton, 76, b. ENG; wife Guadalupe 48, b. CA, fa. b. FL., mo. b. CA;  four children b. CA - Henry, farmer 19, Ellen 16, Valentine 13, Joseph 10; two nephews - Panteleon Arnaz, 15, b. CA, fa. b. MEX, mo. b. CA; and Ventura Arnaz,12. b. CA. (occupation for Henry "Fighting for his Rights").  Henry supported Mexico in the War, Mexico lost, and Henry's lands were confiscated by the U. S. Govt.

Los Angeles, Ward 5

Edwin H. Dalton, zanjero, 30, b. OH, parents b. ENG; wife Hattie 23, b. MO, parents b. KY; four children b. CA - Maide 6, Archibald 4, Leslie 2, and Maurice 8 mos. 2 house workers.

George Dalton, orchardist, 74, b. ENG; wife Elsabeth 67, b. OH, fa. b. PA, mo. b. OH; son Mathias M., 25, orchardist. b. CA. two Mexican laborers.

George J. Dalton, orchardist, 44, b. ENG; wife Sarah E. 25, b. OH, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. VA; son Frederick P. 5, b. CA; mother in law, mar, 54, b. VA, parents b. VA; sister in law Edna E. 9, b. OH, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. VA.

Winnall T. Dalton, farmer,35. b. OH, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. OH.

Marin County

San Quentin

Peter Dalton, lab., 40, b. IRE

Mariposa County

Township 1

John Dolton, stock raiser, single, 54, b. IRE.

Township 2

Patrick Dalton, miner, 62, b. IRE.

Moduc County


William H. Dolten, 47, b. N. S. CAN, parents b. ENG; wife Mary 47, b. MA, parents b. PA.

William Dolten, faarmer, 45, b. N. S. CAN, parents b. N. S.; wife Ellen, 40 b. WI.

Mono County


Henry Dalton, laborer, 27, b. IA, fa. b. NY, mo. b. ME enumerated with a list of laborers.

Nevada County

Grass Valley

Thos. J. Dalton, pastor, St. Patrick's Church, 53, b. IRE.

Francis Dalton, miner, 22, b. PA, nephew of Catherine Ryan housekeeper.

Kate Dalton, 16, b. IRE, pupil in appears to be boarding school.

Sacramento County


Dennis Dalton, farmer, 33, b. IRE; wife Catharine F. 48, b. IL, parents b. PA; son Edward, 6, b. CA; gr dau Kattie Cotton, 6, b. CA, parents b. WI.; step son Robert Mahone, 27, b. CA, parents b. VA.

San Benito County

San Juan

Martin Dalton, 24, b. IRE, lab on farm of John V. Breen ( early settlers in San Juan).

San Diego County


John Dalton, miner, 24, b. CA, parents b. ENG; enumerated with Dea Oli, cook and Francis Martinis, keeps boarders.

San Francisco County

San Francisco

Annie Dalton, uphostery wkr., 26, b. IRE; enumerated in household of Bridget Bolster.

Daniel Dalton, lab., 55, b. IRE; wife Ellen, 40, b. IRE; son William 19, b. CA and dau Margaret 17, b. CA; brother Patrick, 58 b. IRE; nephew John, stone cutter, 20 b. CA, parents b. IRE.

Edward Dalton, driver, 40, b. IRE; wife Mira, 40, b. NY, fa. b. RI, mo. b. VT; dau Minnie 15, b. NY; three sons b. CA - Peter E. 10, Irwin M. 6, and George A. 2.

Ellen Dalton, 15, b. CA, fa. b. MA, mo. b. NY; servant in household of Walter S. Pierce, b. MA and Lucia Pierce, 38, b. CA, fa. b. MA and mo. b. NY.

Eugene Dalton, stone cutter, 54, b. IRE; wife Margaret 43, b. IRE.

Francis Dalton, commission agt., 34, b. IN, parents b. KY; wife Jenny 27, b. WI, parents b. VT;  five children b. CA - Wiliam 9, Charles 8, May 6, Clyde 4, Hubert 2; sister n law, Clara Cole 18, b. WI, parents b. VT; two others, Sarah Hunter, mar. 40, b. VA and Sarah Charlton, 25, b. IRE.

George Dalton, hotel cook, 45, b. ENG; enumerated in home of Anna Gatelee.

James Dalton, school master, 35, b. PA, parents b. PA.

James Dalton, 30, b. IRE; wife Julia 30, b. IRE; three children b. CA - Mary 7, Annie 5, and Kattie 2.

John Dalton, stone cutter, 20, b. CA, parents b. IRE;  although the seven children are listed as daus and sons, they appear to be brothers and sisters and all b. in CA - Julia 19, Lizzie 17, Eugene 15, James 13, Ella 8, Sally 8, and Edward. 6.

Kate Dalton, servant, 22, b. IRE; eunmerated in household of George W. Dent. U. S. Appraiser

Lawrence Dalton, bookkeeper, 32 , b. IRE, brother in law to Hery Plazza 42, b. SPAIN and wife Ellen 24, b. IRE, one child Lolita Plazza 6 mos. b. CA.

Martin Dalton, laundry wkr., 36, b. IRE, enumerated under Isaac W. Titus

Mary Dalton, servant, 29, b. IRE; enumerated under A. Warschauer (hotel)

Mary E. Dalton, widow, 40, b. NY, parents b. IRE; four children b. CA - Mary E. 22, John  H. 17, plumbers app., Ellen 15, and Margaret 12.

Mich. Dalton, horse trader, 36, b. IRE; wife Mary 35, b. IRE; three children b. CA - Mich A. 5, Mary 3, and Rich. W. 9 mos.

Michael Dalton, lab., 40, b. IRE; wife Jane 35, b. IRE five children b. CA- Mary E. 12, Kate 10, Ann T. 7, William Joseph 5, Agnes 2.

Michael Dalton, lab., 45, b. IRE; wife Margaret, 35, b. IRE; brother William Dalton, 28, lab., b. IRE.

Richard Dalton, chipper, 28, b. IRE; wife Mary 26, b. IRE, son John J. 2, b. CA.

Ulixes S. Dalton, physician, single, 30, b. MD, fa. b. FRANCE, mo. b. VA.

William Dalton, stone cutter, 40, b. IRE; wife Margaret 39, b. IRE, dau Kate 3, b. CA.

Ward 1

Augustus Dalton, photographer, 50, b. ENG; enumerated in household of John Stutz.

Ward 2

William Dalton, baker, widow, 50, b. IRE, enumerated in household of Emil Vaughn.

Ward 5

William M. Dalton, wine grower, widower, 31, b. CA, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. NY; enumerated in household of Daniel Hollister, com. merchant.

Ward 6

Dalton (no first name) male, 30, b. ENG: enumerated in household of I A. Jonas, watchmaker.

Ward 8

Andrew Dalton, watchman, b. ENG; wife Susan, 48, b. ENG; two children b. CA - Charles, teamster, 21, and Susan 14. two boarders.

Rosa Dalton, 17, b. CA, fa. b. MA, mo. b. NY; servant in household of Dr. Laura Ballard.

San Joaquin

Samuel Dallton, farm la., 40, b. TN, parents b. TN; wife Rebecca F. 36, b. IN, fa. b. IN, mo. b. CAN; Dau Carrie B. 16, b. IA; son John L. 13, b. NV; son Charles F. 2, b. CA.

Santa Barbara


Josiah Doulton, 47. b. ENG; wife Emeline, 38, b. ENG; sons Harold 19 and George H. 17, both b. Australia; sons Leslie 10 and Cyril 9, both b. ENG; dau Ethel, 6. b. NC; sister in law, Florence Fronde, single, 28, b. ENG.

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara

J. R. Dalton, carpenter, 50, b. AL, parents b.TN; wife L. A. Dalton, 52, b. VT, fa. b. VT, mo. b. MA.

Santa Clara County

San Jose

Peter Dalton, farm wkr., 39, b. NY, parents b. IRE; wife Mary 30, b. NY, parents b. IRE; son Charles 13, b. CA.

Shasta County

Township 6

Rebecca Dalton, mother in law, widow, MU, 100 yrs., b. SC, parents b. SC; in household of Milton Farrell, stock raiser, W, 57, b. VA, parents b. VA; and wife Margaret J. Farrell, mu 39, b. OH fa. b. VA, mo. b. SC;  nine Farrell children, MU, b. CA - Mary E. 17, Virginia 15, Margaret E. 12, Milton A. 11, Anne N. 9, William H. 7, Charlotte A. 5, Charles E.3, and Lena L. 5 mos.

Solano County


Alfred Dalten, drayman, 48, b. ENG; wife Anna, 46, b. ENG; five children b. CA - Alfred, printer, 21. William 19 wks in store, James 14, George 12, Ella 9.

Samuel Dalton, saloon keeper, 54, b. MA, fa. b. IRE, mo. b. ENG; wife Annie 49, b. IRE; dau Mary E. 12, b. CA.


David Dalton, farmer, 64, b. MA, parents b. MA; wife Martha 40, b. MO, fa. b. ENG, mo. by KY; six children b. CA - Charles, wks on farm, 19, Wallace, wks. on farm, 16, Cora 10, Esther 7, Nina 4, Gracie 1.; other Ah Tom, cook, 21, b. China.


Daniel Dalton, farm lab., 39, b. IRE, enumerated on farm of John Bannon 60, b. IRE.

John H. Dalton, machinist, 43, b. LA, parents b. LA; wife Teresa 37, b. LA, parents b. LA; son Charles J. 17, b. NV; son William H. 14, b. UT, five children b. CA- John E. 13, Martin D and Nellie A. 11 (twins), Fannie 9 and Ida F. 4.

William Dalton, U. S. Marine, 40, b. NJ, fa. b. NJ, mo. b. NY; enumerated under Charles Haywood - appears to be a marine unit.

Sonoma County


William H. Dalton, produce dealer, 58, b. KY, fa. b. VA, mo. b. KY; wife Angie, 56, b. NH, parents b. NH; dau Eva 15. b. CA.

Santa Rosa

James Dalton, wood chopper, 35, b. IRE, enumerated on farm of James Stuart.

Yuba County


Henry Dalton, waiter, 35, b. IRE; wife Margaret 35, b. IRE; niece Margaret O'Connell, milliner, 18, b. IRE.

Mary Dalton, widow, 65, b. IRE, house keeper for Isaac Rhodes, sewing machine agt., 44, b. VT.

Section II Daltons who were born in California and were enumerated in other states.

This Census shows that very few migrated from the state.


Pima County


W. A. Dalton, miner, 30, b. CA, fa. b. ENG, mo. b. CA; wife J. F. (Mex) b. SONORA; dau Hortense 4 mos. b. AZ; mother in law, C. Vasquez, 48, b. SONORA; bro in law Adolpho Vasquez 24, b. SONORA; dau in law Josephine Vasquez 22, v. SONORA;  this listing is for Winnall Dalton, son of Henry of Azusa, CA.



Miami County


Patrick Dalton, rr wkr., 29, b. CAN, parents b. IRE; wife Katy 29, b. CA, parents b. CA; step day Laura Wilson, 10 and step son Charles Wilson 7, both b. IN; mother Donahoe (no given name), widow, 68, b. IRE.



Deer Lodge County

Butte City

John Dalton, teamster, 31, b. CA, fa. b. WI, mo. b. PA; also William Lee, miner, 24, b. NY, parents b. NY.



Multnomah County


Robert H. Dalton, 34, b. MO, parents b. MO; wife Carrie 21, b. CA, fa. b. AL, mo. b. OH.



Beaver County

Beaver City

Emma Dalton, div., 25, b. CA, fa. b. AL, mo. b. FL; dau of Eliza Lee div, 50, b. FL. also dau Rosamond Lee 15, b. UT.

Davis County


Henry S. Dalton, farmer, 56, b. NY; wife Elizabeth 49, b. PA, parents b. PA; son John, 31, teamster, b. CA; son William 24, b. UT farm wkr.; dau Mariah 20 b. UT.



King County

Slaughter and Porters Prairie

James Dalton, farmer, 33, b. IRE; wife Alice 30, b. IRE; dau Anna 11 mos. b. CA.

VOTER REGISTRATIONS    Top   Back to Page 1


Alfred Dalton, 37 in 1867, born in Ireland, 11913

Daniel Dalton, 42 in 1866, born in Ireland, 11914

David Dalton, 31 in 1867, born in England, 11915

Edmund Dalton, 32 in 1866, born in Ireland,11916

Edward Dalton, 29 in 1870, born in Ireland, 11917

Eugene Dalton, 40 in 1867, born in Ireland, 11918

Geo. Peter Dalton, 44 in 1871, born in Ireland, 11919

George Dalton, 62 in 1867, born in England, 11920

George Dalton, 36 in 1872, born in Wales, 11921

George John Dalton, 23 in 1868, born in London, Eng., 11922

Henry Dalton, 27 in 1870, born in Ireland, 11923

James Dalton, 26 in ?, born in Ireland, 11924

James Dalton, 24 in 1871, born in Ireland, 11925

John Dalton, 46 in ?, born in Ireland, 11926

John Dalton, 30 in 1866, born in Ireland, 11927

John Dalton, 28 in 1870, born in Ireland, 11928

John Dalton, 23 in 1871, born in Ireland, 11929

John Patrick Dalton, 28 in 1870, born in Ireland, 11930

Martin Dalton, 25 in 1869, born in Ireland, 11931

Michael Dalton, 42 in 1866, born in Ireland, 11932

Pat Dalton, 39 in 1871, born in Ireland, 11933

Patrick Dalton, 45 in 1866, born in Ireland, 11934

Thomas Dalton, 38 in 1869, born in Ireland, 11935

Thomas Joseph Dalton, 42 in ?, born in Ireland, 11936

William Dalton, 45 in 1871, born in Ireland, 11937

William Dalton, 31 in 1870, born in Ireland, 11938

Also listed as a voter, Patrick Edward Dalton, 32, laundryman, native, 1866.

Naturalized Voters, San Francisco, CA

from DGS member, Mike Dalton

The following is a listing of naturalized voters who provided proof of their citizenship to the San Francisco Court after the loss of Public records during the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.

Source: Book of Election Returns: 1906 to 1923

Cornelius Dalton, 405 Duncan, b. Ireland, nat. July 19, 1904, San Francisco, CA

Edward Eugene Dalton, 223 Sinotwell, b. Ireland, nat 1875, Springfield, MA

Gerald Joseph Dalton, 3185A 16th St., b. Ireland, nat. Jan 27, 1916, San Francisco, CA

James Dalton, 2417 Clay, b. Ireland, nat. August 8 1900, San Francisco

John Dalton, 2417 Clay, b. Ireland, nat. Feb. 24 1903, San Francisco, CA

John Dalton, 129 Dore, b. Ireland, nat April 20 1907, San Francisco, CA

John Joseph Dalton, 3261 21st St., b. Ireland, nat June 13, 1913, San Francisco, CA

John Joseph Dalton, 2580 3d St., b. Ireland, nat. March 19 1915, San Francisco. CA

Martin Joseph Dalton, 2059 Powell, b. Ireland, nat 1896, San Francisco, CA

Martin Joseph Dalton, 334 San Miguel, b. Ireland, nat June 1898, San Francisco, CA

Michael Dalton, 221 3d St., b. Ireland, nat October 19, 1896, Chicago, IL

Michael J. Dalton, 175 3d St., b. Canada, nat. March 3 1911, San Francisco, CA

Patrick Dalton, 402 San Jose Ave, b. Ireland, nat. June 18 1902, San Francisco, CA

Patrick Dalton, 402 San Jose Ave., b. Ireland, nat June 27 1915, San Francisco, CA

Thomas Dalton, 863 Texas, b. Ireland, nat Sept 18 1914, San Francisco

Thomas Francis Dalton, 642 Mississippi, b. Ireland, nat summer 1914, San Francisco, CA

Thomas Dalton, 410 Day St., b. Ireland, nat October 19 1896, Chicago, IL

Thomas S. Dalton, 387 California St., b. Ireland, nat Oct 19 1896, Chicago. IL

Source: Book of Election Returns: 1906 to 1923.

Alameda County Register 1890

Frank Norris Dalton, 27, b. CA; Oaklnad Ward 1, 6 pcnt. reg 1890

Henry Norris Dalton, 60. b/ NY; Oakland Ward 1, 1st Pcnt., reg. 1890

Henry Philip Dalton, 30, b. CA; Oaklnad Ward 1, 1st Pcnt. re 1890

John Dalton, 41, b. IRE, Oakland, Ward 3, 1st Pcnt; reg. 1890

Patrick Edward Dalton, 57, b. NY; Oakland Ward 6, 5th Pcnt., reg. 1890

William Dalton, 38, b. IRE; Oakland, Ward 1, 4th Pcnt; reg. 1890, nat.

Amador County Register 1890

Edmund Dalton, 56, b. IRE; North Sutter Creek, reg. 4 Aug 1890. nat.

Calaveras County Register 1890

John Levi Dalton, 25, b. NV; Valley Sprin, reg. 1889

Colusa County Register 1890

James Morris Dalton, 48, b. NY; Colusa, reg. 1890

Fresno County Register 1890

Joseph Napoleon Dalton, 35, b. OH; Coalinga, reg. 1890.

Samuel Lewis Dalton, 50, b. TN; Fresno no. 2, reg 1890. John D. of Calaveras county appears as son in 1880 Census of San Joaquin Co.

Humboldt County Register 1890

George Dalton, 34, b. NB, CAN; Eureka no. 1; re. 1890, nat.

Michael Dalton, 42, b. NB, CAN; Eureka, reg. 1888, nat.

Los Angeles County Register 1890

Edwin Henry Dalton, 41, b. OH; E. Washingtton; reg. 1890.

George Dalton, 85, b. ENG; 520 E. 3rd St; reg. 10 Sep 1890, nat.

George J. Dalton, 54, b. ENG; Orange and Washington, reg. 1890, nat. by virute of nat. if his father above.

Henry F. Dalton, 29, b. CA; Azusa, reg. 1890.

Mathias M. Dalton, 35, b. CA; 1359 Adeline Ave; reg 1890

Winnall T. Dalton, 45, b. OH; Washington and Central, reg. 1890

William T. Dalton, 63, b. ME, reg. 1890

Mariposa County Register 1890

Patrick Dalton, 62, b. IRE; Bear Valley, reg. 6 Jun 1888, nat.

Mercer County Register 1890

Henry Coleman Dalton, 37, b. MO; Cressy, reg. 1890. (Henry is related to Dalton Gang).

John Dalton, 30, b. NY; Atwater, reg. 1890.

Nevada County Register 1890

Abram Fields Dalton, 41, b. NY; Columbia Hill, reg. 1886

Thomas Joseph Dalton, 51, b. IREl Grass Valley, reg. 1878. R. C. priest.

Sacramento County Register 1890

Great Register Voting Poll List, 12th precinct.

1. Dennis Dalton, age 47, born Ireland, naturalization registration date, 4 Oct 1890

2. John Patrick Dalton, age 45, born Ireland, naturalization registration date, 4 Aug 1890

San Bernardino County Register 1890

James Dalton, 37, b. MA; San Bernardino, reg. 1890

San Diego County Register 1890

Robert H. Dalton, 42, b. MI; San Diego, War 4, reg. 1888

Santa Clara County Register 1890

Jams Dalton, 36, b. IRE; Gilroy rel 1890, nat.

Martin Dalton, 30, b. IRE; San Jose, reg. 1884, nat.

San Francisco County Register 1890

Daniel Dalton, 60, b. IRE; 1414 Baker St.; reg 1890, nat.

Dennis Joseph Dalton, 51, b. IRE, Sierra and LA St., district 47, pcnt. 2, reg 1890.

Edward Dalton, 51, b. IRE; 1045 !/2 Valencia St., reg. 1890, nat. by virtue of father's nat.

Edward Eugene Dalton, 42, b. IRE; 1010 Natoma, dis. 44, pcnt. 5, reg. 1890

Eugene Dalton, 64, b. IRE, 2831 Jackson St., reg 1890, nat., district 41, pcnt 17.

Eugene Stanialaus Dalton, 33, b. CA, 41 Garden Ave, reg 1890, Dist. 42, Pcnt 18

Frank Dalton, 45, b. IN; 26th & Fair Oaks St., re. 1890, Dist. 48, Pcnt 13

George Peter Dalton, 65, b. IRE; 52 snd St., reg. 1890, Dist 30, Pcnt. 2

James Dalton, 48, b. IRE; First Ave. & Green; reg.1890, Dist. 32, Pcnt. 2.

James Dalton, 25, b. CA; 2831 Jackson, reg. 1890, Dist. 41, Pct 17.

John Dalton, 31, b. CA; 2831 Jackson, reg. 1890, Dist 41, Pcnt 17

John Henry Dalton, 25, b. CA; 130 Ivy Ave; reg 1890, Dist. 40, Pcnt 7.

John Patrick Dalton, 25, b. CA; 400 Waller, reg. 1890, DISt 44, Pcnt 20.

Michael Dalton, 54, b. IRE; 218 1/2 St., reg. 1890, nat., Dist. 46, Pcnt. 4.

Richard Dalton, 40, b. IRE; 1658 Hayes, reg. 1890, nat, Dist. 43, Pcnt 16.

Thomas Benton Dalton, 42, b. IN, 2510 Clay, reg. 2890, Dist. 41, Pcnt 15.

William Dalton, 25, b. CA; 319 Fillmore, reg. 1890, Dist. 44, pg. 16.

William Henry Dalton, 39, b. NY; Berry St., reg. 1890, Dist 46, page 11.

William Patrick Dalton, 28, b. MA, 26th & Castro, reg 1890, Dist 48, Pcnt.16.

Solano County  Register 1890

Alfred Dalton, Jr., reg. Benicia, 1880-1894

Alfred Dalton, Sr., b. ENG, drayman, nat. 14 Apr 1858 at Solano District Court; reg. Benicia 1867-1894.

David Dalton, farmer, b. IL 1836, nat. 5 Aug 1867, Solano D. Ct., reg. Silveyville, 16 Sep 1876.

Edward Dalton, helper, b. IRE, father nat; reg. Vallejo 8 Aug 1896.

James Dalton, laborer, b. IRE 1847, nat 1868, NY; reg. Vallejo 26 May 1896.

John Dalton, engineer, b. IRE 1850, nat. 7 Aug 1871 at S. F. DiS. Ct., reg. Vallejo 3 Sep 1886-1888 and Benicia 1890.

George Edwin Dalton, teamster, b. CA, 1869, reg. Benicia 1890-1892

John Henry Dalton, telegraph operator, b. LA, 1851, reg. Vallejo, 1871-1888

Robert W. Dalton, b. KY 1869, reg. Dixon 1894

Samuel Dalton, b. CA, 1855, reg. Silveyville, 1892.

Thomas Dalton, farmer, b. 1838, PA, reg. Benicia 1868

Thomas William Dalton, 38, b. NY, 1854, carpenter, reg in Vallejo, Aug 15 1890-1896

Thomas Dalton, b. NY 1863, laborer, reg. Vallejo 1886-1888

William Dalton 25, b. IRE 1849, laborer, naturalized Oct 16, 1874, Hamilton Co. reg. to vote Sep 3 1877 to 1882, Vallejo.

William Dalton, farmer, b. CA 1861, reg. Benicia 1882-1892

William Henry Dalton, machinist, b. UT Terr 1865, reg. Benicia 1886.

Ventura County Register 1890

John Francis Dalton, 22, b. MA; Ventura no. 1. reg. 1888

Yolo County Register 1890

George Frank Dalton, 22, b. TN; Winters; reg. 1890

Yuba County Register 1890

Henry Dalton, 35, b. IRE; Ward 3 Marysville, reg. 1890, record of nat. missing.

Our appreciation is extended to Mike Dalton who may be reached at e-mail address:



The following lists were extracted by Mike Dalton.

Ship passenger lists of arrivals at San Francisco1850 to 1875

By Louis J. Rasmussen (c) 1965.

Volume I.

a. Alfred Dalton on Clipper Antelope from Boston on July, 1852.

b.  I.C. Dalton on Steamer Sea Bird from San Diego on Feb. 8, 1856.

c. J. Dalton on Steamer Golden Gate from Panama on Jan. 9, 1852 - 14 day run.

d. Theodore Dalton on Brig Montezuma from  Boston on Jan. 6, 1851  - 191

days, Rio de Janeiro -  111  days.The ship steward.  Theodore Dalton threw himself overboard on Dec. 13, 1850 and was drowned.

San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists - 1851 to 1853

By Louis J. Rasmussen. (c) 1867.

a. March 1, 1851: Steamer Constitution from San Diego - Mr. --- Dalton.

b. October 27, 1851: Steamer Constitution from Panama - William Dalton.

c. November 14, 1851: Steamer Unicorn from Panama - P. Dalton.

d. March 14, 1852: Steamer Tennessee from Panama - J. Dalton.

e. July 23, 1852: Sea Bird from San Diego - P. Dalton.

Overland Railway San Francisco Passenger Lists - 1871 to 1873

By Louis J. Rasmussen (c) 1966.

a. October 8, 1871: Miss Frankie Dalton; Salt Lake, Utah Territory.

b. May 17, 1871: Miss P. E. Dalton; New York.

c. July 24, 1871: Mrs. P. G. Dalton; San Francisco.

d. June 28, 1871: W. Dalton; Tomales (Marin County, California).

e. April 18, 1872: Mr. & Mrs. Dalton: Boston, Massachusetts.

f. June 16, 1872: B. W. Dalton; Salt Lake, Utah Territory.

g. August 19, 1872: W. F. Dalton; New York.

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This Census was extracted by Mike Dalton

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Alameda County

Oakland Twp. Berkeley

Eugene Dalton, Webster St., 74, b. IRE Apr 1826, living alone


Catherine Dalton, 534 Sycamore St., 39, b. NY, Mar 1861; enumerated with Catherine E. Hurd, servant.

Frank M. Dalton, 1216 8th St., age 35, b. CA, Mar 1864; wife Kathie, 33, b. CA Sep 1866; two children b.CA - Ada J. 10 b. Aug 1889, and Philip N. 5 b. Jan 1885; Frank appears with his parents Henry N. and Julia Dalton in the 1880 Census of Oakland and in the 1870 Census of Martinez, Contra Costa Co.,  His parents and siblings Ada and Henry are also in the 1900 Census of Oakland at 1454 8th St.

Henry N. Dalton, 1458 8th St., 70, b. NY, Jun 1830; wife Julia 60, b. NY Oct 1839; two children b. CA - Ada, 32, b. Jul 1867 and Henry P. , 40, b. Apr 1850.  His son George is nearby at 1216 8th St.

John Dalton, 1418 10th St., 49, b. IRE Sep 1850, nat; wife Mary 41 b. IRE, Sep 1858; seven children b. CA - John 18, b. Jun 1881; Mary 17, b. Sep 1882; William 15, b. Jun 1884; Kate 13, b. Sep 1886; Lawrence 11, b. Jun 1888; Annie 9, b. Jan 1891; Rose 3, b. Aug 1896.

Katherine Dalton, 923 Wood St., 38, b. IRE, Nov 1861; five children b. CA - John 22, b. Jan 1878; Frank 19, b. Sep 1880; Mary 17, b. Feb 1883; Edward 14, b. Apr 1886; Margaret 10, b. Jul 1889.

Norah Dalton, 436 Orchard St., 23, b. IRE, Sep 1876; enumerated with William W. Horden, servant.

Sarah Dalton, 566 16th St., 36, b. NY, Mar 1864; enumerated with Rosa O'Clift, boarder.

William H. Dalton, 1154 Union St., 34, b. UT, Oct 1865; wife Marguerite, 33, b. CA, Jun 1866; son William D. 8, b. OR Jun 1891; Raymond W. 2, b. CA Sep 1897; and Emma D. 1, b. CA, Jun 1899.

Amador County

Township 4.

Edward Dalton, 70, b. IRE, Mar 1830, enumerated with Mary Mahoney, boarder.

Calaveras County

Jenny Linn Twp.

John L. Dalton, 42, b. NV Aug 1867; wife Melanie 27, b. CA Jul 1892; cousin Rubin Hughill, 19, b. CA, Oct 1880.

Colusa County

Grand Island Twp.

William Dalton, 28, b. TN, May 1872; enumerated with John Gleason, boarder.

Contra Costa County

Supervisor's District # 2

Herbert L. Dalton, 24, b. CA Aug 1875; wife Meta C. 23, b. CA, Jul 1876.

Supervisor's District No. 4

Thomas Daulton, 27, b. CA, Jul 1872; Thomas is listed with his father George Dalton of Wales and family in the CA 1880 Census of Contra Costa County

Thomas Dalton, 27. b/ CA Jul 1872; enumerated with James J. Dickinson, boarder. Thomas is with his parents George and Mary Dalton of Wales in the 1880 Census of Contra Costa Co.  His three sisters, May, Rachel and Hattie Baldwin are in the 1900 Census of S. F.

Fresno County


Smith Dalton, 1432 Merced St., 39, b. IA, Mar 1850; wife Mary, 34, b. UT, Jun 1865; son Berry 3, b. CA, May 18997; Step daus Mary Lawson, 9, b. CA, Apr 1891 and Ruth Lawson, 5, b. CA, Mar 1895.

Township No. 1

Frank G. Dalton, 42, b. ENG, Feb 1858, alien; wife Alice 40, b. ENG, May 1860; four children b. ENG - Harry 15, b. Sep 1884; Mabel 12, b. Jun 1887; Frank 11, b. Apr 1889; Irene 9 b. Eeb 1891; son Keith 3, b. CA, Aug 1896, and Jessie Dau, 1, b. CA, May 1899.

Township # 2

Royal Dalton, 11, b. MO, Sep 1888; gr son of Edwin A. Sunderland.

Township # 3

Lionel Dalton, 28, b. WALES, Nov 1871; step son of Edward A. Elliott.

William Dalton, Fresno County Hospital, 69, b. CAN, Jan 1831, nat. unk; with hospital as boarder.

Township # 6

Joseph Daulton, 43, b. OH, Jun 1856; wife Jillie, 33, b. OH, Aug 1866; six children b. CA -Alice 13, b. Jun 1886; George 10, b. May 1890; Bella 8, b. Jun 1891; Charlie 6, b. May 1894; Thomas 3, b. Oct 1896, Emma 3 mos. b. Feb 1890.

Sarah A. Daulton, head, 63, b.OH, Oct 1836; gr dau Josie Daulton, 12, b. CA, Jun 1888.

Glenn County

Township No. 2

Coleman Dalton, 48, b. KY, Nov 1852; enumerated with James Fennelly, boarder.

Humboldt County


George Dalton, 45, b. CAN, Apr 1855, nat; enumerated with John Whelan, son in law.

Jennie Dalton, 35, b. CA, Jan 1865, foster dau; John Dalton, 4, b. CA, Sep 1895, grandson; enumerated with John Whalen

John H. Dalton, 1235 Broadway, 25, b. MA, Nov 1874; wife Gertrude 24, b. PA, Nov 1875; dau Catharine 2, b. NY, Jul 1898.

Mary L. Dalton, 524 A. St., age 9, b. CA Nov 1890; grand dau of John Whalen.

Michael Dalton, 151 Clark St., b. CAN, Aug 1843; wife Marguerite, 48, b. CAN, Jul 1851; five children b. CA - Clara 25, b. Jul 1874; Gertrude 24, b. Sep 1875; Julia 19, b. Jun 1880, Walter 18, b. Apr 1882; and Elizabeth 11, b. Jul 1888.

Willie Dalton, age 1, 524 A. St., b. CA, Sep 1898, gr son of John Whalen.

Kern County

Township # 3

Fred W. Dalton, 56, b. VA, Jan 1844; enumerated with boarder Charles Swanson

Los Angeles County

Azusa Twp.

Christina Dalton, head, 31, b. CA, Oct 1868; three children b. CA - Roger P. 12, Mar 1888, Viola E, 1, Apr 1899; Lupie 9, Sep 1890.

Guadalpe Z. Dalton, Azusa Ave., head, 67, b. CA, Dec 1832; niece Dolores Jamorane, 30, b. CA, Apr 1870.

Los Angeles Twp.

Archie E. Dalton, 72 Union Ave., 24, b. CA,  Dec 1875; wife Josie 23, b. CA, Jun 1877.  Archie is listed with his father Edwin H. Dalton of OH and family in the 1880 Census of L. A. Co.

Carl A. Dalton, 1011 Ninth St., 34, b. MN, Aug 1866; wife Minnie, 32, b. SWEDEN, Nov 1868; bro Victor A., 25, b. MN, Feb 1875; nephew David Olson, 6, b. CA, Jan 1894.

Cecil T. Dalton, 20, b. ENG, Feb 1880, 144 Kern St., apparently son of Thomas W. Dalton

Charles A. Dalton, 144 Kern St., 23, b. ENG, May 1877.

Edith Dalton, 24, b. ENG, Aug 1875, 144 Kern St.

Edwin H. Dalton, 1443 20th St., head, 54, b. OH, May 1846; wife Hattie, 46, b. KY, Sep 1853; ten children b. CA - Maud I, 25, b. Dec 1874; Leslie C. 21, b. Dec 1878; Clarence 19, b. Dec 1880; George 18, b. Mar 1882; Ethel 16, b. Feb 1884; James T. 14, b. Feb 1886; Benj. H. 10, b. Dec 1889; Helen G. 8, b. Jan 1892; Plata 6, b. Feb 1894, Jeanette, 4, b. Sep 1895.

George J. Dalton, 1319 East Eighth St., head, 38, b. IL, May 1862; wife Eliza J. 29, b. WI, Feb 1871; dau Lida 9, b. IL, Nov 1890; three more cildren b. CA -Helen 6, b. Nov 1893; Zara, 4, b. Feb 1896; Henry 2, b. Feb 1898.

Harold T. Dalton, 1024 Berendo St., 30, b. ENG, Feb 1879, nat.; wife Erma L. 23, b. MN, Dec 1877; dau Nadine, 1, b. Dec 1899.

Hugh B. Dalton, 814 Rosebell St., 42, b. CAN, Aug 1857, nat.; wife Jennie, 35, b. PA, Jul 1864; three children b. CA- Hugh A. 13, b. Jan 1887; Alice 10, b. Feb 1890; Rosemarie L. 3, b. Feb 1897.

Jennie Dalton, 608 So. Spring St., 40, b. IRE, May 1860, with 9 boarders.

Lizzie Dalton, 1400 Alameda St., head, 27, b. GER, Jan 1873; son Harry 4, b. CA, Jul 1895.

Mabel L Dalton, 144 Kern St., 18, b. ENG, Apr 1882.

Marguerite Dalton, East 20th St., age 7, b. CA, Jan 1893, no head shown.

Matthew Dalton, 1340 East 21 st St., 45, b. CA, Jan 1855, lodger, no head shown

Sarah E. Dalton, 1476 E. 25th St., head 46, b. OH, May 1854; son Fred P. 23, b. CA, Aug 1876; dau Mary E. 15, b. CA, Aug 1884; lodger Edwin R. Willard, 51, b. OH, Jul 1848.

Thomas W. Dalton, 144 Kern St., b. ENG, "living alone" see other Daltons who may be his children.

Winnall T. Dalton, 1900 Central Ave., 54, b. OH, Aug 1845; wife Mary 31, b. NY, Apr 1869; son Travally 8, b. CA, Jan 1892; son Wallace, 1, b. CA Jul 1898; bro in law Thomas J. Smith, 39, b. NY, Jul 1861.


John C. Dalton, 267 Merenger Place, 51, b. OH, May 1849; wife Emily J. 46, b. OH, Oct 1853, son James L. 20, b. OH, Dec 1879.

Mary A. Dalton, 123 West Union St., 50, b. NY, Mar 1850; enumerated with Joseph Cruza, son in law.

Madera County

Township # 2

James W. Daulton, 28, b. CA, Sep 1871; with one other non-relative.

Mary J. Daulton, head, 68, b. MO, Sep 1831; gr daus Mary Heiskill, 14, b. CA, Aug 1885; Lucile Mary Heiskill 12, b. CA, Sep 1887; and Neoma G. 9, b. CA, Apr 1891.

Township # 3

John P. Daulton, 38, b. CA, Jan 1862; wife Adelaide M. 38, b. CA, Jul 1862; four children b. CA - Hazel C. 15, b. Jan 1885; Raynor M. 12, b. Jun 1887; Henry C. 11, b. Mar 1889; Erma 4, b. Nov 1895.

Nancy P. Dalton, head, 37, b. CA, Dec 1862: eight children b. CA - John F. 18, b. Dec 1881; Thomas S. 16, b. Dec 1883; Reed, 14, b. Dec 1885; Naomi G. 12, b. Apr 1888; Mary 9, b. Apr 1891; Jane 6, b. Apr 1893, Henry, 4 b. Feb 1896, Ralph V. 10 mos. b. Jun 1899.

Township # 4

Charles Dalton, 25, b. CA, 1875, enumerater with Sem Bullo, boarder, digger tribe.

Merced County

Township # 2

Samuel Dalton, 21, b. TN, Dec 1878; as head with other lodgers.

Calvin Dalton, 29, b. TN, Apr 1871, enumerated with William J. Saunders, laborer

Township # 5

Grace Dalton, 12, b. CA, 12, b. Jul1887, step dau of Joseph Adams.

Charles Dalton, 14, b. CA, Dec 1885, step son of Joseph F. Adams.

Modoc County

Hot Spring Twp.

William C. Dalton, 26, b. TN, Jan 1874, living alone.

Napa County

Yount Townshhip

John H. Dalton, 43, b. CA, Sep 1856; wife Helen C. 36, b. SCOT Sep 1863; dau Mary 14, b. CA Dec 1885; son George A. 11, b. CA, Nov 1888.

Orange County


Nancy T. Dalton, head, 66, b. TN, Mar 1834; dau Laura 36, b. MO, Nov 1863; also Peter C. Little, son in  law, 38,b. NC, Sep 1861; gr son Kirby Little, 10, b. MO, Dec 1889.

Sacramento County

Lee Twp.

Catherine F. Dalton, widow, 68, b. IL, 1832; others Robert H. Mahone, 46, b. CA, Jan 1853; and Catherine Jones, 25, b. TX, Mar 1875.

Sacramento City

Annie Dalton, 727 G St., 23, b. MO, Dec 1876, living alone.

Charles A. Dalton, 15, 1715 7th St., b. CA Feb 1886.

Hommra F. Dalton, 1715 7 th St., age 10, b. CA, Mar 1890, stepson of Christy Jonson.

Edward F. Dalton, head, 26, b. CA, Jan 1874; wife Nellie, 23, b. CA, Sep 1876;  Donald 2 and Marguerite 2, b. CA,1898, Dennis, 5 mos  b. CA, 1900; niece Polly Sheldon, 25, b. CA, Mar 1875.

John E. Dalton, 1315 E. St., b. MA, Oct 1875, enumerated with Howard C. Walker, boarder.

P. J. Dalton, 1121 9th St., 45, b. NY, Nov 1854, roomer.

San Benito County


Josie Dalton, 19, b. CA, May 1881, living alone.

San Bernardino County

Highlands Twp.

Thomas Dalton, 73, b. WALES, 1827, patient, CA State Hospital.


James Dalton, 3018 E. State St., 47, b. MA, Feb 1853; enumerated with William Bennett, roomer.

San Diego County

San Diego

Robert H. Dalton, 1987 Fourth St., 55, b. MI, Nov 1845; wife Carrie, 40, . CA, May 1860.

San Francisco County

San Francisco

Agnes Dalton, 27, b. Washington, DC Apr 1873; enumerated with William F. Muele, unmarried boarder at 3717 17th St.

Benjamin C. Dalton, 610 Fillmore St., 28, b. CA, Feb 1872; enumerated with George Lyons as son in law.

Billy Dalton, 319 Page St., 32, b. Aug 1867; enumerated with Joseph Mahon

Catherine Dalton, 8777 Hayes St., 20, b. NY, Jan 1880; enumeated with Francis W. Arnold, boarder.

Charles R. Dalton, 628 Valencia St., 57, b. ME, Feb 1843; wife Francis F. 40, b. MA, May 1860.

Cornelius Dalton, 246 13th St., 32, b. IRE, Jul 1867; Wife Annie, 34, b. IRE, Jun 1865; son John 8, b. CA, May 1892; dau Helen J. 3, b. CA, Mar 1897; Ellen J. Keating, sister in law, 33, b. IRE, Apr 1867.

Dennis J. Dalton, 35th Ave., 37, b. MA, Dec 1862, living alone.

Edward Dalton, 12, Elizabeth St., head, 59, b. IRE, Mar 1840; wife Myrna M. 62, b. NY, Dec 1837; gr son Daniel H. Mc Carthy, 8, b. CA Oct 1891.

Edward Dalton,  845 Mission St., enumerated with Henry Sinnott, lodger

Edward E. Dalton, 225 Shotwell St., 51, b. IRE Apr 1849; wife Elizabeth, 47, b. IRE, Jun 1852; son Edward J. 23, b. CT, Nov 1876; dau Mary T. 17, b. NV, Aug 1882; two sons b. CA - Charles F. 14, b. Oct 1885 and Frank 8, b. Nov 1891.

Ellen D. Dalton, 59, b. IRE, Aug 1840, living alone at 416 Harriet St.

Frank Dalton, 3392 21st St., 54, b. IN Oct 1845; Wife Jennie C. 45, b. WI, Jul 1851; three children b. CA - Clyde F. 24, b. Mar 1876; Ethel 20, b. Jun 1879; Russell C. 11, b. CA, Jul 1888.  Frank Dalton appears as Francis Dalton with his family in the 1880 Census of CA.

James Dalton, 580 Sixth St., 24, b. IRE Oct 1975, father's nat.; with James Roddy boarder.

John H. Dalton, 37, b. CA Jun 1862, brother to Winnie Hemmelman living at 1976 Anson St.

John J. Dalton, Presidio Military Reservation, 34, b. PA, Nov 1865, Company B., Third Regt. Artillery

John W. Dalton, 2881 Jackson St., 40, b. CA, Sep 1859; wife, Isabel, 30, b. District of Columbia, Mar 1870; dau Isabel; 5, b. CA, Jan 1895; son Alen 2, b. CA, May 1898; brother Edwin, 25, b. CA, Jul 1874.

Kate Dalton, 319 Page St., 33, b. CA, 1866, sister in law of Joseph Mahon.

Kate Dalton, 604 Third St., 19, b. CA, May 1881; enumerated with Joseph F. Gallagher, roomer.

Kathryn Dalton, 845 Mission St., age 3, b. OR, Mar 1897; Lucy Dalton, 28, b. OR, May 1872; enumerated with Henry Sinnot Lodger. They are wife and dau of Edward Dalton of same address.

Martin Dalton, 121 Pfieffer St., 29, b. IRE, Nov 1890; wife Katie 27, b. ENG, May 1873; dau Mary 10, b. CA, Aug 1889; nephew John Lynch, 28, b. CA, Jan 1872.

Mary Dalton, 30 Lafayette St., 50, b. NY, Mar 1850, mother in law of Joseph Cruza.

May Dalton, 1260 Ellis St., 27, b. CA, Jan 1873; Rachel Dalton, 25, b. CA, Oct 1874, enumerated with sister Hattie Baldwin.  They are with parents in the 1880 Census of Sommerville, Contra Costa Co.

Michael Dalton, 926 Harrison St., head, 63, b. IRE, Nov 1836, nat.; wife Jane M. 59, b. IRE, Sep 1840; five Children. b.CA - Mary E, 28, b. Aug 1871; Kate J. 26, b. Jun 1873; Teresa 24, b. Aug 1875; William J. 23, b. Jan 1877; Agnes 20, b. Oct 1879.

Michael Dalton, 307 Clementina St., head, 65, b. IRE, Aug 1834, nat.; wife Margaret 60, b. ENG, Sep 1839.

Michael Dalton, 44 Walsh St., head 50, b. IRE, Sep 1849, nat.; wife Mary 50, b. IRE, Jan 1849; dau Bessie, 16, b. CA, Mar 1883; tep dau, Sadie Brown, 22, b. NY, Feb 1877.

Nina Dalton, 630 Fillmore St., 26, b. IN, Sep 1873; Raymond Dalton, 1, b. CA, Nov 1898; enumerated with George Lyons, gr father.

Peter E. Dalton, 1028 Valencia St., 30, b. CA, May 1870; wife Minnie W. 23, b. NY, Mar 1877; son Edward 3, b. CA, Aug 1896; dau Anita H. 2, b. CA, Apr 1898.

Richard Dalton, 1619 Tonquin St., 43, b. CT, Apr 1867; enumerated with George Wells, boarder.

Rosy Dalton, 604 Third St., 16, b. CA, Nov 1883; enumerated with Joseph J. Gallagher, roomer.

Thomas Dalton, 19 Georgia St., head, 34, b. IRE, 864, nat.; wife Mary 31, b. IRE, Mar 1869; son Michael 4 b. IL, Oct 1895; Dau Julia 3, b. IL, Jan 1897; Thomas 1, b. IRE, Sep 1898; dau Mary 3 mos., b. CA, Mar 1900.  Thomas Dalton Sr., is a native of Castlemaine, Co. Kerry, IRE. The entire family was in IRE for more than a year.  They returned to the U. S. via Queenstown, IRE aboard the S. S. Campania on Oct 28, 1899 at the Port of NY  Residence listed on the passenger manifest was Castleisland.

Thomas Dalton, 2510 Clay St., 51, b. IN Feb 1849; wife Linnie, 39, b. CA Oct 1860; Lawrence 16, b. CA Apr 1884; Essie 13, b. CA, May 1887; Forrest 11, b. CA, Mar 1889; Earl 3, b. CA, Jan 1897.

Timothy Dalton, 832 Mission St., 35, b. CA, Dec 1864, enumerated with lodger, Edward Quincy.

William Dalton, 310 Guerrero St., head  29, b. CA, 1871; wife Ella 26, b. ME, Nov 1873; boarder Laura B. Hurd 28, b. NV, May 1872; mother in law, Elixabeth Small, 53, b. ME, Jun 1846.

William P. Dalton, 3440 19th St., 35, b. MA, Jan 1865; enumerated with Belle O'Connor. boarder.

San Joaquin County

Castoria Twp. No.4

Daniel W. Dalton, 59, b. IRE, 1841, living alone.

Douglas Twp.

Thomas G. Dalton, 31, b. WALES, Jan 1869, nephew of John Boyke.

Elliott Twp.

Thomas Dalton, head, 61, b. So. Wales, Australia, Dec 1838; Wife Celia 55, b. So Wales, AU  Jul 1844 and dau Mary E. 20, b. So. Wales, AU Jan 1880.


Marion Dalton, 925, No. Erentre St., male, 22, b. IRE, Jan 1878; enumerated with lodger Philip B. Fraser.

Stockton Township

Agnes Dalton, 17, b. CA, Jul 1882; enumerated at St. Agnes Academy, unmarried boarder.

Austin Dalton, 58, b. NY, Mar 1842, living at 33 S. Taylor

Carrie Dalton, 33, b. IA, Aug 1866; enumerated with Madison L. Suis, employee at 335 Main St.

Charles Dalton, 241 Hunter St., 43, b. IA, Jan 1857.

San Mateo County

Township # 2

Mary E. Dalton, 33, b. CA, 1867, enumerated with dau Ellen Johnson, mother.

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara

Mary Dalton, 115 West Carillo St., enumerated with R. L. Booth lodger.

Santa Clara County

Palo Alto, 102 B. St.

M. Dalton, male, 39, b. IRE, Feb 1861, enumerated with William Patrick, boarder.

San Jose Twp.

Addre M. Daulton, 783 Jackson St., 34, b. Ct, Jul 1864; enumerated with S. J. Rainier, unmarried dau.

Erma Daulton, 783 Jackson St., 4, b. CA, Nov 1896, gr dau of S. J. Rainier.

Hazel Daulton, 783 Jackson St., b. CA Jan 1885, gr dau of S. J. Rainier.

Martin Dalton, 129 Vine St., 40, b. IRE, Jun 1859, nat, enumerated with Kate Riordan, boarder.

Santa Clara, County Infirmary

William Dalton, 46, b. IRE, Aug 1853, nat., patient.

Shasta County

Township 12, Buckeye

Albert Dalton, 64, b. NY, Sep 1835; wife Hattie A. 54, b. MA, Aug 1845; boarder Samuel Hooten, 74, b. MA, May 1826.

Township 3, Westwick

Berry Dalton, 63, b. TN, Jun 1836, living alone.

Solano County

Benicia Twp.

Alfred Dalton, East Second St, 41, b. CA, Aug 1858; wife Hannah 35, b. CA, Dec 1864; son Valentine, 13, b. Ca, May 1886; Hazel, dau 11, b. CA, Jan 1889; Alfred son 9, b. CA, May 1891; 

Alfred Dalton,  67, b. ENG, May 1883; wife Amma 68, b. ENG, Apr 1862.

Ann Dalton, First St., widow, 65, b. IRE, Aug 1834; Dau Mary Holmer, 32, b. CA, Dec 1867; gr dau Mabel Holmer, 9, b. CA, Mary 1891, gr. son Alfred 7 b. CA, May 1893.

George Dalton, H. St., 30, b. CA, Oct 1869; wife Cora, 27, b. CA, Jun 1872; son Llewellyn 4 b. CA, Oct 1895; another son 11 mos, b. CA, Jun 1899.

John J. Dalton, County Road, 22, b. CA, Apr 1878, living alone.

William Dalton, K. St., 39, b. CA, Aug 1860; wife, Emma, 46, b. CA, Jun 1853; four children b. CA - Caroline 12, b. CA, Sep 1887; Edwin 7, b. CA, Jun 1892; Chester 6, b. CA, Jan 1894; Vernon, 4, b. CA, Aug 1895.

Silveyville Twp.

Daivd Dalton, 64, b. ENG, Mar 1836, living alone; nat. in Solano 5 Aug 1867.

Vallejo Twp.

Thomas Dalton, 314 Capitol St., 45, b. NY, Jan 1855; wife Mary 40, b. MA, Mar 1860; mother in law, Margaret Kelly, 76, b. IRE, Sep 1823.

Sonoma County

Vallejo Twp.

Edward Dalton, 112 Virginia St., 62, b. IRE, May 1838; enumerated with Catherine McKeaque, boarder.

James Dalton, 65, b. IRE, Apr 1835, nat., living alone.

Tehama County

Red Bluff

Littleton Dalton, 42, b. KY Ovt 1857; herdsman with others (surviving members of the Dalton Gang brothers).

Tulare County

Kaweah Twp.

Robert E. Dalton, 28, b. IL apr 1872; enumerated with Addison Wiseman, servant.


Manlius Dalton, 38, b. KY, Nov 1861; wife Lucy B. 32, b. KY Aug 1867; dau Roae A. 10, b. KY Dec 18889; son Hugh B. 9, b. KY, May 1891; Henrietta M. 6, b. KY, Nov 1893; Son Hirdan E. 4, b. CA, Dec 1895; dau Leonora M. 2, b. CA Oct 1897.

Ventura County

Ojai Twp.

C. R. Daulton, 29, b. ENG Feb 1871; wife Sophia 28, b. ENG Apr 1872.

Yolo County

Putah Township

James J. Dalton, 50 b. ENG Feb 1850, nat.; enumerated with Jacob E. Larue, boarder.


George F. Dalton, 31, b. TN, May 1869; wife Katherine 22, b. CA, Oct 1877.

Robert Dalton, 36, b. KY Jun 1863, living alone.

Yuba County


Harry Dalton, 60, b. IRE, Feb 1840, nat.; wife Margaret 60, b. IRE, Feb 1840    . (Harr is a name variant- Henry and Margaret are in the 1880 Census of Marysville.


Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Gene Andre Dalton, 1 Nov 1948-24 Jul 1959

Henry R. Dalton, 27 Aug 1923-23 Nov 1997

Jack B. Dalton, b. unknown- 13 Apr 1946

James Charles Dalton, 22 Aug 1924-6 Aug 1995

Loretta A. Dalton, 25 Aug 1897-13 Sep 1966

Marie M. Dalton, 11 Apr 1900-27 Apr 1987

Nat Ester Dalton, 6 Aug 1902-28 Dec 1968

Pauline Dalton, 20 Nov 1920-12 Dec 1996

Stanley Bernard Dalton, 8 Oct 1835-17 Feb 1995

Los Angeles National Cemetery

Arthur Charles Dalton, 27 Sep 1886-25 Aug 1957

Carl Lloyd Dalton, 9 Jun 1890-29 Apr 1957

David L. Dalton, 21 Jul 1930-27 Jan 1986

Earl Strader Dalton, 30 Oct 1891-12 Mar 1968

George Francis Dalton, 20 Feb 1891-30 Aug 1960

Harry Stroud Dalton, 24 Jun 1888-5 Jul 1958

Harvey Benjamin Dalton, 18 Oct 1880-24 Jan 1946

Henry Philip Dalton, 24 Jun 1888-5 Jul 1958

John Dalton, 6 Dec 1894-16 Nov 1979

John Dalton, 6 Dec 1894-16 Nov 1979

John Dalton, Sr., 11 Nov 1892-9 Nov 1969

John Henry Dalton, b. unknown-27 Aug 1939

John Nmi Dalton, 6 Dec 1894-16 Nov 1979

Lee Francis Dalton, 6 Jun 1894-8 Nov 1975

Maylon Alonzo Dalton, 10 Jun 1896-26 Jan 1965

Raymond P. Dalton, b. unknown- 21 Mar 1941

Ronald Elmer Dalton, 30 Jul 1913- 19 Jun 1978

William Burns Dalton, 2 Nov 1873-27 Sep 1950

Riverside National Cemetery

Alice M. Dalton,  25 Nov 1916 - 29 Oct 1991

Alma L. Dalton, 18 Jun 1899-22 Jan 1984

Carl E. Dalton, 11 Sep 1910-24 Nov 1994

Carl Malcolm Dalton, 31 Jul 1904-24 Aug 1989

Carl Rae Dalton, 13 May 1945-18 Nov 1891

Charles Dalton, 12 Jun 1926-10 Jan 1990

Cynthia Burnham Dalton, 15 Oct 1924-13 Dec 1981

Francis Dwyer Dalton, 4 Aug 1925-9 Apr 1992

Gladys Dalton, 15 Sep 1926-15 Feb 1989

Harold Dalton 22 Mar 1904-27 Oct 1997

Howard M. Dalton, 21 Feb 1914-11 Jan 1979

James Vincent Dalton, Jr. 19 Nov 1942-18 May 1892

Jim H. Dalton, 8 Oct 1911-21 Dec 1984

John E. Dalton, 6 Apr 1897-25 OCt 1996

Kenneth James Dalton, 8 Aug 1911-29 Jun 1989

Lloyd E. Dalton, 11 Jul 1920-22 Oct 1983

Lloyd Henry Dalton, Jr., 23 Oct 1911-19 Jun 1991

Mary Dalton, 7 Apr 1924-23 May1979

Olive Baxter Dalton, 14 Feb 1904-13 Oct 1997

Ralph Lee Dalton, 27 Nov 1913- 18 May 1991

Robert J. Dalton, 12 Nov 1903-8 Sep 1981

Robert Jesse Dalton, 24 May 1944-9 Sep 1989

Robert N. Dalton, 15 Apr 1926-20 May 1980

Ruth Ellen Dalton, 12 Sep 1907-31 Dec 1895

Verlin Andrew Dalton, 16 Aug 1919-8 Mar 1993

William C. Dalton, 2 Oct 1930-5 Aug 1988

William Henry Dalton, 20 Jun 1926-2 Feb 1979

William Jesse Dalton, 17 Mar 1944-29 Aug 1997

Burials in Golden Gate National Cemetery

Daniel Joseph Dalton, b. 21 Jul 1902, d. 2 Jan 1963

Donald J. Dalton, b. 1 Jul 1931, d. 1 Sep 1984

Earl Emmet Dalton, b. 2 Jul 1918, d. 14 Aug 1952

Edward C. Dalton, b. 24 Jul 1887, d. 1 Jun 1960

Elliott R. Dalton, b. 25 Jun 1927, d. 13 Feb 1947

Eric William Dalton, b. 4 Dec 1925, d. 13 Feb 1965

George Curtis Dalton, b. 3 Feb 1893, d. 23 Nov 1952

Henry Dalton, b. 1 Aug 1869, d. 9 Dec 1945

Howard R. Dalton, b. 24 Feb 1922, d. 18 Jan 1985

James Dalton, b.1 Jul 1909, d. 14 Feb 1979

James Francis Dalton, b. 6 Jan 1896, d. 15 Jun 1952

James Patrick Dalton, b. 4 Mar 1911, d. 27 Dec 1961

John H. Dalton, b. 24 Aug 1951, d. 14 Jan 1968

John Hugh Dalton, Jr., b. 27 Mar 1908, d. 14 Apr 1985

John Patrick Dalton, b. 12 Mar 1903, d. 4 Apr 1966

Marie O. Dalton, b. 11 Apr 1900, d. 2 Nov 1984

Michael J. Dalton, Sr., b. 14 jul 1919. d. 10 Oct 1993

Michael Joseph Dalton,  b. 7 Apr 1945, d. 6 Oct 1965

Stanley Dalton, b. unknown, d. 4 Apr 1944

William E. (Edgar)  Dalton, b. 4 Dec 1898, d. 11 nov 1977

Burials in San Francisco National Cemetery

Edward C. Dalton, b. unknown, d. 20 May 1927

Frederick Dalton, b. unknown, d. 19 Oct 1991

Marie Teresa Dalton, b. 19 Nov 1896, d. 25 Aug 1990

Robert J. Dalton, b. 8 Aug 1917, d. 12 May 1992

William A. Dalton, b. unknown, d. 18 Apr 1908

San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, Gustine

Thomas Lee Dalton, 1 Oct 1938-15 May 1997

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California Directory


Harry Dalton, saloon keeper, 1885


Thomas Dalton, laborer, 1885

Los Angeles City

Edwin H. Dalton, city water overseer, Cuty Hall, East Wash..nr. Alameda, 1888-1890

George Dalton, 12 Manhattan, 1888-1890

George Dalton, Jr., East Was. nr. Alameda, 1888

Mathias M. Dalton, Dalton House Prop, 17-19 East Fifth 1888

Hugh B. Dalton, carpenter, 40 Rosabell, 1888-1890

W. T. Dalton, orchardist, Central Ave, 1888

H. T. Dalton, Guarantee Assoc., agent, 1890

Harold T. Dalton, S. P. Co., car cleaner, 22 Park Pl. 1890

Sarah Dalton, domestic, 910 W. 7th, 1890

Thomas E. Dalton, S. P. Co., car cleaner, 22 Park Pl. 1890

Thomas W. Dalton, ins. agent, 22 Park Pl., 1890

Mendocino County, Ukiah

Brigs & Dalton, livery stable proprietors, 1867

Nevada County, Columbia Hill

Abram F. Dalton, miner, 1895

J. P. Dalton, Grass Valley, clergyman, R. C.

San Francisco City Directory, 1889, Sutro Library, S. F.

In the City of San Francisco, there were several businesses that were operated by Daltons. One of the most significant was the Merchants' Exchange Association  whose president was Frank Dalton. The offices were located  in the Merchants' Exchange Building.

In addition to being president of the association it would appear Frank Dalton and his brothers were proprietors of Dalton Bros., fruit and produce commission merchants at 308-310 Davis St. The brothers were Thomas B. Dalton and William H. Dalton. An office was also located in Oakland.

P. E. Dalton and Edward Dalton were associated with the Contra Costa Laundry Association

whose office was at 644 Twenty-third St., S. F.

Other Dalton  residents of S. F. were:

Daniel Dalton, laborer, 521 Pacific, S. F.

Daniel Dalton, laborer, 2710 Sutter, S. F.

Edward E. Dalton, policeman, 9 Grand Ave, S. F.

Edward J. Dalton, laborer, 28 South Park, S. F.

John E. Dalton, tanner, 28 S. Park, S. F.

Eugene Dalton, stonemason, 2831 Jackson, S. F.

George P. Dalton, mining, 52 Second St., S. F.

James Dalton, 2831 Jackson, S. F.

James Dalton teacher, 1627 Howard, S. F.

James Dalton, teamster, 1004 Sansome, S. F.

James Dalton, teamster, 901 Battery, S. F.

John Dalton, stonecutter, 2831 Jackson, S. F.

John H. Dalton, gripman, 2611 Sutter,

John H. Dalton, plumber 130 Ivy Ave., S. F.

Mary E. Dalton, widow, 130 Ivy Ave., S. F.

John P. Dalton, painter, 507 Haight, S. F.

Martin P. Dalton, longshoreman, 1012 Battery, S. F.

Mary Dalton, domestic, 2525 Pacific Ave., S. F.

Michael Dalton, horse dealer, 44 Quinn, S. F.

Michael Dalton, laborer, 249 Tehama, S. F.

Michael Dalton, stevedore, 218 1/2 Ritch. S. F.

Patrick Dalton, laborer 2710 Sutter, S. F.

Richard Dalton, conductor, 1658 Hayes, S. F.

Thomas Dalton, seaman, 217 Broadway, S. F.

William Dalton, painter, 456 Stevenson, S. F.

William H. Dalton, driver, S. Berry, S. F.

William H. Dalton, machinist, 25 S. Park, S. F.

William J. Dalton, painter 319 Fillmore, S. F.

Harry P. Dalton, assessor of Alameda County, Oakland CA.  Printed in Overland monthly and Out West Magazine, Vol. 27, iss. 162, June 1896.  In an article by Cecil Hammerton "City of Oaks", it states that Dalton was born in Tolumne County, CA in 1860 and his first political appearance was in the spring of 1893 as a member of the City Council and later became assessor where he gained a state wide reputation for enforcing the law.

California State Roster -1909

H. P. Dalton, Assessor, Alameda

Alfred Dalton, Jr., Notary, Sacramento

A. E. Dalton, Councilman, Eureka


Additional information on these patents may be obtained by entering California Land Patens into the Keyword.

Fresno County

Joseph N. Dalton, 12/21/1891 Doc. 6601

Humboldt County

James M. Dalton, 6/15/1877, Doc 3341

George R. Dalton, 11/12/1919, 2 parcels

Kern County

Boyd N. Dalton, 1/11/1961, Doc. 1216292

Steward Dalton, 6/3/1920, Doc. 753295

Lassen County

Edwin Dalton, 10/20/1882, Doc. 1502

Edwin Dalton, 5/10/ 1884, Doc. 1198

Los Angeles County

Henry Dalton, 5/30/1867, PLC. 444 - 24 land patents issued

Henry Dalton, 8/9/1866, PLC.454. total of 37 land patents issued

Henry Dalton, 1/20/1875, PLC. 458, total of 46 land patents issued.

Henry Dalton, 5/29/1876, PLC. 456, total of 10 land patents issued.

(It is estimated that in total Henry Dalton had 40,000 acres and they were confiscated by the U. S. Government following the Mexican American War. Henry had supported Mexico.)

Madera County

H. C. Daulton, 5/1/1868, No 1696 and 1697

H. C. Daulton, 6/15/1871. No 4266, 2 parcels

Henry C. Daulton, 1/2/1874, Nos. 164, 165, 857 and 859

Henry C. Daulton, from 1866-1869, 336 parcels

Henry C. Daulton 1870-1883, 7 parcels

Henry Clay Daulton,, 1862-1866, 8 parcels

Henry H. Dalton, 1882 and 1889, 2 parcels

John N. Dalton, 1885, 1889, 1919, 4 parcels

Modoc County

Robert Dalton, 7/30/1878, No. 744, 2 parcels

Sarah Dalton, 6/30/1885, no. 1682, 2 parcels

Mono County

Mary Dalton,, 7/17/1894, No. 560

Sacramento County

Dennis Dalton, 12, 27/1895, No. 4737

San Bernardino County

Carl C. Dalton, 3/30/1962, no. 1226088

Carl Norris Dalton, 2/12/1960, No. 1204957

Gerald Francis Dalton,, 5.2.1958, No. 1181879

Henry Dalton, 1/20/1875, PLC 458, 5 parcels

Walter Aloysius Dalton, 5/2/1958, No.1181880

William F. Dalton, 7/29/1959, No. 1197700

William Thomas Dalton, 3/8/1960, No.1206150

San Luis Obispo County

James Dalton, 7/31/1894, No. 5352, 2 parcels

Santa Barbara County

James R. Dalton, 3/10/1887, No. 10020, 2 parcels

Solano County

David Dalton, 1/10/1868, No. 1294

Trinity County

Arthur E. Dalton, 5/4/1917, No. 582471

1861 - 1867 CALIFORNIA MILITARY RECORDS    Top   Back to Page 1

Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867

Published by California Adjutant General Office in Sacramento, CA in 1890.
   Note: The same names are in the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSS) online index.

DALTON, JAMES R.: enlisted at Marysville, Yuba County, California on Sept. 6, 1861, and mustered at San Francisco, California on Sept., 9, 1861 with First Regiment of Calvary, Company C, Private; mustered out at Fort Union, New Mexico with Company D on Sept., 30, 1864 – expiration of term of service; reenlisted with same at Fort Union, New Mexico and mustered out at San Francisco, California on Dec. 31, 1866 as authorized by Military Department of California S. O. (Standing Order) No. 258.

DALTON, JOHN: enlisted at San Francisco, California on Dec. 24, 1862, Private; mustered with Second Regiment of Calvary, Company M until Jan. 20., 1864; transferred from Company H on Jan., 12, 1865 and mustered out at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on Dec. 25, 1865 – expiration of term of service.

DALTON, THOMAS: enlisted at San Francisco, California on April 28, 1864 and mustered with Sixth Regiment of Calvary, Company A, on April 29, 1864; deserted at San Francisco, California on April 14, 1865. DALTON, WILLIAM: enlisted at San Francisco, California on Aug. 25, 1861, Private; mustered with First Regiment of Calvary Volunteers, Company A; reenlisted with same on Dec., 10, 1863 at Fort Union, New Mexico; discharged at Fort Union, New Mexico on Sept. 9, 1866 with company.

California State Militia – Index to the Muster Rolls - 1851 to 1866

Published by roots cellar of Sacramento Genealogy Society © 1999
   Note: the original muster and state militia unit records are in the California State Archives at Sacramento, California. Those with the CWSS notation were on active duty in the Civil War and usually deployed out of home area and state.

D. F. DALTON: Private; enlisted in Sonoma County on Oct. 11, 1862 and in November, 1862; mustered 31 Dec. 1862 and 26 Mar. 1863.

D. F. DALTON: Junior Second Lieutenant; enlisted in Sonoma County in November, 1862; mustered 1 July 1863.

DAVID DALTON: Senior Second Lieutenant; enlisted in Sonoma County in November, 1862; mustered 31 Mar. 1864.

DAVID F. DALTON: Junior Second Lieutenant; enlisted in Sonoma County in November, 1862; mustered 3 Aug. 1863.

J. R. DALTON: Private; enlisted in Sutter County on 6 Sept. 1861 and mustered in December 1862. CWSS
   Note: Sutter and Yuba Counties have in common the town of Marysville

JAMES DALTON: Private; enlisted in Yuba County on 22 July 1861. CWSS

J. DALTON: Private; enlisted in California Volunteers on 6 Sept. 1862 and mustered 10 July 1863. CWSS

JOHN DALTON: Private; enlisted in California Volunteers on 6 Sept. 1862 and mustered 29 Sept. 1862, 28 Mar. 1863 and 22 Feb. 1864. CWSS

JOHN B. DALTON: Junior Second Lieutenant; enlisted in Sacramento County on 2 Nov. 1862 and mustered 24 Sept. 1864.

MICHAEL DALTON: enlisted in San Francisco County on 4 June 1856 and mustered 4 June 1856.

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